Reality Diagram[]s: How to wear the wrap-around

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Reality Diagrams: How to wear the wrap-around

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 52717

tag[s]: accompaniment, fashion, editing, reality, theology of self

O. How to Wrap You / Them / Her/ Him  {in} {Into}

theme: fitting in

theme next: notions of popularity

Almost seemingly casual; when it starts the wrap

In font you squeeze it in a tie snug and almost too snug

You forget your sense of smell;

And how is that relevant

cited: mind channels

Is a refreshing reminder of cited: snuggle washing detergent/laundry detergent

[Reference, cited:]


Which has a particularly memorable smell-scent.

When your body or a pat of your body is tied [ w] rather rapped in

Such clothing;

Even framework; if you forgot for a moment what the clothing is or that you’re in; encompassed in it; that of significance meaning.

I.E. the clothing is hear; here framework; the so obvious for even a fifth grader;

The wrap is in clothing;

The perfected fit?

The following adhesive functional movement?

The stained metabolism?

Is clothing in a culture of […] part of the form of .. . Of you, of the wearer.


theme: wrap god

theme music citations: rap god Eminem and god tori amos


The Palo Alto Police Department Fails Again. Will there me-be more Retaliation Against Those that Believe in Safety and Civil Rights.

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The Palo Alto Police Department Fails Again. Will there me-be more retaliation Against Those that Believe in Safety and Civil Rights.


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date to be posted: 52717

Pre-Line: Just yesterday [from date to be p] more goods were stolen from housed people under the eye, call it watchful? of yet another verified attack of palo alto p.d. What’s the matter; are you not working hard enough; that you can’t provide the charity for yourself that you instead steal from another.

Enacting the Verity of Aptitude

1st email sent: Subject Matter: FYI

Dear Sirs and Madam; I

I was highly concerned about the conduct of downtown palo alto’s branch librarians in a recent matter; and have avoided using that branch library. As a parolee I am highly concerned about the incidents of theft and including theft and racism that those librarians have exhibited especially toward me. My parole officer has requested that I contact you until I receive confirmation that those librarians will not continue to exhibit theft and hateful crime toward me and those like me; just because they feel like it. I have an issue with children and have already served time with regard to this issue; and am highly concerned about literally having children thrown at me in the adult areas of the libraries in palo alto and all of the locating areas. When I don’t care for the children of other people; due to my record; my belongings are stolen under the watchful eyes of authorities. I am homeless and a worker for no living wage; I cannot be expected to serve as servant to your librarians and their preferences for stalking and the such. I hope the palo alto public library will consider allowing storage for the homeless and a proximity of their belongings; instead of unjustified and persecutory planned theft and assault and its consenting connections.


The primary librarians but not just that I am reporting are
at Downtown Palo Alto Library.


Goura Fotadar


2nd email sent: Subject Matter:

The most recent email was a test; of false criminalization.

Hello there; if you were about to change my non-criminal record to criminal record; based on the things

of information I just provided; essentially what I as a non-criminal am experiencing anyhow; I ask that you consider the falsity of your training in role of not verifying criminal and reformed criminal status and other such classifications such as nationality; and not verifying here means not checking. Since a lot of folks including myself are being placed at risk based on here-say of police officers, military members, and librarians. It is not a patron if even homeless and or reformed criminal’s job to police libraries for safety; and do “police work” on the side; without proper training and any compensation. I request that you understand that you are committing serious crime by endangering the lives of people like me. Every time, I file a police or such report; I experience direct and unjust retaliation for building a safer and more progressive society. When I complain I am usually nearly assaulted by officers with badges and people such as librarians. Please consider that this is a free country; and forced homelessness of a working population is the correct manifestation of endangerment in housing; and a scarcity of functional case workers. Please understand that the intelligent definition of working means any work production and not the necessity of paid work production.

I am thus-by further supporting my complaint of serious violation as will be further depicted in my work to some extent by palo alto and local librarians; and the such police and military officials. In the same case sum does not mean all. And in the worse case; sum; some is less than average available for authority exchange. I hope this provision has been clear about the level you have endangered my life; and all such the like.


Goura Fotadar



Aside of; Comments of Progression:

theme: where is my civil right; wear is my civil rite[s].

I am exhausted and sick of having rest spots and property materials stolen from me and others like me. I am sick of charity goods being stolen from me and from others like me. I’m sick of having no defense system other than myself. I have already been falsely institutionalized and under a hearing for the combative ownership of my own work from an outside party; and I live a life of somebody who has committed murderous crimes but never served time for them. Though I have never committed such crimes or any ever at all; it seems not to matter much. I wonder about the deprivation of those criminals that have reformed and served their time; and how little especially present local authorities are trained at present in their jobs of positioning a better society; a call they obviously cannot fulfill.

Public Notifications for The FVP; What is-r actual.

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Public Notifications for The FVP; What is-r actual.

by goura fotadar

\ate: 52217, date typed up: 52617

Definitions of Retardism; non-colloquial

theme: books, renewed



There has been an inane

issue of low-intellect

and mis-translation; and

this is not referring to-the;

the functional and even;

high capacity affected

retardisms; for what is [are]

effected retardisms; that

way, much too early

for school children to be

in the library without a

school accompaniment [watching guardian];

and also within the

wrong chender [no typo.]

without the same; too old

for that mistake and too

young to be at it alone; no

paren. type nearby [of it outside far enough away like a lost berry] and one

seated “authority” abysmal in

standard. The “child” ren

also left all the water

running [imagine running feet to capture the effort just in case you forgot that standard]; and refused

to stop stalking outhers.

In truth of definitions no

this is not by comparison

the blessing. of gender

dysphoria; but in fact the

definition despite the looks

the non-matching of

actual childhood,


The beauty of beauty

continues its |ob to


qualify what

Is actual.




The End: See it as an attachment for [you] if it uploads here: I guess it did   [missing period?]


The Cognized Scent

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Psychic Tools in non-fiction semblance;

tag[s] : the cosmos architecture is texture; union magic


i.e. fiction – training ;

y not.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


y knot or why not because or why knot.

it could might be

used as a worthy yet

un-expensive union

to-become heirloom.


a lot of times; or much of the time:

things are stuffed up;

like closed windows when un-necessary

to be closed; or the opposite?


theme: textures of union

Draw a window

with flowers

in the window texture.


and we might in a “psychic”

sort of matter; assume that things stuffed because


we can’t smell them directly;

stink. [at least some of them.]

For the setting of this posting:

psychic is what you “imagine” that

you definitely smell.


so : psychic sense [here][for now]

= “imagine” + definite belief


this is for the time being the

new or a translated definition:

of a non-sequitur [for this

posting the definition and-or translation of]

non-sequitur is psychic sense which is

defined above.

How then might you; can you; convert that which

you in non-sequitur braking what else might

you be cognizing and breaking into it.


The window o-pening and closing

is depending on its location ; a model

tag[s]: safety procedures

for a braking; or breaking;

a non-sequitur in traditional

sense not quite; but the

new present definition likely;

that does not qualify itself into

breaking an entry; necessarily; so how to convert

the psychic sense / new definition-translation

of non-sequitur;

of a break ; into a definite: not breaking

an entry into your states of head/mind/and

the related.


Art : imagine in action

the creation of something pent up that

seems in psychic sense to stink;

and re-translate it into real sense

of something pent up; that will not likely

ever stink.


art theme: at least you/you … in

union : the cage of;

won’t stink.

theme music citation: Brokedown Palace Soundtrack’s version of Deliver Me.




Rough notes on ART function.

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for the bladder funeral

remember to include

tag[s]: fictional heritage whilst the non-fiction world is sun spun, art notes, word diagrams


art notes: audiography;

cited: voicethread see link below

slide 19 or:

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar







as noted not surprisingly

it art box; another

death box came it

become; had to

be quickly in re-formation

together with excess


+ paper & leaves

& a tea – water


then to turn

things fictional :

bury the thing

semi – like

a truck

cover by the

limited height

and this is

the real definition

of height?

of other vehicles

uncover it if [after sum: time]

you have

bladder concerns such as

cancer; or if you care for

someone … s, ; who

does care for just means at

least think politely of

then unbury it

scribble bladder

and rub some

“piss on it”

bury it again;

aiming for complete



non-fiction back to

for this art

notes posting:

The Creativity of Safety

is Sometimes A Quick



b, lad, der

b a ladder

to [b, lad]

does that make sense?

of support



why the “flag of iwo jima” (cited:)


b, lad [d] er

b, lad [d] er   (er -> swing direction)

b, lad [d] er  ([d] -> the thing that helps as b, lad swings direction of the effort?)

[d] is short for


the strong physical ladder

or long for


the metaphysical ladder


|| meta|| physical

apparent apparent

it is; ladder yes!

must mean support

and not just the traditional

singular climb.



Identity Formation: & How to Advance Your Cause. Burgeon.

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Identity Formation: & How to Advance Your Cause. Burgeon.


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

cited: DMV

as produced in modern

cultour; identification[placard[s]]

such that of; the

conception such that

belonging to criminal, driving,



picture of; scarfed face

and even purchasing

records; but of what

accord if even in the

actualization of identity a

being such; correctly identified;

turns to works of hire, higher power[s];

and without the commonplace : according for

identity renewal; surely

we’ve an issue

of in-correct


in actual conceptions

of renewal.

theme product : that vehicles, cited: accords ;

theme motif. As assignment to. S.N.L.F. [?]

I. Begin the advancement

meaning : translation

of renewal

hint[s]: re, new, al

II. Its application to Identity Formation.

hint[s]: when if does formation

complete = end.

hint[s] here are gives.

Identity formation art:

in the self-name;

real name[s]

label oui, do

have the practice

of basic; non-consequential?

identity [of hour][our]


See art tools examples






and it looks from images

the center

as d. floss

is loud.

[how][just by location][?]

tag[s]: of basic criminological though


Dear Sir or Madam,

This here is

a petitional or request

for aid in-the fee of

identification renewal for

myself an all such

that are functionally homeless;

Who might be living without

salary; and the long-term

security of such necessary

repeated renewal.



Goura Fotadar

[for; no living wage

but compensation work.]


tag[s]; reversing “the power” of the false police and accords.

tag[s]: this is also informational


Part Two. The Art Piece

Death; in a sequins of thought.

the bird [s] then are as contrast the Life; in pre-sequence?











Remember to re,new book,s

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: death project art

theme: emblematic re-occurrences

theme music citation: Stand By Me Ben E King

death art: from public visitis to sites;

imagine in convention: to have somebody’s name, who is deceased in a color that;

marked on the urn; that would be the destruction of this art? or would that be art.

or ownership art

the theory of non-possessions memento art


frameworks too of reality seen change; or reality interaction




date, typed up: 52217

cited, source text: Henry James The Turn of the Screw & In the Cage

image of back of source, cited
image of front of source, cited
image of front[d] of source, cited

date, composed: 52017

What I know for sure about;

of what I’ve read of

James; he has

made your vocab.



Remember to renew books.


from the back:

fear perhaps ?

“afraid” & “ghosts”

is this an almost near

pre-cursor of that

movie (citation): The Others N. Kidman


cited p.138;


scan to through by

flipping to 4 or five locations;

finding a passage that has current

relevance ; like a psychic index

theory; other notes: to consider;

theme cited: brainstormers et al

fire is like five



since I’m currently examining the front

of cited “love story” I decided

to look past the front

and the reflection

back as a standing

pointe; theme: how to move;

and came across a passage

on this page; that has high

current relevance to issues of

s.c. [social cause]


cited: p.138





[but first just by a stroke of luck; the book was left

here where

I would sit.]

The passage:



“every opportunity”

“inspect … documents”

“… documents”   a way to “… see every one at … ”

house: “every opportunity … ”

so? have a ” … flock” and will not be ” … disappointed.”

a quandry

to “… disappointed …”

tag[s]: art’s fiction theology


image from passage from cited: source text as identified
image from cited: source text