More scented lotion: Bus culture notes

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up; 07/22/21

tag[s]: reading notes

[source, citation: (kindle) sweet valley confidential, ten years later, francine pascal]

one. Style points to retro in; male possibly add to with even more to bus culture

of “That night Jessica wants to borrow everything of mine for her date with Todd.

Even my new blue button-down shirt.”

( Loc 237 * 1 . New York + Loc 238 * 1 . New York)

two. At this point in culture decorating is still standard norm and in buses perhaps more of built

in decor could be useful deployment and civilian opps aptitude would be dropping decor

items on buses

of “Jessica’s natural good taste and the help of Alice Wakefield, her decorator mother, it was

furnished in sunny colors, soft … “

(Loc 253 * 2 . Sweet Valley + Loc 254 * 2 . Sweet Valley)

three. How to convert this important line to become bus culture and or any

other types of culture / cultures.

of “He would never have betrayed her again. It was the only answer he could live with.”

(Loc 296 * 2 . Sweet Valley )

four. Aha this has something to do with bus es and even future bus culture

in a normal sense

of ” …, a so-nothing dent, but my parents go beserk and say I can’t drive for a month,

which is like practically forever if you live in California, where there’s nothing …”

(Loc 354 * 2 . Sweet Valley + Loc 355 * 2 . Sweet Valley)


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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date worked on: 07/09/21; date typed up on: 07/14/21

tag[s]: cited: creative thought

There are two brothers; who met when they were young through the birth process [as is still considered, usual]. Possibly this is review and re-iteration: though; they weren’t exactly growing up together; they would repeatedly run-in-to one another commonly: and even; recognizing one another; even when living further; apart. At some point when both of them were quite young; extreme danger set into their lives. They were known for their looks even at a young age. From extreme danger which only seemed to be targeting them; they seemed to disappear from reality and seemed connected to a woman they resembled; as she had also gone missing but was a bit older than them; and also a bit older than them: at the point; she went missing. Many believed they had seen her when she was a woman with her two boys.

Summary connections

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date worked on: 07/06/21; date typed up on: 07/11/21

tag[s]: reading notes, defintions

[Source, citation: The Girls of Huntington House by Blossom Elfman]

medicine: [cited pg. 2] ” “Where don’t you feel well, Orenthia? I’ll ask Nurse Caufield to send up some aspirins because I don’t want you to miss the lesson on paragraphing.” “

” … send up some aspirins”

–> ” … send up some …”

as … pins

see pins a way to “paragraphing” ?

focus * one subject matter: ” … to teach them English …”

present; such as talking about t.v. (who is on!): “Dylan Thomas and (italics) Ethan Frome”

The topics/issues covered on such shows; sitcoms; soap operas, etc. are: ” … and dependent clauses and punctuation and iambic pentameter …”

medicine: “Like Danny Ornstein, for instance, and his bare feet.”

[cited pg. 3]: ” … but [italics] bare feet was the issue of the day …”

“It was the mad bare-feet season and shoes were specifically required.”

” I kept my eyes on the class and away from his feet but I could smell them.”

suggested medical


“tattoo …” : “He tattooed the floor with his heels.”

“soak …”: “So please go soak your feet and your head in the men’s room …”

Then a definition of medicine: [ review …?]

[cited pg. 4] : “Feet? You want me to throw myself behind feet? And tomorrow I’m giving a test on the imagery of T.S. Eliot! So why does he make such an issue about water?”

When one could be thinking about something considered higher such as here:

” … imagery of T.S. Eliot … an issue about water?” instead the focus must be on a thing such as: “feet”

culmination of

one point. / / /

(modern) Society difference

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up: 06/23/21; date worked on: 06/19/21 & 06/20/21

tag[s]: cited: creative thought

In this version of society; a missing victim from the society is identified as belonging to a different future society; and always seems foreign when mentioned in this society; like from a different time. The victim is regularly referred to as being around in this time; though she is not. An important conception is that the society she was likely from was known for impersonating work in claim. It is more this way; if somebody worked a job; they talked about the job non-stop; in every conversation; if even it were just a casual job or even if it were not. The society (perhaps not every single member) also considered themselves to have personal knowledge of the working people; even if they didn’t know them at all. A lot of times; or rather often their “personal knowledge” is not at all accurate. The common unjust perpetrating perspective is if these people exist in our society; than we have a right to take away everything of theirs (from the unjust perp. perspective/ unjust perp. versus for example: just perp. ).

At this point of time; and still; a usual solution to this problem is to have divided society; in coordinated divisions based as usual on non-transferable entropy.

With some divisions completely separated from others; such as two worlds in one space or something.

How would we further progress such conception and such conception-ed practice.

One obvious idea would be levels of world not necessarily or might be representing progress of world such as invisible stairs (an idea that is often represented in art)

pick your main seasons potentials:

season 1 might be “career”

season 2 might be “health”

then there could be a prior example divide

of course more; many more seasons could be added.

consider the meaning of

(and so in an almost contrast)

Eccentric M

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tag[s]: cited: creative thought

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date worked on 04/29; date typed up: 052421

This victim was considered great-looking; except by himself. It was more that he hadn’t really thought of it; and when others such commented it didn’t quite register. Unjust perps. had a fixation toward this victim which registered in certain strange ways. One strange-ness ; which is review from others and likely the same is that they didn’t like him to be in the outdoors. At this point the victim hadn’t demonstrated or identified a sexuality [review]. What most don’t know is that he had identified sexuality; a form of in others; that he wasn’t receptive to in belonging; i.e. he didn’t want to be a part of. Many believe this was the context of victimization; and also this is the sense of a different tribal marker; and he had been of/from the modern day.

It seemed there were some others; who discussed hurting/harming him because of his genre of choice of diffusion away from them. He considered travelling far from where he lived and had planned to stay forever; to a place that was separate from who he didn’t want to belong, with.


This victim didn’t identify with the people she lived with at some point. It was the only place that was available; and worked for her. Though she likes the place. It is for sure she lives on; at present day. At first they start by being stern with her; in ways she cannot understand; then they seem to switch gender by coming out of drag; and in a way that makes the victim feel unsafe. Soon the recording switches to a different time; and region. The victim is now a child; and the parents aren’t really parents; they act and process as unjust perps. They keep referring to a place; and she is very young; and can’t understand what they mean. A scene opens up where the victim as a young child is placed alone in the backseat of a car; and locked inside. [The] men start to approach the car who are very tall; and there is many of them. They start to shake the car; and the victim disappears from sight; but is alive and well in the present day.

Mother trashes belongings in repeat

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date worked on: 040721

tag[s]: cited; creative thought

An almost different segment; a different segment

Victim m.m. has an abusive relationship with parents. At one point she has an actual brother who is taken somewhere and never returns [review from other story-lines]. Her opinion then is that nothing has really ever been normal, helpful; or even standard with her parents; because of the way they behave; and because she remembers meeting them. Something really abusive …; her mother does to her is; when there is an argument[sp?]; there is a lot of fighting within this “family” system.

[aside] notes to a.m. members (and those others especially pertaining) what is a solid entropy for a family system [any type]; and how does this translate into happenings and circumstances. Then to protect the victim; and other victims; and beings deserving in general; consider tossing such real [when discovered] family system entropy at a stable; and-or unbreakable; and-or such margins into such situations to ensure protection of victims. [end aside]

[Return to main[e]] A thing that the victim’s mother does after there is a fight; an argument; is to break into her room and steal her things. This is a complicated issues because her mother often does this when the victim is bathing; it’s also complicated because the victim is paying for all the things she has; including the house; and then houses they live in.

After stealing the victim’s things; the mother disappears and afterward when the victim asks for her things; the mother responds that she doesn’t have them. The victim appears at a location and finds the place trashed with her things. For example, she arrives at school when a teenager and finds the front lawn trashed with her things; and the staff, remarks that they were planning on using the building.

These acts of pubic humiliation [sp?] are treated with delight; by the victim’s mother; who is sometimes at the scene lurking and acting delighted at such scene. The victim who is female believes that mother like father isn’t female; and has proof of this.

Also note[s] for especially a.m. members and all such especially pertaining; is that the victim lives in a time’s time cue where cars; vehicles of normal sense never show up. Instead it appears that transport takes place through a more modern buggy-type.

Stuffed. Multiple-Combination.

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tag[s]: cited: creative thought

This scene involves multiple persons in the state of being victimized. It opens up

with two siblings who seem to have no relation with one another because the older one does not feel like he can bond with the younger one; in the usual tradition it has to do with being preferred by the parent. This is likely a repeat from a different c.s. Soon another seemingly victim is seen and it is unclear what his relationship is to the others. There are seated demonstrations of coupling; of things that are unclear; and demonstrations of trans-genderisms; and cross dressing especially and only of male-to-female depictions where all male mentions such as male facial hair aren’t necessary hidden. Then there is a point where a main victim is identified from the series of appearances; in a group; and the victim appears in a group where he; presumed; but the gender is concealed to transvestism [sp?] is in a group who is communicative and talkative; and then his life is seen at a stand-still; where the others disappear.

Now; and next another scene opens up where the victim is a young child and dressed as a girl child; he shows / demonstrates with who the parental type is that dressed as a girl is one thing but that he doesn’t like child activities geared to girls; for girls. His parental type doesn’t seem happy about this.

Another scene opens up showing two more adults; now back in time as kids; both apparently dressed in opposite gender’s clothes. And then one more such person is shown. The qualification of scene seems the exchange of goods. As in; if you dress and-or appear as a girl; you can partake in goods; and for the one such person even if you have already earned these goods. All four main people are self-identified as gay; and that’s what the general public witnessing believes causes such gender-style change; and since youth; through the unjust perps. The other persons witnessed are still not clear enough in the seeing lens.

The blonde code

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 01/13/21; date worked on: 122520

tag[s]: cited: creative thought

It was the victim’s chosen profession; and-or career. She worked especially with dough. It was a normal tradition in the area of the house; she was in especially; which would today be called the kitchen; was something such as a lapse of space in the household. It had the space for her to work, and that’s where she spent most of her time; once she had decided on a career.

Her reasoning for deciding on a career; where she lived with her parents, and three brothers; is because she felt they didn’t have enough as she recalled. Once she started on the dough projects because they had a lot of powder; she came into amounts of wealth; which made her decide to be a contributing provider to her household.

Her essentially enforced predisposition was that she had to be a contributing provider for herself and her three brothers in their shared household. This enforced predisposition was set forth by the common fact that she was the only girl in the group of four; and so she had to go on trips alone with her folks; semi-celebrating this idea. The victim and her brothers, who are co-victims; never felt very close to their folks; and remembered living somewhere else when they were very little; maybe with a grandmother. There was a repeating cultural episode through cultures and generations; where the grandmother opened the door; stepped out: and never returned.

On outings with their “folks” ; the victim was exposed to the custom of markets and vehicles; such as: in a foreign country. Compared to what she saw as on these outings; what she was shown; she and her brothers had very little.

theme: circumspecting abuse

Since they were young; they also had no method to provide for themselves. This is around the time; when they were still quite young; that the victim started selling cooked bread-types; and acquiring forms of wealth: such as goods, and other measures.

time travel, again.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: Dec. 16, 2020

tag[s]: reading notes, time travel, mumbo jumbo notes

source, citation: Sweet Valley Confidential, (by) Francine Pascal

assumed location of “Sweet Valley”

regular travel location/destination/stop

(maximize this distribution in ops)


from (regular travel location/destination/stop) (maximize this distribution in ops) :

“Midwestern” “child”

such decor somewhere

stable such as the “Midwest”

test to get the stable 1.

Contrived to and away from fiction > time travel, again.

Another importante of reasons fiction

theme: it’s funny because it’s based on decor + location.

in dep ops and civ ops lows k but dangerous conf. of assumed 1

from (assumed location of “Sweet Valley”) : translate in dep ops to maybe one or several locations in real life; how about try … also when time … additional fictional equivalents and so on the pattern

side notes #1

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date posted: 11/16/20; date worked on: 11/13/20

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: bizarre strangeness , sort of proofs

cited: k* exercises from back then: childhood

(1, 1, 2) switch to combination (immediate)


of collection on levels of coarse-ness


(0,0,0) -> softness (version of no rain)

3 versions of softness

why not try inverted zero or here represented softness



0) -> basic inversion (comfortable rain)

to solve weather issues change placement



0) back to (1,1,2)

one thing is to

break up

the zeros using

# of elements identified



0 0) =

(1 element

1 element

2 elements)


(states) = (elements)

how about now to control fluctuation translate elements

so create loss of 1

” “

” ” 2

so remember displace externally & make un-breakable

so usually switches to physics

look at arrows


\/ 1


\/ 1


\/ 2

an easy way is to have a fake and/or regular dummy

(dummy 1

dummy 1

dummy 2) create transposition to get to real identified

so prior 1st; early they weren’t dummy or real identified

(dummy 1

dummy 1

dummy 2) —-> ? (real 1, real 2, real 2)

create a fluctuation code

{dummy 1} if dummy fire up

leave 1;

until repeat 1 to stable

so estimate is 3, 1s

fire up could be

so { -dummy 1

-dummy 1

-dummy 2} = catch (1



so consider shape and-or create 1 and so on

[to be continued]