See: Ming; The Fixation on Cheese

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Untitled drawing

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 21719

[also in this form: fvppostingon21719 ]

tag[s]: creative thought, studying blah, being stalking by homicidal unjust variety murderers from advanced militia perspective, public welfare

Pre-summary mutual funds: This is also a, now cited: pentagon (level) report on excessive stalking from a perpetrator as witnessed under surveillance [dna check of images] following the digital image to the left of deceased M.M. After the perpetrator’s public declaration falsely on assessment of being the child of a deceased veteran, uh. I’m sorry this person no longer qualifies for shelter and-or existence provision in our world; as a consequence of this deployment of mine and the person’s offenses in it. For example, the person keeps calling me crazy; not knowing that my “diagnosis” of m.i. is staged for this deployment [hence the “ “]; and this is highly illegal and offensive when correlated to the testing digital images … for example she/he {many unjust  perpetrators in the h-less population are out, lying about their gender and not for holy reasons}  is stalking those that actually are non-functionally m.i. and persecuting them in public and especially; she/he has clearly unjustly killed them [at some point]; this while, the main forms of society continues to support such unjust perpetrators letting them uh act freely, uh. Shouldn’t this part of society as a whole pay a significant consequence … We have to keep people that are in real militia deployed for some time in the opposite gender by digital appearance only; so as to control the consequence of such 1960s style gender sexuality unholy unjust perpetrating infiltration

Main-line pre-summary point: Illegal stalking as opposed to mutual schedule run-ins are mainstream [the former] and not order correcting reverse justice ; more so, perps unjust experience as usual no consequence


Main Summary: When this deceased [another deceased person as compared to pre-summary] eats meals; she is eating at a separate time than the rest of her living stance [and-or the people she lives with]; this is described by circumstance Pluto [as in the planet]; and her spouse is the only one that is allowed in the same room while she eats. It seems that her living group believes that especially

[Q: What is a living group]

her eating; generates disease.

of the items; products food stuffs she eats; the [this living] group especially doesn’t want her eating cheese and cheese-like products. The only seeming interpretation is something like

See: ming;

which may be construed to like a non-actualizing and “culture” of stare-ing at dead, the.

Describe more of see: ming. [consider, cultural connotations]

Aside main line: time travel cues; deceased main’s death, connection to other deceased, and connection to presently moving unjust perpetrator:

homelessness, in-variety of freedoms, “empathy” from general society toward unjust perps. shouldn’t translate in entropy assessment and is only “empathy” and not empathy but society still pays cons. when choosing “empathy” for unjust perps [doesn’t have option of empathy] as opposed to empathy from uh non general society toward, for …  unjust perpetrated toward victim, gender,


See: Ming; (might be)

constrained freedoms, …

circumstance Pluto  [i.e. what does this mean/could mean], …

belief systems & their theories , … the empathy switch [includes stealing of and only transfers as “empathy” as opposed to empathy]





Contextual travel

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[also in this form: fvppostingon21319]

by Goura Fotadar

date; on: 21319 [posting on 21419]

tag[s]: stream analysis, movie dialogue, criminology retention from pop-like culture

accompanying music citation: mayonnaise, smashing pumpkins [or that version of it]

reference source, citation: (movie) peppermint

The beginning front; one of the usuals: outer-planetary travel

In the imaging; uh art that we may or don’t ever think about.

How to make sure … remember,

The appearing social catastrophe of homelessness;

Earlier? The normal life isn’t so normal the pinpoint connection to the violence ahead of earlier

Er: we still haven’t figured out the situation deeper meaning of especially children’s birthday celebrations

The time frame of earlier; seems like way earlier like the late (19)40s but like almost nobody would see that; or believe it.  [Of course consider the complex variation of time combination; so this item is here from the 40s which uh “we” are mostly in; but this incident culture is connected and is from the ‘70s, and uh … so on]

So the underlying pin: is “m [–] ey” connected to blonde lady and they to the following part-y  … blunder

& does the digital ferris wheel create a real version of time travel; if even somewhat mild or not? Consider.

The normal statistic un-noticed:  the usual cliché: if one action were changed would the guns not come; and not in that way, … like for ex: if she didn’t ask for the napkins

Theoretical cultural line: well, she deserves the napkins; and she needs the napkins; but in this context: she will easily survive; even be fine without the napkins; and so if the napkins are abstained in only this context and in all comprehending or rather coinciding time cues; then, … the hit would be staved off; and more correct, correcting things [would come about]: such as insight on how to overcome the perpetrators, unjust … i.e. etc. In any case, coinciding time cues, are also open to adjustment experimentation to see how abstaining for such and such; and or changing persona in such and such; might alleviate and-or correct that, and that.

The normal statistic continued: where is the rest of the park [folks visiting]; while hit is coming, and soon afterward; and isn’t this hit [having] taken place on the kid’s b-day? [i.e. higher psychological harm.]

The pre-op detail[s]: “bank” employment at; for the correct candidate, person, … seems to point to something more than just the [one of] victim of a group hate crime: points to personal formation in something of, like, and-or is militia, actual; within memory or not, …  [know why, or not.]

Finally we have an internal reality check of the date of approximate movie internal hypothesis and-or classification of date version of time: “2012”

[consider the shrink-age of time; through I dunno maybe speed: my version sight: prior to reverse violence: in the late (19)40s to the corresponding rough present: (“2012” + approximate “five” as stated equals like approx. 2017; estimated how fast is that shrinkage)]


[left-off at 53:27][re/continued]

Normal militia things to think about: what the heck is a “code 5”


Movie emblems, … : notice-able strangers about the main character: so far unless the movie transcription changes, … m.c does not appear at all nervous or scared when committing the vigilante-typed kills, [semblance: vigilante kills; normal culture: art about vigilante kills; prognostic speech basic switches]

Within movie definition[s] of “skid row” where “car”-s don’t move

Within movie outer comprehensions: doesn’t the blonde lady seem a little more than assertive, considering we just saw her hit; perhaps it was someone else that was hit; though the bleeding evidence is there.

Summary: possible “jail” time if only she [m.c.] isn’t in some type of specialized uh concealed militia group. Huh; how do you verify this. How about entropy transfer, and then its assessment.


For sure: f.m. codes

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Fo’su:    — codes


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 21019

tag[s]: militia analysis, announcements pertaining to publication and fiction, harm models translated in reality – ies  (militia technology)

[also in this form: fvppostingon21019]

Introduction summary: good news! … , my next publication [this one fiction] is out; and is free for five days at least; starting tomorrow and so on. cited: amazon kindle

Here’s the link to view it (& cited) :


Main *place*:

Ib: one day approximately eleven hours straight of mild to … [<-what is this]mode

=> statistical stack of st least different state [define state, as re-study]


Like fifth grade

Advanced militia intersecting analysis:

In this phase-deployment;

Normal responses: enough completed access

To necessary resources such as actualized

Food: when you complete eating the food: does it make you sick

  • How sick, curable- [y] ill or not (feels like)
  • Are you safe while you eat; i.e., feels like no-one will harm you or feels like some-one will harm you

Process of combat, advanced: earn*/provide

(levels of access) display of resources

In accessible variety

Attempt at retrieval

Of appropriate actual portions.

Notice of happenings at time of retrieval

[levels of harm experienced]






Transition or not to use of resource [s]

[after effect: health or not]

a mole-hill    (cited: r.a.s.b. (last one) & r-bows in gen.)








(unjust variant of harm) Example[s]: re-visited by harm [time cue] and-or

Supplemental harm





Three blocks become a tablet, chandelier


Combat strategy: advanced principle

[concealing as in disguise]


For this context: stay away from

The tablets

Decorate the tablets

Then time: back, static, forth -> you no longer have to stay (away) from tablets

[test question: what do[e] “they”  *think , perspective the tablets are [instead] and now that the tablets are decorated]

Accompanying music citation: mary j. blige, just fine

The route

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 2519

[also in this form: fvppostingon2519]

tag[s]: stream analysis, data analysis, and computer science

“Customer Service”



change direction, again with custom

cited: p.19 (35) of source, citation: What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Southern Cooking … (by) Abby Fisher


how to get to, the “fish”

the “table”  ( Create any significance of “table” and here also eating.)

(perhaps look at the definition of such)


Thought-notes continued 2419

The obvious is that eating (eh, usually)

Involves movement of some sort

The one way is texture

Derivation the way we would move “fish”

op: st

[see picture blur]


To decompose it to at least one level

[down |  ?]


Move like especially

Our months: deriving textures

Like “fish”

So how about using a gap mold

Equivalent to the texture of coverage

“fish” and-or its equivalent

and in that structure in one sense

You have the “fish”

Even with options of: before, while, after.


So then the instructions in

Cooking even without performing [obvious]

are a lab diagram for gauging

texture. Once you gauge and have a

version of the texture, then what? Can you

stick the mold [texture size] into some type of machine,

and get fish.  Is this how a store, stores

actually work.







Height: The meaning of pink [Fiction][ for The FVP]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up, on: 2219

tag[s]: listening analysis in stream analysis, fiction explosions, art: fiction for the fvp, space travel

[also in this form: fvppostingfor2219]


theme: that loud “librarian” just won’t stop staring at me; and won’t shut up. God, can we say cited: C.I.A.

accompanying music citation: whitney Houston, It’s not right but it’s okay


Hate crime:



(don’t push me to the wall)

cited: p.51

Time for another play

Reference source, citation:

Hardly children, laura adamczyk

   In the end:

Ending the act of cited: …;

I lay laid on the bed

My legs long splayed

in a v; the

Problem with height is that men don’t

Understand what it’s for and women

Don’t. It’s not like

If you were ever

Really tall; you are.

It’s instead if you are a woman; women if

even actually for a

Once being really tall

Means that you are the man;

Men who aren’t

One with that can’t

Win height long-term

and women who don’t

Want that can’t

Keep height l-t.

& I shot them up;

I heard all the voices non-warriors

never hear; cause they can’t you to here.

Mostly men’s voices:

Oh, you shot sloppy

oh you hit the wall

oh blood splattered


How to

Convert them to

Non-powerful weaker


That’s kind

of the point



1.0. Ideas of importance & 2.0 O Pun: Primary Objective

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

typed up on 12719

tag[s]: reading notes, adv. Combat logistics

[also in this form: fvppostingon12719]

  1. Hygiene maintenance
  2. Appropriate p. 160, A. ESPACH

or not revelations somewhere in , (by) L. weisberger ( I lost the page => crypto …)

  1. “career” “job” (by) e. Koenig ( I think)

2.0 Pun: Primary Objective 11619

From a militia, real; level is a militia presence; bottom limit: partially concealed (as r. militia)

Present statement to enforce supportive and actual corrective action of unjust poverty  ||

spiritual ->(in sighted (present) presence)

Top limit: completed concealed (as r. militia)

Primary objective : cause of grassroots : classification cited: sharpstone (eternal identities)

PLAN MAVE: Re-enforced actual cited: Robocop, conception generation thread: -> correcting every nuance.

Encyclopedia (1): w-ponizer

Stage: what happened … change

Stage:  that didn’t happen



Practicing, Theme: all you have to do to get rid of this uh problem, is to insert a lake (real) inserted this way is even fake, … (insert, digitally)

The biorhythms of c: stalking

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

typed up on 12319; … on 12019

[also in this form: fvppostingon12319



Remnants of reading

such as: finishing


diagram rough of unjust perpetrator doing (… participating in) unjust stalking; looks like a circuit;

circuits around create apparently such controlled; [i.e. from mimicking, control stalking while making it more uh visible]

theme: hello, mikey

stalking; theme: oh my.

circuits are for sure connected,

to GOD. [utility symbol]


tag[s]: electronics, & combat one-way to criminalize

based on visible assessment of somewhere u, &-or n.c. s, 6, 6 1/2, 7 … and so on

this is called the cited: new moon


remember context: identifications of actual person; since limitation only exists for persons should be … penalized, discouraged, justly persecuted … based on deployment application: encourage honored victim to not move for as long as possible (even if victim is already deceased prior-to circuit analysis entry)

for them; and-or adjust

“enforced” movement; such as on the bus, transportation modality afterward: not worrying about urgency of schedule [create control] connecting the two:


ideas of adjustment factors:

same person in previous position ———>same person in new position 0