The trap-box I.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

[also in this form: The trap]


A trap-box is like a rest spot

and perhaps again.

[another level of built-in surveillance]

The contemplation of rest-spots for func. Outdoors-outside

Homeless people. I was seated

In an outdoors free work-space

Area; so that I could eat

My snack which is a bit [this that a snack]

Precarious for the indoors; especially in this indoor form of space. The outdoor this portion of space is set-up as a viewing in trap-box with semi-limited external to it view. If you sleep out here; effectively you would be something like equivalently homeless; but with a set-up rest spot: since there’s no roof to the outdoor provision; unless they had a temporary roof during the rainy month’s || reign || ||onto|| in the tradition of this geography’s climate [this]; the space is virtually un-useable-like most non-regulated or should be something akin to non-regulated effective rest spots. {{Of course you t’reader must here be aware of the fact: that regulations regulated are only a problem when the regulators aren’t actually authorities and no matter what it seems it says and depictions sau[ou]ght of sight count here as seems too; otherwise they [regulations, regulated] are actualized and helpful}}  How to get through the rain. Well, don’t ask the local “p.d.” and such “authorities” because they don’t give a hoot.

bizo. forensic theme: uh, our life is not your respon-sibility ;

theme: think siblings

even if we don’t don the exact version that of “uniform” .

while homeless, outdoors [seams like clothes] relevant in i.q. to this level of surveillance as a trap-box.

Perhaps; this is very determining of former completed undergraduate univer-sity. You approach a version, trap-box: this one you can see into: if you stay sort of, nearby the trapbox.

10.14.17 through its mirror-like but heavy doors; but on stylistic notes; it’s not as if mirrors can’t be heavy; and windows; when the trap-box has been left: it is still peek a-ble into without additional perhaps more technological ? surveillance; the heaviness of the door prevents any hopeful? thieves from running away with your belongings while you are still close enough physically to the trap-box; and if there are in fact: other people in the trap-box: pick through which you think would not steal your belongings and as a side assignment:


you might want to as a practice

of security assess quickly

groups of people-beings you are in;

and guess which might or

Might not steal your stuff:

And stuff in general;

You might want to test this

out with less significant

Stuff and-or stuff that

Is ease-ably replace-able;

And see if your guess-

Hypothesis is true; and then

As a basic science experiment update your guess[es] hypotheses to match the verification of what actually happened: you might be able to develop identifications/ shared identifications that are connected to not-stealing and vice-versa;




The theme-ology of Life

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Date: 101817, typed up: 101917

The theme-ology of Life

[and also in this form: theme ]

Scanning exercises and scanning as review


[for The Fictional VolunTier Project]

By goura fotadar

Similar to reading notes;

source, cited: Danielle Steel/ Legacy:

  1. “Awareness Effort”

theme : low grade awareness

scan a brief set of pages

[inserts knowledge of – … into your mind ]

Even if at first unable

To exactly recall what was

Scanned; as scanning is

Not exactly reading:


Remember: that there is hopefully

The opportunity to read again; if

Even not the same material or;

And have an actual reading

Experience; not to put down, scanning.


Death project theme: even if I die I hope to read again [and what about scan]


When scanning: if even never conversing with anybody: or if conversing with another: there is a steady body [depending on the scanned source [the source being scanned]] of information

or would be knowledge.


  1. “Process Entry” If the scanning describes a bunch of purple dresses; now you are aware of the “process” “a bunch of purple dresses” even if upon scanning you can’t recall exactly the purple dresses:

theme: how does it work?

 ->process: a bunch of purple dresses


so to begin sum :

choose an endeavor: here, scanning, in scanning choose or select a workable source or stream body ,

practice endeavor: for

example: scanning

-> Scan a sub-set

in segment […s]

-> Enters

endeavorer in

this case: scanner;

into process entry.


  1. What’s the purpose of “process entry”

Well using this source, citation: at roughly 3-4th rapid sub-set scan: we have an analysis of the sub-set a review perhaps of publishings the cover, with author + title, a summary of the work, early pages, a title page, a dedication, the beginning of work.


In this process entry; let’s say p.e. 1 of let’s say stream body segment a;

You / one might have to do four scans or so to find the word: “Dell” (if you do find it) : this portion /part of scan might fall into library science: even if the term –could not be found; in any case ; using scan review ; as in additional scan: the term is discovered

On title page in this sub-section perhaps gives us a hint about reality, the world, and even society; if even these three differ. You might reference “Dell” elsewhere and dependent on the time; be aware of its common regular notion to computers-machine variations in this cultural time.

Of course referencing it or looking it up might

point you in the direction also of a publishing company: which is also commonly known in culture.

Of course on look-up:

“dell” might also

Belong to planes,

Flower varieties … etc.

But in/as a review


p.e. 1 stream body segment a: (caught) “Dell”

even if “Dell” were

in this segment

variation and

not found or rather

not yet found on scan

you would have

p.e. 1 stream body segment

a: (uncaught) “Dell”


when does scanning

turn to reading;

and do you always

need to scan [in segment variations]





5th grade exercises: The Phone and The Ring. Form fitting. {Rough Draft}

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

Date: 101617

[and also in this form: Form fit]

tag[s]: emotional therapy with objects, notes for “purplement” in brainstorming, a criticism of marriage as a side a-chance, identity analysis, abstract art, crisis counseling

Form fit; old phone perhaps to ring

theme: in paining torture oh the boils of non-fiction

theme music citation: Melanie Martinez sippy cup

remember those old style hand phones; that hung up on a platform I was thinking about how they identify in form front; scuse me; form fit with a ring for example; and was reminded of such from today’s [date I think] fiction posting.

The image of such a phone might be useful; to examine; even a rough drawn such image.

The phone handle of such a phone sits on a display or something of the sort;

The ring sits if worn on a finger; so the opposite might be implied.

If in use= the phone is held by the hand; presumably; also known at hang-up at least as the phantom hand. It’s instead held when in rest on the phone, a different part itself; of course a ring has no other part but itself. In copywriting it should be either a one part or a zero part item; the ring i.e. So when in rest; I suppose it is held by a platform it is placed on. Which again or instead isn’t exactly a part of itself.

This then unites the handle portion of the phone of this image phone with the entire ring itself. Since both deserve to rest on something, apparently.

One rests on itself; and the other rests on another.

These are compartmental comparisons of one and other in objectifications or of objects.

[Again:] Such phone type, rests on itself

Such ring type, rests on another.

When worn, the ring is not in rest. {As defined here}

When in use = effective worn in comparison, the phone handle is not in rest.

Both usually in these types involve the hands.

and of course this is a reminder of those with hand or hand-like disabilities.

The ring on the finger/of hand; or the ring on the hand; is identified usually as ring-wearer: here called you; the ring itself: in use and not in rest as defined for this context; and the other[s]: that see[s] perhaps the ring.

The phone: is used by you:  and on the hand/finger/or with the hand; and when used it is interacting with the other; in a way like seen or even scene: hint: scene created by phone use interaction.

A phone might be used such predominantly in such form especially by one at a time; and the same with ring; but both are exchangeable to others; even those others (when speaking of the same phone and same ring) who have seen, scene, and witnessed each with each you.

theme: ha, ha! I have your phone and am using it; the same for your [that one] ring

Neither the phone nor ring; need you and neither may want you; if we could only emotionally objectify the those [things] enough to find that out for sure; but you need at least one, usually; and might want another; both in thematic and more conventional ways.

Same may apply to others; but perhaps better with the case of the ring; in the case, the others might become a you that wants and needs those things.

Do you suppose that the ring and phone; and rings and phones, resent you for needing and or wanting them.
Do you think the phone desires to be (w)rung; and do you think the ring desires to be un(w)rung. In the case of needing and or wanting the first; it might be easy to fulfill the first; and in the second; how about: most might guess; that un(w)ringing the ring; might be to let it rest on another thing, unworn; but how might you know for sure.

In either case; in regulated culture; the actual ring in name-title-rather; perhaps classification is tied to the phone; and both exemplify thus through chronological connection to the phone [even with more modern/a-o type variations] the difference between rest and not-rest; and a possible connection to placement with these two variations: rest, not-rest


Would you like me to also add; will you marry me.  Shall I call you on a phone; and then ask you this question to the scene-seen-witness; and then respond further to you by providing you with another type of ring. And in the advent of object variation to real philosophical turned promiscuity; turn asexual perhaps at least some of the rings as a thing of abstract cultural ethics; because in some manifestation in the abstract sense: the response to every ring-type is a consent to the cliché tradition of marriage; unless it’s definitely some other version of ring in the highly abstract sense. The phone and the ring then are also perhaps obviously delineators of research to identity efficacies and developments; and their practices.

The higher assignment seems to translate the worn ring into an additional and definite non-romantic marrying ring.

Conversation Cues:


Hi is this Goura.

Yes, it is.

Would you like me to give you a ring tomorrow. You sound busy.

Uh well, tomorrow might not work.

How about the next day.
The next day may not work. But thank you for seeing that I sound busy today, and right now.




The next bit of this group of crime notes

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[and in this form, also: next, evidence notes]

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 101517

so; from a non-criminal and-or reformed criminal perspective: the trail of career examination [here:] leads the examiner at this reported level: [this is also becoming slightly reminiscent of cited: the four interviews] to look at how the non-criminal version of executive command may have come into let’s say even additional capital for the governship of such position. [ad: and this framework would also likely be applicable to those in or of or in/ of criminal reform]


Evidence notes, continued oh so more.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[and also in this form: evidencenotescontmore]

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 101417

-criminal non-reformed [criminal] “ideas”

seem to be: hire more people with [any, what seem like, and what aren’t, but are for …] varied interests; for example; n.r.c. knows such-and-such with such-and-such interests which may be useful: [as in n.r.c.’s word or n.r.c.’s paraphrased word recommendation]

*theme: n.r.c. “ideas”

theme music citation: erik satie vexations  *



n.r.c. (seems to gear you to: ) become un-interested in your choice of at least: now; executive command; so the “advice” continues from n.r.c. Now instead of considering your options with your already choice; you have to at least so expects the n.r.c. consider un-related options.

So the primary thing is: these are not equal or the same executive commands;

one is executive command of something and the other is “executive command” in this context where the quotations imply a not real title.

of course a basic thing might then be; to define for a basic review what might mean: executive command in real context: so here no quotations for this quotation syntax application

[but perhaps to use this stimuli verification: ]

and base it here on this internal context:

-have access to a geo-sphere space site: be able to comprehend the revenue avenue you’ve selected [and this might be formalized if in case of no cash; or low cash; then, other benefits: and-or training completed]

note, then in the second [so-far] or actual internal context of executive command we don’t have despite an accessible identity a provided experience/training. [why might that be.]





The, of the, Eating-other

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The, of the, Eating-other

a past, Egg la mode. The Code of Hospitality may be not that easy to manifest.

[or in this form: To post to the fvp]

by goura fotadar

dedicated to k.v. rec.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


tag[s]: social welfare eating, philanthropic existances and their educations; translating class systems into one continual class inter-experience or unified class eating, culinary theory!

theme: the real gratuity, theme: man, I [fest]

theme music citation: gin blossoms found about you

I have to say, that past-a almost like a salad was, fine cooking.

{I’m not sure of who noticed; other than the main cook; and I’m not sure if even others could figure out how who the main cook, is; of the group serving the food. Identification of the main cook, should be obvious to the well-eater by the waterpool, collection: the meal}

[how and what qualifies fine cooking, and who says]

The, Who-ever cooked the noodles of the pasta; cured them and I know that’s not the right? word; that’s … [that is] used them in the most appropriate temperature and made the meat non-noticeable for a raison d’etre; and of course only noticeable if that version of meat: triggers your actual memory.

Of course there were raisins; and I can’t since so close to raison d’etre recall how to spell those things; the raisins, were to spell you [the external eater-the eating other] possibly into the funnel of sight of raison d’etre; yes, from a, this meal.

For food; is must be basic at analysis to come across; at least at ‘tis both deep yet and beginning stages of knowledge.

If you’re American or just familiar with Americanisms! The obvious, the lettuce of any salad, can always be used as condiment extra to such past-a; because of course it edifies the pasta into further form.

The quarantine of apples a,head of time with or followed by coffee; cleanses the palate to opaque to portending taste [and this has gotta be the best aspect-facet of portendings]; as at least was cliché in practice but not perhaps with apples; so it’s a new old swing of interpretation; and I mean the apples as being of old. They were the yellow barely red so more of gold fleck variety not quite yet full ripe.

If served a cooked egg [h.b.], mandarin orange [and I mean the color], green melon, and dressing; you have the high-end past-a dish, the lettuce and meat, and pasta swung together past a, cooking, short on storage space: and the pieces of mandarin, egg [egg scissored into tinier than chunks if even possible with your fingers], and melon, bit into the cooked with added dressing past-a dish; it’s a picture-able experience only when the noodles are so well tempered; but of course I didn’t photograph then, I wanted to keep it all for myself, in that way, then. Maybe next time, I’ll be willing to share. [The image of this fine dining experience]

theme: eating is really a, the one-of the metaphysical process[-es] to experience.

With lemonade, afterward-to reverse: alongside: a piece of the melon, and cited: soul pieces & rum’s theory, a few peels of the mandarin orange in the lemonade: and it’s complete to drink with such cooking. I can taste the oil of lemon, it exists yes; or is it just a metaphysical imagination.

At a middle stage; the dish twisted into a finesse of savoring has turned into something you might also additionally bake; with what’s left of the side piece of bread and some extra? herb. Which one; I was thinking dried green; like an older oregano; and not fresh oregano; but that’s just me; it could be different for you with this same fantastique set of meal. Think, like a dish set.

Key points, from this dish:

green melon and lemon-something points to sophisticated cooking talent and you really should eat it; if it actually has those ingredients

-a signa of something in the food …, actually seen, [and not just some external version plagiarism; remember actual emulation is not plagiarism [on the external part]], a signa in the food points to the main cook’s vision in the experience of eating for the eating cook and-or the eating-other

– for the eating-other: the challenge of putting it all together: even when it’s already prepared and ready-go, what completes it to version, complete to eat as is without any more additions, for now



Life as an artist and a holy derelict-clothwad

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Fiction for The FVP: an excerpt of “purplement” uh worked on when, ever is there time. [outside of “police busts” and other work.]

[also in this form: forpurplement]


by goura fotadar

(this excerpt for The Fictional VolunTier Project)

tag[s]: share, fiction diagrams-art diagrams, fiction therapy, scent

Life as an artist and a holy derelict-clothwad

Dedicated to my brother: J.L. Da.F. and J.C.

Like something wouldn’t believe I was huddled into the quill of read; and on-top of the cushion of pink; where the phony Mary posed in Gregorian and couldn’t cat: chat; the cushion turned to the prick that must have cemented it

The dip and climb of

Sea’ to me.

In front of me the thin flowers and then ribbons as a thing of my: floral art. It’s a drinking tin; with paper taupe as a spherical [as in becoming] ribbon.

The lights flash since the strobe plantain also known as my focus, switches modality to ex-tended [ why, by the way: ] rest. I think of fans and teddy bears; but also of fans of teddy bears.

Do you think, they belong here.

cited: mariah carey

Teddy bears are so much like wreaths; even when they are

[The need for heightened

potpourri teddy bears in not just; but esp. just ‘Nam]

[draw another teddy bear on cited voicethread,

and link; see: or slide 30 ]

the only problem then; of course becomes travelling as in depoyeument and there’s no way to be near enough the teddy bear; this sounds like a sentiment for various variations of heart.

the problem shouldn’t be does the teddy bear; bears even smell strongly enough of potpourri that you sniffing it: is too much for you.

[draw a cloth, walletrip]

The smell should be something you either need to smell or can’t ever smell too much of; and not sure if the or belongs there. [Like a greeting carpet at the front door or back door; or sum, sum, thing.] To the first problem; and perhaps the only one; there might be a travelling accompanying teddy bear.

I’m not sure if it can or has turned into the travelling accompanying teddy: beer; who actually smells of, beer; and not something pretending to be beer: but of much worse odor:

Would the potpourri teddy bear that also travels with you on depoyeument: be smaller [with less potpourri or lighter] than the normal regulary non-travelling one

are you only travelling and-or depoyeument [in] because those that won’t don’t care for you; or like in fiction: heart you enough.

theme: fiction in fiction to start with non-fiction like a boxed gift