New Insertions {But tracked} :The Hint to another form of Time-Travel

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Sub-heading: C.C./T.K.  m. investigation, basic communication notes

continued to 52618

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: |^

tag[s]: bile notes

[also in this form: Ct526]



Evaluated at L-Q social gathering re-enactment/non-re-enactment i.e. memory engagement:

-Unspoken staring again; like those around C.C./T.K. know something about especially C.C. [what is it, if it is]

-if could go back in time to more directly communicate with C.C./T.K. and tell to avoid those that stare that way & steer toward those that don’t. [like back-in-time [from actualized, actually actualizing] militia voice-over.]





Part Two. Lecture pinnings

“drunkenness” versus drinking

Basic literary difference: describe in utilis-ability

paraphrased: missing knowledge -à equivalent to “drunkenness”   ?

“ritual” linked to habit of substance

Query: where does “ritual” become like its cousin virtual






The People of the Horizon …

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The People of the Horizon …

The New cited: Mormon Story … Review Notes from

Untitled (2)

cited: Dawson’s creek in brief segments; & cited: My So-Called Life

theme: without remembering or remembering but re-seeing or seeing the rest of the shoe; sorry? Show.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 52518

tag[s]: show reviews … sexuality peekings, and reviews from culture of another constellation?, criminology through the movie/show stream … , fashion innuendos , regular enough reality inclusion to personal connected narrative for comprehension through personalization which is further development of personals such as; personas … ; cinema explanations of divorce ; like from like almost like like that like fictional like

[also in this form: Review Notes from]


Source, citation: [through youtube], as accessed on 52518


in the beginning; is it a far travel? …

with a whole universe in just eye’s view; my god; is cited: Dawson, or Shiva ?

he says; he doesn’t want her to get m:  “the wrong idea:”

and then the trigger memory; is that they are already having Sex? or not; and do you think that isn’t just a cover not for Sex …, but for … uh? [who is they and how many theys relevant are there]

She and Dawson are more than , that …

Then brunette returns to Old Lady that looks very manly … no offense: or maybe it’s not the brunette that returns to Old Lady …  is it the matching in incest like appearance Blonde and is that those two or three live together? Uh, can’t recall that Well; as in draw a well.

So the main objective is: even when it is a location?

Who is cited: Dawson [Creek] of the already seen list; or the upcoming seen list: it’s

The blond Dude;

and can you see the signs of LGBTIQ love; because I can; and what are they … besides the manly appearance of the old lady; how about the clothing … I mean sure I dressed that way as a young girl or adult lady; but I was born gender deviant; and like all deviances that’s how we got men in robes; so thank me or this fashion demonstration of cross-dressing. Bug, you can wear pants underneath.
and what about the romantic closeness for however old they are supposed to be: sure that can happen in childhood; but as a usual habit; that seems at this level of closeness in uh romance; inaccurate as a depiction of childhood; …

the Old Lady is at least! wearing a skirt … what do you think about Brunette: Joey’s name combined with her movement form in running … ? what if we looked deeper and this were concealed portions of a surveillance video from Constellation like uh … G [what is that]

the language hardly sounds like English tho’ we do hear spoken English; the house looks just like the set of that cited: Maverick thriller … of course; there can be re-usings of set or something; but that’s a large piece of Universe connected in movie cues to war service, and all the when; bet especially Bert escalated around this upcoming war holiday.


The most interesting thing in this review brief viewing access: is how un-interesting the adults’ lives seem [even unrepresented adults and in this segment brief]; I don’t know about you; but my life has only become more interesting and not less as an adult; although my childhood life was heavily romantically induced and I’m not sure if that’s really what made it that interesting …

The Main Characters as basic drama review [in this brief segment]:  [please the obvious; correlates to identity recognition without necessary regular personal characteristics think is this really how his expression manifests]

Old Lady or Old Lady Skirt

Brunette “Joey”

Blonde appearing almost like a sister in appearance and appearance interaction but not interaction to main Blond “Dawson”  [“Creek”]

A mystical backdrop universe   … “dawson” ?


The Main Effects in Criminology

The Environment around (cited : )Dawson’s house is important even considering wealth; it’s too encompassing to mean wealth; rather it means entropy in catching crime … no joke;

Markers to look for: incest? Hate crimes toward adults who aren’t that elderly or are elderly; picketing wealth despite earnings …

theme: uh, how do you get that; … catch unjust crime.

theme music citation: cheryl blossom teen idle


Part Two. The Correlative Relational Theory of how regular romantic even rumored uh “love” is not in sync with criminology according to this brief segment of … cited: My So-Called Life

Source, citation: [through youtube] as accessed on 52518


He loves her despite the “flaws” her “flaws”

How about you; do you love all of here; despite the many injustices that have existed and or do exist; and hopefully not [my opinion] will exist. [all of here can also mean expansively the horizon-s’ interaction with you, the people of the horizon, etc.]


Literature Review from 17: In personal empowerment from the direction of him: and the feeling of his “love” toward the object “her”

Uh, Drama Theory: His reality interaction [like even in his mind is a reality and reality interaction]

seems to imply that a “her” or even anybody can only be loved if they were “flaw” –ed. In reality interaction; we always? have the diving Divine intersection; and so try telling whoever is God-Divine that; a comparative “he” will only let those be loved [applied more expansively] in his personal spectrometer attempt at existence trajectory if they are “flaw”-ed and possibly in romantic relationships [at least!] that’s we have …

Divorce. & that does not mean, that Divorce is illegal. Instead; if you aim to become non “flaw”-ed in actuality; you may not be uh … according to this “him” or others like him: people of the horizon or rather current, past [most] people of the horizon … able to experience my god “love” like even holy …

Self “love”

Where personal empowerment meets assessment of actualized and actualizing time-traveling reality: the travail.

Source: The symbolic house

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[also in this form: Source]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: art theory,







theme: things I’ve done foretold by poetry

  1. cited p.1: where to go and how to go about it on pilgrimage in Manchester, CT in circa 2014
  2. cited p.2: a reminder to look at scenery and-or do patrol. A reminder what would be the difference.
  3. cited p.3: where are the limits of knowledge
  4. cited p.4: a shawl’s effect used but forgotten about.
  5. cited p.5: sounds like a death state meditation and-or the experience of death
  6. cited p.6: the organ story of karma
  7. cited p.7: the actual magic of commercial

[left-off here]



Old Notes; Part Before One. Wrong goal in housing instead of getting off the streets; …



|^ look what |^

|    says above|


        | ^ this is a house? 

Intellectual Housing Abstractions: Uh, compare sources and line to housing; uh is a house a source, and what do other sources tell us in in comparison to housing [i.e. about housing and housing problems].




source, cited: Present Company, W.S. Merwin

Part II. cited p. 4 : the phone call really explained [planes]




“sound” the phrenology of what is easily skewed to be the practice of the phone call; but what it seems maybe instead is the utilize-able inebriation, of sound is a tool and not the main focus point of the call; perhaps now obvious; through phone call districting work; or for some other raiSon. The call is done through the tool especially being sound or a nearby equivalent for example if one were such impaired in hearing; and yet the focus on else, other.



That Canadian Homicide, Continued …

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[also in this form: That Canadian Homicide]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 52318

tag[s]: criminology notes, and brief notes … , poverty crimes



Date: 51818

theme: like the movies  …


-a body of water

-stuff (personal) stolen prior to his homicide

-feels forced to date

-reminder: strongly identifies as “religious”

-seen trains

-family of dated is from California or claims to be

-someone in dating family; in that family; somebody has some type of developmental order

-is not comfortable with women [why?]

-in a paucity of wealth


Body Space Encompassment et al incorrectly done …

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[also in this form: Body Space Encompassment]

for The Death Project  in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 51918

tag[s]: brief notes, entering cited: terminator reality; and existing outside of cited: terminator reality integration, existential homicide; technology and reality; real religious theory: criminology


What does virtual dubbing prevent; is probably a worthwhile question; it is also perhaps even more worthwhile to consider what does virtual dubbing, catch.


First of all, what is virtual dubbing. (I don’t know you figure it out)


What if you were virtually dubbed out … so that, … you could rest while you were especially deployed outside during rest hours … and somebody walked by; not being able to see you; in even a semi-hidden spot; semi-hidden spots …  and trampled on exactly where you were resting and these tramplers were either in “uniform” now or later … and what if especially this took place more than once and in more than one location.


How did they get there? Are they superior psychics; or is it rather something like paranormal theft such as death through unjust homicide, yours:

-I’m not saying you are dead; but you may  be and not have realized in the fragment of your mind prior to death; that prior fragment inculcating you to new actions past your death but limited in fact that you think and are directed by the fact that you are still alive.  So you should verify if you qualify as this version of death; and other versions of death that are not unjust homicide; such as holy living death or whatever that could mean; are at least worthy of knowing about in even regular evidence; like if you level of trauma at has reached certain incidence are you automatically qualified as living or like holy dead;  these versions of other than unjust I should say completed homicide; but (they) are Less relevant in this system of



-next: are you having a harder time than perceivable and despite putting in the work to have a less difficult time, people might point you to jesus; or you can just access new Jesus; which is evidence; if such “folks” are trampling on your exact place of being i.e. your body and head; even as you are dubbed out from their vision:


They are quite obviously living off of the entropy of your body+head i.e. you that produces through uh, stealing from what you have produced even will produce. How does this happen: … in the case of this video, … [where is the video] the lady doing the trampling claims that she and possibly her daughter


theme: no, really; where is the video? I’m referring to.

theme music citation: moby in my heart


The Real Metaphysical through Criminology

are almost like homeless after I reveal that the cited: [who] is deployed as homeless;

Even if she were almost like homeless; that doesn’t stop her from trampling on people’s exact rest-spots who are such deployed to uh Reconcile the Societal and International Societal Issue of Homelessness; even as she can’t see them in their spots.

She seems to; aware of the fact; that my work pays for her way of living; and while she tramples on the deployed’s bodies as though this is her freedom in theft; the problem is that this is not part of the deal in unholy terrorist negotiation; if my work pays for your way; and even if you lie about it; you have to do what I say … because like that’s just the way it is.

In basic cognitions; why she wouldn’t qualify as regularly homeless is because of her attitude of stomping on demarcated though virtually dubbed out bodies of those that are deployed as such; in the basic cognition; her definition of homeless might instead mean using housing like resources that belong to others and are paid by my work; and others like me’s work; for example: those that are virtually dubbed out nearby.

God! I’m tired.

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copy theme: the cure to all of your “natural” ambitions

11.17.16 / 11.16.16 Back to Book Analysis post


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 51818

[also in this form: copy theme51818]


how do you learn to decorate, better/well or at all-well?

Source, citation, text: 20 UNDER 40

                                STORIES FROM THE NEW YORKER

                                EDITED BY DEBORAH TREISMAN


(p.29) “But she wondered if it reduced the sum total of anybody’s suffering to keep him around for a few months in a situation that ultimately did nobody any good, that changed nothing in anybody’s, that only rearranged some things for a little while.”


11.18.19 back to book analysis for the fvp

theme: why not a word analysis


source, text (citation): steven erikson

The healthy dead/ from the cited: p.a. library

cited: What does “conceded” have

from p.4 to do with conceit (since they sound alike)

concede conceit

cone cde  cone cit<-|

cone edc cone|tic  => quickly but maybe not done all the way, thru; I through. the habitual patterns of the pattern cones;


  • query from source text p.1 (how to “fall” into the presumed, sky)
  • it seems the answer \/ | on p.2

is                    & p.3

  • of

but course

more importantly;

how-to learn about rites: from p.3 from cited source text [which one]


cone (habit = clothing)   cone habit


theme: pipi/pippi/ pippy

“pawn” stocking with citation of: pippy long-stocking / stalking? ever?


the control specific: cone mean[s] to this here?

edc is habit

Which would imply

(=>) not just the marketable and for wear edc! (obvious); me; but that clothes are meant to be habit (perhaps more obvious)

edc; cited: edc used to be a brand I wore bough-t from cited: esprit; and so a brand of clothes = tic means perhaps that

and what does

in subject matter and

maybe intersecting

with its

shape reversed

not a fragment,

sense; of course

it is

con le =>

econ (abbrev.)






the answer is


  • basic computation you can drop the triangle into the circle; and can rotate it in the circle
  • create a graph (two-axis, four quadrants)

Clearance (cited : ) Talon

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar/ by career beggar Goura

Date typed up: 51418

[also in this form: Clearance]


tag[s]: police reports that nobody is filing, …, my new additional career: notions of beggars; hooker-dom; tales of counseling after graduate school haven’t diminished; cited: c.i.a. clearances should matter during arrest or else what happens , … police notes …


Date of happening caught circa: 51218-51418


Can you call that good fortune: holy worses unholy hooker


So I was wondering what was happening; I saw a hooker from my childhood: appear at the cited: Transit center; and then I saw a “police” pick-up; in the good fortune? of the “police”

I knew this hooker wasn’t homeless; and there were lots of homeless people around; recently; it was announced that regular housing is now illegal … because?

Why were / no how did I know that this hooker was from my childhood; well because as a child operative I was introduced to a variety of hookers who I researched; many were worth the effort or would be soon, … and others weren’t worthy of that much effort; she was called upon in my childhood for her hooking service where somewhere I might have been kidnapped, along with a friend

First, in this recent present: there was a “police” chase picking up attempting to pick up homeless people … for uh being homeless and using public services especially, such as bathrooms, benches, and busses; …

Next there; was-verde were the back-up vehicles alongside “police” vehicles at the cited: Transit center; where normal vehicles aren’t traditionally allowed; and these were normal vehicles …

Next there was the at the same time: hooker prowl, and the “police” pick up of these hookers gleefully guiding these “hookers” for the “police’s” use.

As an actual police officer and not “police officer” I can be sure of such things; a police officer isn’t always a cop … in any case:

These are for sure: homeless citations and their persecutions are connected in at least present news to actual unholy hookers who plan to never convert to the system of actual justice and enjoy having sexual enactments with people in uniform and uniformed vehicles who are not actually militia members … now when you receive such persecution in actuality; beware that you are in the catching line of conflict in this issue, in our part of the hemispheres:

“cops” “officers” etc., and not cops, officers … are using you as an excuse to not get caught for using hookers … even if you are an officer cop

Uh. You have to think deeply about who they are afraid of catching them; it’s how combat hooking works … when you don’t actually fornicate with most of the seeking population; see below.

Part Two.

I’m not white; and I’ve never committed a crime; but the “cops” are especially intent on me and persecuting me this way; because I am a combat hooker; and that is a whole different legal stance of hookers, it means things that are very complicated to explain; and controls over rape … I however haven’t had sexual relations with most of the seeking population like most unholy hookers; how are the two possible; I don’t know maybe you should combat receive militia training in such a hemisphere if you are so interested …

It sort-a explains how we’ve almost gotten to a society where not everybody is raped all the time like the cited: geisha there are even starting as child combat hookers like I was; except of course unlike the movies they don’t have to fornicate with everything seeking such; like whenever the person next to you gets horny; my god, how would you fight that person off; without the “cops” arresting you …

The “cops” and not the cops the “officers” and not officers are responsible for causing unjust rape to exist in our society … with many unholy hookers and not holy hookers; aiding their cause.


You need to stop and ask yourself if you have ever worked in uniform or its equivalent; if you are comfortable creating the cause of unjust rape and its equivalents in our society; because it’s still a mainstream issue; it’s one reason I had to deploy as homeless for example; I was able to slice some shots of the scenes, …  but who knows if they are good enough; my point is from now on when you see the “cops” approach you or the “militia” approach you start guarding yourself as best as possible; because past cause they plan to rape you and its equivalent … at least we can say for the unholy hookers despite aiding such unjust cause; they won’t rape you themselves … that’s uh some relief?



The beginning of the prowl …