Definitions of Surveillance : Another is this fiction or not. \ [part one.][or both.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 11818

tag[s]: civil rights action, …

[also in this form: Definitions of Surveillance]


Date: 1.14.18


In an interesting turn of circumstance I’m assigned? [who assigned me? ] [double question mark directive] to watching this man on surveillance. The incompetent “librarians” can’t be as a whole expected to do a single yes, competent thing.

He’s been using public computers withe shuch [with such] “librarians” miserly [ness] in public yes; way past the required time limits. And I wish I were joking when I said cited: C.I.A. officials he decides with the local? “librarians” he takes precedence over. Just a few days ago, I heard him unfortunately yelling with other unholy terrorists who are currently all wearing a Buddhist? Matching orange; when they can’t steal themselves into militia uniforms & tools that in entropy don’t belong to them … that the cited: C.I.A. is insane, and that he knows much-much more about fire security, policy, and police work, and perhaps even religious ascetic forms of Buddhism [all in its actual form-s].

Mostly he waddles from what he is convinced is reserved seating for him between “his” public workspace and other seating; he also waddles to and fro the bathroom area along with the local? “librarians” yes barricading access to the bathroom. When perhaps the [this generation’s deployed] military complains about this specific barricade; a non-useful hallucinatory version of cleaning people, are sent into the bathroom: man dating any bodies on the toilet to squeeze and push their urine and feces out; this happens especially when the bathrooms have already been cleaned and are still in early process since then: clean.

They use the building in their European stance to anti-freedom as if they ar- its original donor; and are paying for its day-to-day operations, and regularly. The miserly[ness] of the local? “librarians” presumes them to declare based on this criminologist’s investigation that inappropriate lengths of work times on checked out public,

Books,  [or what did I mean instead.]


[Robotic theories synced ]

Computers will get them unearned salaries paid and-or elevate their unearned salaries. [It might be edifying to consider actual definitions applied of elevate and how these may translate to such positions in society et al in function.]


theme: got bust through to comply with public computer use time limits; god forbid, I might zone out for a minute to five, and my work unposted …

theme music citation [again?] Interpol all the rage back home


The non-profanity of Sunglasses in shape.

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[and also in this form: Onprofanity ]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

Date typed up: 11618

tag[s]: the education of cliché writing, and profanity in terms of [expansive] use, racial riots-rites.


theme: it’s an architecture art piece



Date: On Martin Luther King Jr. Day – 2018

cited: an art piece, Triton Museum-SC

Before I saw it, I drew something like it. [it, [saw] this one piece; and not [not ever seeing] any  [other like it:] shape and or utensil like i/t] Of course it’s closed for the holiday; the blue-lamp shade hue points to water and of course light use: dip and swim in: that’s where we get? [this art piece exhibition] cliché swimming recreation even in social familial ties from? The lamp-shade from or shimmer reminds us of the 70s if past the 60s? who knows I don’t have a history book here where we hoped civil rights were already exuberated but regulating stories tell a different fighting perspective.


theme: why don’t [homeless] people have accessible un-indentured storage; is there a shortage of free locking cabinets with basic surveillance and bomb[-proof] like amenities; or are all [the:] local false authorities stealing down to it all, for their unearning selves. Oh shelves. I’ve almost been arrested by groups how many times, petitioning and rioting for small and basic storage that’s free; and handed numerous strikes of legal trouble. Will I head to jail soon, for the same reason as more men and women in “uniform” approach me with batons; and will I receive more court orders for power of authority over my doj clearances? What are they, I’m not even sure of all of them or if they exist.  And when did they start. Can my clearance-s put you in non.reformed. jail forever for approaching me ever in any: way, that I don’t appreciate. That sounds like too much power, I don’t deserve; right.


The two dimples stand together spaced out by the handle-bars a stand; procreation for how-to place swimming and-or dipping pools.

In the vicinity of our habitation; where we might locate the glasses: that tell us where to place our pools and so perhaps in the habitat of our environment: how and when to approach is recreation and-or rest? And what might this have to do with civil rights; & cited: Martin Luther King Jr., Day/day.

Perhaps a reminder that civil rights give us a rest and-or opportunity for recreation … and

[the dimples as eye slots]

Yet until they are perplexed into normalcy we may not be able to seize all the rest and-or recreation: that we have earned. And how is that one knows for sure it is a corrected, correct participant of civil rites.

The Invited

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The Invited

[and also in this form: theinvited]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Dedicated to n.c/d and the m.

Date typed up: 11318

Rag/tag[s]: criminology and militia research questions come forth, abstract uh?


Date: 1.7.18

He seems almost nice at first; criminal reform candidate a; I suppose if he approached to hang-out even if you hadn’t known him before, you might not be be able to say “no” even if you weren’t sure how much you might benefit from the “hang-out” or enjoy it; it would be a survivable but perhaps not completely safe event circumstance for you the invited. What are as review, things you consider might come up if you were not able to back out of such an invitation:

[past connected to relevant circumstances]

[mental flashes]: then on the experiences that you’ve actually had in the interpretation of your mental flashes, you may want to hypothesize about how to respond to such invitations, in the future.

You might at this stage consider for this criminal reform candidate a why you might not feel comfortable saying “no” to his his invitation. Safe of course and as usual is included in general comfort; and that’s only in general ; as a reference point: is he asking you to an event or a situation which is usually considered a in combat zone, and or combat zone-related area: usually in this country and in this day-age, those are rarer than usual …


In any case, what is it if not forced into some sort of deployment stance: that makes you not believe in actually consenting to the invitation. For this working context: actual consent as you might [[ima]gine[sp?]] means uhm; not having to do and and-or not having to agree to what you obviously don’t agree, to.

Tied between consents, none of which you actually agree to: for example if the local “police department” says that they have to attempt to falsely charge you for a crime, otherwise they will kill you: and you must agree now!  to one or the other: you might be going to jail or die: and before anybody of value has been able to response-terms respond; this including the actual police.

[in society: you must wonder why can’t you kill them instead or; and perhaps this is why we have terrorism of the holy and not the unholy matter which is what …]


as an aside to

consider that when danger-type mental flashes are such, realistically come to mind; the approved usual thing to do: is to of course contact the police department and just let them know what you are or might be highly concerned about in terms of danger in such a situation:  the only problem is that in a time of militia escalated terrorism; and that means terrorism toward the actualized militia including identity theft; calling a regular general and advanced-specific police and-or police-like # may not prove as it was at least in this society temporarily safe to do so: and purging before. And hence we have, why we might need an adjunct invention and research.

The point is actual-ized militia may not be able to respond to calls despite still working; their roles may have also adapted to other facets of police/militia work; with the former effective method to contact them perhaps  [is?] only one facet of expansive and entire police/militia work possibilities. Thus, much like during times of cited: P.O.W.[s]; when they can’t be contacted and are instead in semblance replaced in communication with unholy terrorists; another invention or more is needed likely in the same line. ]


A safety producing

proof based on basic/of basic safety might be: now to turn what’s happened ill-ly by the “police” and as against the police; into the police and an [at least one] actualized “police” …

“police” (wrong)

versus police and conversion to also “police”

(right) (a-1)

“police” (wrong)


To “police” (right) in reg. culture on this side of the sphere conversion … (so taking into account culturally accessible [sp?] provisions)

Conversion usually refers to religious enterprise, and-or avenue: of course “police” in this contextual quotation version

would mean no reg. recruitment for such work:


And so if in the case

Of (wrong)

So “police” (wrong)

Almost inverted

In order and

Then separated

(wrong) “police”

… followed to conversion

You would take people

In, not, police recruitment;

And not in false police recruitment:

Who had been in the (wrong)

As depicted actually in society,

And not necessarily

As charged

So for example: society’s

Era when there is

A prison system for those that have done wrong; such as reform prison;

Even if they are not charged for the exact wrongs

[the swing of the un-necessary of charging in the area of where charge matters less and not not]

… but are charged for some wrong, as they have done wrong; with perhaps less application for those in the system of wrong who haven’t or less use; but instead of bummer: perhaps they will have other applications

and uses from wrong if place-d in the system of wrong.

So in the system of wrong, captured and seanced away from otherwise right and-or correct society: in this era-time most commonly known as reform prison [and not the other version of arrest un-reforming]


Where there is a conversion process in a such demarcated system


as described,

already conversion in our current

culture usually conversion refers to religion:

and in at least the last 10 years starting at like a minus four from now year:

there has been mention

of conversion within

the prison system

to renowned faith [s]

Unfortunately, even before considering whether this systemized transfer from outside culture works in the sense; we or rather I am looking for: we must find the “police” in a changing in this case system of wrong toward right. What may qualify as “police” in such a system:

and how might you qualify is the likely the 1st  [set? Of] significant research questions: (based on) for this practice I am going to base it on : …

What I’ve observed in/on the “police” (wrong) at the outside of prison scenarios:

-low comprehension of self gender and relational gender; even for outter/other actualized

-poor body placement: and positioning as compared to nearby structures (and beings: structures)


-excessive stalking and poor body zone-ing especially in relation to others [i.e. in the case of the latter]

-non-comprehension of clearly marked and depicted resources and despite repeated access to study and utilization of such resources

example, include[s]: telling homeless people on-the: street that there are open shelters for them to go to now and nearby, and when the case is: it is, has been announced declared that all shelters are criminally prohibited from being used due to out-of-control safety and destructive torture techniques: and that all actual? shelter “staff” has-have been fired and arrested.

theme: where is actual shelter #staff# ?

and this was announced especially to the homeless population

-demonstrating use of false power such as 51/50s, arrests, and ticketing, vehicles and weapons, and uniforms; and threats of such power


-inability to psychologically differentiate between self and others in general example test[s]: include generic images of self compared to generic images of other[s] under oath; and if such images are correctly identified and then incorrectly used [in the future] charge-ing of identity theft and identity theft associations.

*variated for the blind [obvious additions]

-practicing other

forms of terrorism:

Requesting to meet you in person and-or to meet with you in person, and not acceptably accepting “no” for an answer, screaming out privileged information about youi n public and-or forcing you to do so, asking for your confidential personal information whenever and inappropriately

and-or denying

your credentials

and the worth

of institutions et al

having given them out,


plagiarizing parts of your career in your un-schedule-d conversation, taking pictures and videos of you during such enforced interaction and additionally plagiarizing your image or people connected to you [-’s] image staging fake arrests in your path and yelling out your name during such arrests, repeatedly banning you from places for standing up for your civil rights and especially places/locations you might own or have an owning: stake in.

Tree also means outdoorsy Part next.

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By goura fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Date typed up, this part: 11218

[and also in this form: Tree also means outdoorsy Part next]


Date: 12.11.17

I’ve definitely seen such imaging at at least one candle store I shopped at; where I was fortunate enough to have the gift I bought packaged such. I suppose in terms of rest: the brown of the present wrapping is to signify the outside, outdoors ground or perhaps the ground to rest on; the piece part of greenery tree; as a living stem is perhaps to conceive that sleeping outside, living outdoors, even in homelessness is still a way, a method to live- Exist. Where in normal housing or pseudo-housing: security, stability may come from a certain type of roof and or physical quality of the structure; the string tied to fern/tree figment + box creates a concave view of an outside rest-live spot: with standing tree, brown/mud or something such ground: the string that ties the package (you, or scuse me the outside resider/rester)



(in identity)

(as in the placard of gift/present)

would the string

represent the ingredients that would be the tie of the spot:

a comfortable sleeping-bag type; a rain-proof tent or something; a temperature

sealing something ; a spare bag of extra clothes; an extra|space area for necessary for other things [temperature proof]; [would all of these equate] … to a string; in this sentiment homelessness is a gift for another; i.e. one’s homelessness; their homelessness ; your homelessness is a gift for another.

[examine the package in a to, from conception][to expansive [make] who it’s for] [consider how the tree is an address much like ahouse if even not accepted as one in  a regular way][definitions of address]


Source, citation: “INTO THE WOODS” from Better Homes & Gardens, 2017, p.48



I’m so stupid

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 11118 [and also in this form: I]


Date: 11018


cited first word? of front cover



(cited: images of cited: book, and the re-sketching of the first letter of first word or something, … was done from memory so pardon the discrepancies)

Of course

[in reg-her e English order]

Looks most like an/a

flowering [think petal]

5 or run-around the track: S.

What could flowering 5

Mean; it is in this case

[for me] to reference the

presumptive culture:

I am currently in and primarily from/of:

Flowering 5

Might sensibly

Reference the beginning

of kinder-garten

Which of course

Sounds so much like


Which/witch might mean

(no mean!) a variety of things including: this will be the start of a kinder experience, then no sorry, than:

And it almost sounds like a card you might give to any old adult, and that here just means any adult: that went to kindergarten or could have

[The any card business]

A kinder experience, than:

[might be on the card]

(and so in catches)

Of importance the in this case thing to take away is card.

and so it may not be surprising that [s] or something also like a reverse hook cited: peter pan is found to be symbolism for card.

Title continued: The Syntax of form [perhaps next part]

Why might you guess is based on above.

o is

Is one way to

Open and see a

Traditional card: and

Here of course traditional

Means reed [play] and-or

See front, which

Might be the twist at

The left side, and then

Follow the path obvious, correlating

Each segment of the


Parts of the card,


With the the rest

Of this apparent:

Ly? Symbol.




Tree also means outdoorsy. [spec one, … it’s raining and the homeless people who aren’t just posing have no safe roof outdoors to sleep under … arrest the perpetrators, now! & don’t ever let them out]

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[and also in this form: Tree also means outdoorsy]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project



By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 1818

tag[s]: public welfare advisories, fashion of arboretum editing, analysis of other think tanks at the advanced version, and symbolic actual religious theology




theme: crawling with bugs;

As an example: of how this magazine is such as an advanced think tank: next to the sentiment: of christmas tree; another overt reminder of housing ha[s]/ve been of course this decorating piece[s]: and in homelessness of homeless shelter; staying at a non-belonged home-space, and-or even outside homelessness: seeing such a tree is at least a reminder that housing as a culture once was. The tree of course goes on it can be translated and is to work spaces; outdoor sleeping environments; and relic[s] to study from … as in this text.Cited p.48 in this month’s issue;

[look for next in this series of citation of magazine already , citation included in former postings on this blog … uh you are now playing a quick match this to the already posted appropriate citation, which should be obvious in processing; but if it’s not the answer will show up again: the response is work]

theme: why don’t libraries here have Christmas trees; is it a sentiment to mourning the experience of those without homes/ housing? Tell that to those that ridicule the actually homeless … forms, such as citations, are certainly include-d in defamation and ridiculing. Oh and don’t forget night stalking of the homeless; and yelling to wake them wee early hours, uh before 10 am.

reporting theme: You know I work a-veg. 15 hours a day, and you stay indoors all day, using my property and resources against my consent. What will be the consequence.

Reporting theme …: if you are situationally hostage: l’ost:age, uh, uh, uh, and not just hostage; you are effectively homeless … I think you’d noticed if even you own the property and or the equivalent: other properties, uh uh uh how is that equivalent; they don’t! care who you are according to the local authorities and uh can we call them un-holy terrorists in somebodies’ uniform.

features presents that are the depiction of perhaps the best the homeless scene has to provide: [at current date] sleep/rest near an outdoorsy/tree; and as the tree-like image is shown flat against the brown covered box; it’s an outline of how-to rest in the outdoors [where have you seen such packaging, additionally] … [t.b.c.]



Rough and Quick: Nancy a reminder of definitions of syntax, parameters and other funny pics. & thought-notes

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[and also in this form: Nancy ]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 1618,1718

tag[s]: rapid and not barely thought out word diagrams

In art a re-iteration with a mild shift: from the fiction blog: [not-al?]


Like pancy but that’s not how it’s uh spell-ed

Like fancy [checked, and here the first version non discriminated version of pansy; and an exercise in art of discrimination would be to create the first version or something like create, and capture edifices of imagine-translated discrimination to have at least [a] more of a viewing point of what is seen]

Ok. Nancy is like fancy, but for the n and the f,

n=f when in what’s that called in elem s’cool? consonants

n,f are consonants

[con, son, ants] [if spelled correctly or correctly enough]

n: f through [con, son, ants]

n [con, son, ants] f

[con, son, ants] = : [at least in one variety] maybe not maybe; that’s obvious

If pancy is not how it’s spelled but the cliché and-or unpopular but usual meaning of the word similar or close enough or exactly sounding,


con, son, ants

Your son is a daughter and actually a female may not need the same p,ants from pancy [pansy] [and in the first derivation; on fashion notes; and this is following the part two citation; flower pants]

and are you the con, or is she: he, or is it both,

And what does this have to do with fancy, well usually nancy regularly references a name: and so perhaps your son that is actually female and a daughter has a fancy name; criminology strikes again; because

who,ever [of the one, two, and so on …]

, which,ever is practicing the con, is it a legal con, and if not what is it enforcing to happen,

[a further fashion solution is, flower pants that might fit male[s] meaning mail[uh?] and are designed more specifically for male gender][and as a relevant cultural check just on guess check are flower pants still used primarily female-wise where of course wise just means application, the transition to part two; or almost transition]

Part two. I looked it up and what where is the meaning; it nancy means “grace”

cited: found and if even temporary definitions,

nancy = grace

[perhaps insert help or something like help from above or part one unlabeled , right but depicted as part one.]

(n=f)ancy = grace

(n=f)ancy= (g)race

n=f = g

It really is a girl/female/woman [on quick applied guess from part one’s semi-proof]

Perhaps the significance of g as the additional identifier might need to be kept and so g now refers to a development period for traditional uses of gender: female of youth; but for not traditional uses of gender an application of youth form development derived through one gender and such quickly applied from unlabeled but depicted part one



Then of course you can pull out: (girl)   … [for now, anyhow]

and ancy=race (well, as controlled by girl) [then quickest; if necessary whatever you see, and-or whatever can be scene; as in the latter here in brackets, identified] of course ansy sounds so much like anse which seems to have the opposite meaning as used regularly in cliché and or pop culture


cited: meaning [where on look up anse means “handle”]


and then on verification anse used popularly is actually spelled for now according to a cited check: antsy

fidgety=race [right, because in case you don’t know what antsy means regularly in regular culture, that’s what]

and so we have:

(girl)fidgety=(girl)race and of course this implies if you see or have s[c]ene a person fidgety during a race; and perhaps not the other usual definition of the word race looked at here anyway; no it means that a race is an experience in/of effective fidgeting; and one way to realize this is through the development process of girl, at least that’s how nancy means “grace” and the part of what about anse meaning “handle” also meaning race with the same derivation of girl factor, is then how you might make the jump from handle to fidgety and or handling to fidgeting or such, and then you would have something like how it is that in current conditions these two are the same  under the condition of race while through lens girl [and this is a very rough draft of thought-notes]