Atrophy a-form; artform: substance of rest-spot

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Atrophy a-form; artform: substance of rest-spot



for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

[see in this form too : Atrophy a  ]


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date: 92017

tag[s]: with cited: rum’s theory next in mind, as will be soon available through cited: amazon-amazon k.;

structural art translations i.e. how to fill out forms; homeless analogies; public welfare; emergency and crisis-catastrophe counseling.

theme: hard

theme music citation: rhye shed some blood thru npr dot org

theme: as a cultural effect catch notice the similarity depicted in keyboard art emulation in the accompanying date’s fiction posting; at this time already posted.


I thought it would be really hard; to describe this image I had in my mind likely comprised by several other images already in existence outside of my mind. The instances of existance ?

First there is the consumer economics; somebody I don’t know sponsored me $20 during the last recent holiday without my asking; and I used it to buy along with other things a drink at cited: Peets where I used to shop regularly before I started “working” entirely for no cash; i.e. or no personal cash gain. Of course in the basics of semantics; the uneducated and this does not mean college only here as the actual semblance [also known as semblanc] of education for of b.a.[s] there are still other coinciding indicators of college education equivalents [brainstorm and-or updated review: what are they at present or may be at present]; this means the absence of its equivalent by especially a relative time of a relative age; in any case, continued: theme: think wine; such defined uneducated, consider any work production by one where one does not garner personal cash gain; to be non-work. I’m not sure? But I thought for sure that work was measured on [bins of:] entropy or something like the actual working definitions of entropy.

Think: bins of entropy ; or thermoreactors or whatever that might become or whatever that’s called that that might become.

Does the definition of cash entropy exist to perhaps explain the above loosely tossed oppositions in non-external to entropy frameworks.


“wormhole” cited;

Of course on the or from the last posting on ‘tis advanced think tank’s blog: is a “wormhole” cited; as is many this type at least of drinking cup. Is the taste entering your mouth; the so-called in this case; flowering bucket; ooh the taste!

In any case; the first drink I bought on the sponsorship budget of $20 came along with a free second drink before the month of mid-point December of this year; since the drink I wanted; my past regular purchase took a while to make; I guess when I’m not in the work market no? personal cash gain market? Nobody has such regularly sophisticated tastes; and that’s just a bit of a personal joke. I was working on this “wormhole” cited; counseling analysis; and only upon the purchase of the second given drink weeks later; I believe; of course the “wormhole” cited; [seen, noticed] was obvious.


Straws to straw.

When nothing else; fill with things that are free in this personal contextual economy and that smell good; and things that others? Judge. See the blue; save the straw; to remind me, you that the pine is like straw.

Atrophy aform

Isn’t trash even recycling trash; atrophy of some variant. Or at lease the internalized definition of atrophy in our nearly recent though perhaps near former version of Bay Area Societe.

Atrophy = something like trash or trash even recycled trash [for at least this posting anyhow]

Aform can of course mean the obvious a form; or like [aform] without form [for at least this posting anyhow]

And how is this “wormhole” cited; without form. Well; in the abstract and phenomenological definition of use even; it is a form when filled with the substance that was meant by this type of “wormhole” cited; and then when filled with another substance is the “wormhole” cited; in stasis of form completion; how would this translate into a written form; I mean a form outline meant or rather signified to be filled out. Yes; there’s the standard if even updated form; of form block; that is roughly the same for all needed filling outers. Or even for repeated filling outs by the same individual / group; it’s a quick delete to empty with the same roughly outlined form accessible if even updated; but what else.

In economics of housing:

The form for example is you have a place to live:

The form mandates or should or is expected to at least in progressive parts of the world:

A place to live that complies with: the height of safety, hygiene, and security standards and such intra-inter connections in facet subdivision of comply ament.

[whether you have to pay-affordable-to-you for it; or not; or have already enough times or not.]

You may have to fill out a physical form or several to get placed in such a place of housing;

And in the form or of the form you may be identified: the term of how long … or how long planned with openness of extension.


Otherwise; you are qualified as yes, homeless.


Then; there are the variants of homelessness:

In shelter : where likely the same standards or should of a place to live comply;

And outside shelter: or on the-streets where certain local “police departments” trial you into arrest for simply that alone.

In any case; the most basic start-out point would be the akin tactic of what might comprise of a form on homelessness outdoors; since at point of existence ; this; there is hardly such a form.  [remember hardly ; citing: the four interviews ]

A working rough draft Homeless Form: Standards of Society Mandating Progression.

citing: various interacted with sources in the past several yarns or so.

Where is your primary rest-spot:

Why are you at this specified location in terms of rest-spot:

Do you have to pay the city or locative marker incorporated or not for such a rest-spot:

Any other regularly accessed rest-spots:

If you pay for your rest-spots; how do you pay for your rest-spot[s]:

What relevant weather barriers do you have for your rest-spot[s]:

How many others do you see regularly akin or close-to your rest-spot

Do any of them threaten your personal safety:

Do you use the “police” local or otherwise; when your safety is threatened

If so is their version of remediation effective in your experience

Do you have a criminal record. If so is it reformed. If so; did your criminal record form around circumstances of homelessness.

Would you be interested in suing those you believe caused you into a lifestyle of homelessness; or are you more satisfied in homeless existence than otherwise were. If you have no experience with non-homelessness, what have you heard or do you expect being housed is like:

Have you otherwise legally declared your rest-spot[s]


This hereby is an additional or singular declaration of so-called so-so’s outside of housing living rest spot as an outside homeless or street person[s].


[Please sign to qualify for homeless rest-spot rights]



Emotional analysis

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Emotional analysis


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 91817

p.166 source : article : TIME TRAVEL IN THEORY


[or in this form: non-pedantic]


The Diagram of what should be: Modern Counseling

fiction? : “time travel” from regular science;

Or writing (x) -à no




Perhaps writing

In this conundristic

Balance; is an

Issue to solve

The needed

Resolution to the

Dilemma ;  “time travel”


tag[s]: basic linguistics design box


Draw a “wormhole” “time machine”


Is this a –à an element, facet or can be of “space”


Imagine this application to fiction; and-or as sort of described

on p.170 (cited) ; the “wormhole time machine”

Is also a room’s view ;

If you want?



Then if you want?

Using a sequence

Of time?

Insert from reading this [even in some portion]

Article what might be a definition of time

You have one variation of more than one room’s view;

And the basic entry into a creation of space parallels.

But then you could or not

Then? Rather than or not

Than you migh’ also have




self model: [goura model]

I pick this variety for now at least:


Flowering bucket g.f. 1 [see image/s of]


Time 1 space 1 =

goura 1


G age, or relative age [to now]:

G primary activity =

g primary recalled

emotional state =



Same diagnostic

Time16 space16=

Goura 16


G …

G …


Explain “time travel”

Thru analysis of

The two, three or





2nd paragraph  cited: p.168

On this cited:


Sounds like the experience

Of being in jail

And-or prison:

“ … whose capsules

Fell all the way from

The Moon.”

Back to Earth: [?]


Also do oui know that

“relative—“ ly

To here [of that

Which to compare to] …

R “stars” heavy.

Time1space1 =

Goura 1 =

G age: 6


G primary activity : reading analysis + comprehension

G primary recalled emotional state = is mental state, thinking.



Time 16 space 16 =

Goura 16

G age : 21

G primary activity : work

G primary recalled emotional state: [functional enough] survival



[more to come in near future postings!][also the events of last night at homeless rest spots: IMG_20170917_230452IMG_20170917_230513]








“The Park”

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 “The Park”

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 91517



from p. 19 “Meet Kirsten”

\ >

Source, text: 1



“milk pitcher”


“ “ Please, where is the park by the

river?” “
“The woman kept walking as though she hadn’t even heard Kirsten.”  “the park?” =

“ … and they laughed at her.”


“ “ Help me! “ Kirsten cried out.

“Please help me!” “


-à transfer to the title:

“Holding The Man”  –à source text: 2

-à from front imagery of at least this version:

A “man” [2 of 2]

can “help” [ 1 of 2]


and if close-to physically

the one that can

“help” you; …

is this “the park”

and-or does “the park”


mean don’t move

because you are

Safe here

until you absolutely have to for

what  x[amount] reasons.


In this case the local “police departments”

and their ilk shall be charged

Serious long-staying non-reformed

Crime sentences.


tag[s]: analysis of literature, charging crime et al i.e.  also in criminology research

the transfer, continued …

cited: reletter’d though

Rome[oh] [e] [Jew][el][it]

cited or of p.59 [2 of 2]

“Sari” [1of2]

must be of which “Kirsten”

another set of [1:2]

. . . in animate[d] i.e. wear

actual spirited doll well

then either 1 or 2

of [1 to 2] ?

and using a basic replacement

same transfer type model

from source, text to

source, text.

Who in bas*ic inanimate/animate theory:

animate [_____________________________] spirit

might be the most likely




Well, likely; Kirsten.

in this case; in a twist of what might

Be called karma since replace-able

As “I” “Kirsten” carries the

pattern? of becoming “I” and

How would ‘doll’ come along?

to this transfer if there is

No only 2nd [animate or not] …



/ or refer to this posting in this form: From p /





Are you doing the local “authorities” job, too and not receiving protection rights.

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Are you doing the local “authorities” job, too and not receiving protection rights.

Under War-Pacifism Activism: for Local at least to Expansive Deserved Safety.

or in this form: Are you doing the local authorities job

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date: 91417

as submitted  and with slight variations below; whilst I was supposed to be doing other work:


Public Declaration from the local librarian at Menlo Park Public Library on Alma Street; Menlo Park, CA 91417

There is an issue with men and women in the women’s bathroom with young children also peeking under doorways as people like myself

use the bathroom within the library. Just today I was reported for asking such persons to please stop peeking under the doorway of the stalls as others use the restroom the same soap drainer from the palo alto public library [who I suspect is posing as homeless and is not actually h due to her stalking func. homeless folks and likely others; stopping their basic cohesive rights] was there who was accompanied by a librarian named Lucinda or Luciana something of that nature a tallish woman who could easily pass for being male. Taller than me; and I’m currently approx… 5’10’’ as a born: bio-genital female; it’s miraculous? in terms of non-vanity how much height can fluctuate with severe forms of cited: P.T.S.D. This librarian assured me as she stood behind my back attempting to prevent me from washing and drying my hands after bathroom use; that she was not responsible for any safety issues in the public library; i.e. ? [as a librarian]

In addition; there has been a repeated public-such announcement that there maybe another bathroom for use in this facility for children only like other public libraries; Luciana or Lucinda was not sure.

In exchange I was directly threatened with rape by the attached as described parties connected to bathroom use. In addition this is a general advisory concerns in public restrooms; if one cannot prevent perversion of bathroom and public facility use; can one be qualified as staff or staff-like exchange. For surely in a free country we cannot give up use of all public and such provided spaces; please ensure that the local authorities can comprehend the difference between their personal ownership and in general public spaces. Luciana-Lucinda declared to me if I were not comfortable in this bathroom then I should use one at the gym; the problem with this is that I have already been nearly gunned down by staff and men in the women’s restroom at that gym; and so in such unless extensive emergency; I’m not allowing myself at the gym for bathroom use. I’ve attempted to file a further complaint; but the person who works behind the desk at that gym; is incapable of discovering how to initiate a complaint form upon umpteenth requests of mine; perhaps he thinks I’m not significant in society; and he’s the determining of who has right to file complaints in our free country.  It’s simply too dangerous to use such this type of gym-like bathrooms unless in extensive emergency; with such an incompetent local police & authority force there is seemingly no external avail in times of such unjust danger. And so then; this having been witnessed mainstream local knowledge what is the librarian confessing to aiding in terms of serious violent crime.


Goura F.


tag[s]: p and r crimes committed to you all ?


As assignment: even in experiences of severe disenfranchisement what are or could be basic cohesive rights for all beings in free worlds; or as earned by free worlds.



Evidence of last night’s rest spot stalking with local police vehicle and such accompaniment; what? You can’t park where it’s legal? and we get charged ? with your violation[..s].

theme: [identity reform: which you is you]

theme music citation: colemen hell 2 heads





The Spirit Technology

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The Spirit Technology

[c/o: in this form, too: The Spirit Technology ]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 91317

date worked on: 8.26.17

tag[s]: alcohol theme-ology, analysis of children’s fiction, spiritual theology

source, text citation: Meet Kirsten (American Girl: Kirsten, 1854) [Janet Shaw, Renée Graef]

“As Kirsten climbed down the ladder into the hold, her spirits sank.”

Kirsten is effectively alcohol cooking and is going to be consumed in a location further away

[very cited: Neopold [what is,] ]

from the cooking stages,

Draw the bottle:

“Meet Kirsten”

guess the C [as in geographical location]

the process

was completed in.

as described in this fiction piece.

if one didn’t know a-thing

about alcohol: its [i] cook-making

process maybe [5th grade aptitude:]


-externally situated large

water; such as a


music citation: no doubt bathwater

-what about a river

-it’s allowed to breathe?

[i.e. whatever application

this could mean]

but must be under

rest in a “cramped”

space preferably be[heath] beneath

the-a ground-floor like


In fiction applications:

if you spent time beneath the

ground; and came up to

breathe; but for example

rested under the-ground

floor near some external

water; on near enough

to: would you

be turning alcohol;

and when witnessed such

would you be charged as

a non-reformed non-cohesive


by “authorities”


of true-








Report: How you know, for sure.

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How do you know some-body is in some-thing:

Identity and system; [see this posting here; in this form, too: How do you know some]

Identity of/ in / from system: how do you know

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: combat logistics and health frameworks, identity retrieval and identity formations , reality art, non-fiction lessons through fiction implements, counseling, trauma progression

by Goura Fotadar

Date: 91117


Report: How you know, for sure.

A. “Within” Theological Constraints; it’s unbelievable.

There is no way this identity: b.j. y was in the system: insert sick.

Why; too many past experiences of limits not un-bounded while of/in/from the system: insert sick make the identity: b.j. y of / in / from insert sick; both non-miraculously and miraculously un-believable.

B. It must come with a policy.




Attempts at victimization, bordering on severe abuse? : referring to what was recently believable index and for some un-ascertained reason no longer is. External not b.j. y actual experience: I really like vanilla ice cream; I’ve been eating four scoops of vanilla ice cream per day for the last twenty years: now no matter where I look I can’t access vanilla ice cream; when I ask the stores’ clerks; they say the world is short on vanilla.

[B.J. y:

He loves vanilla ice cream; and he now has a better version of vanilla ice cream; than / then he did last year; and he lost first one set of vanilla ice cream, variety while he was limits not un-bounded; but he re-gained various even better varieties of vanilla ice cream; and this re-gaining of better varieties of vanilla ice cream is still going on; or is in state: on-going; without likely any end as he identifies it. ]

New policy: referring over and over again to b.j. y [and all correct applications of identity] consumption of vanilla ice cream to a population of those that love and used to eat and loved to eat vanilla ice cream; but can no longer access it despite exerting effort; should be labelled an act of terrorism; at the level of domestic-national at least.

C. Replacement Methodology. [Start here; it’s pretty advanced for the third stage]

Trigger mentions: [sort of like fiction but expansive enough for non-fiction] : repeat non-necessary mentions of insert sick’s weakest [or like weakest] functional element ; if it’s vanilla in vanilla ice cream; or rather temperature control …

[B.J. Y:

Vanilla temperature control; so I went to the bank yesterday and vanilla temperature control; so I walked here today and vanilla temperature control; so I wore my favorite blue shirt and vanilla temperature control; and then I walked around the room to gain peace and vanilla temperature control … ]

It’s time to investigate from where B.J. y is receiving and –or purchasing and-or earning vanilla ice cream.

Upon investigation if it’s found that that trigger as used ; or triggers as used in mention are causing enough [unearned] danger; then use a system of audio overexchange also known as advanced voice-over; have a recording of the conversation et al; and replace the [unearned] danger trigger mentions with something else[s…s]; that you either guess will or know for sure will undo the [unearned] danger trigger mentions …

To create reality change: i.e. here called effective justice; i.e. form of combat logistics [in art].


A Compiler, Crying Crow Dames The [Street] Homeless Like List.

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see the complete posting in this form:

see most of the posting anyhow complete enough below, ACompiler


A Compiler, Crying Crow Dames The [Street] Homeless Like List.

[Rough Draft: A brief pictograph of what used to mean the drunk, smoking life? Was it-that before war was integrated into other-war life. ]




tag[s]: unrecognized war cultures outside of war conflicts; cultural comprehension; editing diagrams



B-buts and Sponsored Donations, on Availability


drink and sigs; brief list.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date: 9817

Art of Computer Science also called Library Science: it’s called a one-type compiler, why:

[the processing of information to understood-enough labels; a re-modification of non-useful prejudice]

the copyright or copyright like titles-names are italicized to homage the copyrights. Even when the word or word-like citation is not included in text form: citation, cited. I.e. the italics are enough for this posting section or posting to signify the altruism and authenticity of depicting in recognition another’s invention and-or ownership.

To use popular cultural conceptions or not; so cultural conceptions of music as a type: of therapy; you might want to include a research article or two; to validate this point.

The use of spelling in identity form; and or invention form recognition. And-or. If even the invented, invention has the form title and that is slightly misspelled; well, then upon recognition the identity yes is formed? [cited: question, of the day.][theme: excuse me typos where typos are also inclusive of spelling errors and or enough like spelling errors in the way just defined.]

  1. Therapy variant, title: (citation : ) Ava adore; smashing pumpkins [sig: maverick][drink: vodka]


  1. Therapy variant, title: (citation : ) No good; Depeche mode; [drink: soda][drink: any? Soda,s]
  2. Therapy variant, title: (citation : ) king kunta; Kendrick lamar [drink: sapporo]


  1. Therapy variant, title: (citation😉 horses song, silence of the lambs [sig: marble][drink: any? vodka]
  2. Therapy variant, title: (citation : ) go deep janet Jackson. [sig: dunhill et al][drink: water]
  3. Therapy variant, title: (citation : ) Queen, perfume genius [sig: winston][drink: pink drink][or drink: “cheap” pink drink or]