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Notes connected to “purplement” again.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 11.22.17

[and also in this form: Perhaps]


on: 11.21.17

What’s the similarity

Between a wrist and

Entry; and company

and tea

[theme = age-olds]

theme video citation: on cited: youtube, from cited: The Dark Night, 2008, current accessible link:

as of today’s first above date, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E679XJellLs


Wrist  , entry

Similar, how?

Commonly: the wrist

Is the entry to the


And-or hand


As a]



An entry shouldn’t

Take wrist

To get in;

Because then it

Doesn’t quite,

Work [entry, as



Then; more


Worn on a wrist is

The entry or opposite

To the wrister …


Such as in:

I believe but am

Not sure

In recollection

“The Fountainhead”

By Ayn Rand; [but it could have been another cited: Ayn Rand manifesto]


An entry

Is usually

In connectedness

Clearly depicted

A wrist is fragmented

Into shape

Similarly to

An entry


So the two have in

Common this, perhaps




More basic: how, so?

Perhaps you blow

Up a wrist

Or shrink

An entry;

And so it is.


What about

‘company’ and ‘tea’


Well, you notice tea

esp. in tea bag form

Is often packaged like

Other products such;

As a company.


And in consumer production


Acquirement or something

: perhaps everything


That is packaged similarly

[shapes] is similar

To learn; even If you didn’t think





It perhaps might

Just be to work like

(of / a …. etc.)

‘’company’’ you

Need tea or its



tea goes along

with things that teach

You how to cook, cook it,

And goes along for

Tea means … similar

Where similar

Is belong, -ing


Com[y], pan : tea; y sub for e,

and you can cook tea

in a …











Friday from “The Four Interviews”

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[and also in this form: Friday from]

Info: obviously, in reverse or whatever order in the organized disorganization of notes stored in plastic bags and hauled around on back or something like while homeless in this phase, past but only now posted of TFI

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 112017


tag[s]: mental health experiences of the non-mentally ill and shamanism translated by else, and working as a counselor was it really, worth it to you not me; either way, counseling hints of tactic and not tack?


What hasn’t since been rained on without work / and / storage in about the last year

Date: 10.14.16?

From page-s: 1-A, 1-B

Friday by goura fotadar [edit: and again and again]

_ I’ve almost fallen “behind” schedule. That would be the shock of all things. Not yet brushed my teeth, or taken a shower; well, since last night. And there are not just were ladders swinging around like a fire drill that never happened. Welcome to inpatient! I’m not sure they “believe” that  I’m sane; and should care. To be frank; no the person named frank; this is actually in my interpretation of a trauma recovery unit. I am above severely traumatized; and the trauma is feeling; a like; it is; healing. Come here, girl; trauma,

_My bedroom is like a universe! & this place is like a galaxy. As far as I can recall, I’ve only been hospitalized once; for something like a severe stomach-ache. This is 2nd. There are also patches opening in the wood walls; and it feels like a usual intelligence game; that heals trauma. Soon, I have talk to my current nurse about the sequence of this recent trauma; and I’m just not in the mood; I uhm have not been burned. Where would I file this? in a mini excerpt addition to an un-planned portion of “TFI” but a plan is a plan. Can’t you just imagine “someone” saying; I have no idea what you mean.

_Yesterday I was thinking of commercials and music, and speeding wheelchairs; which would you pick in with which accompanying for the cliché scene: ad? The Hospital A Way To Freedom?

_It hasn’t quite been twenty minutes; but certainly “this” hospital situation, and perhaps not others? is a cure to what: become chronic homelessness. How purgatory. To observe the view closer, that you can’t get to one way; it’s very New York or NE. The plants are too static; the welts don’t exist; and the pavement not the grass is littered with leaves; who will the ever be picked up; for other “messes” need to be cleaned more urgently.


This is so Boring? So why are you here? But without a comb even a fallen conjug. group of leaves. can hardly ever be messy

theme (movie) citation: Can’t hardly wait circa 199?

I mean in tithe alone. I’m done for now.



A “sucker” like a sucker punch & to trust an old lady? [think apples, again?]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[also available in this form: A]

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 111917

tag[s]: “The Four Interviews” & reports



What’s left of “The Four Interviews”

10.18.16 more from “The Four Interviews” I’m now [? Not yet, moving on! from “The Four Interviews”]

At a shelter in San Jose in my native meaning not birth state;

But longest state that I’ve lived in; including, but not limited to

Going to college here: My “stuff” work-related is still at ?

House; and I just (one) it’s a joke but seriously; though I won my hearing; I’m on my period, but the hospital gave me four pads; and I’m wearing them in two-s back-to-back [edit: something I was taught as a child during my heavy cycle when I hadn’t yet added in; also a tampon; yes a tampon + pad; for most security from dropping blood, spilling at others’ gawks; makes you think of other, the term of, accurately]

fortunately, the woman next to me gave me some candy citing tootsie roll; [and not only me] a “sucker” like a sucker punch.

I have to write it’s another loss my, for; the top bunts-bunks how we all got here is through a trap-door, joking; well I got here through a hospital paid cab.

The Supervisor of the Supervisor & the advocate decided that I definitely do not have mental illness; and dropped the hospital’s charge [along with my kidnapping relatives’ charges i.e. not my biological relatives and also the charges from the imposters of my brother’s identity].

Concentrating theme: uh, you? Can get away with anything to me, if you pretend that you are my brother, when he’s uh … D-d ; I mean, who is going to say anything to you, imposter[s] of love

theme: connected to l-e, d-d, is l-g d-d

themes music citation: I believe in a thing called love, the darkness

I’m not sure though that the hospital wants to let go; and kind of doesn’t have a choice; at least I was able to speak my voice; about PTSD and those that experience it with or without mental illness; and how a psych ward with all of its happenings: the violent: oh violet screams, is an ideal place for additional ptsd recovery , with or without mental illness. I’m also most enlightened; as a sort of pun, (but it’s the theme, here.) [edit as of 111917: at that date, almost id and not i.d.? punt-pun: 101816]

Now it’s time to sketch more.


Part Two. Outside of “The Four Interviews”  This [is]How that’s not Going to Happen also known as, How to Trust an Old Lady.

I have seen this lady; and she’s dressed in an elegant cord; she’s very tall; and she’s very very old; she looks white; I mean ethnically. I have seen her before; and today I saw her searching for something that wasn’t hers. I’m not sure how she would have known it was there. You know like when you eat a sandwich; and just as you finish the last crumb; somebody approaches, you and you are outdoors; and asks you if you have stolen something or have committed a crime; and you either haven’t in a way that’s relevant, don’t, or don’t anymore; so what they’re asking for is your sandwich; and if you give them long enough to speak, they’ll non-prove to you that they deserved it also known as or didn’t [how to distribute charity, and who is that?]; and that you are a bad, bad wrong person for eating it. It was just this type of case with this old lady; and I had just seen another old but not that type of old lady. I had just seen an old lady who you could trust, right before this old lady. The first was protected from identity theft, so don’t worry. How do I know.

Of course, this time it wasn’t me finishing up the sandwich, and this time the cops [but: wait, it’s the “cops” not the cops or it’s the copies and not the cops] weren’t called on me, or on the [not and metaphorical] sandwich eater of the above conditions;  and this is how that is not going to happen. On Trust[s].

theme: eating sandwiches that are yours, in your right

theme music citation: When You were Young, The Killers

Free Phones, Here. [Part Two.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 111817


tag[s]: fiction manifestations, criminology and sequences

[and also in this form: Except in extended]


Except in extended

Extenuated crimes

Like for example, a

Collectible [able?]

; the item (modern use) might

Have gone further back.

The cellphone

Then as on this basic

Synopsis: can be percent

Evaluated on protected

Wealth, belonging.

This of course

is now criminology and

finance; if even briefly.

The modern

Cell-phone circa

Now [2017]: can

Be stolen [and

It aids to consider what

Forms of items can

Not be stolen; i.e.

What cannot be

Stolen; if such a

Is]; can be

Provided for free

With usually only

Slight or bare limitations

As I think compared to

A not-free phone.

Matches in variable

Model [most seasons]

Other non-free phones,

And is reasonably


Granted? The

Victim wasn’t likely

On a free-phone judging from

The description of

Her robbing circum-stance. But what

If? She staged

Just in hypotheticals

The robbery,

To have access

To services

Such as free-phones

Which I think have

Regular income restrictions; due to her gaining something like a referenced police report.

The crime though

Notated as happening

Locally; avoiding the

Cognition that free

Phones are available

Nationwide; almost

Jurisdicts itself to

Being an outta

Nation crime. Likely

And obviously, connected

To a part of the outer

World with reference

To the perpetrated within

Nation; that perhaps either

Doesn’t have

Widespread access

To free phone distribution;

And-or doesn’t support-action in such idealism.

The next ideal segue;

Is the constriction synopsis

Of the crime circumstance.

From source article:

“She said she had been sitting in her parked car with the engine running while looking at her cellphone.”

I bet there’s not only one notice of

The facto that not

Several but many, many

People in the area have

Been just as described

In this crime circumstance

Parked in running cars,

On busses.

And-or refusing to

Move in barricading

Sections of the street

“while looking at”

Their “cellphone” s.

Normally, folks do

Need to look at their

Cellphones from time-to-time, ah regularly,

Too. But “parked”

Either in body or of

Autobody to “look at her cellphone”

Believe it or not;

Is suspicious behavior.

Especially when it’s

Not an urgent look break;

Or some time to catch

Up in an interaction; but

Just what’s turned into is

It? habit of peeking at

Phone while leaving your

“car … running”

Seems perturbing

Longstanding, even mechanically;

Unless you’re on a long-trip

Without the covers inside vehicle

And need rest only affordable

Inside it; then perhaps “the engine running”

Might provide additional

Temperature assistance,

As needed. But as a

“cellphone” on-going habitual

experience; it seems

almost criminal

Thus bud, one

can’t help but wonder if

It wasn’t her first still

Perpetuating non-reform

Crime; and the story is

Not so clear about whether

[oh weather!] she were harmed

with the weapon. And that only

The perpetrator could not be

Identified by her; and also

That this were the only incident

Of its kind in P.A.

On a personal note;

One of the areas bus drivers

Was describing how dangerous

He believed P.A. and the

SF Bay Area to be; and

Even with the more violent

Conundrums; I’d learned

On a research related

Type position of the

Crime-like nature or something

This had in the recent past

Become the most safe area,

Like ever. I believe here

Era also; I mean area also covers progress, functioning resources, the etc.

In three more

Investigative briefings;

Might you be surprised

If she the suggested

Victim were charged

With …


[a certain format, crime]

tag: I, cr, me

As in I am all

Seas, even sees;

And now I know me.



In the scenario, that

As described; the next day

And article no longer nearby,

Typing up and posting the first

Set of this review; got me to

Thinking about the scenario

Of diamond bracelet;

Let’s say you are

Not the good kind o[f] criminal;

You are the wrong type of

Criminal; criminal, non-reforming

Y; the type of criminal that

Never plans to reform.

Criminal, non-reforming y;

Sees a “car” “running” as

Described in the quoted source.

And a person using a “cellphone”

The first rough cue in this circumstance

“car” “running”

Implies to the

Non-reformed criminal

Y: moving, the

Car can be driven

To somewhere … > anywhere?

[consider finding out

If a locatable;


[uh, where]


Non re. y might be planning

To head to how

Many different: x, s

[x1, x2, x3, …]

[it just might be easier

To see in the

Basic variable,


The “cellphone” use may

Not even have perceivable

Effect on y’s attempt at in

This case, circumstance lineage.

In any case, without

Y even; the “running” vehicle is

Going to move again.

If you wanted; this is

Now another you; or a

Different identity you, also

Responding to the term, word: you.

You, not, you n.r.y.;

So you, another; have

Already gone through the actions

Of “running” your vehicle “while”

Viewably? Using your “cellphone” in vehicle as described

It’s in the action

Connecting to its next location

Move; n.r.y. wants to use

This to n.r.y.’s non-reforming

Criminal advantage.

Upon noticing danger

Connected to this; you might

Or you-another might be

Considering turning off the

“engine” now the action of

Moving the vehicle’s trajection

In steps to its next location

Is halted if even temporarily.

What n.r. y might do

Is complete n.r. y’s sequence of projected n.r. crime steps now, hoping

Perhaps to grab, the

Key? From you-another. [maybe sooner than initial].

We’ve now partially moved

Away from the report of the crime

In the news; to a few of

What ifs. The Basic:

In basics: the capacity

Of a moving vehicle, demonstrated

To a non-reforming

Criminal: might [again?]

Imply access to vehicle under

especially such demonstrated


             Now, a fiction like exorcism on; as a sort of connected fiction like, fiction aside:

Consider this; the vehicle is a metaphysical imaginary being; at every incident of turn “running”

It expects to move to

Its next locative destination:

Unless you are a mechanic

And can let it know when

The outset of turn on will

Not reflectively term soon

Enough result in transportation

To the next geographical

Location; the vehicle will

Continue to expect to move

Perhaps sensing in stimuli

From key turning the need

To move; this I then believe ->

Hello, Welcome to

The machine Sage Servicer

Is one of the at least

Recent past definitions of

Stress; is it for biological

beings. Perhaps in the

wild of transportation

imagination, and applied

real meaning imagination;

the vehicle albeit your

Machine Sage Servicer would

Rather such not experience

Biological-like stress; that

It enters into cue for potential

Robbery. This begs us that

Don’t know to question:

How do enter almost

Like new cues.




Free Phones, Here. [Part One.]

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[and also in this form: Free Phones]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 111717


Date: 11.14.17

   Criminology Review

; from the:

cited: Daily Post

[perhaps brief]

The story titled : “Gunman … robs in her car downtown” on/from 11.13.17


At brief read:

it was unclear to me

if anything were actually



at a 2nd beginning read:

I discovered from the

story; that at least a

“cellphone” had been

robbed. Beginning

here refers to location

of text, …

In any case,

the odd connotation is

a “cellphone” being

robbed: is a tad bizarre

given the time: as in

year; and location.


The Presumable why?

free phones

are provided

as a sign-up, service:

on specific days,

of the year in the

Area; and have

Almost most advanced

Cell capabilities, for

Free.  Stealing a

Phone, at gun-point, then

Seems criminally absurd;

For even a common

Regular thief.


This of course out-dates

the crime; to when

cell-phones could be

valued to something

Like an easily

sell-able diamond

bracelet; and in

The current notion of

culture; this might

have only been

starting out around

the 2000s or so




[(then) while in the severity of pain of men-ses][part one or something]

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[(then) while in the severity of pain of men-ses][part one or something]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

(also in this form: While in the severity of pain of men)

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 111617


Source, citation: Lotus Magazine, Issue No. 2, 2017, pg. 8, The Iguasu In My Mind



“iguasu” – the hint in

the title reveals itself

as the most coherent

term in the poem; where

that coherent means:

the thing, idea of primary


on relative to posting word

analysis: igua su

ig u as u

gi u as u

u gi as u; at first it

sound so/or rather looked

so unfamiliar that it

was unclear if could

be analyzed clearly in this [analyzed here means diagram-ed] [or is it two m, m (s)]

language: and unless it’s

referring to a, the g.i. (tract)

it’s referring to a, the g.i. (track)

notions of alternative

entries forget that there

are or might still; be

functional paths or what

are called tracks; and

if “she” “her” is

the 2nd significance

in the poem: the “she”

g.i. conundrum; as a revisit

in culture: can it happen

as a “she” “her” track.




Aside, in this Case: platter

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Aside, in this

Case: platter

[also in this form: aside]

by Goura Fotadar


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Date typed up: 11/15/17

Connected Source, Citation: Lotus Magazine, Issue No. 2, 2017, “The Tortilla Curtain”


tag[s]: group sanctions, aside for poetry analysis and such et al, nuanced transportation rights i.e. civil transportation


As an aside an almost such as the: library

“Billboard … “

COMMUNITY is almost a comprehension


O MC [from latter] cited: muni?

(and variance meanings of

‘muni’) cable









com per hen is on ->

and what is

com, o, mc

o, mc? and in

reference to hen as a mc


2nd split

The first part matches above [I think]

Series [as in before the,]




you have to give up

your speak albeit

temporarily (o, mc) to

escape the regulare

schedule of cited: muni

to cable; in order to enjoy,

benefit from the library;

where “The Billboard-“

is hung; even if you (silently)

watch cable like types at





[after above line of: reference to hen as a mc



o mc per hen is on

[makes a lot of sense]


[comprehension makes a lot  of comprehension]


aside, platter cont.:

(watch cable like types at

) the library;

and how might you come

to the actualization

of the notion: of opposing

communicable and

where from COMMUNITY

the actual label of

“The Billboard-“ well

In the aside context of

“The Tortilla Curtain”

It is of a more sense.

To avoid disease in

a group hopefully not at

the mark yet of community

in size you might

want to consider

what seems to sanction

Itself in community-

Like size i.e. what

might be communicable

Esp. in the context of

This poetry with food-like

Ability? Or rather

Vulnerability for/of

Contagion; and of

Course apply the

Opposite. [as has

Been done thus

Applied, in the




pgs. 6-7

On second-overall

Reading, or is it third:

The differences

in “Curtains” are

Also perhaps differences

Of; variations of

Cultural identities in

“American” heritage; i.e.,

perhaps obviously.

Then if only “the

hungry animals” and

“the poets” survive to

the surviving “American”


We see a-new

past [in the anew,

Studied look at the

Stanzas] what

Might be a description

Of the cited: Great

Wall, the

Continuation of scenery

from one-looking vortex

To the other; and we

Might now be at

American landscape;

At the time of birth;

Before you might achieve?

Your own “passport-“

and where in

this country, then; and

Really then as in next

might you most

likely or rather in

Context of time, see:

“The Tortilla Curtain”

Perhaps the

Hint is: a cultural,

Now locative type

Notion this line

And its subjunct:

“From white bread

and Hope”

and is the

famous location

in Arkansas

or Oklahoma;

worth looking up.