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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Dates typed up: 81018, 81118



tag[s]: analysis, how-to writing regurgitating useful narrative voice[s] at least in attempt, and hypotheticals, models, referencing publications [self, outside, et al]


Part one

Source, cited: form of the/from the mailer list of e—c as generally looked at


This sounds like serious combat; how so?

[theme: yeah as in yay! [,] I finally had a moment on the public computer time limits to actually read more of my emails; otherwise that bitch looks over my back and attempts to plagiarize, saying “you call that work” uh hello, I receive like important emails, like uh yeah. She’s such a bitch and pays like no consequence in this thieving “society” but not society.] theme muci-c[s] citation: steve winwood higher love

Key cue term; as in intellectual patrol; imagine the roads are actually the sentence structures in parameter type line: which may or not be an entire or more-so than sentence combined but fulfills the meter of sentence in sight structure of this version of patrol,

Cue: “litigation”                     Dialectal Tone

,   repeating

Cue: “choking”                        Dialectal Tone

,  [non-exact repeating ]


Interruption in comprehension system, Main Importance (Line):  (directly quoted) “ … Such alleged conduct violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrim­ination, including sexual harassment, and retaliation for reporting a claim against discrimination.”

Cue[s]: [intrinsic to society philosophy, gender] “male” Dialectal Tone ,

Non-exact term, i.e. non-exact match, repeating

Elongated Comprehension Cue: A no way out, i.e. “some female employees felt they had no choice but to resign” , Dialectal Tone, More exact term-phrase, i.e. non-exact match, repeating

[A side: Non-hidden hint, the comprehension of no way out is a serious combat cue; and this is a swapping stage response method]

[Review: combat types of response: examples include: regular intellectual combat, regular action combat, [and the swing] irregular intellectual combat, irregular action combat]

[call-out drills; i.e. just because this has to do with a version of genderism and-or sexism; it doesn’t mean that just because you are the same [in label terms] gender of the perpetrators that you are the same type of a*hole; so don’t down judge yourself just when you have to perform]

Part two.

cited: p.76 [main source, cited see at the bottom of this portion of posting]

From the view it’s almost un-possible to compre’ what it actual is;

citing rum’s theory [comprehension of]



She? Is a pretty blonde but I would say she was traumatized as a youth; since as opposed to assignment she’s intentionally picked pig-tails; what an odd term; and in any way we still reference those as of childhood. Then we might consid[i]er, those of us that can’t already; how would we come to influence assignment; and at least I have already given you the answer [or an answer]


Of course in definition telling you what they are; fulfills comprehension usually especially if it actually is at least also that. [at & that]

The easiest way right now for me to compre’ what they are:

Is to apply comparative view a lot of buildings in aisles or-and aisles-like which is/are the view[s] of stores; especially of items in grocery store types

Then the most obvious proof

Theme: god, I’m brilliant or god: I’m brilliant

Theme music citation: Mad World, Gary Jules


Would if an even a food-stamp card and-or cash, wealth form, whatever et al of this accord be able to purchase what number of affordable stay in/at some place: space even if the government can afford it for you or something of such sort.  In the case of food stamps: as long as they reliably last and provide that nourishment

Then on reliability verification in faction a receiver which here means most all would at minimal receive like 12-20 days [approximate lasting period per month of food stamps upon my assertion and-or upon … testing]: hotel like stay; and for the other gaps [on homeless experience from this vantage point, assessment]

There is/ r: soup kitchens and-or soup kitchen-likes

+ food pantry that are reliably and stable-ly provided

Begging for food in general is much less reliable: so you based from the vantage point of experiencing the actual problem: have at least a 3-way split assignment to where your body is placed day + night and what portion of this space if/you use.

So [sum of:] people are on purpose illegally in the know of this, such housing placement [not all people such qualified in any category] and on-purpose keeping such from being translated. [holding society back.]

Getting it after [viewed in reverse, backward order]

cited p. 75 i.e. of main s.c. in this p. of p. [see right below]

Main Source, citation [for this part of posting]: Above San Francisco, Robert Cameron & Herb Caen

Part Three. Correcting the issue with Veteran and other such impersonation


-helpful if entering and-or re-entering from higher militia [but apply your version as you see fit]

-switch into example publicly witnessed version of uniform based on entropy statistic

-participate in deployment but from the vantage point of your entry front in this case higher and-or advanced militia with an approximation view of what is being impersonated however don’t complete all necessary deployment activity yet in such a method as to control unjust danger i.e. at minimum [is fine here] relatively


and coherent – (ize)


(as in, I, I, I, I, )

(who, what are I, … i)

The effective translation of fraudulent impersonators


Detergents and Cleaners

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 81018

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tag[s]: hypotheses on cleaning avenues and functions, … supplements to-or almost additional summary analyses, combat tactics pertained and re-applied also known as integrated, is this sci fi, counseling applications & cited: gr. School training



So in response to this we would either want to review and-or [even supplementary] discover how is “pain” “chronic” diagnosed. If all else fails while in attempt to functioning medical access [if this is or was your case] there is always the handy-dandy of criminology; and

in just your luck: I am a criminologist [not just average performing, either]. It might also be of use avenue to offer any such insights to actual and performing real doctors.  Here’s the article to read more full coordinated with this send in.


Source, cited: [through the mailer list access, too]

[as accessed on 8918, 81018]


Te, beginning; provides intel on how “chronic pain” is diagnosed

The obvious; then; is how to turn “chronic pain” into a functional [ore; more-se experience]

[as a note: avoid e-te typos; and they are of purpose; cleaning]

Using the cheat notes of the beginning summary: …, we have the now of how [as in fashion of utlise’] “chronic pain” is diagnosed

Review note as coinciding with gr. School:

“Chronic Pain” shows comorbidity with
“other health problems” for its experiencers, …


U-ing the diagnoses of c.p. an obvious and even accessible entropy: combat technique is doing those “activities” with easier adaptations; then the insertion of actual medicine would be

The entropy machine connected to the use of those adaptations something like in a control [at least obe/one pill] and then the entropy machine connected to the body [after or something like after] doing the adapted version of those activities [or some segment or sequential additional segment of those activities]

Theme: devices a la entropy machines that spigot out pills [that work!]

Theme music citation: Italo Robo, Summer Visions

Integrating Insights, Medical Counseling Intervention[s]: In assessing potential for drug recovery; first discover if [something like an allegiance to actualized portrayal oath uh what the hell does this mean] the thing that they take [in illicit variety] [doses, substances, et al] actually does have that effect-affect

The usual does it feel good

Do/does they/it work otherwise


Osmosis: Another consciousness transposition

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 8618

tag[s]: art analysis, blah, rehearsal for what?, uh is this fiction or this is fiction, computer as a stage stuff, counseling tactics

[also in this form: fvppostingon8618]

Source, citation: BRIDE’S GUIDE to Wedding Music Volume II

The damp clothes squeezed out; and the trespassing danger of those that perpetrate on you in the past; a past life you can’t quite recall; is that the case; or isn’t it the case; then of course you can’t actually avoid or can you looking at the cover now up on the front of the computer to the side of the screen; or rather called also a side-screen.

In the end or at this place; a bookmark becomes; the recognition of this is regular classical isn’t it. Oh wit.

Then you tap in and it seems to disappear a bit at the same speed; and all of a sudden comes back but quieter; every speaker on this library’s systems broken by a menacing group who don’t believe in the use of recovering from violent abuse by listening and actually being able to hear music.

Lucky we are; to be able to see it this is the end of cited: 1.


cited: 2

At the moment I recognize listening to the next; I push in the earbuds and only then can I hear on yes, this broken speaker I should really say headphone contact with computer; that the greenery is growing like uh my fiction at least; matching the cover.


After the details and cited: headers; it zoning on it again; almost seems to die; like a plane finally actually away from its former location; onto its for now [signs of temporary] destination.

cited: 3

Don’t forget to listen to this one; and even if you have to zone out the rest of the uh surroundings. I don’t know what they would say but by a step into what seems the middle; yes, you are literally in church; how is this literal.

At cited: 4

You are now in the conception even in the beginning of this one; of the literal way.

Uh, what is that; with this as your tool, using:

The typing of kids on the keyboards is way too loud as compared to most computers’ hear internal speakers or what’s that connecting headphones; do you think they are crying for help. Perhaps the “police officers” are and will be able to help them. This of course isn’t the kids area; but the “librarians” don’t care how cumbersome it is to have to babysit other people’s children; when instead …

One stage of the literal way.

At cited: 5

It’s going to happen. Oh my! She’s going to get married. And you weren’t sure. Is this a sign of culture; or rather acculturation. Outside thoughts: why does it have to be she; well that’s what the cover of the art says.  We’ll see maybe the food will be good. And what is good food.


[and that’s as far as I want to go, for now here]


Vocab lesson, reminders to re-call when? [what grade’s application]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 080518


tag[s: reading analysis on specific word[s], and criminology, and cited: creative thought, laws concerning ridicule-ing jesuits in cultural, and investigations and investigation research

[and also in this form: fvppostingon8518]



cited: p.57

Not sure of what “fichu” means but here in context it seems to refer to appearance of “pigeon.” Correlating this just on basic recollections of is it this cue: racism[e] …

“pigeon” English.

On an

Intercultural application perhaps the derivation of English is our:

Those that are non actual animal to interaction with actual animal being the method to comprehension of such interactions.

The avenue context of course is fashion where the start of this this paragraph though describing; in the start fashion form of a different time; to a certain point is related also to recollected cultural demonstration of fashion; … I’m not sure but of the ‘60s.

Source, citation: Costume Design and Making, A Practical Handbook (by) Mary Fernald & E. Shenton

Achoo! [cited: archie, [?] cartoon theme]

on cited: pgs. 62-63

The imagery: seen art seems to imply

[theme: seams]

What has been seen as obvious that [in at least recent] more modern te/imes

—-an after-thought

[m,] ode, rn (so a rn is an ode to perhaps the obvious m …)

Is that dress has to do

with warrior skill.

& what do you suppose the “introductory note.—“ is teaching [us] about how to come into/follow actual warrior skill. [Hints on combat Intellectualisms: a definition of scope] cited theme product: scope

At close-like examination [think, as review? Taking a test] At least one hat “pigeon” s into such as an elephant’s trunk; setting scape of a montage


Next part:

N.M. homicide investigation write-up notes;  almost bizarre notes

tag[s]: also in cited: marshal, notes

is at some point living with a bunch of ppl; and this is not the bizarre part; she begins to date one of them and is still qualified as transgender …

is at this point a male becoming female; is at this point sure that she is not in the United States; and wants to move [there]. The person she is dating wants her to dye her hair blonde [away] from her usual darker hair color … and this is a bit strange, because he recommends the same color as his own hair; so not the good version of strange. Sort of like identity theft, and less like friendliness …  [in this specific context]

After the hair dye job … he starts to call himself the new same name as N.M. and they live in a communal environment; now …, so there are something like two of them … before this is exactly “normal” outside of family relationships; soon N.M.’s new dating partner asks to borrow her clothes, and calls himself her dad. He then tells her he doesn’t approve of gay dating in Dutch culture despite dating N.M.; and recently starting a sexual phase of their relationship; soon after he starts cheating on her with a man who is not going through the transgender process, and tells her he’s going to keep cheating on her. N.M. can’t stop crying in public and in the communal living environment and she is ridiculed for this by the other people around; soon the man her dating partner proposes cheating with: her on; starts mocking N.M.’s transgenderism; and demonstrating ridiculing of cross-dressing through stealing N.M.’s new: trans clothes: … and depicting them gross-ly. No-one defends N.M.’s transgenderism in this LGBTIQ living situation; and the cheated with escalates his behavior by stating he’s going to kill N.M. for her identity; and carries around a musical instrument

Which has a specific & particular significance to N.M. [what is the significance.]


Advisory note: the flashing digital image of N.M. crying; has propelled N.M.’s homiciders [unjust] through time to ask me if I’m o.k.; as if I know them personally. How odd, indeed.

cited: Stonewall riots & corresponding murders

cultural observational notes: In the integration of re-enactment & recording at this period a portion of N.M’s wardrobe looks like it belongs per her description to … a Mormon fashion & there are repeated elongated sobbing mockings following her around.


More Art Notes from Then: When [than/?]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 8218

tag[s]: finally, getting r-through that notebook; and to think, while working on another publication is being worked on around all that stuff, art unseen or not recently seen or … always almost unseen: how to comprehend make; i.e. art analysis; contemplations of fiction from uh a beggar of “society”; contemplations of “society” = “that doesn’t actually produce, but may pretense to …” versus society = that produces

[also in this form: fvppostingon8218]



More art notes for the fvp on 2.17.17 : A moment to breathe: a re-consideration of how to add an art to trash:

tag[s]: diagram art, continued; and a fashion’s notes; the art of hygiene, art observation, too; more appropriate sorry not photographed instructions:

ingredients: * a chocolate’s foil wrapper [this one’s gold]

*something like a “hygienically” used tissue

*and with some version of a scented’s flavoring

theme: a crawling spider

*a moment to breathe /> arrow to slanted to the heading

The construction of something like a flat panel tunnel from

Foil: so fold foil with a gap between the two folds of non-foil segment; ¾ of the way complete; and 1/5 of the way complete lift the folds and slightly by a tenth of the fold cuff-one in the opposite direction creating a non-hardened Asian style; central Asian incense holder overall-look; then take … it might also start to look like a kimono and-or such-like robe; then take the tissue and create a drape of the outside of the foil:

theme: oh my god,  but I can’t see it [but if even the photograph isn’t available, is that the only less-an, here]

[t.b.c./Goura, remember … what you couldn’t keep [art, self-art sentiment: enough work, and it’s kept everywhere/nowhere/anywhere … and so goes on]]

That and them, What’s that: what you notice; as opposite to nit-picking what is them

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 73118

[also in this form: forthefvpon73118]

tag[s]: stream analysis, in intel when turned? to cues, counseling interfaces and interpretations, …, family systems interfaced with other systems if even those systems incorporate familial items , and more movie uh es, … and intellectualisms about substance abuse, identity procreation, identity progression, identity definitive-s


source, citation: girlhood, growing up on the inside (by) liz garbus


Notice-ing 1: “… want to get somewhere”

Notice-ing 2: “… family circumstances” determine whether one stays in the … [or not?]

Notice-ing 3: interpreted need, needs are: effective and actualized individuals as role models to provide what might be? examples: comfort, support: as in assistance with realization of goals …

Notice-ing 4: In this specific context and perhaps especially, the education by or perhaps rather information provided by an actual criminologist to the imprisoned atta

Notice-ing 5: along with career counseling interface and/or integration: What would, [applying thinking outside of the box; and applying cue: “society” and the obvious,] be a place where society can use and-or uses the benefit of a person and or persons  that are familiar with murder either or not after they feel under attack [as described thus far in video, by one of the main characters]; as in a like a vocation involving aptitude with uh killing.



Notice-ing 6: Before interfacing the family system of each child: individual, as he/she knows it to be [interfacing] with the system of juvenile detention; have the family systems of each child: individual been assessed for inflicting [uh, unjust] abuse and if such a match is found; have they been integrated into an abuse recovery program [.] & if such a match is found …, has the child: individual been educated and-or educated: informed about such un-savvy behavior [identity].


Ibn clarifications: Coincidence? of incidences in general like dialogue cues; recovery usually means from a substance or from the incidence of perpetration by mal-use of a substance; however here in cues it also implies other forms of soliloquy abuse such as generalized attempted [unjust] violence with or without abusive inebriation of a substance; it also redefines what is abuse inebriation of a substance by the attempt of what it causes another body [outside of self-body] in interaction; the fine line being: a substance may not actually qualify as being abused despite believed and reported “health” mandates since abuse may instead be qualified first and primarily as unjust perpetration upon another [i.e. not self] while or not under the use of any such substance, …

[and left-off at such place in movie, uh]




The Back speech,

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: the stream analysis in the connecting vortex of criminology, like literary theory, career/counseling reminders, clinical counseling: some regular forms of domestic violence and some irregular forms of domestic violence, identity; undiscovered parallel contradictions to seen reality esp. unjust homicides,

Date typed up/ Date continued: 72618

Source, citation: I, Tonya

Updated brief review: usually in the regular stage of competitions is there wealth attached; from the mom’s conversation, it seems not.

Re-start/Re-Watch at approximately: 24:26

The artwork in the mom’s b ackground couch is …

If the backdrop training times are roughly accurate; shouldn’t there already be a high school equivalency for this elongated schedule of practice, alone.

Career Mis-givings aren’t what you might expect; the area, genre of career counseling of factors: Uh, correct Support; Why can’t the [updated: this i.e. future change of coach] coach help pay for uh the “presentation” meaning the “costumes”

Now parallel theory with literary theory : a coordination;  or at least help her find a way that’s supportive enough to earn the cost of “costumes”  In literary theory the connection: “costume” hides not who she is; and this earns her not what she believes she earns; in this context: “costume” è authenticity which corroborates how with the theory/theories of actualized athleticism

Also the obvious connection to current; at least, current society’s issue: is the issue of housing placement, gets her, the main character severely abused [i.e. usually or …] .

The usual cliché of culture [uh, is it like this why it is that] takes place; success followed by more abuse, … and then the claims of changing persona which is a sign of on the behalf of the usual culture of perpetration toward especially but not just which gende-; then the surprise of any consequence for abuse; surprise experienced to the perpetrator[s]

What is the meaning of abuse among support [that used to be]

Then, starts to sound like an attempting at unjust homicide with at least one accomplice; however, consider the backdrop of joking music, …


theme: then, then, & then

theme music citation: loc – “Turn Down For What” DJ Snake, Lil Jon Remix (Kingmaker)


Then in a sequence recollection: of course, the what you would hope for not is that she gets back together with one abuser; but perhaps the claim of changed has happened; viewers can hope. In any case within criminology, you would want to look for the squeeze: perhaps the main character really didn’t feel comfortable with the pressure connected to her new skating room-mate that was enough to cause the switch back to the comfort? or at least the “like” of “marriage”


& it really should be described as less [felt] pressure.


And then performance changes, and the attempted homicide comes; outside of the movie scene and reports to the public; we will never? actually know if the real person died in such an incident; and with the incidence of identity theft; somebody else or more than one imposter filled in the blanks to the general public, …


The sequence of recollection, continued: then the claimed usual lack of performance by the “authorities” putting the main character at an increased risk.

In an intrusion from actualized militia response: after the collection and catching of all and as much relevant  [enough of] evidence [by, advanced militia; but not only advanced militia] what would be the response of rescue and re-integration of non-abuse circumstance [by especially regular actualized militia] of the actual victim unjustified past [in the past] point of sequence  stabilizing unjust harm of extenuation.

[left-off, at this place][current regular crime-caught stage of my uh career][2014-present]