The biorhythms of c: stalking

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

typed up on 12319; … on 12019

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Remnants of reading

such as: finishing


diagram rough of unjust perpetrator doing (… participating in) unjust stalking; looks like a circuit;

circuits around create apparently such controlled; [i.e. from mimicking, control stalking while making it more uh visible]

theme: hello, mikey

stalking; theme: oh my.

circuits are for sure connected,

to GOD. [utility symbol]


tag[s]: electronics, & combat one-way to criminalize

based on visible assessment of somewhere u, &-or n.c. s, 6, 6 1/2, 7 … and so on

this is called the cited: new moon


remember context: identifications of actual person; since limitation only exists for persons should be … penalized, discouraged, justly persecuted … based on deployment application: encourage honored victim to not move for as long as possible (even if victim is already deceased prior-to circuit analysis entry)

for them; and-or adjust

“enforced” movement; such as on the bus, transportation modality afterward: not worrying about urgency of schedule [create control] connecting the two:


ideas of adjustment factors:

same person in previous position ———>same person in new position 0


Hello, Pilgrims: (memories of m.i.a. brothers, real)

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by goura fotadar/aka mara kudos / aka younger smith

[/* tagline[s]: cited: Maverick says, this is worse than ‘Nam, dedicated to my (younger) m.i.a. brother (this one, have more than one) the real dhruv fotadar/durgan kudos/Michael caravallo/ younger jones,  and not his many harming impersonators; with digital imaging how will she uh See the difference; why don’t you ask the “cops” and “authorities” how many false arrests they’ve attempted on blind me using his identity illicitly; clearance cited: ROBOCOP, cited: TALON, cited: Vader, cited: Fi**, can we get to cited: Eternity using injustice this way from the optimization of actual justice; and now I’m homeless? … .

I hate W.S.! why don’t you try a real arrest; I think uh cause uh you have to be a real authority to uh do so uh,

And also what’s the point of cited: Eternity; one might be the purpose of scent, smell

Beginning sequence, R you from cited: (an) Eternity ]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date typed on: 11719

[also in this form: fvppostingon11719]


tag[s]: technological marshal[sp?] updates, artistic and basic mathematical theory of computer science: technology, combat counseling, actual hygiene patrol, perfume notes, sanity and insanity use non-banal: a reel actuality, mind channels


Assessing the internet zones based on cue recognition; poses problematics; since; technology as such the internet; inventor, accrue, rs of which is, that r … is meant to travel through time …? Poses such problems with it then, there and how connected especially on cues the disposition of preference for wrong odor and not such as bad odor traditionally tolerable levels of scent b.o. also unabbreviated as body odor,

What is meant to be the mundane normality of signal of phone (one version of meaning internet) seen and-or unseen; to have access to the deeper context of internet

{internet within internet} seems to be seen in symbol at least but even deeper sight: of a fashion that many from the past but not necessarily all seem to want to deem away: one way to recognize illicit time travelers as opposed to licit time travelers

In religious theology: are you opposed to the use of the internet; points to the significance of why you don’t belong in our time; and our stuff comes with us as much as wee Knead it where you are meant to stay.

The signal phone th-en accesses another signal called regular internet (after some while; a time, and you can transpose time) why and how: they are both signals

Is it like a species thing: like if we are both species and or similar species or the same species; and or communicating with one another (translation of species)

Isn’t that then, access.

Poetry: access,

Combat verity observation: You can’t communicate with your “mother” maybe that’s a good thing;

Psychology outside of robotic pre-theory robotic: Because even if it *seems like it: she can’t access you

Robotic development it’s that easy: Change or not and develop with that change : 1) you want her to be able to access you or 2) you want her not to be able to access you  and-or 3) a change from the past of her *access to you

Song:  Bad odor! Bad odor!

Corrected Song: Bad odor isn’t wrong odor! Bad odor isn’t wrong odor! And scent isn’t odor it’s smell.

Time breakdown seen, the clearing: the internet doesn’t work in one of either two regular use functions; which time are we really in: can you see, or are you blind (in this way)

Insert: (Combat), What are the signs (cues) of seen a different time, another time that everybody can See.

End of phase: access;

(Rough hypotheticals): To correct rape, unjust [&] rape, general: model the access of the internet to other forms of access

Main Subline: Are one form of internet (symbol such as in fashion, fashioned) and the other form of internet (in same way at least of both) like real version of deities; why are these deities inaccessible when the cue: is the preference and attempted “enforcement” of such malicious malignant wrong odors

Main Combat Line: How do we try such malignants.


Cues, important possibly: (cycling segments with new spokes)

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

[also in this form: p]

on: 01219, 11319

tag[s]: stream analysis, crazy theories

source, citation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCbjuQRDGa8 (as accessed on 11219 & 11319)[left off at 13:37][left off at 21:16]

“drugs, … lots of drugs”

Implied Comprehensions

Social relevancy, how to use: signs of an attempted and-or completed rape, … translates always? (also how to catch and charge rape)

To getting a kick-out

Former apostrophe means bring other people to get the kick-out to work [time-change translation:]

What’s the benefit of doing the kick-out alone or something like alone [or at least phase starting this way]

What’s the benefit of doing the kick-out with a re-enforcing group [or this way, in a follow-up phase]

A side comprehension what actually qualifies as a re-enforcing group; and how to earn qualification to be part of a re-enforcing group; groups; or large …; groups intersected …

Ou[d] there ideas:

Is the 1st daughter the 2nd daughter at a different time [in life]; this makes things; way more worse in ideology; because then from the earlier clips the mother (1st daughter) is killed and then through some bizarre refraction accused of her own murder at an age [i.e. before]

Additional Cues:

Sighted hate crime [shown in person] [means at least one witness is an actual consented militia member creates reliability in surveillance] in crime context from sight of observation cues [which is right now, the present] … applied time translation implies lgbtiq pertinence: cue “gay” caught

The obvious question: was the primary accused/killed [the same person in this bizo ou[d ] there idea[s] section] a member of the lgbtiq community; and also are those other images of her going through a transition of becoming a him,

Other relevant cues

“college” & illicit substances

Examinations of substance-e in cues (might be to uh deploy from a cover of a substance abuse story, a cover of such a history, and examine “college” and collegiate references from this angle)

Other question[s] to consider:

What is the relevance of the “sex journal”


Interesting conceptions:

Two versions of murder: self-murder (suicide) and external (to self) murder (homicide)

[“Tylar Witt” useful clichés: Skylar needs to go to college and/or some form of education if even remedial, …

Then what does Skylar translate to:

Common(-ly) (possibilities):  Sky: religious such as Sky is (closer to?) heaven; flight, wings/pilot, extreme sports,

lar: sounds like girl, which is implied from these crime cues second gender connected in these crime cues to gender changing

… ]

How much do the two [forms of death ideation] have to do with each other: …

In sequence: actual verification of confession is what analysis of evidence

“capable” doesn’t mean likely

& the story example of the “one hit” implies a romantic relationship; the images need to be digitally studied to see if two adults are actually under the mother, daughter relationship …

“one hit” and a difference since that incident; implies normalcy in response in a romantic relationship [contained by the present time]

Inverse  (rough)


\                                                                                                      /

\                                                                                                   /                       ship

\ ———————————————————————/


Tells us what about meaning, (of) this, &


theme product citation: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com, as accessed on 11319

theme is …?

Notes for Jeu-Jeu: Identity, Experiences

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[also in this form: d1719]

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 1719

tag[s]: stream summaries of advents while attempts at plagiarism, erh? Continues

theme: I hate W.S.!

theme accompanying music citation: route 94, forget that girl


-Hygiene accessibility (issues)

-Personal body space issues … like when sleeping outside because in the recent past no rest spot has been warranted i.e. outlined many times the general public feels that on cues if people are seen sleeping outside [others seem to understand] that that’s an invitation to hang-out, party, exercise and socialize in these areas: if even … people are only sleeping at night; at times these people get aggressive and attempt to socialize excessively this demarcates the body space precariously for people who have experienced homelessness


-under hygiene accessibility [sp?] avenues spaces for practicing hygiene safely … are almost non-exista …

For militia actual consented to so far [obvious] correlate trend from past phases of deployment signifies volatile death [at least] i.e. when is body space at risk and the i.d.: actual body doesn’t have access for hygiene

-under “police” is trust; under trust is persecution though in general calling the police is usually demonstrated to be helpful; in the case of experiencing homelessness unjust persecution may include calling the “cops” on the … which may be newly defined as a breaking of trust or re-defined as nulling of trust.

Cycle of no trust

Trust or no trust



Persecution emphasized by use of “authorities”



Results in a break

Where to?  How now?


At this stage

-fostering identity …

A few words of

circumstance of entry

of homelessness (even disguised brief and-or non-brief) ; (same rules) about what has been like …


This ? has been hard to do in identity; and this[?] is helping [what]

Difficulty interphasing with rest of identity experience [as compared to homelessness]

More space cadet verifications: uh, how to … [get to the phase of] verification ; the gulf, doll

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[also in this form: fvppostingon123018]


by goura fotadar

on 123018, & on 1219

a, sort of rough draft, …

tag[s]: stream quandaries, uses of fiction, uses of dramatic arts, weirdness, stream analysis , thought analysis

theme: that guy in here stinks as usual; and that lady out there stinks as usual; there’s being homeless; and then, there’s stinking on purpose to cause illness and kill others this way; charge them with homicide!


On quick hears; are these verified [if you hear them over and again: how many times?  (to) will it create stable-ity]

Identity ramifications can be had: by participating in the obvious question; if even with the same and similar answers [how so!] It discovers the (cited : )Buddha (uh, in theme-ology; who will just tell you)


Source, citation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-EuO2I-UyU (as accessed on 123018)

2) “Prom” has something to do with “unicorn”(s)

Source, citation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L71Jr6v-Zyo&list=PL5BsRl9zFaeTeTFlKUxLpHE_nvGPUnjVU&index=2 (as accessed on 123018)

Accompanying music citation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_u97PqWX6g as accessed on 123018

The model of the “dolls” introduces the possibility of simultaneous reality; which perhaps within limitation? You can control

In an application of deux machinations [what the hell is this?] [like of two reality streams of thoughts]


The obvious thing; would be to uh be … this?

As just a hypothesis: To create this simultaneous reality as is being demonstrated and to see the initial outer limit which is the primary reality the control ability comes from and then to overcome this limit to reduce limitations un-useful (and or limitation) in the controlled to reality

Like uh, the example here might be talking with, animals un-accessible in general terms because of the “mermaid” gulf & this creates the ability also of actual necessary rescues; which apparently are also translated through structural differences; i.e., pertain-ability

{study cited: Barbie dreamhouses or something}

Simultaneous reality (outside) and (inner) is as such house/housing

Reality Overall: i.e. it seems using such drama translations and-or tools such as dolls; create[s] a division in reality overall to create the access of controlled uh is it context in reality overall (such as housing i.e. in this space)


Childhood friends re-visited; The Magic of Knowledge Builders through child-kid-fiction.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar/nikolai tesla/tara khuslaya/albert Einstein/”Robocop” /Darth Vader/Yahuwe/ah Martial Law

worked on, and approx. 07.27.17; typed up on 122818

tag[s]: stream withdrawal, actual clearances are …

[also in this form: fvpposting122818]


theme: everything you needed to know; at the age of 8; is in the cited: baby-sitters club;

art theme: the postcard is also the book, mark

page 1: “bilingual” the ability  “ …

to speak two languages really, really well.”

Definitions According to the display of the cited: Baby-sitters Club

What is “ballet”

“- … ballet is just another kind of language, except that you talk with your body instead with your mouth.”

cited: page 2; The Function of …

interesting that in “ a mental lapse”

one “can practice ballet.”

The effort of “get[ting] up early …”

to “practice … ballet.”  “can”

even in “a mental lapse”

create [thru effort?] the production of “practice my ballet.”


Part Two. Begin Agent Sharpstone: Stances [physical posturing] main-stream systems; create systems, add to systems translated stances; process [0]: comprehend stances through posturing & comprehend translations [completed at 4]

Communicates stances using translations verified; test stances through postures [combat at victim stance]; get to survival [completed at 17]; create applied translations & teach stances and posturing

Aside: breakdown: teach, t,each; to, each

Each deserving as assessed at survival [no-one else][one-luent = won-luent]

The technique? of cited: Beethoven

I’m sorry but whether you like it (or not) jewelry is art!

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

 also in this form: fvppostingon122018

by goura fotadar

dates: 121918 & 122018


tag[s]: art analysis, pronunciative thought


In the hanging rim; the turns is perhaps not all the way unlikely; but more like mostly unlikely; how do you

in thought alone take care of the not all the way unlikely, making it unlikely not (not all the way) or actually completely unlikely,

(the answer) is what the image looks as (it is, i.e. if …) ; from the distance of this sight; that spec, tiny shine

cited: https://www.brilliantearth.com/Green-on-the-Inside/, as accessed on 121918 & 122018/

Then, it’s thought through; even (if seems …) it doesn’t work, … [uh, actual meanings of turn]

it’s all the way unlikely (now based on what’s on the rim) to turn; and why might you want a hanging rim, to not turn or almost instead rather be unlikely completely to turn.

You know if you get popped in the face; like a form of unjust abuse; well what if in that specific case that movement didn’t work like that, …

you would just never get popped in the face; the shining spec would be a demonstration of unjust abuse to keep it away from you (double security, …?) it might only be seen at a scene distance,

just like the hanging rim necklace (never actually touching you, if it were completely unlikely to turn)

theme: what does it look like close-up (criminology, the practice of)