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date worked on: 030423; date typed up: 030523

for the fictional volunTier project

by goura fotadar

source, citation: [cited pg. 64, The Outsiders (by) S.E. Hinton]

(cited: replacement with star … ts)

cited pg. 64

“I looked down at my worn, faded blue jeans, my too-big shirt, and

Dally’s worn-out jacket. They’ll know we’re hoods the minute they see us, I thought.” 

<move + + + * * * …> ” … worn, faded blue jeans …” —> cited_ dark_magical_trinkets

“I looked down at my … (cited_dark_magical_trinkets)”

<move + + + * * * …> ” … my too-big shirt …” —> cited_dark_magical_orbs

“I looked down at my … (cited_dark_magical_trinkets), … (cited_dark_magical_orbs), …”

<move + + + * * * …>  ” … and Dally’s worn-out jacket … ” —> (cited_dark_magical_portals).”

“I looked down at my … (cited_dark_magical_trinkets), (cited_dark_magical_orbs), (cited_dark_magical_portals)

< move + + + * * * …> ” … we’re hoods …” —> (cited_dark_magical_mirrors)

“They’ll know … (cited_dark_magical_mirrors)”

< move + + + * * * …>  ” … the minute they see us, …” —> (cited_dark_magical_clocks)

“They’ll know … (cited_dark_magical_mirrors) (cited_dark_magical_clocks), I thought.” 

“I’ll have to stay here, ” Johnny said, rubbing his legs.”

<move + + + * * * …>  ” … to stay here, ” —-> (cited_dark_magical_stones)

“I’ll have (cited_dark_magical_stones), ” Johnny said, …”

<move + + + * * * …> “… rubbing his legs.” —> (cited_dark_magical_lotion)

“I’ll have (cited_dark_magical_stones),” Johnny said, (cited_dark_magical_lotion).”

“You go down the road and ask the first person you see where Jay Mountain is.” 

<move + + + * * * …> “… down the road …” —-> (cited_dark_magical_tires)

“You go (cited_dark_magical_tires) …”

<move + + + * * * …>” … ask the first person you see …” —> (cited_dark_magical_conversations)

< move + + + * * * …> ” … where Jay Mountain is …”  —> (cited_dark_magical_pathways)

“You go (cited_dark_magical_tires) and (cited_dark_magical_conversations) (cited_dark_magical_pathways).”

“He winced at the pain in his legs.” 

< move + + + * * * …> ” … winced at the pain …” —> (cited_dark_magical_pills)

“He (cited_dark_magical_pills)  …”

< move + + + * * * …> ” … in his legs …”  —> (cited_dark_magical_cigarettes)

“He (cited_dark_magical_pills) (cited_dark_magical_cigarettes)

<displace +++**** & …> sum_of_all_these_amalgamated_to_regular_items_converted_to_cited_dark_magical_<majestic ++++**** …>


Forests, everywhere

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 01/28/23; date worked on: 02/28/22

cited text: [Bridge to Terabithia (by) Katherine Paterson]

grade: Perhaps review from 5th

[cited pg. 2]

“Of course he was going to run. He had gotten

up early every day all summer to run. He figured if

he worked at it — and Lord, had he worked– he could be the fastest

runner in the fifth grade when school opened up. He had to be the

fastest — not one of the fastest or next to the fastest, but the fastest. The very best.”

/ \



[why.] “run”[1] “run”[2] .

“runner” [1] .

“fastest” [1] “fastest” [2] “fastest” [3] . }a

“fastest” [4] “fastest” [5] .

“worked” [1] “worked” [2] .

forests, everywhere: “of course” “early” “every day” .

“all summer” “school opened up” “very best” . }b

answers one at [why.]

order b preceding a

order b, a

(cited pgs. 6-7) [To notice a flower/flowers]

“His body was begging him to quit,

but Jess pushed it on. He had to let that puny

chest of his know who was boss.”

“his” “body” un-ordered 1

“begging” corresponding [sp?] order 2

“Jess” un-ordered 3

“pushed” un-ordered 4

“puny” “chest” un-ordered 5

forests, everywhere: un-ordered 1 half, un-ordered 3

corresponding order 2, un-ordered 4

un-ordered 5 half

un-ordered 1 half, un-ordered 5 half

forests, everywhere: “his” “Jess” .

“begging” “pushed” .

“puny” . everywhere (a)

“body” “chest” .

forests: “to quit” identifies “it on” ordered (b)

“who was” ordered

considering switching order to b, a

[cited pg. 11] using flowers as index:

“Ellie jabbed her with a spoon. Jesse saw

that look Brenda shut up her whine halfway

out of her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth. She

wasn’t as smart as Ellie, but even she knew

not to push Momma too far.”

forests, everywhere: shape: “a spoon”

such as expression: “that look”

such as, characteristics: “her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth”

such as distance: “too far”

unordered 1 ordered 2 ordered 3

everywhere: “spoon” “that” “Rose Lustre lipsticked” —

“too” ordered 4 | (a)

forests: “jabbed” such as to appearance — ordered 1 —

“whine” such as to noticing | ordered 2 | (b)

— —

so here: b, a

<displace> this_analysis_and_this/these_reading_note(s): to_create_cited_dark_magical_cited_marvel_cigs_and_cig_like_things_and_white_lemons

a potential basic representation is …

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date worked on: 080121; date typed up on: 011622

cited: “ba … sha …”

a potential basic

representation is

0 for “ba … sh …”

\ /

\ /

1 for standard level of that variant of make-up


—- 0 +

\ /

\ /


0s, and 1s

-3 -2 -1 …. 0 … +1, 2, 3, 4 …

\ /

\ /


then you want to go ahead

and incorporate a tool

such as

“eyel … co…”

or any tool

usually you might basically hypothesize

a rotation but here dependent on



\ /

\ /


so an example tool mechanism could be basic:

dependent on this foray[sp?] of


\ /



+ \ /+

— —


0 + + — —

\ / + — + — (for tool mechanisms from the side number lines here moving in either direction)

| — + — + (for a 2nd tool or 2nd tool factor at least for same tool)


1st hypothetical “ba …” “sh …”

number is


0 convergence to 1

here is defined as

++ — —

and tool mechanism dependent

on such convergence is defined

as + — + —

with two factors as — + — +

So you have (0,1) : ( + — + –, — + — +)

and before you have

(0) : ( + + — –) —> (1)

so looking at these we attempt to more fully assimilate [sp?]

starting from this

(0) : ( + + — –) —> (1)

(0 + 0+ 0– 0–) —> (1)

So then we have coordination,

(0+ 0+ 0– 0–) –> (1)

so then we have coordination,

(0+ 0+, 0– 0–) –> (1)

So now you have to infer; and likely

there are many way to infer;

so let’s see how I proceed

Obvious inference

( (0 +1) + ( 0 +1) +, (0-1) — (0-1)–)

(1+ 1+, (–1)– (–1)–)




0 > 2+

+1 1


(–1)– (–1)– sticking with addition needing another digit you switch to multiplication but forgetting the minus theory or not for this asunde



0 –> using common



(–1)– (–1)– 1

2^+ , 0 which signify “ba …” “sh …” in only the + direction

for next “ba …” hypothetical , so —>

2 + …1, 2, 3 …





So a 2nd representation

of “ba …” “sh …”

picks a hierarchy

of positive

so usually


means greater

in some

variant of

the meaning of positive.

that’s starting with a 0 hypothetical insertion but can obviously display conversions

to other hypothetical insertions.

Cards, continued.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up; 111222/ date worked on: 090422

[source, citation: Hour of The Witch [by] Chris Bohjalian]


[cited pg. 17]





“long time”









sum_of dark_magic_”Hartford” ——-> <displace> sum_of these_words

Willow cambrian, part one.

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tag[s]: cited: creative thought

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date, typed up: 07/02/22; date[s] worked on: 06/13/22 … 06/24/22

[Review] My name was cited: Willow; cited: Cambrian. It was a regular story; I didn’t get along with my folks; and the regular story; we didn’t look anything alike. A lot of cheer-writing, cheery started as a way of making fun of me. It was lots of people; especially, my folks and people in power, around. Later my name was changed; and unlike many name changers; I didn’t keep the original; it was a way of my folks communicating to me; that they didn’t like me very much.

It was right here; well in the former modern world; before it advanced to the higher modern world. My folks were always short on wealth; though we seemed to have a lot; compared to most people, around. First; they forced me to play competitive sports. When I started; I was really young; and all of the others; were much older men; who weren’t nice at all. My story started with someone like a much older uncle; that’s all I can remember. He was hit in the head one day; I don’t know how or when. (I think the time cue of this happened before we ever met.) (When I came home …) he was already gone; still sitting upright at the dining table chair. I couldn’t believe it

the only person I could call to help me; said she would take me under her wing; and the body of my uncle was resumed into a clinical setting; where it was stored in a form of burial.

description; conversion of … what w

I couldn’t understand being born to a mom and dad; since I was born to an uncle; and also there was no woman in the picture. It was the regular story where persons snickered from time-to-time about how I was “different” since I was born to an uncle; and not mom and dad. The distribution of gender. Shelley built on this by calling me nephew and having me call her auntie. I noticed that Auntie moved different than I would expect a woman to move; and it scared me.

My excessive sport life hadn’t started yet; but I was only a few years old. Shelley held me tight at night and at my uncle’s house I had my own room. Sometimes I still walked by the bigger house; and nobody was inside. Outside was a sign that said foreclosure due to death.

*At night I helped Shelley cook dinner; which was usually macaroni noodles and green almost white lettuce; lots of cheese and no meat. Sometimes we made yam. Shelley said I looked like everybody else; but I also looked different; except Shelley wasn’t sure what the different was. Shelley said for example she could imagine me as a girl instead of as a boy. (Review line)

I became fascinated with cooking. My hands and mind worked actively to change the quality of dishes we cooked. Soon the market was full of food due to my effort and understanding of preparing meals. Everyone knew and most of the stuff was affordable. Shelley used a trade system to purchase our food. She had much more to trade; bu-she kept

us on a restricted amount of food. One day; before I turned five; Shelley asked me to have a seat; it was right before dinner; the noodles were still steaming; she said laughing about something that she wasn’t really a woman and that she didn’t want to take care of me, anymore. She said that I could still eat dinner but I had to pack up and leave tomorrow before breakfast. I started crying explaining that I had nowhere to go. I think people in the neighborhood could hear. Shelley seemed scared and said not to worry since she had some people that could come get me; she said maybe we could still keep in touch. I packed up after dinner and cried. In the morning two men came in a large car and said they lived up the road in a big house. It was a very long drive for just up the road. We ended up at a house. The next day one of the men told me he was going to be a woman now; and to call him Emma or Mom.

Soon after I started playing sports; and all the others on the team were much older than me. They got paid a salary for the same work; but since I was underage I didn’t get paid. My new father and mother said it would have been better if they had my body instead of me since they would have been paid a salary for the same work since my mother was actually a man. I didn’t understand what they meant and my body was so much smaller than theirs; since I wasn’t even six yet. As I got older still a kid; and then a teenager; the other men on the team offered me illicit drugs and told me I had to wear women’s and girls clothes; since a woman had once cared for me; and my family didn’t have any money or wealth without my playing sports. Though I didn’t get a salary; by my fourth year; we got certain wealth …


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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (61)

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up on: 7/18/20; date worked on: 61020

tag[s]: cited: creative thought


My visit to … was really brief. Dad; my dad lives over there now; but he looks like a completely different person; and acts like different, too. Recently my mother died; but my father had already moved away before then. I inherited her house; where I live alone. The house comes with a name called: The Yellow House; and there’s a sign out – front that says so. Before she died; and after I grew up there: I moved out; and had a really hard time paying for my own place; so I got four room-mates. The only job that worked for me was this delivery route of ordered goods; from one place. My payment got converted into things I needed; and my room-mate was able to convert the rest through his work to my portion of the rent. I lived in that two-story house for many years. Toward the end; my mother died and we were able to find a replacement for me in the two-story house.

Sometimes I feel like I still miss my mom; but we were never really close. She was really vain; and always described me to be really ugly; though I never felt ugly. When I was younger; she would say strange stuff to me like that she wanted me to move my hands and legs a certain way; so that I wouldn’t look so ugly, as she thought. If I didn’t she would start being really mean to me.

So I started to make the adjustments in my mannerisms; and my mom controlled her mean-ness toward me. But she would still say strange things to me; such as she didn’t want my legs to change in appearance past their teenage state; so that even if I went gray in the hair: I would still appear young.

She would then tell the details of my … which I though was even weirder than the other stuff she said.

When I got back from my trip to visit my father … I went to go visit my mom’s grave.

People like you don’t always get to go .. .

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (46)

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: 6820; date worked on: 6420

tag[s]: cited: creative thought

[cited: (music) eminem] Hi my name is Si.De. I like playing volleyball; and snake hiking. Have you guys ever heard of snake-hiking. [theme: cited: Du.Ca.] It’s just like hike-ing, and-or a lot of hiking; but with controlled exertion. Anyway, the reason I like snake-hiking is because it helps me get away from my Dad. I also don’t get along with my …, and my two older brothers; or their girlfriends, too well. What I meant to say is that my mom [and myself]; I believe have nothing in common. She seems really mean-hearted; and she’s a big bully; and she scares me. Recently; I got into a college; school; that would actually accept me for who I am; and though she has more than enough; and even spare wealth … she denied me college by saying she just didn’t want to pay for it. I talked to the school; and they said they will try to work something out. It really sucks because it’s about three years past when I wanted to start; but first I had to go overseas and work for free; I had nowhere to sleep so I slept in an encampment as the organization recommended; which was mildly dangerous compared to the home I grew up in. The organization paid for my food and medical care; and provided spare clothes; and paid for my travel costs back-and-forth from this part of the world. I could have stayed for longer; and even for most of my career but I want to eventually have my own home; and-or my own place to stay; since the organization’s encampments arent’t that safe.

[theme: mild danger comparatively (half-way double implies) not that safe]

Something else that I deal with … is that my parents keep me from staying near my close relationships or at least they’ve done that most of my life by moving me around so that every-time I formed a close relationship; and-or relationships; they would move me and threaten me with danger if I tried to contact those relationships; and many times we moved without them allowing me to give notice to people I knew, was close to, and even went to school with …; recently while I was overseas though I formed close relationships with people many who stayed in encampment such as myself I finally heard back from college; and it took me sometime to say good-bye to them; but having heard about this from me: I said something like (to my family): “I’m saying goodbye to my friends, here;” my parents were unhappy. They believe me notifying people when I’m leaving puts me in danger only because of who-I-am.

But I’m not done, yet. One of my friends overseas; Chester; that I said goodbye to recently; reminded me that we first met as children when I was like in something like the first grade; and he was in kindergarten; this was in Wisconsin; but then my family

moved me to Arizona first and let my grandpa come and watch me for a year; while his wife or (my) grandma stayed in Connecticut where they live; except on holidays when he did go back and my family came from Wisconsin to visit. Chester said that they had told him that I didn’t exist; and he was just imagining that he was friends with someone. Eventually Chester’s family moved to Switzerland [theme; which feels like it’s not on the planet]; where Chester is now from.

In the case of Wisconsin, …



Re-visiting birthdays

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up, on: … , 42920; worked on: 42420

tag[s]: cited; creative thought, criminology research

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (31)


Places where the victim was taken and-or went to during the course of his life; are re-visited in a review: celebration style at every visit; by a certain group; groups of people and their relations that the victim either knew and or knew of; had heard of … These groups of people seem especially focused on activity that resembles a work-out … Another thing to note is that this victim often appears in many social events during the course of his life prior to homicide; it seems that it’s quite notable that he’s invited to many social events; such as the job for example of a boss in certain organizations and-or companies: may entail; attending social functions; of co-workers and their relations [in certain eras …? of even recent].

theme: everybody’s brother

At such functions he’s often introduced as a biological relative from some of his co-workers; and he finds he has to work, to control such seeming mistakes; in explanation. At least a few times he’s been to social functions; where it seems he was more-so put in the place of a relation such as a brother at social events; and despite explanation; this was uncomfortable for the victim.

It seems that though the victim comes from a family; he was raised in; for some reason he is identified as having no family; and that he himself has not identified himself, in this way.

It would be interesting in collecting evidence if the majority of such social events that the victim attended; prior to the point of homicide: were in specific celebratory theme: such as for example,  birthday parties; perhaps this is a witness to a certain culture; that is re-appearing in s. stance of cia operandi deployment (this).

At this point the celebrations appear child birthday types; but without any children present; where victim despite being guest of *importance [Review?] Is doing; asked to do most of the weight of the set up & break down [Review? …]


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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date typed up, on: 4,8,20; date worked on: 31920

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: cited: creative thought, crime notes

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (10)


Victim’s father pretends to be overly friendly whenever interacting with victim as an adult; and has started to dress in the image of a younger person, too; since victim has become an adult; which seems to be upon the victim’s recollection: the opposite to how the victim was treated as a child. Most watching and listening to victim’s conversation with father as an adult would not recognize them as parent and child. At the time of this recording victim’s father is newly separated from victim’s mother; and has revealed to victim a change in his sexuality again since victim’s teenage-hood. Victim’s father prefers interactions with victim where their bodies are facing one another such as over a meal; and-or lined up side-to-side with the father slightly ahead of the victim such as on a walk. Victim’s father has recently explained to victim that these are signs in the victim’s father’s perspective of his sexuality. Victim’s father describes how he has talked to his doctor about these things. Victim feels that his father is plagiarizing his identity. How so. * Victim’s father prefers outside and-or public meetings/visits with victim that appear; uncomfortably date-like.

theme: moving away, from home to home

One of the things/points to question the victim; about before the point of death through unjust homicide; is was there a pertaining reason that the victim felt he had to visit with father past the point of adulthood (entry); and-or even usual pertaining reasons.

Preceding Knowledge 

Additional Intro: Since this victimization death is connected to homelessness; a useful quick adaptation would be modeling as if even as a test; apartment units that were considered free; of the reasoning as verified that the victim needs to visit with father; if one example reasoning/reason is general fear.

[sorry messy program version]

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (9)


[modeled connected to parental fear]

The; Hooker

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MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online (3)
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
dates, worked on: early April 2020
tag[s]: reading notes, literary culture, social hygiene
theme: literary
Such as selective summary, The :
ah.  The is “safe-” and The may be not “safe-” but we’re not sure about the latter yet.
updated perhaps. The is “safe-” this way but The may not be “safe-” these ways; but we’re not sure about the latter yet.
bee.  Finally, we are at The has to be used this way; and we’re pretty Sure!
cat. The works but we don’t know how to use The.
dot. The can move around in type of intended use. First I meant to do this with the; then I meant to do this with the; than I did this with the in my … mind. But after some-time of seeing The: I changed it; and I only did this with The.
Aside notation ^: The is the Enactment (in present Existence as H …) of “the regulation of medical devices intended for human use.”
Additional order: The can also be used now; since this time; for this
and this; and I swear it’s the case. I know for sure … because …
(and this has been verified)
Of course though; after each new experience with The; you might
consider deciding what other labels of Order; The can be placed in
after this experience with The. Such as an update on perhaps this date
and time.
Then consider telling the story through town; and even on travel. The
is work-able for this and such for sure; and these other things
sometimes and not other times.
What is the location that you interact with The in; around; do you
clean it afterward; what parts of it do you use while interacting with
The; and how often do you use these/this location; area; for such
What do you believe is the average outcome of your interactions with
The. And how about for The; what do you believe is the average outcome
for The of interacting with you; and possibly others that you know;
and-or know of.
Also how much would you consider such as in per month of interacting
with The; is an appropriate amount for you.
How long do you expect to know The through; interaction.
It seems almost all interactions with The; result in at least a high
probability of attaining what was wanted through the interaction of
The; in this context interaction.

Bizarre; but perhaps more regularly relative to the actual article;
what if we introduced components of aging more [ore] regularly into
this framework

Also, it might be useful for all of the folks that belong and a-or a
version of The; if they could have a system of uniform as at least
appropriate for civilians that didn’t uh suck. OK what would be the
purpose of these uniforms; changed back in time for example from the
present. And how might these be adjusted for militia members if
necessary when deployed in the context, of The.

Other things to state; do you know any others that are such as; like
The; and how do they differ with The on average; and how are they
similar to The on non-average.