Which Tree Brother: there’s this place I visit; while I’m homeless at least,

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[also in this form: There]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 51318

tag[s]: actual identity investigations, image reporting, … , planetary sights on Earth , this time for The Death Project, too; real estate scams


  1. The obvious; of course if you appear in one of these things; it may not be that you definitely knew it was happening; or for other noble-like reasons; but in any case: to find out; this way may not be so pleasant … who was it that portrayed this picture ; like something in the movies: experience edifier: when my brother was missing in-action: p: images appeared with him digitally “enhanced” rather un-enhanced in compromising relationships that he never was in; and-or was never assigned to in operative statusi. theme: which brother. In his case, from the images it was obvious that he wasn’t actually in sic. images that way; from the angles and glances and alignment of the images; like for example, look at the alignment of this tree to the top of the building and compared with uh other trees; it’s as if on the, or rather on another planet the tree?




theme: which tree?

  1. Controlling the future to what is supposed to be [uh, edified through patrol] from the past? Even with digital enhancement of light shadowing it looks like the original is in the ‘50s from light overshadowing … which region in the uh, ‘50s circa ‘50s ; believe it or not to me the situation despite being covered up looks archaic cited: Amish; and not current Amish; so which ‘50s uh if only you could un-enhance the image to really see:

theme: the truth true/through actual patrol







  1. Yearbook Investigations: From a brief glance at the yearbook beginning signatures: Either main character/non-fictional? protagonist does not have many close friends; or the close friends did not sign the yearbook in these early pages:

From what I can read with diminished eyesight,



Cues to look for: despite name is the gender verified? through signatures, what is verified for darn sure:

Main character/protagonist is in-has completed junior year of “high school” and is headed toward senior year,


Here’s an example:

cited: site as accessed on 51318



Then, as a comparison another person’s segment:

Is more about “luck”; but I won’t the pictures include.

in this case, …



Basic Needs: food, & C.C. mo-re not-s (notes)

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[also in this form: Basic Needs]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 51218

tag[s]: murder investigations, and alternative identities, basic needs and unjust homicides, gay  [no-versus] straight basic needs?


Date: 51118

theme: C.C./R.C./J.R.’s personal quest for basic needs of: food, and housing …

C.C. is another person? / rather; has another

identity at one of his schools

that he forgot about; these initials:

R.C. / what was the reason

ror-for using a new identity?

It’s a situation where evidence is found, of the case; and C.C. forgot about this because the incident of this use was not part of his mainstream experience, .. .

Surprisingly involves the access to food; C.C. worked as a hooker in exchange for food; and didn’t want others to find out so wore a wig and used different and or variated name, in between his steady relationships, in exchange for food. Despite living at home; his parents started to deny him food, stating that, paraphrased they couldn’t afford food for C.C./R.C./J.R. any longer.


C.C./R.C./J.R. feared they would next ask him to leave house; and he would no longer have shelter; so he went to the church where they received their housing from; and the church told him it would be possible for him to qualify for his own housing from the church’s free housing program, now expanding just past high schoolers’ parents? (don’t know about this portion) but seeming to include marriages; … since this is what the church told C.C./R.C./J.R. i.e. if C.C./R.C./J.R. entered a marriage, he would qualify for his own home, housing, … for free, …  (from their housing program)


The completion of the cover; continuing on from the circa of personal operative time; in at least around graduate school;

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[also in this form: The completion of the coverUntitled]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar/Yahuwah Law/Martial Law/Darth Vader/Tara Khuslaya/Batman Christ

date typed up: 5718-5818


tag[s]: old investigations with perpetrators made to present; the banned “librarians” are back ignoring the law;


source, citation: ?

criminal non-fiction protagonist cover: the great outdoors,

federal regulation checks: too many cues edifying to past veterans and past veteran service; outdates their attack; pre-eminents past veterans as the re-directed then target; who was main target,

… then?

The most recent of today’s date connected images have a striking internal effect; stating the obvious that it’s a cover; and nothing such was actually happening; and are virtually made-up

amidst reports of l’ostage = hostage?


  1. Cue-check on regular main non-re: directed target: people that are religious, actualized members of the LGBTIQ community, especially practicing LGBTIQ folks who are also intersecting with religious,

crime maneuver/perpetration maneuver, example: “you need to get out of town, …” “we do it …”

signs of upcoming perpetration/ unjust/non-just perpetration: unsuspecting deemed as regular unsuspecting population starts baring its skin: i.e. “children” start revealing their extended body parts in an inappropriate way or circumstance


  1. What circa date this pre-posed major crime happen in: (first) in scenery mention; looks like Canada, on cue checks perpetrators seem to think it’s the 20s; and yet we are almost in the 2020s … uh, so on clothing verification … the clothing cover-ups started around the 1950s [as an approximation]; …

… whenever dating of another race maybe considered illegal; though in actuality of course according to actual law this was never mean to be the case … The main perpetrated against; or the starting perpetrated against; was a different race from the rest of the family; the family belonging to main intersecting perpetrator

Same-sex: couple, …

t.b.c. ?  …

  1. On digital verifications; primary perpetrator following/stalking (aside, hello staking laws) the perpetrated against, using another prior image; and attempted to talk to him; at times that seemed in-appropriate [means what]; before finally approaching him with a new image, … main perpetrated believes it is only? around the 1900s


So far, Main flags:


-inter-racial dating considered illegal; but is it in actuality of the law?

-1900s crime showing up now; in the same patterns habituating to the era of this progression

-LGBTIQ affiliation

-Religious practice

-re-directed targets: past of today’s date: war veterans

-escalated stalking, and no adherence to actual stalking laws,

-there are changing images of the primary perpetrator until relationship is finalized, …

In both regards: Lies about sponsorship . . .

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[also in this form: In both regards5618]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 5618


tag[s]: investigation notes, continued … , tiny dots of notes ; progressive expression combat militia cues i.e. another form of patrol cited: a long ago ben-ship at stan. U. ,

like is it counseling, too


date: 5418

C.C. (minutia relative notes)

Toward C.C. : Jokes about


a man—

(they) don’t know

that C.C.

is male

and not deaf [how is the latter possible]: major line (to not know that C.C. isn’t deaf)

-h.s. teacher (one of at least is a problem)

raped C.C. on campus; and his wife knows

(something similar to that movie starring, Charlize Theron: North Country)

toward: Hand gestures that don’t make sense even considering the deaf attack



D.J. (attempt, only)

Pervasive Glaring stares, and vehicle stalking former property shared with one non actual parent, i.e. kidnapped by this “parent”



ineffable: D.J. & C.C. the attempted murder & the murder are connected: (:in both regards: lies about sponsorship and sponsorship derivations)

  • At this point of coinciding intersection does the “parent” of D.J. have a connection to C.C.; since D.J.’s this former home environment seems to be main target of access to attempt, and the only other residing, such there … is the “parent”





The Dead Lady

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[also in this form: UntitledThe Dead Lady]

Today’s art notes in brief: How to stop odor invasion at local Soup Kitchens

for The Death Project in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date: 5418

tag[s]: criminology and art, future and publications on cited: Amazon , trash art, the day of italics, the death project


  1. What happens if somebody sits next you as you are doing a murder investigation or several; and smells really bad; more than a normal body could, … and you are deployed as homeless; so your eating options are not many; … what if it’s not just a regular militia deployment; but an advanced militia deployment which lasts in phases until regular society stops lying to a certain level of component; that could take forever; while you continue to clean up their mess, and they pretend they’ve always been doing that: cleaning up their own messes
  2. Somebody else hands you an orange; and of course it’s the component of non-stench, …

cited: for the next rum’s theory, whenever that comes to work; and cited: voicethread




You squish her the lump refuse form down; and she has turned into a dead lady mummified; who killed her among pepper and salt packets and orange peels just in now my usual cited: rum’s theory tradition, … She is both a casket and a mummy; heirloom-ed by a vine growing near a federal building? known as the post office; you smoke near her, and people still want a piece of her, after and past her death; soon she rises dead and rides on the bus; maybe it’s the bus driver that killed her?

theme: piece of, her

theme music citation: Britney spears, piece of me

  1. See slides 31-40 for speed exhibition made: put together quickly, while mostly at the soup kitchen prior to meal; from this link (cited: voicethread) https://voicethread.com/myvoice/thread/8849244/63190734


cited: Air-Force patrol drill notes at the prison;

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 5118-5218

dedicated to the birth of my real and not the imposter brother dhruv fotadar/mike c. and all in my actualized brotherhood and not their impostors …  recent searches are now identifying his imposters primary as female; uh only one of us two is female, and it’s not him.

tag[s]: the nobility of begging; saintly journeys in real-word; and in real-world militia; and bio-fiction; fiction reviews, cited: f.b.i. drills too, militia counseling and edifications; philosophical definitions of fiction versus non-fiction; who is which, which is who

[also in this form: citedAFpatrolatprison5218]


theme: have fake cops and militia finally [after infinite attempts] destroyed my life by giving me an illegal record of crime while I pay their bills and don’t actually commit crime just because they don’t know what a cited: c.i.a. operative is,

theme: risking getting a criminal record, when not actually committing crime


Preceding factors: received a cited: C.I.A. mandate to take money out of a church bucket like about $20 …  then, a non-recovering drug addict; at least one that maintains does not want to recover; through denial of attendance mandates for recovering especially, or by attending on purpose for not useful purpose, hoax meetings; threatened a bunch of especially militia members in person for following the required to follow mandate.


When they felt as a mutual agreement that this in-person public threat; was a destructive pattern that might wrongly harm others and would do so with the support of the fake cops and fake militia; including especially non-militia members; and so asked for another translation for the mandate; after having followed it exactly as described for a time.


The translation has to do with spirited effect to end robbery; in a request of actual desperation; much like respiration.


In minutes; I used the program of myself as X marks the target: pretend if you will that this part is bio-fiction;

To re-direct the enemies of all: VV [II]; what’s that? To myself as X marks the target; which of course is just a slight change that I consent to; of myself anyway; or the primary and first X marks the target; and I think others are now in training,

for that sequential development program,

In moments I was arrested for an illegal citation; which I thought I had cleared; but was hoping to return to court for at some point; I hadn’t done anything wrong; and had never committed a crime; I heard the end of the drill; just short of getting out of the pen a few days later. The pen was a cited: C.I.A. base; where fake cops and fake militia were pretending to be in charge; but were controlled by the actual cited: C.I.A. like as in voice-over and the such that wasn’t part of the arrested portion of the drill. Of course not everybody arrested falsely or otherwise is a militia member; how might you know the difference; especially when some were disguised in appearance. Well which militia and such officials were directly responsible for getting you in and out. When you identify them even undercover you have access to actual power in society if they choose to assist you; how do you apply for such assistance?


Getting out of the pen; for the first time; if even in a drill; was highly dangerous just especially at the end; where there were not so safe people in chains and myself among one of them just not of the same type of danger.

theme: unjust danger versus just danger;

And we had to leave at night in a van like the movies; scariest or more horror parts, of such. The only portrayed male; of the arrested was not wearing cuffs; but I suspect through digital imaging witnessed cover-ups; there were more males; and I of course am uh female; but not all of them were unjustly dangerous; then like the cited: matrix; the driver changed near the end; and it was safer.


I wasn’t sure if everyone was cuffed or not; since there was a lot of gyrating and head moving; and it reminded me of one of those cited: us marshal[l?]s movies;


What was the point of the drill; I wonder; here are some of the things; I noticed connected to this phase of my uh … this deployment: but according to fake cops and militia I’m still an uncaught criminal on the run, living in fear of them finding me again; and that they are sure I am not the head of anything; as my now legal problems demonstrate, they think …  and one lady wearing my clearance for the rest of the day “sheriff” told me that she was sure that I, or “you don’t hire anybody for a thing.” Later or before the fake cops and militia demonstrated, how much they felt about people’s assholes. I was publicly arrested during the start of the drill; the fake cops and militia covering themselves up; digitally; so I wouldn’t notice them; while I was seated waiting for a soup kitchen, uh; as black, white and chicano with non-reformed criminal records and uh these people filled themselves on my Asian and or Navajo heritage. I believe this is a demonstration of racism. You have to think deep about who is the primary sponsor of the soup kitchen; or any such.

[continued on 5218] Some trigger finds:

Close-up stalking; gets caught by going into the prison system

Fake cops-militia get nullified when you haven’t actually committed crime; and are still going, … arresting you; it takes them days past fingerprinting you for not committing crime; while being shown how you haven’t committed crime; to finally get it; and usually the cited: c.i.a. has to interfere; other militia clearances aren’t high enough.  I’m gonna bet based on past patrols of mine; that they will just forget in their unjust convenience what they’ve been told that’s actual the oath of truth.

What if you’ve worked against odds; to not commit crime; fake militia-cops [m.c.]  don’t give a damn.

The final review answer is despite the myth and mist: housing no longer exists; in entropy people are either in housing at a past-time time, or a past predicting future time, and there is no current to moving future housing from this present. [Huh? What.]


Besides knowing that you are a militia member; or one in training; and hearing and or being cued to patrol signals, that a drill is going in wherever and anywhere you are; you may want to recall; that the entire world is a cited: C.I.A. base; no joke.







C.C./J.R. investigation next part or is it part 4; and something almost connected at first sight of second anyhow

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 42818


tag[s]: criminology of cheating, investigations, reform prisons, movement times and past histories discovered in brief, homeless shelters further dissipated, non-actualized gay cultures formed through plagiarism?, actualized gay culture and actualizing gay culture versus non-actualized gay culture, qualifying for prison militia [r. prison] versus prison non-militia [non r. prison]

[also in this form: CCJRfour]

Date assessed in this segment: 42718


more boyfriend[s] serious show-up in C.C./J.R. life interlude

one asked C.C./J.R.

to not cheat but kept cheating on C.C./J.R.


This cheating left C.C./J.R. in a rage; especially since despite social? habit of continuing promiscuity as usual; C.C./J.R. honored request and didn’t Cheat.

Cheating in this relationship was defined as the usual cultural definition of only; not having sexual relations with other people other than the boyfriend.


At this point: C.C./J.R.’s boyfriend denies that people including boyfriend’s family knows that boyfriend is gay. C.C./J.R. is highly suspect of this; since he has been repeatedly to C.C./J.R.’s house which is farther away for where they are in regular interaction; where the boyfriend still lives with his folks, and C.C./J.R. has many extended dates-interactions at that house with the family there; including sleep-overs. C.C./J.R. believes that boyfriend is primarily cheating with a female now due to the descriptive lies of people not knowing that boyfriend is gay.


metaphysical criminology theme: no time stream interaction with time streams


C.C./J.R. believes he has identified the primary female, boyfriend is cheating with; and has even met her; has described her as an extremely over-weight woman; who looks aged, and uses a  high school bullying attitude toward men; especially younger than her men. She also looks like C.C./J.R.’s boyfriend’s relatives.


This b.f.’s initials are as far as C.C./J.R. recalls C.H.; as of today [when the heck did this happen?] C.H. does not qualify for reform prison.  Here’s a brief synopsis of why … and this is a contributing factor to this crime of C.C./J.R.’s eventual violent homicide qualifying as a “stonewall” hate crime.


This b.f. & C.C./J.R. were engaged to be wed. [obvs. happened before C.C./J.R.’s death] Boyfriend C.H.’s family was Catholic as they identified to C.C./J.R.  C.C./J.R. was expecting and guaranteed certain life benefits through his planned marriage to C.H.; and the cognition is that the boyfriend and-or fiancé and his shown to C.C./J.R. family and the person primary C.H. is cheating with; want to keep C.C./J.R. from such benefits, and of course there may be as earlier described perpetrators in previous phases of investigation that also want to exchange future marriage benefits of C.C./J.R. instead for themselves.

theme: marriage means upcoming death, literally; how do you work this out: the possibility of unjust death out; prior to marriage. And how to use this as a model of recovery for such victimized and such victimized to death.




Additionally; through the experience of this relationship as experienced by, C.C./J.R.; C.C./J.R. is even more identifying as a physical male who feels a she.


Part Two. A Re: Look: At a quick engine search. Past lives, reconnect; uh through criminology




When I was completing the beginning majority of “the four interviews” in person; and collecting uh information; mostly through observational anthropology I met this kid; who I suspected might be lying about his sexuality and gender; but manifested as a conventional straight black male in Hartford, CT; during uh that civilian-like special operations deployment [uh, of mine]. He befriended me; through the shelter system where I was the only non-criminal and non/ not (from the prison system reformed) person staying; and that includes the children even already had non-reforming criminal records; and weren’t even children; the staff were all getting caught for bigger crimes; like really wrong stuff; such as hoarding jews in cavehouses in the northeast for fifty years; and pretending that was just normal, because they’d confess they are family or friends … it was weird. I kept being switched from one shelter to another due to my lacking criminal record; and my police standing; but was given dumb excuses; and that was part of the investigation; in any case right outside of Hartford, I was then transferred to another shelter full of black, chicano, and white people with terrible attitudes who refused to reform from the crimes they committed and that included both the black and white staff. At night like the rumors tell you of prison and not shelters though; the men posed as women; so they could sleep near me; and carried illegal arms; while they made out with each other; and the staff pretended it was their house and their family’s house. Right around that time, that I’ve mentioned before the young kid M.D.P. this person as he was introduced to me; by himself; joined a Chicano gang in the area; and lied about his race; then either he or somebody posing as him killed somebody in another gang or something; this was big news in the area; which is devoid of actual high danger; but full of dumb un-useful danger; I think I suspect M.D.P. started plagiarizing my combat image and just did it very wrong. I grew up in the ghetto as a child deployee it was much more civilized in one manner than that area; but the danger in the Hartford area is a laughing archaic joke. As usual it focuses on the re-establishment of slavery to non-Blacks from Blacks who are pretending they aren’t actually Black; with their Chicano, White, and Non Hasidic Jewish “partners”. I come from a very different cultural semblance in race terms for myself in this country; and it took me a long while; to understand through criminology that these people really believe they can enslave everyone. In any case, M.D.P. had a beginning decent attitude then and his attitude quickly dissolved into who I suspected he was. He had a chance and a job that worked with the shelter system; and then he decided he didn’t want it. Soon, I discovered this matching image of from something I’m currently deployed investigating many years later? Criminology is strange when time is involved. There’s no way the two aren’t the exact same person; and it’s not just a case of somebody looks a lot like another. I don’t know what do you think; and how does that basic test verify uh, cited: DNA markers of unique identity even uh through time.





Compared to: [is it the same person? on cited: DNA identification [through time]]

Name connected to second image-ing identified as: Malcom michaels at birth; and marsha p. Johnson at use at time of death

Along with this image; and this type of image


I don’t know how reliable cited: Wikipedia is; but in any case this paragraph maybe of homicide relevance: