The next part of the tree itself/ Book a

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The next part of the tree itself

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, this part: 1518

[also in this form: Later at one of our temporary kidnapped shacks I came downstairs one]



I believe our primary names were kept; our birthyear difference kept in the right order: but our actual birthdates changed to make us legally older; my race was kept my brother’s changed to mine; and our genders and birth-places were kept in-tact. [uh, I mean on paper documents et al]

But maybe one assumes I am non-usefully hallucinating and that this can’t be true! In any case

later at one of our temporary kidnapped shacks I came downstairs one-day to see my brother then approx. 3-4 years old with his hands tied with ropes: because of what a group of adult child kidnappers said: [was/is] his real ethnic race. They had already set-up one imposter at least; who was glee-fully watching as my brother was trying to eat dinner with his hands tied. What did I do at this rancid

discovery; I’d rather not say why hadn’t the 3-4 year old brother told me? We were quite close. Like a pop-song the imposter was screaming “Call me … (his name)” “I’m your brother now” Years later though the tie-ing up halted: my brother’s hands were permanently damaged by the ropes. The “parent” and such couldn’t remember if he were born with such damaged hands; but we could remember the shift from his normal toddler hands to his mutilated hands; and this was especially an identifying discrepancy; I’m sure with digital imaging it would be easy to conceal that: mutilation. But as the years in childhood went on; art became something me and my brother were not enthusiastic about; and it’s an interesting story of trauma recovery because I’m a non-paid in money artist, now. So much of art in childhood expected and demanded the use of one’s normal hands; without such a set; and with cognition of him missing such a set; regular art never became our childhood thing. [Well, regular art only; and to start with only, I wouldn’t want to fib and claim that I didn’t create irregular forms of art in my childhood; the type that was less dependent on the regular birth privilege of not being mutilated by abuse and-or emotionally connected to such mutilating abuse.]

In this case the perpetrators of such actions would be charged for both children one would be as described [charge: enforcing into violating physical deformity through mutilation as an unjust response to racism and prejudice: so the enactment of elevated racism and prejudice with the intention to create a depiction of re-generating undeserved homicide] ; and the other would something like match. (as traumatized through witness). [back to main:]

The star of course has been mentioned in the I believe the first set of this posting or something; and in connection to child trauma: it would precipitate authorities not believing in a child, or such child’s potential; and enforcing that disbelief to as: reality. Then; perhaps at least attempting to perpetuate this against actualized accomplishment


In the child the child turning adult, and the adult who used to be a child: and then in this case: the star is an extremely interesting reality euphemism; defining something like the reaching of an otherwise un-reachable a generally

stage; to still not be high enough for an abusive traumatizer : to sway away from the incorrect dis-belief a reality they’ve cemented perhaps such that the culminating child receives the message he/she/that is not capable of a thing of worth, substance, et al; even at the outside sky’s star elevation.

The thing about this ornament piece is also a reminder of the actual seen star; and how it might be possible to become enough like one; [or a?].

For example: in metaphysics or something or metaphysical counseling trauma, combat actions to recovery; imagine translating into reality what that actual star-like existence; like-stars existences; for the uniqueness of stars? would equivocate to in the non-sky version of the world. Likely equivocate to the translated reality version of star;

Would restrict the ability of traumatic abusers from infiltrating an in[n]correct disbelief reality into/onto and as abuse of an innocent victim; traumatizing; and after such trauma if the star-path is only then accessible and-or available for entry: it poses as an ability to eviscerate such incorrect disbelief

realit[-ies] for one’s self.

Usually, I believe: in these type of star studies: but can’t exactly recall you look for star qualities.

In definitions of solidarity; you might look at star similarities. You might for example write a translation formula; even; a basic one of conversion to general her[e] reality.


Outside box but coherent in relative knowledge; a

formula may be the conception of book;

The proof for book[s]; [as a comparison, perhaps]


12.9.17 The obvious thing would be usual structure or form of a book; as witnessed; in this case especially: a front & a back , and I suppose everything in the center or middle: something like a passage. When comparing like to stars: I don’t know my guess would be something like a reflection with at least first, and second incidence or sight; and perhaps between this [these] incidences and-or/and/or reflections is passage. If time were not relevant it might be instead the work it takes to go from 1st to 2nd incidence. And as a book equivalent: what it either —-à it takes to go from start to finish or how one flips from start to finish; or perhaps in some cases both: passages, version of passages; and-or centers are required.

I’m not sure but I think this would; noticing with the invention of book[s] be some beginning star-equivalent; in translation


each book while moving

from its front to back;

is an experienced passage

and-or journey; such as life, death, college, etc.;

a career, et al

In I believe the second version; if one wanted to transpire various passages and or journeys when entering the examination of book arts; a simple flip from front cover to back cover would encompass the flip as the center /passage



for that might not need to be internal

the situation may also imply retrieval:


Book a: incidence
/ 1

Step 1 [front cover]

Possible retrieval effective equal

To front cover sight such as book title

Step 2 external to book or this translated to reality star a flip to the back cover

Step 3 incidence 2/ [back cover] or retrieval possible effective equal to back cover sight such as back cover hue/. Main design or something.

The quasi-question and or relational question might be in another version outter space or something reality: how do you after incidence 1st sight turn or effectively equivalently turn a star over; and is that a modality of invention: strength


Reflecting on yesterday’s war as if it’s still today’s war: [part two]\

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[and also in this form: On personal experience]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, this part: 1418


On personal experience:

If the surveillance videos are

Checked and compared the

Personal reports and-or

Reports can be

Confirmed or not;

And the ability to check

Them to confirm

Report has to

Do with [12.26.17]

Actual militia role

Versus false militia role.

But what of a connecting

Actual militia rolewhere access to

Certain militia (false m.r. with access to a.r. rights and-or false rights)

Resource is

Not pertaining to regular

Job and-or accessible.

A directive to militia

Roles where such

Necessary resource per case

May be accessible; and accessibly used; then the perchance

opportunity / that a

Report in any form/form[s]

is provided reverse

Entry/ and exit out;

A cue check for the the

Match between the given

Personal report/report

At especially 1st call

And the report collected heard

By militia group accessible [sp?]

Of/to something , a thing

Such as surveillance

Footage; creates a static state

Of the point in report.

What might be the worth of a static state?


you say your gramma is not that nice of an old lady; that she used to harm you with irons and she would again if she could.

[theme: we need more reporting agencies through elevated collection system; perhaps adjoined together in different parts.]

If you had such ability to call such a reporting agency; and … aside:

surveillance [sp?] (1) at the basic step;




report collected

[i.e. how do we ensure who reports calling in has earned that ability]

Sigma notation: earned report = efficacy no stealing || a hope for such vicissitude||

perhaps in count points

Just thinking about it:

If we break up each

Potential report into stems

The any species debutante

That would be enunciated

Or effectively enunciated

We might ear/n the

Ability to report  1: based on our near future stems, 2: now; why not too far into the future stems.

This in any case would be earned by qualifying the stems to at least schematic hypotheses of what is itself ostensibly significant and-or important in general? and maybe relative to reporting?

In either or any case; how might you hypothesize: what is significant and-or important as a stem in reporting:

-a ringer again: truth, and-or the equivalent truth: (think about locative significance, and-or locative, value)

For example in whatever hypoxy is: [?] you call something or some service to create a report; and later as in magic: ther eis a location validation if even not connected seemingly to the reporting/ type service.

such as in the cited: wolf, game ? [or however it that game’s story is spelled]

Or whatever it’s called if in that version of feral danger: even those not physically close to you, would be able to come get you: in such type,  needing of assistance, and experience: danger, etc.



Let’s say in the general case: you hear screaming in the street: and you decide it must be reported: You’re the person, who heard the screaming and instead of seeing if somebody else will report it either through a pass on and-or a waiting: you decide to report it to a reporting agency because they exist.  [basic safety and technological evaluations: which one exists now for sure.]


You call the this reporting agency and you leave a message:

[updated 123117]

The message, sounds something like this:

“My name is Ursu Tanner. I heard screaming on the cross street Dwight in Berkeley, CA. It is now 9 p.m. I heard the screaming only a short while ago and it sounded like more than one person screaming.”


[refracted in message ß] time now [when heard message]: “9 pm” “short while ago” :

9:00 p.m. – “short while ago”

= approx. … 9: 00 p.m.

= time of real incident


So, review

time now = stated /reported time in recording/ message/ report – “short while ago” = reported time

Real world check of closest now time to reported time

In that time zone pick at least one location or as many as affordability to: that match aspects or equivalents to aspects of the report description …

And either do a/n [an actual] basic patrol at one matching location and-or assign, such.


the stem approximation:

Or the stems approximation:

Earned reporting


If the patrol?

Results in either sustaining

No [unjust, non-reforming] crime or controlling [this version as approximated]

Crime to lessen it

And-or to reform it to

Justice followed as closely within a margin high like starting at 90% match of

Instructions from report.  [i.e. what are the instructions from for example this made-up report]

If [actual, actualized and not fake] patrol is

performed in match cognition not close enough at a second mat/ch of 100% level with no margin change; follows another version of stems; or a version of stems: and fulfills the previous two criteria [one or the other is fine] the caller has earned reporting rights; and can call in a report; without stealing


But all of this “stuff” almost aside which might be the stems of the call: (report left) [using this example]

stem: name/person/identity called

stem: location

stem: witnessed scene

stem: calculated and or witnessed internal time

[and see what happens]


In more detail, perhaps:

Stem: 1 person called in

Stem: a cross street, Dwight, CA.

Stem: heard more than one screaming

Stem: 9:00 – short while ago = 9:00



Follow through with real-world check [how? Might you do this]


Reference, Source Citation Text: David Finkel, Thank You For Your Service


While cities exist … 1.1.18

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[and also in this form: While cities exist]

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 1318



General militia

Protocol to consider; and not just in developed-progressed parts of the world:

tag[s]: review of course, structural processing



On days of political shut-down:


This includes holiday[s]

To use bathroom and drink hot tea after a brr.

Brr. Cold night; oh knight like lite [ignite] kill the typhoid. [see photograph from x-mas continuation] [tea: sponsored gift]




Consider the closes-t accessible metropolis-city and consider the limitations of not wealth but day-to-day refugee equivalent budget as needed during deployment [for entropy control?] as a one paragraph even until solidified in general and-or circumventing area: wait outside [weight outside] see what you notice; visit at least one museum-like structure if even on just the outside even a church visit qualifies as such; in progressive-d places check out the accessible restroom provisions and guess what might work in less such places …

A reminder from the? [cited:]

Consider immediatereports of

Even past, recent pressing issues:

and-or time to consider new marker issues for later reports; consider variance and-or variants of reporting turn-ins

… what retail-ation

may come up; could be cured like magic by refugee-funding equivalent purchase: so retail [why, or how?]

In the first scene on x-mas: it almost seems like catastrophe has been stuck or rather has struck; and the green jacket left behind. To me the green jacket is a cognizant reminder of fire militia; and another might know why.


And will they [i.e. cities not fire militia-s for god’s sake], disappear: or stop existing in mode; how do you design a diagnosis of this [cities as they]

Consider at last those things; items, spaces, advents that are open




are to the lay-person’s perhaps shock actual [this means real] militia held so by to ensure: access, freedom, hygiene, … work;

example of access:

-[utensible type get in for function Y][of course define other such function y]

example of freedom:  – [limits restrictions that are not necessary]

example of hygiene:  – [more than one space form may alleviate hygiene paucities]

example of work: -[structural ability of work production]

Reflecting on yesterday’s war as if it’s still today’s war: [par- One]

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[also in this form: Reflecting on yesterday]

for The FVP

tag[s]: combat anthropology , geo career counseling

by goura fotadar

date typed up, starting: 1218




-did “we” go off to there[to] stop certain things here; the juxtaposition of basic combat translation from if this wrong thing happened here: why do we go over there to kill it? [or i.e. why does our experience here with it,  ||choose|| us into going there to kill something]

I’ve heard the fit described as such; in the past, and recent past: as we witness those wrongs here; or wherever: we grow hardened to what shall be consequence for such action and like it: actions; this perhaps motivates us to infiltrate such actions with consequences.

Problem is or could be: that we enter places at times far away and at times also foreign to our way of being: and continue perhaps a training of a re=integration process to create consequence there or wherever first; do you think this is because those of us from progressive parts of the world; can’t bear to tank and-or bomb if to the point of even excessive of our own terrain. Or do you think it’s because people instituting or attempting to institute wrong-action in your terrain are actually of another? and so deserve to experience? damage of this closer to them |\ in faceted experience of closer/| and or their place? [and of course if not present might not die]

In either case; or perhaps to some making any, … combat and war chronology usually involves leaving the area with respect to this part of the world; unless of course … ?

And ||back|| when folks were considering going to /into work and-or militia : deploying overseas may not have been something that they were willing to do; so they stayed out of positions that might require such.

Usually, when a wrong action is completed or intended; [this is a side proof for the actual relative age of the elderly generation affecting/ effecting lifestyle quality]; growth enough and the possible ability to restrict that wrong action can fall into a potential militia role.

[even consequence the already completed wrong action]


In relevant militia occupation; we … ; and in review, we … come across something that happened wrong: and somehow: thru a personal report, or report; confirm report on a check of surveillance;


Products of learning

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also in this form: [Products of learning]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


tag[s]: the sponsorship story , is this [a] rough draft the pervert next to me at the public station hopes so because then [than?] he could pretend he’d done more that a lil’ old? Me. [which day of the week and on which year][oh yearnings]



Methods to report, I guess:

From cited: bazooka gum

“who is the tallest” [… slightly re-directed to paraphrase]  “person I know …”

I’m not sure if it’s too soon to say: bu t here missing t was this group the too soon part, perhaps, perhaps not: Who goes around “busting” which I’m not sure qualifies as a bust: homeless people during their rest hours effectively trashing their stuff and the group is often on illicit drugs but in an ode to non-recovering; they also attempt to arrest [sp] the homeless people using rules  such as : this is city property, this is a city park, people have seen you and called us: The Cops, Police.

I’m not sure in truth and under oath if such rules are effectively real: how could it even be close to illegal for a homeless person outside to be resting on city property: it’s already illegal that they are homeless outside, and that part illegality is not on their behalf but rather on the behalf of the people in housing who  …

…    In the query of well so-so owns [buns] their own home: and so-so pays rent:

so this: such-and-such:

Deserves to be

Homeless, outside. [of course, the obvious: ? is this an ethical perspective and what happens if a perspective even one emphasized into reality is unethical]


In donated hot

Tea! And so deserves to be homeless on-the: street.

When such homeless circumstance is publicized  — [of course, the obvious in repetition: ? see ethics]

[The counter-feit of audacity]

  • A group, and-or groups of people housed illegally start showing up on homeless spots, and posing as homeless to the homeless ; whilst calling the cops on them for being homeless; hoping to exchange the crimes they have-are committing onto the homeless [i.e. onto non-crime].


    The Modern Affair [theme: Af Fair/ …] of Homelessness Involves Escalated Risk of False Arrests [sp?]

They then continue to infringe upon homeless services hoping to escape permanently arrest [sp?] and live in a static form of false-criminal immunity.

Of course the cops that show up to falsely arrest the actual homeless are never real cops; and sumTimes I wonder 911 aside: how do they get the call: Is it a personal call the fake homeless make.

As review: being homeless outside is illegal for the rest of society in partitions of housing; not for the actual homeless. [i.e. in the form how it is that they came into their  housing and how it is that they stay in their housing in perspective of are you escaping committing crime by being housed when others are homeless and-or effectively homeless]

IN the scene of actual criminal and likely mostly non-reformed criminal investigation; the place to start isn’t necessarily:

Are they homeless or not; though that should go noticed and observed; but rather: but if you plan to deny that you are causing others to be homeless outside; and such by committing crime; those claiming well it’s not them: whatever that means, because they or are paying for their housing [paid]; deserve to experience the 1st stage  [spelling of name? ]of Elliot Ness-like real estate investigation.

If you own your housing whose initial capital at the zero-point trail was it paid [by] that you have not worked enough at the 60% level while you live in and-or benefit from that property; and if to cover the lacking work-off you pay back rent: is the back rent coming from your own timed work-earnings: i.e. you actually did or are soon enough doing that work.

Back to tall? The usually three-person but to more “posse” involves at least two fake cops based on their arrest attempts records; and one very tall man; so tall: he is the tallest man in the area; to answer the riddle; who poses as some variant militia member; they ostensibly and violently pertain to no homeless rights: as if this were S. Africa and that were even close to acceptable considered culturally ethical; ethique. In any case at least the tall bird shows up at nearly every homeless function in the area; and steals what he can; since he’s not actually homeless or close-to homeless like state which is still as review effectively homeless; and that’s where [wear] you pay attention.

In this free and sided to just country where we are required empathetique for the undeserving blamed underdog and the deserving overachiever; for even the two can be the same; that tall man and his stealing “posse” is have and still are committing non-reforming perjury; whilst the false cops and their “allies” so be it ode to also tall bird [for allies and posse-s must be earned in significance] cackle unlike geese and more like jack-assed buffoons.

I know under oath, the real cops of the generation; now have a witness trauma incidence which may not be recover-able; but re-trace-able and caught: yes, of course. And perhaps this is the meaning of recovery. [New definitions working and having worked for recovering, recovered addicts; and functioning , functional mental illness sufferers. [and others in sin, really? … [See ethical info. Far almost above]  … Recovering, recovery, and even this portion: recovered]]

theme: I have m. health and so I am? I think that’s just knot enough.


On the fly: kits

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Source, citation: [in brief] from cited/or rather on cited: youtube as accessed on 122917,

The birth of catwoman | batman returns

[and also in this form: On the fly]


Course; the beginning is a transmutation; first it looks like one; and then almost another; such as birth from a pregnancy; and where is the pregnant first? [Perhaps signified in change, by a seen or heard, or is it felt: thump; the seen, heard, and felt] Becomes perhaps the first question; only after do you notice and while at the same time: the crawling of kitties and the birth; perhaps the second first : the crawling of kitties is like birth or so it’s supposed to signify; we spend the rest of the time, looking for the original: the pregnant; and is this a form of stalking or re-interpreted through the stream of art to ethics; a jewel that we look for, as seen almost in the next segments,

Of what cultural origin if so not emphasized would you connect the rose like color, color; with the emphasis of a jewel; and jewel; that is worn? Rather, than hung. Perhaps hung here as color is a chime to what color signifies in whatever era generation it is viewed in; in ours still racism, and in an ode to birth as we fall from our parents do we also fall from a God, now capsuled and defined by color; and so must be our parents.  Hung in color and not worn in jewel is it safer, and stays longer and perhaps even with a Chance at forever unstolen? Of course the kitties are not what might one fear doing the stealing; and then one or the center wounds to wonder perhaps what is that might be thought of to be stolen; this is like what a definition of holy or rather unholy coveting. Uh. Rather the experience of this definition from the outside; You now in your wonder know what coveting is; it’s like living Bible or something.

The invisible pull and drip from the kitties is like a forming jewel certainly in movement outline; do you see a string-ly necklace; or multiple such necklaces; you see a bracelet. Everything is pewter signifying the next element in jewel searched for.  I n my good luk, or something: it’s also one of my favorite colors and color combinations, so, uh … this is a capture of the metaphysical shred of cultural birth; what do you connect with in this uh hypoxy vid, that might such be captured; and now you know that at lest a bit of that a la experience mode: birth and its relational experience to the pregnant.

Now all the stalking converted to art and then facet ethics are signified by both the birth and the solicitor of birth almost if only it is a crime that happens from circumstance or something; the solicitor’s real definition of birth then, the pregnant, uh is a sacrifice. Why do they beg, and not you. What happens from their begging and perhaps can’t by your choice happen from yours; the difference in actual definition of solicitation is then begging, and its sacrifice: creation; the pewter cartoon-like has turned almost a religious discussion of courter-facet faith and non-faith formations, … and that’s all I have time to Sum up; since I’m short on public computer time in the 3-hour per day limit.

The Bush, Mr. Y.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 122717

Source citation: the same source as past Mr. Y postings, cited as used here, please refer to these postings regarding citation, main if unsure

[also in this form: MrYMore]



Mr. Y. “is most grateful for: “

-Mom and Dad

“The qualities Mr. Y is looking for in a (social group) are: “

-A friendly demeanor a willingness [to] hang out, a way to connect, otherwise

“The things Mr. Y needs to survive are:”

-warm mittens

-chemise shirts [sp?]

-a gigantic house to live in

“The person who has changed Mr. Y’s life is:”

A young woman in one of his social groups  uhm who has a penchant for

continuing studies.

“What Mr. Y is reading now:”

The Spiritual Pilgrimage

“When Mr. Y grows up he wants to be:”

A gardener.

Mr. Y “usually spends his spare time:”

taking a seat.

Mr. Y.’s “favorite place to be is:”


Mr. Y.’s “best-kept secret is:”

He has a four-year old son that lives with his sister.

“ Some more information (Mr. Y.) wanted you to know is:”

He really likes blowing bubbles; but rarely finds them since they’re usually sold for children.


Part Two. I’m not sure. The Myth of Segregation.

What was to notice; in the escape it isn’t; situated feel of scene; this is not fiction; a mayhem erratic not quite report.

Quandary that quandaries come to mind:

-Does fire contempt itself to one specific ethnic and or cultural group. [in emphasis so, and not segregation so much.]

-Does / do housing issues [in the same ramification as qualification]

-Does the timing of exerted seeming humor.