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The Death Project in the/ for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 62918

[also in this form: fvppostingfor62918]

tag[s]: review for upcoming publications, the death project, meanings of funeral & intersections with homelessness

date: 6.27.18

Source, citation: The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning (by) Margareta Magnusson


cited p 1: so, if it is done sooner: can it be a celebration of your “leave” – ing sooner; also interestingly enough: this system ‘ “death” … “cleaning” ’

comes up frequently in the homeless life.

And is this the meaning of; funeral.


Art notes: for blog art 62718? [date approx.]

While in homeless respite; after surgery look at ingredients: he-hah! I’m on a bed.

With a tad of lotion


Some taddling [who?]

An “ “ interpretation

And more lotion smear.

More lotion? Images with smear


Dedicated to the protection

Of myself and the protection

Of all so, deserving

Don’t tell anyone,

But it’s a

Picture of my illness;

[physical illness]


And yes, another


Of …






Back to notes of

Main source citation:

cited: p.12

Perhaps then is

Another definition of funeral;

And to change its turn

To the better for one;

Or perhaps [to the better for] the


Perhaps only

Let those

“you like”

“take things”

As a procession-




Here in this/

From scanning

This book: [until this point]

We have a




Of an actual, and How to [have, keep, keep-sake, etc.]



cited p.19

This reminds me

Of placement in homeless

Shelters and how

Whenever someone leaves

And-or is forced to leave;

It’s such as this. (from source, citation: ‘ “death” … “cleaning” ’)

As a reminder:

Imagine a video of

The (cited) East Hartford Shelter [empty & cleaned];

[why not for example] I mean

Of course in the strange design space [but still full of beds and such]; then imagine a group enters to stag; I mean stage set-ups; then a second group enters [and these two groups are organized in (1) and (2) ] for actual attempt at shelter and the first group holds the second-group: captive, and hostage; coveting in demonstration every last increment of steal of bed; of the shelter space; something such as this, happened to me, … where the bodies emptied in the shelter are expected to empty out before housing ever uh, re-appears or appears for the first time [for them]; and then [the bodies are to?] never re-appear anywhere otherwise they will be falsely imprisoned and falsely charged; this, called by me the conception of Memento Funeral in body beings is never realized correctly by “staff”


Homelessness as apparently are funerals are applications of deep philosophical components of existential being; and pardon me?  … ; but a certain Buddha-like aptitude is required to discern

Uh, solutions as the applications in entropy practice translate malignancies in who is, entropy?





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copy theme: the cure to all of your “natural” ambitions

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 51818

[also in this form: copy theme51818]


how do you learn to decorate, better/well or at all-well?

Source, citation, text: 20 UNDER 40

                                STORIES FROM THE NEW YORKER

                                EDITED BY DEBORAH TREISMAN


(p.29) “But she wondered if it reduced the sum total of anybody’s suffering to keep him around for a few months in a situation that ultimately did nobody any good, that changed nothing in anybody’s, that only rearranged some things for a little while.”


11.18.19 back to book analysis for the fvp

theme: why not a word analysis


source, text (citation): steven erikson

The healthy dead/ from the cited: p.a. library

cited: What does “conceded” have

from p.4 to do with conceit (since they sound alike)

concede conceit

cone cde  cone cit<-|

cone edc cone|tic  => quickly but maybe not done all the way, thru; I through. the habitual patterns of the pattern cones;


  • query from source text p.1 (how to “fall” into the presumed, sky)
  • it seems the answer \/ | on p.2

is                    & p.3

  • of

but course

more importantly;

how-to learn about rites: from p.3 from cited source text [which one]


cone (habit = clothing)   cone habit


theme: pipi/pippi/ pippy

“pawn” stocking with citation of: pippy long-stocking / stalking? ever?


the control specific: cone mean[s] to this here?

edc is habit

Which would imply

(=>) not just the marketable and for wear edc! (obvious); me; but that clothes are meant to be habit (perhaps more obvious)

edc; cited: edc used to be a brand I wore bough-t from cited: esprit; and so a brand of clothes = tic means perhaps that

and what does

in subject matter and

maybe intersecting

with its

shape reversed

not a fragment,

sense; of course

it is

con le =>

econ (abbrev.)






the answer is


  • basic computation you can drop the triangle into the circle; and can rotate it in the circle
  • create a graph (two-axis, four quadrants)


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for The Fictional VolunTier project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, continued as left off from yesterday’s posting: 32218

tag [s]: reading notes, spiritual development underpinnings, criminology sequence cues? from reading para … analysis, the spirit work out of item-thoughts, spiritual art theory

[also in this form: What if the bag were a Being]



Primary Source Citation: (as brief skimmed of) Sophie Kinsella (by); Shopaholic & Sister

What if the bag were a Being.

“reflection” of bag is compromise or is subjugation for lust; and-or what might be known as lust : instead of staring at another Being ; you are now evaluating the/ a bag.

Basic notes: underline[s] added in quoted text for emphasis

“I lead her off the main high street, away from the pedestrianized shopping precinct, and turn left down a cobbled side road. As we walk, I hitch my Angel bag on my shoulder, admiring its reflection in a shop window across the street.”

Also sounds like an advertisement for cited: V.S.


criminology cues: “lead her off …”

“ … main high street” in the perspective of the perhaps potential perpetrator outside of regular reading context; what is considered by the such it is; “main” part of this “high street”

& the answer: “ … the pedestrianized shopping precinct … ” = (in perspective of …) “ main high street”

Then of course perhaps that is of course we have the sign and or present/current marker of what “off” looks like and or presents as:

“ … cobbled side road …” = (in the comprehended sight of the …) “… off the main high street …”


Other thoughts to consider:

Will the bag/ a bag; work as a subjugation of lust and thus, then further: spiritual development; in the context of cited: v.s. artistic promise; it seems it’s an utilizable motif: conception.

So target marker: killing goal: reforming and or transforming and or correcting: lust

(think of synonymous inklings of lust)

Modality-ized to a bag’s purposed sight;

Perhaps an incision into the reason for art development: examination.


The Advancement of Shopping thru the Selected Item Clothing Closet.

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[also in this form: The Advancement of Shopping thru the Selected Item Clothing Closet]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 32118


date: 31718

tag[s]: social cause through transliteration, reading notes, briefs from sources


Primary Source Citation: (skimming brief of) Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella


on even a basic hum-drum a drop of note of the custom of “shopping” being uh that of tribal … custom belonging. In review: you/one might

consider who it is

shopping can actually

happen with:

like passing a tribal test

i.e. this person, this part of this group,

this group works with the

tribal custom of “shopping”  [exceptions of identity theft/impersonations of those qualifying]

perhaps in the

regard of

“shopping” for cakes


… In the change

of tribal customs perhaps

a re-creation of locational

access loss; such as the

reports of perhaps tribal

past, long ago [even]



Part Two. More regular reading notes,

From “Chapter Eleven”

“ … fifteen minutes by car … ” is it a taxi?



Sprinkler cans. Two? Radio states.

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Sprinkler cans. Two? Radio states.

[also in this form: At first thing]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date considered, 21518/ typed up


concealed reading, for protection, identities of product make-up, reading characteristics, empathy abstractions, business models derived again


At first thing; insert first:

you see in your mind’s design of the insert: a device like needle pricking inside a qualified you/me at that specific let’s call it non wise radio-active spot

proving the significance possibility of the next insert paraphrase; which might mean something like:

uh, whoever can take that tiny prick of that needle to that specific non-wisdom grower spot[s] [inside them, especially] is the

c l i e n t e l e

from the basic business model: does it [designed, designing device] work past this qualification for a deserving

c l i e n t e l e


so in the above diagram is the can elephant the radio, activated by Son-ing or –ning the c l I e n t e l e; perhaps called in this case at least:


In case you didn’t figure despite the tense of my word phrasing I’m aware that such devices [witch ones] do already in time exist; but it’s a consideration to them uh, what’s that called despite, such


Art conception: book report

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[and also in this form: Art conception]

Date typed up: 12817,

i. Art conception: book report 10.7.17

2nd to 6th Grade Review, for adults too.

by Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: The Death Project, reading notes, counseling techniques as exercises of fictional to attention

 ii. Source citation: reminder:

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

(A memoir of Going Home)

(by) Rhoda Janzen

iii. Elongated Summary reading goal: Write a book report for each page of book

iv. This is called the next in sequence in reading notes [as a protocol, … process]; and in this sequence set we don’t diminish and not use the first or such in the set.

v. Example: (from cited: page 1) the dying of limbs, and the subjective creativity of these in both consumption: use, and thought. Perhaps the beneficence of useful medicines and as their contribution to over-all the regulated versions of medical well-being. This then connected to perhaps, death and-or illness like death or death like illness. Secondary work note: useful for cited: The Death Project. On closer reading on second follow-up scan reading; past regular reading of text: a hint and request for “vaccination-“ for “breast cancer’’ and when upon ponder; broadened to all “cancer[s]” and also to all ailments upon such recommendation of health-manifestation: first page of examination: report.  On deeper removed creativity inflicted thought: what would be the dying of limb[s] effectively translated to actualized reality.

theme: health

theme music citation: rihanna diamonds

theme: reeding

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by goura fotadar

Reading notes for The FVP, continued : source, text: (this one) JUDY BLUME Smart Women at the further cited: m.p.p.l.

[or in this form: by goura fotadar ]

and the same scenario identified for study;

the age connection ; really, the aging connection.

tag[s]: real estate , realty

p.27 through the generations : ” …, the way her mother was facing it now, ”

through time: “it seemed very far away.”

and at the same-point; isthe

incidental sex-scene

about the next;

cliché: of procreative

(having-them) children

p.29  “Did you know that female athletes sometimes have trouble getting pregnant?”

… “I’m forty, Sara. I’m not about to have any more children.”

eating, theme: gold, chocolate coins from (cited: trader joes)

theme: reeding

p.30 ” … passive-solar cluster housing , a concept …”