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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 030923; date worked on: 030923

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reading citation: In Clothes Called Fat (by) Moyoco Anno

majestic < + + + * * * …> cited_dark_magical_theme: what is ju-x-tion …?

consider, sponge as flower from page colored beginning

<trans-juxtion * + * * + * * * …>  sponge_as_flower —> cited_dark_magical_hearts_as_flowers

cited: inside page

“Chapter 1, In Clothes Called Fat”

background image with related items such as “estee lauder … ” 

<trans-juxtion + + + * * * * …> “estee lauder” —-> cited_dark_magical_bottles

cited pg. 6

“It sneaks into every nook and cranny of your body and stays there.” 

“One day fat starts getting on you and rapidly multiplies.”

<trans-juxtion +  + + * * * * # # # …> “fat” ——>cited_dark_magical_fat_as_flowers_and_stones

cited pg.  8

“Seems like we always get hit on like crazy. ‘Cause we look like airheads?”

<trans-juxtion + + + * * * # # # …> “airheads” —->cited_dark_magical_”crazy”_voices

cited pg. 9

“Yeah. I thought so too. She’s gotten fat.” 

<trans_juxtion + + + * * * # # # …> “gotten fat” —->cited_dark_magical_wealth

cited pg. 10

“But I don’t pay it any mind. It’s been this way since long ago.” 

<trans_juxtion + + + * * * # # # …> “long ago” —->cited_dark_magical_present_stars

cited pg. 13

“We’ve been together so long, it’s like we’re family.” 

<trans_juxtion + + + * * * # # # …> “together” —-> cited_dark_magical_present_rainbows

<majestic * * * + + # # …> next, theme, cited dark magical: what is junk?

cited pg. 15

“I’m hungry. I’m dizzy.”

<junk + + + * * * # # # …> “dizzy” —> cited_dark_magical_pillows

cited pg. 16

“ooh, so heavy.”

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ …> “heavy” —-> cited_dark_magical_marbles

cited pg. 19

“I just have to eat. Then I won’t have to think about anything.”

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ …> “eat” —–>cited_dark_magical_stones_and_perfume

cited pg. 20

“Once I was full, …”

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ …> “full” —->cited_dark_magical_”once”_stones

cited pg. 21

“Chapter 2, In Clothes Called Fat”

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ …> “Clothes” —>cited_dark_magical_”Chapter”_bulbs

cited pg. 23

“But Saito didn’t come last night.”

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ …>  “night” —->cited_dark_magical_”come”_pills

cited pg. 25

“The moronic, cowardly, balding old guy.”

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ …> “guy”—–>cited_dark_magical_”balding”_shoes

cited pg. 27

“I’m fine. As long as I’m eating, I’m fine.” 

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ @ …> “fine” —->cited_dark_magical_”long”_blankets

cited pg. 29

“Her boyfriend is totally vanilla in bed.” 

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ @ …> “bed” —>cited_dark_magical_”vanilla”_beans

cited pg. 30

“Oh, um, I haven’t made dinner yet …”

<junk + + + * * * # # # @ @ …>  “dinner” —->cited_dark_magical_”yet”_bookmarks

cited pg. 35

“Saito is so handsome, he’s 

“Saito is so handsome, and he’s dated me for eight whole years …”

<junk + + + * * * & & & # # # @ @ …> “handsome” —->cited_dark_magical_”whole”_keys

cited pg. 37

“Chapter 3, Clothes Called Fat” (images of grapes et al)

<junk + + + * * * & & & # # # @ @ …> grapes —>cited_dark_magical_cleaning_bottles

cited pg. 38

“I also know that she looks down on me and laughs at me.” 

<junk + + + * * * & & & # # # @ @ …> “know” —->cited_dark_magical_”laughs”_bursts

cited pg. 52

“He must be sickened. He was caught cheating and you tell him “let’s go home?” “

<junk + + + * * * & & & # # # # @ @ …> “sickened” —->cited_dark_magical_”cheating”_toilet_paper

cited pg. 230

“Everything should change if I lose weight.”

<junk + + + * * * & & & # # # @ @ @ …> “weight” —>cited_dark_magical_stones_and_bags

cited back end inside cover pages

“Yumi moonlights as a call girl because her day job doesn’t pay enough for her to feed Croc, …”

<junk + + + * * * & & & # # # @ @ @ …> “moonlight-“—>cited_dark_magical_”call girl”


one page cdm trinket/s

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one page cdm trinket/s


date worked on: 030423; date typed up: 030523

for the fictional volunTier project

by goura fotadar

source, citation: [cited pg. 64, The Outsiders (by) S.E. Hinton]

(cited: replacement with star … ts)

cited pg. 64

“I looked down at my worn, faded blue jeans, my too-big shirt, and

Dally’s worn-out jacket. They’ll know we’re hoods the minute they see us, I thought.” 

<move + + + * * * …> ” … worn, faded blue jeans …” —> cited_ dark_magical_trinkets

“I looked down at my … (cited_dark_magical_trinkets)”

<move + + + * * * …> ” … my too-big shirt …” —> cited_dark_magical_orbs

“I looked down at my … (cited_dark_magical_trinkets), … (cited_dark_magical_orbs), …”

<move + + + * * * …>  ” … and Dally’s worn-out jacket … ” —> (cited_dark_magical_portals).”

“I looked down at my … (cited_dark_magical_trinkets), (cited_dark_magical_orbs), (cited_dark_magical_portals)

< move + + + * * * …> ” … we’re hoods …” —> (cited_dark_magical_mirrors)

“They’ll know … (cited_dark_magical_mirrors)”

< move + + + * * * …>  ” … the minute they see us, …” —> (cited_dark_magical_clocks)

“They’ll know … (cited_dark_magical_mirrors) (cited_dark_magical_clocks), I thought.” 

“I’ll have to stay here, ” Johnny said, rubbing his legs.”

<move + + + * * * …>  ” … to stay here, ” —-> (cited_dark_magical_stones)

“I’ll have (cited_dark_magical_stones), ” Johnny said, …”

<move + + + * * * …> “… rubbing his legs.” —> (cited_dark_magical_lotion)

“I’ll have (cited_dark_magical_stones),” Johnny said, (cited_dark_magical_lotion).”

“You go down the road and ask the first person you see where Jay Mountain is.” 

<move + + + * * * …> “… down the road …” —-> (cited_dark_magical_tires)

“You go (cited_dark_magical_tires) …”

<move + + + * * * …>” … ask the first person you see …” —> (cited_dark_magical_conversations)

< move + + + * * * …> ” … where Jay Mountain is …”  —> (cited_dark_magical_pathways)

“You go (cited_dark_magical_tires) and (cited_dark_magical_conversations) (cited_dark_magical_pathways).”

“He winced at the pain in his legs.” 

< move + + + * * * …> ” … winced at the pain …” —> (cited_dark_magical_pills)

“He (cited_dark_magical_pills)  …”

< move + + + * * * …> ” … in his legs …”  —> (cited_dark_magical_cigarettes)

“He (cited_dark_magical_pills) (cited_dark_magical_cigarettes)

<displace +++**** & …> sum_of_all_these_amalgamated_to_regular_items_converted_to_cited_dark_magical_<majestic ++++**** …>

Forests, everywhere

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 01/28/23; date worked on: 02/28/22

cited text: [Bridge to Terabithia (by) Katherine Paterson]

grade: Perhaps review from 5th

[cited pg. 2]

“Of course he was going to run. He had gotten

up early every day all summer to run. He figured if

he worked at it — and Lord, had he worked– he could be the fastest

runner in the fifth grade when school opened up. He had to be the

fastest — not one of the fastest or next to the fastest, but the fastest. The very best.”

/ \



[why.] “run”[1] “run”[2] .

“runner” [1] .

“fastest” [1] “fastest” [2] “fastest” [3] . }a

“fastest” [4] “fastest” [5] .

“worked” [1] “worked” [2] .

forests, everywhere: “of course” “early” “every day” .

“all summer” “school opened up” “very best” . }b

answers one at [why.]

order b preceding a

order b, a

(cited pgs. 6-7) [To notice a flower/flowers]

“His body was begging him to quit,

but Jess pushed it on. He had to let that puny

chest of his know who was boss.”

“his” “body” un-ordered 1

“begging” corresponding [sp?] order 2

“Jess” un-ordered 3

“pushed” un-ordered 4

“puny” “chest” un-ordered 5

forests, everywhere: un-ordered 1 half, un-ordered 3

corresponding order 2, un-ordered 4

un-ordered 5 half

un-ordered 1 half, un-ordered 5 half

forests, everywhere: “his” “Jess” .

“begging” “pushed” .

“puny” . everywhere (a)

“body” “chest” .

forests: “to quit” identifies “it on” ordered (b)

“who was” ordered

considering switching order to b, a

[cited pg. 11] using flowers as index:

“Ellie jabbed her with a spoon. Jesse saw

that look Brenda shut up her whine halfway

out of her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth. She

wasn’t as smart as Ellie, but even she knew

not to push Momma too far.”

forests, everywhere: shape: “a spoon”

such as expression: “that look”

such as, characteristics: “her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth”

such as distance: “too far”

unordered 1 ordered 2 ordered 3

everywhere: “spoon” “that” “Rose Lustre lipsticked” —

“too” ordered 4 | (a)

forests: “jabbed” such as to appearance — ordered 1 —

“whine” such as to noticing | ordered 2 | (b)

— —

so here: b, a

<displace> this_analysis_and_this/these_reading_note(s): to_create_cited_dark_magical_cited_marvel_cigs_and_cig_like_things_and_white_lemons

thinking about why not. doll, 

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practices such as made-up in rhetoric 

theme, motifs: make-up

review basic references of comp. sci. 

review. for the next upcoming cited: the witch goura & cited: rum’s theory 

worked on: late December 2022; date typed up on: 122622

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

[source, citation #1: The Dark Star: Large Print, Robert William Chambers]

|| set || dark_magical_spells_converter_and_<displace> 

[seen in, chapter 5]

” … sedentary one, had changed the smoothly tanned and slightly freckled cheeks of Rue Carew to a thinner and paler oval.”

<displace> “cheeks” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky : doll “cheeks”

<create> “oval” —>dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll “oval”s

“Under her transparent skin a tea- rose pink came and went; under grey eyes lay bluish shadows.”

<build> “tea- rose pink” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s scent “bluish shadows”

“Also, floating particles of dust, fleecy and microscopic motes of cotton and wool filling the air in the room where Ruhannah worked, had begun to irritate her throat and bronchial tubes; and the girl developed an intermittent cough.” 

<move> bronchial tubes —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “bronchial tubes” and doll’s “motes of cotton and wool”

“The intense blue of the sky had altered since noon; the west became gradually duller and the air stiller; and now, over the Gayfield hills, a tall cloud thrust up silvery-edged convolutions toward a zenith still royally and magnificently blue.” 

<rotund> “blue” —->dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s vegan “silvery-edged” “cloud”s

|”cloud”| “Gayfield hills” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s vegan “intense” “convolutions”

“Ruhannah, dragging her fish over the grass, was coming toward them; and the man called Eddie stepped forward to bar her progress.”

|majestic| “fish over the grass” —-> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s vegan “bar” “progress”

“They climbed the flight of steps to the verandah, through a rapidly thickening gloom which was ripped wide open at intervals by lightning.” 

<move> sum_of_”verandah”s —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “verandah”s  “gloom” “lightning” in_sky 

[seen in, chapter 11]

“He entered the deserted dining-room, came over to where Rue was waiting, and sat down, heavily, holding an unlighted cigar between his stubby fingers.” 

||cavendish|| “cigar”s —>dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “cigar”s 

“He leaned across the cloth and laid a hot, cushiony hand over both of hers, where they lay primly clasped on the table edge:”

<build> “cloth” —>dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “prim …” in_sky

“The women, who were young and brightly coloured in plumage, displayed a sympathetic interest at once.”

<build> “plumage” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “plumage” “brightly” “colored” 

[seen in, Chapter 12]

“Her hat, with its cheap blue enamel pins sticking in the crown, lay on his desk; her hair, partly loosened, shadowed a young face grown pinched with weariness; and the reaction from shock was already making her grey eyes heavy and edging the under lids with bluish shadows.” 

<create> “hat” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “crown” “desk” in_sky

|| majestic || “bluish shadows” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: “under” “lids” in_sky

” “I can’t go back to Brookhollow. It’s ended. I couldn’t bear to let them know what has happened to me.” “

<build> “Brookhollow” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: “Brookhollow” “happened” in_sky

“When she emerged from his room with her hat and gloves on, the taxicab was audible in the street below.” 

<displace> “taxicab” — < dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: “hat” “gloves” “audible” in_sky

“So he went out, and at the door exchanged adieux with the smiling Princess.”

|| majestic || “adieux” —-> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: “Princess” in_sky

[seen in, Chapter 13]

“Neeland had several letters from Ruhannah Carew …”

<displace> “several” —- < dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “letters” in_sky

” … I am homesick …”

<displace> “homesick” —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Ruhannah Crew” in_sky stone

“But the last two days I went on deck with the Princess Mistchenka and her maid, and I enjoyed the sea.” 

<create> & <displace> dolls “deck”s —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Princess” & “maid” & “sea” stones in_sky

” … I have passed through the most awful part of my life, I think.”

<build> “passed” dolls  —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “awful” “life” stone in_sky

<create> “think” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “through” stones in_sky

“I feel strange and different, as though I had been very sick, and had died, and as though it were another girl sitting here writing to you, and not the girl who was in your studio last  August.” 

<displace> “strange” & “different” dolls  —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “studio” & “August” & “sick” stones in_sky

“I had always expected happiness some day. Now I know I shall never have it.” 

<displace> “always expected” dolls < . > dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “happiness” & “day” & “shall” stones in_sky

“I should like to make a great deal of money so that when I die I can leave it to charity.” 

|| “money” || –> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “charity” & “great” & “deal” stones  in_sky

“I often think of becoming a nun and going out to nurse lepers.” 

|| “nun” || —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: dolls & “lepers” & “becoming” stones in_sky

“Paris is very large and a sort of silvery grey colour, full of trees with yellowing leaves—but Oh, it is so lonely, Mr. Neeland!”

(cited: brainstormers et al) 

|| farms light || —<  dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: dolls & stones & “silvery grey colour” in_sky

|| “Paris” dolls || —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “trees” stones in_sky

<create> “yellowing” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “lonely” stones in_sky

“I am afraid you won’t understand how full of gratitude I am, to you and to the Princess Mistchenka.” 

|| “gratitude” || —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: dolls & stones & “Mistchenka” “full” in_sky

“I have the prettiest little bedroom in her house.” 

|| “prettiest” || stones_as_dolls_and_dolls_as_stones —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “little” “bedroom”s in_sky

|| “house”s || —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “her” stones in_sky

“There is a pink shade on my night lamp.”

<create> “shade” lipsticks —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “pink” & “night” & “lamp”s in_sky 

“It’s humiliating, isn’t it, for even the very little children speak French in Paris.” 

<move> “humiliating” ——< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: doors & dolls & stones “speak French” in_sky

<displace> “Paris” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones & “it” in_sky

“I am to study drawing and painting at a studio for women.” 

<displace> “study” dolls —-<

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “studio” & “drawing” & “painting” stones in_sky 

“The kind Princess has arranged it.” 

<displace> “Princess” dolls —<

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “kind” & “has” stones in_sky

<build> “arranged” dolls —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones in_sky

“I am also to study piano and voice culture.”

<create> “voice” dolls —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “piano” in_sky

<create> “culture” dolls —>

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “study” in_sky

” … Such lovely clothes and shoes and hats —and other things about which I never even heard in Brookhollow.” 


<displace> “Brookhollow” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones in_sky

<create> “lovely clothes and shoes and hats” —-<

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones in_sky

“The high arches and jewelled windows and the candles and the dull roar of the organ drove from my mind …”

<build> “high arches” “and jewelled windows” “and the candles” in rooms and in dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones in_sky

” … it was as though an ocean were rolling and thundering over me where I lay drowned in a most deep place … “

<build> “drowned” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “rolling” stones in_sky

<create> “ocean” dolls —-< 

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “thundering” stones in_sky

<displace> “though” dolls and “though” external rooms —-<


“deep” stones in_sky

“For youth days dawn and vanish in the space of a fire-fly’s lingering flash: and the movements swarm by like a flight of distracted golden butterflies … ” 

<displace> “lingering” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “flash” stones in_sky

<create> “golden butterflies” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “distracted” stones in_sky

<build> “youth” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “fire-fly’s” stones in_sky

<displace> “movements” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “swarm” stones in_sky

<displace> “dawn” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “vanish” stones in_sky

<displace> “space” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:

“flight” stones in_sky

“Doubtless you have already heard of the sad death of Ruhannah’s parents—…”

<displace> “Doubtless” dolls —-<  dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “sad” “death” stones in_sky

<displace> “Ruhannah’s parents” stones —-<

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “have” “already” stones in_sky

“A suit for annulment is possible.”  

<displace> “suit” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “annulment” stones in_sky

“Please have the house at Brookhollow locked up and keep the keys …” 

<displace> “house” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Brookhollow” stones in_sky

<displace> “Please” dolls —<


”keys” stones in_sky

“It was a slightly dull, laboured, almost emotionless letter.” 

<displace> “dull” dolls —-<


“laboured” stones in_sky

<displace> “emotionless” dolls —< 


“letter” stones in_sky

<displace> “almost” dolls —-<


“slightly” stones in_sky

“It is difficult, it is absorbing, it requires energy, persistence, self-denial; but it is fascinating, satisfying, glorious.”

<displace> “glorious” dolls —-< 

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “absorbing” stones in_sky

<waste> “energy” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “persistence” stones in_sky

<create> “self-denial” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “fascinating” stones in_sky

” … I descend into depths of despair and I presently soar up out of those depressing depths into intoxicating altitudes of aspiration and self-confidence …”

<create> “depths” “descend” —–< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “despair” dolls in_sky

<displace> “intoxicating” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “altitudes” stones in_sky

<waste> “self-confidence” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “soar up” dolls in_sky

“The Princess Mistchenka is such a darling!”

<waste> “darling” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Mistchenka” stones in_sky

” … we have been to the Louvre and the Luxembourg many times; to St. Cloud, Versailles, Fontainbleau.”

<displace> “Louvre” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “many” stones in_sky

<create> “Luxembourg” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “St. Cloud” stones in_sky

<build> “Versailles” —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “times” dolls in_sky 

<create> “Fontainbleau” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “we” dolls in_sky

[source, citation #2: Divine Secrets of the YA-YA SISTERHOOD, Rebecca Wells]

“Sidda is a girl again in the hot heart of Louisiana, the bayou world of Catholic saints and voodoo queens.”  [first page]

<create> “queens” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “hot” “heart” stones in_sky

<build> “Louisiana” non-galaxy-theoretical_buildings_through_manifestation —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “bayou” & holy “voodoo” stones in_sky

<set> “girl” bills <.> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “saints” dolls in_sky

<build> “Sidda” post-galaxy_theoretical_buildings_through_mansion_manifestation —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Catholic” “world” stones in_sky

“She wondered where she’d put the Xanax.” [page 6] 

<build> “Xanax” non_galaxy_theoretical_buildings_through_manifestation —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “wondered” stones in_sky

                       || majestic || “Xanax” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “where” stones in_sky 

“She walked to the window of her twenty-second-floor apartment in Manhattan Plaza.” [page 6]

<set> “Manhattan Plaza” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “window” dolls in_sky

<create> “apartment” external-see-throughs —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “walked” stones in_sky

“But all she wanted to do was lie in bed, eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and hide from the alligators.” [pg. 10]

[cited: brainstormers et al]

<waste> “bed”s —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Macaroni” dolls in_sky

<build> “alligators” non-Galaxy_theoretical_buildings_through_manifestation —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Cheese” dolls in_sky

<displace> “Kraft” non-Galaxy_theoretical_buildings_through_manifestation_and_goods_from_these_through_manifestation —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “lie” dolls in_sky

” I’m marrying the man I love on December 18.” [page 11]

<set> “man I love” Vermont —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “December 18” dolls in_sky

<displace> “I’m” dolls Vermont —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “on” stones in_sky

” … while the moon outside her window shone down onto the glassy surface of Lake Washington, Siddalee Walker …” [page 11]

<set> “the moon outside” Vermont —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “glassy” dolls in_sky

<build> “surface” Vermont —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Lake Washington” dolls in_sky

<place> “while” Lake Champlain —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “window” “Siddalee Walker” dolls in_sky

” … she knew for certain that her Connor, her beloved, had died in his sleep as he lay in the bed beside her …”  [page 11]

<set> “Connor” teddy-bears Bar Harbor —–< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “her beloved” dolls in_sky

<displace> Salem Witch Museum  & Salem “bed beside her” stones —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “certain” dolls in_sky

“I know it, she thought. He has left me. He is gone. Forever.” [page 11]

<set> “Forever” places —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “gone” stones in_sky

“She sat down at the wrought-iron patio table where she’d set up the Ouija Board.” [page 73]


<build> gigantic “Ouija Board”s non-galaxy_theoretical_architectural_through_manifestation_buildings —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “patio table” stones in_sky

” … was responsible for the fact that all the children (and also several of the adults) were wearing Halloween costumes …” [page 543]

<set> “Halloween costumes” as_clothes —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “wearing” stones in_sky

<displace> “responsible” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “children” stones in_sky

<build> “several” “adults” stones —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “fact” dolls in_sky 

Lovelies from rhetoric and <displace>

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for the fvp.

by goura fotadar

eo on 110622 … 112022


[source, citation #1: harry potter and the deathly hallows, (by) j.k. rowling]

“His muggle clothing, Invisibility Cloak, potion-making kit, certain books, the photograph album Hagrid had once given him, a stack of letters, and his wand had been repacked into an old rucksack. In a front pocket where the Marauder’s Map and the locket with the note signed R.A.B. inside it.”  [cited: pg. 15]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”Invisibiliy”_”Cloak” <here>

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”Marauder’s”_”map” <here>

” “The Trace, the Trace!” said Mad-Eye impatiently. “The charm that detects magical activity around under-seventeens, the way the Ministry finds out about underage magic! If you, or anyone around you, casts a spell to get you out of here, Thicknesse is going to know about it, and so will the Death Eaters.” ” [cited: pg. 47]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”the”_”Trace”_that_”charm” <here>

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”spell”-s_”cast” <here>

“Kreacher came bustling to the table with a large tureen in his hands, and ladled out soup into pristine bowls, whistling between his teeth as he did so.” 

       ” “Thanks, Kreacher,” said Harry, flipping over the Prophet so as not to have to look at Snape’s face. “Well, at least we know exactly where Snape is now.” ” [cited: pg. 227]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_that_”large”_”tureen” <here>

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_cited: Prophet  <here>

“Ginny had been banned from going into Hogsmeade.” [cited pg. 13]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”Hogsmeade” <here> 

theme: upcoming publications

” “My pocket!” said Ron. “In my pocket, there’s a Deluminator, and it’s full of light!” ” [cited pg. 465]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_Dark_”Deluminator”_in_pockets_and_anything_like_pockets <here>

” … , “Protego!” They saw the Shield Charm break the flow of enchanted water as it flew up the passageway.” [cited: pg. 535]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_cited: Protego_”Shield”_”Charm” <here> 

” “I sought a third wand, Severus. The Elder Wand, the Wand of Destiny, the Deathstick. I took it from 

its previous master. I took it from the grave of Albus Dumbledore.” ” [cited: pg. 655]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”The”_”Elder”_”Wand”_”the”_”Wand”_”of”_”Destiny”_”the”_”Deathstick” <here>

“The snake’s cage was rolling through the air, and before Snape could do anything more than yell, it had encased him, head and shoulders, and Voldemort spoke in Parseltongue.” [cited: pg. 656]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”Parseltongue” <here>

” “They wouldn’t give you to the dementors for that! Dementors are for people who do really bad stuff. They guard the wizard prison, Azkaban. You’re not going to end up in Azkaban, you’re too —” ” [cited: pg. 667]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”Dementors” <here>

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”Azkaban” <here>

source, citation #2: Jell-O Girls, A Family History, (by) Allie Rowbottom

“Their eyes were rimmed in black liner. Their hair was neatly swept into headbands. Their lips were glossy and pink.” [cited pg. 10]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”black”_”liner”_and_”headbands”_and_”lip-“_”gloss–” <here>


“One older even than witchcraft. One as old as men and women and words.”  [cited pg. 12]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”witchcraft” <here>


This is how we save ourselves, my mother constantly reminded me, through words and through witchcraft, that deep, intuitive power alive in every woman, connecting us across space and time.” [cited pg. 17]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”save” <here>

“I return to my mother’s body, her voice, through the hundreds of pages she left for me, the story I consult now like a spell book, searching its pages for incantations I might hold up against the silence she left behind.” [cited pg. 17]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”spell book”_and_”incantations” <here> 

source, citation #3: Halloween (by) Joanne O’Sullivan


“For our costume we started with a white dress from a thrift store, but you could also use an old summer nightgown or a white peasant shirt and loose, flowing white skirt.” [cited: pg. 47]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”thrift”_”store” <here>

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”old”_”summer”_”nightgown” <here>

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”a”_”white”_”peasant”_”shirt” <here>

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”loose”_”flowing”_”white”_”skirt” <here>

“To embody the spirit of Flora, carry a basket of flowers (real or fake) and scatter them about at will. Sprinkle Italian phrases into your conversation and make sure to kiss everyone on both cheeks when you greet them.” [cited: pg 47]

<displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_”Flora”_and_accompanying_”basket”_”of”_”flowers” <here>

review; #4

he looks like a little man without legs,


he has what are like mini-hooks on his head

he looks like two boxes divided by a line [review]

he does as it looks have a neck

and shoulders

the shoulders [review] are like a stick 

sometimes there is a little turn on the ends of stick joins

I saw him somewhere in a crowd of text [review]

from the one side he looks like two math symbols; such as; for example; two thetas [review]

contacting one another in communication with you, maybe. or somebody [review]

from the other side;

he looks like two different scenes in the same scene area [review]

one might be at a time in the evening or even night; [review]

and the other might be earlier, obviously [review]

[review.] the problem with citation is difficult because I don’t know how to cite;

this language; as they call it [review]; I don’t know the language

there is a spoon in between the boxes; [review]

and the spoon is longer than the boxes; this seems to demonstrate a body [review]

where the shoulders are longer in width than the body is [review]

A review translation is what if this were an architectural area and-or zone

[review] the bottom part may be a pool,

and the top part may be where you climb up the stairs and there is no downstairs 

of a building to enter. 

[review] and there is a space between the bottom and top

to tell you of a difference.

sum_of_this_description_including_review —> <displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude : hooks

[review symbol, reference, text citation: (cited pg. 92) Mira ne chip, Ok-kon Kim (Korean Fic Kim) ]

(#4, part two.)

part two. 

this one looks like two flattened swands in the opposite direction of swan angle

and most of the ends still hook [review].

and there is still a shoulder bar between the two flattened swans or two scenes which look the same in the same context

so perhaps meal-time at two different times. 

this one from memory may also be a review symbol or something like that; from looking at it before. who knows. 

and in this case the shoulders; the shoulder bar reach and touch another symbol on the left-side

often; one might conceive the two flattened swans to be areas of maneuver [review] a bit different from

the usual scene and-or context; for example a work out gym area and-or zone on both floors [review];

perhaps applied to by the flattening of the swans; now with the insertion of the shoulders and or shoulder bar;

this implies for example; eating at two different times; for example the cultural timing of lunch and dinner in either upstairs or 

downstairs gym areas and-or work out zones

as opposed to eating in regular dining areas; this includes singular eating. 

As review; reaching to another symbol or something; would imply returning for example to a different zone, after the activities in the zones at present are done; for example as review returning back home, after. 

As another review-like idea; what about reaching to somewhere else you might want to be even more.  Usually it looks like we go left or right or even top or bottom; but what about the diagonal and when would that show up, as review; and how about if you wanted to fly.

to fly a plausibility; you would want to envelop the diagonal in some way, possibly a re-diagonal; such as a double circuit; as a common example. 

sum_of_this_description_including_review ——> <displace> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude : unicorn_mimicking_…_serum(s)

[review symbol and-or symbol, reference, text citation: (cited pg. 202) Mira ne chip, Ok-kon Kim (Korean Fic Kim) ]


Cards, continued.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up; 111222/ date worked on: 090422

[source, citation: Hour of The Witch [by] Chris Bohjalian]


[cited pg. 17]





“long time”









sum_of dark_magic_”Hartford” ——-> <displace> sum_of these_words


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for the Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

[dedicated to the prison project & sun god parker]

date, worked on: 03/27/22

attempting to make flowers and/or jewels through cards. [cards to send to one’s self relevancy]

theme: addresses issues of housing; and other such issues

[cited: Lady Susan (by) Jane Austen]

[cited; above]

1st card

“dear little children”

“best private schools”

Card 2 hierarchy


“three months”

“the females of the family”

” “pray Heaven” “

answers: “four months a widow,”

“the world”


“in a sad state”

“10 Wigmore street;” above answer

“the girls are all of the best families.”

2nd use: insert


^ “Wigmore”

who knows what

it will be called between “Wigan” and “Wigwam”

(san jose, ca)



reference: The Haines Directory 2006. why 2006.

More scented lotion: Bus culture notes

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up; 07/22/21

tag[s]: reading notes

[source, citation: (kindle) sweet valley confidential, ten years later, francine pascal]

one. Style points to retro in; male possibly add to with even more to bus culture

of “That night Jessica wants to borrow everything of mine for her date with Todd.

Even my new blue button-down shirt.”

( Loc 237 * 1 . New York + Loc 238 * 1 . New York)

two. At this point in culture decorating is still standard norm and in buses perhaps more of built

in decor could be useful deployment and civilian opps aptitude would be dropping decor

items on buses

of “Jessica’s natural good taste and the help of Alice Wakefield, her decorator mother, it was

furnished in sunny colors, soft … “

(Loc 253 * 2 . Sweet Valley + Loc 254 * 2 . Sweet Valley)

three. How to convert this important line to become bus culture and or any

other types of culture / cultures.

of “He would never have betrayed her again. It was the only answer he could live with.”

(Loc 296 * 2 . Sweet Valley )

four. Aha this has something to do with bus es and even future bus culture

in a normal sense

of ” …, a so-nothing dent, but my parents go beserk and say I can’t drive for a month,

which is like practically forever if you live in California, where there’s nothing …”

(Loc 354 * 2 . Sweet Valley + Loc 355 * 2 . Sweet Valley)

Summary connections

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date worked on: 07/06/21; date typed up on: 07/11/21

tag[s]: reading notes, defintions

[Source, citation: The Girls of Huntington House by Blossom Elfman]

medicine: [cited pg. 2] ” “Where don’t you feel well, Orenthia? I’ll ask Nurse Caufield to send up some aspirins because I don’t want you to miss the lesson on paragraphing.” “

” … send up some aspirins”

–> ” … send up some …”

as … pins

see pins a way to “paragraphing” ?

focus * one subject matter: ” … to teach them English …”

present; such as talking about t.v. (who is on!): “Dylan Thomas and (italics) Ethan Frome”

The topics/issues covered on such shows; sitcoms; soap operas, etc. are: ” … and dependent clauses and punctuation and iambic pentameter …”

medicine: “Like Danny Ornstein, for instance, and his bare feet.”

[cited pg. 3]: ” … but [italics] bare feet was the issue of the day …”

“It was the mad bare-feet season and shoes were specifically required.”

” I kept my eyes on the class and away from his feet but I could smell them.”

suggested medical


“tattoo …” : “He tattooed the floor with his heels.”

“soak …”: “So please go soak your feet and your head in the men’s room …”

Then a definition of medicine: [ review …?]

[cited pg. 4] : “Feet? You want me to throw myself behind feet? And tomorrow I’m giving a test on the imagery of T.S. Eliot! So why does he make such an issue about water?”

When one could be thinking about something considered higher such as here:

” … imagery of T.S. Eliot … an issue about water?” instead the focus must be on a thing such as: “feet”

culmination of

one point. / / /

time travel, again.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: Dec. 16, 2020

tag[s]: reading notes, time travel, mumbo jumbo notes

source, citation: Sweet Valley Confidential, (by) Francine Pascal

assumed location of “Sweet Valley”

regular travel location/destination/stop

(maximize this distribution in ops)


from (regular travel location/destination/stop) (maximize this distribution in ops) :

“Midwestern” “child”

such decor somewhere

stable such as the “Midwest”

test to get the stable 1.

Contrived to and away from fiction > time travel, again.

Another importante of reasons fiction

theme: it’s funny because it’s based on decor + location.

in dep ops and civ ops lows k but dangerous conf. of assumed 1

from (assumed location of “Sweet Valley”) : translate in dep ops to maybe one or several locations in real life; how about try … also when time … additional fictional equivalents and so on the pattern