How to create an equivalent gun that I need / desire

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[and also in this form: How to create an equivalent gun that I need]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 12018

tag[s]: physics madness, more criminology tools, applications of art practice to the reel whirl


Date 11918

[theme: so I don’t forget]

In non-ordinary combat here called patrol science

use the box [again]

cited: magic/ patrol box



Starting inside box:

  1. [what is like a gun] effective kill

= right time

Who:how do you know when that is ——- /\ | [right time]

this is the answer to the quantum leap  through art : right side can translate to right time


  1. [Consider filling in the other numbers [uh, refracted by the future completion of this sentence like structure, how many numbers might you want and want et al] the way you would want but that are also dependent on making sense]

[since I might should be able to give it, a brief description of a possible translation explanation; just yes that means placing everything in your surrounding area on the division of right and left sides, and yes, including time on the right in some effective enough method; like even a clock; and that’s it to start with [it]]