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The Box Show, Emotional Analysis VI: The Sponsorship journey, continued.

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The Box Show, Emotional Analysis VI: The Sponsorship journey, continued.  

[or in this form: The opposite of alcoholism]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

dedicated to my freedom, as earned by me.

date typed up: 93017

tag[s]: the actual sponsorship journey; the reasoning for combat; the reality transitional process; and the death project for the fvp.

The opposite of alcoholism [continued]



In a box: I’m angry because I never got to hit back.


In another box: I’m angry because hitting back [physically] would have put me in jail.


In yet another box: I’m angry because those that abused me; continued their cycle of infliction upon me. [and drew in; others like themselves toward me]


In yet another box: I’m angry because; when I left the abusive nest; they continued to attempt to abuse me and others again without consequence.

theme: how did they find us; again. [hint: money]


In yet another box: I’m angry because they were revered as heros for being unjust and unjustly violent abusers.

[heros/ keeps from heroes?]

theme: what then actually qualifies heros.



In yet another box: To manage my anger: I’ve processed what works, and repeated another cycle of what works.




The proliferation of abuse onto identities:

In another box:  I’m angry because my brother is being impersonated past his death and past his service death; and that he was beaten in front of me and these became my memories, and that I had to invent non-weaponed combat drives; to aid his survival; because it wasn’t legal for me to tell that brother to pick up a gun; then.

Zany Hint; how is to, dead to living dead.


And so, on:

In another box:



Similarities, Continued.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up [a-ha to finally?] 82917

dedicated to all undesired career and work interruptions being penalized penalization to the interrupter; at the highest consequence …  last part from of: to paraphrase one of the loitering signs in this city.


source text of course [Holding The Man]

aside: interruption from the librarian … the librarian informed me today [what date was it: 81917] about; my own policy regarding photographing people who weren’t threatening my life; and

[report to: where report librarians?] I confirmed If your life is being threatened and you are not lying [about this, who this, this who] you have a legal obligation to photograph the folks involved [anywhere] … when functionally perceivable and this does not include or is not restricted by other peoples preferences; and if there’s no time or accessible device to photograph with; that photograph of they who is-is threatening your [life, safety, etc.] can be turned in to at least yourself and of course perhaps others, of-worth, too. To turn in a report, then shall it not be that the other shall be of some: worth; and the worth shall be: ethical worth. And any case how: is ethical worth assessed. In either way; if the photograph of report and somehow a legal way to report to yourself is e. than well, if you can’t photograph for the reasons or something like the reasons provided, well then: a written or summation report will be less effective; but it is still a-workable; and this of course is not to put down writing.

On a side clause: in indirect perhaps the term is law: in indirect law: if a report finds it to yourself and there is a real measure not some hoax or referred hoax: measure of worth; such as ethical worth; well then if you have met that measure in some way; well, you have not been surprised or committed crime by how; receiving a that such report … and so correctly both expect and not be surprised by the performance of others of ethical: worth whatever may be deemed publicly or not their role. Here role means of course not necessarily being somebody’s mother but rather where that being mother role may also intersect with society or the functioning of society actualizing … also known as role actualized evaded to expansive or role reform. The cliché of spoiling your child only approved when it is actually a child cannot that be spoiled so as that your spoiled child and your role as this spoiled child’s [parent?] does not un-function society as it is or as it is actualizing.

My point is I want the local  … ?

Back to regulated measure …

Back to Source text: where of course it is a regulated measure in any case as it is previously in previous postings described the source text a knowledge stream et al

[Holding The Man Timothy Conigrave] [Foreword:} [David Marr]

cited p. 9 under “A … BOYS” “ ‘I wish you were a girl.’ I wasn’t sure what he meant but said I wished he was a girl too.”



sounds like transgenderism; but is this line though a spoken “wish” [“wish”] –es : actual?

or [an/a] unmeant dream.

for similarities between the two:

cited: 9 “carrot=red hair”

Source, text citation [2]:

Singing in the Shrouds.

Ngaio Marsh …

p. 9 (also)

“He would have liked to travel.”



a dream/wish;

a wishing


  • – – – – – —————————————————————————————


cited p. 9 [2nd text]

a coincidence of number

near start; or start:

“car with a smashing redhead at the …”


cited: p 10 [second source text]

all of a now; the explanation [theme: ex-pal? , nation]

of why this is a reported

and noticed incident

is provided; likely asexuality

has converted to a-one

symposium of also or rather

instead non-asexuality; where

of course as compared to the incident; it is in the opposite sexuality; is it qualified as opposite?

“The man in the kiosk was chatting up a girl while the rest of us stood -à

shivering in the wind at Brighton Beach …”


why weren’t the rest of them shivering; as

In here the compared rest is: now; “man” & “girl”.




see this posting as; handout: Source text of course


On Cultural Edifications: W[h]oa[h]-man

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up: 5917

hygiene art notes  date: 5817

source, cited text: The Metropolitan Museum of Art H. H.

on cited: p.354

cited: from above as identified source text

Before I do anything else; this looks like a view of an older New York Apartment; turned Modern through squalor hygiene; perhaps left-over with some furnishings from its

former more royal past. Even without the existing? past of hygiene help; when

[one: a person, persons-entity, a being] We think of almost in the Ultra-modern era; such as the local ’90s-to 2010s or so; of exhaustion due to . . . leaving less regular energy for; environmental room[s] hygiene time i.e. cleaning but rarely do we hope to picture the unfortunate dip in environmental space of living and use; such as: work hygiene; to what has come to be considered of not just the myth of the holey apartment; here by holey I mean un-rub-able filth on the bathroom floor; and not just a few disorderly pieces and smudges of dirt; a stench that never completely subsides; and not just the occasional smelly cooked dishes and-or a stack of

trash you / one [ … as defined] hasn’t gotten to,  yet.


As someone once told me all assisting outside

hygiene folks-people should pass an actual not fake police-militia

protecting freedom/unwarranted crime check; albeit in the

ultra-modern era. Just not everybody is “safe” enough to

enter public spaces and-or [beings’] people’s rest-work recreational

areas: and perform functions of [hygiene].

IN any case the view of what might have

once been grandeur hence perhaps the label: “palace” of this

piece: view on the previous page: cited: 354;

the other side or part of the cited: page in the identified text, source: kind of a blur

has despite poor non-potential in

hygiene in the observational ultra–

modern world; turned into attire of

decor not just when left-behind-forgotten-speech:

of so you can keep: have it; but of any class’s use;

thus an inaccuracy in compre that even the poor have

access to such use: decor  in the ultra-modern period of

around now; as their own: impless a sense of out-dated-ness

which is not classic. Is the envy of a non-compre societe causing

us not to compre hygiene functions of when there are those;

by those they perhaps; who in their compre in accuracy

and not those for better lack of information: generation/ exposure,

to; who non-compre the cultural appropriateness of palace

grandeur in every one […] of worth.

Spread the wrong functions of [hygiene] than then is combality mask to blind the “common” folk; an attempt to re-blind them in an act of no-longer

effective and-or appropriate  classism.


In an era of modernist where showers and frequent change of even grandeur items are no longer safe; what qualifies : under, within functions of


In an era of such then protected wealth; what qualifies out-lasting and appropriate “classism” belonging to classifications translated to-modern of “common.”


Hints: Actual Definitions in form-function

of intelligence

& The qualification for militia



On Cultural Edifications:

In imagination’s view: +

view : I see

a dimple in a seat; a near

skid off another seat without a

severe athlete’s rigid like control;

a lounging forward and then back;

a jump and or a dented push back;

the inability to recollect it all; and as magic;

the likely at least double meaning of this:

“to “recollect” it all”

and then the cliché gendered meaning

[s] of “the inability … ” in front of

that; and so to aim to actually recollect it all?

if so that’s one’ […] s aim;

theme product citation: aim toothpaste

you must use toothpaste? rather [perhaps] you might want

to look past cliché [when in time period]

in the facet of gender[s].

it’s hue-e , yellow or cited: “marigold”

from cited: “marigold garden” by Kate greenaway (as procured for free through amazon, cited)

green; and is

that near ivory?

there’s curls and


there are wings

and on


there’s paving

I think and

rulers I think.


as an aside: some of [a one bottle & the other bottle] the perfume as been re-filled with lemonade as the current main liquid addition; and more flower stem without petal.


While sort of cooking in the sun.


the spray bottle is not stuck and on press has turned perhaps temporarily into a roller scent stick.