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as review to affects; i.e. further discussions of academic practice-uses of seances. 

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 121722

tag[s]: academic anthropology intersecting with mostly non-spoken translations of counseling (including especially of psychological context)

One. Brevity of re-ordering. 

The first synopsis line; is a re-centering from what was pre-assigned as the primary by

the external general, general unsupervised; to an order of center non-primary.

Then the second synopsis is the distinction of categories of primary compared to the non-primary;

and if so come about other non-primaries; including the first possible appearing as center non-primary;

as just mentioned.

The prima point; being the primaries can assist without doing anything necessarily unnatural distinguish

the importance of primary; above primary; and the usefulness of modeling by being naturally levels of primary.

mathematical basic conceptions: meanings of 0 to 1; and below 0 as above 0; and above 0 in the natural sects as below 0 so albeit usual; and as usual. 

Two. IN the re-visiting seance; here re-visiting means of course dialogue internal of comprehension

regular verbal and-or not; what has been showing up in the case of demonstration caught in 

the forma of the seance; and almost unable for the primary external modeling internal along with the second primary internal modeling internal caught; is a description of what could suffice as fit-back.

The focus on a zone which is conceived as common in culture still and as of yet; has been an area of priming;

we have the catching of both genders including academically fitting deviances of genders and or intragenders;

on the fit-back. (This means here and not necessarily all places that the r. priming has stayed caught and disturbing for the victim-and-or client including in the plural context.)  As mentioned; the anthropologist non-verbal counselor in terms of extensive or even moderate interactive

primary-to-primary dialogue in the current modeling uses of non-dialogue (two); and in the former case primary to primaries and to non-primaries extensive or even moderate dialogue; only engages up to this level if at all; the prominent is on non-dialogue to the non-I and as review of limited dialogue to the non-I in areas of categories of victims-and-or-clients and treatment persona. 

Assets: review of academic uses of self-addresses of self-to-self dialogue [this is also review.]

Addresses in Quantation. The hope of levitating as review in the dia-scribe might be to posit the use in hypothesis and the meaning of brevity the connected for the researcher area of literary ideas even as review strange, mundane, childish, and bizarre ones [this is also review]; contacted with earlier and on-going practicing in the basics of academic formulas; as review and contact treatment response; without the non-anthropological bizarrenesses of sticking to normative external to academic standards of treatment. 

Potential hypothetical placed formula; using literary ideas as review such as dark magic. 

Summa_taking_shape_potential_owls: <displace> dark_magical_conceptions_of_what_means_fit_back_upon_normative_thus_far_standards_of_vehicles_for_example_and_such_forth_

Three. The next bookmark demonstrates the cultural archaic or almost archaic usual which is the prior to re-ordering of the primaries out-shadowing the center non-primary and possibly non-primaries; is the structure of bookmark brings about more ideas of terms of common current work and past common work in the academic range of the researcher; ideas such as review from structures including literary structures of portals. Consideration of the bookmark demonstrated as review flash flooding to the horizon as review of former choices for the non-primary center; spreading in appropriate cross-over as indulgence to primaries with a separate sense of conditioning of the flash flooding from bookmark; can lap-side into the construction of real dreams such as the dropping into portals for the victims-and-clients of these categories and any others of even such non-stance who may ordinarily and naturally qualify; further determinant-ing as is literary review conceptions of reality for use; by esp. the victims-and-clients. The bookmark flash flooding basic connection may be contacted by a loose rhetoric and literary based formula; as demonstrated in category two; just to do more with the non-energy budding of victims-and-clients cultures which have washed away the ideas of hope in these categories, of definitions of victims-and-clients.

Potential non-energy budding formula:

Summa_flash_flooding_bookmark: <displace> non_energy_buds_without_the_regulating_of_meanings_hope_and_so_forth


Back, to reading notes: part, Pigs

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed, up on: 12219

[also in this form: fvppostingon12219]


[tag[s]: reading notes,]


cited: p. 113  “ We were muddy.”

cited: p. 113  “ We were always muddy, …”

accompanying theme: everyday’s concealer?


cited: p. 113 “… how I had to make my own stage makeup out of

brick dust and lard?”


the name “Edna” almost pops out

at cited: p. 114

though present all along [in these few pages]


As obvious

the usual applicable

cliché is that actual

doesn’t of course belong

with “Ed for1fvppostingon12219

but if you

look more at versions of

“-na” culture cliché could

re-translate to; including “Ed—-”

also. What example of “—na”

—-not applicable; a common version

of could be pigs not applicable


from the often pigs fly  [italics]

then what.

then how.



sv: acting out; a city cited: navy [ … usual clichés] but a cited : navy victim skit [ … does this mean?]

sv: in / of homelessness. Oh wait, …


So-fa = Couch? The Building of Hypo-thesis

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[and also in this form: So]

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 12118

tag[s]: bizarre abstract beginning comprehensions diagnosed, historical research for the cited: vhp, psychic oddities


source, cited: [again] Vietnam The Real War, cited: p.83


Date: 1.19.18


“coffee table”

artifact like study?

[how accurate from even a biographical book is not the point here, now]

[can it create even an inaccurate-r reality diagram]

[what might be the convening point]

theme: perhaps notes connected to the cited: vhp


[why artifacts and not articles]


“The” “Quiet” “American” where “Q” sounds like “C” and “c”

because they sound start similar [in sound, again] should they be placed near one another.

In almost like a bizarre psychic theory:

if x’s name

belonged to the sound

is it “cu” –like

then x could be near the same sound belongings for what purpose: relic placement/article placement, recreation modeling?


how about reality diagramming

even an inaccurate reality diagram collects the information a hypothesis might;

at each attention directed … ->

An easy start

placed sounds belonging

similarly in at least

one sound bracket

with a minimum

of three article-relic-variables

[including actual persons]



recorded or not, attended

to [as in attention]



The truth of reality and-or the truth of how to design reality comes about.


Examples, that might be cured:

or could be solved:

(examples hypothetical like fiction but art they to wha-s  extent)

When I go to the department store: I look for red chiffon but only find it once per year? So I usually settle for blue and not green.

After “Vietnam”

veterans that came home had to leave housing behind almost immediately: were dropped at the side of-the: road with trash thrown on-them; something like mandated to never [theme: how long is never]

stay in indoor housing and-or shelter too long; a consequence for/of fighting for freedom: and now how many years later other groups suffer the same fate; is it for the same reason? =fighting for freedom


[theme: cited: freedom fighters]

only now any such group is expected to not exist

in any way; and so is repeatedly given unjust legal trouble, such as: repeated citations concerning rest.


Of course in the consequence of mandating non-justice if even by lying about enforcing it or its name; the consequence in entropy of justice peaks up and gears toward the enforcers of non-justice, and eventually all enablers, and then all left-over participants of … t.b.c. ?




Editor’s Note: The Spacial Catastrophe: You’re not imagining; he was special. Maybe now he’ll be more than special. What a chance; not that there’s anything un,perfect about special-being.

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Date, typed up: 31217

Date worked on: 31117 For the Blog: FVP



by Goura Fotadar

theme: art & cited: the witch goura 3





Pre-cluder: In art makings’ thoughts : Something, body

had irked me as I was looking specifically at make-up

for art; and this doesn’t mean only in its possible healing


theme: the danger is on the lurk.

I mean how could can make-up be used past body

application; and-or decorating piece; for example: carrying

an item around while homeless and propping it in your work-space,

temporary; could depending on the piece-item: scent, color, and frame

the space; even without current application; or recent application:

but here I’m talking about one-step layer [more, so]:

and that’s in art object creation. At first mind’s glance

the thought of using make-up unless it’s like mascara or

something like an ink liner that turns into the piece’s framework:

I would be concerned about the for example: make-up

powder from running down or flaking off from an art piece as

it’s forming. Of course then one has to construct a way for the

part powder to form into the piece likely with Some other, addition;

to it: perhaps as usual to save cost: lotion.

In the cited: source text; Norman Rockwell Artist and IllustratorIMG_20170311_152206[1]

we’re provided an interpretation

aside theme: to heal grief: touch bricks in a finger-brushing cited: the spirit work-out (non-fiction)

side notes: also builds, further hand

dexterity including sense-of-touch

as we’ve seen represented in art ; in this cited source, text:

around p. 45 (cited) IMG_20170311_163508[1]we see instructions on how to

build art captures through techniques

such as running of

the potential         make-up.

theme: gender edifiers {as make-up art inhibition-imbibe}

theme music citation [again]: kate bush running up that hill. 


sleeping outside notes with reading notes , and others

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shelter notes; no, sleeping outside notes;  with reading notes , and others …

where is shelter = sleeping outside or something along that

for The FVP

by Goura Fotadar

source, citation, text: Tracy Barone by “Happy Family”

so actual(l) no-shelter i.e. sleeping outside as a seance – r peering glass: means no drug usage, no abuse

there’d be no way to survive the outside Earth Conditions; under such conditional and non-reformed Living choices; even in the most temperate of climates. So from a clinical perspective some(body) -ies s.o.

(es.o) (in (established.sleeping.outside)) and not lying about is free of infliction abuse, and; drug use; and likely other items of non-reformed Living Choice . . .

p.305 ” … Where she’d worked, in that park with the crazy tent people and trash, there were all kinds of drugs. Drugs going up the nose and in the veins to fill the dark spaces inside. … “

P. 308 and in the case of working for no money; how might you protect yourself against false incriminalization … do these tests; in actuality work: so …

” … You can give me a Breathalyzer. I’m not on drugs. I’ll even piss in a cup, if you can find a clean one … “

p.312 ” Cheri walks into the kitchen wearing the same tank top and underwear, her hair still wet.”

this sounds like the beginning of a sex, scene in romance fiction; and not a possible re-interaction between a mother and an adopted daughter. How ap, propo [sp?] if not correctly translated; soon to-be criminal. theme: scene building(s) in fiction {draw l’arte}

p.315 Doesn’t it depend on who, is dead.

cited: (for) The Death Project; for the supposed ritual of clearing out the clothes, the items, etc.

“” I am going to help you pack up Michael’s clothes. It is not good to sit with them there for so long. You are ready? ” “

So basic   but still: if not “there” than/then wear /where or which “there” might look you for placing the clothing, items of the de


other notes, aside: essentially “no”brake – break in bud get

and depending on the category of

the deceased, to you:

some(body)                     some(body)                               some(body)          The Burial

you didn’t                         you sort-of                                 you liked                     View in this

like                                      didn’t like                                                                           Set (22)


|                                                      |                                                      |

|                                                      |                                                      |

\/                                                     \/                                                     \/

where if different would

you take their clothing, belongings, etc. . . . The Big Quest , on?

theme: also, loot at your calendar

when you’re thinking of death? (a double – mark)

theme: I’m tired of smelling your piss; and piss can’t spell that bad? (fiction theme)

-and here’s an approach when questioned deeper; the character: (response)

p.315 “Cheri has never been particularly sentimental, but she knows she’s not ready to let that shirt go. Cici is sitting on a corner of the bed, looking at her expectantly.”

& then come the observations of action of the deceased in their items: A Memory Death Recollection Builds

P. 315 “How he’d throw off his boots and then later ask, … “

p.317 – and with the death / Death; there-is the mention of “Heaven” and perhaps this character’s  interpretation: of what could be their/ her sight of what “heaven” seem/seam (s) to them; if even away from / close to an actual “heaven”

p. 317, contn. ” … waited to be alone because she’s jonesing … chopped-up Sudafed-pain-pill …”

theme: j,one-sing / jone-sing

” … she knows it’s an empty gesture, like sex (for her?) …” p.317

and finally, maybe a more cliche’ or classically current-worldly view of an actual “heaven” especially after exp-rience-ing the lowly-world-life past another’s death …

“They’re at the seaside chasing waves with Cici’s baby boy and numerous vestal virgins. laughing. “

& then of ca, coarse/course: life’s options(now): “Maybe she’ll just pop the last pain pill and take a bath.”

p.321 and after a bout, services of infidelity “lilacs” also mean :

“To celebrate the fresh start, he had bought her a gift — lilacs, … “

theme: with “lilacs” need to make a sign: stop stealing from homeless people on-the Streets! & Stop asking to … ! (from them/ of them)



the; reading notes from this text, on-forth

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

(reading notes) by Goura Fotadar

source, text, citation: Happy Family (by) Tracy Barone

-no indoor allergies while in space/spot . . .

– no un-necessary materials for present moment : / at that moment

b) how do you further your survive-ability odds:

-practice reliable hygiene: wash and-or clean in some method enough of your used clothing often  enough, even if they are not easily often dry-able (and your-self, obvs.)

-take advantage of the outdoor environment and change your spirit/physical practices

– Ignore and-or boot out all un-helpful nay-sayers

-form a solidarity with safe groups that is un-break-able even with limited verbal contact: frequent enough solitary / dual* ly / etc. placement even in limited verbal contact is one highly functional definition of solidarity

-if possible connect yourself to an advantaged resource plaza one or as are accessible whenever is convenient and regular enough; so that no incompetence finds a stake-hold nearness to, in proximity of; these barely survivable conditions

-ensure that you still have the ability to do some work that you actually “like” if even un-paid for while living in such condition; to create an economic loss for those that allow such unjust ordinance past-times to pssh pass in sweltering shelter.












e –

we called parents versus competence / and-or parents, real

theme :2? : there are like  thee three sixteens or something …

theme: honestly, … is so far gone; I doubt … even r-embers who I am. theme, for: … in this {set}

Pontificating line. p. 301 “Oh, look: there are a few perfect ly good … in the ashtray. God Provides.”

Pontificating word: p. 301 “infinte si mally” {in analysis:} infinites: i’m ally! 

p. 305 & look at this relevant description of “tent people.” giving us a nice view or look at what could be perceived of people  resting/staying on-the Streets; if even they produce work (no money?) for a living. Are they really all on drugs ; maybe some in – the past, but all ? But very few in-the present ; who are actually rest-sleeping in-the Street could be on-drugs: how would you survive in the temperature on-the streets /and-or outside Earth conditions: while being on Drugs?  (… quote coming up)

theme’s cited: “I’d rather be with you” (shelter/tradi-housing?) Bootsy Collins

Service of a Slave: Freeing Notions of Virtue?

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From “Chapter 1 | 159-160
But friendship and generosity, which accomplish this recognition of freedoms concretely, are not easy virtues; they are undoubtedly man’s highest accomplishments; this is where he is in his truth: but this truth is a struggle endlessly begun, endlessly abolished; it demands that man surpass himself at each instant.”
” | 159
“But in work and fear the slave experiences himself as essential, and by a dialectical reversal the master appears the inessential one.”

A topic that has deeply caused me disturbance for nearly a decade, from a spiritual perspective on service, is now being examined through one text’s chapter.
Service of a Slave: Freeing Notions of Virtue?

in the room
in the room

Date: 05.21.15
Time: 06:19 PM

At the risk of sounding to be blasphemous, this text in these quotes points to God or the concept of Lord as a sort or t

on the quill
on the quill

ype of Slave master to any who are at such a Deity’s complete submission and under God; in this case, meaning Supreme Lord’s, complete control. This text further supports

and points to a case of service creating hope; defined here as being a concept of virtue, in that the slave is able somewhere in an unknowable but surely approaching future, to experience freedom from Lord the Master; that is, by complete control over the slave, the Lord has relinquished rights of service, and so created a reality where a slave has something that the Lord does not: a type of freedom; that is service. Then one must wonder if one freedom exists because of slavery; how many more are to follow? Further, perhaps than this is why a devotion of service exists; for as the slave becomes more free; having reached a reality of Hope where more than one freedom is accomplished by the slave; the slave might begin to see this all as part of the Lord’s Plan to Freedom. But, might the slave, wonder; could not it have been done in a more, free way. Might also not the slave wonder; as hope becomes part of the slave’s reality, how did the Lord come to be master; for surely prior to the slave had there been others. For surely, after this slave has accomplished freedom, will there be others.

de Beauvoir, Simone
A new translation of the landmark classic by Constance Borde and
Sheila Malovany-Chevallier / Introduction by Judith Thurman