police action

in a time compress thanks to the menlo park p.d. and librarians and other “authorities”

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Declaration of civilian welfare and provisions for all actualized [i.e. non-civilian welfare et al too] personnel of non-civilian status.




Sub-line: It’s a time of catastrophe.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By goura fotadar.

theme: we’re already homeless outside; and what do you else want; is now completely illegal.

theme: who is-r the real cops.

I was horrified and astonished again; by the employees and volunteer-workers of inside 555 ravenswood ave. in menlo park, ca to defend their drunken debauchery; the called the police on all law-abiding functional homeless people hidden in the bushes; when questioned they denied this horrific and unlawful solicitation.



[near my now former hidden sleep spot]




look at the blatant hitler association


yes; that’s right he thinks this is a picture opp as he unjustly homicides my and other people’s existence; well all of them


she swears she didn’t call the cops in a civil rights violation but then she did it again …

a woman staking me after the event while I was at church


the chapel line hours is the last line blurred by my rush: to another church due to the false persecution of the lady abiding there as nun or something …



The police when questioned had another story.

The residing police responders were something like named.

J Luevano

J Venezon

And also some cop on a motorcycle referencing his supposed degree from Stanford University. [Not to forget the belligerent police workers behind the desk at the police station in the Burgess Park area. ]

Under oath all cops confessed all unwarranted police action; and admitted to wanting to witness functional homeless people in acts of rape in shelters;

When following their order to remove and relocate the were unable to assign a new spot the still filed a belligerent citation and attempted to halt all conversations of functional homeless people; and also unable to definitely certify a shelter as safe; failing the activity of actual police work; they also admitted under oath that they are often tasering people who are not committing crime. Further Sister something or the other at a connecting Corpus Christi admitted to calling these now false police officers if she saw anybody praying  and or meditating for too long despite open and posted chapel hours; during this these times [see photograph]


The coordinating officers also were presumably on an extended amount of illegal substances. When I told them that I was not committing crime they told me to shut up and go away; they then told me that I was dirty and I stink.

My petition is for the firing of them and all “authorities” who are benefacted in heinous action.

In urgent action; the homeless people have been moved from hidden spots to public spots under the perverted attempts of the public who simply does not work hard enough; and are in dire need of two large-ish tents for use and saving eye from the disruptive and non-reformed criminal public.

These police officers committed something like 4  crimes per five minutes; and continued to ensure their act of racism by further misspelling the names and genders of people who weren’t actually committing crime. Futher; they ensued a stalking provision crime of the functional homeless people and attempted to have them attacked by nearing adulthood male children; in an attempt of I presume “bullying”


The names identified on the scene of repeated perpetrated crime are: James Luevano,


back to my original and or new spot where the police first started harrassing me for being homeless of all things to be harrassed for …


the new spread out in the open again; to open eyes of false judgment librarians, authorities and police officers and train staff in the area … and the etc.

the bladder bottle art piece still convening into formation;


Susan Holmer, Kris Spencer-Jones; men chopping up trees and bushes; and all stalking accompaniments; further there are people posing as homeless dissuading the effort to effectively survive while homeless.

They cut into something like five hours of my personal working time; without compensating the loss they created in their inability to do their jobs.

Here’s evidence of my enforced move; and still the issuance of the citation; in a my god a criminal court; as if I am one; I encourage all pertaining to watch all abiding surveillance of the videos during all connected interchanges; and the scribble of two complaint notes of their action; and the middle period of their stalking between the complaints was when the citation was illegally given. They also confessed that they wanted to use my identity for themselves in the absurdity of all perhaps factors of the incident.

the spot as I left it:


[oh it’s so dirty they screamed oh it’s dirty; they screamed; like fiction]

[they also confessed that they were going to pretend they were the ones doing all the heavy lifting in the situation; and that they knew this wasn’t the truth]



key facts: the need for tents to enable protection of public vision to secured rest spots. [two medium to  large size per person]

The missing legal defense of these false inheritors of others safety

The continued attempt of [false] criminalization on hard-working citizens; I’m pushing this out in less than two hours.


[the environment I was removed from]

the organization of the “cops” of my belongings as I begin the move; and

the pretense that it’s they are their belongings:


the street nearby;