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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

typed up: 02/20/23; worked on: 01/28/23 up till typed up date

by goura fotadar

tag[s]: reading notes

source, citation, 1: in asian text; “that blue ocean”

cited pg. 148

in this case the window has a face 

which has a slant and like most faces

it has an expression; and a slanted expression

next to the face is hair

it’s unclear if the hair is braided

because it appears in stacks; or at least two stacks

looking closely it might be one braid

as tied by a rubber-band

and there also appear to be two barrettes; and-or hair-pins

now; having gone over this plausibility

the focus on the expression

in view appears unclear to be of smile-related past the 

normal sense of line-ish to the usual smile-related

yet there is the expression

in coming to culture of windows from this one image

translation; we may jump one of those usual ideas

of faces in window;


<displace> sum_of_this_image_translation:  cited_dark_magical_to_windows

source, citation, 2: no judgments, meg cabot

cited pg. 78

“He’d changed out of the beat-up T-shirt

he’d been wearing earlier in the day into 

a soft blue chambray button-down and a pair of

chinos so faded they looked almost white.”

sum_of_”faded”: <displace> cited_dark_magical_”chinos”_scenery

cited pg. 82

” …, the pool glowed iridescently in the darkness of the yard,

a shimmering sapphire amid the bright ruby and topaz tiki

torches …”

sum_of_”glowed”: <displace> cited_dark_magical_”sapphire”_”ruby”_”topaz”

sum_of_”iridescently” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”bright”_”torches”

cited pg. 112

“Maybe it was the coming storm.”

sum_of_stones: <displace> cited_dark_magical_from_word_”storm”s

cited pg. 119

“those bright blue irises, the same color as the water in Mrs. Hartwell’s pool  . . .

and gleaming just about as brightly.”

sum_of_”irises” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”gleaming” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”brightly”  : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

cited pg. 120

“The fragrance of night-blooming jasmine was heavy

in the air.”

sum_of_”fragrance” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”night-blooming” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”night-blooming”_stones_from

sum_of_”jasmine” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”jasmine”_stones_from

sum_of_”heavy”: <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”in the air” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from 

cited pg. 120

” “Because it’s purple? ” “


sum_of_”purple” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”purple”_stones_from

cited pg. 120

” …, poking at the wicker basket, …”

sum_of_”wicker basket” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”wicker basket”_stones_from_and_cited_dark_magical_strawberries_from

cited pg. 120

” … “and the plastic flowers. They’re a nice touch.” “

sum_of_”plastic flowers” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”plastic flowers”_stones_from

sum_of_”nice touch” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”nice touch”_stones_from

cited pg. 121

”  “I happen to like flowers.” “

sum_of_”flowers” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

” … as purple bicycles with flowered baskets, and perhaps even pink salt –“

sum_of_”purple bicycles” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”flowered baskets” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”pink salt” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”pink salt”_stones_from

cited pg. 124

” … Bree, the plucky, long-working, pink-haired waitress, living entirely on her own.” 

sum_of_”plucky” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”pink-haired” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”pink-haired”_stones_from

sum_of_”waitress” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”waitress”_stones_from

cited pgs. 127-128

” …, every dark eyelash rimming those ocean blue eyes …”

sum_of_”eyelash” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”dark” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”ocean blue eyes” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”rimming” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

cited pg. 128

” … up at the sky, and the dark clouds sliding across it, and felt relieved …”

sum_of_”up at the sky” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”the dark clouds” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”sliding across it” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”felt relieved” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

cited pg. 129

” … a Fresh Water do you think I am, …”

sum_of_”a Fresh Water” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

(more than a-usual, review.)

sum_of_”I am” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from 

cited pg. 129

” “Phone my aunt when you get home, …” “

sum_of_”Phone”s : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

(a repeat, sort of.)

sum_of_”Phone”s : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”home”s_from

sum_of_”Phone”s : <displace> cited_dark_magical_savings_from

sum_of_”Phone”s: <displace> cited_dark_magical_money_from 

sum_of_”home”s: <displace> cited_dark_magical_jewel-stones_from

sum_of_”aunt” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_vegetables_from

cited pg. 130

” … couldn’t see through the thin material of my dress how hard my heart 

was hammering … ” 

(almost a, repeat)

sum_of_”see through” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_flowers_from

sum_of_”couldn’t” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”the thin material” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”dress” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”hard my heart” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”hammering” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

review for publishings

 cited pg. 133

“I slipped off my wedges and hauled a can of sparkling water from the fridge.”

sum_of_”slipped off” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_items_from

sum_of_”my wedges” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_streets_from

sum_of_”hauled” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_places_from


sum_of_”a can of sparkling water” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_cited_hogwarts_from

sum_of_”from the fridge” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

(some review; with addition)

sum_of_”faded”:  <displace> cited_dark_magical_”chinos”_scenery_from

cited pg. 82

” …, the pool glowed iridescently in the darkness of the yard,

a shimmering sapphire amid the bright ruby and topaz tiki

torches …”

sum_of_”glowed”: <displace> cited_dark_magical_”sapphire”_”ruby”_”topaz”_from

sum_of_”iridescently” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”bright”_”torches”_from

cited pg. 112

“Maybe it was the coming storm.”

sum_of_stones: <displace> cited_dark_magical_from_word_”storm”s_from

cited pg. 140

“I could see that some of the pink and white blossoms on the

frangipani had been sent skittering across the courtyard,

piling up against our front door, where they lay like inert ballerinas,

their tutus deflated.” 

sum_of_”pink and white blossoms” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_texts_from

sum_of_”on the frangipani” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_books_from

sum_of_”skittering across the courtyard” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_makeup_from

(adaptation from review of regular-like)

quotient_of_”piling up against our front door” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”door”s_from

quotient_of_”where they lay like inert ballerinas” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_scents_from

quotient_of_”their tutus deflated” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_planes_from

cited pg. 149

“The frangipani tree that for the entire time I’d lived there had provided

shade and, at least part of the year, beauty and fragrance from its blossoms,

was gone.”

sum_of_”The frangipani tree” : <displace>  cited_dark_magical_stones_from

sum_of_”had provided shade” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_dolls_from

quotient_of_”year, beauty and fragrance” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

quotient_of_”its blossoms, was gone” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_vehicles_from

cited pg. 150

“Except for the wind, which continued to lazily sweep the frangipani blossoms

back and forth across the tiles, the courtyard was completely still. The mockingbird 

that for so long had perched atop the tree and sung its little heart out was gone.”

phylo_of_”the wind” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_dolls_from

tapha_of_”to lazily sweep the frangipani blossoms” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

bellu_of_”back and forth across the tiles” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_clothes_from

phylo_of_”the courtyard was completely still” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_mirrors_from

quotient_of_”the mockingbird that for so long” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_counters_from 

tapha_of_”had perched atop the tree” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”tree”s_from

bellu_of_”sung its little heart out was gone” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_windows_from

cited pg. 167

“So in addition to the candles and batteries, I threw the chips and charcuterie I’d bought

at Frank’s Food Emporium into a canvas shopping tote, as well.”

quotient_of_”the candles and batteries” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_jewels_from

tapha_of_”threw the chips and charcuterie” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_food_from

bellu_of_”bought at Frank’s Food Emporium” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_products_from

phylo_of_”a canvas shopping tote” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_soaps_from

cited pg. 169

“I snatched the candle out of his hand and stuffed it back into the tote. ” Lavender is

a little-known mosquito repellant,” I said. “Everyone is going to want my candle when

mosquitoes start bothering us.”  ” 

ligaments_of_”the candle out of his hand” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_lights_from

legs_of_”stuffed it back into the tote” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_herbs_from

january_of_”Lavender is a little-known mosquito repellant,” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

nails_of_”want my candle when mosquitoes start bothering” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_nails_from

cited pgs. 169 -170

“I looked at my cloud paintings, still sitting on the coffee table. It pained me to admit 

he was right about something.” 

quotient_of_”looked at my cloud paintings …” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_scents_from

looks_of_”sitting on the coffee table” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_cleaners_from

correcting_plagiarism_”right about something” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_fixers_from

cited pg. 172

“Every holiday, she made tons of loaves, which she shipped off to various

members of her family, …”

alpha_of_”loaves” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_liquids_from

omega_of_”tons” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_pills_from

oranges_of_”holiday”s : <displace> cited_dark_magical_fixers_from

quotient_of_”shipped” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_grapes_from

eggs_of_”family” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_dressings_from

cited pg. 175

” … in cornflower blue overlaid with gold fleur-de-lis …”

sum_of_”cornflower blue” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”blue”_from

quotient_of_”overlaid with gold fleur-de-lis” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_paper_from

cited pg. 175

” … I noticed that he was eyeing one of the antique love seats, with its temptingly puffy pink silk cushion …”

boxes_of_”eyeing” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_pills_from

bottles_of_”antique love seats” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_toys_from

medicine_bottles_of_”temptingly puffy pink silk cushion” : <displace>  cited_dark_magical_bags_from 

cited pg. 175

“The first-floor library — with its own set of French doors that I could close off from the rest of the house for privacy, …”

sum_of_”The first-floor library” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”librar–“ies

sum_of_”its own set of French doors” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_venues

sum_of_”the rest of the house” : <displace>  cited_dark_magical_”house”s

sum_of_”for privacy” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”privacy”

cited pg. 178

” … so fun but so out of place in such a historic home …” 

sum_of_”historic home” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_”historic”

cited pg. 188

” … at your aunt’s house on the highest point on the island …” 

quotient_of_”aunt’s house” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_relational_places

(cited: recent publications)

summa_of_”highest point” : <displace + + + * – – –  + +…> || majestic + + + * … || cited_dark_magical_food

cited pg. 198

” … at my auntie’s house eating her lemon pudding cake  …”

quotient_of_”lemon pudding cake” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_sticks_from

such as, review.

summa_of_”auntie’s house” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_stones_from

cited pg. 199

” … that he seemed often to have left parked overnight in front of multiple women’s homes …” 

quita_of_”he seemed” : <displace>  cited_dark_magical_technology_from

tappho_of_”left parked overnight” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_pushes_from

alpha_of_”front of multiple women’s homes …” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_dolls_from

cited pg. 203

” … “Anything involving machines. …” “

omega_of_” “involving machines” ” : <displace> cited_dark_magical_texts 

source, citation 3: love and rockets, new stories, no. 7, the hernandez brothers

obvious, on-going; theoretical, theme: cited: dark_magical

(cited inside cover)

“She reminded me of all the girls I knew in the ’80s, the punkers and the new wave dirty sweet sirens who hung out at the music festivals and waited with me out back after the shows to get autographs or engage in some awkward exchange with the performers.”

<displace> “some awkward exchange with the performers …” to_create_cited_dark_magical_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_wands

<displace> “…reminded me of all the girls I knew in the ’80s, the punkers and the new wave dirty sweet sirens …” to_create_cited_dark_magical_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_wands

<displace> ” … waited with me out back after the shows to get autographs …” to_create_cited_dark_magical_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_wands

“I never had the opportunity to write you a letter, maybe because I am part of your majority silent fanbase. I discovered Love and Rockets back in 1990, when I was a student.” 

<displace> “the opportunity to write you a letter, …”


<displace> ” … back in 1990, when I was a student …”


(cited pg. 1)


<displace> ” … KILLER IN …”


(cited pg. 2)

” < I used to know someone that wanted to be a famous movie star …> “

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_wands

(cited pg. 3)

” <I didn’t throw it in that far! The current should’ve brought it back to the water’s edge.>

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_potions_and_cited_


(cited pg. 5)

” <I would if it paid my bills.>

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_wands_



(cited pg. 6)

“<If I could change places with everybody that died on that day, I would, Tia.> “



“<Talking to yourself again, senorita, or is it a ghost?”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”Talking”_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_”ghost”_stones

(cited pg. 7)

” … drown myself in the bathtub …”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”bathtub”_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_


(cited pg. 8)

” you’re the insane one. c’mon, electrify me …”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”insane”_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_


(cited pg. 9)

“Do I look at the camera or do I look at me?”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”look”ing_potions_


(cited pg. 10)

” your lips say no but your eyes say yes …” 

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”lips”_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_”say”_


(cited pg. 11)

“She’s so beautiful, hopey.”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”beautiful”_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_”beautiful”_


(cited pg. 12)

“My son is five and terrified of singing flowers!”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”five”_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_


(cited pg. 13)

“You had to ruin my day, didn’t you?”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”ruin”_


“We should have stayed on that train till it derailed.”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”train”_potions_and_cited_dark_


(cited pg … ?)

“Jo Buck and the midnight cowgirls are playing tonight at the old woolworths.”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”midnight”_potions_and_cited_dark_



(cited pg. 14)

“Snowball’s chance up my gassy ass.”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”Snowball’s”_potions_and_cited_dark_


“Remember the old vogue theater?”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”vogue”_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_”theater”_wands

“The paper said seven, smedley.”

<displace> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”seven”_potions_and_cited_”smedley”_wands

(cited pg. 15)

“she also  

“she only likes shows about nannies and he likes penguins.”

<displace + + + * * * … > to_create_cited_dark_magical_”shows”_potions_and_cited_dark_magical_


(cited pg. 16)

“her name rhymes with tuna.”

<displace + + + * * * * …> to_create_cited_dark_magical_”rhymes”_



consider example of “break up” inferred

(cited pg. 18)

“my faithful assistant e-gore has been stricken with a decapitating virus …” 

<displace + + + * * * * …>



“my god, why did we ever break up?”

<displace + + + * * * * * + + + …>



(cited pg. 19)

“I’m in this movie a little more than the other one.”

<displace + + + * * * * + + + …>

to_create_cited_dark_magical_”more than”_potions_and_cited_dark_


(cited pg. 21)

“Return with me to the city, and I’ll make you a star!”



“go back to your cold and uncaring world!”



(cited pg. 22)

“you just go away and stay away!”


dark_magical_”stay away”_potions

(cited pg. 23)

“will we have to move?”



“you’ll be making their dreams come true.” 



(cited pg. 24)

“my mama and my sisters and brother would love to know that I found you.” 



“too much blue eyeshadow, girls?”




(cited pg. 25)

“since when does big sister start talking like she’s the boss of me?”



“the only other person here is maria, and she won’t tell your husband,

she’ll just pee on him.”




to_create_cited_dark_magical_”bath”_potions …

(cited pg. 26)

“time for your bath, babygirl.”


(cited pg. 27)

“yeah … another delusional wannabe.”



“not without a fight.”



(cited pg. 28)

“some causing more grief than you could predict.”



(cited pg. 31)

“this is not the armory. it’s further up the road.” 



(cited pg. 34)

“flying carpet, come to me!”



(cited pg. 35)

“I do prefer to use my magic to help people. zim. zam. zum.”




(cited pg. 36)

“please excuse my intrusion, but I am in desperate need of your help.”




(cited pg. 37)

“morgana burns with envy over my eternal beauty, larger bosom, and hazel cat’s eyes!”


magical_”eternal beauty”_wands_and_cited_dark_

magical_”hazel cat’s”_stones_and_cited_dark_magical_”envy”_doorknobs 

(cited pg. 39)

“I love the screams of blood- curdling death!”




(cited pg. 42)

“take me back up to the balcony!”

to_create_cited_dark_magical_”back up”_potions_and_


sum_of_this_reading_analysis: to_create_cited_dark_magical_pathways_and




thinking about why not. doll, 

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practices such as made-up in rhetoric 

theme, motifs: make-up

review basic references of comp. sci. 

review. for the next upcoming cited: the witch goura & cited: rum’s theory 

worked on: late December 2022; date typed up on: 122622

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

[source, citation #1: The Dark Star: Large Print, Robert William Chambers]

|| set || dark_magical_spells_converter_and_<displace> 

[seen in, chapter 5]

” … sedentary one, had changed the smoothly tanned and slightly freckled cheeks of Rue Carew to a thinner and paler oval.”

<displace> “cheeks” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky : doll “cheeks”

<create> “oval” —>dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll “oval”s

“Under her transparent skin a tea- rose pink came and went; under grey eyes lay bluish shadows.”

<build> “tea- rose pink” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s scent “bluish shadows”

“Also, floating particles of dust, fleecy and microscopic motes of cotton and wool filling the air in the room where Ruhannah worked, had begun to irritate her throat and bronchial tubes; and the girl developed an intermittent cough.” 

<move> bronchial tubes —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “bronchial tubes” and doll’s “motes of cotton and wool”

“The intense blue of the sky had altered since noon; the west became gradually duller and the air stiller; and now, over the Gayfield hills, a tall cloud thrust up silvery-edged convolutions toward a zenith still royally and magnificently blue.” 

<rotund> “blue” —->dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s vegan “silvery-edged” “cloud”s

|”cloud”| “Gayfield hills” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s vegan “intense” “convolutions”

“Ruhannah, dragging her fish over the grass, was coming toward them; and the man called Eddie stepped forward to bar her progress.”

|majestic| “fish over the grass” —-> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s vegan “bar” “progress”

“They climbed the flight of steps to the verandah, through a rapidly thickening gloom which was ripped wide open at intervals by lightning.” 

<move> sum_of_”verandah”s —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “verandah”s  “gloom” “lightning” in_sky 

[seen in, chapter 11]

“He entered the deserted dining-room, came over to where Rue was waiting, and sat down, heavily, holding an unlighted cigar between his stubby fingers.” 

||cavendish|| “cigar”s —>dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “cigar”s 

“He leaned across the cloth and laid a hot, cushiony hand over both of hers, where they lay primly clasped on the table edge:”

<build> “cloth” —>dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “prim …” in_sky

“The women, who were young and brightly coloured in plumage, displayed a sympathetic interest at once.”

<build> “plumage” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “plumage” “brightly” “colored” 

[seen in, Chapter 12]

“Her hat, with its cheap blue enamel pins sticking in the crown, lay on his desk; her hair, partly loosened, shadowed a young face grown pinched with weariness; and the reaction from shock was already making her grey eyes heavy and edging the under lids with bluish shadows.” 

<create> “hat” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: doll’s “crown” “desk” in_sky

|| majestic || “bluish shadows” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: “under” “lids” in_sky

” “I can’t go back to Brookhollow. It’s ended. I couldn’t bear to let them know what has happened to me.” “

<build> “Brookhollow” —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: “Brookhollow” “happened” in_sky

“When she emerged from his room with her hat and gloves on, the taxicab was audible in the street below.” 

<displace> “taxicab” — < dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: “hat” “gloves” “audible” in_sky

“So he went out, and at the door exchanged adieux with the smiling Princess.”

|| majestic || “adieux” —-> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_nova: “Princess” in_sky

[seen in, Chapter 13]

“Neeland had several letters from Ruhannah Carew …”

<displace> “several” —- < dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “letters” in_sky

” … I am homesick …”

<displace> “homesick” —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Ruhannah Crew” in_sky stone

“But the last two days I went on deck with the Princess Mistchenka and her maid, and I enjoyed the sea.” 

<create> & <displace> dolls “deck”s —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Princess” & “maid” & “sea” stones in_sky

” … I have passed through the most awful part of my life, I think.”

<build> “passed” dolls  —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “awful” “life” stone in_sky

<create> “think” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “through” stones in_sky

“I feel strange and different, as though I had been very sick, and had died, and as though it were another girl sitting here writing to you, and not the girl who was in your studio last  August.” 

<displace> “strange” & “different” dolls  —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “studio” & “August” & “sick” stones in_sky

“I had always expected happiness some day. Now I know I shall never have it.” 

<displace> “always expected” dolls < . > dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “happiness” & “day” & “shall” stones in_sky

“I should like to make a great deal of money so that when I die I can leave it to charity.” 

|| “money” || –> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “charity” & “great” & “deal” stones  in_sky

“I often think of becoming a nun and going out to nurse lepers.” 

|| “nun” || —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: dolls & “lepers” & “becoming” stones in_sky

“Paris is very large and a sort of silvery grey colour, full of trees with yellowing leaves—but Oh, it is so lonely, Mr. Neeland!”

(cited: brainstormers et al) 

|| farms light || —<  dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: dolls & stones & “silvery grey colour” in_sky

|| “Paris” dolls || —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “trees” stones in_sky

<create> “yellowing” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “lonely” stones in_sky

“I am afraid you won’t understand how full of gratitude I am, to you and to the Princess Mistchenka.” 

|| “gratitude” || —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: dolls & stones & “Mistchenka” “full” in_sky

“I have the prettiest little bedroom in her house.” 

|| “prettiest” || stones_as_dolls_and_dolls_as_stones —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “little” “bedroom”s in_sky

|| “house”s || —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “her” stones in_sky

“There is a pink shade on my night lamp.”

<create> “shade” lipsticks —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “pink” & “night” & “lamp”s in_sky 

“It’s humiliating, isn’t it, for even the very little children speak French in Paris.” 

<move> “humiliating” ——< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: doors & dolls & stones “speak French” in_sky

<displace> “Paris” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones & “it” in_sky

“I am to study drawing and painting at a studio for women.” 

<displace> “study” dolls —-<

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “studio” & “drawing” & “painting” stones in_sky 

“The kind Princess has arranged it.” 

<displace> “Princess” dolls —<

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “kind” & “has” stones in_sky

<build> “arranged” dolls —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones in_sky

“I am also to study piano and voice culture.”

<create> “voice” dolls —> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “piano” in_sky

<create> “culture” dolls —>

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “study” in_sky

” … Such lovely clothes and shoes and hats —and other things about which I never even heard in Brookhollow.” 


<displace> “Brookhollow” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones in_sky

<create> “lovely clothes and shoes and hats” —-<

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones in_sky

“The high arches and jewelled windows and the candles and the dull roar of the organ drove from my mind …”

<build> “high arches” “and jewelled windows” “and the candles” in rooms and in dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: stones in_sky

” … it was as though an ocean were rolling and thundering over me where I lay drowned in a most deep place … “

<build> “drowned” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “rolling” stones in_sky

<create> “ocean” dolls —-< 

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “thundering” stones in_sky

<displace> “though” dolls and “though” external rooms —-<


“deep” stones in_sky

“For youth days dawn and vanish in the space of a fire-fly’s lingering flash: and the movements swarm by like a flight of distracted golden butterflies … ” 

<displace> “lingering” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “flash” stones in_sky

<create> “golden butterflies” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “distracted” stones in_sky

<build> “youth” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “fire-fly’s” stones in_sky

<displace> “movements” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “swarm” stones in_sky

<displace> “dawn” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “vanish” stones in_sky

<displace> “space” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:

“flight” stones in_sky

“Doubtless you have already heard of the sad death of Ruhannah’s parents—…”

<displace> “Doubtless” dolls —-<  dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “sad” “death” stones in_sky

<displace> “Ruhannah’s parents” stones —-<

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “have” “already” stones in_sky

“A suit for annulment is possible.”  

<displace> “suit” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “annulment” stones in_sky

“Please have the house at Brookhollow locked up and keep the keys …” 

<displace> “house” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Brookhollow” stones in_sky

<displace> “Please” dolls —<


”keys” stones in_sky

“It was a slightly dull, laboured, almost emotionless letter.” 

<displace> “dull” dolls —-<


“laboured” stones in_sky

<displace> “emotionless” dolls —< 


“letter” stones in_sky

<displace> “almost” dolls —-<


“slightly” stones in_sky

“It is difficult, it is absorbing, it requires energy, persistence, self-denial; but it is fascinating, satisfying, glorious.”

<displace> “glorious” dolls —-< 

dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “absorbing” stones in_sky

<waste> “energy” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “persistence” stones in_sky

<create> “self-denial” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “fascinating” stones in_sky

” … I descend into depths of despair and I presently soar up out of those depressing depths into intoxicating altitudes of aspiration and self-confidence …”

<create> “depths” “descend” —–< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “despair” dolls in_sky

<displace> “intoxicating” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “altitudes” stones in_sky

<waste> “self-confidence” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “soar up” dolls in_sky

“The Princess Mistchenka is such a darling!”

<waste> “darling” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Mistchenka” stones in_sky

” … we have been to the Louvre and the Luxembourg many times; to St. Cloud, Versailles, Fontainbleau.”

<displace> “Louvre” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “many” stones in_sky

<create> “Luxembourg” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “St. Cloud” stones in_sky

<build> “Versailles” —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “times” dolls in_sky 

<create> “Fontainbleau” —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “we” dolls in_sky

[source, citation #2: Divine Secrets of the YA-YA SISTERHOOD, Rebecca Wells]

“Sidda is a girl again in the hot heart of Louisiana, the bayou world of Catholic saints and voodoo queens.”  [first page]

<create> “queens” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “hot” “heart” stones in_sky

<build> “Louisiana” non-galaxy-theoretical_buildings_through_manifestation —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “bayou” & holy “voodoo” stones in_sky

<set> “girl” bills <.> dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “saints” dolls in_sky

<build> “Sidda” post-galaxy_theoretical_buildings_through_mansion_manifestation —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Catholic” “world” stones in_sky

“She wondered where she’d put the Xanax.” [page 6] 

<build> “Xanax” non_galaxy_theoretical_buildings_through_manifestation —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “wondered” stones in_sky

                       || majestic || “Xanax” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “where” stones in_sky 

“She walked to the window of her twenty-second-floor apartment in Manhattan Plaza.” [page 6]

<set> “Manhattan Plaza” dolls —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “window” dolls in_sky

<create> “apartment” external-see-throughs —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow:  “walked” stones in_sky

“But all she wanted to do was lie in bed, eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and hide from the alligators.” [pg. 10]

[cited: brainstormers et al]

<waste> “bed”s —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Macaroni” dolls in_sky

<build> “alligators” non-Galaxy_theoretical_buildings_through_manifestation —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Cheese” dolls in_sky

<displace> “Kraft” non-Galaxy_theoretical_buildings_through_manifestation_and_goods_from_these_through_manifestation —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “lie” dolls in_sky

” I’m marrying the man I love on December 18.” [page 11]

<set> “man I love” Vermont —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “December 18” dolls in_sky

<displace> “I’m” dolls Vermont —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “on” stones in_sky

” … while the moon outside her window shone down onto the glassy surface of Lake Washington, Siddalee Walker …” [page 11]

<set> “the moon outside” Vermont —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “glassy” dolls in_sky

<build> “surface” Vermont —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “Lake Washington” dolls in_sky

<place> “while” Lake Champlain —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_anthem_dark_sky_dark_shadow: “window” “Siddalee Walker” dolls in_sky

” … she knew for certain that her Connor, her beloved, had died in his sleep as he lay in the bed beside her …”  [page 11]

<set> “Connor” teddy-bears Bar Harbor —–< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “her beloved” dolls in_sky

<displace> Salem Witch Museum  & Salem “bed beside her” stones —< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “certain” dolls in_sky

“I know it, she thought. He has left me. He is gone. Forever.” [page 11]

<set> “Forever” places —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “gone” stones in_sky

“She sat down at the wrought-iron patio table where she’d set up the Ouija Board.” [page 73]


<build> gigantic “Ouija Board”s non-galaxy_theoretical_architectural_through_manifestation_buildings —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “patio table” stones in_sky

” … was responsible for the fact that all the children (and also several of the adults) were wearing Halloween costumes …” [page 543]

<set> “Halloween costumes” as_clothes —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “wearing” stones in_sky

<displace> “responsible” dolls —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “children” stones in_sky

<build> “several” “adults” stones —-< dark_magic_dark_magical_dark_magically_dark_maude_dark_sky_dark_anthem_dark_shadow: “fact” dolls in_sky 

Hope, always; continued

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 121122; date worked on: 101222

tag[s]: cited: creative thought

along with chess club

Hope, always. possibly, re-visited;

The victim’s physical states are something uncommonly focused on by his supposed caretakers. It’s confusing for him; and everyone else; as he’s growing through his various stages of development. Review. The usual-usual – So his supposed caretakers attempt to place people; personas; around him that are bizarrely sympathetic to them.

Chess. Club. In a tying moment phases of development somehow seen through physical states; as just mentioned; translates to physical posturing from one-point state for another victim.

Personal journal style brief.

Then in glancing through; working on stuff …

the review of the …

“The geometry of the rectangular form of the …”

In a book that at this point is even on brief glancing able

to demonstrate some of that suggested in description

[cited p.178; gustav klimt, the magic of line …]

Back, to H.A. & C.C.

A combined treatment

formula could.


using the rectangle

treatment formula:

sum_of [rectangles]: <displace>


cards, cont.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 10/01/22; date worked on: 08/04/22

tag[s]: reading analysis

[source, citation: Anne Frank, The diary of a young girl; with an introduction by Eleanor Roosevelt]

cited pg. 73



” ” … Annexe” “















” “ssh-ssh” “






. . .

basic out-there, formula

sum_of luck —–>


sum_of dark_magic_use



this_card (…)

Rough and Quick: Nancy a reminder of definitions of syntax, parameters and other funny pics. & thought-notes

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[and also in this form: Nancy ]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 1618,1718

tag[s]: rapid and not barely thought out word diagrams

In art a re-iteration with a mild shift: from the fiction blog: [not-al?]


Like pancy but that’s not how it’s uh spell-ed

Like fancy [checked, and here the first version non discriminated version of pansy; and an exercise in art of discrimination would be to create the first version or something like create, and capture edifices of imagine-translated discrimination to have at least [a] more of a viewing point of what is seen]

Ok. Nancy is like fancy, but for the n and the f,

n=f when in what’s that called in elem s’cool? consonants

n,f are consonants

[con, son, ants] [if spelled correctly or correctly enough]

n: f through [con, son, ants]

n [con, son, ants] f

[con, son, ants] = : [at least in one variety] maybe not maybe; that’s obvious

If pancy is not how it’s spelled but the cliché and-or unpopular but usual meaning of the word similar or close enough or exactly sounding,


con, son, ants

Your son is a daughter and actually a female may not need the same p,ants from pancy [pansy] [and in the first derivation; on fashion notes; and this is following the part two citation; flower pants]

and are you the con, or is she: he, or is it both,

And what does this have to do with fancy, well usually nancy regularly references a name: and so perhaps your son that is actually female and a daughter has a fancy name; criminology strikes again; because

who,ever [of the one, two, and so on …]

, which,ever is practicing the con, is it a legal con, and if not what is it enforcing to happen,

[a further fashion solution is, flower pants that might fit male[s] meaning mail[uh?] and are designed more specifically for male gender][and as a relevant cultural check just on guess check are flower pants still used primarily female-wise where of course wise just means application, the transition to part two; or almost transition]

Part two. I looked it up and what where is the meaning; it nancy means “grace”

cited: found and if even temporary definitions,

nancy = grace

[perhaps insert help or something like help from above or part one unlabeled , right but depicted as part one.]

(n=f)ancy = grace

(n=f)ancy= (g)race

n=f = g

It really is a girl/female/woman [on quick applied guess from part one’s semi-proof]

Perhaps the significance of g as the additional identifier might need to be kept and so g now refers to a development period for traditional uses of gender: female of youth; but for not traditional uses of gender an application of youth form development derived through one gender and such quickly applied from unlabeled but depicted part one



Then of course you can pull out: (girl)   … [for now, anyhow]

and ancy=race (well, as controlled by girl) [then quickest; if necessary whatever you see, and-or whatever can be scene; as in the latter here in brackets, identified] of course ansy sounds so much like anse which seems to have the opposite meaning as used regularly in cliché and or pop culture


cited: meaning [where on look up anse means “handle”]


and then on verification anse used popularly is actually spelled for now according to a cited check: antsy

fidgety=race [right, because in case you don’t know what antsy means regularly in regular culture, that’s what]

and so we have:

(girl)fidgety=(girl)race and of course this implies if you see or have s[c]ene a person fidgety during a race; and perhaps not the other usual definition of the word race looked at here anyway; no it means that a race is an experience in/of effective fidgeting; and one way to realize this is through the development process of girl, at least that’s how nancy means “grace” and the part of what about anse meaning “handle” also meaning race with the same derivation of girl factor, is then how you might make the jump from handle to fidgety and or handling to fidgeting or such, and then you would have something like how it is that in current conditions these two are the same  under the condition of race while through lens girl [and this is a very rough draft of thought-notes]










The Horror at P.L.(s), continues.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

3.23.17; and other more recent:


[add-to] crime report [notes] [to post to the fvp]

as photographed; horribly so experienced

at the cited: menlo park library at the

photographed station [one of my favorites

to use] [as mentioned]


as I was checking for my soft-copy of something

I’m working on; I came across another public

display porno-graphic video. Probably, I need to

do more to describe my observational experiences

with folks intentionally watching pornos in

public spaces; for example:


[Explain the noise of reading;


tee, T – line

in cues]


Switch- a tation with: no? pornography

continues; as soon as I check

the download[s] for my work-

related download[s]; it has

appeared; see photograph

vanity-non to health theme [wit: jokes]:

with that glowering hook;

rub that packaged o.o. + others

from olive pack near your

work tired-eyes.

then; I deleted it.


[I think these are from the same deletion sequence]

on cues; on the cited [ ^




                                   Desk ]


is the shape of a long desk


| and a line of people

——————————————— [drawn:] long desk

—————- with people behind it :

it promises you a serious “aura” if

you get in

from the bottom of the sign; and the at-least common intellect;


perhaps correctly assumes; that the way

to gain knowledge

might be from what’s available: [tags: another photograph?]

what’s unclear is how you might

determine this from the sign;

without seeing it; since

it’s pretty far into the

building; if the sign

or one nearly exactly

weren’t in front; you might see a long, and

or line; likely perhaps? a  t -line; and

would this be enough for you to believe!

that something worth-it-for you is-was inside.

It might depend on who is in line. Applied

to the porno-scandal at a different library, public:

and in repetition ; might suggest the same?

as opp. if you come here again! theme: I will?; theme music citation: Only If For A Night Florence + The Machine

[I as in whoever is some of staff; who is in this

level of repetition approving this if not directly than-the/n

through sentiment] [and likely it’s not all staff

at all public libraries; ] … [ so if you come here again! & :]


The Whoever

Supervising regular library, public use

will rob you / take of you —

your worth; if you return.

[as if it’s their house.][and as if this were legal in the clause: now it’s their house.]




The Socks

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updated: 91516, 91616


(not sure if I posted this small part, already; I meant the first part as the small part referred to here)
Nobility of Begging Phase III
Theme: No, it’s going to be Good; I’m sure of it.

By Goura Fotadar
so I’ve been recommended ha that sounds like an honour pardon my British-English spelling; I’m just in a funky and that’s a not bad thing, mood; I mean about the British-English part. So I’ve been recommended to add based on other stuff I’ve been doing just to add more to my chatter, just kidding, about related stuff to add and experiment in my fictional series, “soul pieces” which by-the-way, in case you were living to know, I’m re-continuing.

Reflections on Gift-Receiving
source citation: The Holy Bible , English Standard Version (with cross-references) thru the kindle as further described
date: 91516
as i was studying the cited: bible (kindle edition)

this morn; the conception of gifting had come up again, as connected to this and other postings espe. with verification of this cited: The Fictional VolunTier Project

-the first isto point out the obvious-
what effact and that’s not typo would study of any religious spiritual doctrinal or such there qualified a’systeme have on your existence as is direct; from the advanced think tank’s perspective of this cited: The Fictional VolunTier Project by Goura Fotadar; and not with intention or intent to be blasphemous ; but it matters not less of which virtue that of religion you are/or the consumer is.
of course; then once more; the effact is that which you perceive through the “study” or even “study-like-practice” of such, such and suches religous/spirito doctrine.

-the second in conception of gift-receiving and this is with necessary concept of charity-
here inserts the assertion of the adv. of think tank perspectives and that is from a point of adv. social cause; for you may not have all that you need;
and this does not is not limited to only those of thing: material value;
it might also be inclusive of those term; in sentiment.
Can another create the “power” of sentiment in your lack of it for evey your own self;
and then of course hand it to you as an act of even more spirited effort: a gift a reminder to you what you might also be able to conceive “holy…-ily” for yourself.
This then thoughts conception is a premise for my and-or The Fictional VolunTier Project’s art charity of great effort; little material value; and “empowered” personal value for esp. the receivers; perhaps this falls into the elevated think of elevators but not just rising component
cited: the bible as consumed on the kindle
this paragraph or text segment, perhaps provides some provision on the biblical conception of consumption of perhaps derived gift type enunciants by what that must mean:
” … As used  by the apostle Paul, this term refers to the status of all Christians, both men and women, who, having been adopted into God’s family, now enjoy all the privileges, obligations, and inheritance rights of God’s children. …”

The Metaphysical Movie Discussion just because? a.ka. The Obsession with “Dorothy” and her situation
(have to take a break to watch the wizard of oz, through youtube cited: The Wizard of Oz as consumed via youtube on 91516)
notes; at first, has she; I can hardly remember the movie,
but now again, at watching it seems that she is interacting with a different version of these folks;
almost as they are not seeing Dorothy but instead seeing another person at Dorothy’s image
and here the Christians are comfortable with what is the proposed but unverified? law of grabbing small dog(s), in what seem to be nearly air-tight containers.
a tagline from my real life on non comitting crime, so they must call on me: the sheriff the sheriff the sheriff

then to turn to the actual christian model to save the dog’s life; they must leave; and in the capacity to save another worth saving; will you also save yourself.  And connected the dots from below then would “it” be easier if she were a he. On transgenderism.
then all of those “things” in reading that could point to transgenderism in cliche:
travelling in “disguise” (easy: where else may this be useful besides onthe spur-of -the moment, run!)
by the way what do you think of the classic clothing or classic clothing in general.
Isn’t this a “reading” but don’t you think that the twister scuse me the “twister” is a sign that they all shouldn’t have done that to the dog and her.
theme: I’d be scared of the other catastrophic disasters coming or could be coming is this a paranoid almost fictional theorie of observation

so cliché metaphysical: but the getting to the “the wizard of Oz” seems to be a symbol to her reaching her enlightenment; and certainly not the two and almost three accompaniers; well perhaps two are not her aideful uh, eh; bodhisattvas

all of this for the dog to start with, but with him trailing nearby; it’s almost as though he doesn’t for the time being esiste.
is’t it odd at least that she is a counselor to all her that cross path. why.
where bricks imply work, she’s “tired” and needs to “rest”
and the rest are either crying minus the dog; or near crying for her tiredness.
minus alls the w.w. and her now accompaniments as verified by scenery and not just hearsay
and you must notice perhaps again in literary what does snow have to do with rest.
& the “notice” almost if not sounds like a reference to her; the “bell” ? and her at present situation on-going, too.

other notes of consideration: (citing the bible on kindle)
an edification on the status quo of derivation , a “he” and in terms of spiritual hierarchy should one consider in terms of work completed prior to one? almost sounds as of fiction,
what was the spiritual i.e. wholesome/holesome benefit to the status quo, in either case, an arrow up to a connected to gift-viewing; view as in terms of perception
then “dorothy” and the “…wizard’s” guardman or something have an emotional but she not necessarily a psychiatric break down, and he finally consents to letting her (them?) at least the dog? additionally see the ” … wizard”
and near the end; or almost the end; a reminder that there is all this effor to kill or destroy or both the small dog.

More art & perfume notes
to see more images recent: see lids, I mean slides 181 to 183 or
theme: perfume’s tangerine
the tee plate tea plate is forming
I was once again won to be ablt to touch the flowers ouside
and then spread them apart with tea bags drying and of course
the flour underneath is still there, (previously used on death box still making d.b.);
they’ve been drying the t bags and flour for days
and today I matched more of once the flowers were added
and the next step is to?

have tangerine peels sitting in the sink in hot water
and for a few days then drip into the plate
and add in flour on top and let it dry where it is seated
then take the rest of the tangerine water and drip into wash battles; I mean wash bottles for your personal use
and what will you do with the leftover tangerines: more art thoughts

The Labels
I found pieces of a broken left-over nut mix bar of unusual in these parts but not cultural unusual variete
and I dispersed segments of these small into the three non nutted bottles
one smells: godly magnificent
the other: heavenly magnificent
and the third: spiritually magnificent
and the fourth is forming as poor odor formation; where odor means only scent; so after the nut fragments sit inside for a while, then perhaps it would in idea advisable to add a mint leaf or few to cure the poor odor formation

the time being;
the two others have been moved to carpet but don’t worry they are sealed well enough not to spill in that way and now are resting toward the cooling steal from the hibernating night’s light

A Way of Life, Quick Practice
tags: The Death Project & The Spirit Work Out
date: 91616

(or imagine)
Sit in front of a fire place
you are a piece of wood
and you burn
(all the way)
now bring yourself back to life.

and do it again. (whenever)

art created volunteer (of past) theme: little brothers friends of the elderly san francisco

The Fictional VolunTier Closet : & Fahsion as a Rsource.

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The Fictional VolunTier Closet : & Fahsion as a Rsource.

by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project.
date: 83016, 9416
tags: influenced by the witch goura series
cited: goodwill pick-up and experience wih clothing closets
cited 2: the four interviews
tags: advanced charity examination & art continued, but of course; there’s more than that to-do.
theme: do they take l’arte for at least temporare storage, viewing?

As an aside: I’m so hungry!
updated, aside: good news, I finale got some food.

I. The Opportunity Opens Up. (theme: in the clouds, is / are arte)
Cult collections of non-personable material removed;
the bathroom closets opened themselves up; albeit temporarily, while I face becoming technically homeless again; as opposed to just officially homeless continued; which of course has been a less than two year period; past a one-year period of both official and technical homelessness.

II. Compared to traditional charitable closets.
So unlike a tradi, charitable closet; where wear you can just grabwhatever you like mor than les.
This one is for viewing where the closet’s owner, would perhaps hand you the pieces, or piece that were meant to be parted with in that method (but not all of its pieces and/or the connected art pieces, were necessarily meant for this, originally; anyhow; however, violence from others and circumstances of such, can force us into unpleasant circumstances that we didn’t necessarily earn.) And unlike the tradi closet, this one does not benefit from donations yet anyway; but it still benefits from scavenging of ; in its case; accessible refuse. Turned to art, in either case. For certaine cloth is still arte; even when it moves.


III. The Fashion Backdrop of the Past Affordability of Clothing, and more like; not.
So in places where tradi and not unfounded non tradi sores thriftstores, are available; was such in my teenage hood, and there was for any utility fashionable being, an avenue oh many things. But even affordability at thriftstores was not a thing, for you’d have to have at least a spare five, and I’d be lucke to have a spare cent. Still my “friends” had the mone to purchase there, and so I had to common: opportunity to peruse all the happenings, and learn about more subdivision tradi fashion; witch was ouside the mall; the main tradi fashion at, the time. I.E. the thriftstore.
theme, cliche: perusing all the happenings
but I must have;
mentioned this already, I found a $20 when I found a pair of pants toward the end of non adult teen visits to that store, in these old pair of pants; in that $20 I was able to by a much needed utility clothes; I meant buy, of course I only got to enjoy the waring and comfort of some of those for a few months, and not a collection’s years, or lifetime, even; since I was next as described elsewhere
again: citation: music, sarah mclachlan elsewhere
“sent away” where few non-uniformed clothes were allowed to be frequented if they did get “fitted” into your case, suit.
but certainly, later and now again, when the strife of shortage in moolah wattage didn’t appear for a long whilst
one can’t ever forget such moving experiences on the availabilite of resources: i.e. if even fashion,
and then not the basique abilite to procure some of the pieces of your personal and not personnel intereste
of course until later;
and it turns out that with clothing closets i.e. or other charitable type closets or both, because there are esp. boths i.e. booths in state: conn of the non thrift store variete but still the charitable closet variete, you don’t have to have the wattage moolah ; but you must have the trained eye to understand real worthe, and also have scene the fashion.
(on the more advanced psychological/emotional plus side, the scene was still as mentioned an experience of learning about fashion, inventory, and even wider portions of art, and of course about the selectivity of what was meant to be yours, if even the appeared $20 got there, and then the announcement to the person who worked behind the counter upon purchase: ” … the only reason I was able to purchase these items for myself and this gift for another, is because; I found this $20; I’m so surprised and grateful, and I finally after three years nearly have enough clothes again, as a child! oops I meant teenager; well young teenager, I only turned 13 last year …” so it also taught about basic needs both the store i.e. thrift, and the surprise: $20)
IV. The Pain of an UnScheduled Period is a Sign of?
while; being threatened with all forms of un-imaginables.

theme: said to me (from here), too often & again: I’m going to call the sheriff’s office and stage your … if you move one ounce.


The Redefinition of Eating for whatever Purpose

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The Redefinition of Eating for whatever Purpose (rougher)

d means
for The FVP
by Goura Fotadar
tags: assertions and word diagrams
date: 82916, 83016

I want to prove that conjugated means join,
just because I feel like
con jug ated:
disguise your face, means con
jug, is a jug
ate, d
the disguised face is in the action of eating a jug; and of course “face” can have more than one (meaning), and a depthly meaning; then if you imagine as dictated the situation of the “con” in action of “eating” a/the jug; in imagination: it looks like a joining, and so
eating is a joining: con to jug; i.e. the “thing” /action that leads to the joining;
now we have almost a redefinition of eating, and proven, too;
and my point is proven at, at least one level
. . .
t.b.c. or complete.


Art Notes, this death box continued

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Art Notes, this death box continued

for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
tags: The Death Project, The Death Project Art, Spiritual Art, Mental Stability Notes as an Infusion Metaphor, Abuse Staved Off to Function
theme: unwarranted wedding, notes
theme music (citation) : the butterfly lovers on as listened to classical kdfc on 82416
theme: the dressings
theme music (citation): youtube dot com as accessed again on 82416
” *NSYNC – Pop “
see, newer photos of this art project: slides 119 thru 128:

(Part o.) Background forced into “energy” conversion theme’s notes:
Yes! ?
wst terday
there was a near catas trophe,
two minutes on the toilette
and “person” was “persons”
were confirmed that there was a leak in this toilette.
(where are we, reality checks, are always identifiable.)

(Part b.) Given two minutes, the art constructs, couldn’t be maneuvered, and I was still on the toilet but when the abuser calls; you must not ring?

(Part c.) With a non-abuser’s given protocol, I was informed that my workday must start earlier today, since the hallucinations , a theme? are getting a “person’s” controlled, not.  Note: there are two other bathrooms in this house, and only three people regularly residing, here. I was able to squeeze past the bucket flushing, now that the tank must not! (?) work. For how long, I’m sure is the quandary among the rocks of the sill’s art in the bah-room, which of course have been moved into a drawer; but you never know when the local “thieves” may even find a backyard’s rocks rocks’ enticings to steal, and that’s with a surplus of them in background I meant, backyard Back: yard!. Theme: what you touch; work with no matter in how small a quantity, “person(s)” must steal.

(Part d.) I hadn’t gotten to the second stage of cleaning off the tiles dried on art material for the non-abuser use of the “fixing” of the prior-to “person(s)” breaking non-broken bah-room.

(Part e.) After scrubbing the: Flour flower’s material dried, caked onto the tiles planned to scrub onto a cloth/papeur for addition to at least this art piece, cited: clorox sheet, I also scrubbed the dried tea oft the bathtub, but all of this in a rapid minutes, as I knew forewarned by non-abuse could arrive at any time. I then soaked the cited: sheet into a cited: amway zoom and soap solution with more flour and of course water; hence solution further implied for there is already liquid.
please described as founded cleaning solucion: I took the sink solution after the drip-ping of the cited: cleaned with, cited: clorox sheet with and filled an empty cleaned out recycled bottle with it, and dripped it into the newly “fixed” toilette. It made everything more smelled, too; sanitized. so flour, likely any, cited: amway zoom, the remnants of used but now cleaned cited: clorox sheet and soap flower solution cited: johnsons baby shampoo; esp. as a left-over toilet bowl cleaner.

and then I let it sit as I washed my hands.
I next, or prior-to grabbed some hair balls of mine, collected after last few bath’s to add to the “magic” of this box, and in quick sentiment photograf but it didn’t catch that part, there are also pictures, other connected to the toilet experience. The second part, note; in case I haven’t already said it would be, is to scrub with the old brush, the rest of the flour off, and if possible save that caking for the box more, conservation is the key.
then I dropped the cloth on top of the hair balls onto the seat, front now of this death box, and sat it on the sill (quick)
theme: the end of hair?
theme math a for: hair as a metaphor for death, of course? but life, I’m not so sure. Surely you can be without hair, and be newly or just alive; a new-born “human’ baby says.  But others must also be born wihout “hair”.         ?
theme music (citation): as accessed on youtube dot com on 82416
“Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End) (US Version)”
but of course there was an intrusion? in the garage opening this morning, a return from? and so I faked a serious fear, and followed “instruction” and placed the thing on a another new location, with the few seconds on the sill, the one piece of additional cloth had long enough to dry out so as no to drip, too heinously away from.
(here it is photograf ed again at the end of the present set of slides)