Emotional analysis V.

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Emotional analysis V.

[or see this posting in this form: Emotional analysis V]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 92917


… (continued, obvs. from last this such postings)


(3) How would you design a | thought | exchange that might translate into anger sympathetic ( flashcards?       counseling.

[1] (Forming Thoughts:) an oath to not lying about your experience and-or re-telling simple enough sentences as you recall what proliferated directed, and incited the development of your anger.




Hi, I’m Goura; I’m addicted to working and my addiction has nothing to do with money. [why? or how do I know, for sure or for sure, enough.]





How to keep “it” safe.

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How to keep “it” safe.














for The Fictional VolunTier Project



Exercise: Is This Portion Fiction or Not.  A rough draft.

Theme: Homeless life

Tags: understanding authentication better or for the first time [better]; understanding the query of problem: shelter; theories of non-crime; advocacy: is the real deal; when is plagiarism plagiarism; queries on identity formation in non-fiction.

Level: Easy, basic.


Here’s using myself as example and my work such; example representation:

The Person / People report such and provide an example; the display of the example once you become and-or are familiar with their work is different from its usual display: manifestation. They say it’s to spread its wings wider; and you’re still not sure or are you [… if this is true]. What’s the process of being sure that it’s true , for you [… and not for them].

[next] Pages from “& thass y …” by goura fotadar

[this fiction work labelled to some extent roughly; right above in quotes; is again fiction] is used as art manifesto

Man-If-Established [o]

Tags: emphasis

Theme Inquiries: Emphasis Implies Truth; Emphasis Implies only fiction. How dumb are … .


Safety in the outdoors is much different and-or in the outside redefined and-or translated here to prevent tarnish; to include the outside.

[Define Inappropriate Authority.]

Most officials of inappropriate authority cannot comprehend the functional adventure in resting, retiring and sleeping outside.

Side Copy: Mission Statement: Real Adventure Precludes Spirituality. Look Up The Definition of Preclude; No Look Up the meaning of Precludes.

They don’t miss the view of the sky; that they claim you can’t see outside anyhow at night; and also they have an open-drop or such window tops no panels on roofs or is it rooves. So you consider retiring outdoors at during the day; if public space affords such freedom expanses of schedule for you. They think you are a public hazard for resting outside; and they are much more hygienic for resting inside. But if you’re not just [as in only]; but especially if you are part of any modern homeless movement; and this of course the officials; inappropriate authorities

[no that’s not the definition of officials, official that’s just the contextual meaning here]

might not understand does not imply that you have a safe choice in not being homeless outdoors. How might you use common conceptions of danger I think mistranslated from resting indoors to facets of resting outdoors; such as sleeping under the ground,  against the walls; and covered away from most; that view and-or open in view from, to outside consumers of your rest;


experiences of , such as … that are still afraid of and-or uncomfortable sleeping in tents; and this isn’t

A criticism;

Clobbered up like that sometimes lends itself to something like news stories;

Reminder? : the, this writer seems to think that experiences affect the news; and=or change [more so: effect?] the news, case example:

“A homeless person was thinking that he Alice Q was safely asleep in a bush; and there were an onslaught of housed people who do not support homeless rights; and so think it’s just to pose and receive benefits as homeless people; they see that it is [in] their right[s] to trespass on the homeless resting anywhere especially hidden in bushes in this case; and since they are actually they believe paying all the bills for the homeless; they are also glad they were able to get Alice Q stabbed nearly to death. As the local police in badges have stated: “there’s nothing you can do when the homeless believe they are standing for social cause; we have just right under oath to remove them from all of their locations; because quite simply we work and have worked so much harder than them. That’s the only reason they are homeless; and they by the way do nothing for a living; except drink. I’ve already advised them to consider selling their bodies like the folks we have ‘undercover’ posing as homeless and posing as staff to end charity toward such homeless. We hope to deport them to our countries of origin and away from what is obviously not their home country: the Free United States of America.” 

thinker: is this culturally racist and-or |just| culturally proud.

And the point is homeless or not when there are … like this speaking for … how would you protect your even hallucinations of what might happen for are hallucinations always a falsity of what might could happen in the bush and-or against the wall or on that slab of concrete the only place or one of a few around where you feel  safe enough sleeping / resting / retiring around. Including the indoors by-the-way: where maybe if you were lucky? Enough to live for some time; Oh those luckies who live indoors; that’s why all they do is stalk us in our rest spots. Good logic. Really you should win a medal. Is that medal the restroom; especially the public restrooms.


Is this a proof for the possible application of safety in art; or excuse me; art’s safety; in at least attempted safety.



theme: resting outside is a public hazard according to how aptitude qualified authority

theme 2: Oh shut up! Everything you say or think is fiction and that’s a crime. Or no that’s not right, that’s the truth. [And two are the only options; only two!][?][for everything; only two options; you have only two options.][?]

theme music citation: Homewrecker Marina & The Diamonds

theme illness citations: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Post Traumatic Disorder [levels of cited: DSM …]

In testimony of forth-comings; oh the graphic.

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In testimony of forth-comings; oh the graphic.

By goura Fotadar

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

Date: 41217



in support of art schematics; traffic cues; and the next cited: rum’s theory

|| narrow park spot l l a park and-or a regular park spot; and-or: park as in stop

so tags: traffic cues are also art; criminology art [more to come soon, on this in posting styles. cited: styles for less & its website and past shopping in those long-ago teen years:

1 ]



part three? Of: Investigation, Self-Conduct; and Venue-Hosting,

4.5.17 10th crime notes; One-when threatened by a false authority sub and to ensure higher security; please if possible: submit a complaint and-or keep a record of a complaint; if the complaint is even attacked by any false authorities and-or any other: especially when you have told the truth: assume that these attackers will go to some extent and-or completely attempt to break your civil rights; they will go to some form of punishment. The point is that despite false authorities and such attacks; the truth of what happened matters; and this is what complaint-report means.

[Proof truth to complaint]; in addition a record and-or better put: the effort of placing a complaint: of what actually happened; one that is truth; can direct criminology in the right way; and such change reality-living reality: defined as where you can access your own existence and this means be with it, too. [the tags: the philosophy of criminology; uhm, truth.]


9th crime notes: cited: vta; I’m so grate-ful for VTA transportation to public workspaces; i.e.  public libraries, so that all the work can be accomplished; but the stand-off for some of the bus-lines can be quite time-consumptive : if you call and speak to the cited: vta current response team;

You might be disappointed ; with their lack-of-assistance ; in-the-months former; the response team was quite wonderful: but if you and other vta: cited; riders can examine schedules and maps; and figure-out reliable-enough methods to navigate; to your necessary attended, locations. Once-in-awhile; a bus-driver is informed about his his-her route on cited; vta; but it’s rare. To be quite honest about-it; the rate lines; such as the 35 change and repeat in-direction against waiting passengers; seems almost terroristic; as does the line-up ; of non-against the back curb; but crammed in criss-cross against the loading curb: gob hopefully not; anything wrong, not immediately noticed take place. But the 35 once past on its way to the cited: mitchell park library [palo alto] does not respond in a sensible way at-all; it passes thrice in something 40 minutes on one-direction; and non-comparatively in the opposite-direction; if you switch sides it repeats this same pattern opposite to-you; it seems specifically persecutory; especially once you pass embarcadero. Who-ever if any regular bus-drivers are on-that-line, in-that-reign; do not want to see too many bus-riders promptly commute back-and-forth. Who knows why? The especially criminal concern is that while stranded; and waiting for the bus; the bus-driver in a fate-like power against schedule: knows-has seen your whereabouts; and if he/she is dangerous; and if even you move on-foot: this might incinerate his/her reg. demeanor. on-the: bus; worsening it at stand in-person-alone. Sounding like a gothic horror novel’s pre-empto; quite unfortunately I’ve both experienced-and seen such happen in-person.


Abstract Art Theory: An Unusual Consenting Process & Reports Un-Filed.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tags: The Death Project, The Living Project, The Intermediary Life-Death Project, art theory of use in at least a modern society ; abstract art theory; brainstorming notes of the almost bizarre


date: 31817 [thought of]

preliminary abstract: 


formalize living off [of] work consent document

arrow to

and-or accurately predicted-consent document

(for dead, alive and-or intermediary beings => anything produced producing entropy)

secondary clause:


are you living off [of] somebody else’s work[s]  -bodies elses’ work[s]; is there no consent that they have appropriated some of their earnings to further your existence [but you know they consented to this appropriation]; and-or are others you know, know of; living off others in some way without the work-produced,-producing others’ consent, actual consent [held at gun-point and forced into a consent; does not here; equate to actual consent and-or effectively held at gun-point; does not here; equate to actual consent]

final clause (for now): Get An Effective Psychic.

If you can’t reach the work-produced, -producers; and without so endangering their existence; get an effective psychic; and create an actual consent form; Mr. So-Not would like others to benefit from their work labelled if others fulfill these requirements; the benefit of this work can be used within the freedom of anything except … and so


Part Two. Sceneries from Last Night’s Civilian Security Patrol.


at a park in palo alto across from cited: bloomingdale’s [sp?] open parking spots but a car’s driver et al [punc?] is likely not being just adventurous when avoiding an actual parking spot; and look here:


the bathroom women’s is barricaded off nearly by two vehicles; and oddly so?


the approximate time gauged from the sky;

IMG_20170318_193355[1]\a not too full parking lot;

now a vehicle declares itself  [notice the red lights on] more fully against the closer capture shot of cited: bloomingdale’s waiting as if for? while the other two cars remain blocking/barricading the women’s bathroom; and the other remains parked out-of-bounds and only important when un-necessarily so out-of-bounds

IMG_20170318_193358[1]worsening matters might be that one field is un-occupied by a large group; [why might this be the case; that matters in crime might be worsened by this?]


proceeding into the bathroom; I found it mildly trashed; and some left-over equipment that was still there despite it being empty upon my entry into it. The comers and inners of the bathroom upon my use of it, failed to recover the equipment [though, of course; they might not have been the owners of-it]. Now to avoid committing crime; did not check the bag; can only hope that it was appropriate to the park sporting accompaniment.






and the light situation near the next spot [cited: menlo park main library’s parks’ areas]  on last night’s civilian patrol: is strange; to say the least; when it’s not effective, only though; and this is the definition of strange that you may want to correct; whoever you may be.


with various vehicles as usual their lights on and not moving; with driver + etc. waiting inside; posing as homeless folks; except for the lights on for extended periods; and the eventual in-between run-ins into nearby houses; essentially they wait around and stalk all  actual homeless people around-nearby.






I suppose the Art proof.

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More Notes on cited source, text : Address Unknown (by) Kathrine Kressman  Taylor

date, typed up: 31117

date, worked on [more]: 31017


(1) Art * Cultural Notes, Continued … I suppose the Art proof.

Why on the cover is the symbol of crucifixion [sp?] posted differently in cultural

interpretation as compared to American views of crucifixion [sp?]; If you observe

the image closely ; and this is a good time to go over how you in basic

without exactly any specific education to-it; analyze art:

a) of course there’s the 1st view: whatever you catch and

as usual non-romantically clings to your mind ; and

of course I’m past this point now: in this art image: but I

think I recall the boulders and specifically their color-form.

(b) then there’s of course the close-up view {and it doesn’t have

to go in a sequence of order; i.e. that is, this specific order. of a, b, etc.}

This obvs. can be done through close eye examination ; and-or

theme: we’re gonna continue on any variant real version of academic path; and

see where it goes.

a photograph zoom in; with note-taking examination. citing: recent, past volunteer work on cited: storycorps[u] ; even an audio-recording(s) connected to a diagram[s]; would be. and is connected to up-coming

if I remember



(b) but here (b) on close examination: again; and perhaps what I had noted down: (before)

is the predated affect on likely predicted choiced avenues of-the; what would become

the main [if even temporary] culture of crucifixion;

and as a manner of cultural affect: how

would you guess to correctly affect cultural direction[s]; [theme: sports theology]

[further] ensuring that culture progresses

and certainly not


[notes: of

static in

cultural change;

static can be

signs of.]

[noticing eye, the:]


the mental 

measure of

texture; is 

also a meditation

technique. [duh?]

is the package of letters and matching here the brief of what I’ve

seen inside the book. And with the 1st recollection ; the obviousity

of the strength of the rocks, large ; these then identified further as

strength supporters/enforcers by the dapper of almost clothing-like

electric wire to them ; and from the plaster of the cross as a symbol alone ;

a grabber of regular-here meaning specific interpretations of severely-painful crucifixion. And what do you suppose this cross is made-of in material; I mean this specific one. For me; it’s a hard guess; almost like the image doesn’t

theme: this is perhaps as a surprise to … this is a majorly

artistic book. 

really exist; and of course as I check the credits of the book I can’t

find it; thus ; I am stating even the source of the image; I’m not sure

who – is the creater, -or; and of course this book’s text is mostly? in another

foreign-to-me language to me; and so I may have just missed it.

The grabbing of the crucifixion, then: is a way to;

through grabbing into a sustained strength :

theme: your flaking 

skin caught in

the un-falling 

inside of your

clothes is likely

good for you :

in energy charge

healing ?

[similar to … ?]

theme music citation: Cage The Elephant  Cold Cold Cold 

turn the already occur – ing crucifixion into hopefully with enough strength;

a painless experience.

ad theme: the strength of a legal pain-killer; which one

works best; and-or those that work well for you in a-specific


Hence; in this analysis we have proven a perhaps ; a different cultural take on …


Part two. Hygiene Notes arrow to The Advance-ment of Bath. I’m so sure this is so obvious but like being near water this size even; for a while removes all over-flow of filth. Essentially, from your, body & items near it.

tags: hygiene of criminology; economic policies of security

theme: I just saw half-the-face of somebody, from:

stupendous: shrink, expand; shrink, expand; like a balloon 

a reason not-to-hire: That person really wants to work in sales; because that person doesn’t want them to have anything. 

So in addition to your proximity ; let’s say for twenty minutes to this water

piece; let’s say it has a 50 human per day to cause cleaning, hygiene in.

[How-to Create Safety for Those that Bathe: Make it a sale-like in the opposite sense; have some-? stand guard who doesn’t want anybody to bathe; and create this scenario in a preferable public yet [concealed enough] bath-setting; pretend to show up for a bath, and create a sale interchange; but don’t bathe or don’t bathe there.]


Use Hygiene Notes, to advance your bathing skills, when threatened such; and while security takes a heed to hold; at a high stable enough level.


Cultural Art Comparisons on Poverty-3117 wrok-ed on; [worked on]-

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date, typed up: 3717

{about photograph to perserve confidentiality; my finger just [ cant can’t to ] click fast enough} the scene of venue-istic danger; a new hypocondr …


Research Reading on Poverty for The FVP


cited source text : Address Unknown Kathrine Kressmann Taylor [right beneath book back]


arrow to on Reading Diagrams

Unfortunately : the book appears mildly broken

arrow to relative  book check

tags: research for the cited: vhp;

the fvp, obvious; the sophistication of reading comprehension; aptitude accounting

from a quick flip to : p. 77

theme: we must? cure poverty. [acts of social justice and sacrifice cited: lasallian methodology: a no choice of action ]

theme music citation: go deep janet jackson



“You speak of the poverty there. Conditions have been bad here this winter, but

of course we have known nothing of the privations you see in Germany. ”

(2) Art + poverty  ? from p. 115 look at the diagram

{Draw so far a common motif of telegram, and a foreign-language translation.}

the diagram of the short telegram :




“Cousin” -> “2” (new, assumed?) “boys”



“success” -> “as” the next major -comprehension diagram


almost doesn’t


“delayed” -> “difficulties”












“final” -> “discretion”



“God” -> “hand”


Part Two. It’s a translation, duh!



editing eye-i;

the reader’s diagnostic ‘i’


More, of : it’s in a completely foreign to me script: but

of course at even the Kg level it’s important

to see what can be seen before the translated

more text is re-looked at:

Cultural Art Comparisons


(1) The cover is imaged in a way that is also of strong connection to thispresent

as in (the geographic location I am in) culture; but there is


a war’s art connection to the cliché patriotism mimcry-in-sync affect to:

[look up spelling, again]

and then of course there’s the cultural clash asserting itself: there is on-this

cover a clear reversal of the connection to crucifix … [spelling, continued]





theme: the tow , two lines meet perhaps from; cited:

the flag of  & cited: jesus crucified on-the [cover]


cited: the source text this is as described, identified above


[more to come?]



More Notes on “The Four Interviews”

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More Notes on “The Four Interviews”
Theme: Why is this So Round-A-bout
date: 11216 11516 41716

How to retain who you are while homeless, or something:

Because I was writing and publishing independently Soul Pieces (up ’till number 15) while homeless, and had the opportunity to participate in one-day and selective volunteer projects that were not consistent for me in availability and appearance. I had to leave the standard homeless situation; and or not look for further homeless shelter because I wanted to more actively participate in consistent volunteer work / projects while writing fiction or else. (for free. In other words: I was given no other option after having been homeless and on-pilgrimage for a year. Now at the almost three Year mark period of being homeless but outside of the homeless shelter system, I wonder what housing options exist for me besides what I have now: if I refuse to give up my “for free” career. )

Also, see art paper diagram from the notebook: (as photographed)


(describing paper diagram in photo)

Petal Gum

a sketched brief string of hearts (3 drawn)

The Volunteer Card

(for all forms

of non-compensation


Theme: T.F.I

circa: 04.16

for The







Note :

It doesn’t

matter :

you just have

to see

it ;

you could

put it

in a sock


or it




The Dust.


Heart : It’s

good to have

One Superfluous



This is my





theme: is this yours?
theme song: Jesse’s Girl
citation: as heard on the general radio on 4.17.16