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Review of art charity;

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date: 61617

date typed up: 61817





instead of what recent

materials; I’d made

of; and were stolen …

take a few paper towels

+ soap ; see photograph

layer the towels;

notice the sandwich

to the left; and

anyhow place floral

pieces grabbed into

the paper towels

if possible;

stick a gum

wad in the

mix; then

forms of

refuse; that

are available;

in this case a

gum wrapper:

empty ; and

in a shamanic nuance

something that has;

or still has negative

energy connected to

it; torn up in pieces

then a tad; of lotion.

start the wrapping process.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  using

gum as tape; then

start the sketching

process; In this

paper towel variety’s

case; following and

or coinciding along the

dotted points.






“Shelter among

the Rain”

then place nail polish

around the front;


the sketch

and lettering.

then similar

to the d.v.

clutch; crumple

up the plastic: and

place; as the jar or

bottle past; toothpaste

in its backing.

then because in this

thing’s case:

toothpaste leaked on-the

front rub a tad more with

your finger onto the

front as you

continue wrapping

with left-over

plastic. In

this piece’s case

there is also:

a left-over gum case

that is now turning

into the piece’s back.

dip in the left-over

case a tad more


for good scent.

and other hygienic

refuse scent aides.

tie with dental

floss; and

a reminder that

this is a motif

for starvation;

and effective

“shelter” and-or

rest-work spaces,


then paint over back

at least with a bit

more nail polish.

cited: double mint and or wrigley’s

of course

from the backside:

it looks like a growing leaf.


cover with found: gold ink; in a tad.


then; who was it given to.






Food wishes; is this fiction; how do you tell.

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Food wishes; is this fiction; how do you tell.

by Goura Fotadar

Date: 42917

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


Dedicated to my deceased dog.

For Trauma Recovery.


Tags: communication adeptness; emergency aptitude; computer science theory [abstract]; catastrophe criminal charges; as in emergency response



It used to be; the sentiment of food nearby created an efforted pike to drive away from and not on; like the water buckets or whatever those yellow glazers are that used to be; on the sides of highway. I always wondered about them; were they there for emergency use; like of course to avoid getting injured if you by accident or safety endangerment drove onto the pike; and the water protected you past those bags in some vehicles or not; and those cushions; from physical injury. The sentiment was that you would not be that badly or injured at all physically; and so neither would your mind, internally be injured? But what about the second noteworthy use of emergency; if you were really really hot; and or such in heated weather that wasn’t long-term survivable and you had to stay  on-the road; until … and your a/c didn’t work quite right despite … would you be able to dump some of that water upon yourself soon; and if so would it cause those that might run into the pike again; unpredicted danger; if for example some bucket filler; didn’t get there rapidly enough; to refill the now missing water buckets.



On the second clause; how sure are you that those things when they used to be store water?

On the third clause; there all types of emergencies that are meditated upon; I’m sure without a solution being instead meditated on.


Final Clause? Tricks and gimmicks.


Potentially false assumptions of fiction and non-fiction: it’s the tone of language and not voice.

Side notes: how do you know false.  End side notes.

Potentially … continued: It’s when the sentences are long or short.

Side notes of specificity: how do you know what it’s is. End side notes.

Potentially … continued: re-stating a word right after it is stated especially; definitely means fiction or non-fiction.

Side notes: this is boring. This is not boring. Your opinion matters? How do you know which’s opinion matters. End side notes.