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Seemingly Persons Controlling

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Seemingly Persons Controlling

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up: 9217

Inspired by not just the … ; so and by the experience of dating a guy I was dating; who kept trying to get me arrested not understand[-ing] that he and not I was-is a non-reformed criminal. The police ware on his call turned to his call on me; how convenient. Still facing prison for another’s crime; look at the officers around.

date worked on: 11.2.16

In a term of injustice; The Severity of Consequence

The hypo-thetical



Real Life:

tag[s]: policy, criminology

If you need the funds; and

somebody has the funds;

and especially for there maybe another

way-out: of this situation

tag, theme: la secret enemie

Product appearance; citation; secret deodorant

Theme; cited:  peter pan theme, book

Left-out: cited: p.a. library cited title/author:

A fearsome

Doubt / Charles Todd

tag[s]: abstract + philosophical mumbo

secret enemie’ way-out (of) situation:

Where semi-colors meet division

Signs which meet slashes

perhaps you have the

Funds, and are willing to

Give to those that need the

funds; the funds but there’s a “secret enemie” around

who doesn’t want you to give hopefully your

availability to those who need it. Perhaps,

An enemy to you (at least?) both. Instead of finding another

Way to deliver your availability you might start

tag[s]: enemy doesn’t always mean paranoid theory; and even van; paranoid theory doesn’t mean no information aka intel

to “suffer” akin-to who

needed the fund/availability.

(citation) theme (music)  : Bocelli & Brightman “deliverance”

The “person(s)” seemingly “controlling” the

a.f. may not have been

the earner of such;

a.f. but in the

potential hostility of the situation

those with a.f. may not be able to “perceive” clearly;

in any case; with a.f. and in deed of a.f. would have much a more

in common. Though be “placed” further apart than and with respect

to their location closeness to seemingly “persons” “controlling”

How would you/might you end up in jail?

Tag.Line: * theme (a sport marker restaurant): Join (cited;) Lobster!

*contact (cited;) safelink : to block (kidnapped)relatives’ number[s]

due to severity of violent messages left on v-mail.


Writing theme: He says I stole my phone; because he stole his[how to find out?]; but I say my phone was r,fee.

Economically: Working, how to erase r, fee. P. Wealth.

theme music citation: N. Furtado Spirit Indestructible [i.e. again?]

or in this form: Seemingly Persons Controlling


smack,her [derived: male, smack, -h ? ]

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To accompany publishings: especially: cited: the witch goura series and rum’s theory [series]

cited: amazon k.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project




by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 82217


Date written: 3.19.17

(a) More received charity products to consider: cited: HARNN treasured wood lip therapy; review: this title of over a lip balm dispenser is quite the art generating idea-r ; plus the balm is greatly effective; a shiny – I think? thin like almost a lotion version for the lips; it’s a reminder to look for  ; look at treasured wood.


inserts: syntax hints are sometimes, at times spaces.


My idiosyncratic definition of “treasured wood” is a semi-strange training in [combat art]; which I suppose is a method-to fashionings … carry two stand-ably (-with) heavy bags and walk enough miles [foryou] to get you to a location that you need to … ; and-or don’t mind. rest as you, need as in your walk.


Why is this combat art: it is movement : that builds the strength and dexterity we need for everyday tasks; in a safe society : that includes the ability to non-criminally defend ourselves.

[aside: tag[s]:

mind channels: dv & uh, poetry/fiction;  cited: amazon



what clothing would you wear in such combat art activity: I know that I’d slap-smack this described balm on my lips to make the endeavor more scented; and engross-ingly scented with other scents that may come up; outdoors: good + bad.

tag[s]: realistic interpretations of d.v. recovery; & the fashion of scents

[Design a “treasured wood[“] therapy … “ ?]


theme: bloody faces, wash out?

theme music citation: oasis stop crying your heart out


or it is available this way to: i.e. this posting: To accompany publishings

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Yes! I Found The Answer. The crapper’s: A rough draft and rough notes on Petitional Response.

By Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: art analysis and the birth of criminology {again}

tag[s]: the caught and unpunished d.v. of false authorities

tags[s]: how do you survive: the explanation of immortality.

Tags[s]s: safety on toilets so that all functional homeless people don’t have to spend many non-violent hours of their days patrolling the hopeful oncoming safety of public free toilet-baths. Because your mom really needs to change that ugly baby; and pretend that : other person stinks. Because your dad needs to fart more than: other person.  Note: you can easily transpose the safety they create in public to for example the inside of your house, and you’ve earned that?

Tags[s]: really there is a use for music videos.

Tags[s]: Why? have warfare [of logic].

Tags[s]: definitions of worth: Earned and UnEarned Harm: That’s the way the world goes


Me, the Editor’s Note: The extra s when appearing above are illustrating point[s], duh.

Date: 3317

Dedicated to : o-r


because I’m so tired;

The beginning of the Petition

must have something to do with art. and not just cohesive ordinaries; as useful and wonderful beings those can be.


Source, Video (Citation): alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine


Negated Point One: of course none of use: (us) homeless work? Because we don’t really have any money.

But the trees tell a different story;

We rest when Earners of Money don’t incompensate us into debilitating un-bearable physical pain.

Among them (the trees); for now, anyway; and uh, duh: (open skies).


Where I live is nowhere.

Where I sleep is near a tree and-or a bush.

When I grab to put on my shoes I touch the trunk of the tree and-or the leaves and stigs of bush; and it h-a-ls ? me.

By now your shelter, if even paid for; must seem boring. And just plain sucky in a non-sexual way.

I suppose injustice ruins even active but unholy sex lives too. It’s pretty hard to fornicate even with a long-term partner outdoors; with like this video, those ingratiatingly housed dart around when they are supposed to be at work?


So on for example: on Friday mornings as I’m getting ready to use my cited: ebt card to purchase food, and meditate before I produce more long hours of exhausting in public work spaces work and-or eat donated food and before the public work spaces open; such as public libraries; your “babies” your “wives” you and so forth, are congregating too close to the corner of my body; when really there are plenty of open spaces available yelling very loudly in my face; at the supposedly nearly quiet public library-ies; when you are supposed to be at work, housed, in an office, and just away from living the same lifestyle as functionally producing work homeless people; many of who were repeatedly threatened and harmed in traditional and non-traditional housing; even when they paid rent.

But you say: I have trauma, too.

The point is if there is a competition of trauma: logically, you have lost. {every way, in.}


You are literally, darting my body and mind; as I hope to survive in yet another place, just like the video. Each dart is the housed on-looker flashing its bright lights of cars down small roads; where few would drive on even a weekend at 2 or 3 in the morning and in such non-paucity.  So are all of your fake police officers and fake military members and fake fire heads and workers; and fake teachers and fake professors and fake academics and fake beauty queens; none of that could actually be achieved by domestically in the outdoors violently flashing weapons in my face at past midnight because you are drunk and bored:

Academics just don’t behave that way. You should actually go to college, and not cheat through under somebody else’s name. You should actually get a job, and not just pretend to work; and you should meet an actual cop. There: they are nothing like your son the drunk non-reformed man and woman and animal and child beater; why because he’s been

“45 years” on a fake force.


Negated Point Two: You understand and comprehend security training, and you are a not non-reformed criminal because you are housed  and-or in some uniform.

Falling over drunk on homeless people asleep while you giggle to yourself in a flashlight is not the matching definition of uniform.

Admitting that you stalk me as I touch a tree before resting in front of it; and waking in front of me; does not match the definition of train-transportation authority.


Negated Point Three: We the reformed criminals and non-criminals  don’t deserve to see who it is really that is darting us; as we reach the end of the race they have forced us into against them; pouring gasoline? over our wounds; and as they live off at least the security and safety we have created; it’s called the life way: if you cause darting unearned harm; how have you ever earned even reformed criminality.


Art notes on Video, Cited With Spiritual Non-Defect:

Gosh, those trees with leaves sure are breezy.

Gosh, those tree trunks sure are supportive.

Gosh, the scenery sure is pretty.

Perhaps beauty pretty is a reason to go on; even against the cruelty of non-earned repeated darts;

A strike a hit; to your body your energy; just as your father rapes you; he now pretends he’s in uniform and really is a cop. But I never approved him on a police force that defends people like me. [Those that actually try; and not just only say they do.]

The Competition of Pain and Pleasure: Wholesome:

Gosh the- Earth surely feels good to move on; even more than the bleeding pain of darts; oncoming:

And now we are at survival.

Of course the darters know if they make you bleed enough; and bleed thanks to this art piece ; can also me psychologically captured : an almost clear depiction of immortality; you could die. Hence they keep in “uniform”? In “authority”? attempting to kill you; and here’s the proof for martial combat in warfare.

But remember in death; we still exist in somebody’s memory. In somebody’s memory can you actually become immortal and-or at least survived. I’m not sure; it’s not like I’m a magician. The point is just because some people died some way; it’s not like they didn’t survive; and what’s so great about surviving?

Theme: You killed him; yeah, but he raped me fifty times. Which one o  us, including you in your perspective is right; and which one of us is most right; I think that’s called the actual definition of law; not how your mom your wife or you and your case manager feel. Not how your feelings feel. But what’s actually right and most right.

You guessed it that voting scenario is a simple staging for attempting to morbidly with ease decipher the aptitude of correctness; and don’t be stupid; just because you vote “right” there (hence forth more aptitude building) it doesn’t mean you actually are right.

Theme: don’t be stupid; I actually have to :

Theme: For the Moment: Now I’m your  a to you non-abusive parent: use some sense, how could they be an actually “authority” ; you know how difficult those decisions are to make; and withhold


I’d explain to you how to be more right, actual; and most right, actual among them; but I’m just too tired from my life as a “slob” in society; while your grandma drinks wine to heal her obesity at my expense. That’s where I left off in this video, this time; before I past-passed out in the middle of the day; like I have shelter of value? and instead returned to my other work project. If you have functional shelter right now; and you’re not a complete ——- try if you can afford it to get some more rest: love you’re a to you non-abusive dad, me for the moment. (themes, continued.)


Recommended Reading and Video, Additional:

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

That’s The Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson



The Domestic Violence Definition Issue: Spontaneous Non-Stems

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The Domestic Violence Definition Issue: Spontaneous Non-Stems

for The FVP

tags: policies

on d.v. & assault ;

on qualifying definitions

by me: goura fotadar (obvious)

date: 10.24.16


(a) I’m not sure if I’m qualife to say this: often;

but the course of d.v. patterns are limited in prescription

to uhm; romantic and-or ex-romantique TYPE patterns.

(b) once; we look at d.v. we also look at a variete (with an accent)


unlike asphalt (as: fault) does assault have any

purpose once it’s (it has) been non-medicated upon you/or whom-ever which for some other’s/s’ purpose(s). When you imagine

the conception that haven (not a typo) taken place of any age Being-Person being “victimized”


 theme: there is a vere “scary” h-less woman / group

not … or bent or not letting me … and it’s vere early in the …


… Their clothes pulled off, hit and taunted with a

weapon like “object”  Philosphical * H : Oh pour! objects;

it couldn’t be them; perhaps they fell … “asleep” and wore-were : grabbed


and if the persons weaponizing you/or them is not a romantic or

ex-romantic partner of you/or them; to speak con-cept colloquially

does that mean; oh mean; it’s not domestic violence. And why

might it be bene (with an accent) for qualife under useful and yet generic d.v.


For the obvious you might begin to understand why you share

in common with actual d.v. victims/ survivors;


and so ‘learn’ about yourself; begin anew new.

cited: McD’s Pharrell Williams “happy”