C.C. notes starting using name: W.S.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 41418

tag[s]: criminology and investigation, phases of investigation

[also in this form: C]



Investigation notes at this sub-sinked phase; is dead as of like 90 years, and people are still trailing him in the present

[Is male]

Has a serious boyfriend / dad dressing as a woman; including wearing a wig

Wears clothes that are considered not socially accepted form of weird even among the same sexuality population

connected to cited: a.a. recovery

was doing a substance that was illegal and likely was not alcohol [the substance misuse]

associates with spiritual image of “Nephi”

went to W.H.S. and lied about age by 30 years/mother is a woman who; puts other people [even people she doesn’t know] down in front of C.C. and lies about credentials [and also in public to their faces, uh both the put downs and credential embellishment]

not immediately obvious but obvious soon enough, that  C.C. is / a / male [why, and how so.]

Another “romantic” killing:

boyfriend broke up with him: C.C.  and found a new life [how far did he get, the boyfriend, if not far based on his desire of distance from C.C., squeezing freedom can result in tertiary homicide of the one who is doing the squeezing; it’s like some type of entropy thing | \/]

another dating partner killed C.C. [why?]


[cues of investigation of c.c.’s murder and accompanying investigations result in repeated legal trouble, with false/ and by false authorities; at an escalated level and as compared to other investigations; for the investigators/ why and especially why as compared to other cases

One catch-all: give yourself and your team expansive a general mundane irrelevant legal problem that’s made up as a cover and has no consequence, and see how the two groups: the legal trouble and the other investigations match or un-match up compared to C.C. homicide investigation[s]?]


[Based on Triangle Analysis]

Hypothesis a: even if deceased and or victim is gay  sexually/ romantically / only if the non-reformed crime of their victimization and or death were connected to that specifically: their sexuality,  does it result in escalation of false legal problems of investigator[s] and investigating groups

Combat Strategy, start marginalizing gay populations while integrating them into “regular” functional society; examples of marginalize:

Status quo non-hateful didactics of straight relationships

and also of asexual non practicing regular sexual relationships [at this point, we haven’t much done anything here]




The Bench: Scenarios of … madness, not mine; explained.

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The Bench: Scenarios of … madness, not mine; explained.

for The FVP


Tag[s]: Thinkers of action for the fictional voluntier project, is this fiction, and the difference between fiction, non-fiction, and lying, and lying in truth; criminology by gf; copy

… jewels

Date: 6117

By goura fotadar

Theme Modifier: But I was doing nothing! But I was doing that nothing!

Theme: how to provide accurate protection without violence from your internal self.

Theme Art: Vietnam was different. Where’s your proof.


A few weeks ago I was sitting on a bench that I’d sat on earlier that day;

And I was coughing and smoking; men I didn’t know starting talking very loudly about me;

They came up to me; and asked me if I were-was a cop;


And I said, the truth: “no.”


I didn’t answer?


I pretended not to be able to speak … “English” “english”


They got really close to my face; and I waited as they nearly of course assaulted be-me in sequence before the evening hit night in the sky;

I waited to:

To not reveal the way I move, why?

To protect others; although nobody but their supportive onlookers were around

When I stood up finally un-harmed I backed away from all three and my belongings on a bench;

Shortly afterward some of my other belongings were stolen; nowhere near where I sat, then.

I then shrieked repeatedly and they propositioned me in the size of gang, now; for prostitutional sex;

I’m not and so

I said,

“I’m sorry about the screaming I’m a Vietnam Vet and a little bit wonky in the head.”

Oh they said,

Stumbling back away.


Do I look old enough to have served in cited: Vietnam? Basic Aptitude Test of those who at non-random threaten others with …  ; and lose? At attempted hate crimes.


Part Two. this jewelry feature. the shelters of so easy and less easy; how much do they vary


how would you take this piece

and turn it / make it fiction

| so easy |

how would you make it to at least yours [elf]

acceptab,lly non fiction

| less easy |


cited: as accessed on 6117

through fb


This side angle photograph see below is quite vase-istic; I can imagine flowers or none; and it’s still an art piece; collected in a can on your see through view; or in your no sorry on your or their body, no bodies.  or. or. or [to catch all the views.]


” “Fly, er” ” [ART] capture

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reading notes for cited: p.13 [and …]  st by zs primary source citation: [swing time by zadie smith]

aside: due to time constraints at p.l. please excuse any differentiations that might not be corrected in type-up; the notes are going of course in the h-less life; func. in the trash as usual.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

this group, started typing up: 51317



worked on; on outlined dates:

date: 42617

there seems to be a link;

or rather we can go to

create a link from the same-

phrase : term:

“modern” before the

half-way point of the page

to “modern” again the last word on

the page; unless you count the

period punctuative as a word;

for example if you read a-loud;

and-or a-loud in your mind:

” … modern period”

why you might read this this way besides

not to miss anything: well in this

case context the double-word-link to

itself: is like sound phonology.

and so reading a-loud

the mark . ; would

be following the let’s

say instruction of

that sound phonology.


theme: instead of peanut

butter and child;

I mean jelly; how about

one version: bacon

and jelly : yum!




cited: p.13

” Many girls who might

have made fine dancers never

made it across that road, for

fear of a homemade flyer.”


when convention meets art; and

a reverse reason quest;

“fear of a homemade flyer … ”

is it the intersection of the

“flyer” as a sight



or is it; the knowledge

that response or

not to

the “flyer”

“homemade” implies another

intersection with the maker

[of it]; and-or those

connected to the maker.

tag[s]: the social blunder heard. mirepoix no faux pas


Such as: this is an idea; cause [ x … y]

is interested in; but how

much will [x … y] have to

interact with [z … q]  of the

“flyer” making.

See photograph:


sorry wrong photograph; but on later upcoming analysis is this flyer type; remarking on the potential danger in this space perhaps due to this policy; which should likely as stated earlier in this/ no on this blog; use cell phones to speak on only when necessary and within standard boundaries; otherwise step outside for talking on cellphones and-or otherwise extended talked. [Extended does not mean do no speak ever indoors including to yourself. and I mean no and not not. ]


behind-the-times? The

“flyer” photographed may be considered

such: [and as compared to others];

because : it is; hand-written;

it is about a “relief” effort

that was in the news modernly;

where modern means; of recent

times; but may not still be in the

news; at least not regularly. But

when we examine the group: “homemade

flyer” against modern; we have still

in the modern back-drop: the possibly ility

of not just hand-writing; from an

art perspective: but all the other ways

to font the “flyer.” Modern than [then]

is perhaps dated by font. Surely there

are those that would be offended by

hand-writing; but in the same case

perhaps the same those would also be

offended by too technologically savvy home-ness;

demonstrated in font adeptness ; and-or not enoughe savv and

not salve? compared to a business and-or such

‘s font adrift technology. In this case; what is

about a “homemade flyer” that is particularly

scary and-or offensive is the chance outside

of apropos [sp?] larger venue group; such as

a business that isn’t necessarily the flyer

distributor’s own: and so the “flyer” made

non “home” may not be done in solidarity;

is the presuming assumption regarding regular?

business; why so. Are they such assumptions due to

past acts of terrorism; or such; that no group

business or outside it; in cluster conundrum

or opposite “home-made” may imply self-declaration

in god: forbid! art; and then in the enigma

of arguments: it is the possible of any level art:

show-cased either in real solidarity if even the enemy

lies at home as in cited: sleeping with the enemy.

or if it can’t interlude into your/ the maker/

the maker type’s art.

So in last séance; perhaps:

in the “fear of a homemade flyer”

is really the “fear” of

showcase singular

and-or solidarity

art. ; which

of course means.


label: The Significance of Art

of course to capture [ART] in describer;

to look at: the scene or art; as photographed

in the source, cited: text [again] Norman

Rockwell A & I ; date: 4.29.17 [secondary source citation in this posting]

with the term “Rockwell” one-me in this case

defining myself : through the image:

ART: is reminded of; ( i.e.  I am reminded of me through this image ; i.e. the definition in

practice of ART 🙂 of cited: Rockville/ Vernon I believe

it is called; and time such as captured in at-least the

cited: “The Four Interviews” of being on pilgrimage,


At the house; there; which was presumably

a house; but something of a make-shift shelter;

with an actual shelter right next door; was perhaps

the 1st time in my life; you’d love to hear?

caught stealing: no! I don’t com-mit [sp?] crime;

was the 1st time in my life then; of my falsely being

persecuted for crime; and in this case: likely others’

crimes; I was cooking much like the man is

who is working on a horseshoe; and dressed

similarly to him; and as opposed to

that metal and presumably trunk platform:

was a high stove; and the only thing I

could reliably cook in was an all silver

metal cooking stock cylinder platform pot; and

you in security would wonder where was my cooking

food coming from while homeless? With frequent shifts

between homeless shelters; the renewal notice

tag[s] ” performance act; security procedures

for my 1st time with the cited: ebt card; never

arrived to the new address; and so it was cancelled

unfortunately. No money & no cited: ebt would imply

I was stealing food; unless of course as either and-or

homeless, functional and an actual spiritual-type:

beggar; the obvious solution when not thinking of crime:

might be: well, they, he, she; whoever begged for food;

but actually as the scene of art might apply;

there was something of an

open kitchen; just

not completely open.

and certainly in this scene; though inside

contrary to what others may think; the view

is an opening; and-or you might even call

this an open scene; seen. This then as otherwise

seen is one advantageous technique of artography;

for it allows any nth of viewer a psychic like recollection

of what happened; what could have happened;

and what might happen [future]; including

fiction. Theories of Criminology

tag[s]: criminology training.

cited image from secondary source citation see above for name of source citation

As a training model;

just as an un-willing to reform/progress

criminal fixates on you, the onset, or

whoever; why not fixate on them in some spare

time; and we such have reliable like psychic

predictions butwithout real life/existence marginalized

of what might happen in crime; and-or how to

prevent it.

[some dates might have been left out or not go in dated order: date: 51217]

In the application of safety to

“flyer” in this fiction text; and also

of the seen flyer as photographed

in its scene; even a flyer

of recent but not complete

recent news like content;

may be in the essence

of safety; a

safe measure;

IN this case: the safe measure of

a flyer would create safety, how: ?

this is a semi-basic moon of outline

but at the same time it’s important.

Applying this fiction analysis; folks are afraid

of such in application; perhaps additionally to other hypotheses

described; because they don’t desire safety, ?

In order to not weasel out-of the potential

safety occurrence [sp?] connected to any

ol’ flyer and really despite content; using the

art conception of a flyer as a type of flag

even if you didn’t stand for what the flag

identified as a form of cause and-or cause

worship; as a thing it might bring about the

occurrence of safety; and no offense to weasels.


as an aside theme: isn’t this also

a model of string theory; and whatever

that means: importance around means;

this model as photographed brings together

circle-type structures of different sizes; with

at least temporarily strong enough string in this

case to stay.

As a main application it is one sense an

alternative flyer and-or a flag.



IN a shape of a heart; and almost in a shape of a 2nd heart.

near books; almost seems to state: the love

of books; and not even yet reading! ; where

in popular use: heart means some version

of love; … creates the occurrence of

safety. [and the last part is only on hypothesis.]

[at this point.]

tag[s]: the magic of fiction

at cited p. 12 of primary source citation, text:  “Here is the church

Here is the steeple

Open the doors

There’s all the people. ”



Remove the steeple since it’s not a church in structural design; and you now have … [in safety] : people-folks that are safe & those that are not [safe]: such caught.



I thought about just finishing here: by looking

again at the picture.

If money is real even a small stack of one[s]; is quite a bit

for whatever dated time this almost ancient ART glance;  looks:

the over-lying crime scene; combined with

the beauty of the box; boy, [x, y]

especially in comparison

to most of the rest

of the scene; seen


source, second and the cited image from it as included in photograph as one of the above photographs: of  cited in name abbreviation again: “forging … h-shoe” in ” n. rockwell”

theme: I don’t bless you


[box is boy boy is box]

established especially likely

by the youth of the boy;

but certainly demonstrated

by many faces of age

as compared to the box

except of course the

perhaps girl in red

hair ; which we just

can’t be sure of

the age of; The stack of

ones maybe for the

“contest” and-or for

the boy; to take

all horrible forms.

& because of the ART:

certainly especially may be

the opposite ; on even the

functional homeless scene;

the assumption of consent

to prostitution from one’s-self

is excessive; in of course

ART-scene ; a stack of

ones hardly has any worth

unless you’re starving.

Though I’ve never prostituted

myself; starvation seems

more antiquated than even;

prostitution [ done; to cure it or to cure other at least basic needs, necessities]; and unfortunately both are part of the modern

time; but certainly not ART

but if you, anyone ART

prostituted yourself for food’s

cost; than-then that would be

holy prostitution; would it not?

Talking into this

blase self [ART] & art –

scene discussion ; and

to solve what might

be more crime before it

happens; in the ancient

almost ancient past;

the lens application of

severe college: and undergrad

shows us that perhaps

the boy is starving ; explained

in sooner posts ; such as

an artistic theme: scoring

a goal near a post; anyhow;

maybe walked to what

appeared clearing/clearly a feeding

kitchen; discovered a

synonymous epic but without

food; and so some of the

on-lookers might expect

that sale [non-food] [to food];

and of course this is


/ [a promised basic needs advertised and-or spoken based on real knowledge provisions; and so never to appear] \

and but what is further

crime in-charge is any

such set-up; but when

you consider on-looker

you have a secondary

group classification:

primary : age ->

points us to

mainly the

boy, beauty

secondary : on-looker ->

[t. b. c. ?]






The Redefinition of Eating for whatever Purpose

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The Redefinition of Eating for whatever Purpose (rougher)

d means
for The FVP
by Goura Fotadar
tags: assertions and word diagrams
date: 82916, 83016

I want to prove that conjugated means join,
just because I feel like
con jug ated:
disguise your face, means con
jug, is a jug
ate, d
the disguised face is in the action of eating a jug; and of course “face” can have more than one (meaning), and a depthly meaning; then if you imagine as dictated the situation of the “con” in action of “eating” a/the jug; in imagination: it looks like a joining, and so
eating is a joining: con to jug; i.e. the “thing” /action that leads to the joining;
now we have almost a redefinition of eating, and proven, too;
and my point is proven at, at least one level
. . .
t.b.c. or complete.


How does a layperson cope in security at least, and stay clean as a non-criminal in this discord of Modern-Day Society.

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Theme: Today’s (…) Police Activities: Unfortunately, this is not a work of fiction; but since it has disturbed my work: I plan to include it in Soul Pieces 20 (if only as a citation, consider not posting to blog to create more …) (updates: the completion of SP 20 has been further pushed back, as other work is going on)
A new blogging series for myself included in my volunteer project:
How does a layperson cope in security at least, and stay clean as a non-criminal in this discord of Modern-Day Society.
date: 3.27.16 continued 32916 continued 33016 continued 33116, 4.5.16
I’m not a cop,
and this is getting ridiculous:
The Criminal Case the involving reminds me of revolvers and replaces the colon:
The Criminal Case Involving My Library Books. It’s so nuts!

With the advent of the next soul pieces, coming out:
I have my hands tied with unpaid work. This is not a complaint; with regard to my own work. With Society falling to Complete Discord at Least in my own personal experience, perhaps I will just have to do more. You would think that working for no money, would cause enough of a difference in at least basic security.

The situation with the library books has escalated. I had to break-up my morning prior to noon meditation practice to make a call to the local police department.

Back in September I checked out books from the San Jose Public Library of last year,
for research for my own volunteer project: The Fictional VolunTier Project.

Review Protocol;
when dealing with outside “criminal” activity
that the local police department is too incompetent to address with aptitude;
must-am forced to “come up” with how to deal with a “plan” for something so basic.

A Side note that has come up: It’s become pressing that it might be pertinent to
apply and volunteer for the local police department.
Already perused  the sites:
(left-out as explained at the bottom of this post text)
and the current enactment is to call and order an application to volunteer there for it says 16 hours a month. It appears urgent.

Basic Facts to Take Into Account:
The Definition of Warrant:
Legally, Speaking: For God’s Sake and Obvious: I am not a Lawyer:
Based on the  breakdown of warrant definition as procuring from this site: (during late march 2016) cited through link and date, there and here”
the first breakdown of the “warrant”
falls under category, “arrest”

An arrest warrant is a written order issued by a judge or other proper judicial officer, upon probable cause, directing a law enforcement officer to arrest a particular person. An arrest warrant is issued on the basis of a sworn com plaint charging that the accused person has committed a crime. The arrest warrant must identify the person to be arrested by name or other unique characteristics and must describe the crime. When a warrant for arrest does not identify a person by name, it is sometimes called a “John Doe warrant” or a “no name warrant.”

I realize that for library books, that I still have and am unable to return to the library because I literally cannot afford it:
to make it to the library
after talking with an officer at the local non-emergency police department number this past Sunday, about this perplexing legal situation:
I’ve had to put in time as I’m doing now to do the research to comprehend and solve this problem.
As the officer suggested, the situation has just not reached its culmination in being solved.
Perhaps it wasn’t even an officer it might have been just whoever responds to the phones non-emergency at that time;
the first thing is to understand what a crime, is.
One of the issues that have come up for me; is that since I’ve been working without an income,
I’ve been around those that have active criminal records,
and it’s just assumed for me personally that because I don’t generate an income: I must be committing crime.
How horrendous; for any educated thinker if even without educational degrees might be progressive enough to comprehend that living and working without an income does not mean committing and or is not equivalent to committing crime. Further, given this scenario for the same people looking in with literally nothing better to do; their active false accusations likely put actual criminals who are up the ante in progressing their criminal deviant behavior into civilized behavior at unnecessary risk.
So another worthy pursuit would be is to examine the difference between a deviant in society and a criminal deviant in society.
Though in the same group of deviance: in society
One may be out-performing the standard members of society whereas; the other group usually appears to under-perform compared to standard members of society.
Theme: this is exhausting; Jesus help me in my Time of Need. All of this for library books to be returned by somebody trustworthy and/or somebody who won’t come under harm’s way that has contact with me in this house that I live/work out of; well the one room / bathroom if I can’t afford the trip to return the books myself.
Now’s a good time to photograph the books: (again)

(The people who live here aren’t the most trustworthy. In any case, I’m already being charged as if they no longer exist. I mean the library books.)

Also, Issues with the SJPL:
PAR: Is what happened legal?
The Spreading of Mis-Information: About The Fees of Checking Out Books and Not Being Able to Return Them
& Issues Of Course With the SJPD:

Today, I am so happy, because I just received this e-mail: and I can’t wait to return the books on-foot! In other words, this branch will be walking distance from where I … work / stay .

Screenshot (319)

(left off here on the last noted date, as listed on top,
and this has been re-examined as of 4.8.16; by me Goura Fotadar,
and also some websites have been left-out to further privacy. Obviously, none used for citations)