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Art conception: book report

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[and also in this form: Art conception]

Date typed up: 12817,

i. Art conception: book report 10.7.17

2nd to 6th Grade Review, for adults too.

by Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: The Death Project, reading notes, counseling techniques as exercises of fictional to attention

 ii. Source citation: reminder:

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress

(A memoir of Going Home)

(by) Rhoda Janzen

iii. Elongated Summary reading goal: Write a book report for each page of book

iv. This is called the next in sequence in reading notes [as a protocol, … process]; and in this sequence set we don’t diminish and not use the first or such in the set.

v. Example: (from cited: page 1) the dying of limbs, and the subjective creativity of these in both consumption: use, and thought. Perhaps the beneficence of useful medicines and as their contribution to over-all the regulated versions of medical well-being. This then connected to perhaps, death and-or illness like death or death like illness. Secondary work note: useful for cited: The Death Project. On closer reading on second follow-up scan reading; past regular reading of text: a hint and request for “vaccination-“ for “breast cancer’’ and when upon ponder; broadened to all “cancer[s]” and also to all ailments upon such recommendation of health-manifestation: first page of examination: report.  On deeper removed creativity inflicted thought: what would be the dying of limb[s] effectively translated to actualized reality.

theme: health

theme music citation: rihanna diamonds



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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


Date[s]: 71817 & 72717

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Reviews of Relevance

How we came [two]

Basique logic. [one P]




a) “discharged” => [“but”] => now, expect an instead of what is reported as status quo : and as has been found;

“he did not go home.”




“He was home”  I’m sorry! but this and the next line sub-line implies that he was deployed there; if even you didn’t otherwise, know it.


“He stayed on in Vietnam , …”


c) If you continue with “home”

than it is certain?

that the curtain

of how you

will make your

way must be


Theme: further proofs logic?

“… finding a way to

make a living with his camera … “


d) “French War”





[ ] ?

le “Vietnamese” :

le “American War,”


“ … he turned to

photojournalism … “


so the way on

one road already existing

: “ … his camera”

has a coinciding name:




source, cited: p. 31 second

right paragraph, a part of

[see photograph]

from cited: text as referenced
from cited: text as referenced
from cited: text as referenced

; Vietnam

The Real War; The AP, I B

Pet Hamill ; [updated; corrected through another front; or rather more correctly perhaps: Pete Hamill]


2nd almost cliché source, cited:

rose major line, Shakespeare,

R & J, 9th grade

past provision level


The Mitt; of basic translations

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rough notes-and quotes from “aa class/courses” on 06.23.17

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up: 62517

The Sort of Lecture:

“Life Purpose”


” = ” “winner”

“book of John”

“Chapter 5”

“the verse of healing at the pool”

“finding purpose in life … get”

honest; liven in the truth ”  ” … live in the truth”

“to find a clear purpose”

as cited from Jesus in the lecture

“do you wish to get well ”

. . . ” … and walk”

“12 steps start with

admitting the truth”




trans, lation

ad: mitt [ing]



         sea; mitt [or ad: see mitt]

“what are we

addicted to … sex? ”



slightly para phrased

“can’t do it ourselves;

we have to surrender … ”

” … surrender” [only?]

” to win … ]

first, admit the


second”  “dig up the truth”

baseball ? a second

for the catcher

=> to “dig up”

from : ad : mitt[ing]

fourth step of aa :

dig into our

past … ”

“character defect”

how does de: fect

turn into

de: fend [which it sounds like, too; or also or almost s.l. ]

a car’s fender; [sp?]

and a “second”
or some [time]

for catcher [ing]

=> mitt; here

———————————-> the most l’importante for? [the catcher?]

“humbly … remove shortcomings”

hum, b, ly





notes from xx-cont.

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mostly quotations and rapid interpretations, from 61617


cited theme product: nad’s

by goura fotadar

date t-up: 61717

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

in quotes citations from lecture:

“Repairing & Rebuilding”

notes from xx-cont. ;


cited: counseling

“why do you drink due to what happened to you.”

“kitchen hot” metaphor;

“selfishness & self-centered ness”

“the root of our problem”

as cited in the lecture from the big book

based on lecture

metaphors how about:

“the roo[f] of [h]our problem.”

“upset with God” => ?

translated and re-interpreted for these notes and use:

“up [:] set with Go[d]”

“Jesus” sounds like soap

to me;

a “higher power” seams [notice spelling]

like hygiene to me.

career counseling :

distributing hygiene


translated and re-interpreted again; obvious:

& you are “hi[red] power”

or “hi[read] power”

“peace with god”

translated and re-interpreted more:

“p[ie]ce with go[d]”

that is .. is

a piece!

how is it “peace”

“go … ”


“[d]istance …”