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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date[s], worked on: 41719, 42419

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Source, citation: Mission: Impossible, FALLOUT


Summary paragraph: special connotations,

“plutonium” is connotation for “the pope” the second connotate-d as the first; creates the circumference of “jerusalem” which connotates as might hypoxy connected to “plutonium” so even made up images, are and or real images of such uh blast shall not be uh surprising,

… what’s the point.

So keep look-ing for the “plutonium” and many things that are lost are found; and even uh revived. As is usual in uh such a sense

The key (out) is revived; (out of what) uh; what are meanings of revived

Aside:  tag[s], cited: creative thought,

I found one D.J.’s primary love interest; it’s the brother of that person on cited: Club Sport; the other at the hold up on (of gun) which one; D.J. this primary is primary W.S. introverted operations; put them together digitally and see what you find out (with some plus controls) in addition ask the other what is it about D.J. that he likes, and-or rather sticks with,  [has just bene, been verified]

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Summary ideology; key is revived; one example of revived is analysis of something that isn’t actually breathing, such as uh movie and this.


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Ignoring the details; or even missing the details; what’s the point of going from the sky in that version of going from the sky?

One example answer is that (from that entropy reach) it prevents and-or corrects unjust harm from taking place and or taking place like that ,

And if more so if jumping or falling out from the sky;

But in any case, it would be good enough: to put a bunch of people that had experience[:] ; severe unjust harm in a plane; and the common public might wonder: how come then terror strikes from the plane front. What’s your answer,

Left-off at 48:10

General film synopsis: I’m not sure if it’s clear but “rogue” is an operational cue; and that’s not what it means; as in it’s not in operational uh logistics uh a bad and or wrong and or illicit thing,

Left-off at 01:22:36