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The Salt Thing

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date, started: 5.15.17

Library & Literary Relevances

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar [obvs.]

brief scan of cited source,

text: LOVE STORY by



cited. p. 19

cited. p.13

Salt as

an index,





as the

word alone?

instead of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\————–

noticing what could be salt.


if we were going to

notice what could also

be salt; and-or

salt-similar :


on a continued, rough; and

semi-quick scan:


cited p.19 —> again

name of doctor;

is salt-like


cited p.20 “Novocain” is salt-like? how

cited p.20 “steak” is salt-like?


cited p.21 “It was beginning to hurt like hell.”


cited p.21


with the earlier

backdrop of

“salt” “nutritional”

advice; and

the silence + attack?

after this last

cited line; in

this text “salt”

and-or salt-like


might have a magical almost

addictive quality.


In other words:

from the interaction brief

on the top of

cited p.21;

“salt” – like when un-responded

to : can or perhaps does

escalate matters.

In an almost shamanic, shaman

response; “salt”

and-or the mention of

something like salt;

if un-responded to,

salt …



[excuse the change of order in numbers; as the book has is being flipped through:]


at the top of

cited. p.3 ; or near

the middle.    tag[s]: research reading

[editing notifications & considerations: period or not after cited? in this specific posting. and when not. and how long will you remember when not and when to.]


Is “coffee” like salt.

and on earlier cited.

p.2 at the start of the book:


“the cheese”

though qualified in

a (non-cited italics)

different way. Is this

still a “salt.”


on cited p.13

almost as if qualifying

salt to this

not surprisingly

shamanic – level

the main character /


almost such declares

indirectly the use

of “salt” …



Parodies can still prove

Satires    importante

indexing uses;

i.e. point ’em

out, too.


aside exercise:

How do you recognize yourself;

how would you map yourself


I really hate bad smell[s].

Define what “bad smell[s]” mean to me. [means to me.]

[i.e. & to you?]


cited p.13, continued …

” “Yer not eatin’ enough salt.”

Maybe if I humor him

he’ll go away.

“Okay, Jack, I’ll start

eating more salt.”

Jesus, was he pleased!

… ”


about the trash receptacle: re, mind [manners] = potpourri temporary

0theme0 trash collection as art

it reminds me to spit in a bottle upon others’ : cited brainstormers et al

suggestion ; and not [just] upon others

it includes the pieces of outsides [leaves in varying stages and twigs like my poetry]

to remind me how to compost;

and it of course is an additional trash collector in stage; as in stage phase

reminding me to grab and trash the notes I no longer use or need;

it also has decent scent since inside it’s filled with not just spit but leaves, and twigs; yeah; and the container of course reminds me to drink enough hydrating liquid and-or prepare still in the homeless life. cited: rum’s theory series on amazon










sleeping outside notes with reading notes , and others

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shelter notes; no, sleeping outside notes;  with reading notes , and others …

where is shelter = sleeping outside or something along that

for The FVP

by Goura Fotadar

source, citation, text: Tracy Barone by “Happy Family”

so actual(l) no-shelter i.e. sleeping outside as a seance – r peering glass: means no drug usage, no abuse

there’d be no way to survive the outside Earth Conditions; under such conditional and non-reformed Living choices; even in the most temperate of climates. So from a clinical perspective some(body) -ies s.o.

(es.o) (in (established.sleeping.outside)) and not lying about is free of infliction abuse, and; drug use; and likely other items of non-reformed Living Choice . . .

p.305 ” … Where she’d worked, in that park with the crazy tent people and trash, there were all kinds of drugs. Drugs going up the nose and in the veins to fill the dark spaces inside. … “

P. 308 and in the case of working for no money; how might you protect yourself against false incriminalization … do these tests; in actuality work: so …

” … You can give me a Breathalyzer. I’m not on drugs. I’ll even piss in a cup, if you can find a clean one … “

p.312 ” Cheri walks into the kitchen wearing the same tank top and underwear, her hair still wet.”

this sounds like the beginning of a sex, scene in romance fiction; and not a possible re-interaction between a mother and an adopted daughter. How ap, propo [sp?] if not correctly translated; soon to-be criminal. theme: scene building(s) in fiction {draw l’arte}

p.315 Doesn’t it depend on who, is dead.

cited: (for) The Death Project; for the supposed ritual of clearing out the clothes, the items, etc.

“” I am going to help you pack up Michael’s clothes. It is not good to sit with them there for so long. You are ready? ” “

So basic   but still: if not “there” than/then wear /where or which “there” might look you for placing the clothing, items of the de


other notes, aside: essentially “no”brake – break in bud get

and depending on the category of

the deceased, to you:

some(body)                     some(body)                               some(body)          The Burial

you didn’t                         you sort-of                                 you liked                     View in this

like                                      didn’t like                                                                           Set (22)


|                                                      |                                                      |

|                                                      |                                                      |

\/                                                     \/                                                     \/

where if different would

you take their clothing, belongings, etc. . . . The Big Quest , on?

theme: also, loot at your calendar

when you’re thinking of death? (a double – mark)

theme: I’m tired of smelling your piss; and piss can’t spell that bad? (fiction theme)

-and here’s an approach when questioned deeper; the character: (response)

p.315 “Cheri has never been particularly sentimental, but she knows she’s not ready to let that shirt go. Cici is sitting on a corner of the bed, looking at her expectantly.”

& then come the observations of action of the deceased in their items: A Memory Death Recollection Builds

P. 315 “How he’d throw off his boots and then later ask, … “

p.317 – and with the death / Death; there-is the mention of “Heaven” and perhaps this character’s  interpretation: of what could be their/ her sight of what “heaven” seem/seam (s) to them; if even away from / close to an actual “heaven”

p. 317, contn. ” … waited to be alone because she’s jonesing … chopped-up Sudafed-pain-pill …”

theme: j,one-sing / jone-sing

” … she knows it’s an empty gesture, like sex (for her?) …” p.317

and finally, maybe a more cliche’ or classically current-worldly view of an actual “heaven” especially after exp-rience-ing the lowly-world-life past another’s death …

“They’re at the seaside chasing waves with Cici’s baby boy and numerous vestal virgins. laughing. “

& then of ca, coarse/course: life’s options(now): “Maybe she’ll just pop the last pain pill and take a bath.”

p.321 and after a bout, services of infidelity “lilacs” also mean :

“To celebrate the fresh start, he had bought her a gift — lilacs, … “

theme: with “lilacs” need to make a sign: stop stealing from homeless people on-the Streets! & Stop asking to … ! (from them/ of them)