The Definition of My Volunteerism

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Circle Dots
Circle Dots

the image above is one I made in february of this year, 2015.

i. Fictional Voluntier Project Definition
Updated through 05.18.2015–05.19.2015
Redone to reduce confusion and causes of communication errors. This includes the definitions of words.
I am currently occupied as an independent volunteer. This means that I pick specific volunteer selections to support.

Plant Staples
Plant Staples

I was not satisfied with the progress of certain volunteer engagements in the past, and so I have chosen to work on replacement and more well-defined projects, now; beginning in may of this year, 2015. This flyer is made to draw my volunteer agenda, without revealing the confidentiality of the selections, I am at this date working on.
At this point in 2015, I: am in a waiting stage for one project; working on another project; designing my own project for the future; using my own art to select new endeavors: this is all done with immense time management skills that I formed while a traditional employee in-other-words while working for pay; I am consistently modifying my style of presentation to further my universe. I mean the last word in an artistic way of our engagements changing and creating for us spaces that are approved by us in Time.

Fiction for Free Distribution

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It has been taking forever to type everything up that I have already planned to distribute for free that is not part of any other group of my work. So I video’d it. Now it’s done in approximately the time (shorter than) it was written in … and so much time has been conserved!

Friends on Facebook

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Date: 05/13/2015

To be brief: After consulting with someone with more experience than I; I have been asked to use Facebook as a Tool for Record-Keeping and to Remove my Limited

Friend List because of the professional interference that keeping friends has Cost me. The person advising me also mentioned that being both A Professional Volunteer & A Person who Creates Art; can be confusing, and at times threatening for people not connected to me through one of these avenues. In making My Work Top Priority: I am no longer accepting and/or adding friends on Facebook: this includes groups connected to anything that has proven to have been interfering in the Recent Past, with Regard to Both Professional Volunteer Work & and Art–Activity … Thank You!

Professional Networking (Phone-Call) Blurb:

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Professional Networking (Phone-Call) Blurb:

Date: 05/15/2015

” Hello: my name is Goura.
I am a professional volunteer; currently, engaging in several volunteer projects. I spoke to so_and_so about possibly interviewing you for this specific project: (name the project and where it is centered) ; that I worked on a few years ago;”

(already & note: this shares that I have experience not just at present, but also in the past with working on this project)
“I was not satisfied with the progress of this project then:¬†while working on it a few years ago, and so I have chosen to work on it further (at present).

To give you a brief summary of this project: ”
(have facts memorized and also incorporate your own experience connected to these facts, that you can reference if needed through a reliable source or sources; but keep it brief as this is not meant to be a long phone conversation; and networking or reaching out should not be a means to take away others’ freedom(s), and also (not to) push around referrals! that often come through the desire to further efforts of people’s well-intentioning sharing.)
“I consider this to be an exceptionally important project, especially as a record for this Nation’s history. I cannot force you to participate in this project; and, I do want to encourage you to think about participating; and, I will also provide you with my contact information. As I have already mentioned, I am a professional volunteer; ¬†this means that my schedule is open to bend to your accommodation-needs: even if only to discuss this project in-person.

I am happy to meet with you, and glad to discuss this project; even if, you decide not to

Thank You for your time, and I am excited to meet with you in-person!”

The definition of “blurb” from, is:
” : a short description that praises something (such as a book) so that people will want to buy it “

Grant Requests … An Idea

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Date: 05/11/2015

Since I have yet another idea, and it is quite difficult to perform certain aspects of

volunteer projects without an income; I am researching grant opportunities to further

my community engagement activities. For one thing, I could really use an assistant to

better organize my schedule and help with the networking of at least one volunteer engagement; that alone is something like a part-time job; that I have been limiting because I have other projects to work on; in addition to my own art activities. I have come up with a

budget for how much my volunteer enterprises cost; and this includes how much an assistant for Fictional VolunTier will get budgeted.

(Also I need the time to brainstorm my new idea, but I have been bogged down with a variety of activities; and this leaves me little time for severe organization, which is what I need at this point: I have thus accepted the schedule advice of someone more experienced and I am breaking up my volunteer and art engagements so that not each is being worked on each day of the week; otherwise the hours get too much … and of course this is all done without

monetary compensation!)


-Networking Continues for One Project

-Assignment Work Continues for Another Project

-Brainstorm Time needs to be Factored into My Schedule for A New Project

-Scheduling one more engagement

(Aside: My next book is also being put together by me at this time; the work was done

months ago while on-pilgrimage but the time was not there to complete its organization. Though this is technically outside of my volunteer work; I consider it just as important;

and I keep up with my new fictional writings daily!)

Resource Issues … Stepping Outside

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After repeated technological failings on at least a couple of devices; I have to post-pone work on one engagement further; while forming another. This means I have to now step outside to public spaces of available resources … what a hassle & enormous delay … fortunately, I always have the art–stuff to work–on; to be blatant, the volunteer-ism has caused me numerous delays since I got back to California in November of 2014; so-much-so, that a book that was completed, roughly around then never got the chance to be put-together … I suppose it’s important to mention this here since it is a huge factor in my time constraints of Living.

Definition of “volunteerism” from

“1. voluntarism

2. the act or practice of doing volunteer work in community service …”

Part of One Universe;

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Date: 05/10/2015


The organization, continues:

The-Universe-Name :

Fictional VolunTier

3 Folders, for present:

— Writing (Fiction)

— One Volun Proj.

— Two Volun Proj.

Two Notebooks, at present


use :

(1) Fiction

(a) for Blog-ging

(b) for book(s)

(c) for distri-bution

(2) Both Volun Notes

(a) for public dissemination

1. blog-ging

2. typed-up Spreading soft-copies

(b) organization: plan, execute

1. maintain confidentiality!

An aside topic;

Example, schedule (3 hours, only):

(1) Respond to emails regarding volunteer projects;

avoiding phone conversations as information

gathered this way has proven itself faulty

; discovered through recent but completed

volunteer engagements; people tend to fib less

when there is written documentation of their communication;

just a personal–volunteer opinion of experience.

(2) Art–related activity

(3) Information take–in

(4) Note-taking and organization to put forth constantly

adapting forms of execution

(a brief version …)