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It’s not my Birthday , but it is



It’s hard to adapt magic, that’s why I’m so impressed

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It’s hard to adapt magic, that’s why I’m so impressed

paper mache un – ill 

by goura fotadar
today’s magic notes of perfume. (scent)
In bowl wide base,
take some hot water, boiled and just cooled
some carnations or whatever plant material you have around
to use
put in two stones
and cover to catch the aroma inside
put stones on top to hold the paper
the two stone theme

fiction notes for the day, by the way, response to others’ art:
it’s like a moo moo I’m spelling it like
it’s like udders turned to
turning to a vase
and now also
a face
it’s really cool
I love it.
It’s actually perfect.
it smells almost holy.
I guess carnations
smell almost holy.

It’s like etched on there
Perfume Jar
(1) Perfume Made Today:
So to turn it into
a stronger perfume;
I would just add
more flowers
I think.


It’s also like medicine & I
need a spray-able
method to dispense
the perfume

So just found a strong
pink tulip in the front yard;
took one apart the flower
dust spreading in the air;
& put it in the cooling perfume
in jar; this is now a
serious perfume at this stage.

(2) Greet Tea

also added some plain-ish green tea
with just a few floral elements to an already petaled
baking powder otherwise standard face lotion.
Already prior to the tea addition can “sense” the difference
of the lotion from the petals + powder.

More perfume
one piece of ginger left out
+ white
petals of one daisy
+ used green tea leaves
to that mixture of
perfume & now
it’s sitting on the sill

rib breaks2

Now, Paper Mache notes (still drying, wonder what it will become next)
Uhm, yum:
it smells ike
a new
perfume that I never made.



Theme: Badminton & Its Affordablity: Is it Economics
Theme: Artist/ Song: LCD Soundsystem    / Losing My Edge
cited: npr.org/ music/ as accessed on 3.1.16

Studying Peter Pan, for the writing of further on “PurpleMent”

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Studying Peter Pan, for the writing of further on “PurpleMent”
-only number one so far, in the process thus far; & also Rough Draft
by Goura Fotadar
& also for The Fictional VolunTier Project
date: 2.25.16 & 2.26.16
Main Source Text:

Swing Eye by goura fotadar

Fictional Interpretations of The Reading:
(1) The memory tinker-bell from just normal conditioning of personal culture in society (or something).  Being a fairy and /or having “wings” identifies an animal type of persona-identity-form: in that; I comprehend it; a “winged-being” so-to-speak; as an animal.&Somehow,when I read the following line from the source text, number One:
“For one thing, although there was a pretty little-parlour maid called Liza, the children were bathed and dressed by a big dog called Nana, whose kennel was kept in nursery.”
Items to note that come up, are:
“one thing” contrasts Liza and the parlour
to Nana and the nursery
but maid and dog almost mean in this case: something similar; which is that they are the “other” or not whose perspective the environment is from;
and of course, this may not mean narrator or writer; and if this is the perspective the environment is from; as always thinking about things as energy, then the larger energy in the environment and/or is the environment is not either “Liza” or “Nana” hence they are; the “other” and perhaps this will have some matter in analysis and/or examination.
and as if to stress the point of contrast “little” & “big”
Another point that might be worth or not; noticing; is when “little” equals “big” ; to use terms from the text; and how this is made the same since the maid might not just refer only to cleaning the house; does it because one might quickly presume that it being a maid also refers to; references activities such as giving children baths, as this text suggests; however it says that the “big dog” and not the “little() maid”  ” … bathed … the children” and either bathing falls under cleaning which may be encapsulated in the definition of maid duties; and even if we were to look up the meaning of this word: “maid” it might not be the same as a specific ma’ds occupational standards for a specific position; right; anyhow, in case maid does include bathing children as part of its general job description;
t.b.c …

This part below or beneath you; jokes aside, is entirely fictional and inspired from this short and not yet complete study of literature (analysis) above:
The Durga Play Part One. For “PurpleMent”
O’her fictions: Me I have those special fillings,
that I’m ob-ssessed With.
Getting Paid: And that takes care of anything.
About Durga: All three of her parents have mental illness;
and one of them is the Higher Lord;
with the other two a mutant couple;
and her husband is the Lower Lord; and he’s abusive;
and she’s poor, and works for no income: Like that Counts for anything!
In her voice: My Father told me to say, that he has mental illness.
The Dog requires a sacrifice. Part Two. My Next Tattoo spelling
angels want me to announce they have missing limbs in Never Never Land. Cited: Main Source Text One.
Also your dad wants you to know that your dad is dead.
The Lower Lord & The Dog-TinkerBell to Durga: You are no longer allowed to share your things! Because you share your “things” with them; they then want to die for some other reason, because they are dying either way; anyway; they are dying any way,
and then she lives and pretends that you are sharing with her. And she gets larger and larger. In Energy Size.

Another Fictional Insert: It’s like White Poplar Trees.
Durga: (Biting on the Lamb.) It’s dead boys around the Dining Table, Me, The Pregnancy, and a Robot. Oh Boise!
First Name: The Pregnancy, Last Name: The Dog-Tinkerbell to Durga and The Lower Lord: (Lower Lord why’s he not saying anything) Why he’s not saying anything is because he’s dead.
Durga squeal-giggles. Look, the enemy dances around the D.T. to a good? song. Have you seen anything funnier. The enemy announces to Durga at her squeal-giggles that she took dance lessons for so long. No wonder Durga congratulates the enemy in between now shriek-giggles, I can tell you’re very talented. The enemy also announces about how she has had numerous years of martial arts training.

Random Art Saying Book, Number 11 is Free for Five Days Starting Tomorrow!

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“The turn in Peanut” By Goura Fotadar … Ad Art for This One in The Series 

Commentary: rite this!

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The Dot Write Up
Tag/ Title o I meant 0: I’m not done yet; yeah, et al, know that’s what that means, but did I miss a period
Tag/ Title 1: Comment Description

Title 2 / Description: rite: this! an exploration of womanhood symbols can-eye-say that, a quick brief and not gritty write-up while a billion constellations ation
by goura fotadar
an art review or something of form, it’s almost insane …


The Dot Face by Goura Fotadar on 2.5.15 citation: art space FacePaint

one, main, source text here for review, pah:
(as accessed on 2.5.16)
My Discussion I (with myself). The Plethora of Art stylized jewelry, look at the globs turned to a decorative and even appreciative hanging around her neck.
One reason to never get rid of barbies,  citation: tm to barbie circa? who knows I need to plethora look this one up or more up, yeah.
and I’ve never been a traditional “doll”
purse in
(uh, way back then)
is to
look at the artistic endeavor that is their

I ‘v e sa id  a bill i on
that I’m not a b-i-g tradtional jewelry
being (and that’s two for two that I’m not really); but it’s
still art.

 Section. I. a.
poetry / insert, a break:
it’s actually almost insane to rite: this,
while I’m dealing wit: things! (that’s a command)
if even in a fabled: hell,
then still,
ease in a way to un-still,
is the un-imaginable
i’m dealing: wit,
I’ve either got to be the worst of the worst,
and then then it wouldn’t be the dealing with,
or the best-of-the-best,
and if that’s the case,
no wonder, nothing can help me.
it’s a lonely road,
a roar where I’m never.

cited from, as seen on: 2.5.16 (again , of course? is-it-still the case, seen)
comments no “sigh” though
ah, yeah, cited from: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/173536
poem,  title / author :
The Road Not Taken
By Robert Frost …”

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
comments: a difference of expression and even if a variety of “sigh” say … uh

From the main source text, then:

Mattel’s expansion of Barbie’s look…represents the basic, hopeful idea that diversity is valuable not just for diversity’s sake (or, as Anna Holmes recently put it, as a kind of grudging obligation). Diversity is—much more pragmatically, much more transformatively — good business. If consumers can see themselves in their dolls, Mattel has calculated, they will be more likely to purchase those dolls.

theme:  vicissitudes changes your sinews
I like this almost spiritual consumerist perspective and note: perspiration; but what I wonder about, those that we see none of ourselves in, the spiritual, only perspective; I presume. Sorry, apologies, for an occupational hazard. Are they so different from us, that we don’t want to be associated with anything that is them. How odd, to me, to  not have their subjective perspective. How odd to not associate or to avoid association with anything; since this point of consumerism also has the underlying intelligence and should I say it savvy knowledge of object-identification; but and the reminder of the cliche from somewhere, or everywhere in this galaxy: is this cardigan me? I don’t know, is it you. Perhaps you should take the time if society allows this level of deviation to wind turbine your emotions or just your perspective so you and we all know what and who youare where you are now; or were then. But then this isn’t a counseling session. I’m not charging.
(again) how odd to not associate or to avoid association with;
, anybody that isn’t you in some way. Imagine what a supernatural , superpower must feel, in this perspective of should I say it: human-ness; or rather, human-full. Does the greek origin negate the root. of ‘ness or is it some other Heritage: root. Who knows I didn’t have that advantage of traditional education or that ample opportunity, there was too much too learn; and too little time, in my perspective; On discrimination: but perhaps I should discriminate against all those that had that opp; or make sure to go out of my way to not associate with them! Ha! (I hope you understand that that’s pointed humor at at least; with sarcasm or is sardonic; dry cutting but not biting.)
But fabulous perspective-al-or-something-education point, seriously.

Discussion II. The Rubber Band, Man
Emanating from the Rough …
A Movie brief to:


rubberband man to go on top of … by goura fotadar on 2.6.16

Citation Source: TV on 12:20 – 2 : … PM I meant at … on STRZ on 2.6.16
Movie Title: Batman & Robin, 1997

brief notes on “Batman & Robin” (the first half or so of the movie as shown on this day-tuh on the tv)
introduction, so it’d been a-while when sine I mean curves I mean since

god, I forgot am still talking about barbies, like I said, this article even a skim of it as of about the above as in first source text, was highly edifying,
so when I heard “curves” in the article,
describing personification of your ideals with regard to object identification,
and so then purchasing of these ideals and their correlating identifiers in our consumer quadrant spaces of society,
I was thinking of the sine curve on the  (along the) x axis and then the negative, so basic
also the same on the y axis (if that’s possible I don’t know I haven’t been doing very much math basic recently lately) and I mean along the y and negative y axis,
and then I was thinking of the diagonal image of the sine curve along I guess what would be the z axis, and then I was thinking of changing its dimension and shooting from two dimension with a mention of a parallel dimension in the same plane to your face and from that dimension parallel and actually reaching at an angle your face, and I guess this would be an enacted model of your identification with objects based on your personification of you,
and so it’s kind of like what I wrote,
and “seeing” the curve in this way,
makes its comprehension almost spiritual.
if that makes sense,
it does to me …

and all ofthis from the source text and briefly watching Batman & Robin , (1997), again:
following r some of my notes, from the movie-watching:
it’d bee a while I meant to get to, since I’ve watched movies … & esp. on the-tv. (this isn’t my house, a kind reminder of someplace else.)

Section. 1. b.an aside: I should sell this unshitted shit, the soil left-over feces maybe impregnated with egg shells water and god only knows what else the see seed cliche growth forth burst a mounin’ sours gone? and the round bulb of Growth , eh-ah-sniff, the flowrs absent, ‘e’?
a hanging really good potpourri creation for this room,
that won’t dissolve easily


quotes that might be useful from the movie watching, that I can hardly remember hearing accurately, but are certainly note-worthy, here; so some of this is paraphrasing, since I can’t quite remember, and it was a quick-ish quickening jot down:
My father always said all you
               have to do to succeed … is to follow a star.”  (Batman)
” …
plants & animals, first … “ (Poison Ivy)

Batman’s impeccable manners
toward P.I. even
among social pressures,
and modeling of the opposite:
seemingly helping/ aiding
her speak her point to
the false reality that is there.
Perhaps changing reality to her perspective
P.I. a now poisonous , seemingly
genius almost beauty queen
and look at the gem paralleling the
amaze: me : in: art
              cited: barbie tm jewelry

& the gem / stone
powered machine
of cold: a real
use of jewelry,
P.I. : notice
the letters identifying,
her God,
to the police if I recall, correctly.

Section. 1.c. Red Board UP by goura fotadar


Discussion III. Back to the main source text, as accessed on today, 2.7.16
… cited above rite: at the beginning of this write-up / post …
” …
As essay by Bene Viera of Fusion suggests that for a lot of families, the politics of playtime are real and deserve to be taken seriously. She recalls the lengths her mother went to in picking out her toys:

    ‘Although the original waifish, blonde hair blue-eyed Barbie reigned supreme on toy store shelves, I only had black Barbies. This was very important to my mother, so important that if a store didn’t have any black Barbies she would drive to another that did. She never explained why — and I never asked — but as an adult I understand that she knew it was crucial for me, a black girl coming of age in the 90s, to own dolls that looked like me. I am thankful she was proactive in making sure I saw myself reflected in the dolls I played with. Because whether people want to admit it or not, toys do shape how children view themselves.’


Comments of mine on this, not that you care or anything, but I do; is that are that uhm I wonder about again another perspective on purchasing something that looks like you, especially as in the same physical form: you know a table you like unless of course you are a table is a completely different and maybe even opposite to you the example of self-object-identification or something of that nature; than having a barbie or any other type doll that looks exactly like you; depending on your perspective, a table that you like and now own, is different than owning something that looks like you and isn’t. It might be a little scary; for one thing it might press highly on your individuality and also
your own perspective of your unique identity potentially first seen I mean experienced through your image. (This might be a good time for you to take break from Life and Strife, and figure out in case you haven’t already practiced this really basic exercise in self-knowledge; what can I say I used to be a counselor of the non-legal variety; that’s where I learned it was o.k. to say this stuff a-loud in professional settings; or nearly anyway. & quickly at least examine how you consider the first manifestation of your unique identity to express itself; in any way or form: expression.)  And just because there is a doll that looks like you that you own, doesn’t it feel stranger in the  weird sense of non-helpfulness for others also that you don’t know to have this doll. For example, can you imagine, if everyday somebody you didn’t know had a doll that looked like you, and wished that doll and so in your personification of you: it, harm; and would it be made better if this person knew you. Call me the devil’s advocate or something. Or something.

Section 1.d. and again, because I couldn’t find it for a moment:

2,8,16 & 2,25,16
Section 4. The Identification Method a little more blame …?
” …
Following Eliana Dockterman’s exclusive interview with Mattel in Time on the new Barbies, Jill Filipovic, also at Time, steps back to ask a bigger-picture question — whether the dolls are skinny or curvy, white or brown, are we really OK with what the Barbie brand represents?

    ‘One pointy-toed step forward, though, is hardly a giant leap for womankind. Barbie is a literally objectified woman, not a superhero or an action figure but a plastic lady notable because she’s pretty. And she remains a quintessential ‘girls’ toy,’ Patient Zero in the pinkification pandemic that has infected toy stores for two generations and now prominently segregates ‘girls’ toys’ (Dolls, Arts & Crafts and Bath, Beauty & Accessories on ToysRUs.com, for example) from ‘boys’ toys’ (Action Figures, Video Games, Bikes & Ride-ons).’

Speaking of representation and toys, Lego also took steps toward increased diversity last week, unveiling a new figurine that uses a wheelchair. Unlike the hoopla around Barbie’s new look, Lego was pretty low-key about its new toy, and Morwenna Jones at The Independent compares the two approaches:

‘But unlike Barbie’s new range, unveiled with an exclusive in TIME magazine and more press embargoes than Barbie has convertibles, Lego’s latest character was simply placed in the middle of a busy park scene, sitting in his wheelchair as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

    ‘As other companies make grand, sweeping gestures towards their commitment to diversity, it’s this that might just be the biggest step forwards.’ “

Discussion-with-myself about …
& consider if you have ever been celibate (in the adult hood) is virtue encapsulated within it celibacy if even you are none religious :
The Cringe of Sex With Your Husband: I should probably preface ’tis with the conceptualization concept concept–ting
that in my opinion the experience of the physical and/or emotional cringe: removes any propensity to cling to that witch is unworthy to the cling, if ever the cling is worthy well certainly for saving life yours it can be,
and here’s a demo,

As much as I cringe at the conventional ideas of beauty , and to be honest depending on what unconventional
also unconventional ideas of beauty. Unless of course, in the holy sense. Of course the image of an an angel of beauty and/or some other divinity model of beauty, wouldn’t make me cringe; but I wonder about the others, especially those that cling psychologically to conventional and unconventional ideas of beauty; does holy beauty make them cringe instead. And so is there a hierarchy of beauty experienced that isn’t just subjective, but spiritual subjective. Perhaps then, what we cringe to tells us our place in subjective development of spirituality; because who is going to tell you for sure and in-person, that’s spiritually beautiful and that’s not just un-spiritual beauty. You’d have to find the ultimate authority on spiritual beauty, and get them to tell you in-person; and not have you know, only a psychic premonition about it. My point is actually being even “pretty” as the source text suggests, despite its association with objectification when seen in the unspiritual beauty perspective; compared against the actual  spiritual perspective if such an Ultimate authority might exist on spiritual beauty might actually be something like a superpower as opposed but not quite since the perspective is moved away now from non-spiritual and /or objectification in the unholy sense; for surely, identifying with your prayer objects, is objectification no matter how much you may actually use them, even if it is for holy activities. I once had a woman, tell me, that you have no idea how good it feels to have sex with your husband. I still cringe at the mention of those words. Not just because I am sarcastically with a fiction taint to it, allergic to marriages. And even if marriage is defined as holy at least in some places of religion at least; this form of communication is barely qualification of talk among girlfriends. Although I guess I’m no expert on this; so perhaps I should do my cringe and/or what may be perceived as a “harsh” criticism elsewhere;  but I’m not the only one who is slinging ever and that’s exactly my point; as in how is this a justification of anything. That sentence of communication almost makes “the husband” of that woman sound like in her perspective an object used to earn a title of what she believes to be good emotion, and not in the spiritual sense; because what does “good” mean without this sense; and in this case, do we absolutely and notice the incidence of the use of theword “absolute” know that “the husband” is not an object to prop up to generate the “good” emotion; and perhaps woven in the word good, is the confusion of between and it and not good. I hate to talk about marriage more, and it’s not as though, I’m an expert. But here at least we can be grateful for this obstruse
The Spiritual Education of “Incorrect” Words Translated to Truth-In-Knowledge; translate-to-Performance; if even ever:
and on the joking misuse of that word
ob like o.b. tampons and streusel like streusel
woman streusel to?
o.b. more than a tampon
obstetrician: so in conclusion: an old mistaken word’s tale: give a pregnant woman a streusel; now it’s almost and/or could be an old tale of … something dare I say, wive’s
and also maybe you think of obstruct
in the backdrop is now birthing and you have to do it for another: maybe, and/or know on-the-press, but be prepared always, for what you aren’t prepared for;
and so then you ruse
so rouse the obstruction to get the birth and maybe you even think st. street get it through the birthing channel and/or street and/or highway but I think they only say canal typically

but on second thought; they mean the same thing to me: abstruse and obstruse and so the dictionary implies, that obstruse is not even incorrect but instead an old unused version of abstruse; so perhaps there was no need for the “Incorrect” instead it should have been “Unused”  “But Now In Use” o.k.
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/obstruse (as accessed on 2.25.16)
and anyway, back to the more point:
comment or remark from the woman, andher use of the word good in this context. Because in marriage, if only no; and perhaps prior to one should attempt to know the difference of what a husband and/or wife should generate permissably that is good. If some other man were your husband and you had sex with him, and you felt “good” ; would it feel just as “good” and if so, what’s the purpose of the one husband, and if not, should you leave him for one that makes you feel more “good” and if it were in the spiritual sense of leaving a situation that is better for your spiritual care of yourself; then isn’t that better than the other good; but here you must qualify the spirituality of your version of “good” and while you do this, you do it if in comparison of your husband to other husbands, you rob him of his unique identity; for you never know depending on your skill of intention if when you ponder his “equipment” in purposing your “good” emotion that you be furthering the creation of others like him in that same purpose of “good” perhaps at the risk of his disapproval and or loss of uniqueness in manifestation of dimensional characteristic display affect creation or something of that nature: his ability to enable you to feel “good” and also in comparing and imagining how others might work for you once you are already marriend and/or engaged in their ability to potenti-all make you feel “good” through a title such as husband fiance and even boyfriend aren’t if you don’t believe in all then in some of those stages conceptualizing and/or practicing infidelity of the mind, and isn’t this even more powerful than infidelity of the body; though neither are permissible. Right. So says who.
theme: o.k. I don’t want to tal k about this anymore;
this is getting absurd

theme: economics
theme song: political science
theme artist: randy newman
citation: npr.org / music / as accessed on 2.9.16

theme: faith spirituality and the real experience of Life
theme song: Dowtown Baghdad Blues
theme artist: Black 47
theme album: Elvis Murphy’s Green Suede Eyes
citation: npr.org / music / as accessed on 2.10.16

hanging there on the wall / hook

Development Theme: A Model of Insanity Becoming Sanity

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Matrimony Model  &
Development Theme:  A Model of Insanity  Becoming Sanity

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint : It’s Perfect (title)

(cover art obvious by goura fotadar
titled & title included, here: it’s perfect
citation: freshpaint art space program, the use of;

explanation: was going to be in book form, but changed my mind … so here it is)

About … A short, easily made, semi-time-intensive, art-related, society-connected, gender role exacerbated summary of one’s own interpretation of basic art: creation and this connected to one’s perception … also, of course, about insanity and how it may FORM, to sanity &             Oh my God: it’s perfect.  (really.)

art elements: of photography, graphic painting, l.u. what is computer painting called in genre,
and outside non-art? references
: non-academic-voyage motivated psychology work &


above: the sill

by goura fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
(dedicated to, Concept: the reality of “what” I owe …
dedicated to, originality-in-learning
dedicated to, those that care about you in: actual)
date: s,
2.3.16 & 2.4.16 & 2.5.16 & 2.7.16 & 2.12.16 & 2.13.16 & 2.14.16 & 2.22.16
also called , titled: Other Notes: 2.3.16
Theme: Soul? Sanity …
Theme Song: Runaway Train
Theme Artist: Soul Asylum
citation:  general radio on 2.3.16 (at, parens in this case, means approx.)  8:01 PM
information through webpage, citation: mills college student art graduate studies webpage studio art as of/ accessed on 2.7.16

(theme: slant line rotate NE)

The Potpourri temporary, sill ; a model of
insanity  turning to sanity; or a quick display of

: is what a clutter ; with an energy of wrong catching ^
I meant catching wrong energy —— through the
placement; usually, in traditional frameworks
clutter signifies insanity or low-functioning,
but here & perhaps for 1-ce  < / ar(e)-row to parens; the sill sprinkles out …
(and I should mention here that I’m not citing this
potential bizo theory that perceived “clutter” is connected-to
or better put (two?)) insanity and/or mental illness)

other notes:
bridal bouquet,

bridal vows: wows!
self portrait,
let me just do that,
it’s like essential
there was no ‘actually’ , there

Screenshot (188)

Bee s s s s s s s s s s s s s of stress, injustice, etc. by goura fotadar  citation: onenote art space program, the use-of

in hopes of clutter but with left-over & un-formed but
forming potpourri ingredients & left-over unused perfume ingredients
so as it spreads the right energy at least through the
room and catches the wrong energy by the set-up of the
not_yet_trashed  and left-over peels in-the-corner. cone.her.
cona (upcoming topic)
There are of course left-over peels spread out over the sill to create
The potpourri temporary sill; for-sure; ar(e)-ow r down & skip …
& the moon shaped garlic in the corner a traditional sill element
decoration in-this-room/workspace ; emblem – izing eyes in what. I should
do some research. on-this-topic. Uh yeah c since garlic is used to kill ailment, I s’pose you might as well use as in an art display to remove or hope to intend to heal cure the mental ailment of insanity if even for the others: like any medicine I suppose, but what is the purpose of the moon shape from a magical perspective.
In any case: this is a citation: recipe #16 garlic fungal cream  from private collection vol. 1 herbal recipe remedies 30 herbal remedies that work (by) nathaniel wake & alexis flora as available on the amazon kindle
The second thing in that clause, in reverse order; get it; as in the first thing: the moon shaped clove and what’s the significance of it , well; likely and as you know society has a bunch, but jut and not just because, here’s an interesting, thing to note about the moon (signified by the shape of the garlic clove, and surely this has something to do with the moon, hence the shape? who knows if my magic: logic and/or symbolism makes sense; and according to the citation about to follow certainly it can help to create sanity and even if for others, since that’s that an event you have not and do not currently or often without the experience of or something …)
” … hen, clear your mind and imagine yourself getting drawn to the Moon, a magnetic pull that calls your whole existence like a mother that opens her arms to her child to give them a loving and soul warming hug. Feel the pull, feel the Moon calling you, feel the Moon embracing you with unconditional love, feel you are a family and you are going on a journey. “
citation: magicalrecipesonline dot com “the moon” as accessed and referred to on 2.12.16

(Describe the details of the match-making, episode I. Matrimony Model)


description: hard-tosee: here in detail, I mean. The bride and-the-groom, bound together in foil and dental floss, and with the groom having a cape. What does this mean since the bride is “smaller in stature” does this free or help the groom become magic-fied. Perhaps the cape isn’t symbolizing freedom then with the binding of-the-two.


The overseeing marriager-er; or who precedes the marriage. sorry, I think it’s who oversees and/or officiates the marriage. The broken pen as in no longer working in ink top like a pod of peels to symbolize obviously the microphone for the foil audience, and the blow up of the vows; as in a magnification for “all” to know/hear; and the working of something more loud than “broken” singlehood. The dryer sheet and peels signifying a unisex veil or “covering” of marriage in-the binding together of the two against or as opposed to one; that is two as one and not one as two  now in society, at least; and not or perhaps instead one veil; and also (symbolizing) the “traditional” walk down the aisle; and also the aisle, and the proposed traditional “division” between guests on one side or the other.
There must be the unified peel space of covering for bride-and-groom bound together two as one, for all to see; and a division the easiest way method to incorporate them into society by making room in space or energy of something (by creating a division for them to move through and/or reside in) hence fitting into a new room/space in society and the former space closing in; and no longer existing for them as space inhabited; the division  in a new place in society, at least; the galaxy … wherever; shifting the single spaces for each one as two and absorbing them into a “better” space … and hidden under the officiater is the left-over book in this room, “FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS BY JAMES BRADLEY WITH RON POWERS” and keys to the house, or just keys; signifying the absence in the model of the traditional father giving away and all that and the loss of a freedom by the absent father? Because doesn’t it imply that if a father must give you to another father sort in stature, then you are not with that freedom to give yourself away to another stature (besides; other than your own stature).
(notes to self: please cite: an anthropology resource on marriage, and/or your write up about gender brief on that fiction work good because it’s art citation or both )

well, I hope this is good enough as a citation; like I “slaid,” this isn’t exactly a research article,
but I find this one, citation; at least helpful:

citation, from: npr.org / article title: Moody Bitches
The Truth About the Drugs You’re Taking, the Sleep You’re Missing, the Sex You’re Not Having, and What’s Really Making You Crazy by by Julie, M.D. Holland as accessed on 2.12.14 & 2.13.14 & 2,14, 16

(Rele-vent I meant relevant Quote 1:)
” …
Women’s hormones are constantly in flux. They ebb and flow over a month-long cycle and they wax and wane throughout decades of fertility, vacillating with particular volatility during adolescence and perimenopause, the spring and autumn of the reproductive years. Compare this to men’s stable hormone levels throughout most of their lives. Our hormonal variations allow us to be empathic and intuitive—to our environment, to our children’s needs, and to our partners’ intentions.
(Rele-vent I meant relevant Quote 2:)

This book begins with information about our complex inner workings, revealing the science behind why, as caregivers and nurturers, women have evolved to think and feel differently from men. I explain the wisdom of feeling deeply, and the dangers of cutting ourselves off from that depth. I look closely at why the twenty-eight-day cycle brings on tears and insatiable hunger (and what you can do about it), and how oral contraceptives and antidepressants can disrupt natural phases of desire and connection, potentially leading you to choose ‘Mr. Wrong,’ or even to opt out of any mate choice entirely.

Theme: All the songs, from that time; never are titled to
what you may-be intuitively think.
(back to … ) The “clutter” turning to (1) art-form in display; and (2) organization in art-form after coming in display; is the / a Model of Insanity, Turning: Sanity.

It reminds of, my old job for pay;
since from time-to-time I still think
, about some of the folks served.
citation & some background information: suicidology dot org as accessed on 2.12.16

… Matrimony, continued … stage I.


Matrimony Model: Another version description. poor photography, what can I say, the l isn’t kind to me, jokes aside:
date: 2.4.16
Stage I.
the “clutter”
of plant – petal
in my foil
character: petal groom:
Will you
give it UP?
character: foil princess, Un-proposing:
Y, must you,

Stage II.
(in reality paper)
But look
at the
dress  &
the foil
petal, plant
(the hard-to-decipher, picture)

Overall Model Thus Far. (The scissors, the weight down) (the potpourri view already transferred elsewhere and change to …)


The End.

(other side marks / themes:
Injustice: I had to waste the water
The gown / dress: but it’s hand-made,
but that used to mean, it’s cheap
The foil bouquet: he said it was for me, but he lied again ! I must I toss it to others as theirs … and I made the thing … maybe he doesn’t want to be label-led as cheap …
theme : this, theme song: ” Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang “
citation: Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang Lyrics, google search results on 2.22.16
Well, at least this program,
though competitive to getinto;
the opportunity to learn just enough of what you need, and that includes development;
without you needing to die.
I’m not sure
why that school,
needs you to die deaths in 75,000 forms, before you complete a degree, there.  (Well, at least you learn. either way.)

theme: the bride marriage
theme music: the overture of the bartered bride as hearing on 2.11.16 classical kdfc at 2:05 PM (citation)

theme: yum
theme music: the wedding cake by Camille Saint-Saëns as heard on classical kdfc on 2.11.16 at 3:02 PM (citation)

notes on Reading Copy:

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notes on Reading Copy:
by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Screenshot (222).png
hello friend, ladder

dates: 2.20.16 , 2.21.16, 2.22.16
(1) right, less error, is better than the same amount
(2) (left off here) (cause it’s nearly done)
(3) Please post to the non-fiction blog. dated: 2.18.16
Thoughts that came up about literature, not that anyOne cares about my opinion: brew not brue brou ha ha ha
Actually, Tuesdays with Morrie
is a really good book.
It’s like very dry without
any sentimentality.
cited: Tuesdays with Morrie, 1997, through google search on 2.22.16
(4) fiction note and/or fictional insertion:
other notes, about ampersand about art experience:
script is just an art form that I invented one day out of bore dom,
boar dome,
and I’m not talking about calligraphy, though.
(5) Other fiction notes, reviews:
From Jessica Rabbit’s perspective, don’t you think,
the image of Roger Rabbit as tainted by others,
is highly disrespectful; to her; do you remember because I don’t,
if they break up in the end or middle of that encapsulation of their “real-life” experience in existing and/or living. All of this from proofreading? (What the Hell am I doing.) (italicize the Hell) (put Hell in quotes to reference such as this first Hell then “Hell” get it)
cited: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988, as searched and found through google search on 2.22.16
(6) It makes me almost giddy:
that’s perfect,
it’s like a secondary sentence in a larger sentence; with
the secondary sentence complete and even perfectly effective in small size if even being a later addition or formulation to the former smaller but still longer in relative size as with the secondary sentence being in existence. Makes sense, hope.
(7) It’s like A Word Pun About Spirituality:
that’s really funny.
I am so hungry,
but I’m not hungry.

the hello series, continued: hello sky or something

(two different planes of existence, which one two shall you follow.)
I am proud with hand gesture
I need to feel proud with same hand gesture
very good
good job
it’s called a straight a-f demonstration of expression on gradient grades of performance when controlling your desire; perhaps you should not control your desires; unless you want an I mean a : f f ; it starts with an e in enunciation so which is correct witch. What does f mean. No parenthesis single? That’s what f means.
(8) Yeah, but it’s not a building. It’s like a person. Like in this case, means likely deceased but just in this case? and I’m not sure.

Part Transformation: notes on futher copy proofing & some blah …
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
date: 2.21.16
Before it used to be that the practice of ” ”
was outside of my life,
or the other way;
and same with work;
now my life is my work
and the stretch is me.
So there’s been a transformation,
and I’m not going back.
Before it used to be that the stretch was me,
and was outside of my life
Now it’s just a matter of doing the work;
because everything else for me has improved enough.
Part ii copy proofing
(9) See how it looks like a run-on; please insert a semi-colon ;
(10) There, that’s so much better.
(11) I wonder why this one is taking so long. Although, it’s almost done. The intention, Thanks for Your Intention. What a Taught.
(12) I know it’s like grade school grammatics two ‘m’ s; it’s that important; apparently this is where that , those , it comes from. You should be able to stop and pick up where you last left-off without any disgruntling ement if the proofing is done. Udder wise, there’s a problem. It’s not done. Know at least. deadlines due they work, really.
(13) I support the semi-colon; because using it makes you smarter without your knowing how exactly; and using it makes it clear; the read; and if you don’t know if you can use it there; look up the word that you are planning on using it after; even if, you already know what it means; you may have forgotten one of its classifications; especially, if it’s a translation text. Uhm, I hope; that makes, sense.
(14) Look at those pretty flowers.
It’s like a whole new Spring here.
(15) Ask for permission to insert punctuation inside somebody else’s quote; and/or don’t it, if …
I think?
(16) I think that’s really hard. I think those jobs are really hard. I forgot to tell you.
So, good going on what’s tough.
(17) e ester n like ester or ester something like a molecule who knows, I don’ nah it’s like two n n s and not I do nah , right?
(18) Remember, the show: Blossom (that has something to do with this?) it’s not really a question mark, the latter parenthesized; but the first was; and does the second un-needed until then make up for the loss of the first not exactly necessary but should be insertion of question mark.
cited: Blossom, 1990, citation information as found through google search on 2.22.16
(19) it’s like a command
(20) it’s just like college but better. O yah, I need to check my e-mail or email or Email or E-mail, never the last? never-the Last.
(21) and more of the flower pile:
more magic energy packets, for purpose, what. oh tortoises.

hello, friend: the flower pile with nail po leash