Notes BOM for the Fictional VolunTier Project, Second Phase

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Dates: 111115  111415 111715 112015 112415 112515 112915 113015
Prologue : as mentioned I am now working on sifting through this wonderful book despite not being Mormon; I grew up with a lot of Mormon people, and also I met some Mormon missionaries and their community on pilgrimage; who handed me a BOM. But I had to leave it behind in the freezing cold of Maine, as I ended up on foot written up somewhere in the “The Four Interviews“; at least one night in the ice cold! So had to lighten the load. Here I am attempting to do the gift justice. In its second phase, is this analysis, for my own use.
Notes BOM for the Fictional VolunTier Project, Second Phase
by goura fotadar
(Note : This phase is far from complete, but at this point; I figure I should just move on; and add as ideas come up. So please consider this a rough draft version; and be reminded that is one of my many projects coming up at this stage …)
Theme1: Shelter
Theme2: Brief Quotes and Trauma Associated with Words
Theme3: Spiritual Nobility & Protection from a Higher Power
Theme4: To Use for My essay, “The Hair on Ripping”
Theme5: The drought in California & hell & heaven
(primary & secondary sources, through amazon kindle)
Primary Source, abbreviated as BOM for this writing:
Published by
The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
First English edition published in
Palmyra, New York, USA, in 1830
1981, 2013 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Secondary Source, called Bible for this writing:
Other Citations: as accessed on 112515 &

Theme1: Shelter
Note 1:
On pilgrimage, I met at least one person who stayed outdoors in the wilderness; and actually more than that that stayed outdoors. I always wonder about the confinement and lack-of-safety of staying indoors, and then of course there are the elements outdoors unsheltered to harm you or at least make things tougher for you in rest, alone; and there is always the threat of your encampment being found by those that wish you harm; but certainly the security of having a constant shelter that costs you no money, is something that most of us, especially in The Modern Day, know not much about in experience. And if we do know about it in experience, then we have an experience of something like being an outcast among the greed and vanity of traditional shelters in this Modern Day. Too often: I hear, “oh, I just bought a house,” and I wonder out-loud to even the religious beings’ dismay: “ok, but did you get into heaven, at least?”

(based on this brief quote from BOM:)

Location 281:
“2 And it came to pass that the Lord commanded my father, even in a dream, that he should take his family and depart into the wilderness.”

Note 2:
And on Spirituality, it demonstrates what I believe many no matter how “informed” do not know, which is how to obtain an appropriate shelter for themselves in spot, location, and even safety; if even they can afford in the Modern Day; and here it is really demonstrative of the lesson that having to be outside in the wilderness as upon the Lord’s order, still teaches One or Some On How to Pick an appropriate spot for even outside shelter; and this is a lesson that most still don’t seem to know; based on their complaints of shelter, once they’ve selected a shelter spot.

(based on this brief quote from BOM:)

Location 281:
” 6 And it came to pass that when he had traveled three days in the wilderness, he pitched his tent in a valley by the side of a river of water.”

Theme2: Brief Quotes and Trauma Associated with Words
Note 3:
“spake” ok so this word has been triggering for me in this paragraph, and obviously I can assume what it means quite easily. However when I look it up in the dictionary. (Please reference, done.) The pronunciation key describes the saying of this word involving the word spay, and this has triggered me thus much that I have had to re-go over the number
The name “Laman” La, man interesting since the feminine in some language is included with the masculine english word man, although of course in the generic method “man” refers to both man and woman, and moreso to them as a species of man or people. In any case, it certainly  reminds me of the man or to be a man, in the spiritual sense of the phrase or meaning, rather. And what a wish it is though obviously can be terrifying to ask the man to be spiritual enough to be as “righteous” as  and with the la infront of the entire word,name does it then the request also apply to the woman. (Please contrast with the beginning of the bible.)

(based on this quote from BOM:)

Location 288:
” 9 And when my father saw that the waters of the river emptied into the fountain of the Red Sea, he spake unto Laman, saying: O that thou mightest be like unto this river, continually running into the fountain of all righteousness ! ”

Theme3: Spiritual Nobility & Protection from a Higher Power
Note 4:
“The Land of Promise” Sounds to me Almost like Heaven if not Heaven, and what a thing to be promised or given, if one shall follow “…commandments” ; and then from the next number, is the severity with which one can be removed from “Lord’s” company if they go against a Sound follower of “…commandments.” The next number(s) go on to describe the further responsibility of any follower of ” … commandments” and what those that “go against …” “Lord” will experience from “Lord”.

(based on this quote from BOM:)

Location 313
“20 And inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments, ye shall prosper, and shall be led to a land of promise; yea, even a land which I have prepared for you; yea, a land which is choice above all other lands.
21 And inasmuch as thy brethren shall rebel against thee, they shall be cut off from the presence of the Lord. ”

Note 5:
And this number 24, seems important; yet I have no idea what it means.

(based on this brief quote from BOM:)

Location 313
“24 And if it be so that they rebel against me, they shall be a scourge unto thy seed, to stir them up in the ways of rememberance.”

Theme4: To Use for My essay, “The Hair on Ripping”
Theme5 or something,
(based on this brief quote from Bible:)

location 375:
” … but we also know that God uses imperfect and inadequate things; to his honor and praise.”

Note 6:
It is interesting to see this here; I suppose I’ve known it for a while, having known many of those indoctrinated and glad to share their Christian knowledge and faith with me; also refer to the Book of John, as cited or planned on citing somewhere; and it’s really interesting because buddhism which I can’t quote without permission last I checked, stresses from my own personal experience ultimately achieving perfection. So as a buddhist, or somebody who largely identifies as being buddhist, it is interesting to find that in Christianity here is evidence to the fact of what many Christians have often told me; which is that they don’t need to practice in such way, that they achieve the goal of perfection. In other words, it seems based on this quote alone from the Bible, that perfection is not necessary for practicing Christians … or at least those that follow this quote. From a spiritual perspective this is in interesting opposition in my opinion to the Buddhist tradition that I am most familiar with.

Theme5 : The drought in California & hell & heaven
(based on this quote from Bible:)
From, Bible, Page 1:
The Creation of the World
(one:) In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (two:) The earth was without form and void, …”
Note 7: and isn’t this interesting since uh “… without form and void, …” to me looks in my mind as one Might imagine Hell.
“… and darkness was over the face of the deep.”
Note 7: to me this sounds like heaven if only because it encompasses in its description the word “deep” and isn’t it so interesting since in my personal experience, “darkness” has been defined from interpersonal communication as a bad thing; i.e. from those outside of me whilst talking to me; and to me here using this quote from what I posited as being a science-fiction novel; and surely I don’t mean this in terms of blasphemy, especially against those who follow Christianity.

” … And the spirit of God was hovering over the face over the waters.”
Note 7: as if to confirm my “theories” or better-put something else, understanding; we see “face” once in reference and connection to “deep” and “darkness” and second in connection to uh, “spirit” “God” and “waters”. This to me personally, is terrifying, because here’s what I see:
deep darkness face is Heaven,
and without form and void is Hell,
and I’m not trying in this context to judge either the good or bad of either;
for I’m sure in the spiritual sense of things, both can bring about development of something bigger than you or I Might Imagine.
and in addition, I also see in this text:
water means spirit of God and God-face.
So, can you imagine my fear, when considering the drought in my state of current residence: California. I should find citations, but I’m sure I heard on the radio, something like this is the worst drought California has seen in something like a thousand (at least) years. So, hence my terror-fication of ths text being realized as a reality in our modern day, and as understood by me, who is not even a Christian.

(based on this quote from Bible:)
From, Bible, Pages 1-2:
” (nine:) And God said, Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place,  and let the dry land appear. And it was so. (ten:)
God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good. ”
Note 8: Perhaps because I wasn’t raised Christian, and/or I’m connected to writing; I’m not sure, but the Bible is still a strange text to me, and it reminds me of a science fiction novel, in many parts, that I’ve touched it in. And if not that, then poetry. Still and because-of-this combined with my own deeply spiritual nature, I think that it’s interesting to see what and how closely “the waters” are connected to “the heavens” in this quoted text, right above. In fact, in this horrid drought of california; in the present time, our reality to me at least, seems like a science fiction novel come and/or brought to life. This is of course, for most people with hopes of a consciousness, is I presume, terrifying. And perhaps also because I write, and I write strangely; I think this quote is quite interesting:
” … and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas. And God saw that it was good.”
and in my writing (fiction) I often play with the word “sea” because of both the element water, which I have a close connection to personally; and now of course the drought; and perhaps not least importantly, again given my spiritual mindset: the way the word translates into meaning when spoken or pronounced without seeing the letters; here’s a brief example, from my mind:
I got c’s which meant i couldn’t see as well as the a’s but then the seas dried up and
sow the c’s must have meant another way to see than the seas wouldn’t have dried up …
c, see, sea

(My apologies for the confusion; as may-be obvious, Note 8 was written before Note 7)

Courtesy of Music
Theme: How fitting with this concept of …
ThemeSong: Highasakite Heavenly Father
Theme: I don’t like dares of Spirituality
Theme Song: Afraid of Nothing Sharon Van Etten




Perfume forthe Day 113015

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Perfume forthe Day

by Goura Fotadar
date: 113015
On a napkin,
a quick jot down of the ingredients:
Orange (unsliced)
Dead rose petals, from the yard:
oregano, mint + lemon leaf
couple of rose leaves
crumpled white flower with not the best of aromas
a few more leaves

As before:
put all of these in a metal bowl,
and pour boiling water over them
this time because the weather conditions are cool,
and there’s no heating on,
that can be felt,
don’t saran wrap,
let it sit for a-while,
as you complete chores or whatever (ha, why am giving lifestyle advice)
also if you like non-traditional remedies put your face over the metal bowl,
and inhale the fumes,
until cool enough
to transfer to a spigot-ed container,
then transfer again into a glass bottle; I believe this is preferable with relative air-tight-ness
the left-overs:
and take the complete and full boiled orange, and in this drought use it as a personal cleansing agent: face, arms, legs if you have the time, chest, and of course armpits, toss it in a fruit personal smell cleaner container, will describe later if have the time:
o.k. will describe now:
aside description:
take a used mostly clean doesn’t have to be cardboard but non-dish containers work best I think, and old banana peel, a small perfumed no longer needed piece of apple, the boiled and used but still complete orange, and an old dried rose petal; a couple of eaten up pear corks; set it on the floor or carpet, the container open where you aren’t going to step: and appreciate : ha! it’s alleviation of any bad odors that come your way.

back, to, left-overs:
so, now take the leaves roses and whatever drops haven’t spilled or held in the glass bottle, now perfume! hooray for your accomplishment; and stuff the cooked rose petals, leaves, and of course not orange, into your wash bottle: in other words: your shampoo and/or conditioner and/or hand-wash; and then pour the perfume that’s leftover into that washbottle also; and give it a shake, and it’s all ready & updated for personal use.

I used an old apple cider vinegar bottle to store the new perfume.
bottle citation: (as accessed on 113015) (see link, below)
and for the spigot containerthis house has couple of thick plastic spigot-ed drink-type containers (to transfer with); I would photograph them and the metal bowl also, but those are not my utensils and so I haven’t shared them; sorry
(bottle photographed)



Theme song: courtesy of (music)

as heard on 113015

Song: Animal Nature, Album: Animal Nature , Artist: Escort

Song: Lookout, Lookout ,  Artist: Perfume Genius

The Heart of Charity

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by stacey q

The Heart of Charity

Another or two other potpourri packs,
date: 112815
I photographed one,
in : gredients
of this one is / are
Bounce Sheet
Swiffer cleaner sheet
dental floss
five stars
of three colors:
blue, green and pink
dried daisies (again)
dried lavender (again)
old rose leaf   s and part of rosestem wi’ thorns
nail polish
and a red marker



An interruption from fiction, I’m hope I’m allowed to share this here? AND WHILE I’M STILL NOT DONE WITH WHAT I’M WORKING ON HOW SOON AM I TO CHURN IT OUT & Presenting > now you have sprayable: potpourri!

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perfume notes spray-able potpourri and art review?

An interruption from fiction, I’m hope I’m allowed to share this here?
& Presenting > now you have sprayable: potpourri!

by goura fotadar

1.Part Sad,
Oh my god,
how much music are we missing,
it’s terrible,
a fiction comment on:

What are your personal feelings on this? Do you still mainly buy vinyl or are you mainly digital?

I go up and down with it. I’ve had my fair share of moving and I’ve moved my record collection around a lot. I’ve sworn and kicked and cried at my record collection a number of times, so I’ve reduced my record collection down considerably. I’m much more selective in what I buy on vinyl. There’s this record shop in Berlin, Spacehall, I go there every two weeks, I go through the bins, I pick up a few records still. A lot of the records are records that I won’t be able to buy digitally, because they’re not available that way, or records that I know just belong on vinyl, because of how they were produced.

A Rational Conversation: How Do You Convince Kids To Listen To Vinyl?
Updated November 27, 201510:13 AM ET by eric ducker

as purvey-or-ed through /on on 112715

& this is a really good song, with lovely artwork,
but I just don’t think the end is funny,
maybe it’s supposed to be that way,
I don’t know I didn’t grow up in a dysfunctional environs.


Screenshot (1)

what to wear when you’re working, if even form the from home:
& lately,
i’m just have reverted back to my old habits from my apartment-shack,
which is that I only wear two outfits,
and don’t have the time to worry about the change in many to many outfits,
and as a result these two outfits
are have grown into comfort.
Don’t ask me about my clothes,
I’m just working too hard.
Perhaps and not coincidentally I only have two shoes that fit me right, also,
I don’t know my feet keep changing sizes, and despite
that I am a grown adult.

also, I’m not sure
if this has been used in a song-somewhere,
oh how I dread the Wizard of Oz,
but I swear
that pie, is heroin;
I don’t know because I’ve never done heroin
but it kills physical pain, I just had it it bad this day,
I mean this afternoon
the physical pain


Screenshot (27)


Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg, 1939, The Wizard of Oz

(details found through online search as of 112815)
112815, Perfume notes, Sprayable, and good-for-you PotPourri


sprayable potpourriONE

about image: sprayable potpourriONE


In a metal bowl,
find a dried up lavender daisy,
not so hard in this california drought;
and deadend rose petals and leaves, stems
and some mint leaves a mint stig,and two small tomatoes until they are ripped; of course, they want be transferred into the bottle but won’t be if the opening is too small; so at the least let them do their red job.

and pour boiling water over it, and in this case:
and unused cooking green tea bag, non-paper is best. (black tea, seems to turn things to potion and not perfume or sprayable potpourri, for example)
and then saran wrap, to capture the scent
until cool enough to store in a plastic and or some other type of spray bottle:
once you’re done,
now you have sprayable: potpourri

about, image: sprayable potpourriTWO

Courtesy of (music) on 112815
Theme Song: Ku-Isa Tama Laug ???
Artist: David Darling & The Wulu Bunun

The Witch Goura Free For Five Days!

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Happy Thanks–Giving!


This week,

Starting Tomorrow My book is free for five days;

it’s a combination of ah spirituality and fashion,

if that makes


What it’s doing here is that it started as a side project connected to

This Project:

The FVP,

so uh, it combines elements of fiction and non-fiction.


Below, is the link:



Vacation Peace

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Fot the fictional voluntier project

FTheFeatherName: feather With dash help
a homemade potpurri [sp] project
a paper bag,
a couple of stuffed stones rocks from the yard
and some lavender
a Bounce sheet
and an old used napkin
from the floor,
and an unused clip

some stashing, and a seat on the sill
in front of a win: dome

the inside because i forgot to photograph it for the other potpourri project
potpourri bag video


a rendition for the D.P. to ArtWork

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uh, the artwork kept getting deleted … I s’pose the Devil is at Work?