The Death Project, Number Un-Identified: The Jewelry InClusion: 13, 15, 21 , 25 … & Mooching-not, More! & The Life Frame & Jewelry and Its Eternal Spiritualism

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The Death Project, Number Un-Identified:
 The Jewelry InClusion: 13, 15, 21 , 25 … & Mooching-not, More!
& The Life Frame
& Jewelry and Its Eternal Spiritualism

Is that supposed to be embarrassing?
that you declare the sickness that you have,
how bizarre:
dedicated : to author e/tic conveyer belts
date: 4 dot 28 dot 16 & 4 dot 29 dot 16  & 5 dot 1 dot 16 & 5 dot 2 dot 16
& 5.3.16 & 5.4.16 & 5.5.16
by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
In Memoriam of Soul Pieces 20 (also)
for The Death Project as Part of The FVP (too)

Tiffany dot com as accessed on 4 dot 28 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab

(Also in The Death Project # Un-Identified)
1. Memorabilia like labile (how sick)
but c’mon the “tradition” of marriage always comes up in-mind of mime
when I think of Tiffany & Co.
So many in-past cultural mentions of that happens
if even in not those cases: of living together (alone) in some way,
The BackDrop of this Setting
Imagine you were roommates
housemates apartments et al. of context sharing?
and you some(how) had the same set of keys,
well then, never a charmer, but perhaps a charm pendant-er (as in of pendant) get it, the offensive to the grieving process; oh memorabilias
The Key Pendant takes care of the actuality: intention of remembering the one you shared it with : Lost

Screenshot (635)

Source Picture from and as … :
Tiffany dot com as accessed on 4 dot 28 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab

(hence The Death Project, Number Un-Identified)
& here it is,
priced to affordability, I hope you have the chain to put it on; because I imagine the intention is not actualized to reality-making in a box hidden somewhere in this case. Call it spiritual; the sentiment of grieving in intention: of ethics spiritual a Death.

‘Cause: The Pink Cord Might get Dirty?
I would wear it everyday as long as it was on a black cord.
I’m not much of a chain Girl / Woman.
(Jewel-ry ah! as long as it doesn’t hurt the skin? Are these specialized skin conditions?)
The heart one signifies in this deathly grief context something that you loved and or was close to your symbolic if not physical heart whether romantic or not. In either case, I’m never quite sure of the Use: of the term: romantic.
the habit from roman times hence the “t” ?
once the grief has healed I’d change the cord color to read,
I mean red.
the chop at the bottom of the heart key reminds me of a box (again!) … of perfume … a perfume box (cited: The FVP & SP 20 circa 2016) that might open that way; I meant the pefurm box and/or box.
Cited: I think? The Secret Garden? (I’m not sure if I ever finished either the Read of it or The Completion of any version of Watching the Movie: The Red of it)

Conveying Sentiment: Grief Magnified Healing-to-Magnitude-to-Public (Widespread) Sentiment
(link to Sentiment Public Goodwill)
I imagine since I lived with my dog (alone) and he was close to my symbolic heart

Screenshot (637)

Source Picture from and as …:
Tiffany dot com as accessed on 4 dot 28 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab

, and he died of well age, but sooner in years than I had expected
that I would if wearing the heart version on a black cord
remember to further set my attention to all animals first in his pack and then all animals in general; since he was an animal
this I would adapt from plain ol’ ethics and traditional metta practice
cited: “metta” modern day theravada buddhism
link to “metta”  & cited: on 5 dot 1 dot 16

as a contrast the key one version key looks like chinker

Screenshot (635)

Source Picture from and as …:
Tiffany dot com as accessed on 4 dot 28 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab

Screenshot (647)
merriam dash webster as accessed on 5 dot 1 dot 16 cited

to open a lockway with,
supposedly to your apartment hotel room, etc. Maybe even House? hence the interpretation.
what then stemmed the Grief? Manipulation to Magnitude; simply the thought: conception: of The Death Project
Ad-line: The Death Project Stabilizes Emotions


theme: sealed stone of the jewel
theme song (lyrics as caught on-attention, just an example of attention practice applied):
“In a world of steel … and stone? take your passion make it happen … “
theme artist: ?
citation: the radio as accessed and listened to on 4.28.16 Ithink big 107 is the station

Theme: Is it called a holiday
Part three, Commercials, in Review?
Citation: General Radio 4 dot 29 16 & Shane Co. & Mother’s Day
Shane Co. Mother’s Day commercials of recent (in the last month or so) are really an interesting way to capture mean moms, the tendency to give them mother’s day presents, and also items that fit both that bill, and others . Go Shane Co. !

The Death Project (Un-Identified Number Continued)
2. continued too from the 1 above.
I was looking at the :is piece, late last night. (as I was working on this and listening to the radio.)
And thought perhaps it’s either blue topaz or something of that nature: gem, but wasn’t sure, and haven’t verified that through the site’s information yet. IN sither, I was thinking it looks like a young boy’s ring form. & with the pointing of Death the traditional slant of the age process, young, middle, old struck me Up.
Struck Me Up!

Screenshot (644)

Source Picture from and as …:
Tiffany dot com as accessed on 4 dot 28 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab

Although, as we all now know I would hope especially not just those of Our Generation … which hover you belong to … Death doesn’t always come with the Sync of the Age Process. Personally, I’ve never been quite theoretically sure if age really does exist. Oh Rallies. Since when was wee lil’ child most the adults around me couldn’t do nearly a thing, but certainly! Oh Curtains, not all of the adults. I stood there from my precocious beyond precocious-ity stage wondering if when I grew up the children would be in: different experience; and in this context: (IN the COntext: different means better) have those around them at least a standard few more that could you know do a thing; for example, simple and plain: direct you to the closest bathroom. The troubles of my sight of youth, gone (without nightmares) of course. If only this could come true … when I reached adult. Years ago have past, and now this ring also reminds of the Le Petit Prince or something I think is its title; though I amsure, that I have never read the book. A sign of Boyhood in Development, perhaps or not a treasure to keep through the lifetime and if you believe in that sort of thing …times in either case, you might also try a bury it of in a garden somewhere if even not your own garden, perhaps a public one? it’s small enough for you not  to need special permission I”m guessing in the case that and if such a thing is necessary.  Burying it in a garden at age 10  (precocious) 15 20 or even afterward: would mean what to you about perhaps the mundane-ity of a potential life cycle and/or the exploration of that such and Death in not just metaphysical form … Here it is sparkly as any gem nearly ornate and yet simple to match the severity of growing up and the stage of Boyhood without necessarily the pressure of all charm and magic! Oh, on a closer click it says aquamarine. & there is a difference between the two, yes. (the latter or former it doesn’t matter in this Case: Logic …)

theme: The Age Concept
theme song / artist : Youth of The Nation / P.O. D.
citation: as heard on the general radio whenever in 2015 I think and 2016

theme 0: the bug hums song : hungs dance
theme 1: Oh, I didn’t realize that I got this; now I remember.
theme 2: Pretend like you’re really weak. (Oh Weeks.)


Screenshot (634)

Source Picture from and as …:
Tiffany dot com as accessed on 4 dot 28 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab
With this pendant I was trying to see what ages one would wear this at. I think perhaps because uhm; sometimes you have an object or item that you wear often, during certain stages of your Life. & then at specific ages, you wear it, and not so at others; So I’m not sure what the significance in the Modern Day is of Obsidian, more like I can’t remember. So perhaps I should look this up. But looking at this pendant again, and assuming predominantly for a woman/teenage girl/ or just girl: I think appropriate ages and time stages to wear this might be:
(a) The Goth of 13, even if you’re not Goth at `13; so 13
(b) The Placement of 15, and even if you’re not placed or situated at 15; so wear it at 15, too.
(For example: using myself this way, as an example: I could have really used this at 15 and benefited from it at 13; at 15 I was sent away to boarding school in a strange part of the world, and it would have helped situ/ate
(switch a at? sweat … you ate.)
and correctly place, and at thirteen I was suffering a Hard: Ship that I quite couldn’t understand or comprehend, so I’m sure just the “energy” of this near casual heirloom in-making would have made a difference.)
(c) The Birth at 21, and of course: I’m not talking about drinking legally; but instead about the Societal stance as perceived that you’ve finally entered adulthood (and it’s not at 18! or sixteen because surely a child cannot drive to Save.)
, and you don’t have to go Back (there) if you don’t want (to prior-to Adulthood and if even oaf you liked Childhood, yours)
I mean the passing through of childhood. So wear it at 21 too; to school or work or both.
(d) The State of 25: and is it only the odd numbers in title: age, maybe I’ll try hard to write an even one as first Label. As if you have become an actual state, incorporated through the past 25 years alone of effort.
(Because I’m not talking about past lives.)
Which Country if any would you like to Be Included In. & Is Your Outfit a Metaphor for Country. Which Outfit would you wear this with.

(6 I meant e) The Sea of 48, because I just had to include an even number. & I see it, 48 also. The Strength of the Liquid ity of 48 if you can even use that term;
I just hope it doesn’t get too heavy,
and I mean it; carrying around all that strength could be rough if even at your Developed Stage Age. But I can’t envision an outfit for a 48 year old with this, and perhaps that’s because this Piece doesn’t get confined with the cumbersome details of outfitted matchings that some Pieces at might require. & No wonder they aren’t pulled out Often.

(d I meant f) Also, the saw of the Seated sixty. Once upon a time I was on a park bench(es) that was …benches not quite in a park.
The Cleaner of Sixty. Launder Mat, Dreams (Ad Lines, Continued.) Classism Is?


Ah: the cleaners are here again un-announced to me. I wonder if they will take all trash with them again? It smells like nobody has ever washed in centuries, and I wash … I mean also that I wish this were fiction. Approaching the 3:30 hour and already the cabinets have been slammed today a mere 50 times. I’ve had to duck all art god only knows worth how much into the closet at a moment’s notice. Let’s home and not hope? they don’t turn into wanna/be? DEA agents and in their wanna/be?
(theme: you wanna/be? (a new defintion of cool)
theme music: Imma Be by Black-Eyed Peas
citation: heard when then )
status hallucinated into aimed reality of art created and vitamins lying around and an empty tin, being utensils of drug use.

theme: that’s helpful to know, thank you.

(d continued I meant f continued) & I swear that benches hadn’t yet formed yet. They were forming as I sat on them, and the interactions I had on those benches formed them. To get really far out about them the benches; and perhaps not as far out about this piece; because jewelry has that Sway. But this is like Seated Sixty. Where you might see and use this piece and/or somebody else might also; throughout the lifetime up till Sixty, and all of Sudden you see this piece’s stage implements throughout its lifetime and how it was inserted into yours or somebody else’s and how these memories were changed differently by-insertion of this piece into those moments/memories; and how when you chose to wear this piece on those occasions you let those moments be swayed in its direction and/or did whoever insisted that you wear it then. The same obviously goes to the environment at least of where it is Stored, and how it changes that environment and also your life as a piece of art alone. & is Jewelry that isn’t necessarily art, also art in Display whether worn or not; because I’m not sure that all Jewelry is art in making, and this is kind of an interesting precipice that some of it Might be another Being-Thing Prior to Art Stage. And when it’s implemented non-general as art both implementers (including perhaps the wearer and the spacer-storage where it hangs out often) and itself in display (and this would include the maker(s) of it) and in addition of course by-the-use of “itself” and also in thought: concept.
As a second-note: With Regard to Jewelry, and its Eternal Spiritualism


if even a piece will not exist for ever, and will instead perhaps be evaporated into the Hemisphere; (without an actual re-birth: in the sense perhaps of this piece’s climb to the Heavens or somewhere: a tree plane? who-knows and this has almost made a turn for the fiction-Run) anyhow a re-structure-ing is still an existing.

As a third-note: Is it considered Use if … (that’s typo) is it considered Used for all those judgmental in the wrong way: that jewelry is used, in this sense. For example, the example I loosely identified but heightened-ly defined above. So not used in a consignment store way. Although, I’m not sure to false Snobs (Ad Line, another); so in my hypothesis; is snobbery in itself Bad? (semi-colon) whereas, false Snobbery is Wrong and so this is the real ad-line.  (here anyhow)


either really matter; as in might they might have the “might” if that’s what you want to label it in its last attribution to look down on this piece or one a-similar to it years from when it was made, distributed, and display … uh uh uh, these last the same-ish. Anyhow to a consignment store, and eh, that’s wear a where-you got it. Or else, somebody gave it to you like a non-threatening hand-me-down: “here, this used to be mine” “keep it” “it’s yours” a memento of its use or not in their life and what does the latter mean because ultimately un-worn it was still used. And might they in the last attribution look down on you as if I might Loudly Declare: Oh! Some Body Gave it to Me from their Old Collection, as they squirted there eyes in the pain of their own false snobbery. Because as is obvious, real snobber I meant snobbery means ?
theme: that
theme music: california dreamin’ by mamas and papas
citation: as heard somewhere?

theme: Dealing with the mental illness of others
theme music: dance macabre by camille saint-saens … something
citation: kdfc as heard on 5 dot 5 dot 16
Uh! It’s good enough!

4. Other timely item(s) of Interest:
a. The Strength of This Front Page Piece, and hence perhaps why-to its placement there,
makes me think of Ethics. As A Coin Phrase: and It does doesn’t it resemble coinage.
But, Coin: Age! ?

Screenshot (633)

Source Picture from and as …:
Tiffany dot com as accessed on 4 dot 28 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab
b. The Back Date of this piece. Makes any Being likely Pensive about … How? things have changed if even you weren’t there then when.

Screenshot (651)

Source Picture from and as …:
Tiffany dot com as accessed on 4 dot 28 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab

& this last mention. Well surely this strikes me you know like a match and not a more Cliche -d lighter

Screenshot (660)

Source Picture from and as …:
Tiffany dot com as accessed on 5 dot 4 dot 16
 under the $250 fine jewelry search / tab
as a piece of art when it is versus to a piece of jewelry
as in when it
is one or the other:
this four sign thinker
as I assumed from its titled name:
reminds me of houses
theme: Again! Shelter (just now really noticing)
and not apartments
and windows and not gardens
what a signature of authority and/or right-Ship
actually opens Up:
like the entry Way: to something like the Heavens (uh, for you?) (Surely: An Enactment thesis this place on Display of A Metaphor: Death and/or a Change-of-Life)
the caption description: points to things of culture garden and life,
but more in the typed way: of Steer-Type
as Opposed to A Stereo that Blasts:
a Message to You Rapidly About What you Had Forgotten but Knew You Needed to Know
(Kind of Like the Set Up of Yours-to-Be in Yours:heaven)
Though it doesn’t need to Shine for this,
theme song: Imma shine cited: heard then …
it is still like a box,
the box that opens up for you
once you press down it with the right
perhaps Touch?
a code to …
Sea What’s Inside …
and it might open up
like ” the Secret Garden”
except without the Sadness
to something Worth the Effort
of it hanging,
and so with this sentiment
this piece has most definitely asserted itself as True Art
that hangs on its own,
to Your Creation’s Mind
and perhaps more than the others that were mentioned in this (entire) Write-Up.

Theme: The Number to Your …
Theme Music: Number 9
Theme Artist: Moon Hooch
Citation: Npr dot org slash music as heard on 5 dot 5 dot 16

again, a tad diff:



“Housing Rafter”

Posted on

Date: 5 dot 5 dot 16
by Goura Fotadar
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
“Housing Rafter”
a sentiment of otherwise made “magic” / “good” energy
this one: with sentiment toward public housing issues & housing issues,
for all,
the sentiment of Public Good / Will


theme: it dries out in a Day!

Other aspect note:
Thank You!
for Your Help
Today . . .  This is
Public Good Will /

Welfare Sentiment
Inside is flower
materials + baking
powder . Store in a
Drawer for good energY.


Basic Language Notes of Personal Experience : Translation

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Basic Language Notes
of Personal Experience : Translation
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 4 dot 30 dot 16
& on 5 dot 1 dot 16

theme: righteous smack
song: breakfast at tiffany’s
citation: general radio on 4 dot 30 dot 16

1. of also means in
2. of also means by, as in authored by
3. around also means for
4. leaving also means blue the color of the skies? (some of the time)
she left, “I’m blue!”
but does blue actually mean said?  I meant sad, I guess maybe it means
or is like a state of focus: like the experience of looking at the skies, I imagine as I’ve experienced  (it: the experience of look-ing at Skies)
5. hereditary also means title
title means your relation if it’s a public title
6. for also means with
7.  in case you didn’t already know: “big” also means “great”
and great also means grate (in speech recognition)
so eternally speaking, big also means grate
that’s so “big” it “grates” on me,
but can I become “grateful” for it, ?
if it gives enough given its size of magnitude.
thank you, that’s very big of you: does that capture the big and grateful as one.
8. bus-ing like (two ‘s’ s ?)
being a bus, boy,
bus, girl; bus, sing a table,
is like moving in a wrestle-ing (the sport) fashion (or maybe a wrestling of the leaves but not flowers)
; uh, eh: an attitude of movement
9. Bar: In a situation (of) as opposed to a location
of merriness/ full
10. “in the state of” also means “by”
11. direct also means re-site (as in re-visit the location if even only in mind / sight)
12. Advertisement also means graduation
13. of relations also means from the like of: relation Sound also means in this context: from Sound (that-a One)
that-a One Sound
like “Sound in Mind … etc.”
14. Imagine a falling: into a gutter as a conception effect / affect of grammar: and flailing your arms up as you somehow perhaps are “magically” elevated enough so that “others” can Sea Your Flailing Arms, and would you want to be in A Sea or in the Gutter? (A Translation Imagination of Aid.) Quite Obvious, Put in the Words!

theme: he was required to work in high school; how un-usual?
cited: the Spanish Language,
and esp. its use in compre-(hend)-ing
the linguistic exchange of primarily: American English

fiction insert:

the mother of the opening to different
I am the rid of diagonal [sp]
a riddle on what
two gonads (sexuality because everything that has a gonad doesn’t have to reproduce)
ago (from past)
dial (movement to opening)
id, goa, nail , long (uhm, something is after your id through the mention of goa and the sight of your nail which means it can’t see often, and so cut your nails; unless you want to give up your id; and/or other rise! give a new way to recover away from the ? after your id)
I think that’s enough!

Art Charity Issues: I thought it would work !

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Art Charity Issues: I thought it would work !
date: 4.29.16
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
theme: good enough for now!
by Goura Fotadar

Updated Notes:
What used to be so easy,
isn’t anymore;


Brown Hearts
I’m not sure that they like me using “their” address to send-off art charity objects from;
in any case, they had stamps in a drawer, and I used some; but wasn’t comfortable using as many as likely these require to send off: three(?) ; as-in using that many consistently ; one envelope already made it back short on postage; and I’m guessing I sent off three this way or more (with not enough stamps): so we’ll see which ones make it to their addressed: destinations, and the ones that turn up short …
and inthose cases: of returned envelopes, I’ll just have to add more postage purchased today from the 20.00 dollars and uhm; like I did add two more today to the envelope that was returned short on postage; and Hope it and the others will  make it soon-enough.
theme: I feel so bad that they didn’t make it through or might not have that I could be crying.
theme: fiction-reel: coke and chocolate my medicine. (decent to high quantities every two weeks, to create the real medicinal effect )

thought: notes: wait and see if they come back the ones all of ; to estimate how many stamps are required; otherwise: do it the good ol’ way which is to walk to the closest (walk-able well the good ol’ way I might suppose would include driving but in my case at-present: walking to the : ) … postage send-off center or something .

 cited: google maps as accessed and sum as walked X2 (forth-and-back from here)

Screenshot (640)

theme: apparently the magic of waiting is part of this portion of this enterprise

(other, wise Notes: the memory record of the ones that went through with the estimated weight in mind and postage stamps that work in amount to send off; would
be reliable as a mainstream cost policy of stamps for this portion of the project; however, I have to weight and see (that’s not a typo). to see what happens with the current number of sendoffs/returns. But from a guess, they all weigh approximately the same amount .)

The Pine Needle Death Box or Death Box 2

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The Pine Needle Death Box


or Death Box 2
by Goura Fotadar
as completing and working starting in April

Death Box 2 Observations
With the excess water at base,
and the petals on top
it is like: a flower bowl

more observations: of death box after
while the death box 2 was drying,
it’s in another drying stage:

I witnessed some un-named mosquitoes
as in I don’t what type they are / were
o the death box 2 as it was drying in the previous stage:

and as a fiction insert: The Fiction bylines of the Death Box 2
I saw the death of all those they saw die and carried its death of on themselves
and turned into a burial and I saw this through the psychic element of their work and understand and through the psychic translation as they created it of the Death Box Two
Uhm, it smells good,

Death Box 2:  4.27.16
notes of observation:
You think,
foil & fruit
always mold
as – in / foil lends
to fruit molding

after it’d been drying
split apart
to catch “the bad
smell” cited: “chinese medicine” as experienced through experience ; whenever
of death
& turn into a holy smell of
death : the death &
mint combined
near also some fresh -ish
red (a few) and camellia (pink)
petals : no! stems.
back on the collection jar (to dry out more)

Death Box 2 : 4.26.16

picked lavender and a red
flower : geranium

and then disperse
onto the death box
so far …
pulling apart further …
the element : ingredients

Death Box 2
DB : 2
arrow to
more notes
next : let sit
on bed
with dryer sheet on top (cited: bounce dryer sheets)
next: moved dryer sheet underneath
and placed on top of rocks in room
next : placed on carpet (for a day arrow up)
theme: it’s just an activity that isn’t wrong; no matter how hard they try to turn it into a wrong activity
next: placed dryer sheet over collection
jar as photographed with db2 over both : it catches all death?
new – age /
magic working
—–> next page
hypothesis/ experiment



a science?


Notes more in Death Vase

Death Box 2: Art Notes continued 4.21.16
once dried for nearly twenty-four
hours, (and even
if not completely dry),
where the bugs have started to ferment

pink flowers and petal them
with baking powder
at this stage: on top

theme: hit me on my Death Spot
theme artist:
theme song : “hit me … with your best shot … “
citation: general radio on 4 dot 21 dot 16

art notes: added flower petals &
(more)         baking powder
to silver foil : construct
stained with tea in some parts

art notes
(more +
): added lavender stigs to
the Last, yeah
physical poster
(as it dries)

Art Notes : 4 dot 20 dot 16
Death Box 2 (from

-Dried petals in
an old
The Death Project Art
baking tin
with flour
light +
poured on
four a couple
photo 1 daze
(written I mean typed up
arrow to continued

-cultivated and dried almost
theme: when you start experience-ing distress ; you need to start standing up for yourself
in the ethical way.
bags (over a period,
get it : of months of daze)
un – string ( so pull the
strings out
photo 2)

theme: to be effective; sure, I can jot down a few more.

arrow  down
tea: catching , death(s)?







New working definitions of Homelessness

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New working definitions of Homelessness
as conceived through thought/ experience/ and reflection Observation;
for The Four Interviews
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
date: 4.26.16



if you are leaving: I mean to say living at home with your parents in their home,
you are technically homeless; unless you pay rent and/or their way / and the cost of their living in some way.

It means that you should be incorporated in the population of homeless people; statistically.