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How do you know what feels wrong to you.

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How do you know what feels wrong to you.

Secondary Standard head: Is this fiction or not.

Rough notes on the quick

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

is it an? el; and other form translations or breakdowns … ? are [r]
by goura fotadar

date: 63017

public library theme, select: she’s dumb and she’s not deaf. I know her and I use her name to get out of prison; without her consent.

outdoors public theme: and they won’t stop attempting to steal. We don’t have the guns. But they do. Which is they.

tag[s]: grammatical ideology how; is this fiction or not

Part One. I don’t know figure out what “you” means quick enough and roughly is still good enough.

I like ice cream and coconut milk; because it’s rich and it heals me. [heels?]

I like chocolate because it puts me out of pain.

I haven’t told a lot of people that I’m completely ordinarily deaf; and most not “dumb” people can just tell anyway; I can still hear you if you focus here. Otherwise I can’t. And I was born that way; but raised with a majority: family that kidnapped me that I’m not actually related to in any form of that actualized definition; so I never told majority: them. And they really don’t know, unless you tell majority: them.

I know I’m an actualized being: beings; because I’ve helped a “ton” of actualized other beings; and not so much or at all non-actualized beings; or those that never hope to actualize [.]

I went to college; and then further a lot of school. I was mostly if not completely a straight A student in higher advanced education especially the prestigious ones-forms of it; So I know most words have more than one regular utilized meaning for example: dumb and dumb. I’m not dumb but I am dumb. You maybe dumb but not dumb. We’re not the same really. See. [really, sea] My kidnapped family told me I was dumb and then paid [sum:]people to change my grades [when]; so that the entire world? could pretend it was true. Then we had the existence of terrorism in our world [in time]. Uhm, I’m not that “full”. Please don’t blame all terrorism on me; sometimes it’s like your fault.

Part Two. Figure out what “feels” [is]

to me it is a central gut-like irk; and that’s enough. One gut-like irk that cannot be trans-placed but can be temporarily -only temporarily ignored.

Part Three. That’s enough. {Two levels} {It’s a pun.}

The Model is You semi-defined to You.

and central Irk that can’t be ignored forever.

{hint: most people don’t know that I’m also completely ordinarily mute; and yet they can sometimes? hear me? and also partially completely blind. Most people don’t know that I’m also severely afflicted with various deviant and movement disorders; yet I’ve never committed crime. It’s pretty impossibly possible to be afflicted with a, movement disorders and never for example: hit back. It’s kind of the experience of a lot of civilian non-criminals; and also reformed criminals; but not non-reformed criminals; who I also call un-actualized one group of a beings; and I’m not sure if they; the definition of beings … makes verity here, for the un-actualized [non-reformed criminals].}


Part Four. A Compiled Aside:

“You” “feels”

form y, in more than one y

if not fiction; then like fiction at least hear: really, Sea in time terrorism … when

form flower like a y is another form of y [hint]

civilians are not allowed to hit back no matter how unescapably criminologically competent they are; and at least not hit back regularly if even they brake; break? that rule. But veritas is it actual just law.

How come non-reformed criminals hit back, and hit uh; cons tant [and not ly] I hope you understand like uh, for example, the basic of like math constants.

theme basics: math constants is-r also the cliche of “don’t give up” so don’t stop working … is a constant, math constant, how.

theme music citation: foster the people don’t stop [again]

Part Five. Almost Un-Related Like a Win, doe

There’s too much actualized no actual? evidence to make one […] s

believe that lies about competence ever build to a “win” in finality,




to : morrow meaning trans.

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more notes for tomorrow’s

to: morrow v blog post [after Part Next.]

[seems framework for eulogy non-fic +

glum tales/states]

The Non-Fiction Eulogy of Relationships.

tags[s]: the Death project; pop culture

notice budget

is of course

bud, get;

and while one might

think of flowers; specifically

bud[s] for get following

can suggest plural ; so flower

buds such as a death ; and-or

to c… a death; there is of

course also : bud, get as

in the modern urban slatter:

of objective getting [real?]

connections to others that are perhaps

like [flower] buds; [the others]

and so; to create

the basic  artistic

endeavor of such


in one’s main-stream

connection to

the actual

contraption of

art; being

near buds, flowers;

even plants and or

even just flowers;

would be a reminder

of such

choice, objective; enaction.

theme: buds

theme music citation: icp – homies

tag[s]: art theory

Answer to: Why buy, work with, and-or be near that which is that.

currently near the public library; and on use for perfume makings

Part Next.

Mementos from Fifth Grade: The Boring Commercial is Made Non-Boring Through Mind Channels

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 51717

Tag[s]: the basics of thought and-or education; advertising knowledge; education uh for children

We Need to Just Interrup-the thorough to brief overview: called proofreading and editing of cited: The Witch Goura … [the next one]

Through the concept felt and heard through at least, no only through mind channels of


And-or cited: Budget

Image of a Budget Truck (cited)

Draw a graph: a graph here means only a sequence of names and or letters connected by lines that sort of make sense. Below, Imagine and-or fill in the lines.

Editing-proofing your own work stresses the importance of B.

Mind channels

Iterate things that are; are they B.

Where B is B. {Ease Hint: Where Be is budget}

Just a stroke of Luck. No Mind Channels.

Aside coincidences: cited: jumper by third eye blind; and that movie by the same name: jumper

Part Three.

cited, to be photographs for

cited: first page as described in detail below of cited: LOVE STORY by E. SEGAL
cited: tron by ic [b.ideal and thematic building]
cited: al-sh i som by sjh for same purpose as the last most recent past photograph
art framework: books to cue consider

to do: on 5.17.17

next in cited: Love Story

diagram what happens

in the story

at the mention

of “salt” and-or “salt-like”

to further edify on its

in this fiction at-least:


|| power ||

5.17.17 continued.

source, text : Love Story by ERICH SEGAL

cited page 2:

“eye the cheese” <— mention of

where the cheese as

suggested already

is salt-like.

what happens in story connected to salt



further choice derivation consent




consent to salt

cited p.3 as

suggested already

mention of “coffee” is salt-like




further choice derivation

consent to salt





entry of the other


Looking ahead

since I’ve read this

text; more exactly in

the past circa college;

college extended.


Can salt have created

the experience that is

the beginning line and-or

the end of the book : as

quoted earlier;

cited p.1

“What can you say about

a twenty-five-year-old girl

who died?”


extending this citation in to

also the cited: The Death

Project; for The FVP:

cited brainstormers et al

this first page as indexed;

available in format in this

print of the source,

text ending in

“of” on

the cited p.1.


as an aside:

might be used as

a-eulogy for another

non-fictional being in

funeral and-or such death

context : how would you

modify this first

page; such :

[see photograph]

[of original]





cited p.1


“died” from

the first line

to turn it more …

achievement; and even

hope based ; then-tha


“What can you say

about a twenty-five-year-old

girl who … ?”

tag[s]: fiction analysis; life/existence non-freaky seance

To self-analyze with

this fiction application

in the context of

death and-or

in this case fictional death.

; as well as ; outside analyze …

I’m going to use myself:

as an example here

as demonstration

“What can you say about

a twenty-five-year-old

girl who … ”

of potential death;

everything that noted

had been accomplished

by the crux:

time of that

potential death in

this case: 25

{draw crux: 25}

and if you identify in

actual work derivation [as in work in your own gender derivation … hence, that meaning]

as something other than

girl; than-the/n of

course replace with

the right gender word.


continued … cited p.1

“What can you say about

a twenty-five-year-old

girl who … ?”

of course you might

know that again the end-result

is “died.”

and notice now the

significance of the

question mark

that it may signify

also something

other than

“died” and period.


this then is an accidental

proof on how-to


[earned][i.e. real]

[accomplishment] death.



cited p.1

“What can you say about

a twenty-five-year-old

girl who … ?”


[B.A. centric]

-got bladder cysts like

cancer despite a life-style

of severely healthy habits

& practices

-did too much volunteer


-transferred to a prestigious

university; and graduated from it.

-landed every dream in college jobs.

-grew up in the ghetto

-attended university for primarily

merit-based free college welfare cost

-changed majors nearly four times.

-had mostly male friends and colleagues at

roughly the pattern of that age-time.

-eat pre-pared food of the health-gourmet

variety extensively. [during that same pattern.]

-attended college near-to the environment

she grew up in; was from, primarily.

-landed her dream career shortly after college.

-went on many, many interviews.

-met many, many people.

-read too many books.

-believed she was nearly enlightened

through her b.a. coursework; and this is

only sort of a joke.

-rarely ever had financial problems despite

growing up dirt poor.

-had a series of serious boyfriends that had

almost nothing in actual common with her;

and her actual colleagues and-or friends.

-never ever committed crime.

-didn’t always want to publicly share

her volunteer career endeavors; and

considered even a non-publicized

resume; public.

-hadn’t finalized graduate school plans;

but got all the A’s she planned;

something like 6/8 in general major.

[but you have to factor physical sickness: severe in the missing two.]


Eulogy using as an example continued:

cited p. 1

“That she was beautiful. And brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Back. (And not the Beatles.)(And not me unless I’m a real/was a real brother to her.) Once, when she specifically lumped me with those musical types, I asked her what the order was, and she replied, smiling, (not “Alphabetical.”)

Them First. [as an aside look-up today’s posted fiction for a good pun.][ connected good puns-art.]

… “At the time I smiled too. But now I sit and wonder whether she was listing me by

my first name–in which case I would trail Mozart? (in accomplishment alive since I am as the speaker of the eulogy still alive) …”

theme: alive speakers

theme video citation: (I think it’s) the shins simple song? [l.u.]

“– or by my last name, in which case I

would edge in there between (the alive?

accomplishments and successes of) Bach and

the Beatles. (And of course I mean all conceptions

applicable of beetles.) Either way I don’t come first, which

for some stupid reason bothers hell out (—-) (her death came first) … ”

back to main posting …

tag[s]: computer science abstracts & basics & library science

cited p. 3

upon entry of other

through consent of salt and

the enactment of slat, no salt

where as suggested earlier through

poise [cited: poise]  no postings that

“coffee” may be something

like salt [reminder: indexer motif]

and especially as compared

against most other so far scanned

in mind word[letters] in meaning;

hence words. [in the used source text of course.]

the main narrator is hit with

perhaps another; magical and-or

shamanic aspect of salt; the

entry-way into-a needed accessible

book; and study of this book for

an upcoming exam; and than-the/n even

Perhaps the support of the performance

on the upcoming exam.

{Draw salt as an obvious as in seen, scene; entryway

to something like a book; example

cliche and obvious;

salt sprinkles ; and-or

salt motifs in front of

a door-way}

The enactment of salt of course;

is: the following haven take place


cited p.3

“Let me explain why I took

her for coffee.”



Part Four; not quite but as another aside:

to seize fiction and to

introduce into it while

it’s in your mind;

real, reel, life

see gum wrapper

can also be


this is a theme


each cited: m & m

a door-way

or like it to

box: activity ; and

the used gum[even more]

title + salt

cue considerations

in cover knowledge










The Salt Thing

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date, started: 5.15.17

Library & Literary Relevances

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar [obvs.]

brief scan of cited source,

text: LOVE STORY by



cited. p. 19

cited. p.13

Salt as

an index,





as the

word alone?

instead of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\————–

noticing what could be salt.


if we were going to

notice what could also

be salt; and-or

salt-similar :


on a continued, rough; and

semi-quick scan:


cited p.19 —> again

name of doctor;

is salt-like


cited p.20 “Novocain” is salt-like? how

cited p.20 “steak” is salt-like?


cited p.21 “It was beginning to hurt like hell.”


cited p.21


with the earlier

backdrop of

“salt” “nutritional”

advice; and

the silence + attack?

after this last

cited line; in

this text “salt”

and-or salt-like


might have a magical almost

addictive quality.


In other words:

from the interaction brief

on the top of

cited p.21;

“salt” – like when un-responded

to : can or perhaps does

escalate matters.

In an almost shamanic, shaman

response; “salt”

and-or the mention of

something like salt;

if un-responded to,

salt …



[excuse the change of order in numbers; as the book has is being flipped through:]


at the top of

cited. p.3 ; or near

the middle.    tag[s]: research reading

[editing notifications & considerations: period or not after cited? in this specific posting. and when not. and how long will you remember when not and when to.]


Is “coffee” like salt.

and on earlier cited.

p.2 at the start of the book:


“the cheese”

though qualified in

a (non-cited italics)

different way. Is this

still a “salt.”


on cited p.13

almost as if qualifying

salt to this

not surprisingly

shamanic – level

the main character /


almost such declares

indirectly the use

of “salt” …



Parodies can still prove

Satires    importante

indexing uses;

i.e. point ’em

out, too.


aside exercise:

How do you recognize yourself;

how would you map yourself


I really hate bad smell[s].

Define what “bad smell[s]” mean to me. [means to me.]

[i.e. & to you?]


cited p.13, continued …

” “Yer not eatin’ enough salt.”

Maybe if I humor him

he’ll go away.

“Okay, Jack, I’ll start

eating more salt.”

Jesus, was he pleased!

… ”


about the trash receptacle: re, mind [manners] = potpourri temporary

0theme0 trash collection as art

it reminds me to spit in a bottle upon others’ : cited brainstormers et al

suggestion ; and not [just] upon others

it includes the pieces of outsides [leaves in varying stages and twigs like my poetry]

to remind me how to compost;

and it of course is an additional trash collector in stage; as in stage phase

reminding me to grab and trash the notes I no longer use or need;

it also has decent scent since inside it’s filled with not just spit but leaves, and twigs; yeah; and the container of course reminds me to drink enough hydrating liquid and-or prepare still in the homeless life. cited: rum’s theory series on amazon









Fashion conundrum? & Legal Sanction

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for the FVP

date: 1.26.17 or 1.25.17


by Goura Fotadar

{A Review of M. Sickness Personified in Blase’ Interactional Experience}


After an attest-ment of insanity and ill (slanted text) logic; a notice of seize-ing nearly non-expensive material and so there an equivalency to trash: was forced upon (me) and perhaps other sleepers of the outside.  The fleeing to the outside for safety, rest, and work-reliability seems to cause disturbance to those who don’t produce any work / and haven’t ever; but pretend to and especially when they are housed.

Jokes: It’s hearbreaking!

The consensu/sud/sus from this highly unjust persecutory & non-elite group is that all street sleepers must carry their, all belongings with them at all times; and urgently seek shelter; this non-elite’s un-authentic authority is cited here in educated & experienced ethical opinion (de la? laughs) as being highly negligent:

– ignorant of the fact that most if not all (h-less) shelters, are not safe / restful environments

–  that many don’t feel  comfortable in tradi-housing (for actual raison d’etre … ?)

– and that several work for no money (and others may want this option … as a life benefit; theme: do you have benefits with your job?)

The coveting envy of this very m. sick group deserves severe just retaliatory theme: like a staircase / stare-case ; observes-deserves … ; consequence for their actions of severe violence, stalking, severe moral and ethical impairment; and invasion of a property with their greedy fellows that they don’t even personally own.

This is not the 1920s; cash flow is hardly worthy circa 2017; and the non-elite group has put all protected wealth workers and others at severe invasive risk. Further-more; at present there is nowhere non-criminally (crimanally) to flee; for this stake was-is flee-dom. Shall I announce: in nationalism of actuale’ freedom: Welcome to the U.S.A.;  and haven’t you noticed?

In such vengeful hurry at seen notice at the end of a work-day ; there were less than 24-hours on-the 24-hour notice; aggressive incorrect invasional repetition of threats ; and the inability to carry “everything” to public workspaces: so resting materials, donated free books, and for me burgeoning (c)artwork + extra clothes were tossed.

Note: they expect and receive inversion torture satisfaction from having “us” have a nowhere bare blanket, no weather resistant materials; and a just barely functioning travelling office; in addition their lack of ethics  comes at the expense of our donors / givers; those sleeping bags were important such was that warm jacket.

More in fashion: they are admittedly allergic to soap, forms of actual hygiene , and have seemed to declare an all-out criminal-level war on those currently sleeping outside in {such areas.} They covet our “causes, clothing, and work, ” Without actually attempting to better themselves. So now you must only see us cold or too hot outside without a real restroom till morning carrying nearly everything and wearing something like the one outfit. If this isn’t slavery, what is. Illegal.

The Application for a Legal Sanction:

I would cite them on disorderly conduct, stalking of others belongings, false non-joking personification , and the in-ability to achieve actual authority-ship; even at the civilian level. Their theft of others belongings hidden under their un-just personification is criminal; and just because you own a house it does not mean (at all) that you might be a definite better.

Even in the public bathroom they stalk you in stalls; and attempt repeated grabbings of any material left on a rest spot while you piss and shit in stall for the however many minutes. They even enter opposite gender bathrooms without being part of a sexual differentiated group so as to stalk the clearly identified gender opposite group; and to fail to understand that sleeping/resting on the street is not a sign of dysfunctional stupidity; where intellect matters. In other words, we notice. The notice of notice.  They falsely assume and proclaim unjust boldly with their unjust verbose baggage that all current

theme : starvation cures : cited: starburst wrappers on the table – p. s.

street residers are like their severely non-functional relatives/and knowners.

They in their undeveloped inanity refuse to understand that the requirement of actual compensation for work and safety in housing shelters; otherwise, the streets: is a freedom’s power: social cause. When have they ever eventually Lost?

Q: What are the legal ramifications of such invasive and abusive shall be non-repeated non-retaliated [sp?] behavior.

A: (A presumed person shall qualify?)

cited, source text: at p. 12 {arrow to}{book title}

” ” I have taught you only the basics of what you need to know about knighthood, ” Gornemant remarked. “I would add these last five points of advice:””



cited: at the sunnyvale public library

part II.

Why the cited: clipper card lends itself to crime at an almost surprising qualify-quality:

“utility” “pound” “broad optimum”

  1. perhaps unknown or not able to regularly remember the set, amount lends itself to an un-reliability in the certain regularity of travel plans “pound”
  2. it’s transfer ability between transportation brands; perhaps lends itself to the catching eye of hopeful criminals with more crime: access points. “utility”
  3. “broad optimum” the left-over not necessarily expected matching value with changing based on a variety of transportation brand access rates ; may push the misc. cent / dollar amt. onto the card being negligible and non-urgent to add to ; if even forgotten ; which might lend itself to be kept; attracting at sight more on-coming crime slingers.
  4. on examination, quick of the art on the one of I had on front: it looks like symbolism abstract of changing amounts —> in at least two different ways of travel.


theme: so when it’s near empty; albeit re-load-able; should I throw it away?









why ; you’d … cited: clipper

scanned; quickly references

at the cited: sunnyvale public library:

  1. ROTH IRA BOOK An Investor’s Guide Gobind Daryamani, P.h.D.
  2. PRICELESS (William Poundstone)
  3. ATLAS of the BIODIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA State of California



The Soap’s Packaging: The use of “slip-up” in intonation dialect to create “real” depth meaning

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The Soap’s Packaging: The use of “slip-up” in intonation dialect to create “real” depth meaning
Art notes: for the FVP
The Death Project Art for The Death Project
tags: trauma recovery, ” real” wealth building
date: 81516



(to see recent images of this described art, see:


or slides 109 through 113)

theme: “mary poppins” / smog
theme citation: mary poppins the movie as used to be available on television or through cited: vhs
(part one.)
In a sink,
in soap water, clean out paper remnants from meal packaging
my example as cited: is taco bell meal packaging
leave soaking in soap water solution for at least a couple of days, particularly if some of the packaging is harder cardboard, as in of thicker texture.
(take photograph.)

(part two.)
have hot bathwater waiting nearby if possibly to humidize the whole thing.

(part three.)
add corn flour or whatever (flour) is available to the solution in the sink.

(part four.)
start structuring further to add strength to the art object (with your hands and flour solution).
added napkins soaked in the solution over the the several layers of food packaging soaked paper remnants
and also added cited: clorox sheets

(part five.)
at some point propped the piece/art object at this stage upon three glass tools:
two glasses and an empty jar.

theme: flowers, water
theme music (citation): simple song, the shins as cited/heard on: kscu on 81416 or was it 81316 &
cry me a river / justin timberlake (both, again?)

voice, notes:

Interpersonal Economics: Mind Change (A Bsic Example of the True Meaning of Economic Analyses)

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Folks, please: note that due to severe work/personal/basic needs threats; I have yet to compose the basic of college level math diagram I had designed in my mind’s I for this exercise explainer. So find this sufficient for this being of time. With Regard, Goura Fotadar

Interpersonal Economics: Mind Change  (A Bsic Example of the True Meaning of Economic Analyses)

theme: Economics is a Spirited Gain.
theme 2: To be an economist do you have to be spirit-ethical? Perhaps. We’ll see the proof of the proof.
(A rough draft, and the first page, analysis, ses)

date: 8315, 8916
for The FVP
by Goura Fotadar

Source Article: ” A CASHLESS SOCIETY” by Goldline as accessed through online portals … can’t remember which one, sorry about that part.
I meant Source and not sue che
which is what it’s looking like above

1.  Music and Symbols but not cymbals can you hear the grocery cart screech in your mind, as a basic cited: the Spirit Work out by me: Goura Fotadar,
as a basic meditation’focus’foci tool. Uh, yah.
from other areas of study, upcoming posting, etc.
Where dollar signs look like musical notes,
and the grocery store, perhaps not grocery for surely “convenience” can mean more than just that;
art demonstrates a point worth looking, at: in apt it ude.
A savant’s desire to learn about more than one in more than not one are, it’s certainly possible, I would say if you just start as always by paying attention, And where’s from my proffo of attention from the file?
I guess it’s in the title.
An din th the case that you don’t pay attention at first, do it at second, and yo migh t be surprised by where it went your mind, and apt in learning, I guess that’s why somewhere EVERYBODY! learned to skim,
which of course does not mean skip, entirely.

2. The Re-Translation of Economics
By Goura Fotadar

I wonder what economics means; but to me it means the cliche punage: “a change of hands”
perhaps it sould instead mean, “a change of minds” and I’m sure that’s not cliche. it’s more of an adapted could become cliche. This is, called apt it ude.
How would you control the change of minds, for your port folio.
First think of what port means and folio because words in their root colloquial translations have so much more wisdom than your neighbor; unless of course you are really really luck. Or me. Which is really the same thing.

So in the model of Mind Change. by the lead line you might want to consider what really catastrophe.
To me, in cata s trophe; it means death by your physical destruction.
Right? the change that comes as an atroph-ying of your body.
So How much is your physical body even your brain, worth yours.
The nest thing, is convenience again. IN the mental game of things, is the mental gain of things. What gets you high that isn’t an illegal habit. NO hookers, no u.p sex, no drugs that aren’t allowed, and no breaking the law … blah, the rest.
This is very intra-personal and how mundane it is kind of like the first translation of economics. Like in the way that you are taught to consume it.

4. Using myself as a modeL: I would say build your personal power. How would you build your personal power, by the above (3).
What gets you high? What gets you high? What gets you high?
I’m not talking about th e Holy Trinity but you might want to consider three things;
here are my three:
in this basic example; you’re welcome to emulate me. Why? I know for sure.
(1) Be spiritual in a way that makes me at least peaceful and un-weak.
(3) Translate this to areas of work, that don’t suck for me.
Pay attention to how the translation changes, everyday; to advance the translation to optimize my spirituality. … and more
(4) Exhibit the translation by keeping a record of it at least; a portfolio that may get lost, a resume included, a collection of your work where and how it can be stored relatively securely and cheaply; if you’re work is worth it and it should be according to number 1 and  3 by the way in case you hadn’t caught it the numbers being “off” are a joke,
(and that write there were not a typo)
when your work disappears so will the world and maybe your body; but will your mind; which really is the only life insurance you have; and I don’t mean that god darn it if you have dementia you don’t count.
So there’s nothing to worry about. The fear of lessers
sets about if your work disappears. And now you’re not a lesser; and there’s even less to worry about.

that’s pretty much for the cover page.
But don’t forget cited: the spirit work out by me : the screech of imagined: convenience trucks I mean stops of glides of carts are they called.

cited: Saved by the Bell watched circa whenever on non-cable television back then. turned into there’s not enough time to watch tv, anyway; turned into; but you can hear it as you focus on your work, when your focus gets to point … even the occasional glance up at images. So either either and either work to work to
(5) Take a basic linear algebra class and fail or something like fail so that your teacher can’t take the credit for instead of you; unless your teacher is me or someThing like me and you’re sure. How would you be sure. We’re back at The first 3 dot.
ON a quick graph of like three organizational compartments using myself as a model.

“Served” for my work

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Also see the eviction notice:


(and note the police are here, gotta return to the rest of my work day; but resource; update: made another shelter/call request: and uhm; there is further confirmation that there is no shelter for a person like me! bummer? so many places I have now checked …)

A demonstration of the: my “sane” agitation; after threats of …