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How do you know what feels wrong to you.

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How do you know what feels wrong to you.

Secondary Standard head: Is this fiction or not.

Rough notes on the quick

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

is it an? el; and other form translations or breakdowns … ? are [r]
by goura fotadar

date: 63017

public library theme, select: she’s dumb and she’s not deaf. I know her and I use her name to get out of prison; without her consent.

outdoors public theme: and they won’t stop attempting to steal. We don’t have the guns. But they do. Which is they.

tag[s]: grammatical ideology how; is this fiction or not

Part One. I don’t know figure out what “you” means quick enough and roughly is still good enough.

I like ice cream and coconut milk; because it’s rich and it heals me. [heels?]

I like chocolate because it puts me out of pain.

I haven’t told a lot of people that I’m completely ordinarily deaf; and most not “dumb” people can just tell anyway; I can still hear you if you focus here. Otherwise I can’t. And I was born that way; but raised with a majority: family that kidnapped me that I’m not actually related to in any form of that actualized definition; so I never told majority: them. And they really don’t know, unless you tell majority: them.

I know I’m an actualized being: beings; because I’ve helped a “ton” of actualized other beings; and not so much or at all non-actualized beings; or those that never hope to actualize [.]

I went to college; and then further a lot of school. I was mostly if not completely a straight A student in higher advanced education especially the prestigious ones-forms of it; So I know most words have more than one regular utilized meaning for example: dumb and dumb. I’m not dumb but I am dumb. You maybe dumb but not dumb. We’re not the same really. See. [really, sea] My kidnapped family told me I was dumb and then paid [sum:]people to change my grades [when]; so that the entire world? could pretend it was true. Then we had the existence of terrorism in our world [in time]. Uhm, I’m not that “full”. Please don’t blame all terrorism on me; sometimes it’s like your fault.

Part Two. Figure out what “feels” [is]

to me it is a central gut-like irk; and that’s enough. One gut-like irk that cannot be trans-placed but can be temporarily -only temporarily ignored.

Part Three. That’s enough. {Two levels} {It’s a pun.}

The Model is You semi-defined to You.

and central Irk that can’t be ignored forever.

{hint: most people don’t know that I’m also completely ordinarily mute; and yet they can sometimes? hear me? and also partially completely blind. Most people don’t know that I’m also severely afflicted with various deviant and movement disorders; yet I’ve never committed crime. It’s pretty impossibly possible to be afflicted with a, movement disorders and never for example: hit back. It’s kind of the experience of a lot of civilian non-criminals; and also reformed criminals; but not non-reformed criminals; who I also call un-actualized one group of a beings; and I’m not sure if they; the definition of beings … makes verity here, for the un-actualized [non-reformed criminals].}


Part Four. A Compiled Aside:

“You” “feels”

form y, in more than one y

if not fiction; then like fiction at least hear: really, Sea in time terrorism … when

form flower like a y is another form of y [hint]

civilians are not allowed to hit back no matter how unescapably criminologically competent they are; and at least not hit back regularly if even they brake; break? that rule. But veritas is it actual just law.

How come non-reformed criminals hit back, and hit uh; cons tant [and not ly] I hope you understand like uh, for example, the basic of like math constants.

theme basics: math constants is-r also the cliche of “don’t give up” so don’t stop working … is a constant, math constant, how.

theme music citation: foster the people don’t stop [again]

Part Five. Almost Un-Related Like a Win, doe

There’s too much actualized no actual? evidence to make one […] s

believe that lies about competence ever build to a “win” in finality,




A diagram of homelessness & CAKE, A-OAT Part IV

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A diagram of homelessness

By Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

& the “rough” draw of CAKE, A-OAT: CSAP or Culminating Specific Art Project; or CAKE, A-OAT Part IV.

theme: tying the two together in a stem.


Date:  12716


tags: volunteer art, art abstractions, diagram, criminology, descriptions, solutions


{art description}



Buried amount of brush are the un-nones of regular strife in regulated spasms of rest; the Avenue flower; near glowering stairing lights separating regular strife from un-regular strife {in step climbs}; the free time to “chase” street people/beings in non-criminal acts; is un-regular.

A flower is now defined in / in layers of triangle; {define triangle.}


{the sort-or? tie stem} : criminology


The Clean Conception, Further

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The Clean Conception, Further

tags: hygiene modified under a hanger vicissitude, volunteer poetry, conservation spirituality models, knowledge furthering, art, conceptions, education, notes, non-fiction slants of purpose
The dishes done, a new sound premonition
art concept: The Dishes are Being in Done
fictional theme: vicissitude, the study of “yes”!  cultural conceptions of what “no” could mean : proclivity, ingenuit-y furthering, and a ring to the write …
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 71316

Ad Line: Ingenuit-y in Practice, The Value of Goodness. Don’t want to waste … water? What might you come Up with In: Stead!


I hear the chime of silver to plaster?
and the cling (of dirt) has turned to a clang
of clean (the wash)
can you play this instrument; https://voicethread.com/myvoice/#thread/8018255/44210717/44953511
it’s not so difficult,
you just rub the fork and glass, es
washed/soaked in bathsoap water for days ahead and filled with such, liquid-water as the drain empties a race at conservation. what does the race do.
around their sills, what you think of as rims,
and then chime to the ground as verse to the rim, sill
you have the premonitional music
of a meditation’s end bell
without a bell drop
of dish music.
Dish! music.  https://voicethread.com/myvoice/#thread/8018255/44210725/44953464
r your chakras cleaned.
the dishes are chakras, so yes the chakras have been simulated to cleaning, but can you keep the clean conception (for yourself) further.

other background music: classical through kdfc (radio) on 71316

A Complete Enough Format

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A Complete Enough Format
by Goura Fotadar

Part 1.

Tied in Life     ————–

theme emotion: the non-almost drama of grief, theme emotion symbolism: a tied tie

Art Copy for The Death Project
in the / for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 7816

I feel emblazoned by life,
I fell on Death.
Why is the one, l.c.
and the other, U.C.
maybe I should have spelt ,
A Wise Man’s Death Toll.
Welcome, Earn Your Ticket to the Affair.
it’s like wish-bone.
the etymology of meaning and not word, all, of, a Sudden.
all of a bouquet,
now we’re back, I’m back at tie.
The tie tied, is a play enactment of wish-bone, without the death? of an animal?
but of who a death for,
if I just tie the tie and pull without the wear of ,
will the hypothetic wish be granted (to me).
But I’m Dead! But I’m Dead! But,
I’m Dead.
– –  –
is Dead.

Part 2. The Exper. Lesson, experienced …
(from the citation now tied –> a tie tied to –> human or man Death –>)
citation 1: https://voicethread.com/share/8018255/

Part 3. The Fiction Back, Drop (Imagine a Ball Behind you With Chandelier Characteristics)
theme: does such a thing exist, I can’t see! I cant sea!
well, a chandelier with ball characteristics
c hand i leer ; (obvious) see hand I leer, or see hand eye leer
theme stand-out: eye, sight, seeing methods to …
from citations-definition: the “chandelier” almost sounds like a tree
theme stand-out too, meaning-conception through definition translation: tree
finality enough in meaning creation process conception: a chandelier involves ways to see and light fragmentation in tree like form
and then with definitions-origins looked at: tree from sky hung upside down I presume as an ordinary tree root from sky and not ground, and it is just a :
candle-layered tree from sky (the “branches” the “support-“)
sounds like candles layered and matches origin of meaning and close enough to modern definition, we have a further working conception!
(in citation six we see, almost an upside down tree affect fixture in this already created design)
citations 3 , 4 ,  5 and 6: alibaba as accessed through YAHOO! search , merriam webster dot com , dictionary dot com , pottery barn through YAHOO! search

Screenshot (1041)Screenshot (1042)Screenshot (1043)Screenshot (1044)Screenshot (1045)Screenshot (1046)
citation 2: https://gourafotadar.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/the-computer-science-review-for-the-average-person-who-is-obviously-really-mentally-retarded/

Screenshot (1047)

Part 4.
Theme: Knowledge and Grief, cont. & Art
theme music artist & title : all we ever knew / the head and the heart

& images
citation : general radio on 7816 &

kkup cupertino

The Un-Popular Notion Loner Work: It’s a copy Day.

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The Un-Popular Notion Loner Work: It’s a copy Day.

poetic copy, fiction
for the fictional voluntier project
by goura fotadar
date: 61816
theme: work
ugly image

ugly banter
as I wait for the … work
but you can’t wait for the work if you’re doin’ it
Work for Work’s Sake
what it earn you
your word
your work
no cost to-you societal perversion                     society I keep wanting to say soce-eye-ity I wonder what soce means? (how I herd it, is in my mind)
and another note here: soce I ty (that’s like crazy, words are so interesting)
is it “comrades” I “quality or condition” (of/ “indicating”)  cited: merriam-webster dot com as accessed on 61816

Screenshot (907)

Screenshot (908)

Screenshot (910)

Screenshot (911)

… so “indicating” …  where “denoting” is considered by me to be synonymous to indicating cited: dictionary dot com as accessed on 61816

Screenshot (909)
cited google search as accessed on 61816

so, on a new translation of Society with the i and e transposed the theme mis-spellings even thoughts to, may prove quite an informative and not quiet an informative! : “Indicating …” (a) “… a quality or condition” (of) (characteristic / trait) “comrades” I i.e.
There’s a trait or characteristic to me “… a quality or condition” of being with “associates”
no intrinsic societal component to-you
societal power without societal intrusion
that’s it?
it’s not just society about
perse your whips uncanned whimsical highs that you no longer or never did share in the communal way (of work)
You Loner!
The Loner: Work for Work’s Sake.


theme: outer space solitary
theme music: space hog (artist)
citation: general radio as heard on 61816

Volunteer Poetry: It’s a Zoo-Me,Um in Hear.

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Volunteer Poetry: It’s a Zoo-Me,Um in Hear.
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
date: 3.20.16


The year only goes,
from December to February:
March on The Year,
get it.
So We Are Still in December;
weather you know it or not.
(please photograph current arts crafts as made yesterday/today)
tags: development activity while the work ges done
arts and crafts
volunteer art

trash art hygiene-ized and ray-ing


the deo can
art: psychic devices,
reused bottles for conceived hair products
soap still bake-ing oven in and out
the desk

Now, I’m not plagiarising from Ni,

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The All C Glass
The All C Glass

Now, I’m not plagiarizing from Ni,
(volunteer art, poetry)
by goura fotadar
Date: 10.19.15
I have a f
physical pain
in body
fizz pain
does not
have a brain disease.
Diss, ease.
I have already written this,
but O.K.
but I’ll write it again.

That test it was something,
that tested how evil much you’d do,
and then he failed it,
and I saw it,
and then I saw how much evil he’d done
and it was tear.

Oh my God,
why is this thing
Yelling At Me.