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Basic Needs: food, & C.C. mo-re not-s (notes)

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[also in this form: Basic Needs]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 51218

tag[s]: murder investigations, and alternative identities, basic needs and unjust homicides, gay  [no-versus] straight basic needs?


Date: 51118

theme: C.C./R.C./J.R.’s personal quest for basic needs of: food, and housing …

C.C. is another person? / rather; has another

identity at one of his schools

that he forgot about; these initials:

R.C. / what was the reason

ror-for using a new identity?

It’s a situation where evidence is found, of the case; and C.C. forgot about this because the incident of this use was not part of his mainstream experience, .. .

Surprisingly involves the access to food; C.C. worked as a hooker in exchange for food; and didn’t want others to find out so wore a wig and used different and or variated name, in between his steady relationships, in exchange for food. Despite living at home; his parents started to deny him food, stating that, paraphrased they couldn’t afford food for C.C./R.C./J.R. any longer.


C.C./R.C./J.R. feared they would next ask him to leave house; and he would no longer have shelter; so he went to the church where they received their housing from; and the church told him it would be possible for him to qualify for his own housing from the church’s free housing program, now expanding just past high schoolers’ parents? (don’t know about this portion) but seeming to include marriages; … since this is what the church told C.C./R.C./J.R. i.e. if C.C./R.C./J.R. entered a marriage, he would qualify for his own home, housing, … for free, …  (from their housing program)



Who is Bill’d. A story by-product, in rough.

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Who is Bill’d. A story by-product, in rough.

[also in this form: News on the storage front]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 21418



theme: Journalism: what of this is fiction?

News on the storage front; while the local “cops” cars get washed a t the car wash across the street; on whose bill? And on whose billing consent.


tag[s]: social welfare, combat phenologies , virtual identities misused by others in struggles of who is actually final authority, the guessing game goes on … uh, ? , the results for / of patrol drills, and whilst I squeeze in more public computer hours, civil right[s], and freedom of speech, American nationality and progressive actualities of intercultures


As at the front of the cited: o.c. ; the ongoing social welfare worker for cited: food stamps and food issues; was in today; under my oath; concerned that; I was asking if he had any references for free storage for homeless working people

theme: why did it stink? Homeless style.  The message says: get raped and or arrested if you shower here; even though we offer uh, showers. In this operative’s assessment. What are the other functional non-rape and arrested [unjust, and false] bathing and cleaning options; well ask someone that is actually homeless and not those that shit their pants with the water running in the shower as the caseworkers and staff watch in their impersonation of real joy. And as you smell shit while washing your hands nearby with soap; huh, I didn’t think this soap smelled like this. Recently I found out through some type of informant again, and that’s it has likely been mentioned before: but I just forgot; that shitting your pants at any time for a non-medical emergency reason is a form of severe anti-semitism; like even for toward those who aren’t actualized and or jewish, and threatening to have the *Asians jumped by nigga-s before the assessment was curbed into soapy uh falling onto you water, my god and to think my brother

is black,

[which one] [why, not use technology accurately and do a (cited) dna, test. Uh, I don’t know.]

and he referred me to the same caseworker as the end all answer similar to likely [who this caseworker] Yahuweh in confirmed scriptures of how to qualify while still waiting for two years, for free storage for the working for no living wage, homeless and or those deployed in the exact equivalent such. While the non-equivalently homeless have all the storage they need both in homeless rest-spots and lockers for the homeless. Good Job, not; caseworkers. How long will such deployments a non-cake-ing hell, last: domestically. Perhaps Yahuweh knows The Answer. Just Find: Him/Her and Ask? It’s no difficult thing.

The social welfare worker also seemed blasted in confusion that he had once provided me with a reference for shoes, when the cited: o.c. refused,

To provide me with shoes, and or a backpack; because the non-reforming drug addicts; and I’ll just say it: all not actually Asian [and this includes cultural representation outside of just plain race, too] just don’t like me, it’s personal!

theme: ew! They’re giving out Asian food, again; I hate that stuff the non actual Asian people yell food from cited: Whole Foods; it’s so cheap and boring. How do you classify actual Asian-full in this country of Actual superiority in culture qualified finally as not black, white, chicano, tribal indian; but yes, we all know Asian-full; consider, this a final declaration of how and which culture has dominantly paved the way the next time you call my round I a nigga with the other ending while white staff and black staff pretend no, really that’s o.k. they’ve had a hard life; you mean compared to who, the Budda? (cited;) ; I dunno; ask a real cultural anthropologist? What’s that say the coked up caseworkers? You know, I could hire reforming drug addicts, instead; and not the guys gassing on purpose directly on my food.

theme: who has had a hard life compared to the cited: Buddha, who is it.


I guess he found out my real race; since the local authorities have been writing down my race and qualifications as is convenient for them.

You are male, white , no black, no Mexican, no Cherokee, you never went to college, you are a drug addict, you are a criminal,

And they are the leader of the cited: U.N., NATO …


I’m genocide-ed upon central Asian, and from the American hood, as in the ghetto where I was assigned to a terrorist family as an operative which I entered into as birth;

I then barely graduated  despite being a child prodigy because my terrorist family decided this meant I was actually  mentally retarded and deserved to be enslaved if they couldn’t rape everyone, everywhere [or couldn’t get through me to do it; let’s call this part real black ops; cited] while working as a slave yes an Asian slave in my own country [a-m-a]: American style ; and transferred to the most pres. University for free (mostly) where I graduated from; I then stopped being poor as an operative; but I wasn’t born poor; my trust fund which owns the cited: o.c. and not some white folks pretending to be uh, ? is non accessible except for my consent for uses of charity that I benefit from also as much as I need it: them; and so on; not as much as the cited: o.c. staff think they want to earn; and I have to consent to hire them; which I didn’t … my trust fund like a biblical myth owns everything:


I am the leader of NATO; which I invented when I was young; the leader of the UN; which I also invented; and much much more many things and titles that I uh saw in a cited: bipolar disorder and drug induced vision? Yeah, right. [which part,]

And I’m not physically male just because I went to a reputed male school.  Statistics mean only one thing. I’m smarter and better than you are; and when you say you are the …; you are cheating and committing a felony. I did actually work harder against unforeseeable disadvantage worldwide as the leader of what which qualifies me to be the actual what ? and no this is not the 1400s

Anyway, the caseworkers smiled happily that they could continue to complete federal violations under the non-consented to owner/sponsor’s

criminal immunity: oh, moi.


And they giggle never actually having produced any work. I’m sure they are just plagiarizing everything they claim; they can hardly even walk their own b odies without committing unjust crime; and they are not disabled or something.

Reminder: it’s been a year and moving toward two year waiting list for storage for my work related stuff; one locker, and I own the place. That bitch just doesn’t want me to have storage, in an act of racism against actual work.  Who and who all qualifies as that bitch. And when it’s not me she deprives of my own stuff stomping her feet as she shits her pants in public, it’s the rest of actualized and hard-working militia and all like them; this is called racism; severe racism; and it’s not always connected to the basic dumbasses version of racial comprehension.


The Invited

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The Invited

[and also in this form: theinvited]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Dedicated to n.c/d and the m.

Date typed up: 11318

Rag/tag[s]: criminology and militia research questions come forth, abstract uh?


Date: 1.7.18

He seems almost nice at first; criminal reform candidate a; I suppose if he approached to hang-out even if you hadn’t known him before, you might not be be able to say “no” even if you weren’t sure how much you might benefit from the “hang-out” or enjoy it; it would be a survivable but perhaps not completely safe event circumstance for you the invited. What are as review, things you consider might come up if you were not able to back out of such an invitation:

[past connected to relevant circumstances]

[mental flashes]: then on the experiences that you’ve actually had in the interpretation of your mental flashes, you may want to hypothesize about how to respond to such invitations, in the future.

You might at this stage consider for this criminal reform candidate a why you might not feel comfortable saying “no” to his his invitation. Safe of course and as usual is included in general comfort; and that’s only in general ; as a reference point: is he asking you to an event or a situation which is usually considered a in combat zone, and or combat zone-related area: usually in this country and in this day-age, those are rarer than usual …


In any case, what is it if not forced into some sort of deployment stance: that makes you not believe in actually consenting to the invitation. For this working context: actual consent as you might [[ima]gine[sp?]] means uhm; not having to do and and-or not having to agree to what you obviously don’t agree, to.

Tied between consents, none of which you actually agree to: for example if the local “police department” says that they have to attempt to falsely charge you for a crime, otherwise they will kill you: and you must agree now!  to one or the other: you might be going to jail or die: and before anybody of value has been able to response-terms respond; this including the actual police.

[in society: you must wonder why can’t you kill them instead or; and perhaps this is why we have terrorism of the holy and not the unholy matter which is what …]


as an aside to

consider that when danger-type mental flashes are such, realistically come to mind; the approved usual thing to do: is to of course contact the police department and just let them know what you are or might be highly concerned about in terms of danger in such a situation:  the only problem is that in a time of militia escalated terrorism; and that means terrorism toward the actualized militia including identity theft; calling a regular general and advanced-specific police and-or police-like # may not prove as it was at least in this society temporarily safe to do so: and purging before. And hence we have, why we might need an adjunct invention and research.

The point is actual-ized militia may not be able to respond to calls despite still working; their roles may have also adapted to other facets of police/militia work; with the former effective method to contact them perhaps  [is?] only one facet of expansive and entire police/militia work possibilities. Thus, much like during times of cited: P.O.W.[s]; when they can’t be contacted and are instead in semblance replaced in communication with unholy terrorists; another invention or more is needed likely in the same line. ]


A safety producing

proof based on basic/of basic safety might be: now to turn what’s happened ill-ly by the “police” and as against the police; into the police and an [at least one] actualized “police” …

“police” (wrong)

versus police and conversion to also “police”

(right) (a-1)

“police” (wrong)


To “police” (right) in reg. culture on this side of the sphere conversion … (so taking into account culturally accessible [sp?] provisions)

Conversion usually refers to religious enterprise, and-or avenue: of course “police” in this contextual quotation version

would mean no reg. recruitment for such work:


And so if in the case

Of (wrong)

So “police” (wrong)

Almost inverted

In order and

Then separated

(wrong) “police”

… followed to conversion

You would take people

In, not, police recruitment;

And not in false police recruitment:

Who had been in the (wrong)

As depicted actually in society,

And not necessarily

As charged

So for example: society’s

Era when there is

A prison system for those that have done wrong; such as reform prison;

Even if they are not charged for the exact wrongs

[the swing of the un-necessary of charging in the area of where charge matters less and not not]

… but are charged for some wrong, as they have done wrong; with perhaps less application for those in the system of wrong who haven’t or less use; but instead of bummer: perhaps they will have other applications

and uses from wrong if place-d in the system of wrong.

So in the system of wrong, captured and seanced away from otherwise right and-or correct society: in this era-time most commonly known as reform prison [and not the other version of arrest un-reforming]


Where there is a conversion process in a such demarcated system


as described,

already conversion in our current

culture usually conversion refers to religion:

and in at least the last 10 years starting at like a minus four from now year:

there has been mention

of conversion within

the prison system

to renowned faith [s]

Unfortunately, even before considering whether this systemized transfer from outside culture works in the sense; we or rather I am looking for: we must find the “police” in a changing in this case system of wrong toward right. What may qualify as “police” in such a system:

and how might you qualify is the likely the 1st  [set? Of] significant research questions: (based on) for this practice I am going to base it on : …

What I’ve observed in/on the “police” (wrong) at the outside of prison scenarios:

-low comprehension of self gender and relational gender; even for outter/other actualized

-poor body placement: and positioning as compared to nearby structures (and beings: structures)


-excessive stalking and poor body zone-ing especially in relation to others [i.e. in the case of the latter]

-non-comprehension of clearly marked and depicted resources and despite repeated access to study and utilization of such resources

example, include[s]: telling homeless people on-the: street that there are open shelters for them to go to now and nearby, and when the case is: it is, has been announced declared that all shelters are criminally prohibited from being used due to out-of-control safety and destructive torture techniques: and that all actual? shelter “staff” has-have been fired and arrested.

theme: where is actual shelter #staff# ?

and this was announced especially to the homeless population

-demonstrating use of false power such as 51/50s, arrests, and ticketing, vehicles and weapons, and uniforms; and threats of such power


-inability to psychologically differentiate between self and others in general example test[s]: include generic images of self compared to generic images of other[s] under oath; and if such images are correctly identified and then incorrectly used [in the future] charge-ing of identity theft and identity theft associations.

*variated for the blind [obvious additions]

-practicing other

forms of terrorism:

Requesting to meet you in person and-or to meet with you in person, and not acceptably accepting “no” for an answer, screaming out privileged information about youi n public and-or forcing you to do so, asking for your confidential personal information whenever and inappropriately

and-or denying

your credentials

and the worth

of institutions et al

having given them out,


plagiarizing parts of your career in your un-schedule-d conversation, taking pictures and videos of you during such enforced interaction and additionally plagiarizing your image or people connected to you [-’s] image staging fake arrests in your path and yelling out your name during such arrests, repeatedly banning you from places for standing up for your civil rights and especially places/locations you might own or have an owning: stake in.

Products of learning

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also in this form: [Products of learning]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


tag[s]: the sponsorship story , is this [a] rough draft the pervert next to me at the public station hopes so because then [than?] he could pretend he’d done more that a lil’ old? Me. [which day of the week and on which year][oh yearnings]



Methods to report, I guess:

From cited: bazooka gum

“who is the tallest” [… slightly re-directed to paraphrase]  “person I know …”

I’m not sure if it’s too soon to say: bu t here missing t was this group the too soon part, perhaps, perhaps not: Who goes around “busting” which I’m not sure qualifies as a bust: homeless people during their rest hours effectively trashing their stuff and the group is often on illicit drugs but in an ode to non-recovering; they also attempt to arrest [sp] the homeless people using rules  such as : this is city property, this is a city park, people have seen you and called us: The Cops, Police.

I’m not sure in truth and under oath if such rules are effectively real: how could it even be close to illegal for a homeless person outside to be resting on city property: it’s already illegal that they are homeless outside, and that part illegality is not on their behalf but rather on the behalf of the people in housing who  …

…    In the query of well so-so owns [buns] their own home: and so-so pays rent:

so this: such-and-such:

Deserves to be

Homeless, outside. [of course, the obvious: ? is this an ethical perspective and what happens if a perspective even one emphasized into reality is unethical]


In donated hot

Tea! And so deserves to be homeless on-the: street.

When such homeless circumstance is publicized  — [of course, the obvious in repetition: ? see ethics]

[The counter-feit of audacity]

  • A group, and-or groups of people housed illegally start showing up on homeless spots, and posing as homeless to the homeless ; whilst calling the cops on them for being homeless; hoping to exchange the crimes they have-are committing onto the homeless [i.e. onto non-crime].


    The Modern Affair [theme: Af Fair/ …] of Homelessness Involves Escalated Risk of False Arrests [sp?]

They then continue to infringe upon homeless services hoping to escape permanently arrest [sp?] and live in a static form of false-criminal immunity.

Of course the cops that show up to falsely arrest the actual homeless are never real cops; and sumTimes I wonder 911 aside: how do they get the call: Is it a personal call the fake homeless make.

As review: being homeless outside is illegal for the rest of society in partitions of housing; not for the actual homeless. [i.e. in the form how it is that they came into their  housing and how it is that they stay in their housing in perspective of are you escaping committing crime by being housed when others are homeless and-or effectively homeless]

IN the scene of actual criminal and likely mostly non-reformed criminal investigation; the place to start isn’t necessarily:

Are they homeless or not; though that should go noticed and observed; but rather: but if you plan to deny that you are causing others to be homeless outside; and such by committing crime; those claiming well it’s not them: whatever that means, because they or are paying for their housing [paid]; deserve to experience the 1st stage  [spelling of name? ]of Elliot Ness-like real estate investigation.

If you own your housing whose initial capital at the zero-point trail was it paid [by] that you have not worked enough at the 60% level while you live in and-or benefit from that property; and if to cover the lacking work-off you pay back rent: is the back rent coming from your own timed work-earnings: i.e. you actually did or are soon enough doing that work.

Back to tall? The usually three-person but to more “posse” involves at least two fake cops based on their arrest attempts records; and one very tall man; so tall: he is the tallest man in the area; to answer the riddle; who poses as some variant militia member; they ostensibly and violently pertain to no homeless rights: as if this were S. Africa and that were even close to acceptable considered culturally ethical; ethique. In any case at least the tall bird shows up at nearly every homeless function in the area; and steals what he can; since he’s not actually homeless or close-to homeless like state which is still as review effectively homeless; and that’s where [wear] you pay attention.

In this free and sided to just country where we are required empathetique for the undeserving blamed underdog and the deserving overachiever; for even the two can be the same; that tall man and his stealing “posse” is have and still are committing non-reforming perjury; whilst the false cops and their “allies” so be it ode to also tall bird [for allies and posse-s must be earned in significance] cackle unlike geese and more like jack-assed buffoons.

I know under oath, the real cops of the generation; now have a witness trauma incidence which may not be recover-able; but re-trace-able and caught: yes, of course. And perhaps this is the meaning of recovery. [New definitions working and having worked for recovering, recovered addicts; and functioning , functional mental illness sufferers. [and others in sin, really? … [See ethical info. Far almost above]  … Recovering, recovery, and even this portion: recovered]]

theme: I have m. health and so I am? I think that’s just knot enough.


The Bush, Mr. Y.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 122717

Source citation: the same source as past Mr. Y postings, cited as used here, please refer to these postings regarding citation, main if unsure

[also in this form: MrYMore]



Mr. Y. “is most grateful for: “

-Mom and Dad

“The qualities Mr. Y is looking for in a (social group) are: “

-A friendly demeanor a willingness [to] hang out, a way to connect, otherwise

“The things Mr. Y needs to survive are:”

-warm mittens

-chemise shirts [sp?]

-a gigantic house to live in

“The person who has changed Mr. Y’s life is:”

A young woman in one of his social groups  uhm who has a penchant for

continuing studies.

“What Mr. Y is reading now:”

The Spiritual Pilgrimage

“When Mr. Y grows up he wants to be:”

A gardener.

Mr. Y “usually spends his spare time:”

taking a seat.

Mr. Y.’s “favorite place to be is:”


Mr. Y.’s “best-kept secret is:”

He has a four-year old son that lives with his sister.

“ Some more information (Mr. Y.) wanted you to know is:”

He really likes blowing bubbles; but rarely finds them since they’re usually sold for children.


Part Two. I’m not sure. The Myth of Segregation.

What was to notice; in the escape it isn’t; situated feel of scene; this is not fiction; a mayhem erratic not quite report.

Quandary that quandaries come to mind:

-Does fire contempt itself to one specific ethnic and or cultural group. [in emphasis so, and not segregation so much.]

-Does / do housing issues [in the same ramification as qualification]

-Does the timing of exerted seeming humor.


Black Beanies and Mr. Y, continued.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 122417

 [and also in this form: 121517]

Part One.


cited p.6

In the application of criminology and library studies; using the described prompt: the pre-filter would be instead or how about supplementarily sent from a library portal to each applied candidate; supplementary because it would be based on not just this book [;] But on other resources, inventories, etc. and this type of collected summary within the realm of library and after such summary is collected and emailed …

Future enactments as consented to will happen also within the library’s realm [or library realms]

As practice; and again as review: you would collect any (data) using this outline [in criminology even if candidate not criminal as a basic review] and email the collection pertaining to as needed from a library sub-portal.

For example; if you were in the military and you met with a group of people, singularly: you would collect such outlined data per person of that group; and then prepare into email-script; (from library realm)

Past that point;

The consent

Of the per person would continue any such collection with/in the library realm[s] and-or  libraries realm[s]. example:                                subject:

The outline of your

First staged job

Interview to immediate

International/ national


From: military personnel [example, of course:]

@californiapaloaltolib …

Part Two. 121817

Main Source, cited (for both parts): Save as Draft, by Cavanaugh Lee Pgs. 6, 9, …

Mr. Y.

“cares most deeply about”

Appearing to be more intelligent than other people, joining cliques of false intellect and wrong behavior, lying about this gender to scare others even those in his coercing cliques …

Mr. Y’s “friends and family describe (him) as:”

-really good looking


-very social

-having fine tasks

“The first thing you’ll probably notice about Mr. Y when you meet him:”

Is his strange connected to no known location accent and odd manner of speaking.

“The one thing Mr. Y wishes MORE people would notice about him:”

Is that he’s had a lot of pain and suffering in his very young life and though none of it related to his “friends and family”


More Mo’re crime notes

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 12317

[and also in this form: More Mo]





by now in the history of time:

especially in the bay are-a: reality translates

capital into as earlier briefly mentioned [in earlier sequences ? of this posting subject]



training programs at various and even at intersecting levels:

and even at intersecting levels:

if accomplish – ing some stage

of these training programs;



notes to consider: -though stages can be proctored they don’t need to be; to be completed enough qualify [qualifies] for revenue from t.p. if not attendance –participation [even entirely completed]

in academic models: the rigor of participation can include self-study to point of completed enough; however long or short that may bake; and in any case, if the participant is interested in specializing and crediting the program such; there is usually at least a few to many options the way to do such.

theme: we want you to have at least a tertiary system to belong to; of a system/systems that works well enough

-also even with stage proctoring, such as announcement: not all stages may be noticed enough or correctly to be proctored; but may still be, being completed.

this then aids the assessment of the meaning of capital, actual.



is or can be called also


In this case


because it has the transformative

Ability to go through increased interest + external [to it]

Interest propagation

[how does this is internalizing the external if even temporarily the internalized-external also called an investment]


This of course portion is also a model of empathy / empathetique