The gun in the house

Recognizing people, continued.

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[also in this form: Recognizing people]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 32518


tag[s]: pornography investigations, continued …  semblance connections of identity, actual militia law and not some hallucination that martial law isn’t a person: being, art form


date, started or something, regularly dated: 32218 to today, and irregularly dated I think 2013 till now


Part One.  What to do

When  you see a rest-spot  stalker-in public; and more  common-sense  approach; you hear the stalker describing an assessed and highly skilled group can’t for example complete a basic [and on average outside of any other exempt or special conditions] task; and making such announcement repeatedly in public in front of a comprehending group.

Especially; when the local “police” and “militia” don’t work in exacting the comprehension of assessment.

Create a system of law: legality; that stays un-tainted in the verity of the announcer and or rest-spot stalker.

The idea of the stalker is that he/she stalks people who are deployed as homeless; and during especially their rest times, and so he/she has come into a power; like a non-useful hallucination; and can thus speak up; because there are people resting on the street.

So deployed as homeless is not the same thing as homeless for another reason; and in either case harassing others of such existence circumstance when actually in such circumstance;  is illegal;

But why is it illegal especially with a nonsensical local “authority” force that is unable and incapable to do a thing effective.

Well, in order for one to speak against such a combined population; you must be able to out-perform it in all such exact circumstances; that’s where the level of speaking against comes from; and-or the beginnings of elite criminal immunity.

In the same case by:  saying that another and or overlap group who has an executive skill ability over the differentiation of some basic societal need; is instead a defunct non-functional deformed unreliable group; you must be in your lie able to actually replicate their skill performance under their same conditions of performance. Otherwise, you are headed to the actual form of illegal stalker charge; whose voice will never have any valor like recognition in actualized non-hoax militia.


In addition; deployments such as those encumbered in asset in the fact of homelessness; though perhaps or hopefully,

[yes, that’s what this asset is called]

Only temporary; offer others the housing they have; it’s great in hoax to assume that all such stalkers and such types are actually earning their way of existence; and-or have; but it’s more worthwhile to consider the only reason there has ever been a housing, basic needs and or such type of problem in society, is because not all of those in such habitations are actually meeting the criteria for the completion of the earning of such entropy; as in even with inheriting trust funds; they haven’t done much.

The conception of a church’s day that lord is all bounty; is fanatical when dealing with compromises of modern day physics; and the pretense; that your parents are actually producing what they have spent. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be the wealthiest person in the world at 36 years and a half years old [never living off of the inheritance from my real family]; in the part of the economy now phasing out cash and deployed as a homeless person; while the very church that I own falsely accuses me of theft; and refuses to follow cited: c.i.a. mandates regarding feeding and all such conceptions of that term from the church donation bucket.

Raul or whatever name you are using today and bald-dude and old lady; as I already told you you are under international federal arrest for not complying with the mandated law and not some made up hoax law by some hallucinating wannabe “militia” force. Back then, there was no safety in the world. It’s not like you have the experience to prevent all unjust crime.

And incorrectly bold speaking stalker you are also under federal arrest.


Part Two.  I had to study the pornography mailer again; to do my job … uh, and assess who else in that firs- list I know, and it’s better put don’t know but was assigned to knowledge of as part of my job and this is then further assessment;


Two more identified: [delayed reports; not exactly I just received this mailer]

One is my ex-husband’s at least then main mechanic disguised I would presume as a woman, with an opening front top; as all four women feature in this mailer,

The other is the publicly announced wife of a man that was on staff at the  strict catholic supplementary graduate school I went to; and where several people including myself had to report him, I however did not have this information then ; I had to report him for threats of rape-like homicide and general yet divisive non-regulated unethical gossip which of course can lend itself to heightening and escalating unjust danger from an “authority” figure;  the woman posed such was reported to additionally attend another graduate program at this school; and also to work with children,

… [with the third identified yesterday, I have yet one more to identify]

Part Three. To recover in art form,

Meet my new friend “Natasha” who I couldn’t afford to buy a meal before; or not quite I could; well, who I couldn’t fit into my life before when following a budget for the same cost I could have afforded a much larger regularly utilizable bag; and so I would have thought of “Natasha” later, when my budge-t expanded upon a paid promotion;

In any case, she might make it to the clothing closet: where she will fit inside all of my homeless bags; holding exactly what I need in that size; in the homeless life; and others like “Natasha” do make it there; I guess she might meet more friends like herself or of her type of persona.


cited: TJ Maxx [accessed on 32518]

theme: martial law

theme music citations: st. lucia elevate / Eminem my name is




Constellation Chamber I.

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[also in this form: Constellation Chamber]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date, typed up: 22718


tag[s]: political theology, art reality, structural stuff, beggar’s worth



  1. housing diagrams
  2. colors especially for the next publication


One of the frenetic problems for housing; is that I have no exact architectural-diagrams

theme: problem entry? identified

that I can look at on the fly.

theme: after an hour of begging; when I was denied a $20.00 from the church bucket; I was sponsored a $12.00 from the begging: where-to: cigarettes + extra cheap food. I thought it was uh sanctioned for those, needing it!  Plus I had like 4 left-over from last sponsorship. As a result I want to cut all budget from all non-militia [actualized militia qualified as regular and irregular] programs and fund-s, now.

I just haven’t had the time.

A Beggar’s Journey Jars for Art

Remember when I was hostage, and I couldn’t procure jars; because the hostage holders would steal even ones that would have been trashed that I washed out at empty.



jargon;  No! those are only for recycling!

jargon 2: well, they might? still be recycled

[depending on art piece][a hill in a sentence] like

after art exhibition …

Today after begging and seeking basic sponsorship: I found such caught? rather exact described jar [just cleaned] [washed]

[oh scent] at a spot.

[spelling]  Nea-[b][ry] were fallen

petals; and use-able.


A house is a cigarette’s ash dish

& like those trinkets

When it turns over ash falls down the petals. :

What does it become when compared to a snow or such falling trinket jar-box: hmm?

[Perhaps create a basic analysis of comparison:]

-against the blue its clear color: seeing color or gendered color: stability. Bought at the store/a store

the trinket box might be tainted by a non-clear container hue

creating a decoupage [spelling]


theme: I don’t c[h]are

how they define it.

-ash fallen is it residue

as not a fire but a fire

in a fire place; of course is like the excess of it curbed around the space: place and upon near petals inside space it creates, what: ?


The main intention as a back aside of course the obvious: the jar a house; it’s etched on label; makes all such structural houses have the same address; which one could belong to? or perhaps which ones.

It could smell good inside if with ash and petals that’s what I have available in the homeless life.

Banter: If I had a window the good scent would be lost; and sure it’d spread to the environment; but what if they didn’t want that.

The Cap-Shot: On examination the entry to the jar is the twisting of the lid; and or screwing the lid:




and so unlocking a doorway would not match this jar.


theme: why use the jar structure; cause it’s what I found.


unless the door was lid enough like and unscrewed on-and-off. [like cited: tmt? ]

the jar though as inhabited house would need to be ventilated and lid opening closing might not be enough,




Practice for “Purplement”

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 52817 m. date: 5.27.17


source, cited: Elizabeth Adler, The Secret of the

Villa Mimosa


just as the cover image

depicts for brief but

general, too; art


the “villa” that is

also a “mimosa”

or scuse me

in the shape of a



the “mimosa” is of course drink;

but is often served in as demonstrated

glass; as shown in cover l’arte. [not here shown]



from the inside cover of

the source, text:

“Dr. Phyl Forster first saw

the un-identified young woman

on an early morning TV



Then overall;

to create a good smelling reality;

applying the past source citation book:

“n rockwell” dabbed in a

spread                               drops of prepared lotion.

-> for cited: & thass y …

  cited: rum’s theory [series]