The Death Project

Remember to re,new book,s

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: death project art

theme: emblematic re-occurrences

theme music citation: Stand By Me Ben E King

death art: from public visitis to sites;

imagine in convention: to have somebody’s name, who is deceased in a color that;

marked on the urn; that would be the destruction of this art? or would that be art.

or ownership art

the theory of non-possessions memento art


frameworks too of reality seen change; or reality interaction




date, typed up: 52217

cited, source text: Henry James The Turn of the Screw & In the Cage

image of back of source, cited
image of front of source, cited
image of front[d] of source, cited

date, composed: 52017

What I know for sure about;

of what I’ve read of

James; he has

made your vocab.



Remember to renew books.


from the back:

fear perhaps ?

“afraid” & “ghosts”

is this an almost near

pre-cursor of that

movie (citation): The Others N. Kidman


cited p.138;


scan to through by

flipping to 4 or five locations;

finding a passage that has current

relevance ; like a psychic index

theory; other notes: to consider;

theme cited: brainstormers et al

fire is like five



since I’m currently examining the front

of cited “love story” I decided

to look past the front

and the reflection

back as a standing

pointe; theme: how to move;

and came across a passage

on this page; that has high

current relevance to issues of

s.c. [social cause]


cited: p.138





[but first just by a stroke of luck; the book was left

here where

I would sit.]

The passage:



“every opportunity”

“inspect … documents”

“… documents”   a way to “… see every one at … ”

house: “every opportunity … ”

so? have a ” … flock” and will not be ” … disappointed.”

a quandry

to “… disappointed …”

tag[s]: art’s fiction theology


image from passage from cited: source text as identified
image from cited: source text





On those things title: called nuptials, continued … and the art object objectifies itself in start next face

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and the art object objectifies itself in start next face




for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, further: 52117

as a love story training

model; it seems according

to this statement:

no, “makes claim to showing where it’s at.”

a claim [perhaps demonstrates]

exactly what stage;

what tier reality ;

in the context

of love story.

[the duo or so is

placed, located, even


” … no claim … ” cannot then as

says copy due] that ; and in

the context of love story.

does “no claim”

mean no “love story”

the book would then

be proposal of the

opposite ; and of

course to no , knowers


of the book;

an ended

“love story” w/out

a death translation;

is still in existing

a love story

just not a love

story ; for I suppose

theme: what is about copy? [it]

cited: The Death Project, too

ever. So if you wanted such;

you might re-translate the death;

which earlier one exercise

is provided for; at least


but in purpose of claim

in truth of definition

does what it keeps going;

used to be stopped;


and can now go on


if only re-translated.


claim —-> demonstrates

stage, reality, level

| ____________|

of it.

In order to stop claim

you must dissolve


But if it is re-translated

past dissolution; claim can continue

its demonstration.

or something


In freakier and likely recycled

citations: The Movie, It. The Movie It. [s] [The Movies with this motif.]

will “It” keep going ;

through claim of

identity ; and

re-translation of

crime circa

legal crime.

and I almost forgot; the photograph from the source, cited text: of yesterday’s posting:

source, cited text: LOVE STORY BY E>S>

source, cited: from the book photograph


tag[s]: copywrites; and definitions


Her / His name is Fashionista / minus a/ Wing Mourned.



more art notes, continued


soaped up paper towels

with another

rest spots

leaves dried

+ more

work notes, posted, torn up



see work station photographed

+ stuffed with a peppermint tea bag

cited: rum’s theory on cited: amazon kindle


start layering

the soap towels

around the

bottle as

in papeur mache


then place any



of stuff

on top of the


see photograph

[from homeless pocket; dried pieces]


i think this is a repeat photograph from above I mean below; or maybe not;

notice the bright blue

hue at base

from toothpaste

land theme, motif

from top to


[from former art notes; as images posted of yesterday? cited: rum’s theory


take a piece

of cleanish

plastic wrap


wrap inside with toothpaste

-> tie with d. floss.

label the


with something


and keep going ->

tape + what will happen next? …

theme: Budget Wait!? a woman’s why woman cinch waste? [see yesterday’s image as posted] the new cited: budge truch, budget truck



cited: the death project, too; & the death project art



at current stage

she’s my dead


in the grave/

tomb of

“budget wait ?”


[see photograph]

but on gender; could

he be my

dead bride,



next I must

slather my





instead of

ghee to the


like in a

cited: hindu


[theme: temples forth]



put first

swab with

your fingers

especially which

areas curve like a fashion’s

clothing coif [spe?]

the t-paste ; then wipe off

the hands on dry paper towels

and rub top towel with

lotion ; to create

a carrying




[see stage photographs]

tag[s]: object art theory

then fold the drying / dry

base over ;

expecting it

to curdle rough;

and might even

fall off;

Swad the bottom + object connected into

a circular


movement until

somebody at the public library

stares at you in-appropriately

to capture death; or until

you’re done with this motion;

capturing most of the

moisture fallen down




[temporarily it was placed on skates see above picture]

from the layers of soapy

p. towels back into the

object; and letting the

rest dry; notice the

object wing as it dries;

in this thing’s case; and

in the homeless life plan

to carry it in its further

production in a bag; and

sea; what happens.

[bag]s: art charity




to : morrow meaning trans.

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more notes for tomorrow’s

to: morrow v blog post [after Part Next.]

[seems framework for eulogy non-fic +

glum tales/states]

The Non-Fiction Eulogy of Relationships.

tags[s]: the Death project; pop culture

notice budget

is of course

bud, get;

and while one might

think of flowers; specifically

bud[s] for get following

can suggest plural ; so flower

buds such as a death ; and-or

to c… a death; there is of

course also : bud, get as

in the modern urban slatter:

of objective getting [real?]

connections to others that are perhaps

like [flower] buds; [the others]

and so; to create

the basic  artistic

endeavor of such


in one’s main-stream

connection to

the actual

contraption of

art; being

near buds, flowers;

even plants and or

even just flowers;

would be a reminder

of such

choice, objective; enaction.

theme: buds

theme music citation: icp – homies

tag[s]: art theory

Answer to: Why buy, work with, and-or be near that which is that.

currently near the public library; and on use for perfume makings

Part Next.

Mementos from Fifth Grade: The Boring Commercial is Made Non-Boring Through Mind Channels

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 51717

Tag[s]: the basics of thought and-or education; advertising knowledge; education uh for children

We Need to Just Interrup-the thorough to brief overview: called proofreading and editing of cited: The Witch Goura … [the next one]

Through the concept felt and heard through at least, no only through mind channels of


And-or cited: Budget

Image of a Budget Truck (cited)

Draw a graph: a graph here means only a sequence of names and or letters connected by lines that sort of make sense. Below, Imagine and-or fill in the lines.

Editing-proofing your own work stresses the importance of B.

Mind channels

Iterate things that are; are they B.

Where B is B. {Ease Hint: Where Be is budget}

Just a stroke of Luck. No Mind Channels.

Aside coincidences: cited: jumper by third eye blind; and that movie by the same name: jumper

Part Three.

cited, to be photographs for

cited: first page as described in detail below of cited: LOVE STORY by E. SEGAL
cited: tron by ic [b.ideal and thematic building]
cited: al-sh i som by sjh for same purpose as the last most recent past photograph
art framework: books to cue consider

to do: on 5.17.17

next in cited: Love Story

diagram what happens

in the story

at the mention

of “salt” and-or “salt-like”

to further edify on its

in this fiction at-least:


|| power ||

5.17.17 continued.

source, text : Love Story by ERICH SEGAL

cited page 2:

“eye the cheese” <— mention of

where the cheese as

suggested already

is salt-like.

what happens in story connected to salt



further choice derivation consent




consent to salt

cited p.3 as

suggested already

mention of “coffee” is salt-like




further choice derivation

consent to salt





entry of the other


Looking ahead

since I’ve read this

text; more exactly in

the past circa college;

college extended.


Can salt have created

the experience that is

the beginning line and-or

the end of the book : as

quoted earlier;

cited p.1

“What can you say about

a twenty-five-year-old girl

who died?”


extending this citation in to

also the cited: The Death

Project; for The FVP:

cited brainstormers et al

this first page as indexed;

available in format in this

print of the source,

text ending in

“of” on

the cited p.1.


as an aside:

might be used as

a-eulogy for another

non-fictional being in

funeral and-or such death

context : how would you

modify this first

page; such :

[see photograph]

[of original]





cited p.1


“died” from

the first line

to turn it more …

achievement; and even

hope based ; then-tha


“What can you say

about a twenty-five-year-old

girl who … ?”

tag[s]: fiction analysis; life/existence non-freaky seance

To self-analyze with

this fiction application

in the context of

death and-or

in this case fictional death.

; as well as ; outside analyze …

I’m going to use myself:

as an example here

as demonstration

“What can you say about

a twenty-five-year-old

girl who … ”

of potential death;

everything that noted

had been accomplished

by the crux:

time of that

potential death in

this case: 25

{draw crux: 25}

and if you identify in

actual work derivation [as in work in your own gender derivation … hence, that meaning]

as something other than

girl; than-the/n of

course replace with

the right gender word.


continued … cited p.1

“What can you say about

a twenty-five-year-old

girl who … ?”

of course you might

know that again the end-result

is “died.”

and notice now the

significance of the

question mark

that it may signify

also something

other than

“died” and period.


this then is an accidental

proof on how-to


[earned][i.e. real]

[accomplishment] death.



cited p.1

“What can you say about

a twenty-five-year-old

girl who … ?”


[B.A. centric]

-got bladder cysts like

cancer despite a life-style

of severely healthy habits

& practices

-did too much volunteer


-transferred to a prestigious

university; and graduated from it.

-landed every dream in college jobs.

-grew up in the ghetto

-attended university for primarily

merit-based free college welfare cost

-changed majors nearly four times.

-had mostly male friends and colleagues at

roughly the pattern of that age-time.

-eat pre-pared food of the health-gourmet

variety extensively. [during that same pattern.]

-attended college near-to the environment

she grew up in; was from, primarily.

-landed her dream career shortly after college.

-went on many, many interviews.

-met many, many people.

-read too many books.

-believed she was nearly enlightened

through her b.a. coursework; and this is

only sort of a joke.

-rarely ever had financial problems despite

growing up dirt poor.

-had a series of serious boyfriends that had

almost nothing in actual common with her;

and her actual colleagues and-or friends.

-never ever committed crime.

-didn’t always want to publicly share

her volunteer career endeavors; and

considered even a non-publicized

resume; public.

-hadn’t finalized graduate school plans;

but got all the A’s she planned;

something like 6/8 in general major.

[but you have to factor physical sickness: severe in the missing two.]


Eulogy using as an example continued:

cited p. 1

“That she was beautiful. And brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Back. (And not the Beatles.)(And not me unless I’m a real/was a real brother to her.) Once, when she specifically lumped me with those musical types, I asked her what the order was, and she replied, smiling, (not “Alphabetical.”)

Them First. [as an aside look-up today’s posted fiction for a good pun.][ connected good puns-art.]

… “At the time I smiled too. But now I sit and wonder whether she was listing me by

my first name–in which case I would trail Mozart? (in accomplishment alive since I am as the speaker of the eulogy still alive) …”

theme: alive speakers

theme video citation: (I think it’s) the shins simple song? [l.u.]

“– or by my last name, in which case I

would edge in there between (the alive?

accomplishments and successes of) Bach and

the Beatles. (And of course I mean all conceptions

applicable of beetles.) Either way I don’t come first, which

for some stupid reason bothers hell out (—-) (her death came first) … ”

back to main posting …

tag[s]: computer science abstracts & basics & library science

cited p. 3

upon entry of other

through consent of salt and

the enactment of slat, no salt

where as suggested earlier through

poise [cited: poise]  no postings that

“coffee” may be something

like salt [reminder: indexer motif]

and especially as compared

against most other so far scanned

in mind word[letters] in meaning;

hence words. [in the used source text of course.]

the main narrator is hit with

perhaps another; magical and-or

shamanic aspect of salt; the

entry-way into-a needed accessible

book; and study of this book for

an upcoming exam; and than-the/n even

Perhaps the support of the performance

on the upcoming exam.

{Draw salt as an obvious as in seen, scene; entryway

to something like a book; example

cliche and obvious;

salt sprinkles ; and-or

salt motifs in front of

a door-way}

The enactment of salt of course;

is: the following haven take place


cited p.3

“Let me explain why I took

her for coffee.”



Part Four; not quite but as another aside:

to seize fiction and to

introduce into it while

it’s in your mind;

real, reel, life

see gum wrapper

can also be


this is a theme


each cited: m & m

a door-way

or like it to

box: activity ; and

the used gum[even more]

title + salt

cue considerations

in cover knowledge










The lack-luster commentary on the posted reading notes; from

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The lack-luster commentary on the posted reading notes; from

posting part of ; as posted on 42517 on this blog.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


tag[s]: for the Death project too

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed up: 51217


Sure there is support for the conceptual-belief

that once “in-the-ground” ;

you no longer exist;

but if you are a supporter

of existing such as

in death; and-or if

you really like ghost

stories; well, then

death, after death

is still existing; and what

then is no existing?

such as [ex-eter]



ex -is[ting]


ex – is [a habit; a call; a bell?] —-> a qualifier of what used to be … [each be qualified]->

as it has become no longer [is])

like a code;

as in basic

computer science;

but to answer question

perhaps counted


times and

there will be

a clearer

picture of

existing …


no longer [qualified as in counted goners]

almost seems to

undo what means existing

where in population notion

existing means

for example

not being

a goner!


but in qualified

i.e. analyzed

version : existing


counted, recorded



so contrary to popular didactic

no longer existing

means the opposite

where [no][longer] are stables

of what popularity

herd. tells you.



but if you wanted to vary

[no] to know

then / than

know longer =>



knowing longer -> long – er -> direction long

[each qualified



knowing each

goner likely

longer than you

should which contrives

away from the

respect of






as a


death is

hardly ever




famed and-

or attempted

at famed.

[[ The Fame of Death in Respect! ]]



Trauma Model: Pearls are like Death Salvagers

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The Death Project for The FVP

dates 5317-5417

source, cited: VOGUE THE EDITOR’S EYE

cited: from this text as photographed
cited: from the text photographed as identified above ; you-and or one can see the pearls to the left at least in this photograph of the photographs in print
cited: from the text photographed as identified above


strategy: basic needs not

met = death such as non-legal homicide

when in truth there is enough for

all deserving. Examples o. b. needs: health care; consumptive food; basic temperated shoes, clothes, luggage + storage ; safety in rest spots; work space and advanced enough work tools …

the photographed set from

text; is hard to see but the

slight movement in posture  [not enough movement to sustain life or something?]

seems to imply death;

and to save life, live

scene reminder; first cognition; with out text reading

in letters: and-or to salvage death; the scene shots dire in life and-or expression

by corner cue; lack of; the only thing that gleams

besides the face of

photographed are the

pearls; can’t hardly

be seen;

theme: seen

them\e movie citation [again]: Can’t Buy Me Love

and so even with the

brooch; for surely even in

Death; you can’t erase face;

you remove the pearls some-time

after wear: and you:

save life

and-or : its equivalent for the

deserving dead. A thing

of magic, I suppose is

the pearl[s]. Where/ wear

would you place them next; in a museum.

The sport of slight movement shift. [end post here.]

tag[s]: mort. explainers.



I just saw. [Products, citations, and ads.] & the existence thing in reading.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


I. I just saw.

Prior to the next set of reading notes; which are for sure upcoming;

I wanted to share an interruption I experienced while in a conversation; while right after it;

concerning safe groups and civilian patrols. It was so juxtaposing and dangerous; I attempted to end the interruption; but instead it kept interrupting me; and not quite going;

cited: past commercials/ads of the/for the energizer bunny;

I turned on music; and found the answer to my query: which really all people especially those resting on the street; if even not quite in direct view; and-or in direct view: should have on them; well, those that qualify for things of such nature and-or their akin nature: [things:]

safe groups and civilian “safety” patrols. [Who is assessing meeting qualifications for such things.]

The advent of the cited: rape whistle is an absolute necessity; but and we wouldn’t want it to fall into the wrong use; hands. Currently the only rape whistle I have is my voice. Fortunately, as this commercial or this movie’s ads demonstrate at least one of them: the rape whistle [cited:] joking manner or not in commercial; is here in advent, already. May we be freed? theme: freed theme music citation: hans zimmer now we are freeUnfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the movie? But of course this part of this posting is of course about the thinker; the thought conception of rape whistle {cited:} mostly; anyway; here’s another brief ad-logo type commercial on cited: rape whistles.

cited: CWF Rape Whistle on youtube dot com as accessed on 42517

here’s the current link:

II. The Shelter Conception Re-non Modified.

My favorite perfume, a one-of; has been predicting itself upon my psyche as the next The Witch Goura; comes up to publication; fingers crossed in safety.

has perhaps not a new look but a new door-grabber; as the door on it; is even more pronounced on the what I saw yesterday; it’s a reminder of security of course; but also the art piece of doors; for surely as all actual construction workers must know! a door is a frame; such in computer science languages; and such as in frame that picture. Can you frame that scent better; rather than; it’s one of my favorites. Well then there’s one use of copy:

[Copy for fire safety, especially; a rendition almost of traditional perfume commercials of the ’90s especially.]

It reminds me of real grandmas, real mothers, real women, and even men. It reminds me of boys on darts of daisies like are in so many perfume commercials it reminds me of being near animals; and I guess then it doesn’t remind me of the Sky. Something I think often about. Do you look at the Sky if you can when you enter the frame: door; [inside; through windows; and outside; well through outside views.]

It doesn’t remind me of young women exactly unless they are mothers; and-or girls; which is around when both times; when this was my used favorite scent. How applicable.

and of course on the actual bottle shown here; the door path packs; are like bricks a pointing for me in the next witch goura, again.

but the so obvious: perhaps: I guess: fire -> bricks

and where is perfume to fire – -> bricks is something to consider. I suppose.


and [the, an] outdoors homeless advantage: no door, no fire? contrary to movie representations of homelessness outside; in esp. I think the ’80s.

III. Reading Notes continued:


page 17 from cited: source text; “S -T” by “Zadie Smith”

“29 Exeter Road”

“a whole house”

’29” is obviously an “a” or even that, this, the

“house” is “Road”   —> how:

u: hose or:ad



u => or? [how?]

but in cliché art: the hose as   -> where cliche in this notion means cultural

in p. hose [panty hose]

has almost long

been [date this?  more common: ’50s?


use and-or art

invention of culture

when it was


the gauge of common-ality; certainly

reaches if – ever in: past the ’50s to

the ’80s or whenever that movie:

cited: Pretty Woman was big;

in any case … ; has almost long been

ad; in/of ad[s] & even



ad => hose  {check}

U —-> or [how?]

[h] aside : u sounds a-lot

like ow

[and that’s a mistake]!

so u ——–> or

u is or when there is

an actual other close-to u in [worth, value? etc.]

so u is or i.e. u = or

only on case of

exception; unless you

are less than exceptional;

and in that case:

u = more often;


in case of u = < exceptional u = or [more often] or   in a simulated evolved ethically? perhaps society u = or even when u is exceptional because the other is of akin worth to you; but in general and when lucky; in past societies  : u = or | \/ only equals on ex-ception   so the original analysis is highly important because when evaluating ” … u” to “…or” ; you may not correctly understand that in an unexceptional [on average occur-rence] society; u does not equal or & perhaps then; not every incidence of systemized form-identity is even 1st deserving ; rather put: earning of the title: u and better maybe put? you!

“29 Exeter Road” “a whole house” whole ->Exeter [?]

w’hole -> Ex – eter



I’m not fluent

in french

but I think

eter is something

belonging to it must

be obvious : be / existence


w’hole -> Ex – [some form of be/existence]

Ex now perhaps equals w’

and hole now equals some form existence of be / =>

=> how?

if you go back to the original; because

w’ -> can imply many things,



w’hole implies perhaps

with hole; which

implies perhaps knowledge

of non-missing which

implies perhaps brought to cognition of

a hole [being with a hole] in for example

a sweater; your psyche? ; or even your

body; this might imply that the meanings

of whole and hole were differentiated prior to

being such worded [lettered]but who knows?

tag[s]: rudimentary knowledge thinkers.

so with original

w’ implying

here with contextual

externalization : with

with hole => Ex      sum [no some]              form of be -ing/existence



so? whenever you are

cognized to know you are with

hole you have the experience

of ex[used to be?] [as in

no longer][is] [existing]


\ /

that sounds even past death;  cited: for The Death Project

to what would be the right

term for no longer existing? [t.b.c.]


death id for the fvp; an art diagram

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death id for the fvp; an art diagram : The House, Undone
by Goura Fotadar
[edr.posted the part completed so far on 32317]
in memoriam of vicente
theme: will I get back to it. [an ideology of life; translated to living [of death] [or death of living]]
tags: the modern art frameworks of thanatology
secondary tags: the modern art frameworks of thanatology while homeless-outside version for spiritual-social cause
tertiary tags: the purpose of real investigation in justification …
binary tags: eugenics games of art idealism
tertiary tags’ theme: non-criminality
theme music citation: britney spears criminal
[front house hanger signa] warning: please be forewarned that this posting includes a familiarity and comfort with
the deceased; and-or death, that may  be unsettling for some consumers; be aware of this warning as you consume this posting.]
[more specific id design; non-updated at-this time: in our modern day: a virtual screen
upon the face, of the deceased including images; that flashes with this information; and recollects in flash as needed to the purveyor]
[id design, them-the deceased for: virtual flash museums of the deceased
faces, physical form; including voice-conversation replays, if possible: memory re-plays
and-or estimated accurate recollections,basic and essential and important identifying facts of the deceased ]
tags: art diagrams for the death project, the death project art
theme: death is so … []
theme music citation: britney spears lucky
theme art piece [further design]: a unisex choker so re-re [times, dates, years]
1. purpose: primarily to protect the identity of the deceased; to protect the identities of those
correlated with the deceased; whether alive or dead; secondarily; to commemorate the deceased, those that were living in a way of value to those serving the commemoration[s].
2. Recollections actual of basic-ish necessity of now deceased identities.

a)name in your most recent life in this world:

b) names of yours, you know for sure: in your past lives [lives preceding and not necessarily in date but in serve consequence since your last deceased life; i.e. most recent deceased in completion life.]
c) Circumstance of deaths, as recalled: beginning with most recent, to least recent [of this world] as can be as accurately recalled.
theme: example did you go missing?
theme music citation: Britney Spears If You Seek Amy
d) [The Eating Room] So puke: but hopes and dreams that were left un-completed at your, death[s]; i.e. from the memories of the deceased.
e) [The Dining Table, for tea only] Eugenics theories, if they exist; that might exist and in connection to the deceaseds’ memories and memory buildings.
art notes: what is memory building / building memories.
[In back  to forward order]
theme: identies of the deceased, and so …
theme music citation: eminem my name is