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Seeing Death

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project






by goura fotadar

date typed up: 61917


date: 06.17.17

Source text, cited: “Brittany Gibbons AKA Brittany Herself FAT GIRL WALKING SEX, FOOD, LOVE, and Being Comfortable in Your Skin …


  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

 cited P. 49



in specific context ; biological

sounds like


where the

u in US

is almost silent

of course here: VA

or VA as in


so V. A. as in I

think Veteran[s] Affairs

& or VA as in



Veteran[s] Affairs & or

Virginia : GENE-US?

mean … ?



from cited p. 58 ” He

probably wants me to dress

up for when he asks

me to Homecoming “

& …

in reverse order from that

page: ” … he promised [where’s me, and-or to me]

he doesn’t even like Emily,

his mom wanted him to

date her, but he totally

isn’t going to. “

Now that we equivocally

know that the myth

in most cases of a person’s

“mom” “wan[ting]” “to date”

somebody is likely untrue;

In my jaded view

of the relevant current

world few to almost

none in “mom[s]” “want …”

something as even

a well-wish and

only to fall on the

guise of poor-matching

due to something like

confusion. What do they want

instead from you or who

you were something

like dating; and

what have you and-or

they consented,



But you didn’t


tag[s]: research reading to criminology

As an aside:

What does it mean

when somebody; people;

have your old stuff;

that you never gave

away as charity;

and-or to charity. IMG_20170619_141324[1]


cited p. 70;

What happens when

you describe a circumstance

of yourself; and-or your

personal history; and

insert pictures of other

people in their circum

stances and-or personal

histories, instead. [Like without telling them; especially.] Or

describe the such

or another as your own;

or describe the

such of another

as theirs but with deceit

in it.

date: 61817

Seeing Death:

can one keep one, more

safe; if one can sea

one’s death; such as a

reliable psychic vision [?];

so instead of the usual

1-to-1 ; instead the:

1-1 without a to

implying inclusive seclusion

of another.

…. from source, text

at cited: 71

” My brother joined the

air force in college, ” he’d tell me.

“Now he lives on base in Colorado

Springs in a free house with his


“That sounds perfect,” I’d

answer, not really sure if

this vision included me or


but … “this vision”

may not be

his “vision”

or akin enough

to “his vision”

When you Sea Death:

whose r you

c, seaing?



Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP

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dates: 6.5.17 – 61317

tag[s]: fiction excerpts from novels of the future in excerpt here; the death project; the news, and civil rights; literary analysis, culture discussions

Part One. Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP


by goura fotadar

I was thinking about;

as in all of but not just;

my fiction; the bar of the

draw cardes, post; and

the arrangements ; the cost of;

minimal would idol go-to in

times of low-coste; think of so’s

brand pandles; eating even more

food; and how flowers don’t. I’d

been vaiting for it for grandiose bibes;

and treats of mides; and blows of

shadow. Once at least; I’d seen it;

at a stage-front that was non-hoax;

and the ox was at the stage with

green stellas. She was a different way

when; dimples on the tilt; the image

of the inside the fixing of precedence;

and the bakes of no! pale. We were

non-bites; and finally I knew it was

a he; about his wife that he didn’t

like; Boy! was she gone.

Part Two. Non-“purplement” or something


In a review of liquor and

flowers; I had started reading “Lotus


cited: L … magazine
I wanted to discuss at this


point; I’ve just now received the “Issue No. 1 -2016”

the poem on page “9”

cited: the poem on page 9 from cited: L … magazine


aside 0: personal notes of real crime analysis and reports received and albeit civilian status
starts and finishes without severe

reading glance; at that vocation.

“bitchin’ ” is not the main narrator, male, i.e., male-identified?

others that are


at some others

“have”  “kitchen … [s]”

not both? see the “yellow


as the “window” ‘s

entire being ; and you

have a baker , … , a pastry lover …

on “dizgotic” I hardly                           | date: 61117

know what dizgote means

w/out a dictionary and a summative

analysis of it, the word; but I wonder

if she were pregnant; and obvious, I don’t

mean the narrator; as described but I’ve

read-glanced ahead: and you have to wonder:

“Snappy” it’s only to say the reference the

obvious that you can as one likely knows

analyze in parses or in parsing as in code;

cited: coding courses in community college;

something you haven’t read entirely through, yet;

as an entry into reading it : sort of like

the fine printed way to understand the over-all

enough-needed function of a vortex.

tag[s]: non-function structures; on-them.

as an aside;

the death project, more source texts as identified

from “ch. 2 of funeral homes”

p. 11

of “My final Wishes” by Bradley H. Davis

is a title so much “Li Qing Zhao’s Kitchen” p. 9 of “Lotus Magazine”

prom: of p.11

“Upon death, the first thing that has to be done is to choose a funeral director. ”

under: “Funeral Homes” “2.”

theme: prejudice

is like unjust homicide


Miss Ms. Goura Fotadar

wishes to acknowledge the

receipt of your

request of a ban of

her from the Menlo Park Public Library (only) [sited, cited:]

on Alma Street from

today June 12, 2017 to two days after her 36th birthday June 14, 2017.

She appreciates the repeated blandishment

of her identity, gender, race, sanity, non-criminal, etc. statusi and work


by most patrons and volunteer-employees of this

and such practicing libraries. She considers

this extreme harassment

under her social cause

of safety through homelessness

and non-cash paid work; to further support this cause.

She requests that such

harassers not be

reciprocated for any

of her works and

identity; and she petitions

for the firing of all

pertaining library employees;

and volunteers.

She notes that out-spoken

un-defended prejudice

and gossip in this

country is illegal; and

that; likely despite

being at a knowledge

stream such person(s)

are unable to comprehend

the civic nobilite ;

that though you do

not like her; this

is certain; not her


dedicated to the service

      of J. J. L/F

citing p. 344

of  The

Amy Vanderbilt

Complete Book

of Etiquette

by Nancy


and Nancy



a fallen rose bottle [not done]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


tag[s]: The Death Project , The Death Project art, flower stuff, art applications to … v., v. enactment, and v. c.

dates: 6917 – 6817

by goura fotadar

for safety;

today instead of

creating rose water; something

so love-ly but coveted wrongly;

just, a fallen rose bottle;

the fallen of course is

the roses found in this

record; and the bottle

is an empty bottle whose contentx [s]

were drunk. As usual pilfer the

rose petals -> and leaves, too [and whatever [of flower, ?] else, also.] [too, also.]

and place in bottle.

the in teresting thig-n is

that the bottle was not

washed out past the

drink and of course

being a soda bottle   which is

something like

baking soda [?][.] the pleasant

o-d-or [the baking soda or soda [remnant smell] covers up the pleasant o-dor, to create a more subtle potpourri type scent?]

theme: gum stuck to injuries

chewed obvious, provides

remedies? to foil

and rubberband or

to cover

another way?

think about the thorns; as

the [flower: rose,] sticks come free in

the pilfering of petals; will they,

if kept long enough; break through

the thickness, texture of the

bottle [if it’s not added to, in exterior facade?] … in the stem: is urgency?

how. as it’s placed in the temporary?

center of bottle it’s nearly impossible

to place any additional petals

and other flower parts in;

see photograph; the pull to

continue placement of flower parts requires


a rapid snap-shot; of the

placed stem; and until likely it

may eventually move out of the

way. In an interesting

correlation the bottom

of the bottle is

as other [x … y … other

unknown types]

might have noticed; shaped

like a bud and-or flower

catastrophe ; and here catas-

trophe just means form.

as you’re restoring your

energy {I mean I’m tired then; when this physical part is being worked on] to take the photograph

place the fallen flower

specimens that you don’t

plan to place in the bottle

down your shirt or rub into

your arms; such as a perfume


On observation this set

of roses at least; is so visibly

seen as a scene spider web inside

bottle. [goth, morbid art? in this phase at least; phase art: what do you se-a]

hint: to make your gum flower

last longer … stick arose

petal in the chew.

death project, art notes [the chime]; the flowers as might or not have been alreade mentiona [theme: ready machines, machinings, theme music citation: jason derulo whatcha’ say] were found! fallen and so something like dead; the bottle is a death specimen in the obvious that it’s not alive; and together they are a unified death art; as opposed to flowers that might have been something like … still attached in a greenhouse or something. notice, the conceptional look of this soda bottle and its closeness to the, a cliché vision or sight of a greenhouse; on an expansive view or on an expanding view … how you might envision in thought a greenhouse if they, it as a concept still exist[s] and when they did when viewing this bottle in the process if it doesn’t reach further art cover up; a metaphor for make-up as art also; this part: the obvious as is commonly used on a gone celebration, recent; and in lingo “the fallen” refers to the specified deceased but essentially all such. The rose then and any flower; is perhaps a past, passed [here: both apply] death sentiment as often seen, scene in such death-like faces; the hope of what else might be achieved passed the death; the existence of flower; in metaphysical interpretations of this here: l’arte.










filled with notes; pardon? the confusion

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
tag[s]: d.v., fashion copy, the death project,
part two posting for the fvp
cited: tradesy dot com mailer[s]

theme: she

theme music citation: how’s it going to be third eye blind

cited: link ,

copy, surplus: you can see her move; and can you move with her; or must you carry her around like she’s stasis.

I find the wallet like “pock …” it particularly stylish in  style ; uhm styl … styl … why; it’s pointe like ; it says “inter …” but I can only see this part of the bag, “pocket” as an attached wallet external. Pardon? the confusion [t i t l e]

and I don’t care what they say or whatever those lyrics are from whatever that song is; how could it not work for more n’ one gende. Sounds like a question’s statement on language translation and its communicative effect.

look at s-cond picture imageto see what I mean about wall, et. [Draw a wall, et]



back to part one of the fvp posting;
as effective and affective the color and label even inside
of this gum packet is
see picture hopefully
depending on filtration level;s and that’s a bit joke
what if it was in addition the traditional color black
and inside it said: to capture death in non-stasis way [what?]
“we’re looking for existence’s little moments”
to turn it it additionally almost criminological art in addition to food-life art:
“we’re looking for death’s little moments”

cited: extra

cited: extra [2][or 1]
cited: extra [2][or 3]

part three for this posting :


tag[s]: homeless art.

filled with notes on 6717


dedicated to m.h.

thematic trash & accompaniment l’arte

tag[s]: food art, too.

filled with gum wads; gum case papers;

food bar wrappers; no longer

necessary; fallen flower petals;

and still internally saturated

in the oil-pesto of the food; it’s a

brief d.v. piece; why because the

obvious what might be otherwise

considered non-artistic waste, musical notes, too,

and be the usual poetic overlooked;

has turned to another trash unison

for the artist – , [or ; ] [which one]each foil

and trash

remnant a

temporary together ness

singing individually as  [oh, divide like a bridge; under imagery ][well marriage is like death; so maybe that’s how]


do each inflicted trauma-

injury ; and together as

a person and-or persons ;

the temporariness assuaging

each slightly prior to it being

too much to complete every.

the outside covere in marker, and added to with ingredients: lotion, and plain lotion

tape floss; and gum wrapping.





It smells well;

good; quite unlike the

cultural full trash sentiment

Infinite Death

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 53017

side notes of non-fiction

on page cited: 65

of primary source text; as identified in fiction today


as number one: The Supermodel and the Brillo Box by Don Thompson

tag[s]: for basic educational purposes, research, journalism pseudonyms, memorials, the death project, briefs in rapid, book’s indexing, books indexi


The 2nd to last completed paragraph on this page describes a

purchase[s] on “average … of 800 works … ”     [“(per) day”]

based on typos while handwriting see photograph:


-> art modality scratch out

first bracket + comma

also called racket :

the combination

[basic art technique : primary is?]


from source, text [1]

and within

it from

” Mugrabi, Saatchi,

Sandretto, and

The Vogels”


Two lines down on / in the same paragraph:

” ” more art … in than most bricks-and-mortar galleries ” ”

& switch to economics by the essay’s subjugation in book, text:

perhaps the didactic of “most” pertains the suggestion

that rather than in competition

with one, another : the “bricks-and-mortar galleries”

are themselves in existence

countable i.e. numbered “works” of art.

of – made by [somebody, somebodies]

and the convention of of death: jokes in

(italics) (different source) popularity:

[Your days are numbered]

only exist in the séance of real Death when there

are no infinities, infinites : infinity[one] … infinity[infinity]

cited theme vehicle: infiniti


part two. images in chrono; how to edit in summers


theme: memorial day visas at the recession[s]

tag[s]: museum creations from museum like visits of grating significance, the death project, and the death project art, on the rapid off quick, and editing diagrams you hadn’t guessed

cited; the funeral home, that


font face


segments of face pace


how to recall glyph


That worn skirt at the function of death? how …


accessory provided self-burial composed package look for research notes later?


the fiction purposed piano and pottery; flag[s] in editing theme comprehension


no disrespect; what is dis, respect actually. Nice hone front.

|_| but the other way


between the eye blinks; I blanks, I need some seated bench = rest; at a cemetery = seated artistic rest


all the indexes and stacks is-r so much like the phoneme letters



I dream about being crumpled up this way; it’s gotta be the grotto of rest.

and everyone / body knows that bodies know ones know that grottos are like typeface for another ghetto[s]?


near this I played the fictional music. in fiction blog.


no doubt the flowers point, there are dangerous people now nearby. Bye. It’s not attached [like it should be  ?]  . Like the hope of death itself. or my hope [of death itself unattached] .


They are alive and so real. They smell so good. Are letters dead and so unreal? how about letters together like words. Are those not alive and so dead; oh sorry I mean so unreal. are words unreal?


the musical instruments appear; as inscription[s]; and now they are alive? or dead in sound.



the zoo-t of traditional art



that’s a long life to the the to the to the left top or am I adding wrong. Or how to compose words sentences and the such    in affect


the cemetery’s fallen flowers look closely to catch errors [in-by not seeing them] it smells good



after the visit and ornate; I found these trashed; how app, prop where would you swing the trash, that trash.IMG_20170529_124938

ooh you saw the scratch of yester’s notes ; notes from the date of the photo[z] exhibition










Remember to re,new book,s

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: death project art

theme: emblematic re-occurrences

theme music citation: Stand By Me Ben E King

death art: from public visitis to sites;

imagine in convention: to have somebody’s name, who is deceased in a color that;

marked on the urn; that would be the destruction of this art? or would that be art.

or ownership art

the theory of non-possessions memento art


frameworks too of reality seen change; or reality interaction




date, typed up: 52217

cited, source text: Henry James The Turn of the Screw & In the Cage

image of back of source, cited
image of front of source, cited
image of front[d] of source, cited

date, composed: 52017

What I know for sure about;

of what I’ve read of

James; he has

made your vocab.



Remember to renew books.


from the back:

fear perhaps ?

“afraid” & “ghosts”

is this an almost near

pre-cursor of that

movie (citation): The Others N. Kidman


cited p.138;


scan to through by

flipping to 4 or five locations;

finding a passage that has current

relevance ; like a psychic index

theory; other notes: to consider;

theme cited: brainstormers et al

fire is like five



since I’m currently examining the front

of cited “love story” I decided

to look past the front

and the reflection

back as a standing

pointe; theme: how to move;

and came across a passage

on this page; that has high

current relevance to issues of

s.c. [social cause]


cited: p.138





[but first just by a stroke of luck; the book was left

here where

I would sit.]

The passage:



“every opportunity”

“inspect … documents”

“… documents”   a way to “… see every one at … ”

house: “every opportunity … ”

so? have a ” … flock” and will not be ” … disappointed.”

a quandry

to “… disappointed …”

tag[s]: art’s fiction theology


image from passage from cited: source text as identified
image from cited: source text





On those things title: called nuptials, continued … and the art object objectifies itself in start next face

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and the art object objectifies itself in start next face




for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, further: 52117

as a love story training

model; it seems according

to this statement:

no, “makes claim to showing where it’s at.”

a claim [perhaps demonstrates]

exactly what stage;

what tier reality ;

in the context

of love story.

[the duo or so is

placed, located, even


” … no claim … ” cannot then as

says copy due] that ; and in

the context of love story.

does “no claim”

mean no “love story”

the book would then

be proposal of the

opposite ; and of

course to no , knowers


of the book;

an ended

“love story” w/out

a death translation;

is still in existing

a love story

just not a love

story ; for I suppose

theme: what is about copy? [it]

cited: The Death Project, too

ever. So if you wanted such;

you might re-translate the death;

which earlier one exercise

is provided for; at least


but in purpose of claim

in truth of definition

does what it keeps going;

used to be stopped;


and can now go on


if only re-translated.


claim —-> demonstrates

stage, reality, level

| ____________|

of it.

In order to stop claim

you must dissolve


But if it is re-translated

past dissolution; claim can continue

its demonstration.

or something


In freakier and likely recycled

citations: The Movie, It. The Movie It. [s] [The Movies with this motif.]

will “It” keep going ;

through claim of

identity ; and

re-translation of

crime circa

legal crime.

and I almost forgot; the photograph from the source, cited text: of yesterday’s posting:

source, cited text: LOVE STORY BY E>S>

source, cited: from the book photograph


tag[s]: copywrites; and definitions


Her / His name is Fashionista / minus a/ Wing Mourned.



more art notes, continued


soaped up paper towels

with another

rest spots

leaves dried

+ more

work notes, posted, torn up



see work station photographed

+ stuffed with a peppermint tea bag

cited: rum’s theory on cited: amazon kindle


start layering

the soap towels

around the

bottle as

in papeur mache


then place any



of stuff

on top of the


see photograph

[from homeless pocket; dried pieces]


i think this is a repeat photograph from above I mean below; or maybe not;

notice the bright blue

hue at base

from toothpaste

land theme, motif

from top to


[from former art notes; as images posted of yesterday? cited: rum’s theory


take a piece

of cleanish

plastic wrap


wrap inside with toothpaste

-> tie with d. floss.

label the


with something


and keep going ->

tape + what will happen next? …

theme: Budget Wait!? a woman’s why woman cinch waste? [see yesterday’s image as posted] the new cited: budge truch, budget truck



cited: the death project, too; & the death project art



at current stage

she’s my dead


in the grave/

tomb of

“budget wait ?”


[see photograph]

but on gender; could

he be my

dead bride,



next I must

slather my





instead of

ghee to the


like in a

cited: hindu


[theme: temples forth]



put first

swab with

your fingers

especially which

areas curve like a fashion’s

clothing coif [spe?]

the t-paste ; then wipe off

the hands on dry paper towels

and rub top towel with

lotion ; to create

a carrying




[see stage photographs]

tag[s]: object art theory

then fold the drying / dry

base over ;

expecting it

to curdle rough;

and might even

fall off;

Swad the bottom + object connected into

a circular


movement until

somebody at the public library

stares at you in-appropriately

to capture death; or until

you’re done with this motion;

capturing most of the

moisture fallen down




[temporarily it was placed on skates see above picture]

from the layers of soapy

p. towels back into the

object; and letting the

rest dry; notice the

object wing as it dries;

in this thing’s case; and

in the homeless life plan

to carry it in its further

production in a bag; and

sea; what happens.

[bag]s: art charity