The Death Project

A continuation of certain art notes; not yet posted, huh? Meditation imagination (art) àhow to cope with loss

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A continuation of certain art notes; not yet posted, huh?

 Meditation imagination (art) àhow to cope with loss

The Death Project in the/ for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 9218

original date, approximately: 2.17.17

tag[s]: rape attempts, ordering lists, approximated date changes, art notes, the spirit work at the fictional volunTier project, The Death Project, counseling, publications

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theme: sprinkled chocolate crumbs wipe off paper like chalk on a bored?

  • Fold the foil the two lifted folds down
  • Create a rotating jigsaw [of folds]
  • Open up the tissue
  • Drape over the foil
  • To catch/change greed: imagine that the foil inside is something actually valuable
  • Imagine the scent of the rag/tissue is even more accentuated something you can’t want to [leave] [of folds]
  • Trash the “secured” art piece.
  • [non-offensive] [stupid’s note: as in put in a trash-can]


Part Two. Accidentally left-off from some publication; so not in it, yep; I think so.


The House Shelves


back to this specific temporary art’s piece [the cymbal of d.] you might strengthen it with like nail polish but in this case I’m probably going to let it crumple dry in

for example: convenience of nail polish in the h-less life à in one of the pockets of my bag[s].

photo notes [which photo?]: in the model vase; the petal looks like a striped duck. cited: TAZO tea bottle

for The Death Project

Turn it again and you see a vase [at least] where cut and not fallen it all could have been [others like it!] stored; ‘scuse me held for a while. Art translation[basic]: you could envision slice-ly easily the vase sealed; the flower segments waxed with some substance even make-up and-or nail polish and that would be complete enough.


Temporary Death Art

aside: Cymbals of Death

It noises! A different more cymbal-istic

Noise-sound [in mean! –ing] upon the scrape of letters

The petal is an instruments from public fallen! Flower to torn for lettering

Art cymbal; an of course: symbol

theme: what happens basic re-nunciated inquiry to them when they [flowers in petals & stems & not so much seedings] die

theme lest: the flower[s] still; works as … [open-to-interpretation]

among the h-less knife.

Turn it and you sea a cliff dress cited: the witch goura series on cited: amazon kindle


The Star Glab: Is this fiction

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The Death Project for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

on 82717

theme: scuse, if there are typos the public computer flares orange in its time zone.

Theme music citation: glass animals, black mambo

tag[s]: while you’re short on public computer time because all those “pregnant” bitches need to pretend that they are also in the cited: C.I.A. attitude and that’s why they have that attitude; uh?, fiction building, fashion for deployment activity, recognition of cues; how to get everything across in lingo: communication of combat [no, this is not a conversation, you can have one after comprehension], religion, cited: The Death Project, combat pop notes, political combat

I didn’t have the time to type up this cited: asics thing; and that’s not the pun of the wheel in how I mean cited: asics;

I’ve realized “the obvious” which is what that want; you is; is rather the festering of how you cannot perform in those things; are absolutely cited: tide. Tied to the deployment life; you might wonder that those in advanced militia life; disguised from all of society; until finally seen;

For example: under false arrest by false cops; called on you on repetition because why [only to have your highest militia title announced over-the-phone by them in your uh “arrest”]? Well you’re deployed in the circumstances of regular society, and compared to advanced militia their i.q. well just isn’t. For example, their conception of wealth is laugh-able. What I’m finding out and this almost sounds like it should go into the depth of an addition to cited: The Four Interviews; and what they obviously pronounce; is their belief that is for sure that you can’t afford you own house anymore because your work just doesn’t deserve to get paid in a form of wealth that housing accepts,

{Like they own housing spaces and spacing and space buildings  and spaces; who does? Well a good guess, would be uh, me. Their titles make me laugh. When you have a title it has to go on the side of Above Ownership [yup like fiction]; or else it doesn’t count; it’s a joke to laugh about. And as a hint: even actual thoughts make you uh wealth somewhere in the world and universe it appears. Blink Thought and your wealth is produced.}

As a result, they are convinced that you are a drug addict, a non-reforming criminal on the-run,

 dead ad: living dead?,

mentally ill, and inescapable-ly suicidal, and if not that un-functionally mentally retarded …

[and what if you actually are in one of these categories or more than one?]

How else might one have / be(come) homeless?

And how are the bills really getting paid. {they will say, they don’t the higher bills don’t get paid, the news says we’re always in debt. Uh, … How do you really understand what is being said in this place of Right Now: Injustice, }

Sometimes I want to laugh at their aptitude and a lot of times I know I can just call an execution and fire in; somewhere over the cited: rainbow. But they then start to hallucinate that they really are the cops and fire marshals, even donning uniforms and guns; ha ha, how would you know the difference between militia and what poses as militia, … ha ha and even recently their hallucinations have included that they are in the c.i.a. They even use my first name, and that’s funny.

Can you imagine who would be named such [first, last]. Outside of false royalty; what do we really get royaliz-ed as; if for example … you

[were born a cited: C.I.A. operandi/operative or its actual ilk wouldn’t you be the real form of royalty and not some bitch cheerleading at the high school next door ha ha traditional parental love they’re convinced that my dad didn’t love me because of this and I even have hoax parent names on my legal birth certificate that I carry around Of course me and the actual parent look almost exactly alike and he’s often in uniform ha ha ha theme: wah! Your dad didn’t love you that’s why you were a cited: C.I. A. operandi and now you’re dead [but I’m not] and so you deserve to be homeless; their aptitude if you can call it that asserts that this is why folks become homeless; they don’t actually understand unjust misery and also they don’t understand unjust persecution toward others they believe they created what happens ha ha sometimes that turns into a confession that we can persecute in an actual justice system not tainted by their pornographic dreams of non-welfare what they could do with all of that assistance ha ha ]

are and they are; are they actually as review on that many clouds above you;

and how come they are in the homeless population [cloud who].

Well? Have you spent many years persecuting the homeless, pretending to be homeless yourself [Duh: deployment as approved by? doesn’t count as that form of pretense]  and draining all [of] their resources; have you seen the lines in shelters; I mean it’s not as if the whole country is homeless; perhaps we should try that; and fire all “staff” that I haven’t myself hired {I’m still not that old yet; we could hope I reach 45 one day soon still a wee bit off}. We’ll see how you feel, when they tell you you have to do a job and for [as in referring to] the actual homeless [live a lifestyle] wear where [catch it] you can’t wear these:  [get it, can the homeless actual wear these; why not says basic fashion combat procreation/comprehension] {& how basic}



Art Project: Birthday Funeral Procession

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The Death Project in / for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 7.13.18

tag[s]: death art & trash art, and homeless/housing rights


on: 07.12.18

dedicated: to donater & donaters et al

The empty birthday tissue box sprayed with scenter; lined roughly with current relevant meeting material; theme: such as; meat. ; cited: respite meeting material [reminders]

While recovering from surgery; theme: looks a cup in art-form: photograph; at this point; anyhow; theme; such as gift-wrapping in practice. Hammocks carried covered in sleeping straw; sprayed with cited dry shampoo; correlating to difficulty with hair coiling to dreading while homeless on-the-street [hint help: recently chopped hair.] Notice the mist of d.s. Stuff in box. Cover with tissue as donated so box art can be still witnessed; a way to “bandage” [[wrap]] trauma. Use donated injury tape; for former injury connected to surgery recovery to secure roughly tissue box. Seat on plastic platform a sentiment to childhood militia [plastic] and more visible though covering of trauma. Spray with scent and lotion materials & litter with notecard torn. Cited: [that scene] from cited: love actually. Rub in roughly to create “quality”; after rip up & recording find a way to tie; and trash. The beginning of the cited: metta, urn [all pictures not included due to the f.b. and his/her “crew” harassing me on my property. [huh]]

To do some more of the urn part: saved paper towels & shaving cream [cited brand] after a major spraying of shaving cream; and a repeated rubbing; the 2nd; beginning of a modern [cited: metta] urn

[See card description]

cited: voicethread, slide 46








Aside: dealing with the nonsense; wish it were nonsense

The fat bitch on my property illegally under wayne stone’s false order; a side disturbance who won’t let any work get done; and confesses to posing as a police officer; i.e. is a fake police officer in at least/for sjpd.

Jeez; is Wayne Stone leader of the c.i.a. or is it? The more obvious, person; uh, me. Uh, since birth.


This is also a federal/domestic-international report on the following: g.c. , Trinidad/Mathew, ria-reah or however that enemy proponent spells name [also using name/initials y.t.], and the person posing as “c-y” in especially the homeless, lgbtiq, mental illness based on diagnosis only [false diagnosis included], and recovering drug addiction populations;  these named perpetrators are as severe perpetrators of unjust violence and such including false arrest/imprisonment to these populations,

This includes these people [yes, digitally changing and stealing others’ images] and posing as police officers and other militia members [i.e. they are fakes and a danger to …]  She also attempted to [what does this mean] digitally steal my phone charge[r], can you believe it.


Paint, friend/ Emotions for

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The Death Project in the/ for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 62918

[also in this form: fvppostingfor62918]

tag[s]: review for upcoming publications, the death project, meanings of funeral & intersections with homelessness

date: 6.27.18

Source, citation: The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning (by) Margareta Magnusson


cited p 1: so, if it is done sooner: can it be a celebration of your “leave” – ing sooner; also interestingly enough: this system ‘ “death” … “cleaning” ’

comes up frequently in the homeless life.

And is this the meaning of; funeral.


Art notes: for blog art 62718? [date approx.]

While in homeless respite; after surgery look at ingredients: he-hah! I’m on a bed.

With a tad of lotion


Some taddling [who?]

An “ “ interpretation

And more lotion smear.

More lotion? Images with smear


Dedicated to the protection

Of myself and the protection

Of all so, deserving

Don’t tell anyone,

But it’s a

Picture of my illness;

[physical illness]


And yes, another


Of …






Back to notes of

Main source citation:

cited: p.12

Perhaps then is

Another definition of funeral;

And to change its turn

To the better for one;

Or perhaps [to the better for] the


Perhaps only

Let those

“you like”

“take things”

As a procession-




Here in this/

From scanning

This book: [until this point]

We have a




Of an actual, and How to [have, keep, keep-sake, etc.]



cited p.19

This reminds me

Of placement in homeless

Shelters and how

Whenever someone leaves

And-or is forced to leave;

It’s such as this. (from source, citation: ‘ “death” … “cleaning” ’)

As a reminder:

Imagine a video of

The (cited) East Hartford Shelter [empty & cleaned];

[why not for example] I mean

Of course in the strange design space [but still full of beds and such]; then imagine a group enters to stag; I mean stage set-ups; then a second group enters [and these two groups are organized in (1) and (2) ] for actual attempt at shelter and the first group holds the second-group: captive, and hostage; coveting in demonstration every last increment of steal of bed; of the shelter space; something such as this, happened to me, … where the bodies emptied in the shelter are expected to empty out before housing ever uh, re-appears or appears for the first time [for them]; and then [the bodies are to?] never re-appear anywhere otherwise they will be falsely imprisoned and falsely charged; this, called by me the conception of Memento Funeral in body beings is never realized correctly by “staff”


Homelessness as apparently are funerals are applications of deep philosophical components of existential being; and pardon me?  … ; but a certain Buddha-like aptitude is required to discern

Uh, solutions as the applications in entropy practice translate malignancies in who is, entropy?




{the shelter solucion for the fvp} 12.16.16 as described further …

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[also in this form: the shelter solucion for the fvp]

[again: for] The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 62518


tag[s]: art diagrams, word diagrams, & shelter  , the death project




as of 12.16.16

a working [maybe: work sing] space somewhat [maybe: wombat] un-seen

already existed; the point to the stack of three backs [yes I mean actual books stacked in a frame structural/artistic model]

cited: UC Berkeley (main) stacks; where the conception of accurate shelter is certain in the aptitude of the structure.

Premise: {even when affordable} rest shelters just aren’t working out for the work-producing populous.

aside: don’t forget Open Sky roofs/ceilings [see lings]

cited: the death project

morbid expressions of being

aside: Jud, y Blu, me?

side-a-lign-ed  proof/ana-ly-sis: by (cited) JUDY BLUME


equate –ing the two aside, and this: july is a morbid t-o-year?

; where you get to see others (incorrectly) judge you, you-akin in your actual wear.

kind-of like a thematic set-up, for: appropriation of rest shelter;

significance: with whom

share; with

whom neighbor

with whom …

and how you identify derivations

of what is that whom; a-quite


The next, in the stack are the titles: (of the books by the author (cited:) )

cited: (titles;) ForeverSmart Women, In the Unlikely Event

quickly: “smart” {in all of its contrast: definitions}

women; it is “in the Unlikely Event,”

that you consent to “Forever …”

next; describe the {rest: appropriations} shelter solucion:

[right before the next court] [at night-time, … in the Park ] ]

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[right before the next court]


[at night-time, … in the Park ]     ]

for The Death Project/in/of The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 62218

tag[s]: the screams! of housing, while working on “purplement”, structure cognitions …

[also in this form: postingforfvpon62218]


The fun!? of homeless surgery, Basic announcement: Hello, folks; pardon the delay in publishings; I have been hospitalized due to un-relenting pain connected to a gigantic/ large ovarian mass/es in my body, physical for the last 7 or nearly eight years; it’s [it has] been exhausted and just had surgery; I am now in recovery, while uh homeless, … While recovering from surgery I will still aim to have at least some postings up per week; and my next publications out just a bit slower, … Anyhow; onto the post –ing: that was meant to be up already, …


Dates: 61018-61118

Like the moves, pushing cars on a button or vice-versa; actually; paying attention to *connection between the button pushing & the cue of the, what->you hear. I mean the car is an entropy body right? as it moves and that type of coordination. Even if un-spirited; on something as charging coordination: it is, alive; if only in segments.

[To answer why you can’t talk to them]

cited: Transformers?

(for the Death project, the whole thing)

From a house you can walk into death; and also the dead; how s*o? The house has a body: structure as your physical body: structure.

Unlike your physical —body structure; however the relative size [relative




|—[Housing is bigger than[t] you; [why do you have housing issues of any and any all variants including homelessness] to your body] of housing [in physical structure

theme: in a read lollipop is a whole … at least.


and so in rational dynamics; think rations: you can walk in. Additionally; whatever % assumptive qualifies characteristics of something to it something being living; likely most current housing is qualified to dead in the applicable qualities of: living & dead. Likely, if you walk into a housing structure; even a smaller one; even for a short visit; you are walking into a, the dead. And perhaps the same with non-housing structures of similar relative size difference; if they also [qualify] as dead. If you thus walk into the dead; you might find what deadened and-or deadened: killed then appear in a view-able way; and and you might try to comprehend it; and this may, be the way to come into the knowledge of: the great mysteries or a sets; sets of one or two of them: in categories.


[P’]Art examination: a basic maybe not thorough enough look at first;

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[also in this form: Art examination]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project & the Death Project in the FVP

By Goura Fotadar

Date/ 53118/6118

tag[s]: movie studies, … how to think, coinciding addiction studies, … death studies, analysis, fire marshall fails by “fire marshalls” & not by fire marshalls


Source, citation: WATCHMEN, 2009, …

theme: pardon the hurry; the uh “children” won’t shut the fuck up;


Moving clouds: ent[e]ry into reality; a reality perhaps

Who is “” is actually an important question and its ilk: so this is religious

In crime cues: if you were looking for who would want to harm others through their religious practice; you might want to re-direct to movie and movie ilk streams; and then assess from their no their: there & there (their) might be harder [for who–]; to create more [earned, earning, deserving] safety et al

That’s not what addictive is supposed to mean; in system of cues in observation of somebody, beings that aren’t actually lying, … appear to be nourished when consuming addiction(addictive) substances

So in the demarcation of addiction {basic}

Illicit and licit substances: the usually demarcation is illicit is what is bad for you; and licit is what isn’t; but; that’s just in assumed hyperbole,

There is also a third complex subjugation, now: where licit may not be believe-ing to be good for you; so this is the rendition of belief to the top of something like religion connotated to actual religion

Basic: believing uh cigarettes are bad for you; and so acting such as: this is illegal in action due to uh like [the believer’s/believers’] comprehension[s] but in legality or licit isn’t (now)(illegal) (& when is now) [time/frame your component believers]

i.e. the basic is what you believe or one believes, actually [must/should/is … be] useful and so qualified to religion, actualized where useful means {only} true.

theme: this isn’t guess who, look above for citation

In this specific context combination the smiley face; with these specific commercial-ad material; imply[-ies] depression and-or general morbidity with Society, … et al

Without getting into the details of each scene; how to stay in only the important moments; seems to be the form of this reality; and not at all in the unimportant moments {time, no time} i.e. the way this reality uh, moves, or uh the way this movie streams

Accompanying detail music citation:

& on bizarre space travel things: perhaps that’s just their beach; it looks close enough to our, uh, this planet’s [which planet] beaches; at at least [current rotation] a specific time.

In this edition; right before about: 15:18 [theme: ha, right] Despite not analyzing the obvious; just here maybe not at all places: where is here [entering reality streams]; it might be important to notice that in the secret or discovered vortex, …

In the closet,

… is now the cited: Minutemen; and not the previously declared cited: Watchmen

For lower aptitudes of intellect: sure, perhaps these are synonyms, …  or perhaps the even earlier [movement through time; catch the art reality drift in cognition; uh, how to recollect]

Uh roughly paraphrased from lower memory brief: “who watches the watch …” implies a hybrid to continuous no-time with access to both {time, no time} called uh parallel theory, at least.

theme: uh, how do … create parallels


Part Two. Vanity is a tool to see trauma?

tag[s]: how else would “they” who is “they” enable us to see it, that: trauma; uses of vanity; for “the hair on ripping”

Source, cited: as accessed on 53118

Hints: See tunnel of sight; and you thought what travel?

Music citation: Oh no! Marina and the Diamonds


Part Three. Wallpaper

tag[s]: anthropology


It’s almost hysterical to considier as in chandelier now; that such a hygiene room would be considered working class to barely middle class circa (2018-200?) but if you look at the intricacy of the work it would qualify as anything nother i.e. nothing othe’r than royal class value; and what might innate you to this? … intricacy; in this case think especially cut-outs and their cementing. Viewing experiences from volunteering at cited: LBFE (san Francisco)

Compared to the bottom of cited: ((p.) 105) in the same function appears wealthier yet what of comparison

cut-outs [Please: diagram dier to lier and with hue of “cut-out[s]”]

When so compared in such a stable yet make-shift art phonology [sp?] the latter might actually or actually be less wealth: upper middle-class versus royal wealth through art phonology.


Part Four.

Children must be at least 18 and not 8 as local “librarians” have reported to be alone or group alone without a supervising as approved by me adult.

The only exceptions are children as in my generation were and still are: that are high ranking militia officials; in childhood already and can then pertain for the safety of such other children and even de-qualified adults

I will not be working to keep these children safe,

the breach of this practice is through a false clearance of “wayne stone”

characteristic set-up behaviors: have been adults touching children and children screaming past youngish years; for no apparent reason and setting up quite frankly of gay rape through action manipulation the use of so-called children this way;

as you know all those actually qualifying as children from this current and not past generations have been removed from such “parenting” under my command as national police chief and have been placed under the care of an actualized social militia group while having visiting rights with only qualified parents since I have posited that it is time to end all forms of molestation to especially our future uh adult generations; these other children here now; do not qualify as such benefitted children and cohort the adult areas during my (&) militia work operating hours using our resources without the longevity of aptitude to procreate any wealth and in such for society

the local “cops” and “fire-res” have failed all judicial assessments upon my accord and so have all such local “staffs”

I currently have two more court-dates for an illegal citation: connected to a public encampment while deployed as homeless [and I uh own all spaces and places public and private due to my militia ranking over-writing all titles into my private consent and ownership; just in case you didn’t know this has been the case since at least my birth into my militia standing]; till until at least 2021 [the deployment] but it could be longer; since such fire marshall breaks are [one of] what cause a degeneration of false wealth; and such catastrophes of homelessness; and have already been falsely arrested twice in such operating deployment; without actually uh committing crime do you beg that I should without badge consider committing crime now that local “authorities” have gotten so desperate for my power that they crave to arrest me and do constantly stalk me; further: I do not actually have an encampment; and my social race is repeatedly lied about as White; which quite obviously I am not other than additionally culturally [with more than one intercultural-ness]; nevertheless please keep flags up for militia members who are of such race while pertaining such deployment and such type deployment who might be at higher risk for false punishment, due to general incompetence from, uh the outside.


The only pre-condition is now: that these children not receiving such social militia benefit due to harassment of me and my great militia based dislike for them; for god’s sake I gave up my entire childhood to advanced militia ops for the betterment of society; such disliked “children” must have pertaining “parents” who must be billed per day that they are in my uh, building without my consent; let’s make the daily standard amount; not per hour; but by appearance $1 million; about what they are costing me for such; and the same goes to unapproved by me “authorities” for making such approval without and against my consent. This is now no longer deemed a public building and such only approved for militia and visiting other parties as I have consented per sequence … to be paid to my primary militia group within a 24-hour period without access to my treasuries and my actual wealth, which rarely have I ever gotten to use; and what is such primary militia group? [PMG]



Goura Fotadar clearance for the day, actual and night is “Tara Khuslaya”