The Death Project

Body Space Encompassment et al incorrectly done …

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[also in this form: Body Space Encompassment]

for The Death Project  in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 51918

tag[s]: brief notes, entering cited: terminator reality; and existing outside of cited: terminator reality integration, existential homicide; technology and reality; real religious theory: criminology


What does virtual dubbing prevent; is probably a worthwhile question; it is also perhaps even more worthwhile to consider what does virtual dubbing, catch.


First of all, what is virtual dubbing. (I don’t know you figure it out)


What if you were virtually dubbed out … so that, … you could rest while you were especially deployed outside during rest hours … and somebody walked by; not being able to see you; in even a semi-hidden spot; semi-hidden spots …  and trampled on exactly where you were resting and these tramplers were either in “uniform” now or later … and what if especially this took place more than once and in more than one location.


How did they get there? Are they superior psychics; or is it rather something like paranormal theft such as death through unjust homicide, yours:

-I’m not saying you are dead; but you may  be and not have realized in the fragment of your mind prior to death; that prior fragment inculcating you to new actions past your death but limited in fact that you think and are directed by the fact that you are still alive.  So you should verify if you qualify as this version of death; and other versions of death that are not unjust homicide; such as holy living death or whatever that could mean; are at least worthy of knowing about in even regular evidence; like if you level of trauma at has reached certain incidence are you automatically qualified as living or like holy dead;  these versions of other than unjust I should say completed homicide; but (they) are Less relevant in this system of



-next: are you having a harder time than perceivable and despite putting in the work to have a less difficult time, people might point you to jesus; or you can just access new Jesus; which is evidence; if such “folks” are trampling on your exact place of being i.e. your body and head; even as you are dubbed out from their vision:


They are quite obviously living off of the entropy of your body+head i.e. you that produces through uh, stealing from what you have produced even will produce. How does this happen: … in the case of this video, … [where is the video] the lady doing the trampling claims that she and possibly her daughter


theme: no, really; where is the video? I’m referring to.

theme music citation: moby in my heart


The Real Metaphysical through Criminology

are almost like homeless after I reveal that the cited: [who] is deployed as homeless;

Even if she were almost like homeless; that doesn’t stop her from trampling on people’s exact rest-spots who are such deployed to uh Reconcile the Societal and International Societal Issue of Homelessness; even as she can’t see them in their spots.

She seems to; aware of the fact; that my work pays for her way of living; and while she tramples on the deployed’s bodies as though this is her freedom in theft; the problem is that this is not part of the deal in unholy terrorist negotiation; if my work pays for your way; and even if you lie about it; you have to do what I say … because like that’s just the way it is.

In basic cognitions; why she wouldn’t qualify as regularly homeless is because of her attitude of stomping on demarcated though virtually dubbed out bodies of those that are deployed as such; in the basic cognition; her definition of homeless might instead mean using housing like resources that belong to others and are paid by my work; and others like me’s work; for example: those that are virtually dubbed out nearby.

God! I’m tired.


Which Tree Brother: there’s this place I visit; while I’m homeless at least,

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[also in this form: There]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 51318

tag[s]: actual identity investigations, image reporting, … , planetary sights on Earth , this time for The Death Project, too; real estate scams


  1. The obvious; of course if you appear in one of these things; it may not be that you definitely knew it was happening; or for other noble-like reasons; but in any case: to find out; this way may not be so pleasant … who was it that portrayed this picture ; like something in the movies: experience edifier: when my brother was missing in-action: p: images appeared with him digitally “enhanced” rather un-enhanced in compromising relationships that he never was in; and-or was never assigned to in operative statusi. theme: which brother. In his case, from the images it was obvious that he wasn’t actually in sic. images that way; from the angles and glances and alignment of the images; like for example, look at the alignment of this tree to the top of the building and compared with uh other trees; it’s as if on the, or rather on another planet the tree?




theme: which tree?

  1. Controlling the future to what is supposed to be [uh, edified through patrol] from the past? Even with digital enhancement of light shadowing it looks like the original is in the ‘50s from light overshadowing … which region in the uh, ‘50s circa ‘50s ; believe it or not to me the situation despite being covered up looks archaic cited: Amish; and not current Amish; so which ‘50s uh if only you could un-enhance the image to really see:

theme: the truth true/through actual patrol







  1. Yearbook Investigations: From a brief glance at the yearbook beginning signatures: Either main character/non-fictional? protagonist does not have many close friends; or the close friends did not sign the yearbook in these early pages:

From what I can read with diminished eyesight,



Cues to look for: despite name is the gender verified? through signatures, what is verified for darn sure:

Main character/protagonist is in-has completed junior year of “high school” and is headed toward senior year,


Here’s an example:

cited: site as accessed on 51318



Then, as a comparison another person’s segment:

Is more about “luck”; but I won’t the pictures include.

in this case, …


The Dead Lady

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[also in this form: UntitledThe Dead Lady]

Today’s art notes in brief: How to stop odor invasion at local Soup Kitchens

for The Death Project in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date: 5418

tag[s]: criminology and art, future and publications on cited: Amazon , trash art, the day of italics, the death project


  1. What happens if somebody sits next you as you are doing a murder investigation or several; and smells really bad; more than a normal body could, … and you are deployed as homeless; so your eating options are not many; … what if it’s not just a regular militia deployment; but an advanced militia deployment which lasts in phases until regular society stops lying to a certain level of component; that could take forever; while you continue to clean up their mess, and they pretend they’ve always been doing that: cleaning up their own messes
  2. Somebody else hands you an orange; and of course it’s the component of non-stench, …

cited: for the next rum’s theory, whenever that comes to work; and cited: voicethread




You squish her the lump refuse form down; and she has turned into a dead lady mummified; who killed her among pepper and salt packets and orange peels just in now my usual cited: rum’s theory tradition, … She is both a casket and a mummy; heirloom-ed by a vine growing near a federal building? known as the post office; you smoke near her, and people still want a piece of her, after and past her death; soon she rises dead and rides on the bus; maybe it’s the bus driver that killed her?

theme: piece of, her

theme music citation: Britney spears, piece of me

  1. See slides 31-40 for speed exhibition made: put together quickly, while mostly at the soup kitchen prior to meal; from this link (cited: voicethread)


C.C. investigation case, continued & the new species: of adults who never moved past functional childhood in any facet of function [which is not C.C./J.R. but this former of the former is brought up by this investigation]

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for The Death Project in the/for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 42218

tag[s]: f.b.i investigations, and the death project funeral reality notes, security notes, criminology


][ [] ][ how to load parameters of speed [ slow gives a gap and load space ] [] [fast gives no gap space is the thing loaded]

[also in this form: CCJR42218]


[perhaps not un-connected]

  1. to f. r. are all reporting encumber-ment by at least person who is not clearly noticed as either main gender, approaching them from behind or the side behind; before they notice. & at times even when they remember to check; switching to checking other sides, the person suddenly appears; smiling at them in an unfriendly way; and sometimes asking them obvious questions.  theme: c.i.a. modality each individual and or such like being even a tree might benefit from all around sight surveillance and alarm

Examples of obvious questions are not: Is today Tuesday; do you think it’s about noon?

Examples of obvious questions are at a marked bus spot: Are you waiting for the bus?


[2] || [back to main case:] Some-what like tribal style but not really of it; C.C. had sequential families some of who knew about one another; and others that did not. C.C. was taught this was normal to the recollection of C.C. through C.C.’s  first family.


The second family is Mormon; and not in biological and or biological adopted relation to C.C.

[to C.C./J.R.’s memory]  C.C./J.R. is actually of another non-Mormon yet more functional family.

At present, … know: that C.C. belongs to roughly [at least] three families: the one as described last time, the Mormon lowly functional family, and C.C.’s actual family.

The second family:  has changed C.C.’s name and hidden any sign of C.C. identifying with the female gender. At this point, C.C. is not sure if C.C. still feels male [review investigation’s previous phase notes]. The name changed is more traditionally male and is qualified as J.R. in initials. During this period C.C. is told to stay in h.s. [high school] permanently and to keep lying about age; because that’s how the first and second families, but not the regular family qualify for shelter. [Told by relations in the 1st and 2nd families]

Main stand-out societal themes from this investigation: what does gender have to do with the murder,

and it the murder is tied to current on-going deployment group status of deployed to cure non-functional homelessness [esp. on the streets, but not just]

Death theme: Perhaps if you desired to be traditional you might cue charge and connect the C.C./J.R. murder to homelessness; and see what you discover, this would be a method to commemorate C.C./J.R.’s past life; which at present time qualification is just below functional [and so far]; but this could change; how so? Think quantum physics.

[3] |||

As a result of the compliance of the lie about age; at now a sequential in graduating order h.s. in the same rough area, the second non-functional Mormon family; has assigned J.R. a dating partner; who J.R. does not like. They are sexually active; and both are genital males. J.R. is forced to pay for the dates entirely, and also to hang-out with the dating partner’s family at their house. During these hang-outs J.R. feels threatened by especially the parents of the dating partner; and often excuses himself to leave.


At present: so it seems that these  [are some of the] were additional relevant events preceding J.R./C.C.’s death: homicide.


Red flags: J.R./C.C. is unsure where the money for the dates comes from; since J.R.’s second group of parents don’t have much; despite living in a higher income area than J.R./C.C’s first group of parents. J.R./C.C. is handed a card on date nights; and is requested to withdraw a cash amount from something such as an ATM; with a name on the card; that J.R./C.C. can’t remember or recall.


The fact that J.R./C.C. can’t remember or recall the name is not the red flag; but rather why he can’t remember is the additional red flag or internal red flag to the red flag[s].

After 2nd Triangle brief analysis: Rumor Notes: Rumor that “Mormon” communities hand-out housing for free only while they have people in high-school;  and where do they go next? After all the kids/people finish and or graduate? [Request to provide a validation check that this has happened; and is still happening]

Why might this be problematic? Despite the regular practice in society of religious benefits.


What are general quick notes that should be assessed of what and how might this be fixed:

Even within tribal families with multiple parents and parent-types: children must pass a regular cited: D.N.A. test or something of that nature to be in qualified development category of children and-or young

Housing must be assigned based on need access however to not just children; as adults too need housing

With regard to H.S. [high school] other people despite and beside children may be attending h.s. curriculum at any point; and even in repetition when development of this curriculum needs more burgeoning but perhaps not alongside children in most cases; and also not within the restriction of no housing; and as a result must pass a development needs basic external assessment by qualified authorities.  The point is that unless physically retarded to the point of still looking not young but as children; does not qualify and  does not pre-qualify one into a cited: Peter Pan like unending child benefit syndrome; where of course it is rumored that the fictional character received almost no such benefits of being a child, and then developed at the same time paranormal supernatural qualities; because he had not or was she anything wrong done.


[You should consider yours …] [My connected / to the victim’s at least 1st and 2nd families] Personal Factors and Triggers: When I was a child as a child deployed, I had to non-stop work of/f society’s collected debt without living off of my trust fund; and while starving because adults around me just felt like never growing up and that their children from some past and non-historic generation shouldn’t have to do too much or anything at all; those same people hold this same attitude today; just with a lot more non-reformed criminal warrants out for their arrests based on sequential torture actions; this is known now as the child P.O.W. code and is the real life version of cited: Peter Pan not syndrome but re-told fictional experience in the regular reality version.

The T.K. case so far

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[also in this form: The T]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 4218

tag[s]: the death project, investigations continued, fiction or not, the laws of dead

theme: the virtual image to the side of my head

theme music citation: frou frou let go

[How is this part possible. You are on Earth;] … and you have an assigned house; that you haven’t yet earned and haven’t yet earned in your long er future.  You are not sure who the real owner is; and so it’s almost like stealing. The house is very large; and likely too large in the future of modern culture for one person that does not also or at least work in it; or out of it.

But you still have a job.  The job offers compensation. The first person that hires you at the job is the opposite of your gender and after you get the job; or it’s your job; so after you start your job; that person disappears. & is not replaced right away.

In Investigation Units: On surveillance tapes; the first thing I would do, since everything else like this so far is hanging aire; is locate where the … that first person hiring is [or went to, was].

Regular awareness: when you get hired; the person[s] in the hiring process; has-have access to all of your information if even they are illiterate; and singularly or singular [one group] plural-ly, especially if you didn’t buy your house or its contained equivalent [that is no other group other than yourself yet in your working time has this access].


Next, the main person: you;  … gets a same gender boyfriend; which isn’t abnormal then or minority relations then; and that he has nothing in common with; his boyfriend doesn’t work, money in access doesn’t exist; his boyfriend doesn’t have a place to live and this is before homelessness has turned to a social cause to clear especially problems of entropy and its mandated ethics.


He stays over some times, and is especially affectionate. Hint: when you [the main lifer] tell him your name he doesn’t seem to understand, but he seems to understand you in other ways.

One day you meet his dad; and he rapes you when the lights go out. The lines are gray [back then] because rape is your form of sexual practice; except it’s not exactly rape. So what does that mean.

Shortly after, you are dead.

Usually as of now, in prediction models of the future: you are dead in an unjust way, and then before you die you start to be raped because you will die; but the death in an unjust way never has to come, and so this is one way to stop being raped.


The day you die, you are wearing a very flamboyant outfit in flamboyant coloring its part of your compensation at your work; clothing and such; and you have been to work. But as all the clichés say you leave early. There is a celebration.


Your death was planned; it’s better put: but I don’t want to take away your power over yourself: your murder was planned without you noticing. The perpetrators all these years later remember you though none of them are particularly attentive to others and in general.

They were so far, collected: Your boyfriend,

Some lady who you saw on your way to work a few days a week; who knew your boyfriend

Your boyfriend’s dad

Your sister who said he was your brother; that you couldn’t recall prior to your death

[and so far other, several other characters]

Research Interests: Memory after death of victimization; what is in significance changed immediately. Of course you might want to define the size of static immediately, first. [or something]


Ethical Interactions of Investigation:

Primary Investigators receive visual recordings that are mildly interactive with their reality function to assess and examine more details of your life prior to your murder; and they then collect pertaining to each investigator relevant observations and data.


Future Continuing Conversations …

How the dead [in dead body or perhaps more sensibly turning to dead body ] through victimized murder are treated after they are killed by their perpetrators and does this transfer to a new recollection?

More evidence for … you have that feeling.


Bell & Brother

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Pretend all the variables in this death project exercise are fiction

tag[s]: the death project, interesting patrol notes, and writing assessment completions.

The David Bell & Lily Hawley, Incident

for the death project in/of The Fictional VolunTier Project.

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 3.27.18

[also in this form: Bell]


Upon the incident of a flyer labelled “David Bell” with this information released to the generic public it was scene in the public setting where the flyer with David Bell was released in knowledge to the public; the Hawley family from Uranus, showed up in relational time connected to the release of the flyer: and then started acting peculiar.

Though it, the scene is in a public setting: but privately owned; the Hawley family showed up piece-by-piece pretending not to know each other; but each distributing a projection onto the other un-related to him as if primarily it is/was his wife.

When the other projected upon this way, doesn’t respond in a familial-type relation; because for example: it’s not related to the projector and-or unfamiliar with; each Hawley demonstrates threatening behavior. To use Father Hawley, also known as Chrissy Hawley; publicly, as an example: if one in such a David Bell triggered response denies Chrissy Hawley his hallucinated, non-usefully and projection relation:

Chrissy Hawley begins to stalk them; calls a pseudo police of his relatives on the person[s]; pretends they have warrants out for their arrest, tries to rape them; forces them to undergo virtual torture of carrying excessive weights on each of their limbs and belongings; essentially forcing them to pull and push every body in the world’s belongings and bodies around; as if the person projected onto were a trans-mutative escalator; and-or an old school slave.


Of course what is claimed by them to be an entirely racially Black-Jewish family by itself: the Hawleys; dna tests verify the addition of also other non-navajo & non-asian varieties in this family; is known for the murder of their daughter Lily Hawley; who was murdered at one of her friend’s houses on Earth by two boys; both of she planned to have sex with in a highschool type orgy. It turns out the two boys were her two friends that were presenting as girls to Lily and used a virtual program to conceal their gender to Lily; with the consent of her parents. Lily, who was reported to be 15 at the time: her death; but looked much older non-virtually, was hit over the head by one boy; when the other lost his temper as she was smoking a cigarette and grabbed her wrists in a violating way, so the surveillance videos demonstrate.

She died shortly after being hit; and afterwards both boys sniffed her underpants; it turns out when questioned by a false police force; they believed that killing Lily would result in them becoming a new gender : non-virtually, female. Neither was arrested; but both were charged a singular gender unjust homicide; and including Lily the entire segment of that Hawley clan is charged with unjust societal rape.

It turns out that one of the boys was and still is named David Bell.

At present David and his brother are stalkers of the cited: C.I.A. around that public released trigger scene; and believe though charged that they in actual: killed the leader of the cited: C.I.A. because she is betrothed in rumor to somebody (as named in at least Saturn) from a different Hawley rumored Black-Jewish clan. Their interaction cues are then used to penalize more unjust crime.

Perhaps the reason Bell & brother have not been arrested; is because it’s believed by the rumored betrothal party also known as the head[s] of the cited: C.I.A. ; that Lily Hawley’s existence just wasn’t particularly anything.

In asteroid and or astro physics you might: still Lily either through virtual semblance and-or in the moments prior-to and-or built by the prior-to actions of her life [prior-to] [her murder].



Tree also means outdoorsy Part next.

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By goura fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Date typed up, this part: 11218

[and also in this form: Tree also means outdoorsy Part next]


Date: 12.11.17

I’ve definitely seen such imaging at at least one candle store I shopped at; where I was fortunate enough to have the gift I bought packaged such. I suppose in terms of rest: the brown of the present wrapping is to signify the outside, outdoors ground or perhaps the ground to rest on; the piece part of greenery tree; as a living stem is perhaps to conceive that sleeping outside, living outdoors, even in homelessness is still a way, a method to live- Exist. Where in normal housing or pseudo-housing: security, stability may come from a certain type of roof and or physical quality of the structure; the string tied to fern/tree figment + box creates a concave view of an outside rest-live spot: with standing tree, brown/mud or something such ground: the string that ties the package (you, or scuse me the outside resider/rester)



(in identity)

(as in the placard of gift/present)

would the string

represent the ingredients that would be the tie of the spot:

a comfortable sleeping-bag type; a rain-proof tent or something; a temperature

sealing something ; a spare bag of extra clothes; an extra|space area for necessary for other things [temperature proof]; [would all of these equate] … to a string; in this sentiment homelessness is a gift for another; i.e. one’s homelessness; their homelessness ; your homelessness is a gift for another.

[examine the package in a to, from conception][to expansive [make] who it’s for] [consider how the tree is an address much like ahouse if even not accepted as one in  a regular way][definitions of address]


Source, citation: “INTO THE WOODS” from Better Homes & Gardens, 2017, p.48