spelling communication

“regular” like bars.

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A Section of

Human Rights

tag[s]: public’s welfare, linguistics’ boar, dome

Date: 9517

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

and see it in this form: [if you choose to:] A Section of Human Rights



[internal sanctity]



an outline

[a. obvious-define null bracket]

[b. consider-derivation poetry]

[c. racket versus? must be; versus? sanctity]

[d. derivates on balance: meaning]


[e. identify the opposition to the balance]

Summation i.e., Non-Importance. What’s internal is it like inside of you; like that which bat outside of you; uh, external they won’t know to notice; or [external they] won’t notice immediately defining what is inside again as opposed to outside. Sounds like it might be useful in just persecution. Bracket is an object unused in deeper inside; so insert inside it and now you remember to evaluate the inside. I don’t know, If you removed the ‘b’; then you have racket; and b, racket; perhaps means how to be racket; and racket perhaps means what has to do with the only comparison, uhm; uh, rights; and perhaps then b is like the type of be or being state or something and that is like; uh, how to get to human rights: human racket; then so on … because I’m tired and I have to use the restroom; how do you know, external? …

[le basic you tense all: state: opposite/opposed; belongings: use your own container[s] if even it is derived from others

‘ working containers; identity & physical placement: external they, includes external objects …  etc.]

[please refer also to philosophical containers]


Aside Gib: Pardon ‘ but sanity and-or insanity are still oui entitled to sanctity; such es, oui; bathroom use as internal [evaluated] needed; oui? “Regular” term, term-culture if even bust must be evaluated for internal uh sanctity; pardon. Oui? So es “regular” may not be evaluated as functional to functional progressive in freedom progressive.

Popular-like recent [time] enough playlist: and citations:

Wiz Khalifa [et al]: Black and Yellow, Work hard play hard

Savage Garden, To the moon and back


The Continuation of General Reading Notes; a synaptic continuation connection

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The Soap of No Shame.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project by goura fotadar


date: 81217

Part One.

theme: fiction like potpourri notes

Potpourri notes perhaps not already included: carry an open bar of carry-able size soap as in conveniently carry-able [so small size] and preferably open or open like in a non-regular touchable portion of a carry bag; and you have the release of shame, theirs? Yours? From the stench.


Part Two.  {Reading Notes, not yet included, I think}

5, 8.17

theme: the disorganization of organizational work while; outside homeless; and threatened with repeated arrest.  [update included 81217]

The Continuation of General Reading Notes; a synaptic continuation connection

With the 1st source text here:

for the fvp

source, text[s]

source, citation text [1]: SWING TIME (by)  ZADIE SMITH



are like

parts; look

it’s dewelry.

or dewellry.


from source [2]; then: from page cited: 13



“Random accidents of ancestry could blunt a

Nose or tip a forehead until beauty’s delicate tracery gave way to ordinary Jane.”

It’s a tad funny to say; but and

I don’t recall that I’ve the chance to read much of them; yet; but despite description populare?

It’s hard to imagine cited: Tarzan’s any

accompaniment as

“ordinary” ; unless of

course we really misunderstand this word.

Of course pacing ourselves the best we

could do here; perhaps outside of elongated research there:

on cited: Jane; would be a word analysis.

theme: [has this been done?]

(with misspelling to,)  oridinary

o’rid i-nary

or ordinary

o rid –nary

theme: describe protective measures to accompany

charity clothing + other welfare,

basic needs of charity provided:

the trail of.

o’rid I – n.a. r, y

Oh, rid I not applicable are-y?

obvious  from here I suppose something like a spell:

  • Where: I am not applicable
  • Question: Why is this in existence
  • Record: The reason[s]; and then

solve each as a dilemma.

theme: is it a dilemma [di-, lemma]

theme music citation: nelly and Kelly r. dilemma.

(and (with the) other more correct spelling .)

oh rid n.a. r, y

oh rid [what, who , … that? , which ?] not applicable are-y?