Pop Fiction, continues; & The Flower Theory

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Reading notes: 4.24.17

tag[s]: crisis of ed. curri-cul.

source, cited:

cver of source text cited

[accompanying] Dictionary of American Portraits

[edt by Hayward & Blanche Cirker and the Staff of Dover Publications, Inc.]

on cited: p. 235

identified from source text cited in coherent relevant lines of citation

what do you think

of the classic heart

+ accompanying second

necklace + pears, pearls

grabbed; and even

in comfort in

open neck.

tag[s]: art edu. ; theme: ideas; mind channels

In second source, cited:

[main text]: z. smith; swing time

source text cited

[for this segment of reading notes:]

in cited: Prologue

[but first theme to respond,

to:] [your art anywhere

outdoors] [like book covers

in libraries; at least.]

[in the entertainment

of psychics [real?]

search groups +

severe [authentic withins

severe academic] politic

groups] badly there

must be the advanced

of the reading group;

even two-person in video-clip

cited: that special person!

[draw a two person skit with recording.]

to supplement academic

esp. reading

related endeavors


Part One. The text as an art lesson.

in reverse order







of appearance

“dancer” cited p. 4

“I experienced myself

as a kind of shadow.

” … that I had [notes:

never [had] [necessary?

had] any light of

my own. ”


after seeing this text; thinking

of art and-or painting: one

notices text such as:

“coast,” through page already



more reading notes for The FVP: The Flower Theory


cited: p. 16 of

main source text ;

while I was thinking on-the

notes in pin-points:

I was thinking of foreign

culture and not difference

in cultural race: but

within; the main-Land:

possibly: here ? [even].

on p. 16 it is

revealed that the

other “girls” are : “these

white girls”

which of course points

us, to: another race

for the narrator +

the defining sector : race;

other than white;

later on the same

page: ” ‘When your

dad’s white it

means—‘ ”

it seems from cited: page

17 the answer is:

“There were consequently

things you couldn’t discuss

in front of Lily Bingham, and

now Tracey shut her mouth … ”

where “consequence […]”

sounds like cost

and there are “things”

“in front of” [a flower]

“things” cost [

have “consequence .. “]

when [colloquial-ly]

“front … ing ”

to / toward /

as to …

flower [s]

flower in name – ing

is invocation

to species:

flower, too?

from p. 14 of the cited: text [main, text]

esp. breaking up:

“espadrilles” => esp. a drill, es


esp. adrill :

is the description of

the shoe: type! [also]

pesa, drill, es

pesa, drills, e

following the continuation of:

s where it

most makes sense ;

and in this case application

wear : it most makes sense

pesa, e-drills [? -> perhaps]


4.18.17 on p. 15 at quick glance oui-oui!

have: ‘ “Freed” ‘ and here on cited:

p. 14 we have :

” Her hair was yellow,

not blond, yellow like a canary. Her

skin was very pink, raw pink, now … ”

paint a  [plain] painted [white]:

frame [[as contrast; even what

could be missing ]]

and so blinging opposite,

earlier on cited: 14;

“It was disappointing .”

“yellow” versus “blond” could

im-ply real story: tale [paradise,

possible] and in our : cultour at least,

please; The cliché [pah-again] of freedom

through dancing; for that is; for the?

subject matter: fiction; much like

a bird: i.e. “canary”

plummets the intelligence of even

the child main subjector [-er];

and if you didn’t know it;

before on excerpt implies a

cultour foreign to the American [english

language]. at the bottom of cited:

14; “trilby”



or even rt. [foreign cultour?]

as opposed what we

see more often here; though

we do see [rt.]

rt. – liby as a joke: might

mean [way to [public space] library] =>

obs. freedom.


— then from this other source, text:

source, text cited; cover / top

cited: p. 352 , The New York Times,

from source cited; as just identified; and being identified in coherent relevant lines

the Complete Front Pages : 1851-2008

  •  – –
  • what the heck: besides general
  • guesses/know : is :
  • “agrarian socialism”
  • ag – rar – ian
  • [e] -> age [Ian] who is ?
  • -> rare


age, rare: Ian;






and this is p.e. haps

one def. of suicide.

when is I [an] an

in a group

[of specific


(belonging to incident)



suicide implies ?


will oui oui oui come

across more; on a more through

and not thorough read of this article? —-> see articlepic.






creating plaster? from “nothing” notes

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for the time being; it’s called the cancer bureau

I sub


baking powder for regular flour

and it’s not drying; we’ll see what happens


I am nuts Math proof

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I am nuts Math proof
when is two = 9
dedicated to a man I knew when I was a very young child
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
tags: spirituality
themes: like when you go outside and it rains you might wear “cover” or carry “cover” but if you don’t would you not not die.  the new grandmom’s actual effective tale of math derivation.
by Goura Fotadar
date: 7916, backdated, 31 years
(take into account:) the cliche knowledge that 1 + 1 = 2
but when you count fragments, heeding the cliche still:
in basic hand-written script:
you receive at least:
2 fragments 3 fragments 2 fragments 2 fragments is 9 fragments
using the cliche see diagram of potential fragments
(one explanation is the size of fragments the middle fragment in plus is about the size of one fragment)
so using the cliche,
2 = 9
and when does two equal nine
(guess estimations of other number fragments to get to a count system: 1 … 9)
you arrive at
2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2  (counted to 9 , 2(1) * 2 (2) … )
2 equals 9 at 18
which implies that 2 d.n.e. ?
and 9 is 18
because otherwise, you wouldn’t have to count when: 2 is 9
so something else is equal 9 (again)
that is, 18
there’s no doubling component to numbers
(don’t assume though it’s not a dumb assumption that just because it seams (seams is not a typo, here; by-the-way) like it moves the same it actually does move the same way, you have to
the number all the way down in sight to see what actually it does, happens to it kind of like a metaphor for trauma of personalization)
theme: you can take it further in that go to the origination of cliche and translate with this “nuts” math proof, in-that cliches like 2 don’t actually exist but are tools of aptitude application to derivation ; on further thought: is application, derivation?

theme: uh, Iforgot: clinical also has a meaning of research?

“the four interviews: this segment” Part, The First Two A Dis-Organized Comprehensible-Enough! List of What Works So Far, with How to Procure Shelter for YOurself in the cases, likely (of):

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Tags: Research and Embodiment of Enactment of Public Welfare

Also Under “the four interviews: this segment” Part, The First Two  
A Dis-Organized Comprehensible-Enough! List of What Works So Far, with How to Procure Shelter for YOurself in the cases, likely (of):
that you are a:
(1) very poor and/or non-compensated worker
(2) ”                                                                      ” retiree
(3) a reformed criminal and/or drug addict who is … “very poor and /or non-compensated”

of  ”          ”     essentially, speaking.

date, added to: 6,9,16
as applied to myself in category (1) (above)
and also for The Fictional VolunTier Project
Thematic Line: Oh Curbs: a further : attempt to turn-all “effort” into Work Production  
by Goura Fotadar

“Loose” Records of Who I’ve Called to Procure shelter and/or about shelter situations
in the past several days/ and the steps that have taken place
as documented: starting, on date: 6816 (but these steps below may not include the steps I’ve taken for years, and especially within the framework of “The Four Interviews” while homeless to procure shelter of elongation …)

Number 1. (3-1-1 🙂 Call a Such Number to provide yourself with documentation of welfare, personal/public steps, and also to aid the Search for Referrals for you, or others.  

(they referred me to uhm InnVision which I called then, next but has not called me back since; as of last year; InnVision told me shelter cost $200 per month, after the first month; which for me: then or now, was-is not Affordable.)
(The Number for InnVision, as I have it: (408) 271-0685)
(they: 3-1-1 also provide brief: non-emergency “counseling” regarding issues that may be coming, up; I outlined to them some of my experiences with regard to work, and shelter … it was helpful; and it provided more documentation of my situation, and additional outside: of-myself: therapeutic efficiency.)

Number 2. Call your local non-emergency police department about your shelter-less Situation and possible endangerment to your life thus Such.  
non-emergency sj police department (hasn’t amounted to much or anything: as usual; but gave me one referral that I’m still calling/researching and that referral hasn’t amounted to anything at first attempt; but on second call discovered … , will/to be described (somewhere) below:)

(more steps to be outlined, soon; as is time available; to do-so.)

The Foil Crinkle

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The Foil Crinkle

like? cited: A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L’Engle

Screenshot (677)
cited as searched on google dot com on 5 dot 10 dot 16

briefly re-read (while) on h-less pilgrimage
Dates: 5 dot 9 dot 16 & 5dot 10 dot 16 & 5 dot 11 dot 16 & 5 dot 12 dot 16
As it started to moss,
after a seated rest in the closet
(for The Fictional VolunTier Project)
date: 5 dot 9 dot 16
I filled the inside flowers plastic cardboard and foil with cited: babybel (cheese) wax opened containers,

then I wrapped the thing up and it became?
just thought conceptions …
for the scene. (other notes for this piece; likely not typed up yet somewhere, too.)
(photographed. done two.)
baking powder
on top,
then fastened a cited: bounce sheet over the top with oatmeal and water or flour and water remains to be Seen.
May still further moss, oh well?
on investigations: flies seem to swarm to cited: comet in art, how precarious and un-expected. But would they prefer a cleaner to their other,
life? (two question marks …)
(perhaps I forgot to mention else, Wear? (what should you …) that that I stained part of the outside of the foil with Tea.)
With Tea. what a sentiment Indeed.
(Ad Line: Wise? life? With Tea.

couldn’t find the cited: bounce sheet; guess it Died.
so used three cited: kirkland wipes that have been barely used and drying out some with flower segments on them; and soaked them clean in baking powder and water and then


added a mixing in flour and draped them on top, not exactly what I had preliminarily at this stage right before envisioned, but now a new vision; and as photographed drying on the side there with some flower pieces on top,
also scraped some of the flour mixture to the sides of the foil.

(Ad Line: Now a New Vision.

then, I rubbed the mixture of what was left all over My Face.

poetry, fiction: pararr Art.
Beauty: Arte
Beauty: Arte!
Beauty: Arte!

5 dot 10 dot 16
The Sentiment of: In Hopes of Maintaining Your Work and/or Art (The Heart of Suffering?


notes of personal suffering: I’ve been having enormous storage issues with regard to the art alone, not to mention all of the notes and notebooks and papers connecting to all of my work. I’m squeezed into one room, and the drying table that they suggested as storage for the art has nearly destroyed much of it, and was a close-call: to destroying all of it. Gnats, and maggots and god only knows what else took place, and I had to trash things as they were being made. Here’s some of what has been just barely salvaged. And I’m sure the value is worth more than this house, parts of the neighborhood, and certainly (their) aggressive antics to destroy my work. God, is this society’s best solution to a work/space for me. As usual, I am starving as I wait … like a criminal for a meal (no offense! c-ri-minals); and they jet-set on whose work? in some of their fast vehicles. Attached as in following: are some recent snapshots of the endeavor of drying-to store this morning (without their destruction … in hopes: maintaining your work and /or art)


5 dot 11 dot 16

blow-drying some of the art objects including the foil crinkle seams the clothing? to explain the gnat problem more which is likely that it’s just a moisture problem hence the outsides or the oven could also be useful but aren’t quite available the blow-dryer technique I suppose works better because it the art object is just enough dry-ed with blow-dryer, it will continue to dry with the held-in heat on its own after it is away from the B:dryer; I had forgotten about it again but have it nearby so that I remember to use it to save: the-process and rectify & edify it

(fiction) theme: my cancer holds in moisture (everywhere!) no wonder is there a drought; sorry plants!

More Spiritual & Spiritual Ethics Art. What’s’re your feelings ethical purpose (in being your advanced self)
maker: lesson (fiction art) : a symbol of transformed envy (of others or “yours” or both?); green is the power to heel, heal?
theme: here she comes to destroy more stuff.
blue flowers a wet-ened napkin empty nail polish cited fiction
the rock finished as described the napkin with notes of foil inside on top blue strong flowers over bound by the foil napkin
stitched on words with ink
more nail polish empty over the top as it dries to highlight :strength & the foil
wait: it dry