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A house is a baby. [Part II.] [and other stuff … ]

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[also in this form: sorry about the typo: parttwo]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 4318

tag[s]: housing combat/militia, existence militia/combat, forced abortion theories, and I’m pregnant due in like six years?


It starts to generate its own worth throughout time; and you own what it generates and-or you own a stake in what it generates. At the time you are born; you now own a stake of and-or own the worth of your future work in some portion; and that portion of your work is already complete in the future [at the time of your birth inheritance or not you are no longer poor as a baby.]

A few years ago, it was too obnoxious for me to tell the greedy jews collecting the rent; that my original family own this; and likely don’t want or need me to write a rent check.

It’s funny because I didn’t give them much thought th[a]n;

I was deployed here in my home country as most operatives are; even when in a foreign land doing possibly additional deployments; and in a hint of quantum physics: maybe this is linked in time mutation before I knew them back in time like before I was born.

I was thinking then that all the money I was spending on rent was/would be just better invested in the young

As most people I wasn’t home very much then ; because I then worked outside of the home; and my home was a crash-pad where I spent most hours recovering then from my bizarre work hours …

I of course didn’t want any children; but even at some reduced police discount rent that was provided through my job then without the greedy [jewish] neighbors I think being aware; it’s one funny thing because my original family [ who I didn’t give much thought then those of the older generation because of my deployment enmeshments and let’s just be honest their severity] is culturally among other things the ‘real version’ Hasidic jewish; [I doubt that would hurt their feelings; they’d probably just be proud]

I think I remember that. {is this a joke? See mind channels}


But my intention was pretty strong; I was hardly ever home; me and my dog could have slept, showered, and change-d somewhere else.


The rent money of years, and years before could have gone to a next generation of children a-or young; even their resources; and or to other supernatural causes!    …


[Mouse horses] Most houses look like mirrors; and the obvious melodrama would be like one of my favorite poems mirrors can be I guess lines of connection to personal and-or external societal development or society’s development

They kind of splurge out of the ground and-or into reality much like a baby’s birth; I suppose we don’t usually want to part with housing; that it’s almost non-disciplined-ly more convenient to have and use it, ourselves: because our good-ness doesn’t want

babies to die.

But perhaps staying with a house, and or housing isn’t the best translation of … a child, children’s development; rather the house is a;  forced into birth?

Mirror tied precariously into our reality; it might want to be hung [used] differently; and … it might even want to move.

It seems part of the point is helping houses/ housing recover from disability; and the easiest way would be extensions in any of the traditional to our reality directions: (— — — — — — —- X -à

/\ | y






Then the


Would have


To that



What if

Buildings that were

Housing started out already extended;

Wouldn’t they be considered by

The level of extension as already

Non-disabled; I

Hardly imagine this definition

Of disability would be a regular

One for humans; perhaps an irregular one.


In quick working preferences:

If I had to re-construct housing

Using the same needs; that seem enlightened because on this sphere

They don’t go away: I’d have a fully covered [yes with a hint of at least air] external bathroom; an outside kitchen with some roof-[ing]; an outside covered sleeping room; and only an inside office and-or living room.

theme: wouldn’t the food be cold as soon as it started to cook? Well, …

Temperature control

But I’d still have a lock-key with the open-roof area [impossible] or very difficult to jump into.

Primary sources, cited: my childhood inventions and Coldwell banker from cited: palo alto weekly, 3, 23, 18

Part two. How do you become a cloud, in at least a virtual way.

tag[s]:  metaphysical climbers, lower heaven establishment definitions, art theory, computer science theory

How to become a cloud. a paragraph is it from one of the recent postings is or can be shaped like a cloud. How else might it is it like a cloud.  …

Create a paragraph [shaped like a cloud] with an explanation and or description of you and or else someone that you want to be in cloud: entropy: and then virtually rise it above to “regular cloud” level at some place. Check [when it’s out] the next cited: soul pieces; for the heavenly regular height version;  and or heaven: entropy [cloud or such] and review from my synchronized lecture.


Cloud: entropy as a game almost

Parameters: [infinity regurgitating -y, infinity regurgitating y, null x, null x]

A wizard likes to code is really ethical with math; which is the same as letters and

Hides a poof of smoke under its non-limbs; the poof always smells like something you can’t quite place

Flowers, candle wax, cigarettes, or soap and some liquid: tea, … the fervent appearance of mental illness is in this case vase not; a cracking of prayer which is of course a coarse almost forgetful chanting against every memory it usually places first …  or zero when that is pre-amble

theme: cloud shapes and first grade reviews

theme music citation: sarah Brightman eden


Part three. The Book report, continued

p.130  please connect to fish article that you, goura saw on 11.3.17

  1. 156 in a counseling strategy, perhaps: stop or pause the dating process for a-while to ask the main character to outline reasonable reasons for desiring marriage or romantic union


book report diagram-

tag[s]: ,,, book reports like 5th grade, and finally! again: basic mind channels


“puppy” is of “surgery” but not in the way you think (likely) more like connected to un-reliability of “surgery” and the un-sighted

cited: danger zone

theme music citation: danger zone

un-reliability of

“surgery” can

Cause a forever in heath I mean health issues; perhaps cited: heath, and then the reverse arrow: below,


so “surgery”

= no cure  ,




Art should look

like this: … AHG!

I’m going

to the


… but I suppose

It’s obviously important

Who r that doctor[s].


theme citation connection: [did it used to be] … doctors


cited: Mennonite in a little black dress, Rhoda Janzen



A house is a baby, explained. [Part I.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 33018

tag[s]: real estate, wealth protection, economics

[also in this form: A house is a baby]

It’s an interesting thing to hope that a house that were nearly 8 million dollars would be some-thing that would make reality interesting; it makes sense when … even : when given for free; food is expensive; i.e. it takes a lot of entropy  to create; what is a lot of entropy.


The house; situation why we are deployed as homeless; is well, because I just don’t think housing should cost that much; and even if you have a lot; I think each house should cost about a penny and-or be free. What about its security, people would likely threaten. Who cares. A few years ago when I was paying rent for a shack in the hills; to/through a property my original father owned: he & they own like everything. I suppose it’s about fair to say, what they don’t own, I own; and then they own it; and vice-versa. What they own, I own after in order; in this case it’s with. Here’s a way to start rich; and to own and-or have a stake in a lot … ; it’s also a very interesting way / method to understand time: you get older and the past is mutated by your intentional economic entropy: if you produce / create any work and then take nothing for it; for a while; and or less than its worth …



The tearing ripping conundrum

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[and also in this form: The problem with having no storage either in a secured by surveillance verity]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 2718

tag[s]: crisis prevention; the local authorities such at everything; everything and nothing; and all the middles, economics; the warrant for their non-reformed criminal arrests


[a] Assessment period if even in phase.

Period assessed this perhaps phase: late 2016 to beginning 2018

The problem with having no storage either in a secured by surveillance verity; and or through a storage locker for the homeless and the homeless like accords; such as those that might be situationally hostage; and need a storage locker; for extra survival assistance; in case they do get at a hurried time; or just cause.

[b] Oath to actual witnessed generosity from a large enough portion of experiential society during this assessment period if even in phase pre-qualifying phase; and the …

Is that no matter how generous other people [the ahem not few of them in this country; including foreigners who are assuaged here, too] are and no matter how hard you work; and how generous you are [theme: my god, generous during homelessness and while working unpaid; have you lost it; you must be crazy]

[c] the crisis backpack, luggage is a criminology sign of the greed of the local authorities

Is that your stuff starts to break; and you must tie the non-back packs with scarf hangers around to create an elongation to yield to the brake of your walk-run, skirm to even the local transportation, points public or elsewhere such. And then the bus driver glares at you for having so much stuff; and then people stop who are not your generous group in part of; and think they can do cited: voo doo on you; adding more weight with your increment movement each; and does it work? I dunno; but things start to break; and without any storage; and with the police department ordering you to give them blow jobs and with the local librarians place these authorities in “ “ here; they aren’t pretending that for example they are above militia authority to you know who; yes, this is a request to place them under arrest, confirmed. Including the bald guy and his so called wife on forest ave. in palo alto, ca. and unless you are an athletic militia member; the break of your belongings as the local case managers fornicate with non-homeless people in their offices and populate the local busses with their relatives; who don’t need transportation; because they touched the bus pass as it reached your hand: did I tell you that I said “no” to hiring such free loaders. And I’m not even in the 1960s; to re-iterate society through time to non-free loading; my god when you work for free; you’re still working; if even you just analyze television shows and movies; that’s still work; send your notes to somebody [who?] if you can.  In any case to re-iterate society to non-free-loading; I promise I’m nowhere close to 60 years of age; and I don’t think had past lives; we must live the life of the free-loaders while working our own non-freeloading way; yes, in economics who is [he, economics is the] ultimate lord; it will win. Stand back and be surprised. The breakage is why the backpack comes in; it rips just like any other thing; and

You non athlete untraditional in the militia form: might lose your cool. I’m sorry it sucks that the local now you see it “authorities” not hired by me, cause this catastrophe; but it’s not your fault; as long as all the conditions are actually met; just trust me.

Fortunately, I visited cited: Patagonia; and if you can get like something in the 100 dollar range [donated cash from you own work, my god we are in special ops. Who do you trust to hand your share of your work you to through a correction in the mishap of free-loading, past; think about that seriously; for me it’s real buddhist monks, the actual Vietnam veterans and nobody else not even the real cops; no offense to you guys … why? and not Christian pastors either; though I’m interfaith and not the posers of these, those two approved by me groups [oh, but don’t forget the equivalents. How could you be an equivalent actual to those two; or my god even above; is it possible] ] ; as of yesterday warranted [the following and not the prior]; it might change; like a reforming criminal; but it usually goes in the other direction; not for me though; it only moves in the one direction; comes with a backpack warranty; that’s what I’d require; I think the warranty to fix the breaking trear, no, tear; drop oh no! is free.

Because I’m not allowed to lose my cool;  yeah right.

[A raison d’etre to write fiction; pretend below like a lake near a boat house with horses and spinning hair, yours maybe; or whatever your version of yours spinning hair to here is; that this is upcoming fiction; why do you do that, god it’s not like it pays money; but doesn’t it pay their salaries and ways of life:death; without my consent? We call that an illegal trade; and I’m not the one committing that illegality. But like I have other titles and jobs, and such and they are all connected.]

fiction? start

That librarian is an ugly fat bitch; and so are her fake orderlies. And I’m the leader of what?

She deserves to be put away to … what along with her “fans” yeah right like she/he has “fans”.

fiction over.

This is the one I would pick; do you believe form from another trader in additional; so two backpacks? I dunno. You can. Would you think this one, won: would survive longer than the wear of tear; until you do get defined to the ultimate to non-traditional athlete; no offense traditional a la also athletes. There is just something about the leg lifts that get you to that last mile with two hundred pounds without sweating to your death [everyday too and night]; that’s a bit different but perhaps a supplement to different not like the local librarians caseworkers and cops; et al like those locals; did I mention I’m actually from the Bay Area;

Than running.

cited: Tradesy


Or maybe this is a better more see-able version: who knows. [next, not included; I’m in a public library hurry; as a diplomat or what is it I am?]



Geo-political about [part two]

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[and also in this form: Geo]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date typed up: 2418



by goura fotadar


tag[s]: social hygiene, public welfare, career counseling specifics, economics


… avenue of social hygiene

and-or other avenues

which might prove

more formidable

to, preferences?

For objecting parts of

  1. But remember

b is still objecting

or sum/some of b

[parts of ] to hygiene;

and if this objection transfers to not wanting a to earn to eat itself and or use, practice

of course within

edibility is/ are

Variety factors including

its usual | meaning: could


most [like to] eat this?


And if even with education and a’s affordability for b; not all of b wants this avenue of social hygiene; yes perhaps manifest to another, other forms of hygiene; should pertaining forms of b be put under arrest. ->

The point might be that let it be that a is a land-mine for all consenting b doesn’t mean that in the moments b parts will not consent that those b parts instead end any (in this case) social, hygiene avenues for earning a. [if even for itself]

In the case of


How to respond:

In the case that you are a private sponsor, un-named sponsor, or a sponsor with an alias [name] and perhaps such an alias that is not recognized by the general public  … and you find yourself put in unjust danger for such effort: you might respond by requesting that your sponsorship is cancelled and-or transferred of course your sponsorship being private or under alias; those that you request this change to, might laugh at you, mock you, and-or attempt to falsely arrest you. Nevertheless; these action attempts are only attempts; and it such more ->worthy to not sponsor, or continue to sponsor [and also in the same way] what brings you unjust harm.

How might you come to/under unjust harm: when sponsoring as if under-cover; well somebody who knows the deal: might publicly reveal: the sponsor of this locale structure goes to the public library everyday at 6 pm; and usually sleeps at the corner of Main and 1st street : in some cases other people this might be useful to be able to lactate [cited?] you for useful-ness; but for another some others’ knowledge it is the form of attempted unjust homicide.


at which stage might you need to arrest b:


you are a [and again] b does not want you to eat and-or participate in other forms of hygiene; social hygiene.


[addition as updated on 1418 /\ | as opposed to a private sponsor, closed sponsor, or sponsor using made-up name]


what to be prepared, for: b finding a way to deny that it’s b that doesn’t want to intake in hygiene; b thus “discovering” , “finding” , and-or being told who, what a is; just like with b; a earning can be in partitions: and denying it’s a’s | \/ initiative and-or cause and-or earning.

or a-s’

of earning measured; perhaps a percent-age of how production is converted to earning should be considered.



(remember to include religious significance, derivations to bounty)


so, how much of production equates to a utilizable value and known as earning.

when we evaluate how much our work or somebody’s work or somebodies’ ? works earn or rather produce in earnings; we might want to refer to an economics formula: and or we might want to create a spectrum of how to accurately assess earnings:

-the value of one’s work production


the bird of intellectual programs

we would have to non-biasedly define and then apply value: to the intrinsic assessment of one’s work production in quick reflective application: after college I worked as a contractor [sp?] copywriter; the value of this work: I never really found out what was in terms of company policy : and I made little money, despite my college degree; and: I learned rapid and adept ways to correct syntax that were something like certified so I knew I wasn’t hallucinating; and what’s the value of moving through syntax or its various equivalents without making close to any, or regulary any needed not error; it might be like firing at a gun range where any miss results in the immediate unjust, undeserved rape of you and-or others. that seems of high value in any economy paid in cash or not; it is an efficacy of high value, and not transferable as cash.

although most would hardly suggest that to keep yourself and others, safe from unjust and undeserving rape; work at least briefly as a high-paced copywriter who isn’t somehow permitted to make errors.

The common prescription which perhaps may be only slightly less difficult to get to in today’s day & age: might be to train in rape-kill combat and then ascertain this training as needed in actualized combat.

In intrinsic value what is the actual segregated difference of the two variety ?


Geo-political about [part one]

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[also in this form: Geo]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, started: 2118

tag[s]: geopolitical theories and-or advanced economics



food pantries generating observed wealth of food; and so an elevation

of social hygiene.





[theory: … ] posits of observation

Starvation and fasting past excessive starvation; which means the latter?  can’t be an effective means of hygiene ; we should want others to eat so that they are full; and perhaps biologists can define hygienical negatives caused by the physical bodies and their bondings starving … IN the meantime how a earns food to the point of intake full for b and itself: a; and what if b doesn’t want a itself to eat or what if b is larger than one p. body and its quantity bonding[s]; and if/it doesn’t want some of it: want a itself to eat can [theme: van, we] we say that some of perhaps this b will not participate in social hygiene of edibility

Social Dynamics through Art

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[and also in this form: 103117]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By goura fotadar

Date typed up: 11217



Source, citation: Lotus Magazine, Issue No. 2, 2017, pgs.3-4

[2nd poem segment], E.A. Gordon, 6,971 Steps


Tags[]: analysis for The Death project, too



Of course about


Soon about

Life, also?

Since about the

Passage of movement.

In “hike”

About gender through

The comprehension of


Versus “one”

Type variations

Considers, tag[]s:

Social dynamics through art


And of course in gender what me might see, be described to;

May be pun to true

Meaning of.

within the first

Two commas

Are parts of gender

Exhibitive nuance:

“semen” “war” “truce”

Upon “ … sly betrayal”

We enter “hike”  “…”

Where we first have:

A proposition of

View from  s.d. perspective

And perhaps from

This perspective

We have the entry

Into the top: of this


Who comes

With is it

Like alliance

To “a grave”

cited accompanying music:

Grimes, (-human) kill v. maim

Human behavior, Bjork

Rag n’ bone human


and the opposition of

“human” to “woman”

i.e. suggesting

based on what we conceive

in culture of notion: “woman”

points “human” as being of to it; opposite.

It is perhaps noteworthy

Why this might be a primary

Method to measuring “woman” [cultural notions and perhaps in opposition to contextual, this analysis]

As another séance in this


“To hike is to be

Comfortable in nature, a one-to-one

Relationship.” And still:

“To hike alone without

Preparation is to be a

Woman wandering, either

Lost or batshit or both”

Lookup “batshit” and

How odd so; since

In case of “human”


Then; “is … comfortable”

Either as “woman” the “hike”

Is not “in nature” or “human”

Is really to it “woman”

a different species.

In the case of “batshit”

though often

Heard of

With reference to

Crazy when

Broken down to the obvious:

Bat shit; it almost sounds

Like or rather the response

Of fear at scared. Of course

Within the derivations of

Scared and fear; in any

Case; “to hike alone

Without preparation”



Of Look-up

Can also



In process


Is conceivable with reference

To the perhaps new frame

Of bat shit; which of

Course could mean

Batting poorly, also. In any

Case running to a trail for a “hike”

Might make belief if

In a severe or even varied

State of scare and-or fear.

And with reference to,  here “woman” may be

The species that experiences

Such; whereas either

“human” is socially dynamically

Protected against

It: in reverse:

“that is, the normal kind”

“To hike in a pair or a group is to be the pack kind of human,”

Or perhaps to reserve the moment

Of a “hike” for preferences

Of “comfort—“ ; in

Any case; such perspicacity  [sp?]

Is what differentiates these

Mythical versions of “woman”

And “human” if even

Based on the regular

Derivations of these

Perhaps at least contextual

Now cultural terms. In any

Case the sense of fear or

Scared as in bat shit

Might mean directs us to

The beginning of the poem:

And of course

Since it comes form

“woman” we finally have

The reason for the perhaps

Opposing woman nuances:

“semen” et al. In any case it is likely “a grave”

Of “woman” do you think

Due to that “woman” version

Of “hike” or do you think

The “batshit” of its any

Variant meaning is

What is caused

By the “grave”

Of “woman”




The trap-box I.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

[also in this form: The trap]


A trap-box is like a rest spot

and perhaps again.

[another level of built-in surveillance]

The contemplation of rest-spots for func. Outdoors-outside

Homeless people. I was seated

In an outdoors free work-space

Area; so that I could eat

My snack which is a bit [this that a snack]

Precarious for the indoors; especially in this indoor form of space. The outdoor this portion of space is set-up as a viewing in trap-box with semi-limited external to it view. If you sleep out here; effectively you would be something like equivalently homeless; but with a set-up rest spot: since there’s no roof to the outdoor provision; unless they had a temporary roof during the rainy month’s || reign || ||onto|| in the tradition of this geography’s climate [this]; the space is virtually un-useable-like most non-regulated or should be something akin to non-regulated effective rest spots. {{Of course you t’reader must here be aware of the fact: that regulations regulated are only a problem when the regulators aren’t actually authorities and no matter what it seems it says and depictions sau[ou]ght of sight count here as seems too; otherwise they [regulations, regulated] are actualized and helpful}}  How to get through the rain. Well, don’t ask the local “p.d.” and such “authorities” because they don’t give a hoot.

bizo. forensic theme: uh, our life is not your respon-sibility ;

theme: think siblings

even if we don’t don the exact version that of “uniform” .

while homeless, outdoors [seams like clothes] relevant in i.q. to this level of surveillance as a trap-box.

Perhaps; this is very determining of former completed undergraduate univer-sity. You approach a version, trap-box: this one you can see into: if you stay sort of, nearby the trapbox.

10.14.17 through its mirror-like but heavy doors; but on stylistic notes; it’s not as if mirrors can’t be heavy; and windows; when the trap-box has been left: it is still peek a-ble into without additional perhaps more technological ? surveillance; the heaviness of the door prevents any hopeful? thieves from running away with your belongings while you are still close enough physically to the trap-box; and if there are in fact: other people in the trap-box: pick through which you think would not steal your belongings and as a side assignment:


you might want to as a practice

of security assess quickly

groups of people-beings you are in;

and guess which might or

Might not steal your stuff:

And stuff in general;

You might want to test this

out with less significant

Stuff and-or stuff that

Is ease-ably replace-able;

And see if your guess-

Hypothesis is true; and then

As a basic science experiment update your guess[es] hypotheses to match the verification of what actually happened: you might be able to develop identifications/ shared identifications that are connected to not-stealing and vice-versa;