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Review of art charity;

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date: 61617

date typed up: 61817





instead of what recent

materials; I’d made

of; and were stolen …

take a few paper towels

+ soap ; see photograph

layer the towels;

notice the sandwich

to the left; and

anyhow place floral

pieces grabbed into

the paper towels

if possible;

stick a gum

wad in the

mix; then

forms of

refuse; that

are available;

in this case a

gum wrapper:

empty ; and

in a shamanic nuance

something that has;

or still has negative

energy connected to

it; torn up in pieces

then a tad; of lotion.

start the wrapping process.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  using

gum as tape; then

start the sketching

process; In this

paper towel variety’s

case; following and

or coinciding along the

dotted points.






“Shelter among

the Rain”

then place nail polish

around the front;


the sketch

and lettering.

then similar

to the d.v.

clutch; crumple

up the plastic: and

place; as the jar or

bottle past; toothpaste

in its backing.

then because in this

thing’s case:

toothpaste leaked on-the

front rub a tad more with

your finger onto the

front as you

continue wrapping

with left-over

plastic. In

this piece’s case

there is also:

a left-over gum case

that is now turning

into the piece’s back.

dip in the left-over

case a tad more


for good scent.

and other hygienic

refuse scent aides.

tie with dental

floss; and

a reminder that

this is a motif

for starvation;

and effective

“shelter” and-or

rest-work spaces,


then paint over back

at least with a bit

more nail polish.

cited: double mint and or wrigley’s

of course

from the backside:

it looks like a growing leaf.


cover with found: gold ink; in a tad.


then; who was it given to.






How to keep “it” safe.

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How to keep “it” safe.














for The Fictional VolunTier Project



Exercise: Is This Portion Fiction or Not.  A rough draft.

Theme: Homeless life

Tags: understanding authentication better or for the first time [better]; understanding the query of problem: shelter; theories of non-crime; advocacy: is the real deal; when is plagiarism plagiarism; queries on identity formation in non-fiction.

Level: Easy, basic.


Here’s using myself as example and my work such; example representation:

The Person / People report such and provide an example; the display of the example once you become and-or are familiar with their work is different from its usual display: manifestation. They say it’s to spread its wings wider; and you’re still not sure or are you [… if this is true]. What’s the process of being sure that it’s true , for you [… and not for them].

[next] Pages from “& thass y …” by goura fotadar

[this fiction work labelled to some extent roughly; right above in quotes; is again fiction] is used as art manifesto

Man-If-Established [o]

Tags: emphasis

Theme Inquiries: Emphasis Implies Truth; Emphasis Implies only fiction. How dumb are … .


Safety in the outdoors is much different and-or in the outside redefined and-or translated here to prevent tarnish; to include the outside.

[Define Inappropriate Authority.]

Most officials of inappropriate authority cannot comprehend the functional adventure in resting, retiring and sleeping outside.

Side Copy: Mission Statement: Real Adventure Precludes Spirituality. Look Up The Definition of Preclude; No Look Up the meaning of Precludes.

They don’t miss the view of the sky; that they claim you can’t see outside anyhow at night; and also they have an open-drop or such window tops no panels on roofs or is it rooves. So you consider retiring outdoors at during the day; if public space affords such freedom expanses of schedule for you. They think you are a public hazard for resting outside; and they are much more hygienic for resting inside. But if you’re not just [as in only]; but especially if you are part of any modern homeless movement; and this of course the officials; inappropriate authorities

[no that’s not the definition of officials, official that’s just the contextual meaning here]

might not understand does not imply that you have a safe choice in not being homeless outdoors. How might you use common conceptions of danger I think mistranslated from resting indoors to facets of resting outdoors; such as sleeping under the ground,  against the walls; and covered away from most; that view and-or open in view from, to outside consumers of your rest;


experiences of , such as … that are still afraid of and-or uncomfortable sleeping in tents; and this isn’t

A criticism;

Clobbered up like that sometimes lends itself to something like news stories;

Reminder? : the, this writer seems to think that experiences affect the news; and=or change [more so: effect?] the news, case example:

“A homeless person was thinking that he Alice Q was safely asleep in a bush; and there were an onslaught of housed people who do not support homeless rights; and so think it’s just to pose and receive benefits as homeless people; they see that it is [in] their right[s] to trespass on the homeless resting anywhere especially hidden in bushes in this case; and since they are actually they believe paying all the bills for the homeless; they are also glad they were able to get Alice Q stabbed nearly to death. As the local police in badges have stated: “there’s nothing you can do when the homeless believe they are standing for social cause; we have just right under oath to remove them from all of their locations; because quite simply we work and have worked so much harder than them. That’s the only reason they are homeless; and they by the way do nothing for a living; except drink. I’ve already advised them to consider selling their bodies like the folks we have ‘undercover’ posing as homeless and posing as staff to end charity toward such homeless. We hope to deport them to our countries of origin and away from what is obviously not their home country: the Free United States of America.” 

thinker: is this culturally racist and-or |just| culturally proud.

And the point is homeless or not when there are … like this speaking for … how would you protect your even hallucinations of what might happen for are hallucinations always a falsity of what might could happen in the bush and-or against the wall or on that slab of concrete the only place or one of a few around where you feel  safe enough sleeping / resting / retiring around. Including the indoors by-the-way: where maybe if you were lucky? Enough to live for some time; Oh those luckies who live indoors; that’s why all they do is stalk us in our rest spots. Good logic. Really you should win a medal. Is that medal the restroom; especially the public restrooms.


Is this a proof for the possible application of safety in art; or excuse me; art’s safety; in at least attempted safety.



theme: resting outside is a public hazard according to how aptitude qualified authority

theme 2: Oh shut up! Everything you say or think is fiction and that’s a crime. Or no that’s not right, that’s the truth. [And two are the only options; only two!][?][for everything; only two options; you have only two options.][?]

theme music citation: Homewrecker Marina & The Diamonds

theme illness citations: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Post Traumatic Disorder [levels of cited: DSM …]


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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 5517

from source, cited, text: Monuments America’s History in Art and Memory Judith Dupre

cited: The main image see photograph of … [a photograph?]

from source, cited: text as identified above

“Oklahoma City National Memorial; ” Is

a reminder of: The word “Oklahoma”

pronounced * here as something like:

Oak -> as in tree-type

lo’ as in Lord;

home – a —–> a – home;

=> * based on bay area : Cali-fornia


a – home: Lord; Oak tree

[to get :] a – home;

be … to Lord;

and like an Oak


good to Lord;

and sturdy?

like the

Oak;  =>

r, study.

[a- home: ] to


| get

be good to L, rod [if not spiritual religious]

and [it is that and-or become such that] you are [a] study.


What’s L, rod:

long, rod => strength ; so be good to

strength; and be a study;

that’s all | to get a-home!


[for personal study use: Define functioning to functional variations of home.]

[the junk? of timed-pressure art?]



][shaky but with some little more time ignoring pressure; theme: footsteps on the head.]]



The definition of Pretty

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

To support the next cited: The Witch Goura [ the next one] on cited: Amazon Kindle

date: 32917; date, typed up: 33017

and also a closer

examination on the-

shelter problem

before more possible-





are posted

from source,


PICASSO Indoor and outdoor landscapes

on cited: p.73 ; cited: painting [35?]



from cited: text as text identified above
from cited: text as text identified above
the blur:

what a presumptive-ly

“common” word

of the presumed

something like

housing pieces

in indeed the

cited: Landscape;

and the

envoy to that

which I’d been

sinking ;


Are you keeping … ; from reading?

Perhaps this definition of illiteracy is considered criminal.

[aside : crime notes; 1



with a 2nd men’s bathroom

walking close-distance;

and the women’s [but only

one of] mysteriously

posting “out of order”

there has been a lot

men influx into the

bathroom ; with people

talking loudly in this labelled

“quiet area,” in the last

7 minutes.

crime art; aside crime notes sort-of 2 [crime art theory, and the death project art]



in the background the first box is kind of a major piece of art; either from what I can

see placed in front of a cube and or with cube; and with the rotator shade view; it reminds us how to move; and also what we see might be cubed in a varied perspective we don’t have yet a formula for; uhm yeah. I’ve by looking at this briefly; what an art piece! formulated a basic diagram for the / a hate crime.


first it’s just a half box; or something like an expanded half cube. You get to the incident; and-or scuse me to avoid fear; being x gets to the incident: the hate crime; then; if even after death; and so I suppose this is also the death project art; x gets to the place: keep going

the line in between is mimicked by me in a parallel; so that x could essentially cross the-street from the parallel to get to it; the point being: that it might be safer to get to the parallel before the actual line to get to place: keep going; and-or location: keep going.

It’s a worth of thought: what happens on the parallel to the main line; and what x could/can (plan-to?) expect on the main line to get to keep going; and could x build an easy cross-walk to cross the street to the main-line: almost like the bizarre of palmistry.

theme: hate depicted

theme music citation: frou frou hear me out


(back to main-segment of postin’ : g)

which is classism

in housing-art;

and esp. false

classism. How obvious

of a sinker. But besides the pretty of

the view ; and of course this must be why

it’s pretty; a definition of pretty : the blur of

the housing structure modifies its helm against

the environs ; making seam bush with ; tree with it …

and with still a covering roof above ; we

are un-walled into homelessness ; it’s

almost as if saying: it’s going to

come to you: sooner or …


But the roof above is certain;    ——

a protection from the drop-

down hardship of elements; —-

| when-needed implies more than one

and when we translate

that word into this painting

the elements are:

the trees, the plants

the roofs ;

even    the windows

every thin g  else

almost is a blur;

even with the peaks, in

sky’s back : and

perhaps this blur   of

wall to outside  is a method

to sleep in the outside. Rest, pretty.

& is it if

your housing


is appropriately

depicted in


and-or art;

than classism [ signifier: art than classism; as opposed to art then classism.]

becomes real; and you have the ample

opp. to escape its false and now former

clench : farmer-to-prisoner; can

withstand the roofed blur?


theme: wrapping [protection in the vain]