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Body Space Encompassment et al incorrectly done …

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[also in this form: Body Space Encompassment]

for The Death Project  in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 51918

tag[s]: brief notes, entering cited: terminator reality; and existing outside of cited: terminator reality integration, existential homicide; technology and reality; real religious theory: criminology


What does virtual dubbing prevent; is probably a worthwhile question; it is also perhaps even more worthwhile to consider what does virtual dubbing, catch.


First of all, what is virtual dubbing. (I don’t know you figure it out)


What if you were virtually dubbed out … so that, … you could rest while you were especially deployed outside during rest hours … and somebody walked by; not being able to see you; in even a semi-hidden spot; semi-hidden spots …  and trampled on exactly where you were resting and these tramplers were either in “uniform” now or later … and what if especially this took place more than once and in more than one location.


How did they get there? Are they superior psychics; or is it rather something like paranormal theft such as death through unjust homicide, yours:

-I’m not saying you are dead; but you may  be and not have realized in the fragment of your mind prior to death; that prior fragment inculcating you to new actions past your death but limited in fact that you think and are directed by the fact that you are still alive.  So you should verify if you qualify as this version of death; and other versions of death that are not unjust homicide; such as holy living death or whatever that could mean; are at least worthy of knowing about in even regular evidence; like if you level of trauma at has reached certain incidence are you automatically qualified as living or like holy dead;  these versions of other than unjust I should say completed homicide; but (they) are Less relevant in this system of



-next: are you having a harder time than perceivable and despite putting in the work to have a less difficult time, people might point you to jesus; or you can just access new Jesus; which is evidence; if such “folks” are trampling on your exact place of being i.e. your body and head; even as you are dubbed out from their vision:


They are quite obviously living off of the entropy of your body+head i.e. you that produces through uh, stealing from what you have produced even will produce. How does this happen: … in the case of this video, … [where is the video] the lady doing the trampling claims that she and possibly her daughter


theme: no, really; where is the video? I’m referring to.

theme music citation: moby in my heart


The Real Metaphysical through Criminology

are almost like homeless after I reveal that the cited: [who] is deployed as homeless;

Even if she were almost like homeless; that doesn’t stop her from trampling on people’s exact rest-spots who are such deployed to uh Reconcile the Societal and International Societal Issue of Homelessness; even as she can’t see them in their spots.

She seems to; aware of the fact; that my work pays for her way of living; and while she tramples on the deployed’s bodies as though this is her freedom in theft; the problem is that this is not part of the deal in unholy terrorist negotiation; if my work pays for your way; and even if you lie about it; you have to do what I say … because like that’s just the way it is.

In basic cognitions; why she wouldn’t qualify as regularly homeless is because of her attitude of stomping on demarcated though virtually dubbed out bodies of those that are deployed as such; in the basic cognition; her definition of homeless might instead mean using housing like resources that belong to others and are paid by my work; and others like me’s work; for example: those that are virtually dubbed out nearby.

God! I’m tired.


A house is a baby, explained. [Part I.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 33018

tag[s]: real estate, wealth protection, economics

[also in this form: A house is a baby]

It’s an interesting thing to hope that a house that were nearly 8 million dollars would be some-thing that would make reality interesting; it makes sense when … even : when given for free; food is expensive; i.e. it takes a lot of entropy  to create; what is a lot of entropy.


The house; situation why we are deployed as homeless; is well, because I just don’t think housing should cost that much; and even if you have a lot; I think each house should cost about a penny and-or be free. What about its security, people would likely threaten. Who cares. A few years ago when I was paying rent for a shack in the hills; to/through a property my original father owned: he & they own like everything. I suppose it’s about fair to say, what they don’t own, I own; and then they own it; and vice-versa. What they own, I own after in order; in this case it’s with. Here’s a way to start rich; and to own and-or have a stake in a lot … ; it’s also a very interesting way / method to understand time: you get older and the past is mutated by your intentional economic entropy: if you produce / create any work and then take nothing for it; for a while; and or less than its worth …



The Salt Thing

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date, started: 5.15.17

Library & Literary Relevances

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar [obvs.]

brief scan of cited source,

text: LOVE STORY by



cited. p. 19

cited. p.13

Salt as

an index,





as the

word alone?

instead of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\————–

noticing what could be salt.


if we were going to

notice what could also

be salt; and-or

salt-similar :


on a continued, rough; and

semi-quick scan:


cited p.19 —> again

name of doctor;

is salt-like


cited p.20 “Novocain” is salt-like? how

cited p.20 “steak” is salt-like?


cited p.21 “It was beginning to hurt like hell.”


cited p.21


with the earlier

backdrop of

“salt” “nutritional”

advice; and

the silence + attack?

after this last

cited line; in

this text “salt”

and-or salt-like


might have a magical almost

addictive quality.


In other words:

from the interaction brief

on the top of

cited p.21;

“salt” – like when un-responded

to : can or perhaps does

escalate matters.

In an almost shamanic, shaman

response; “salt”

and-or the mention of

something like salt;

if un-responded to,

salt …



[excuse the change of order in numbers; as the book has is being flipped through:]


at the top of

cited. p.3 ; or near

the middle.    tag[s]: research reading

[editing notifications & considerations: period or not after cited? in this specific posting. and when not. and how long will you remember when not and when to.]


Is “coffee” like salt.

and on earlier cited.

p.2 at the start of the book:


“the cheese”

though qualified in

a (non-cited italics)

different way. Is this

still a “salt.”


on cited p.13

almost as if qualifying

salt to this

not surprisingly

shamanic – level

the main character /


almost such declares

indirectly the use

of “salt” …



Parodies can still prove

Satires    importante

indexing uses;

i.e. point ’em

out, too.


aside exercise:

How do you recognize yourself;

how would you map yourself


I really hate bad smell[s].

Define what “bad smell[s]” mean to me. [means to me.]

[i.e. & to you?]


cited p.13, continued …

” “Yer not eatin’ enough salt.”

Maybe if I humor him

he’ll go away.

“Okay, Jack, I’ll start

eating more salt.”

Jesus, was he pleased!

… ”


about the trash receptacle: re, mind [manners] = potpourri temporary

0theme0 trash collection as art

it reminds me to spit in a bottle upon others’ : cited brainstormers et al

suggestion ; and not [just] upon others

it includes the pieces of outsides [leaves in varying stages and twigs like my poetry]

to remind me how to compost;

and it of course is an additional trash collector in stage; as in stage phase

reminding me to grab and trash the notes I no longer use or need;

it also has decent scent since inside it’s filled with not just spit but leaves, and twigs; yeah; and the container of course reminds me to drink enough hydrating liquid and-or prepare still in the homeless life. cited: rum’s theory series on amazon









Attempted Illegal Homicide: by false persecution …

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Attempted Illegal Homicide: by false persecution of theft. and-or false persecution


for The FVP

by Goura Fotadar

dates starting and outlined in this posting as continued : 5.4.17

source, cited: text; THE ALMOST MOON;

alice sebold

dedicated to fire-try.

from p. 5 (cited):

” ” She steals,” my mother said.

My back was to her. I was looking at a vine that had crawled into the huge fir tree in the corner of the yard …

“Who steals?”

“That bitch.” ”

Using a replacement model; solving first

the false accusation / persecution of theft.


” ” She steals” ”

[2] What; Jan stole your shirt … -> said: say:

expect …

[3] “” [You] bitch. “” & much worse.



The point is who is Jan; and

why does the accuser in this example pf

vortex-sight; whatever actually happened;

is predilected [what does this word mean?] for somebody in this case

using the text’s original language: “She”

has not and-or does not often enough

in pattern steal; and remember the case

in example indices that the falsely accused

in context; because the context stealing

must to sum: extent matter; has not ever;

and may also never steal; in such case

as the latter[s]; it does not matter who Jan

is; only that she by name or he by name

has identified the potential of no stealing;

and based on the actual reaction of the accuser

we have an actual test; a gauge of whether

who is accused stole in that context or not. I think,


tag[s]: knowledge of criminology through fiction, even.

date: 5.7.17

in the context of general false

persecution; the replacement model; in such

brief text is much harder to apply; but

instead of “steals” from p. 5 (cited): it would

of course be something else.

” ” She [isn’t American],” my mother said.

My back was to her. I was looking at

a vine that had crawled into the huge fir tree

in the corner of the yard . . .

” Who isn’t American / Who’s not American? ”

“That bitch.” —–> and a second

theme: nationality

theme music citation: She’s American – The 1975


replacement model 5.10.17?

adjusting it to the new false

persecution, from still cited: p. 5

[1] ” ” She lives in my country; no, our

country, and she doesn’t deserve

it. ” ”

said/ say: [2] What Janny isn’t from around here; but you communicate

with people who are foreign [to here]; all the time.

. . .

theme : a ‘|’ and an underscored  “_” and another “|” is obviously: a hang up =>

which is the same as : hu.

expect : something along the lines of what could variate into a mimic : of [tohere]

[3] ” ” Will [you] listen! or should I tell. “”

we now have to perform a something such as a math translation: to the

scenario based on perhaps this context: [especially in the 2nd case scenario]

next (1) or (a)

stealing has facets of contextual

meanings but stealing something

has-as a shirt which has the option of not

necessarily being expensive and-or costly

within the context of recent-past here’s

modern culture; but when applied to

something like nationality depending

on the most updated law involving

immigration the hypothetical Jan could

have an all-out soon-to-be

man and-or woman hunt after her.

(2) or (b) The 2nd case scenario doesn’t

necessarily state that hypothetical

Janny-Jan is wherever *P illegally

[aside: il : le: gally hahahaha!]

in terms of: nationality status;

rather it is more of that level set-up.

Thus it is false-persecution in something

of either more advanced; and-or

else than theft; involves set-up

and how we know this is because

of its possible consequence;

tag[s]: criminology cues advanced in basic analysis of pop. fiction

(3) or (c) In epoxy; what might seem like

minor and possible false assault;

yes; here assault is a synonym for persecution .

can be contribution to something much larger

in false standing away from : non-contribution

to your frying; crime. When perfected the justice system

can even catch you for crime by what

you say; what you meant ; and how much

you meant what you say; in case not

[aside: The Theory of contribution & non-contribution]

in the most latter; well then you’d still be

in non-contribution away

from your crime-ing. It would

likely also in the first former’s

latter determine if you qualified

for reform and-or progressive

“pen” and-or prison or not.


Just to state the obvious what is: a minor crime

in false accusation can turn into something

grander in meaning of size only when; and-or

when applied in pattern use to larger

potentials. I think but I’m not sure;

that’s almost like basic c. physics. Yes,

quite a different subject matter.

theme: we all started as rejects when there was no subject.

theme music citation: December , Collective Soul





Greeting Spray Museum. Like the Mall, Sort-of.

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Greeting Spray Museum. Like the Mall, Sort-of.

H[heart i] I’m greeting Spray Museum

How-To: A Warrant for Arrest! in Art Aptitude

est . Time Process at this phase: 45-minutes to 2-hours, only.

[self-dedicated from old jjl to upgraded jjl]

tags: tor-ward; this is sort of a truth/satire brief review as a reminder toward something[s] else I’m working on;

tor, word?

tags: l’arte criminology

tags: Locators are …

tags: The non-ill sickness of incurable unclassy and uncomprehensively inaccurate diagnoses

tags: Art as Reality Builder[s]


A recollection barely visible of Quantico, VA.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 31517


[The Stage Interview]

I Saw an advertisement for the relevant (cited) telev-sion series or something in title.

I Am aware that Quantico, VA is one of my favorite cities in this world; and that I’ve only been there to the recollection of myself; once in my adult life.

[As a child I travelled outside of my control due to a [X a lethality of upbringing environment esp. past the age of approximately 4 years old. no need to include; the obvious; can’t remember everywhere I was as a child due to severe then trauma connected to enforced travel.]


When at Quantico, VA as an adult; I was witness to certain aspects of the military culture; esp. in one branch of the US Armed Forces circa Modern Day.

Brainstormer/Brainstorming Theme: upgraded day will be circa?

I Am aware that my preference for Quantico, VA may seem un-modern considering its non-mainstream in pun terms culture; back then a few years earlier; but in terms of spiritual terms [theme: oh terms and terms, the terms!]: mainstream means something entirely so different.

theme I think: A Main-Stream is An Easily utilizable Entry Point to Higher Ways of Being for You [of you become]; but may not be an easy stream [only easy in-accessible; meaning here; someway that’s possible.]

[The Word Diagnosis]


War-rant in combination with preference-location is connected to War-rant itself but not necessarily and-or in a different way necessarily to warrant.


[The Logical Justification for Preference, this One.]

I have been to many parts of the world [that I can actually remember], and also to many parts of this country. I am thus exposed in living circumstance and visiting circumstance to interculturalisms from esp. my civilian stand-point. Things that I look for are / for a place I like: (are, again)

-weather conditions at time of visit as witnessed because not all visits and-or new sequences in living can be controlled in time-fall.

-manners and non-just versus just discrimination of the place.

-if there’s enough to eat.

-if enough of it is accessible.

-any but not necessary unique type qualities.

-societal forms of incurable deprivation or not.

[Perfect Whether] The hyphen diagnostic applied to Quantico, VA.

Manners excellent, art semblance powerful if you only have also the non-obvious eye; unique enough as compared to our modern day; no incurable deprivation spotted other than intentionally and purposefully enacted and these states are rather spiritual non-chaosers as witnessed. I was there in August I think; but who can really be sure; it was sweltering hot and rainy-hot: an experience in perfect weather for me and-or one experience in one option of perfect whether. Enough and accessible food, and basic to advanced necessities. Of curses; there is also that wonderful at least one? Museum or more nearby [enhancing accessibility non-remotely.]

[The Product and-or Site Associations.]

The Museum that I’ve already described somewhere on this blog: is a major keeper; and also is major. [You know the name.]

-The War Path; I mean The Notable Walkway Museum and-or whatever they call it in this country, nearby [enough]. [You know one of the names for it.]

-Enough Diners, then at-least.

-Good Air-Conditioning in the motel-hotels.

-Roads that are drive-able and the forest nearby.

-Hydrating drinks on-base; and a new phase of Southern Accents also on-base; and at least one viewable live canon-cannon.

– [for you more than for me.]  Haircuts; and a place[s] to wear it-them. The outfit; like art practice in effect, at least.

Theme: art can be “powerful” art means [basically [it hint: means in definition], as the qualifier] …?

The Product Art Piece; What A Center Art Piece and Almost Disguised; cited: bath and body works as accessed on 31517


The dress, haircut and museum connecting theme; connecting to weapons, too. Isn’t she [the product cited] pretty.

theme: She’s yours! The Necker. theme music citations: bootsy collins; I’d rather be with you and stevie wonder isn’t she lovely


tags: re-establish the worth of your own gender.

[More information Misc.]

-Small town online pics [as an art banner in double placement][if you can help it in-between no space.]

cited: as provided on google search for Q, VA> on 31517


-connected Music : Lessoning Gender Theme, Music Citation: Stevie Nicks Stand Back





the; reading notes from this text, on-forth

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

(reading notes) by Goura Fotadar

source, text, citation: Happy Family (by) Tracy Barone

-no indoor allergies while in space/spot . . .

– no un-necessary materials for present moment : / at that moment

b) how do you further your survive-ability odds:

-practice reliable hygiene: wash and-or clean in some method enough of your used clothing often  enough, even if they are not easily often dry-able (and your-self, obvs.)

-take advantage of the outdoor environment and change your spirit/physical practices

– Ignore and-or boot out all un-helpful nay-sayers

-form a solidarity with safe groups that is un-break-able even with limited verbal contact: frequent enough solitary / dual* ly / etc. placement even in limited verbal contact is one highly functional definition of solidarity

-if possible connect yourself to an advantaged resource plaza one or as are accessible whenever is convenient and regular enough; so that no incompetence finds a stake-hold nearness to, in proximity of; these barely survivable conditions

-ensure that you still have the ability to do some work that you actually “like” if even un-paid for while living in such condition; to create an economic loss for those that allow such unjust ordinance past-times to pssh pass in sweltering shelter.












e –

we called parents versus competence / and-or parents, real

theme :2? : there are like  thee three sixteens or something …

theme: honestly, … is so far gone; I doubt … even r-embers who I am. theme, for: … in this {set}

Pontificating line. p. 301 “Oh, look: there are a few perfect ly good … in the ashtray. God Provides.”

Pontificating word: p. 301 “infinte si mally” {in analysis:} infinites: i’m ally! 

p. 305 & look at this relevant description of “tent people.” giving us a nice view or look at what could be perceived of people  resting/staying on-the Streets; if even they produce work (no money?) for a living. Are they really all on drugs ; maybe some in – the past, but all ? But very few in-the present ; who are actually rest-sleeping in-the Street could be on-drugs: how would you survive in the temperature on-the streets /and-or outside Earth conditions: while being on Drugs?  (… quote coming up)

theme’s cited: “I’d rather be with you” (shelter/tradi-housing?) Bootsy Collins

(Intervening) Passage Analysis at Some Point : How do you … ? (first part)

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for The FVP by me; goura fotadar

date (s) : 11.13.16, 11.15.16, 12.13.16 (and more to come … )

tags: satire reality


venue : I hadn’t spent enough time

observing the trees in Cupertino; (I realized) 


The book referred

here but

not everywhere as:

this one.

theme =


for even those;


you’ve only glimpsed at;

and not yet/ever? raked



in a box: Book Purposed Definitions for you

source, -text: presumably:

the new “Harry Potter” (so, cited) 


Things, this one is especially good for :

  • teaching you how to read
  • find on that page
  • entering a drawing ; and placing your work in it ; as the only way to accomplishment .
  • teaching you how to reflect : (by pushing your life-realities outside long-enough to see them better when you re-insert yourself in them)
  • an incentive opportunity much like a re-programming to “look at” other books ;(like working in publishing)
  • look-up the definition of “staid” from this one.
  • And approx. 2/3 of the way thru/through ; inner-book reflecting : is “Ron” affectively/effectively cheating on “Hermione” with his-other (new?) relations/willing participants.


Source, citation: “The Year of Living Biblically ” (by) A.J. Jacobs

cited, further: at the p.a. library


(if even unfinished) To Heal Pain(of Yours).

using same format, pronounced: this one ; perhaps not surprising considering

its name ; has declared to me its purpose : to heal pain

emotional theme: have your “loved ones” mistaken 

you for another and pushed this

belief like pushers of not drugs;

but dangerous drugs.

(p.46) (arrow to) (top of)

” … The family

considered him

such an unstable character, such a

fraud, that no one wanted

him around at reunions or

birthday parties …

he was a cult leader.”


Source, citation: knock ’em Dead (by) Rhonda pollero at the cited: palo alto p.l. 

Perhaps this one is about romance(?) ; but I’m convinced it’s what you

pick if (the stance is) :

How do you become psychic. why not try this : from cited p. 41. and look at how it starts in this P compared to what it’s actually about in terms of new/innovative / creative ways of thinking : “He sounded so sincere that I felt more like a creep for replaying the Liam moment in my head. ( . . . ) I was certain I was sending out a telepathic confession that bounced from cell tower to cell tower.”      (Lower font:) Perhaps “towers” “telepath()” other(s) (emotions) () than, “confessions” (in fiction); from your emotions to … ?