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The trap-box II.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: surveillance q’s

date typed up: 102417

[and also in this form: thetrapboxnextset]


The trap-box model as I connected with it that day: was full of four people other than myself. Besides the precarious food dish: I had to throw out some trash; and there was-is no trash bin in the trap-box; I decided the trash was too much to bear [not b-e ?] [no, I mean too much to not bare] and walked out of the trap-box; with my stuff still in it: (other than the trash): I was gone nearby and briefly but had the opportunity: to use the trap-box’s surveillance to view my belongings inside it; I watched as nobody within the trap-box at that point of surveillance changed faces, and none approached my belongings; briefly gone, I returned to the trap-box, and to my belongings: I reflected on what had been my hypotheses and guesses, and how these might be useful for further; and solidarity; and

rest spots.


10.19.17 The financial real value “trust”

I decided at first-second, to reflect on the other four-as a trust exercise. Who did I “trust” enough to stay in the trap-box near my belongings; that was already there; and in this context: box; near means without me/my moving my belongings as I briefly threw out my trash while watching  scapegate.


[An image of “scapegate”]

cited: coca-cola and t-j’s [dark chocolate] pbc



How to keep “it” safe.

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How to keep “it” safe.














for The Fictional VolunTier Project



Exercise: Is This Portion Fiction or Not.  A rough draft.

Theme: Homeless life

Tags: understanding authentication better or for the first time [better]; understanding the query of problem: shelter; theories of non-crime; advocacy: is the real deal; when is plagiarism plagiarism; queries on identity formation in non-fiction.

Level: Easy, basic.


Here’s using myself as example and my work such; example representation:

The Person / People report such and provide an example; the display of the example once you become and-or are familiar with their work is different from its usual display: manifestation. They say it’s to spread its wings wider; and you’re still not sure or are you [… if this is true]. What’s the process of being sure that it’s true , for you [… and not for them].

[next] Pages from “& thass y …” by goura fotadar

[this fiction work labelled to some extent roughly; right above in quotes; is again fiction] is used as art manifesto

Man-If-Established [o]

Tags: emphasis

Theme Inquiries: Emphasis Implies Truth; Emphasis Implies only fiction. How dumb are … .


Safety in the outdoors is much different and-or in the outside redefined and-or translated here to prevent tarnish; to include the outside.

[Define Inappropriate Authority.]

Most officials of inappropriate authority cannot comprehend the functional adventure in resting, retiring and sleeping outside.

Side Copy: Mission Statement: Real Adventure Precludes Spirituality. Look Up The Definition of Preclude; No Look Up the meaning of Precludes.

They don’t miss the view of the sky; that they claim you can’t see outside anyhow at night; and also they have an open-drop or such window tops no panels on roofs or is it rooves. So you consider retiring outdoors at during the day; if public space affords such freedom expanses of schedule for you. They think you are a public hazard for resting outside; and they are much more hygienic for resting inside. But if you’re not just [as in only]; but especially if you are part of any modern homeless movement; and this of course the officials; inappropriate authorities

[no that’s not the definition of officials, official that’s just the contextual meaning here]

might not understand does not imply that you have a safe choice in not being homeless outdoors. How might you use common conceptions of danger I think mistranslated from resting indoors to facets of resting outdoors; such as sleeping under the ground,  against the walls; and covered away from most; that view and-or open in view from, to outside consumers of your rest;


experiences of , such as … that are still afraid of and-or uncomfortable sleeping in tents; and this isn’t

A criticism;

Clobbered up like that sometimes lends itself to something like news stories;

Reminder? : the, this writer seems to think that experiences affect the news; and=or change [more so: effect?] the news, case example:

“A homeless person was thinking that he Alice Q was safely asleep in a bush; and there were an onslaught of housed people who do not support homeless rights; and so think it’s just to pose and receive benefits as homeless people; they see that it is [in] their right[s] to trespass on the homeless resting anywhere especially hidden in bushes in this case; and since they are actually they believe paying all the bills for the homeless; they are also glad they were able to get Alice Q stabbed nearly to death. As the local police in badges have stated: “there’s nothing you can do when the homeless believe they are standing for social cause; we have just right under oath to remove them from all of their locations; because quite simply we work and have worked so much harder than them. That’s the only reason they are homeless; and they by the way do nothing for a living; except drink. I’ve already advised them to consider selling their bodies like the folks we have ‘undercover’ posing as homeless and posing as staff to end charity toward such homeless. We hope to deport them to our countries of origin and away from what is obviously not their home country: the Free United States of America.” 

thinker: is this culturally racist and-or |just| culturally proud.

And the point is homeless or not when there are … like this speaking for … how would you protect your even hallucinations of what might happen for are hallucinations always a falsity of what might could happen in the bush and-or against the wall or on that slab of concrete the only place or one of a few around where you feel  safe enough sleeping / resting / retiring around. Including the indoors by-the-way: where maybe if you were lucky? Enough to live for some time; Oh those luckies who live indoors; that’s why all they do is stalk us in our rest spots. Good logic. Really you should win a medal. Is that medal the restroom; especially the public restrooms.


Is this a proof for the possible application of safety in art; or excuse me; art’s safety; in at least attempted safety.



theme: resting outside is a public hazard according to how aptitude qualified authority

theme 2: Oh shut up! Everything you say or think is fiction and that’s a crime. Or no that’s not right, that’s the truth. [And two are the only options; only two!][?][for everything; only two options; you have only two options.][?]

theme music citation: Homewrecker Marina & The Diamonds

theme illness citations: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Post Traumatic Disorder [levels of cited: DSM …]

I just saw. [Products, citations, and ads.] & the existence thing in reading.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar


I. I just saw.

Prior to the next set of reading notes; which are for sure upcoming;

I wanted to share an interruption I experienced while in a conversation; while right after it;

concerning safe groups and civilian patrols. It was so juxtaposing and dangerous; I attempted to end the interruption; but instead it kept interrupting me; and not quite going;

cited: past commercials/ads of the/for the energizer bunny;

I turned on music; and found the answer to my query: which really all people especially those resting on the street; if even not quite in direct view; and-or in direct view: should have on them; well, those that qualify for things of such nature and-or their akin nature: [things:]

safe groups and civilian “safety” patrols. [Who is assessing meeting qualifications for such things.]

The advent of the cited: rape whistle is an absolute necessity; but and we wouldn’t want it to fall into the wrong use; hands. Currently the only rape whistle I have is my voice. Fortunately, as this commercial or this movie’s ads demonstrate at least one of them: the rape whistle [cited:] joking manner or not in commercial; is here in advent, already. May we be freed? theme: freed theme music citation: hans zimmer now we are freeUnfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the movie? But of course this part of this posting is of course about the thinker; the thought conception of rape whistle {cited:} mostly; anyway; here’s another brief ad-logo type commercial on cited: rape whistles.

cited: CWF Rape Whistle on youtube dot com as accessed on 42517

here’s the current link:

II. The Shelter Conception Re-non Modified.

My favorite perfume, a one-of; has been predicting itself upon my psyche as the next The Witch Goura; comes up to publication; fingers crossed in safety.

has perhaps not a new look but a new door-grabber; as the door on it; is even more pronounced on the what I saw yesterday; it’s a reminder of security of course; but also the art piece of doors; for surely as all actual construction workers must know! a door is a frame; such in computer science languages; and such as in frame that picture. Can you frame that scent better; rather than; it’s one of my favorites. Well then there’s one use of copy:

[Copy for fire safety, especially; a rendition almost of traditional perfume commercials of the ’90s especially.]

It reminds me of real grandmas, real mothers, real women, and even men. It reminds me of boys on darts of daisies like are in so many perfume commercials it reminds me of being near animals; and I guess then it doesn’t remind me of the Sky. Something I think often about. Do you look at the Sky if you can when you enter the frame: door; [inside; through windows; and outside; well through outside views.]

It doesn’t remind me of young women exactly unless they are mothers; and-or girls; which is around when both times; when this was my used favorite scent. How applicable.

and of course on the actual bottle shown here; the door path packs; are like bricks a pointing for me in the next witch goura, again.

but the so obvious: perhaps: I guess: fire -> bricks

and where is perfume to fire – -> bricks is something to consider. I suppose.


and [the, an] outdoors homeless advantage: no door, no fire? contrary to movie representations of homelessness outside; in esp. I think the ’80s.

III. Reading Notes continued:


page 17 from cited: source text; “S -T” by “Zadie Smith”

“29 Exeter Road”

“a whole house”

’29” is obviously an “a” or even that, this, the

“house” is “Road”   —> how:

u: hose or:ad



u => or? [how?]

but in cliché art: the hose as   -> where cliche in this notion means cultural

in p. hose [panty hose]

has almost long

been [date this?  more common: ’50s?


use and-or art

invention of culture

when it was


the gauge of common-ality; certainly

reaches if – ever in: past the ’50s to

the ’80s or whenever that movie:

cited: Pretty Woman was big;

in any case … ; has almost long been

ad; in/of ad[s] & even



ad => hose  {check}

U —-> or [how?]

[h] aside : u sounds a-lot

like ow

[and that’s a mistake]!

so u ——–> or

u is or when there is

an actual other close-to u in [worth, value? etc.]

so u is or i.e. u = or

only on case of

exception; unless you

are less than exceptional;

and in that case:

u = more often;


in case of u = < exceptional u = or [more often] or   in a simulated evolved ethically? perhaps society u = or even when u is exceptional because the other is of akin worth to you; but in general and when lucky; in past societies  : u = or | \/ only equals on ex-ception   so the original analysis is highly important because when evaluating ” … u” to “…or” ; you may not correctly understand that in an unexceptional [on average occur-rence] society; u does not equal or & perhaps then; not every incidence of systemized form-identity is even 1st deserving ; rather put: earning of the title: u and better maybe put? you!

“29 Exeter Road” “a whole house” whole ->Exeter [?]

w’hole -> Ex – eter



I’m not fluent

in french

but I think

eter is something

belonging to it must

be obvious : be / existence


w’hole -> Ex – [some form of be/existence]

Ex now perhaps equals w’

and hole now equals some form existence of be / =>

=> how?

if you go back to the original; because

w’ -> can imply many things,



w’hole implies perhaps

with hole; which

implies perhaps knowledge

of non-missing which

implies perhaps brought to cognition of

a hole [being with a hole] in for example

a sweater; your psyche? ; or even your

body; this might imply that the meanings

of whole and hole were differentiated prior to

being such worded [lettered]but who knows?

tag[s]: rudimentary knowledge thinkers.

so with original

w’ implying

here with contextual

externalization : with

with hole => Ex      sum [no some]              form of be -ing/existence



so? whenever you are

cognized to know you are with

hole you have the experience

of ex[used to be?] [as in

no longer][is] [existing]


\ /

that sounds even past death;  cited: for The Death Project

to what would be the right

term for no longer existing? [t.b.c.]


Define quick non-conceptions of loitering as non-considered by non-thinkers

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 31317

theme: you don’t have to get strait … places; but do you think if even it hurts; if it hurts that bad; than not so much not then? not so much .

theme aider conception: the snip sash,

cited: label of TV series Harlots

(a) basic aside security :

if you find a piece of

‘definable’ trash when possi label (label X2 self editing reminder)

it to aid ; add to security :

when possi apply also this

elementary school model to other

homage public steer – sees.

(b) so a quick reminder if

you attended at least a few

years of elementary school

in at least this country ; you

likely learned a – lot about

security procedures. If only you

can remember them; and-or be

recalled to them.


and this scribble of my name on bag-s given away at the public library.


side banner: I still have to photograph

at least one sign of the potentially

highly inappropriate

sign; depending on the

the competence of its

interpretation ; and not

necessarily on-the

competence of its



side banner music citation [again] : Purple ‘DMT’ npr dot org all-songs-considered 31317


{The Now Ban on


next, almost fictional theme: there’s a tree

shaped like a skirt-


and around it

are friendship


I think loitering

is the sale

of something; and though it may not be defined this way in ultra dictionary;

[The Ultra of True Meaning; and-or Meaning As It Should Is.]

without permission

of competence;


such as

your body, or somebody else’s, food, etc., like a woman with a pusher cart not just of stuff she may want to hand you and-or her own stuff; but stuff that she wants to charge you for handing you. You then or somebody has to re-define and-or appropriate the term-interaction: ‘charge’.

and not at-all

begging, or even

sleeping, etc.


Next part. four lights jazz


cited: ptsd; and that technique that I learned about in supplementary graduate school: cited: Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

make the four lights; does it have to be four?

dance in your eye-sight by contorting your eyes [and that’s it.]

connecting depictor: cited: the killers human … (lyrics) “are we human or we dancer [s]?”

The Diagram How-To:


and just for fun; where I slept last night was actually safe for the night [photographed sky’s view below]; after like nearly two hours of intersection security work; theme: how punning fun! [More notes later of edification: there’s always hope.]


the; reading notes from this text, on-forth

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

(reading notes) by Goura Fotadar

source, text, citation: Happy Family (by) Tracy Barone

-no indoor allergies while in space/spot . . .

– no un-necessary materials for present moment : / at that moment

b) how do you further your survive-ability odds:

-practice reliable hygiene: wash and-or clean in some method enough of your used clothing often  enough, even if they are not easily often dry-able (and your-self, obvs.)

-take advantage of the outdoor environment and change your spirit/physical practices

– Ignore and-or boot out all un-helpful nay-sayers

-form a solidarity with safe groups that is un-break-able even with limited verbal contact: frequent enough solitary / dual* ly / etc. placement even in limited verbal contact is one highly functional definition of solidarity

-if possible connect yourself to an advantaged resource plaza one or as are accessible whenever is convenient and regular enough; so that no incompetence finds a stake-hold nearness to, in proximity of; these barely survivable conditions

-ensure that you still have the ability to do some work that you actually “like” if even un-paid for while living in such condition; to create an economic loss for those that allow such unjust ordinance past-times to pssh pass in sweltering shelter.












e –

we called parents versus competence / and-or parents, real

theme :2? : there are like  thee three sixteens or something …

theme: honestly, … is so far gone; I doubt … even r-embers who I am. theme, for: … in this {set}

Pontificating line. p. 301 “Oh, look: there are a few perfect ly good … in the ashtray. God Provides.”

Pontificating word: p. 301 “infinte si mally” {in analysis:} infinites: i’m ally! 

p. 305 & look at this relevant description of “tent people.” giving us a nice view or look at what could be perceived of people  resting/staying on-the Streets; if even they produce work (no money?) for a living. Are they really all on drugs ; maybe some in – the past, but all ? But very few in-the present ; who are actually rest-sleeping in-the Street could be on-drugs: how would you survive in the temperature on-the streets /and-or outside Earth conditions: while being on Drugs?  (… quote coming up)

theme’s cited: “I’d rather be with you” (shelter/tradi-housing?) Bootsy Collins

The Work Check Conception ( a rough draft) (an art conception, planned for use.)

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The Work Check Conception ( a rough draft) (an art conception, planned for use.)
date, continued: 82116
areas: Public Welfare, Freedom Action.

see slides 10 through fifteen as recently created, on this stream;
for art accompanying this application:
document disclaimer: you must not be over the age of 18 years old, i.e. that means it is not necessary for you to be over the age of 18 years old, to sign this agreement; you can be in fact of any age/time, time-phase/and even nationality; but, this agreement has been created in the United States of America by a U.S. native born citizen in the Modern Day, as identified in day, below (again) .
theme: protected wealth
theme 2: the swim lesson.
art concept: I see a van, old white with ladder wooden drive by. I think of former wooden limbs including legs and hand jaws. In a place, ladders of such nature with vans of such nature; would mean protection; in another place; they would mean danger. Why is always the importance of the question? How to do you get to why, one-way be might through observation (cues); another way be might to consumption of real observation (cues) of others; in other words no lies about the real observations.

tag, line: When is your work going to count (more); if already not “enough” or at-all.

Application title: The Completed Application for Work Check as Protected Wealth Personal/Societal Endeavor.
1.  I need basic rights, basic needs as protected wealth for my work; earned (these basic rights, needs) by me through samples here of my work. (With application, provide samples of your work.)
ii. a. basic rights.
I comprehend that these basic rights include safe shelter, access to transportation I can “afford”, safe movement inside and outside the shelter in my provision; furthering the conception of safe shelter; these basic rights include a legal defense team or group or entity/being that works “for me” and the same for hospitals/medicines, and a law enforcement system; that work “for me” & the defense of my “basic” needs, rights.

ii. b. basic needs.
Weather/elemental protection, this includes “enough” clothing, “enough” food/drinks so that I do not report feeling thirsty or hungry un- ordinarily.
Joke-ing Disclaimer: Of course, we here are not referring to any pang of hunger or thirst experienced for even a moment’s notice. We here is used in the formal sense of “I”. Another I the agree-r, and I the contriver of this conception.
“enough” supplies for any work-related projects, “enough” space for any work-related storage
“enough” cleaning goods/ cleaning resource access, the conditions in the live and/or work and/or other space that is live-able per one’s reported experience of live-able; and also of course work-able and also of course move-able per one’s reported experience of these, identified.
(and, likely more to come.)
2. Ethics.
I agree to participate in basic guidelines of ethics, examples:
no participating in any non-joking false accusations, non-joking falsifications,
no participating in aspects of falsification such as identity theft, and unjust persecutions, and the hiring of illegal unethical as per one’s honest knowledge, of defense forces, and all accompanying parties in all definitions of hiring to further such unethical ways of modality.

(and,  likely more to come.)

3. I sign this agreement as created by currently, named: Goura Fotadar, temporarily named: Goura Fotadar McCarty or Goura F. McCarty or Goura McCarty , and named: Goura Fotadar at birth. Also, published under Goura Saraf or Goura Fotadar Saraf or such.

————————————————-                                 ———————————————-
(your name and other names, you have legally used)           (your current legal name’s signature)

4. If I break this agreement past receiving the benefits deemed from it; I then will be sentenced to a lifetime in prison in the United States of American and all of its warranted districts,
without visitation, and travel rights.

5. I choose not to participate in this agreement; then I will not receive any of the benefits of it so prescribed, or soon to be prescribed.

6. or Other Notes:
This Version of Work Check Conception as hereby been created further by Goura Fotadar due to conflict witnessed by the creator of this document; Goura Fotadar (and other of her legal names as used by her only and legally), especially but not always in recent years as of today’s date: August 21, 2016.

theme: ethique
theme: criminologie
theme music (citation): christina aguilera beautiful and dirty (as heard some of again, on general radio 82116)

citations: all educational/work engagements I, Goura Fotadar, have/ do participate-d in. With temporary formerly married name, included in such. Please look through this; document; to signify all recalled legal or warranted names, such as; through publications.