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The trap-box II.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: surveillance q’s

date typed up: 102417

[and also in this form: thetrapboxnextset]


The trap-box model as I connected with it that day: was full of four people other than myself. Besides the precarious food dish: I had to throw out some trash; and there was-is no trash bin in the trap-box; I decided the trash was too much to bear [not b-e ?] [no, I mean too much to not bare] and walked out of the trap-box; with my stuff still in it: (other than the trash): I was gone nearby and briefly but had the opportunity: to use the trap-box’s surveillance to view my belongings inside it; I watched as nobody within the trap-box at that point of surveillance changed faces, and none approached my belongings; briefly gone, I returned to the trap-box, and to my belongings: I reflected on what had been my hypotheses and guesses, and how these might be useful for further; and solidarity; and

rest spots.


10.19.17 The financial real value “trust”

I decided at first-second, to reflect on the other four-as a trust exercise. Who did I “trust” enough to stay in the trap-box near my belongings; that was already there; and in this context: box; near means without me/my moving my belongings as I briefly threw out my trash while watching  scapegate.


[An image of “scapegate”]

cited: coca-cola and t-j’s [dark chocolate] pbc



The details of non-violent self-defense ; or a voice

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for The Fictional Voluntier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date: 81417

Part One.  As Submitted.

Hello; I’m highly concerned about the local police departments harassment of me. They drive by me and keep flipping me off; and or repeatedly waving at me as if we are friends. They cause me extreme harm; and are constantly threatening my safety violently. This has gotten so out of control that I am even stalked in the public restrooms; and falsely accused of literally every crime. The police departments involved are: Menlo Park P.D. Atherton P.D. Palo Alto P.D. and San Jose Police Department; as of now. If I don’t comply with the violent threats of the police departments and their criminal on-lookers they tell me they are going to arrest me; and if I shriek in self-defense; they tell me that they are going to put me away for life. They also compete with my career, my educational degrees, and my civil rights social causes; and my years of work experience; they ask me a proliferation of personal questions that are not relevant; and tell me to shut up when I do speak. Just two days ago I was charged a dangerous citation for doing exactly what they said; and they once again attempted to ban me along with local authorities during my work production hours. They will not leave me alone. When I call them for help; they start mocking me and gesticulate racist and prejudicial symbolism. Citation: 44-8900282 Menlo Park P.D. and misspelling of name to Gora Fotadar; when my name is actually legally spelled: Goura Fotadar. Two days; ago; or so they told me they were putting me under arrest; and then handed me a citation; which implies to me that they wanted me to believe that I was fleeing an arrest; illegally. I have never committed a crime in my entire existence; not even a small one; and they in uniform will not stop committing crime. It seems quite a non-triumph over justice; to be charged such a citation under the declaration of them bearing violent arms toward me.


Part Two. Feedback: as quoted from county website

“Your report is complete. Please use the button below to view and print the temporary report for your reference. You will be emailed a copy of the final report once the report is approved. The copy of the report will be sent as a PDF attachment, please make sure your email settings will permit this. If you have any photos related to this incident, please email them to: Be sure to include your case number.”


Part Three. As Emailed.

Evidence to Submit of this specific incident:


Part Four. Non-Completion. Wash the misspelling.


“Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server:
Remote Server returned ‘550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound; not found’

Original message headers:

Received: from ( by ( with Microsoft SMTP Server (TLS) id
 15.0.1044.25; Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:26:10 -0700
Received: from mbch-sg-230 ( by
 ( with Microsoft SMTP Server (TLS) id 15.0.1044.25 via Frontend
 Transport; Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:26:10 -0700
Received: from ([]:38582)
	by mbch-sg-230 with esmtps (TLSv1.2:AES128-GCM-SHA256:128)
	(Exim 4.82_1-5b7a7c0-XX)
	(envelope-from <>)
	id 1dhK3s-0003pb-0V
	for; Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:26:00 -0700
Received: by with SMTP id g71so41045030ioe.5
        for <>; Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:25:59 -0700 (PDT)
X-CTCH-RefID: str=0001.0A020201.5991EB38.00DC,ss=1,re=0.000,recu=0.000,reip=0.000,cl=1,cld=1,fgs=0
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20161025;


Part Five. Enforcement into Completion for Self-Defense.


Upon; email, the email was non-working; and so the evidence “bounced back” I then had t’spend time searching for another accompanying email:  and ended up emailing some authority in the city of Millbrae from which the provided malfunctional email is presumably closely enough associated; through their portal; and so hopefully that is enough of completion security trail …

How do you know what feels wrong to you.

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How do you know what feels wrong to you.

Secondary Standard head: Is this fiction or not.

Rough notes on the quick

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

is it an? el; and other form translations or breakdowns … ? are [r]
by goura fotadar

date: 63017

public library theme, select: she’s dumb and she’s not deaf. I know her and I use her name to get out of prison; without her consent.

outdoors public theme: and they won’t stop attempting to steal. We don’t have the guns. But they do. Which is they.

tag[s]: grammatical ideology how; is this fiction or not

Part One. I don’t know figure out what “you” means quick enough and roughly is still good enough.

I like ice cream and coconut milk; because it’s rich and it heals me. [heels?]

I like chocolate because it puts me out of pain.

I haven’t told a lot of people that I’m completely ordinarily deaf; and most not “dumb” people can just tell anyway; I can still hear you if you focus here. Otherwise I can’t. And I was born that way; but raised with a majority: family that kidnapped me that I’m not actually related to in any form of that actualized definition; so I never told majority: them. And they really don’t know, unless you tell majority: them.

I know I’m an actualized being: beings; because I’ve helped a “ton” of actualized other beings; and not so much or at all non-actualized beings; or those that never hope to actualize [.]

I went to college; and then further a lot of school. I was mostly if not completely a straight A student in higher advanced education especially the prestigious ones-forms of it; So I know most words have more than one regular utilized meaning for example: dumb and dumb. I’m not dumb but I am dumb. You maybe dumb but not dumb. We’re not the same really. See. [really, sea] My kidnapped family told me I was dumb and then paid [sum:]people to change my grades [when]; so that the entire world? could pretend it was true. Then we had the existence of terrorism in our world [in time]. Uhm, I’m not that “full”. Please don’t blame all terrorism on me; sometimes it’s like your fault.

Part Two. Figure out what “feels” [is]

to me it is a central gut-like irk; and that’s enough. One gut-like irk that cannot be trans-placed but can be temporarily -only temporarily ignored.

Part Three. That’s enough. {Two levels} {It’s a pun.}

The Model is You semi-defined to You.

and central Irk that can’t be ignored forever.

{hint: most people don’t know that I’m also completely ordinarily mute; and yet they can sometimes? hear me? and also partially completely blind. Most people don’t know that I’m also severely afflicted with various deviant and movement disorders; yet I’ve never committed crime. It’s pretty impossibly possible to be afflicted with a, movement disorders and never for example: hit back. It’s kind of the experience of a lot of civilian non-criminals; and also reformed criminals; but not non-reformed criminals; who I also call un-actualized one group of a beings; and I’m not sure if they; the definition of beings … makes verity here, for the un-actualized [non-reformed criminals].}


Part Four. A Compiled Aside:

“You” “feels”

form y, in more than one y

if not fiction; then like fiction at least hear: really, Sea in time terrorism … when

form flower like a y is another form of y [hint]

civilians are not allowed to hit back no matter how unescapably criminologically competent they are; and at least not hit back regularly if even they brake; break? that rule. But veritas is it actual just law.

How come non-reformed criminals hit back, and hit uh; cons tant [and not ly] I hope you understand like uh, for example, the basic of like math constants.

theme basics: math constants is-r also the cliche of “don’t give up” so don’t stop working … is a constant, math constant, how.

theme music citation: foster the people don’t stop [again]

Part Five. Almost Un-Related Like a Win, doe

There’s too much actualized no actual? evidence to make one […] s

believe that lies about competence ever build to a “win” in finality,



I found in a -donation stack- final part

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pre-s-claim: the same cited source article referenced and quoted here below and [the] complete citation provided in part one on this blog

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up: 62317



If even a minor; but

not just; and when there is time;

in almost the welfare application

of self-love -istic theology;

because in the advent

of mutative tr.

there is not; thanks

to the inadequacy[sp?] of

“authority” response;

and surely not all

such inadequacy can

be asphaulted [or: asphalted in spelling?] in blame on

training; for even without

training we and-or

“authority” must be able

to do something in our

actual positions;

something of

gum-like substance.


From the cited source :

“Data compiled by

The Chronicle show more than

14,000 calls for service to police

and sheriff’s departments in

2015 and 2016 from California’s

10 shelter campuses. The

majority of those calls, some

repeated for the same incident,

sought help tracking down

foster children who left without



2015 -2016

date change [1]

as in one year

14, 000

majority of 14,000 = help


The analysis suggests

that in at

least the change –

over of [1];

staff at locale shelters

at least ; are implanted

so-to-speak : to receive

aid from “authorities” ;

and the transaction

of majority in an assumed

significant  stat of

change in incidence

count; means that

the minors were pulled into

the “help” to ensure it would

come.  In an idiot’s effort

if and not that they shouldn’t

authorities are searching

for x1 ———- xinfinity  (minors) ;

then-than they may not be instead

fixating the fixation

of the needed


help of  “y1 ……………… yinfinity” (major)


Thus then in any social

welfare response

it must be quarantined

why esp. “y1 ………… yinfinity” (major) needs

help outside of their

specific roles ; and how

regularly often.

This in more precise

terms is how we advent

the warrant [un-regular def.]

of regular help ; and or the

advent of any help; and also

the advent of interruption.



The Beginning Phases of Identity Procreation.

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Creative Processes Connected to Real-Life and Imaginations of Un-Reality & to cited: The Death Project for The Fictional VolunTier Project



comprehension themes: the death project from the existential purpose of life and so on; and of security measures in our modern world; what a … situation. 

by Goura Fotadar

theme: it’s real progression

connected publication theme: the fashion of identity for the cited: The Witch Goura [next one]

theme music cited: stone temple pilots (flies in the) vasoline

No need to non-absurd the ascent into real spiritual life and-or real progressive cause for all that are interested;

[Make a monk, pastor, rabbi, nun, … etc. ascetic (and etc. signa of whatever else might actually be included and-so what I’ve left-out.) card:] (you might what to pick a numbered process of the above breakdown; for example my spiritual practice identity is broken-down and encompassed nearly entirely be (1)ascetic inter-faith discipline (2) lay version of monk non-robed theravada buddhist discipline (3) lay version of lasallian catholicisim (monk?) practice … and so on; )

with a description of your associated


to help bust

false-fake authorities; at least. [hence: a security note it is, too.]


arrow to: For others pick at least a training model if even it’s not your main and-or only occupation


Brief Back, Display: I remember this idea when I was running the cited: The Spirit Work Out non-fictionally; and needed a card briefly crammed in the back with some of my recent (at-that-time) relevant experience.


More Brief Notes: {I’m tired of searching for the old one at this point; so here’s brief, and rough notes of what mine would say today:}

I have a B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley [Go Bears!]; where I got mostly straight A’s in my major-subject. I worked in fashion, in editing-writing-proofing areas especially as a project-based contractor in my 20s; on the side-I participated in what might be a million volunteer projects; including leading many of them, and despite not receiving that much credit; I stayed in the non-profit world working at a violent and highly stressful job in suicide intervention and crisis control headquartered in the Bay Area. At the same time, roughly I ran my own new-age spirit revolutionary business, and continued to volunteer in various especially local to the Bay Area organizations. I’ve worked with everybody from Vietnam veterans to monks-and-pastors, to “damaged” boys in group homes to [so many tos is boring] to people in drug recovery to dementia patients and isolated elderly; and of course with the mentally ill, severely mentally ill; and those experiencing immediate suicidal needs that they are unable to overcome. I’ve also trained and organized many people in the Bay Area. I also have a nearly completed master’s degree; at St. Mary’s College of California in Counseling Psychology where I received nearly straight A’s again despite a severely demanding work-career schedule, and where I was selected as an outstanding student with regard to empathy remediation and that type of extraordinary [sort of a joke] quality. I started meditating through abusive force as a child; and more adventurous-ly in my 20s; I attained jhana as a very young child; before I even knew what it was, and very much became aware of the effects of jhana as a severe practitioner of meditation and connecting disciplines in my 20s. Activities I practiced-practice to enhance my own ascetic ascent into my own world: are to give up working for an income-live-able income; give up my own shelter; voyage in a produced part of the world on-my-own to cure the suffering of mankind as a beggar as an act of uniting with actual poverty, nearby; and to shirk programs that displayed too much unjust discrimination; this is why I chose not to complete my master’s degree; though so close to the-end. I started working at any job I could find when I was younger [a teenager] and before college; because I grew up very very poor. I had a highly incompetent family, and this met me with severe unjust harsh judgement in society; until I completed my undergraduate degree. I’ve also practiced-practice severe forms of physical meditations; such as: extreme forms of yoga-and-stretching [and severe lone minus my dog hikes in-the 8hour range multiple times a week.; and severe treks cross-country in avid temperatures.]. Not too long ago, I also mostly solely raised a special needs Samoyed; who fell into my life, and died a few years ago.  Now I sleep on the, street when I am not harassed by fake-false authorities, and stalked by unjustly discriminating housed people sometimes posing as the homeless. I work out of public spaces; and my current financial earning for the year is five cents.


[More notes to self: Trim Down to Maybe 10 points to include on card.]

[As a joke: it might say something like of truth though: engaged in modern-day ascetic and progressive practices: such-as homelessness for spiritual and-social cause; and not due to incompetence.]

Rough Notes , Less Rough, ? [The Basic Ten Points; Obviously these could sound better; but are good enough for now; and that’s not settling in the non-meditative sense. If you want to copy, as emulation go ahead; just obvs. fine-tune according to your own personal experiences. I think-thank: below is only nine points for now; and I have to find the original. Nevermind, there’s ten. I would include them on the back of the card, in briefer than below form. Editing Notes: Yes, a second cut-down.]

theme: the hyphen

theme music citation: florence + the machine you’ve got the love


-Went to College and Nearly Completed A Master’s Degree. Am not secretly a terrorist, part of some undercover militia force, the fire department, etc.; and-or a criminal on-the run; or reformed criminal who has earned reform [see below for more.]

-Have not been homeless for most of my adult life. Have been Homeless in America; and that does not mean that it is a country foreign to me, and-or that I’ve never lived or been to another part of the world.  [May not be the race, you suspect; and am not lying about my race or name or gender.][This is my real identity that you may be likely lying about; and attempting to steal; I actually am walking all those miles and producing all this work, and not some virtual program impersonating me.][That Doesn’t Mean I think you should never use virtual programs, just that I have no personal use for them.][well sort of; the computer station at the public library can be virtualist-ic; more-so than your rained on notebook.]

-Am homeless out of personal choice; based on social and spiritual fully-developed ethical views.

-Have actually worked for a living for money; and believe that creating work for a living does not limit itself within the barriers of earning money.

-Am not a drug addict, mentally ill (a sufferer of), and am not a criminal briefly out-of-prison; so I have not recovered from any of these things and the third also not recovered from and-or have any experience in: is prostitution

-Understand that Homelessness Is Encompassed Also in Spiritual Cause as is Mainstreamed by more than One Religious Path’s Discipline.

-Do not need your help understanding what good food is, how-to work out; how-to meditate, chant, and pray. and how-to dress and-or clean myself; and how-to communicate with others. Do not need your help comprehending avenues of basic intelligence; if I don’t understand it; it’s not clear enough.  This includes how to interact with all others; including animals, plants, and public restrooms.

-This, my current work; is not my first job ever [as briefly described]. And English and certain? foreign languages are not so foreign to me.

-Did not grow up wealthy; and am not shirking conservative? ideals about finance due to some youngish hippy crisis. And don’t have money stored with a house secretly in an account that I know about; so that when this passes; I have no way to cash out; this is a real cause, for me anyway. If I own the building you are using, unless you can psychically read my mind in the future; I don’t know I own it; and you keeping that information from me; might be a civil rights or higher infraction; depending on your intention.

-I’m not using cited: botox and-or your image; this is really what I look like.


cited: google vocab check “ascetic” just as you know a comprehension further aid; despite the basic-ful of this word. as accessed through google dot com on 3917


  1. 1.
    characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.
    “an ascetic life of prayer, fasting, and manual labor”
    synonyms: austere, self-denying, abstinent, abstemious, self-disciplined, self-abnegating; More

  1. 1.
    a person who practices severe self-discipline and abstention.
    synonyms: abstainer, puritan, recluse, hermit, anchorite, solitary; More

Steaming Water Burns: An Interruption, Crime Report: Discrimination against the Functional Homeless Continued, and all-other connected Functional Parties.

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An Interruption, Crime Report: Discrimination against the Functional Homeless Continued, and all-other connected Functional Parties.

Tags: Criminology as a subject Matter of study/pursuit/practice more-on/-so.

Tags: crimes of low intellect caught again.

Tags: the Uses of Law Study

Tags: , Asian-American & Asian, Cultural Heritages

Tags: Educated so not quite lay Criminology

Tags: In Truth: Observational Criminology so Criminal Anthropology

Tags’ Music Citation: Sophie B. Hawkins Right Beside You

for The FVP

notice of low intellect: this is not a work of fiction, it is a non-fiction work; but it incorporates comic like fictional sense in some of its referencing. I hope you understand.

Notice’s music citation: sophie b. Hawkins Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

by Goura Fotadar

date: 21717



theme: “I’m going to call the actual police! No, I’m going to call the police.”

Theme, notification: actual versus non-actual intentional crimes of further stance.


Surrounding Check connected to Personal Race-Cultural Check: I don’t mean this in a racist way-method; but this is not South Central Thailand.

Or wherever gawking, and again stalking, and ordering around the functional homeless is allowed (and et al [punc.]). I am however Asian; but Asian-American.

Surrounding Check’s music citation: counting crows round here



Report Incident: A very short stature woman and man from the local Asian style restaurant in Menlo Park (CA) nearly burned me for sitting on a bench outside, and there were no customers at that time in the morning. With a bucket of what appeared to be at least steaming water. Did not give me a chance to pick up after myself; and also nearly dumped my recently cleaned backpack with my work materials in it some of them paper (no doubt!) with the same water. Her similarly short husband, partner, brother and-or friend … cousin, started stomping his feet and flashing his arms at me. I told them I was going to have to do this … and they said, they didn’t care; they said,

they are so willing to discriminate against me, and all others like me; that they are willing to go to prison for-life.


Not my job, who’s it is? But I explained to them; this is the USA of in 2017; you can’t discriminate like that.


If you were a law student: you might want to figure how could (can) you discriminate, in case you haven’t already figured


Report Incident, The Story Continues: They then attempted to force me to buy a $16 something (dollar) plate from their restaurant prior to it even being open. As far as I know, my e.b.t. hard-earned while I work for no living wage; theme: how long will no money pay work Last? Is it a timed economy for you?


As far as I know, the e.b.t. card does not cover or something.

When I wouldn’t make the purchase that wasn’t sized by my : e.b.t. card, they continued to escalate their behavior toward me by congregating a bunch of their Asian family members or something , perhaps connections; because I just can’t imagine them having any friends, (this form of discrimination is allowed by civil rights, err,) ; and threatened me with an effective ly physical hate crime.


I managed through repeated hard-effort from some kind of surreal assistance to receive what they believe to be the title of their restaurant, and its number; as they know it to be.

They however could not remember or did not want to give out the owner’s name or did not know, and the number of employees they have working for them.

The main male involved then, started to imitate my movements, and of course I must further myself; so my non-criminal ascent into further non-crime, I responded only intellectually: here and working out: here, also. Thanks to The Gods, for intellect-development or something.


Here’s the info.  as I was able to collect it from them: (cited : )

J&J Menlo





the; reading notes from this text, on-forth

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

(reading notes) by Goura Fotadar

source, text, citation: Happy Family (by) Tracy Barone

-no indoor allergies while in space/spot . . .

– no un-necessary materials for present moment : / at that moment

b) how do you further your survive-ability odds:

-practice reliable hygiene: wash and-or clean in some method enough of your used clothing often  enough, even if they are not easily often dry-able (and your-self, obvs.)

-take advantage of the outdoor environment and change your spirit/physical practices

– Ignore and-or boot out all un-helpful nay-sayers

-form a solidarity with safe groups that is un-break-able even with limited verbal contact: frequent enough solitary / dual* ly / etc. placement even in limited verbal contact is one highly functional definition of solidarity

-if possible connect yourself to an advantaged resource plaza one or as are accessible whenever is convenient and regular enough; so that no incompetence finds a stake-hold nearness to, in proximity of; these barely survivable conditions

-ensure that you still have the ability to do some work that you actually “like” if even un-paid for while living in such condition; to create an economic loss for those that allow such unjust ordinance past-times to pssh pass in sweltering shelter.












e –

we called parents versus competence / and-or parents, real

theme :2? : there are like  thee three sixteens or something …

theme: honestly, … is so far gone; I doubt … even r-embers who I am. theme, for: … in this {set}

Pontificating line. p. 301 “Oh, look: there are a few perfect ly good … in the ashtray. God Provides.”

Pontificating word: p. 301 “infinte si mally” {in analysis:} infinites: i’m ally! 

p. 305 & look at this relevant description of “tent people.” giving us a nice view or look at what could be perceived of people  resting/staying on-the Streets; if even they produce work (no money?) for a living. Are they really all on drugs ; maybe some in – the past, but all ? But very few in-the present ; who are actually rest-sleeping in-the Street could be on-drugs: how would you survive in the temperature on-the streets /and-or outside Earth conditions: while being on Drugs?  (… quote coming up)

theme’s cited: “I’d rather be with you” (shelter/tradi-housing?) Bootsy Collins