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The Blue Rubber Gloves have to do with your stuff getting trashed. Just an observed guess.

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The Blue Rubber Gloves like a fiction title. The Blue Rubber Gloves have to do with your stuff getting trashed. Just an observed guess.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: criminology and criminology art


part one.  81317

Location: a 50 [mile] radius from/pertaining to Menlo Park [CA]

I forgot to include on this day; after my stuff was trashed; that the cops also brought blue rubber gloves up to my face/skull [again] a repeat from sjpd but those set weren’t brought close to my face; whe n I asked them why they had brought those blue rubber to my face; they ignored me and refused to answer; the day before; uh this happened, then my stuff was trashed.


In the middle; as already described I was ticketed; and but the cops told me I was actually under arrest; but failed to actually arrest me; will there be a follow up to their repeated attempted violent arrests of me; going on way too many attempts from them to me … ; while I’m not actually committing crime; [and they like; are; like so like]

Highly especially inebriated police departments as briefly evaluated nation-wide: sjpd, palo alto pd, Atherton pd, Menlo park pd [and will others consistently join the list?} Fingers  crossed for the actual real police and not these fake, posers of law enforcement.

theme citation: my so called life

theme music citation: [again] another day in paradise phil colllins


The guy/ a guy of city of Menlo park also told me earlier this year; that he was going to trash my stuff; I submitted a complaint; and uh, it looks like he proved true to my word.


Oh one more report: the guy, or one of the cops; faked crying too; and told me that I had no empathy.


Part Two.  Bible scent quick diagnosis


Observing Church notes, on 81117

cited: Isaiah 5:7 p. 569 18-29 or look at this updated reference check cited:

theme: it seems also connected text line[s] a  religious proof for good scentery in [b] art also; cited: b.a.r.t.

A flip and quick examination:


but does “rich robe”

just mean


and w[h]ether





Reality Diagram[]s: How to wear the wrap-around

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Reality Diagrams: How to wear the wrap-around

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 52717

tag[s]: accompaniment, fashion, editing, reality, theology of self

O. How to Wrap You / Them / Her/ Him  {in} {Into}

theme: fitting in

theme next: notions of popularity

Almost seemingly casual; when it starts the wrap

In font you squeeze it in a tie snug and almost too snug

You forget your sense of smell;

And how is that relevant

cited: mind channels

Is a refreshing reminder of cited: snuggle washing detergent/laundry detergent

[Reference, cited:]


Which has a particularly memorable smell-scent.

When your body or a pat of your body is tied [ w] rather rapped in

Such clothing;

Even framework; if you forgot for a moment what the clothing is or that you’re in; encompassed in it; that of significance meaning.

I.E. the clothing is hear; here framework; the so obvious for even a fifth grader;

The wrap is in clothing;

The perfected fit?

The following adhesive functional movement?

The stained metabolism?

Is clothing in a culture of […] part of the form of .. . Of you, of the wearer.


theme: wrap god

theme music citations: rap god Eminem and god tori amos


Pop Fiction, continues; & The Flower Theory

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Reading notes: 4.24.17

tag[s]: crisis of ed. curri-cul.

source, cited:

cver of source text cited

[accompanying] Dictionary of American Portraits

[edt by Hayward & Blanche Cirker and the Staff of Dover Publications, Inc.]

on cited: p. 235

identified from source text cited in coherent relevant lines of citation

what do you think

of the classic heart

+ accompanying second

necklace + pears, pearls

grabbed; and even

in comfort in

open neck.

tag[s]: art edu. ; theme: ideas; mind channels

In second source, cited:

[main text]: z. smith; swing time

source text cited

[for this segment of reading notes:]

in cited: Prologue

[but first theme to respond,

to:] [your art anywhere

outdoors] [like book covers

in libraries; at least.]

[in the entertainment

of psychics [real?]

search groups +

severe [authentic withins

severe academic] politic

groups] badly there

must be the advanced

of the reading group;

even two-person in video-clip

cited: that special person!

[draw a two person skit with recording.]

to supplement academic

esp. reading

related endeavors


Part One. The text as an art lesson.

in reverse order







of appearance

“dancer” cited p. 4

“I experienced myself

as a kind of shadow.

” … that I had [notes:

never [had] [necessary?

had] any light of

my own. ”


after seeing this text; thinking

of art and-or painting: one

notices text such as:

“coast,” through page already



more reading notes for The FVP: The Flower Theory


cited: p. 16 of

main source text ;

while I was thinking on-the

notes in pin-points:

I was thinking of foreign

culture and not difference

in cultural race: but

within; the main-Land:

possibly: here ? [even].

on p. 16 it is

revealed that the

other “girls” are : “these

white girls”

which of course points

us, to: another race

for the narrator +

the defining sector : race;

other than white;

later on the same

page: ” ‘When your

dad’s white it

means—‘ ”

it seems from cited: page

17 the answer is:

“There were consequently

things you couldn’t discuss

in front of Lily Bingham, and

now Tracey shut her mouth … ”

where “consequence […]”

sounds like cost

and there are “things”

“in front of” [a flower]

“things” cost [

have “consequence .. “]

when [colloquial-ly]

“front … ing ”

to / toward /

as to …

flower [s]

flower in name – ing

is invocation

to species:

flower, too?

from p. 14 of the cited: text [main, text]

esp. breaking up:

“espadrilles” => esp. a drill, es


esp. adrill :

is the description of

the shoe: type! [also]

pesa, drill, es

pesa, drills, e

following the continuation of:

s where it

most makes sense ;

and in this case application

wear : it most makes sense

pesa, e-drills [? -> perhaps]


4.18.17 on p. 15 at quick glance oui-oui!

have: ‘ “Freed” ‘ and here on cited:

p. 14 we have :

” Her hair was yellow,

not blond, yellow like a canary. Her

skin was very pink, raw pink, now … ”

paint a  [plain] painted [white]:

frame [[as contrast; even what

could be missing ]]

and so blinging opposite,

earlier on cited: 14;

“It was disappointing .”

“yellow” versus “blond” could

im-ply real story: tale [paradise,

possible] and in our : cultour at least,

please; The cliché [pah-again] of freedom

through dancing; for that is; for the?

subject matter: fiction; much like

a bird: i.e. “canary”

plummets the intelligence of even

the child main subjector [-er];

and if you didn’t know it;

before on excerpt implies a

cultour foreign to the American [english

language]. at the bottom of cited:

14; “trilby”



or even rt. [foreign cultour?]

as opposed what we

see more often here; though

we do see [rt.]

rt. – liby as a joke: might

mean [way to [public space] library] =>

obs. freedom.


— then from this other source, text:

source, text cited; cover / top

cited: p. 352 , The New York Times,

from source cited; as just identified; and being identified in coherent relevant lines

the Complete Front Pages : 1851-2008

  •  – –
  • what the heck: besides general
  • guesses/know : is :
  • “agrarian socialism”
  • ag – rar – ian
  • [e] -> age [Ian] who is ?
  • -> rare


age, rare: Ian;






and this is p.e. haps

one def. of suicide.

when is I [an] an

in a group

[of specific


(belonging to incident)



suicide implies ?


will oui oui oui come

across more; on a more through

and not thorough read of this article? —-> see articlepic.





On Culture: through lens Food Disguise

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for the blog, fvp on


33017; posted to on 33117


source, cited text: San Francisco Chef’s Table

by: Carolyn Jung.

cited, source text as identified above (from … cst)
[to support the next, cited: rum’s theory]

on page 83 (cited (of source text)): [see photograph]

bread as a disguiser of meat in

phonetic appearance;

they sound alike and meat to

mushrooms, eggplants, and the others?


Sure-fies it to art-form:

but think of the sport-like offense

to this, statement ; from my collegiate’s

collegiate culture:

on cited: page 83, contn. : perhaps it

accurates better the misconstrue-ment of “Rebel”

“It’s rare that baked goods garner a cult following,

but The Rebel Within sure has.”

cited: The Cheeseboard:

for the love

of bread and

cheese, please!



source, cited: ERTE




cited: source text cover; as identified the source text, right above

The phenom[e] ‘O’  (slanted arrow to) The dis-illusionment of/by viewing-to

pornography -P


at cover alone:

clearly from-it

you must wonn-der

(two wins]?

and [o] already


never about the

non-clandestiness [sp?]

of unkind to you-

others; for

the striking of a decorative

pose is a personal, private

decor if even composed in

public ; it from the cover:

includes stares/stairs /and-or hoax background;

memorable costume-where! (ever) ; and a cognition

of you as two into one; quite the ‘O’

this is near

closing; but recommended

to look at the-

the inside

‘O’ and-or ‘O’


cited, music: annie lennox  no more “I Love You … [s]”

food cultural epigraph

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date: 31917

date, typed up: 32017


tags: petition for enough food, actual wealth, high recovery in haute season

cited, theme: the random art saying book as on cited: amazon kindle

An actual cited: cvs, is excellent;

if you sign up as a member,

and they don’t mess up

your membership;

you can purchase

enough food in $5.00 or so to

fill you up for most, but not

all of a-day. In the tradition:

of haught-iness; astacks

of cited: m& m’s ; kit-kats,

popcorn, and other non-cooked

by you items: coke (cited)

+ a variety of teas. & yes

these are food recommendations;

for those that don’t have

access to kitchen-cooking.

Suches items can fill you-up;

keep you from starve version

of fasting; and give you the

excess energy you need; in-the-actual

homeless scene : to provide non-criminal

Security for at least yourself , work

the excess of non-living-wage

work-producing hours; walk

those long-distances for food

charity & access to safe-enough

work-space public spaces; and

of course provide the energy-support

for other activity : such

as meditation-al personal work.

But traditional haughti-ness

tells you; that it’s high-end fish

you should be eating; so, hope that

you receive that in your food

charity donations.

The intellect of finance

doesn’t necessarily contradict

high-end fish consumption; Why you work

for no living wage : you should be rich; as an elevated even

mainstream niche.

It does however pointe : as in a flip of

the feet in ballet on a bar ; I think

it is ; but if they re-defined it to

something Less since I was 2 ; that would

be hilarious. theme: oh the hills of hum our;

roll our laughs. 

out that stacks-and-stacks of

affordable food are a worth looking

at serious knowledge stream; that

on testing, recommended ; at least

fill you with energy.

And the food wrappers themselves

are quiet an art-form : a cultural

epigraph in art-form.

[jokes but not quite] citing : andy rooney 

on 60 minutes.

[in tone?]

Cultural Art Comparisons on Poverty-3117 wrok-ed on; [worked on]-

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date, typed up: 3717

{about photograph to perserve confidentiality; my finger just [ cant can’t to ] click fast enough} the scene of venue-istic danger; a new hypocondr …


Research Reading on Poverty for The FVP


cited source text : Address Unknown Kathrine Kressmann Taylor [right beneath book back]


arrow to on Reading Diagrams

Unfortunately : the book appears mildly broken

arrow to relative  book check

tags: research for the cited: vhp;

the fvp, obvious; the sophistication of reading comprehension; aptitude accounting

from a quick flip to : p. 77

theme: we must? cure poverty. [acts of social justice and sacrifice cited: lasallian methodology: a no choice of action ]

theme music citation: go deep janet jackson



“You speak of the poverty there. Conditions have been bad here this winter, but

of course we have known nothing of the privations you see in Germany. ”

(2) Art + poverty  ? from p. 115 look at the diagram

{Draw so far a common motif of telegram, and a foreign-language translation.}

the diagram of the short telegram :




“Cousin” -> “2” (new, assumed?) “boys”



“success” -> “as” the next major -comprehension diagram


almost doesn’t


“delayed” -> “difficulties”












“final” -> “discretion”



“God” -> “hand”


Part Two. It’s a translation, duh!



editing eye-i;

the reader’s diagnostic ‘i’


More, of : it’s in a completely foreign to me script: but

of course at even the Kg level it’s important

to see what can be seen before the translated

more text is re-looked at:

Cultural Art Comparisons


(1) The cover is imaged in a way that is also of strong connection to thispresent

as in (the geographic location I am in) culture; but there is


a war’s art connection to the cliché patriotism mimcry-in-sync affect to:

[look up spelling, again]

and then of course there’s the cultural clash asserting itself: there is on-this

cover a clear reversal of the connection to crucifix … [spelling, continued]





theme: the tow , two lines meet perhaps from; cited:

the flag of  & cited: jesus crucified on-the [cover]


cited: the source text this is as described, identified above


[more to come?]