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The Cream Paint

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The Cream Paint


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 2218

[also in this form: The Cream]


tag[s]: on computer digital art meditations, that’s a bit of a joke as a tag, uh then, regular counseling incorporating geo-physics and of course, uh, basic art; uh, computer science , titles


This guy; that’s not too soporific; has a re-occurring dream of something that used to have: had happened to him; where as in a location he was locked in the one side of this blue house; and then a bunch kids or several kids got him out; and he just doesn’t want to be locked into that house in that location until he’s gotten out [i.e. in the meantime]. He knows for sure that in this case he will still get out. How does he change his location; because it’s not like the people who locked him would let him.

Easy: right?

Draw a house; he want s the house to be more blue; or a different more blue shade of blue.

There actually is a white picket fence which he wants to be yellow now.

The rest of the details aren’t as important, to him.

Starting solution: He draws a stig[stick] figure with his face on it in the one location of the house; perhaps where he was; and then simply moves the stig figure where he [‘d] rather be.


A side note: on combat logistics: and reality interface with such and also so then in this case reality creation: you could test in all functional scenarios or not in the drawing digital or such; and then see within a short period for rough functional enough testing how reality proximates change around you that’s authentic enough; before deciding on the one set or such change; in such a small provision even in dangerous combat; it would hardly make a disastrous difference; but still a significant and perhaps eventually important difference.

theme: IX just don’t want to be locked up in that location; if even IX [is] eventually going to eventually get free; mostly but not completely unharmed. The first analysis of harm, unjust: is the dream not going the way IX want[a] in location of general set house; so re-set location within general set house; and test the, all the possible: potential re-sets; that are seemingly functional to potential [uh, ordering sets is that that].

theme music citation: johnny come home fine young cannibals


part two. to post to the fvp : lear-ning


such an obvious word diagram

while working on the next publication: citing the next publication

don’t forget to post:

as in cited: King Lear; and of course: what do most understand yes; quickly want:
is ning; [yes, perhaps making lear important; and then we have the classical –ism actually edifying lear to at least some important [–t, ce]; create-ing what is that safety from egotism inappropriate by just the name of the work; or part of its center name and then there is of course the non-contradiction of the pre-phase to the title certifying this point to is it phonetically valid]

and in its characteristic use; perhaps different from the first clench of meaning;

within Learning the ing is almost a sound of rhythm such as each learn incident is accompanied by a sound of rhythm but perhaps a support of rhythm; like a bell in a show game; everyTime one has won something based on actual knowledge and its prowess;

[t/b/c in some form at least; a hope to that read?]


How to create an equivalent gun that I need / desire

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[and also in this form: How to create an equivalent gun that I need]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 12018

tag[s]: physics madness, more criminology tools, applications of art practice to the reel whirl


Date 11918

[theme: so I don’t forget]

In non-ordinary combat here called patrol science

use the box [again]

cited: magic/ patrol box



Starting inside box:

  1. [what is like a gun] effective kill

= right time

Who:how do you know when that is ——- /\ | [right time]

this is the answer to the quantum leap  through art : right side can translate to right time


  1. [Consider filling in the other numbers [uh, refracted by the future completion of this sentence like structure, how many numbers might you want and want et al] the way you would want but that are also dependent on making sense]

[since I might should be able to give it, a brief description of a possible translation explanation; just yes that means placing everything in your surrounding area on the division of right and left sides, and yes, including time on the right in some effective enough method; like even a clock; and that’s it to start with [it]]

Definitions of Surveillance : Another is this fiction or not. \ [part one.][or both.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 11818

tag[s]: civil rights action, …

[also in this form: Definitions of Surveillance]


Date: 1.14.18


In an interesting turn of circumstance I’m assigned? [who assigned me? ] [double question mark directive] to watching this man on surveillance. The incompetent “librarians” can’t be as a whole expected to do a single yes, competent thing.

He’s been using public computers withe shuch [with such] “librarians” miserly [ness] in public yes; way past the required time limits. And I wish I were joking when I said cited: C.I.A. officials he decides with the local? “librarians” he takes precedence over. Just a few days ago, I heard him unfortunately yelling with other unholy terrorists who are currently all wearing a Buddhist? Matching orange; when they can’t steal themselves into militia uniforms & tools that in entropy don’t belong to them … that the cited: C.I.A. is insane, and that he knows much-much more about fire security, policy, and police work, and perhaps even religious ascetic forms of Buddhism [all in its actual form-s].

Mostly he waddles from what he is convinced is reserved seating for him between “his” public workspace and other seating; he also waddles to and fro the bathroom area along with the local? “librarians” yes barricading access to the bathroom. When perhaps the [this generation’s deployed] military complains about this specific barricade; a non-useful hallucinatory version of cleaning people, are sent into the bathroom: man dating any bodies on the toilet to squeeze and push their urine and feces out; this happens especially when the bathrooms have already been cleaned and are still in early process since then: clean.

They use the building in their European stance to anti-freedom as if they ar- its original donor; and are paying for its day-to-day operations, and regularly. The miserly[ness] of the local? “librarians” presumes them to declare based on this criminologist’s investigation that inappropriate lengths of work times on checked out public,

Books,  [or what did I mean instead.]


[Robotic theories synced ]

Computers will get them unearned salaries paid and-or elevate their unearned salaries. [It might be edifying to consider actual definitions applied of elevate and how these may translate to such positions in society et al in function.]


theme: got bust through to comply with public computer use time limits; god forbid, I might zone out for a minute to five, and my work unposted …

theme music citation [again?] Interpol all the rage back home

The Key of Elevated Development , Rough Notes from where:

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[also in this form: Rough Notes from where ]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 121517

Tag[s]: criminology, computer science interface, reality creation/art



The first stage of the criminal investigation; where the gender was unclear but not in a derived way: point to the fact that the perpetrator is a male, is cognized either through self-exploration and-or through education/in formation

even from the reverse

side of combat enactment:

i.e. enforced awareness

into actually knowing

what has been done wrong

… is cognized

Of the perpetrator’s gender; cognized by now the perpetrator itself; yet this is not the gender the perpetrator wants to regularly portray despite identifying with the gende[r].


Identification here of course

is based on development context; and so may not always be connecting to sign of elevated development.

[The Key of Elevated Development]

   On feeling reflection

The interactions of investigation process: reminiscent of former work.


Part Two. Library Studies, continued


[a] One, having discovered definition: a slight difference for from example reading comprehension, and or book, material comprehension-analysis; in library studies: noticing the material at least contemporary and application, significance.

Advisor Comprehension Source Citation: Klee (art book) describe the front cover in regular analysis

Jose Maria Faerna, (cited, additionally p. 5 from text), Paul Klee’s Parallel Universe


Why define “Library Studies” when a definition already exists or might exist; or more than definition.

Citing the Advisory source above redefining something to add at least one additional definition to perhaps an already working term: creates perhaps as referencing again the citation: a Parallel … (something),

Next; main source citation: Save as Draft, Cavanaugh Lee

Things to notice:

[image above from main cited text]

cited: image from main source textg

p.4 (main, source citation):

in most normal and normal here just means regular email programs:

the “Re:” would be added onto each time [at this point in time; which of course includes library studies as a noticing into the conception of actual history, and her[e]  the history of computer grammatics and reality creation] the email was responded to, after the first “Re:”

Considering that

Prompt response and entry into system; an email system being a reality that an objective Being interacts with and to some extent directs; email script and interaction with is an almost an alternative reality with/as a pseudo-hosting to who might be communicated  with; and this is only in usual context of email; may be similar to inviting somebody to dinner: and asking them only a few questions regarding a specific context:  [the generic usually starter of email communication; until perhaps another not necessarily sequential climb stage in familiarity is reached]

While interacting with the atmosphere space of dinner for some, time to enable … ?

An example, includes:

Instead of your own home; you’re at a restaurant where you’ve invited somebody ; the area you’re seated in: perhaps rather your table: is a prompt within certain limitations, until you order or something; aligning

That space of reality to meet your needs, rightful, preferences, etc.

Once before or after who you and now the sub-space of the restaurant: are hosting; you order

The wait-staff or who-ever receives

The order is

The equivalent

Of hitting

The “send”

Or “send”-like button in email alternative reality.

Write notes as in quickly Spotted in

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Write notes

as in quickly

Spotted in

[source, citation, brief look at, due to library closing:]

“cinematherapy” -à by “nancy peske and beverly west”

of “Dolores Claiborne”

By Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

as connected

to “purplement”

date typed up: 112717

[also in this form: Write notes]


tag[s]: reality interface. Jewelry with movies, time short-ages, criminology of course, oh au computer science theory above regular theory




Oh “Dolores” ! I

Knew you were worth-it;

When you reminded me

To heal or work on healing

My trauma; when cold winter

Skies, reminded me of

Day-time; when I considered

Jumping like cited: batman, too; and when I finally travelled to maine as somebody that was sponsored and for a new adult first: homeless.

    Part II. Talked to somebody about bright painted flower [virtual] around the traffic light.


[study of crimino-logy e/affect with additional is it called stimulus; perhaps matching cue change and-or  cue change recognition of traffic light]

Part III. Don’t Forget the heart; {pick a necklace}

theme: if this is confusing please refer to cited: the witch goura series

But fact-like checking was it from memory supposed to be in Maine. No, no I meant Canada.

From memory: wasn’t the original woman, employer, of wealth; what if in this motif theme it that, that thing were changed, to  “high” wealth

cited: tiffany & co. of up look-books, blue-book[s]

the yellow symbolizing of course the absence of uh, sun

the grab to the neck, in hope of a no fly-away; unless there is a break;

and the name, is of course with of water-liquid

and can you see the almost poplar like florals in the background against a tree-like stencil, i.e. of branches

inside of course is the center house-window or nest,

and like uh window

comprehension hint: most know but can’t recall for sure that “tides” are like tithes in meaning

the neck of course is the trunk;

and without a hanging to neck or neck enough;

we have ,

space of use like tree

space = like tree top?



theme: nesting topaz something like magic

theme music citation: missy Elliot; the rain & sock it 2 Me



Notes on the cited: D.F. [s]

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Notes on the cited: D.F. [s]


for The FVP.

By goura fotadar

Date: 7.30.17, typed up: 8317


theme: in which order

tag[s]: abstract summations; religious theology.



A. Evidence

of sanctity

if not cliché

popular; than wide-stream;

specified evidence

[then; or].


B. An actual; machine: engine

a sort of sub-set

of deux [de/es] machina

propelled by Order; to move [next].


C. Visit the Heritage, real;

or directed to voice

real of for example: skateboarding




And after practice;

How you,

One …


Influence the Heritage

Of for example [again]:



Image to draw: (Large D followed

By period) D.


theme: entropy

with progression




D. Have the expectation

of gear; don’t expect

the gear to change

but expect it to be

renewed. If it

does change; expect it

to advance into the

next Order: (machine)

engine move.



The Mitt; of basic translations

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rough notes-and quotes from “aa class/courses” on 06.23.17

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up: 62517

The Sort of Lecture:

“Life Purpose”


” = ” “winner”

“book of John”

“Chapter 5”

“the verse of healing at the pool”

“finding purpose in life … get”

honest; liven in the truth ”  ” … live in the truth”

“to find a clear purpose”

as cited from Jesus in the lecture

“do you wish to get well ”

. . . ” … and walk”

“12 steps start with

admitting the truth”




trans, lation

ad: mitt [ing]



         sea; mitt [or ad: see mitt]

“what are we

addicted to … sex? ”



slightly para phrased

“can’t do it ourselves;

we have to surrender … ”

” … surrender” [only?]

” to win … ]

first, admit the


second”  “dig up the truth”

baseball ? a second

for the catcher

=> to “dig up”

from : ad : mitt[ing]

fourth step of aa :

dig into our

past … ”

“character defect”

how does de: fect

turn into

de: fend [which it sounds like, too; or also or almost s.l. ]

a car’s fender; [sp?]

and a “second”
or some [time]

for catcher [ing]

=> mitt; here

———————————-> the most l’importante for? [the catcher?]

“humbly … remove shortcomings”

hum, b, ly