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I think it’s about the swan can, again. The [Artistic] point I think is carrying a swan; if even it’s almost unseen.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 071718

tag[s]: organization[s], art theory, art cots, public welfare, fashion, social welfare & hygiene-s


Compiled in this small group of fragments, from old notes on: 071618


Carrying Loads, [Part two?] Also left-over art notes in notebook, at its end, almost.


on 12.19.18

one correspondence: { art project for the FVP, continued:}  then wrap in left-over  plastic and a brown-paper bag

{layer} as previously photographed and

store closed up in cliché swan or general

duck form in a bag; for several days;

see what happens to it; as it makes itself {here?}


two correspondence; then turn into a flower pot if even on some future date imagine: using cig, butts too as added ingredients


three correspondence: 12.20.16 for the fvp, art on the street life [cited: (amazon, kindle) soul pieces, the …]

{art project continued … then: take out of stored bag but leave in brown bag, turn over, and dry further near plastic on a concrete slab or something like it}


fourth correspondence: 2.15.17 an example pillow set: Set “pillow” items & hint: (quick) on how-to construct:

[include the image sketch, maybe in t.b.c.]

It’s also a:

part [something]. A hygiene w[rag] as you work; preferably use something that you’ve used as a soak cloth and then cleaned: First take

the cloth wash it after-ward? under tap water + soap [squeezing out][as much as doesn’t take too much of effort] then blow dry or public bathroom dry but [quick] for such immediacy. Don’t forget the competent “lady’s?”

tip theme: don’t spread “false” [implied meaning-and] stereo types; to spray the cushion/case down or its inside with something [humid i-fyingly?]



Aside notice-ings





Body Space Encompassment et al incorrectly done …

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[also in this form: Body Space Encompassment]

for The Death Project  in The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 51918

tag[s]: brief notes, entering cited: terminator reality; and existing outside of cited: terminator reality integration, existential homicide; technology and reality; real religious theory: criminology


What does virtual dubbing prevent; is probably a worthwhile question; it is also perhaps even more worthwhile to consider what does virtual dubbing, catch.


First of all, what is virtual dubbing. (I don’t know you figure it out)


What if you were virtually dubbed out … so that, … you could rest while you were especially deployed outside during rest hours … and somebody walked by; not being able to see you; in even a semi-hidden spot; semi-hidden spots …  and trampled on exactly where you were resting and these tramplers were either in “uniform” now or later … and what if especially this took place more than once and in more than one location.


How did they get there? Are they superior psychics; or is it rather something like paranormal theft such as death through unjust homicide, yours:

-I’m not saying you are dead; but you may  be and not have realized in the fragment of your mind prior to death; that prior fragment inculcating you to new actions past your death but limited in fact that you think and are directed by the fact that you are still alive.  So you should verify if you qualify as this version of death; and other versions of death that are not unjust homicide; such as holy living death or whatever that could mean; are at least worthy of knowing about in even regular evidence; like if you level of trauma at has reached certain incidence are you automatically qualified as living or like holy dead;  these versions of other than unjust I should say completed homicide; but (they) are Less relevant in this system of



-next: are you having a harder time than perceivable and despite putting in the work to have a less difficult time, people might point you to jesus; or you can just access new Jesus; which is evidence; if such “folks” are trampling on your exact place of being i.e. your body and head; even as you are dubbed out from their vision:


They are quite obviously living off of the entropy of your body+head i.e. you that produces through uh, stealing from what you have produced even will produce. How does this happen: … in the case of this video, … [where is the video] the lady doing the trampling claims that she and possibly her daughter


theme: no, really; where is the video? I’m referring to.

theme music citation: moby in my heart


The Real Metaphysical through Criminology

are almost like homeless after I reveal that the cited: [who] is deployed as homeless;

Even if she were almost like homeless; that doesn’t stop her from trampling on people’s exact rest-spots who are such deployed to uh Reconcile the Societal and International Societal Issue of Homelessness; even as she can’t see them in their spots.

She seems to; aware of the fact; that my work pays for her way of living; and while she tramples on the deployed’s bodies as though this is her freedom in theft; the problem is that this is not part of the deal in unholy terrorist negotiation; if my work pays for your way; and even if you lie about it; you have to do what I say … because like that’s just the way it is.

In basic cognitions; why she wouldn’t qualify as regularly homeless is because of her attitude of stomping on demarcated though virtually dubbed out bodies of those that are deployed as such; in the basic cognition; her definition of homeless might instead mean using housing like resources that belong to others and are paid by my work; and others like me’s work; for example: those that are virtually dubbed out nearby.

God! I’m tired.

A house is a baby, explained. [Part I.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 33018

tag[s]: real estate, wealth protection, economics

[also in this form: A house is a baby]

It’s an interesting thing to hope that a house that were nearly 8 million dollars would be some-thing that would make reality interesting; it makes sense when … even : when given for free; food is expensive; i.e. it takes a lot of entropy  to create; what is a lot of entropy.


The house; situation why we are deployed as homeless; is well, because I just don’t think housing should cost that much; and even if you have a lot; I think each house should cost about a penny and-or be free. What about its security, people would likely threaten. Who cares. A few years ago when I was paying rent for a shack in the hills; to/through a property my original father owned: he & they own like everything. I suppose it’s about fair to say, what they don’t own, I own; and then they own it; and vice-versa. What they own, I own after in order; in this case it’s with. Here’s a way to start rich; and to own and-or have a stake in a lot … ; it’s also a very interesting way / method to understand time: you get older and the past is mutated by your intentional economic entropy: if you produce / create any work and then take nothing for it; for a while; and or less than its worth …



The Cream Paint

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The Cream Paint


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 2218

[also in this form: The Cream]


tag[s]: on computer digital art meditations, that’s a bit of a joke as a tag, uh then, regular counseling incorporating geo-physics and of course, uh, basic art; uh, computer science , titles


This guy; that’s not too soporific; has a re-occurring dream of something that used to have: had happened to him; where as in a location he was locked in the one side of this blue house; and then a bunch kids or several kids got him out; and he just doesn’t want to be locked into that house in that location until he’s gotten out [i.e. in the meantime]. He knows for sure that in this case he will still get out. How does he change his location; because it’s not like the people who locked him would let him.

Easy: right?

Draw a house; he want s the house to be more blue; or a different more blue shade of blue.

There actually is a white picket fence which he wants to be yellow now.

The rest of the details aren’t as important, to him.

Starting solution: He draws a stig[stick] figure with his face on it in the one location of the house; perhaps where he was; and then simply moves the stig figure where he [‘d] rather be.


A side note: on combat logistics: and reality interface with such and also so then in this case reality creation: you could test in all functional scenarios or not in the drawing digital or such; and then see within a short period for rough functional enough testing how reality proximates change around you that’s authentic enough; before deciding on the one set or such change; in such a small provision even in dangerous combat; it would hardly make a disastrous difference; but still a significant and perhaps eventually important difference.

theme: IX just don’t want to be locked up in that location; if even IX [is] eventually going to eventually get free; mostly but not completely unharmed. The first analysis of harm, unjust: is the dream not going the way IX want[a] in location of general set house; so re-set location within general set house; and test the, all the possible: potential re-sets; that are seemingly functional to potential [uh, ordering sets is that that].

theme music citation: johnny come home fine young cannibals


part two. to post to the fvp : lear-ning


such an obvious word diagram

while working on the next publication: citing the next publication

don’t forget to post:

as in cited: King Lear; and of course: what do most understand yes; quickly want:
is ning; [yes, perhaps making lear important; and then we have the classical –ism actually edifying lear to at least some important [–t, ce]; create-ing what is that safety from egotism inappropriate by just the name of the work; or part of its center name and then there is of course the non-contradiction of the pre-phase to the title certifying this point to is it phonetically valid]

and in its characteristic use; perhaps different from the first clench of meaning;

within Learning the ing is almost a sound of rhythm such as each learn incident is accompanied by a sound of rhythm but perhaps a support of rhythm; like a bell in a show game; everyTime one has won something based on actual knowledge and its prowess;

[t/b/c in some form at least; a hope to that read?]

How to create an equivalent gun that I need / desire

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[and also in this form: How to create an equivalent gun that I need]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 12018

tag[s]: physics madness, more criminology tools, applications of art practice to the reel whirl


Date 11918

[theme: so I don’t forget]

In non-ordinary combat here called patrol science

use the box [again]

cited: magic/ patrol box



Starting inside box:

  1. [what is like a gun] effective kill

= right time

Who:how do you know when that is ——- /\ | [right time]

this is the answer to the quantum leap  through art : right side can translate to right time


  1. [Consider filling in the other numbers [uh, refracted by the future completion of this sentence like structure, how many numbers might you want and want et al] the way you would want but that are also dependent on making sense]

[since I might should be able to give it, a brief description of a possible translation explanation; just yes that means placing everything in your surrounding area on the division of right and left sides, and yes, including time on the right in some effective enough method; like even a clock; and that’s it to start with [it]]

Definitions of Surveillance : Another is this fiction or not. \ [part one.][or both.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 11818

tag[s]: civil rights action, …

[also in this form: Definitions of Surveillance]


Date: 1.14.18


In an interesting turn of circumstance I’m assigned? [who assigned me? ] [double question mark directive] to watching this man on surveillance. The incompetent “librarians” can’t be as a whole expected to do a single yes, competent thing.

He’s been using public computers withe shuch [with such] “librarians” miserly [ness] in public yes; way past the required time limits. And I wish I were joking when I said cited: C.I.A. officials he decides with the local? “librarians” he takes precedence over. Just a few days ago, I heard him unfortunately yelling with other unholy terrorists who are currently all wearing a Buddhist? Matching orange; when they can’t steal themselves into militia uniforms & tools that in entropy don’t belong to them … that the cited: C.I.A. is insane, and that he knows much-much more about fire security, policy, and police work, and perhaps even religious ascetic forms of Buddhism [all in its actual form-s].

Mostly he waddles from what he is convinced is reserved seating for him between “his” public workspace and other seating; he also waddles to and fro the bathroom area along with the local? “librarians” yes barricading access to the bathroom. When perhaps the [this generation’s deployed] military complains about this specific barricade; a non-useful hallucinatory version of cleaning people, are sent into the bathroom: man dating any bodies on the toilet to squeeze and push their urine and feces out; this happens especially when the bathrooms have already been cleaned and are still in early process since then: clean.

They use the building in their European stance to anti-freedom as if they ar- its original donor; and are paying for its day-to-day operations, and regularly. The miserly[ness] of the local? “librarians” presumes them to declare based on this criminologist’s investigation that inappropriate lengths of work times on checked out public,

Books,  [or what did I mean instead.]


[Robotic theories synced ]

Computers will get them unearned salaries paid and-or elevate their unearned salaries. [It might be edifying to consider actual definitions applied of elevate and how these may translate to such positions in society et al in function.]


theme: got bust through to comply with public computer use time limits; god forbid, I might zone out for a minute to five, and my work unposted …

theme music citation [again?] Interpol all the rage back home

The Key of Elevated Development , Rough Notes from where:

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[also in this form: Rough Notes from where ]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 121517

Tag[s]: criminology, computer science interface, reality creation/art



The first stage of the criminal investigation; where the gender was unclear but not in a derived way: point to the fact that the perpetrator is a male, is cognized either through self-exploration and-or through education/in formation

even from the reverse

side of combat enactment:

i.e. enforced awareness

into actually knowing

what has been done wrong

… is cognized

Of the perpetrator’s gender; cognized by now the perpetrator itself; yet this is not the gender the perpetrator wants to regularly portray despite identifying with the gende[r].


Identification here of course

is based on development context; and so may not always be connecting to sign of elevated development.

[The Key of Elevated Development]

   On feeling reflection

The interactions of investigation process: reminiscent of former work.


Part Two. Library Studies, continued


[a] One, having discovered definition: a slight difference for from example reading comprehension, and or book, material comprehension-analysis; in library studies: noticing the material at least contemporary and application, significance.

Advisor Comprehension Source Citation: Klee (art book) describe the front cover in regular analysis

Jose Maria Faerna, (cited, additionally p. 5 from text), Paul Klee’s Parallel Universe


Why define “Library Studies” when a definition already exists or might exist; or more than definition.

Citing the Advisory source above redefining something to add at least one additional definition to perhaps an already working term: creates perhaps as referencing again the citation: a Parallel … (something),

Next; main source citation: Save as Draft, Cavanaugh Lee

Things to notice:

[image above from main cited text]

cited: image from main source textg

p.4 (main, source citation):

in most normal and normal here just means regular email programs:

the “Re:” would be added onto each time [at this point in time; which of course includes library studies as a noticing into the conception of actual history, and her[e]  the history of computer grammatics and reality creation] the email was responded to, after the first “Re:”

Considering that

Prompt response and entry into system; an email system being a reality that an objective Being interacts with and to some extent directs; email script and interaction with is an almost an alternative reality with/as a pseudo-hosting to who might be communicated  with; and this is only in usual context of email; may be similar to inviting somebody to dinner: and asking them only a few questions regarding a specific context:  [the generic usually starter of email communication; until perhaps another not necessarily sequential climb stage in familiarity is reached]

While interacting with the atmosphere space of dinner for some, time to enable … ?

An example, includes:

Instead of your own home; you’re at a restaurant where you’ve invited somebody ; the area you’re seated in: perhaps rather your table: is a prompt within certain limitations, until you order or something; aligning

That space of reality to meet your needs, rightful, preferences, etc.

Once before or after who you and now the sub-space of the restaurant: are hosting; you order

The wait-staff or who-ever receives

The order is

The equivalent

Of hitting

The “send”

Or “send”-like button in email alternative reality.