Sterling Dark circa age 13 part one.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 02/04/23; date worked on: 08/10/22

body – maxes / maxes – oout

hits time

[consider how to hit non-time/should be review]

time can order chaos

what might be term above chaos; sterling light and-or dark; but sterling

dark has option of stability instability marked by death and such [h, r, etc.]

that shows up in light; would blend in dark.

So Sterling Dark (chosen)



chaos and-or ordered

chaos (Ordered via time)

[sp? this how]

jug-alar [considering something analogous [sp?] to order]

sterling dark [curiosity is to get to higher meanings possibly of time & non-time]




reference jug-alars might be for

review. example: [cited: other (my, of and such et al) publications] stars, clouds, rainbows, even hearts, etc.

consider also light stars compared to dark stars and time stars versus higher-time* stars, and so on.

[have a complex problem with these 3 victims]

we could just try jug-alars sterling dark

consider [in as review]

formulas and-or starting

formula even review

summation (i.e. consider as formula)

sum_of harm_to_these_three —>

sum_of_harm_to_these_three_as_victims—> sum_of_dark_magic —> sum_of_transistor_dark_magic : jug,alar_sum_of_sterling_dark (at_measure_cited_spirit_indestructible_updated_to_dark_magically_turn_around)


a potential basic representation is …

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date worked on: 080121; date typed up on: 011622

cited: “ba … sha …”

a potential basic

representation is

0 for “ba … sh …”

\ /

\ /

1 for standard level of that variant of make-up


—- 0 +

\ /

\ /


0s, and 1s

-3 -2 -1 …. 0 … +1, 2, 3, 4 …

\ /

\ /


then you want to go ahead

and incorporate a tool

such as

“eyel … co…”

or any tool

usually you might basically hypothesize

a rotation but here dependent on



\ /

\ /


so an example tool mechanism could be basic:

dependent on this foray[sp?] of


\ /



+ \ /+

— —


0 + + — —

\ / + — + — (for tool mechanisms from the side number lines here moving in either direction)

| — + — + (for a 2nd tool or 2nd tool factor at least for same tool)


1st hypothetical “ba …” “sh …”

number is


0 convergence to 1

here is defined as

++ — —

and tool mechanism dependent

on such convergence is defined

as + — + —

with two factors as — + — +

So you have (0,1) : ( + — + –, — + — +)

and before you have

(0) : ( + + — –) —> (1)

so looking at these we attempt to more fully assimilate [sp?]

starting from this

(0) : ( + + — –) —> (1)

(0 + 0+ 0– 0–) —> (1)

So then we have coordination,

(0+ 0+ 0– 0–) –> (1)

so then we have coordination,

(0+ 0+, 0– 0–) –> (1)

So now you have to infer; and likely

there are many way to infer;

so let’s see how I proceed

Obvious inference

( (0 +1) + ( 0 +1) +, (0-1) — (0-1)–)

(1+ 1+, (–1)– (–1)–)




0 > 2+

+1 1


(–1)– (–1)– sticking with addition needing another digit you switch to multiplication but forgetting the minus theory or not for this asunde



0 –> using common



(–1)– (–1)– 1

2^+ , 0 which signify “ba …” “sh …” in only the + direction

for next “ba …” hypothetical , so —>

2 + …1, 2, 3 …





So a 2nd representation

of “ba …” “sh …”

picks a hierarchy

of positive

so usually


means greater

in some

variant of

the meaning of positive.

that’s starting with a 0 hypothetical insertion but can obviously display conversions

to other hypothetical insertions.

Yester-year Tagged part two. & recall making da

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, type up on: 02/19/21; date, worked on: such as 07/06/21

tag[s]: cited: creative thought, and proofs


civilized non-civilized

hemisphere to hemisphere

. . .

would be considered a volatile homicide attempt. In that cue of time; most elders only believed

that if even she : the main victim; met others her own age in the non-civilized hemisphere:

there were a lot of things; events she would miss out on from where she was from.

Her friendly mannerisms and congenial attitude were different from the non-civilized

hemisphere; yet they didn’t change much; and it’s a way to recognize her among the masses.

As the years passed on; she was announced to be married quite young to the same individual who had

announced a crush on her; this announcement was made to various people especially the victim’s relations in the civilized hemisphere. Except no actual marriage had taken place; and the victim had no awareness that such a thing was being announced; and also as described; at this point does not know the supposed marriage partner, personally. It sounds as a punishment of laying eyes; as in she the victim had seen this person somewhere; and that’s enough for him to decide . . .

As the victim, goes missing.

& part second internal


making dahlia

current context:

budget, space, enough


had, lid, ah

budget, space, enough

new floral name: haddilha to solve such problem

[and consider making formula with such]

Poverty roundhouse

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: examining examples

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date worked on: 11/06/21; date posted 111321

tag[s]: lists; formulas

From empty containers; what’s left in sight on poverty budget for food.

now empty containers and/or empty wrappers

  1. cited: gamesa, arcoiris, marshmallow Cookies
  2. cited: pop tarts, frosted smores, lemon creme pie
  3. cited: Tootsie Roll, POPS
  4. cited: Gold emblem, microwave movie theater butter popcorn
  5. (barely affordable) cited: Trident, Spearmint, 42 pieces
  7. a few cans of cited: LEMON-LIME Sprite
  8. cited: KitKat DUOS: MOCHA + CHOCOLATE
  9. cited: BAKER’s Select GALACTIC BROWNIES
  10. cited: Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup

vegan protein nutrient formula over entire thing (or something) : in words (or something)

on this particular list you might add

basic application: the flurry [ again …?] [ more …?]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up on: 08/28/21; worked on 07/30/21

side notes connected to m.u. school + c. patrol

tag[s]: proofs and outlines

cleaning the loader. What is loader. The loader comes up at the end/at the final part … [ clean it again] even if it’s already clean; then put it into use [obvious application]; then calmly create a flurry upon this objective of a loader and-or specified loader. Then calculate approx. how long the flurry is in use. Then see what comes up in application.

So Friday, July 30, 2021

flurry created at approx. 8:20 AM

flurry ended at approx. (bed-time) which is … ? —-> hypothetical flurry line

hypothetical time might be 9:30 pm so approx 13 hours of flurry at this point of set schedule perhaps of with some variate-ing (variating [sp?]) on about 4-6 (4-/6) times per month

13,12, 13, 11, 13, 12 —>

suggested as lessoned flurry technique: after using loader usually in more than one attempt on loader objective [as in likely structural apparatus] fan out objective and try to pick off effectively something such as lint; i.e. such as lint on clothing

—-> in hours fragments easily to higher breaks in for example per hour recycling in minutes; and-or per second recycling in minutes; and per day recycling in months; and per month recycling in years; and other such basic time intervals; and how-about time-equivalency intervals.

flurry, contin. using the day


thinking of image reg. as in even outside of this flurry; to elevate function and things of general elevate; and problem solving here from especially incidence. every 13th day create a physical geo-sphere flurry in world-view (where); every 12th day do the same; and so on. So counting from your 1st count of day:

1st count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, –>insert flurry here

14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, —> insert flurry here …

In the near immediate 2nd re-enforcement [sp?]; look at flurries [sp?] set and visualize potential shapes and insert comprehensions on a new count (see above)

side notes #1

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

date posted: 11/16/20; date worked on: 11/13/20

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: bizarre strangeness , sort of proofs

cited: k* exercises from back then: childhood

(1, 1, 2) switch to combination (immediate)


of collection on levels of coarse-ness


(0,0,0) -> softness (version of no rain)

3 versions of softness

why not try inverted zero or here represented softness



0) -> basic inversion (comfortable rain)

to solve weather issues change placement



0) back to (1,1,2)

one thing is to

break up

the zeros using

# of elements identified



0 0) =

(1 element

1 element

2 elements)


(states) = (elements)

how about now to control fluctuation translate elements

so create loss of 1

” “

” ” 2

so remember displace externally & make un-breakable

so usually switches to physics

look at arrows


\/ 1


\/ 1


\/ 2

an easy way is to have a fake and/or regular dummy

(dummy 1

dummy 1

dummy 2) create transposition to get to real identified

so prior 1st; early they weren’t dummy or real identified

(dummy 1

dummy 1

dummy 2) —-> ? (real 1, real 2, real 2)

create a fluctuation code

{dummy 1} if dummy fire up

leave 1;

until repeat 1 to stable

so estimate is 3, 1s

fire up could be

so { -dummy 1

-dummy 1

-dummy 2} = catch (1



so consider shape and-or create 1 and so on

[to be continued]

Part Two (b). New land …

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(part one not yet up) Part Two (b). New land: Leg parts versus and with eye glass parts

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, on: 72620, date worked on: 7320 (I think)

tag[s]: analysis

theme: I hate t.b.! & violations of d.v.


untitled (5)

untitled (8)




Signs of Make-Up & In events [part three]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

dates worked, on: 09/25/19, 092819, 92919

[also in this form: fvppostingon112019]

tag[s]: reading notes, proofs, research, streams, cited: creative thought

Source, citation: Elizabeth Gilbert, City of GIRLS

cited p. 110                                                                               “into a tight embrace-”

“He had a cigar clamped in his mouth, …”

theme [a repeat theme?]:

it’s a coming

cited p. 111                                                                               “She gave me a kiss on each cheek, wafting a

scent of gardenia”


(before above)

cited p. 111 “… and he caught Edna in a tight squeeze that looked like it might hurt, but which only made her beam with pleasure.”

cited p. 111 “Hers was a smile too warm and genuine for …”

cited p. 111 “But I do love living at the Lily …”

cited p. 111 “… to reach in and crush my hand in his.”

cited p. 112 “… I was less smitten with him.”

cited p. 112 “… it was as if I’d known … forever”

cited p. 112 “ She was the most charming presence I’d ever

watched light up a room. She was a sort of elfin queen, what with her bright little face, and her dancing gray eyes. … that belied her size and her pallid coloring.”


At first but deeper appearance it seems the summation

is that there is a need for suppose at least

the internal sub-set invention for make-up

for the large-and-or-obese  which may reach

an external sub-set of …?

And at least so far

What is the evidence of this summation [    for1fvppostingon112019

] but perhaps not

only this far.

-before the check above … going on

cited pg. 113 “ … but once you looked closely, you could see that the skin around her eyes was crumbling with fine lines, and her jawline was getting soft.”

In events [part three]

          One of the first h.c. s where general society from this time cue; could no longer deny that they general society were/are commit[t]ing unjust h.c. s

Later segment: boyfriend/significant other was inebriating with older brother; which wasn’t real brother: Differentiation of inebriation eventually led to the homicide of this victim

society in general provided explanations for why they enabled such a-h.c.; and some gave explanations of being in a lot of pain while h.c. s wasn’t. In addition, celebrations of the homicide; i.e. obvious: inappropriate celebrations continue on such as tree climbing with …? ; and excessive demonstrations of physical carrying activity with deceased body nearby; such as involving construction work-like objects.

Singular and then dual repeating threat.

Removed fire drills

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

worked on date: 02, 27, 2019

tag[s]: fashion, cryptology, criminology

[also in this form: fvppostingon32419]


Source, reference citation: daily post, real estate on 2, 27, 2019 (cited) p. 13


cues: to use, looking as men; regardless of actual gender + displays of cliché love or non-cliché love

consistent movement after & before incident [one derivation of work-out]

use of similar names:


also similar names: also similar in recognition cue: in this case women’s names some type of akin-ness and also the stability of the number the first phase of show-up [is 4] approximates are alright

and keep in mind that not every phase & stage may be necessary.

and there are many useful methods to derive stability and any is fine to use

an example might be

9 4 0 2 5



the stable number

here is 4  [like grade 7]

since it appears


9 4 0 2 5


Is 3 but actually 4 since there is no time for subtraction and that is the closest already existing number in the given disclosure; and in any case as review this practice is also the line example of verification as in criminology of responding segment size

and in phases and-or stages

& yet wh[e] are only the third

segment in this small

segment group

that could/might be titled all

that can here be, covered.



The presence of the jeweled, Baby!

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for The Death Project in The Fictional VolunTier Project

[also in this form: fvppostingon12718]

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 12718

[see image]


tag[s]: religion, mind channels, the death project

I was looking …

At the front cover of this version of the book; and this sounds as if! I’m describing [crib:bing]  music: The conceptions so freq. stated that the flower is as if! Ugh, I think they say, front vagina. The non-puckering tiny top hole re[winded] (chimes) me of a women’s urethra. The plethora [for pee] of petals (theme: why, pee doesn’t usually smell) pointing to getting it all out [the importance of, that]; it so obvious be a form: pee. But this time, it wasn’t just the image. It was also the scanning of I think

theme: how is scanning different from running;

especially these first few pages:

cited pgs. 12-13


on 12/1/18

cited: pg. 13

“Tess … a variation of Tessa, .. “the gatherer’ .”


As is/are the petals on the front cover: they are or have been: “gathere”-d by? “Tessa” and perhaps the answer is (or not?) given: they are “ ‘gather’ ’’ –d/ “Tess”?

(don’t forget to mention and with picture, too; the bejeweled doll)

for example in mention: charge the jewel to the baby who aligned as such (at least two cases of alignment [sp?]) (the baby, i.c.) -> simulates a “ ‘gather’” ing -> and in alignment perhaps 1st; to the cover image unites, translates, et al

“ ‘gather’” ing [?]

Of course still at present

baby, babies are cited: (from in general) tagged

to such typed p exchanges






The re-interpretation of needles


les d = less d

= pee

of, different urethra

Source, urethra: MARJORIE PRIME, (by) Jordan Harrison

pg.13 (cited : )

“She was a good dog.”

The easy connection [how does this literar-e thing translate in uh circuits]: the image of that uh peep-hole connected to the jeweled baby-> the baby a connection to the dog especially by cultural emphasis of uh pee -> the comment “She was a good dog.” converted to jeweled for the connection to be circuited to easy.


One answer is

The cover: as already

referenced [or perhaps this version of cover]

To keep the flower only until it withers to age [older] (and-or is here like death)

Another obvious answer is: [as suggested]

Is to use this sentence as a jewel such as after a “dog” pees.

Another example answer might be to jewel something that is hypothesized to make one pee; as you see in the store from time-to-time? And then hand it to a she, and-or a unified she, and-or an equivalent she (hoping that she [and-or plural] consumes it, those)

Emphasis: hoping that she consumes it [the completion theory]

What does this mean: ?

[hint: as opposed to a full bottle, or an empty one]

(include photograph)


Manifestation theory: perhaps it is this that cause the jewels (for a time); how to make them permanent, and how to make them of wealth?