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How do you know what feels wrong to you.

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How do you know what feels wrong to you.

Secondary Standard head: Is this fiction or not.

Rough notes on the quick

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

is it an? el; and other form translations or breakdowns … ? are [r]
by goura fotadar

date: 63017

public library theme, select: she’s dumb and she’s not deaf. I know her and I use her name to get out of prison; without her consent.

outdoors public theme: and they won’t stop attempting to steal. We don’t have the guns. But they do. Which is they.

tag[s]: grammatical ideology how; is this fiction or not

Part One. I don’t know figure out what “you” means quick enough and roughly is still good enough.

I like ice cream and coconut milk; because it’s rich and it heals me. [heels?]

I like chocolate because it puts me out of pain.

I haven’t told a lot of people that I’m completely ordinarily deaf; and most not “dumb” people can just tell anyway; I can still hear you if you focus here. Otherwise I can’t. And I was born that way; but raised with a majority: family that kidnapped me that I’m not actually related to in any form of that actualized definition; so I never told majority: them. And they really don’t know, unless you tell majority: them.

I know I’m an actualized being: beings; because I’ve helped a “ton” of actualized other beings; and not so much or at all non-actualized beings; or those that never hope to actualize [.]

I went to college; and then further a lot of school. I was mostly if not completely a straight A student in higher advanced education especially the prestigious ones-forms of it; So I know most words have more than one regular utilized meaning for example: dumb and dumb. I’m not dumb but I am dumb. You maybe dumb but not dumb. We’re not the same really. See. [really, sea] My kidnapped family told me I was dumb and then paid [sum:]people to change my grades [when]; so that the entire world? could pretend it was true. Then we had the existence of terrorism in our world [in time]. Uhm, I’m not that “full”. Please don’t blame all terrorism on me; sometimes it’s like your fault.

Part Two. Figure out what “feels” [is]

to me it is a central gut-like irk; and that’s enough. One gut-like irk that cannot be trans-placed but can be temporarily -only temporarily ignored.

Part Three. That’s enough. {Two levels} {It’s a pun.}

The Model is You semi-defined to You.

and central Irk that can’t be ignored forever.

{hint: most people don’t know that I’m also completely ordinarily mute; and yet they can sometimes? hear me? and also partially completely blind. Most people don’t know that I’m also severely afflicted with various deviant and movement disorders; yet I’ve never committed crime. It’s pretty impossibly possible to be afflicted with a, movement disorders and never for example: hit back. It’s kind of the experience of a lot of civilian non-criminals; and also reformed criminals; but not non-reformed criminals; who I also call un-actualized one group of a beings; and I’m not sure if they; the definition of beings … makes verity here, for the un-actualized [non-reformed criminals].}


Part Four. A Compiled Aside:

“You” “feels”

form y, in more than one y

if not fiction; then like fiction at least hear: really, Sea in time terrorism … when

form flower like a y is another form of y [hint]

civilians are not allowed to hit back no matter how unescapably criminologically competent they are; and at least not hit back regularly if even they brake; break? that rule. But veritas is it actual just law.

How come non-reformed criminals hit back, and hit uh; cons tant [and not ly] I hope you understand like uh, for example, the basic of like math constants.

theme basics: math constants is-r also the cliche of “don’t give up” so don’t stop working … is a constant, math constant, how.

theme music citation: foster the people don’t stop [again]

Part Five. Almost Un-Related Like a Win, doe

There’s too much actualized no actual? evidence to make one […] s

believe that lies about competence ever build to a “win” in finality,




Bus Insanity As An Act of Interpersonal Terrorism

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Bus Insanity As An Act of Interpersonal Terrorism

by Goura Fotadar

for The FVP

date, typed; up: 10.31.16

part I. theme: while I’m still trying to figure 

the other “stuff” out


after being heavily solicited

for prostitution this

morning, then afternoon or something; and repeatedly

verbally attacked for

looking up while thinking and working;

I’d once again forgotten if I were homeless

because of working for no living wage in the United States

or if I were a woman living under …. in some

other less “free”

part of the world. I realized after walking many

miles my feet swollen again; that bus drivers should know

the basics of two other and related routes past their 2nd

day on-the job; after

the 3rd

bus transfer I figured they had to be lying;

past what the legal limit for those type lies. I wouldn’t

say I’d bet on it but just like I maybe a prostitute;

so then that was their each of last stop.

theme : Sit standing in the rain 


Libraries, esp. Public Mean Wealth?

part II. To heal my spirit from the abuse: I decided to look at the art. 

or at art.  (a)

I was thinking that this image p. 41 from

for  arrow to this cited, Source : CANOVA Finn, D. & Licht, F. at cited : P. A. Public Library.

period. semi-colon somewhere ; is perfect for such

a library; it implies wealth ; and that can be in knowledge, too;

old, storage; view-able but “untouchable” beauty and the other etc. of use.

Staircases Imply Libraries / y?

(b) then from another: cited , Source : Antiques September / October 2016 (magazine)

at same location 

on cited: p.44 in the bottom right corner is another piece that would work well in a

library; and obviously as it is a stear-steer, (theme: poetic language comes up.)

case piece. What do you

see in it other than ornate (or then after;)

storm & movement.