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Reading Notes, continued

for The FVP

tag[s]: mailing terms


date : 5.5.17, date typed up: 5.16.17

source, cited text: LOVE STORY by ERICH SEGAL

cited p. 4 : ” “Renaissance polyphony. ” ”

cited p. 5 ” ” What’s polyphony? ” ”

do you want to translate this

to Ingles? [well, more so;]

poly phony  pol-phon [y] (away from the standards for now : poly & phony)

pol-phon [p]

ol-hon [o]


l, no l – nh       live , no live -new hampshire




and the l, nl extraordinaire at least.


consumptive proposition: | [ Well, disclaimer: I’ve already

read this book years ago; and perhaps, read it again;

and obvs. recommend it; but the completed reading was

years ago.] Thus; from brackets inclusion; like some

of us learned in elementary school and past; and

at the public library: pieces of * the book teach

what it’s about in at least gist; and teach what it’s

meant to teach. Thereby; any even reading analysis

at a deep enough level in stasis; example: a popping form from

a storybook of one of its characters; or concepts; and-or

such combinations; can allure you to cited: allure (magazine)

the proxy knowledge of that manuscript; whatever its

level; and-or length. |

-|_ (not quite the matching star) the book as a thing, a conception …

tag[s]: mind channels, book theology, publishing basics, knowledge games where everybody wins.

back to analysis,  :

Live, no live – n.h.

e  a

w m


when looking at the

left-overs of [y][p][o]

and in application : to it

[y], [p][o]


almost seems to

imply think not of

no live – [n][h]

[y]          [p][o]

a p.o. box

address if


don’t live in

new hampshire;

i.e. another better,

arrangement may be/

is in store for you;

and perhaps having a p.o. box address

should be mandatory in new hampshire.


The Basics: Why might one need-benefit justly

extraordinarily in/by having a p.o. box mailing

address? [To Seriously Contemplate.]





The Knows

” “Renaissance … “”


\/ In Ingles? [again][more-so]


re- ? as in re-do?

n/a as in not applicable






to make more sense from an ? -> ec

adding periods: e.c. -> electrocute (periods counting the c. of order ; I mean punctuation as order)

re-do, not applicable, is

s, an / electrocute … d?


tag[s]: almost crimin ologie?

in crime we’d have something along

the lines of:

[re-do] 2nd or more attempts




[n/a] of somebody who had not

likely esp. committed such crime

[theme: when torture is legal …]

hence n.a. is still alive from[is]

is a She[s]; usually this means

in ostensibly gendered genitalia [She];

[an/e.c.] hasn’t told ‘what’ yet as an electrocute … d.

combined with its follower: has a p.o. box

and does not live in; is not from new hampshire?



On Par To:  Graduation Motif/Theme for The FVP

tag[s]; summary analysis, identity form

date for: 51617


Congratulations on finishing / achieving / … considered;

[that accomplishment]

cited: “Emilia (l.c.)Coccinea” !


cited p. 23 from cited Garden Gate

cited: Garden Gate
cited: p.23 from cited: Garden Gate
  1. You might incorporate me into still dramatic art.
  2. Obs. vious. ly from my common name I might-cane-seen an educational symbol.
  3. My usual color-form helps make variation in color comprehendible.

tag[s]: the basics of mind channels

4. I’m a backgrounder; even if you decide to place me in center stage.

cited movie: center stage

5. I am ultra petite; in my conventional form.


Art Concept Arising Meditator:

The Flower as a Seminal

Meaning Informationa,l

Form; how would

it work:

(a) structure of flower,

general perhap.

(b) information provided

as with above … i.e. (others)



of             common           use

Example art conception:

from the doctor’s office ;

doctor actual.


[!] how tall were

you this time

last year


compared to now.

[!] accurate guess

to when

you were planted,


[!] how tall is [r] your haircrosspetals

in the month of your

visit; and what

color difference

since then.


cited, further:

first name:


Last name:








Roug. D. Death Tactics, and Reported to … You? The Battle Between Real and Fake Authority Continues, How …

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tag … s: I’m nuts? and the criminology of identity-theft; with a focus on high-clause identities; hint: look for authority-ship, too.

tag: identity combat

tag: reading notes

tag: better cultivated death records

tag: what comes next (as usual the cliche’ of death); maybe some “you” should invent the next? (or have or is-ing)

tag: counseling psychology the logic reporting process of death et al.

tag: The Death Project : afterlife Brainstorms

tag: Psychology as a major; it’s worth it at … ?

tag: the further ascent into non-criminality

tag: the actual politics of arrest threats

tag: Believe it or not the real authorities are a-lot smarter than you might “know.”

tag: in punctuative grammar editings : on opposite ends? 

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up, 3.1.17


Part One of This Post. This is A quick, ish rough draft (parts one to … ? are); Perhaps it will be edited later ?

Scenario: Basic; Explanatory:


You either have a very clear memory of and-or a still existing record and-or a still existing connecting record of some evidence-based situation documenting with confidentiality somebody you know (reasonably well), i.e. their death. (without it: actually being called and non-basic: cryptically identified; as such)


(Immediately or not) Prior to when they have disappeared? you have received some form of communication from them perhaps in response to your own communication with them; and from their pre-dead identity as you had known it; and the follow-up never happened. (the follow-up to the communication)


As most relationships go; their was should be had been some level of stable reliability; and this (the former non-mishap mishap in communication) would have been an impossibility.

theme: the reality of what is likely & burying the dead, in actuality

theme music citation: shontelle impossible 

Either and-check the communication or go over the facts of, as you remember.

If somebody appears after months or so (or not that exact time) of non-communication and-or non-transformative for such identity; communication; differing  but not-solvent-transformatively from your dear one and is using their identity; suspect reasonably and non-para -ly that your dear one is gone. In spiritual-or not terms, don’t be self-centered; and (instead) think of what could come next; for the deceased. Think also of three steps you might take to protect the deceased’s identity; and why the communication to you prior to their disappearance or while-in-stage: their disappearance was likely confirmation of their death; why did it come in such confidential-type terms.


Part Two: The Death Project more, of: Grief, Yours. 

{So  basic and cliche’ the cited: (their) favorite things}

{To confidant yourself and transform your own grief create a e-mortuar – e list even with one item of their, above}

  1. The Babysitter(‘s,s’) house(s) and the memorable juice of childhood in the non-sick way of youth.
  2. Kidnappings and The Fight for What An Actual Child Deserves, Rightfully : Also this is how you recognize an actual child

theme: it’s not what you think

theme music citation: beastie boys sabotage

Part Three: More Criminology Notes.

Perhaps in your functioning and-or sanity you forgot to notice that the new; i.e.,  identity thiever had interacted with you in this context prior-to the confidential communication. Could you tell the two apart; and would you call them different names; if for example you didn’t know the thiever; is that what it means; name, actuale.

theme: thiever of identite’

theme music citation: the prodigy firestarter 

Part Four.  on  12. 21. 16 Re ^se\arch Reading for The Death Project (more of this reading, notes, too; as in, too.) for the FVP. 

theme: wouldn’t it

be cool if 

the bricks

wore yellow. 

source, text : Helplessness (on D, D, and D) by . M. E. P. S. at, as offered for free

at the cited: m.p.p.l. (in the free donation pile, I think it was; it’s been so long can hardly … before of course false authorities made me throw away me free stuff) 

  1. Overview thoughts : Certainly the experience of “helpless … ” can be like experiencing Death ; and is resistant to existence if even in-the : absence of “Depression” .
  2. After opening the-book : theme: I found it! Death-like assertions: The factition of possibly never actually coming into “knowing” p.3

aside: punctuations: what the Heck is that word? I mean . 

theme :

the stroke



theme’s art :

 a clock ?

interpreted : a punch 


{The Ad: For the Real Baby (Babies) theme: if even you don’t like them; they are still different from the fake variety in a better than way }

aside: ‘scuse any non-communicative typos; babies, real? doubt it (so virtual? non-babies ah-eh so disguised and we are almost at fiction where it doesn’t quite meet robotics oh the love of engineering) were screaming in the public library; barely at midday, and a woman actually attempted to claim the work on this screen as being composed by me for herself; i.e. physically claim it; the overt attempts of plagiarism of non-living wage work likely at the end of this criminal investigation house nearly all  but not all anybody that is actually housed; by their pretense of your, mine, who-ever, … belonging work being uh, produced by them. And I quote as said to me by false authority-ies minus y, “if you don’t toss out your ‘free stuff’ that you earn through non-living wage work … I will falsely arrest you, attempt to, and also toss it out instead by force in this free country; and also additionally wrongfully malign in report the characters of others;”

oh just how awful, god. 


the; reading notes from this text, on-forth

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

(reading notes) by Goura Fotadar

source, text, citation: Happy Family (by) Tracy Barone

-no indoor allergies while in space/spot . . .

– no un-necessary materials for present moment : / at that moment

b) how do you further your survive-ability odds:

-practice reliable hygiene: wash and-or clean in some method enough of your used clothing often  enough, even if they are not easily often dry-able (and your-self, obvs.)

-take advantage of the outdoor environment and change your spirit/physical practices

– Ignore and-or boot out all un-helpful nay-sayers

-form a solidarity with safe groups that is un-break-able even with limited verbal contact: frequent enough solitary / dual* ly / etc. placement even in limited verbal contact is one highly functional definition of solidarity

-if possible connect yourself to an advantaged resource plaza one or as are accessible whenever is convenient and regular enough; so that no incompetence finds a stake-hold nearness to, in proximity of; these barely survivable conditions

-ensure that you still have the ability to do some work that you actually “like” if even un-paid for while living in such condition; to create an economic loss for those that allow such unjust ordinance past-times to pssh pass in sweltering shelter.












e –

we called parents versus competence / and-or parents, real

theme :2? : there are like  thee three sixteens or something …

theme: honestly, … is so far gone; I doubt … even r-embers who I am. theme, for: … in this {set}

Pontificating line. p. 301 “Oh, look: there are a few perfect ly good … in the ashtray. God Provides.”

Pontificating word: p. 301 “infinte si mally” {in analysis:} infinites: i’m ally! 

p. 305 & look at this relevant description of “tent people.” giving us a nice view or look at what could be perceived of people  resting/staying on-the Streets; if even they produce work (no money?) for a living. Are they really all on drugs ; maybe some in – the past, but all ? But very few in-the present ; who are actually rest-sleeping in-the Street could be on-drugs: how would you survive in the temperature on-the streets /and-or outside Earth conditions: while being on Drugs?  (… quote coming up)

theme’s cited: “I’d rather be with you” (shelter/tradi-housing?) Bootsy Collins

2nd parting post for the { to follow the stencil coloring thing,ie posting}

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


date, posting started to publish: 11017

dedicated: to J – L

theme: {catastrophic, psychology} it’s not about you or them; but what’s happening  {a way into the cliche, of: look (past) yourself without eliminating your mattering: worth.}

theme-thinker: i.e. what is, spiritual legality 

theme: around you : invasive cruelty!

theme, shirt: the cliche’ {can you shut the — up!}

theme, ex(plane,r)(plan,ar): pardon my ponce de leon cited, further: w.s. elementary 5th grade

to protect your own emotional vicinity while dealing with especially

the emotion(ally) cruel (assumingly) functioning

among you but any: form of still(at present, relevant):

cruelty (allowed? legally, spiritually-legally)-


and to protect other form-part vicinities

of you & others of mattering: worth

(line to)  [the existential perspective : {an interpretation} turned world

not those of necessary mattering: worth {to you} but those of mattering: worth {non-specifically} ]

{arrow to} as you “have to” communicate

with this cruelty-person;

communicate nearly as you would

with your-self: in-other, words:

(self-to-self) (communication model)

first the diag-nosis of the, term: emotion(-ally)


and not just electronic or the venture into electronic motion , and with/to/of whatever “ally” (might) mean here.

next, what might mean of (self-to-self) (communication model)

as an example, of: (there’s the non-ill self-model of self non-personality , non-vanity Love

exercise posted somewhere on this, cited: the fictional voluntier project )

In example z self-to-self communication model:

  1. communicate with them as if they were you; where you are your own (cited: kindred) friend, acquaintance / colleague. (the somehow holistic cited: narcissistic [sp] p.d. model) cited, further for terms/ phrases kindred (italics) , n.p.d. (italic)s the cited: anne of green gables, series & some version of-the cited: dsm ,  (again,) the cited: anne of green gables , serie s &  some version of-the cited: dsm,  self-to-self communication model, continued; theme diagnosis : mod, el or mod/el 
  2. when the assumingly functional cruel person responds at some-point in the interaction {see drawing}  theme: there are mind chimes in the public w.s. carpetcruelnocruel
  3. I can’t get past three;
  4. back to 2. theme(2): brr, it’s colde. {arrow to} arrow(draw the arrow)   pretend you don’t hear the cruel parts; unless this, that specific one really matter to you. {The ethics application: their cruelty warrants your excessive self-protection (line to) theme: black polish on silver to create a black-out tool  {arrow to}  and (hear) ignoring or rather more appropriately  emulating a cruelty with low-to-no actual damage; if even they feign damage; helps you focus on-the main points outside of the cruelty dissipated in communication; the point is that despite the necessary solution to communicating with the seemingly (functionally) cruel; you’re not an emotional and-or physical and-or spiritual … etc. dirt bag for the convenience of their abuse.} theme: The convenience dirtbag   something similar to skimming the page of a novel or another reading piece , group ; and in its case paying attention to all that you are able to retain in for example, further: theme (aside): drinking green tea flavor cited: ebt card & trader joe’s po’|me? then; gran, ate (that) (or just plain ol’ ate double arrows to causing you to be : poor you / or action pour you ( point is: it depends on your gran.)  (more to come of this posting, when there is more time …  as of 11017)

Ooh it’s the proof of magic.

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Ooh it’s the proof of magic.
in rough draft? or som’e-thing. (title, updated: 9116) (will I produce accompanying artwork.)

Word Diagrams for The FVP
“Illustrious”        : The State of “Well-Being”
what “might” it mean?
date: 6316, 61416, 61616
for The Fictional VolunTier Project or something
or something
theme: I think that’s good it’s like a riddle.
by Goura Fotadar
so think of the first word, you see
il negates the “lust”
right because in “common” language: what sounds like il is ill which means a negation in state of well-being
but in “common” language of slang lingo il which sounds like ill
also means “hip” as in “sick” as in “cool”

sophi the cliche way of wisdom
is a repetition

On Slides?
Other notes:
Do Dogs Speak?
How would you go about solving this basic, but highly useful problem.
And yes, it’s a problem and not just a question.
A side-diversion: To Think about. What’s the difference between the two: a question and a problem.
Is it a math problem. (back to this problem)
Number something … down the row, I would obviously define the term “speak”
I would know why I would define the term “speak” as the beginning of steps to try to solve ths problem, based on personal occupations.
Are you “seeing” how your mind or you or both goes toward: actual to solve this “problem” or further examine it. Is it based on how; as in in which modality, your time is occupied in. A lot of my current work, since at least; after college involves Language.

6716        The Sense of Arguments
cited: the general radio as available in San Jose CA on morning / afternoon of 6716
Notes of observation: Is the classical radio/ essentially spiritual-ethics encompassed. & what does that mean about the listener’s stance on ethical views of additional entertainment whilst attached to a classical radio/ and/or such musical station.
this morning, as the construction folks showed up,
and I heard ? yelling downstairs & outside at what I hoped wasn’t them
the usual radio that-was on: switched from whatever entertaining “pop” song
cite: NYSNC and POP
to on the-same station/s: discussion  on anatomy, explicit sex, and what seemed to also be or nearly border on pornography;
then, of course:
we as In I switched the station, and it fell into classical where I knew we’d I mean I’d be “safe” in-this-sense
I didn’t what the construction workers in their ear’s view to go into a systemic shock while working on a project/projects hearing potentially threatening yelling from ?,
all of the neighbors greeting them?,
and of course catching wisps of pornography on the-radio that I listen to; in addition, I’d rather not catch it , most of those myself.
So now it still sits on classical radio; what a nice program! and I’m not joking, as I continue to work in my sleep, ha! I’m still partially asleep,
and wait on the Internet starting up again, the connection seems to be not working. Maybe a more spiritual-ethical solution lies around to that also, that I just haven’t thought of. (yet.) Maybe it’s because there’s so much work to-do, without the internet at this point in my schedule, that I have some “time” to get-to: think of That.

But it is interesting, the spiritual-ethics as I’ve “called” it and not “labelled” it of the classical radio station. It’s almost a lesson at listening and comparison of how to-be: more on task, and less on so-and-so’s anatomy in the vulgar sense. For surely, if that were uhm your medical profession or something; than perhaps we’d I mean I’d have a differing argument.

syl la ble
sill , sound means la be el
sill means who chose to be el is female/girl/woman

cited: these webpages, as used for reference and accessed on the date, “snapped”

Screenshot (779)Screenshot (834)Screenshot (835)Screenshot (836)

Part. Next. A Careerism Manifesto. In some specialized level of Sociology at the Bachelor’s Degree Level.
Working the Ground for nearly or close-to Six Weeks; in the Hotel Business of Large Capacity.
Theme: Well, I like hotels; so it’s nice to do some work, in a hotel you like.
cited: The Marriott in Fremont, CA.

word of the day, as cited: through gmail email list
the study of : as a memorized framework of common knowledge context
ill ; the state of sickness; or the colloquialism: of “good” cool
vex: the exacerbate the state of … ( my working in-my-mind definition of vex)
vex the illness ‘o’ the study
is ‘o’ a connector or part of the logy: study of framework can’t remember and am not in this quickness willing to look-up
exacerbate the state of ill: oh! the study of
to reverse and perhaps create more “sense” to it:
the study of, Oh! vexing the state of ill
the study of, Oh! health since basic: vexing illness can be seen as the embodiment/enactment of health as opposed to waiting around for what it is seems to be an : achieved health
so to take the meaning contextually again:
the study of flags equals to the study of vexing the state of ill
the study of flags equals is equivalent to the enactment and/or an “attack” of health supposition / state of living in act of
so where “the study of” ” is equal to “the study of”
you change “the study of” to a constant
and then you work to equate flags to vexing ill or maybe rather vexing “good” cool
and since the “the study of” is now constant
with the reminder or perhaps not of the perhaps not superfluous ‘o’ included or not on limited research into logy or is ology?
find a connector that brings flags to be vexing “good” cool or vexing “ill” or both
flags must equal vex ill and/or vex “good” cool
what’s an example, with a connector that you might do so,
so one might be an action:
raising the flag is a connector
and is equated to either vexing ill or vexing good “cool” where by-the-way ill is used in its so-to: write traditional use of “sickness”
theme: this is so good
in other words:  the action of raise-ing a flag
may not be the study of the flag necessarily but that is a constant
it is however a connector to make-ing perhaps the raiser “healthy” or exacerbated in the state of “good” cool
in other words, to turn this colloquial it’s cool in a good way to raise “a” flag, and this makes you also “health” but perhaps as we glance at you raising the flag we see you turn red, vent in words or breath or both and whereas words maybe breath, and struggle in the action connector now transposed by the vexation
so essentially we have made flag equal to what we supposed, or I did where I is we (at least)
and should be thankful to the flag, the raiser, the concept of flag hereso defined, and surely more will come about,
but how about to the the
“study of” constant. Thank You! “study of” !
theme: that’s like one breakdown I could do more.

Brainstorming Conceptions,
The Economics Policy of the Work-Out Corner in your Office
(if even it’s a very small room)
what would you put in your corner and when do you have a framework for and /or context, if even cliche you aight you use in.

theme: outloud brainstorming to self

B. The Orthodontics Certificate/A Two-Year Program for a Dentist / Orthodontist Intermediary that is not a D.A. (dental assistant)

theme: call me crazy, there’s also the animal jaw to think of …

“Rockonomics” : The Ethics (The Ethique) Dilemma

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“Rockonomics” : The Ethics  (The Ethique) Dilemma

for The FVP
by goura fotadar

date: 81216

where; depressed: using definition here : pushed down on, and in every way (infinite); not so necessarily in the clinical mindset way. Use the remote?

the criminology of economics.

They’re l i e ing
(subject: you need to use something.)
(you won’t pack, the thing you need to use; to bring “here” because it’s a security risk;
you need to go somewhere to “rest”
& ethically: you must rest, when you can “rest” but when you can;
and you cannot afford to go somewhere else than to: “here” to rest. )

insert the work equation.
if that which you go to place has inhabitants and those inhabitants are supposed to enable your rest, and they are l ie -ing
are they in timespan outworking you. (and actually, but not pretending.)
if not the space, should be a free space, since it was in the change of minds.
not originally as you can recall given only to you, as a space to use for at least “rest”

by the way,
to be educated what does “afford” mean when you outwork the current l ie ing inhabitants.

theme: landslides are good places to “rest” (if you can get there) theme song citation: champagne supernova/ oasis citation: general radio 81216
theme 2: pagne pag ne (how do you get to pang, because pagne sounds like pang; so phonetically) the pang of pain no longer exists, it implies get to where you no longer feel pain, and there the pain does not exist.
(1) they’ve said the t.v. is not working
(but I just checked and it’s working)
(2) they’ve said he’s sick, but he’s walking with more “spring” in his step than usual
(3) next, they’re gonna say the computer is broken
it’s not by-the-way: the “thing” you absolutely need to use to rest.
(4) the easier solution is to even walk or bus, to nearest public computer station; usually, those things are relatively secure. Better n’ than contributing to the demise of yourself via these rockonomics criminals. Because they won’t easily let you use the inhabitant protocol computer, you can be sure that they don’t know about any actual wealth. For work produced near you, even small work; like checking your email or printing out a doc.; with your tolerance and acceptance of it, makes you actually wealthy wealthier; but without the condition: of tolerance and acceptance; not the case. You may wonder how they entered the change of mind stream of seemingly posing as the experts of this inhabited at least rest space. For it may also be a work space. So by condition of their broken pattern unbroken, all anybody has to due to remove the theft of theirs from whoever actually owns the space, and from whoever is actually further “meant” “destined” “deserving” earning to use the space, if even recreationally; all you have to is move into the space, outwork most of those that particularly respond in action to rockonomics and turn the space ownership to the original stream owner(s). Who is> That’s less important. By basic logic, they don’t own the space. So unless you are l’hostage; you can numble and nimble your way to the a local inexpensive-ish or at least “affordable” computer station; the library is cheap ; but the printer workshop is usually still affordable for me; and inexpensive and professional for others. Secure enough, both usually are.
for literally any professional; as long as you make sure to logout; otherwise some “decent” administrator will catch it soon enough to log you out. So be as thorough as you can be!

Ran! Copy Prep

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Ran! Copy Prep: Happy Criminologie in a la Criminologie Sistem.
The “Spiritual” Heavyweight: How Actuale “Smart” are you.  
art theme tag: art statement of ideological mathematic law equation for endeavor think thank prodigy.
art theme tag 2: in Sentiment of next, future novel: “Purplement”
art theme tag 3: and now they want to “spiritually” heal me of what. & I’ve already been to many forced “spiritually” healings; against prerequisite life.

by goura fotadar
for the FVP
date: 81016

     art conception: of real life imag-e turned
to being un-appreciated and victimized by privilege: of eviction

part one. The Injustice of a Spiritual Healer and Incorrectly Celebrated Birthdays of Enlightenment
theme: I felt like my completion of my degree from Berkeley, and even with the young dropping out, healing from the first bouts of serious illness, and all of the internships/research positions/jobs and all of the different courses; was the beginning of the experience of the completion of what might be a knowledge translation of undergraduate not thesis but dissertation on enlightenment. My God! I had learned enough, forever. Of course, I kept learning. This is how I know I actually became educated. Go? Note the Undergraduate Dissertation is a Real Experience in Life, and I assume is quite: different from The Graduate Dissertation whether it be on weathered Enlightenment or any other Affect.
I hereby am a sufferer of discrimination if you work less than I do, and have “suffered real” less (might as well state it); and you do have your shelter (safe) and basic needs met. With injustice of this form, what might be the consequence for you (x  identified to  x infinity) ; and not the consequence for me.

i. I need art/work storage of the smaller variety (free)
ii. I need shelter and basic needs (safe, free … )

other, wise:
gone, goodbye: work & art! And welcome back to the Streets.

           part two. How do you guess to measure “real suffer”  (based on my real life)
a, without “bad” habits define real “bad” did you get “sick” while “young”
a 1, do you die of this “sick” ness hypo premise: non-death while “sick” define experience of “sick” where citing the fvp’s the death project: living while sick may eh be a hire of suffering
a 2, if you live with “sick” past a year or months mark should you ever be assessed for suicide or homicide; for if you do not end your own life, soon; while “sick” or any others how can you ever commit have ever committed a crime or even; a la crime like indication of suicide or homicide
and for the lessers, intelligents: “sick” can be just a physical thing like gigantic cysts overnight on a 110 pound body so large you can harldy  like bardly  walk so large, that the doctors don’t what to do except a barely basic kidney’s surgere; and as you move you wonder you couldn’t be any longer mortal; and so must be the God mortal; and no wonder such depravities of enormities of suffering citing the Holocaust existed. Uh, no I’m no fan, cooler of God; if I were; I’d say I love to have folks including myself suffer unjustly. Spiritual sure, but do you Worship any God that brings into a World of Creation, the sentiment of hearsay, suffere. My God? y. R you not particularly, intelligente. I think in paraphrase cited: the Buddhist believes that standing on your “gun” of ethicks cures all esp. yourself first of that sentiment of evil; but it is an intellectual conception of evil and not a fixation on the sin of it: the desire to paraphrenaliate your, others to such suffering. It would be like an unholy self hatred, and My God. Y?
a 3, fiction tagline ere by unreal-homicidal depiction of unreal homicide  I hate you, God! cited: my tattoo, I keep at it the “right way” and you keep at me “the wrong way” one day we’ll meet at the “gates” of real reel intellectualisms : and then I will be homicidal-intellectual to beat you in the real game of real intellecte, and you will stop existing.

b, 1, (& the truth of it) the quantity of what measure you eat per day/versus the number of hours you work per day (and for how many years of your life is this the truth of your experience) an adaptation of something I learned at cited: UC Berkeley student led Social Welfare course; where I further conceived The Fictional VolunTier Project like akin child who was an equal that is not an accident and I so desired for (without the sex).

art sentiment: and that’s a good starter for now! Just a whisk of guess as to the explanation of my tattoo. Perhaps you don’t get it because you’re not very smart, and in this world ; what can we really know without the “real” smarts?