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Ooh it’s the proof of magic.

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Ooh it’s the proof of magic.
in rough draft? or som’e-thing. (title, updated: 9116) (will I produce accompanying artwork.)

Word Diagrams for The FVP
“Illustrious”        : The State of “Well-Being”
what “might” it mean?
date: 6316, 61416, 61616
for The Fictional VolunTier Project or something
or something
theme: I think that’s good it’s like a riddle.
by Goura Fotadar
so think of the first word, you see
il negates the “lust”
right because in “common” language: what sounds like il is ill which means a negation in state of well-being
but in “common” language of slang lingo il which sounds like ill
also means “hip” as in “sick” as in “cool”

sophi the cliche way of wisdom
is a repetition

On Slides?
Other notes:
Do Dogs Speak?
How would you go about solving this basic, but highly useful problem.
And yes, it’s a problem and not just a question.
A side-diversion: To Think about. What’s the difference between the two: a question and a problem.
Is it a math problem. (back to this problem)
Number something … down the row, I would obviously define the term “speak”
I would know why I would define the term “speak” as the beginning of steps to try to solve ths problem, based on personal occupations.
Are you “seeing” how your mind or you or both goes toward: actual to solve this “problem” or further examine it. Is it based on how; as in in which modality, your time is occupied in. A lot of my current work, since at least; after college involves Language.

6716        The Sense of Arguments
cited: the general radio as available in San Jose CA on morning / afternoon of 6716
Notes of observation: Is the classical radio/ essentially spiritual-ethics encompassed. & what does that mean about the listener’s stance on ethical views of additional entertainment whilst attached to a classical radio/ and/or such musical station.
this morning, as the construction folks showed up,
and I heard ? yelling downstairs & outside at what I hoped wasn’t them
the usual radio that-was on: switched from whatever entertaining “pop” song
cite: NYSNC and POP
to on the-same station/s: discussion  on anatomy, explicit sex, and what seemed to also be or nearly border on pornography;
then, of course:
we as In I switched the station, and it fell into classical where I knew we’d I mean I’d be “safe” in-this-sense
I didn’t what the construction workers in their ear’s view to go into a systemic shock while working on a project/projects hearing potentially threatening yelling from ?,
all of the neighbors greeting them?,
and of course catching wisps of pornography on the-radio that I listen to; in addition, I’d rather not catch it , most of those myself.
So now it still sits on classical radio; what a nice program! and I’m not joking, as I continue to work in my sleep, ha! I’m still partially asleep,
and wait on the Internet starting up again, the connection seems to be not working. Maybe a more spiritual-ethical solution lies around to that also, that I just haven’t thought of. (yet.) Maybe it’s because there’s so much work to-do, without the internet at this point in my schedule, that I have some “time” to get-to: think of That.

But it is interesting, the spiritual-ethics as I’ve “called” it and not “labelled” it of the classical radio station. It’s almost a lesson at listening and comparison of how to-be: more on task, and less on so-and-so’s anatomy in the vulgar sense. For surely, if that were uhm your medical profession or something; than perhaps we’d I mean I’d have a differing argument.

syl la ble
sill , sound means la be el
sill means who chose to be el is female/girl/woman

cited: these webpages, as used for reference and accessed on the date, “snapped”

Screenshot (779)Screenshot (834)Screenshot (835)Screenshot (836)

Part. Next. A Careerism Manifesto. In some specialized level of Sociology at the Bachelor’s Degree Level.
Working the Ground for nearly or close-to Six Weeks; in the Hotel Business of Large Capacity.
Theme: Well, I like hotels; so it’s nice to do some work, in a hotel you like.
cited: The Marriott in Fremont, CA.

word of the day, as cited: through gmail email list
the study of : as a memorized framework of common knowledge context
ill ; the state of sickness; or the colloquialism: of “good” cool
vex: the exacerbate the state of … ( my working in-my-mind definition of vex)
vex the illness ‘o’ the study
is ‘o’ a connector or part of the logy: study of framework can’t remember and am not in this quickness willing to look-up
exacerbate the state of ill: oh! the study of
to reverse and perhaps create more “sense” to it:
the study of, Oh! vexing the state of ill
the study of, Oh! health since basic: vexing illness can be seen as the embodiment/enactment of health as opposed to waiting around for what it is seems to be an : achieved health
so to take the meaning contextually again:
the study of flags equals to the study of vexing the state of ill
the study of flags equals is equivalent to the enactment and/or an “attack” of health supposition / state of living in act of
so where “the study of” ” is equal to “the study of”
you change “the study of” to a constant
and then you work to equate flags to vexing ill or maybe rather vexing “good” cool
and since the “the study of” is now constant
with the reminder or perhaps not of the perhaps not superfluous ‘o’ included or not on limited research into logy or is ology?
find a connector that brings flags to be vexing “good” cool or vexing “ill” or both
flags must equal vex ill and/or vex “good” cool
what’s an example, with a connector that you might do so,
so one might be an action:
raising the flag is a connector
and is equated to either vexing ill or vexing good “cool” where by-the-way ill is used in its so-to: write traditional use of “sickness”
theme: this is so good
in other words:  the action of raise-ing a flag
may not be the study of the flag necessarily but that is a constant
it is however a connector to make-ing perhaps the raiser “healthy” or exacerbated in the state of “good” cool
in other words, to turn this colloquial it’s cool in a good way to raise “a” flag, and this makes you also “health” but perhaps as we glance at you raising the flag we see you turn red, vent in words or breath or both and whereas words maybe breath, and struggle in the action connector now transposed by the vexation
so essentially we have made flag equal to what we supposed, or I did where I is we (at least)
and should be thankful to the flag, the raiser, the concept of flag hereso defined, and surely more will come about,
but how about to the the
“study of” constant. Thank You! “study of” !
theme: that’s like one breakdown I could do more.

Brainstorming Conceptions,
The Economics Policy of the Work-Out Corner in your Office
(if even it’s a very small room)
what would you put in your corner and when do you have a framework for and /or context, if even cliche you aight you use in.

theme: outloud brainstorming to self

B. The Orthodontics Certificate/A Two-Year Program for a Dentist / Orthodontist Intermediary that is not a D.A. (dental assistant)

theme: call me crazy, there’s also the animal jaw to think of …


“Rockonomics” : The Ethics (The Ethique) Dilemma

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“Rockonomics” : The Ethics  (The Ethique) Dilemma

for The FVP
by goura fotadar

date: 81216

where; depressed: using definition here : pushed down on, and in every way (infinite); not so necessarily in the clinical mindset way. Use the remote?

the criminology of economics.

They’re l i e ing
(subject: you need to use something.)
(you won’t pack, the thing you need to use; to bring “here” because it’s a security risk;
you need to go somewhere to “rest”
& ethically: you must rest, when you can “rest” but when you can;
and you cannot afford to go somewhere else than to: “here” to rest. )

insert the work equation.
if that which you go to place has inhabitants and those inhabitants are supposed to enable your rest, and they are l ie -ing
are they in timespan outworking you. (and actually, but not pretending.)
if not the space, should be a free space, since it was in the change of minds.
not originally as you can recall given only to you, as a space to use for at least “rest”

by the way,
to be educated what does “afford” mean when you outwork the current l ie ing inhabitants.

theme: landslides are good places to “rest” (if you can get there) theme song citation: champagne supernova/ oasis citation: general radio 81216
theme 2: pagne pag ne (how do you get to pang, because pagne sounds like pang; so phonetically) the pang of pain no longer exists, it implies get to where you no longer feel pain, and there the pain does not exist.
(1) they’ve said the t.v. is not working
(but I just checked and it’s working)
(2) they’ve said he’s sick, but he’s walking with more “spring” in his step than usual
(3) next, they’re gonna say the computer is broken
it’s not by-the-way: the “thing” you absolutely need to use to rest.
(4) the easier solution is to even walk or bus, to nearest public computer station; usually, those things are relatively secure. Better n’ than contributing to the demise of yourself via these rockonomics criminals. Because they won’t easily let you use the inhabitant protocol computer, you can be sure that they don’t know about any actual wealth. For work produced near you, even small work; like checking your email or printing out a doc.; with your tolerance and acceptance of it, makes you actually wealthy wealthier; but without the condition: of tolerance and acceptance; not the case. You may wonder how they entered the change of mind stream of seemingly posing as the experts of this inhabited at least rest space. For it may also be a work space. So by condition of their broken pattern unbroken, all anybody has to due to remove the theft of theirs from whoever actually owns the space, and from whoever is actually further “meant” “destined” “deserving” earning to use the space, if even recreationally; all you have to is move into the space, outwork most of those that particularly respond in action to rockonomics and turn the space ownership to the original stream owner(s). Who is> That’s less important. By basic logic, they don’t own the space. So unless you are l’hostage; you can numble and nimble your way to the a local inexpensive-ish or at least “affordable” computer station; the library is cheap ; but the printer workshop is usually still affordable for me; and inexpensive and professional for others. Secure enough, both usually are.
for literally any professional; as long as you make sure to logout; otherwise some “decent” administrator will catch it soon enough to log you out. So be as thorough as you can be!

Self-Depressed Board: (art concept) I hate intentional errors of lie, but I don’t consider typos intentional errors of lie; this is my modality one of of art: forme! the exercise as designed by me

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Rough Draft and “On The Fly”
notes (art-concept): but I’ve had a lot of experience, a prostitute’s perspective
by Goura Fotadar
for The FVP, and also to include in notes of taking / creating for more connected to the FVP work,
cited: voicethread (free) webinars, portals kaali a novel I hope somebody will publish, uc berkeley psych undergrad, psychopathology as taught by mr. … at smc in the graduate counseling program, cis department at deanza college in cupertino, gifted and talented education at warm springs elementary fourth through sixth grade

                                                        The Exercise,

technologically, likely use any “sufficient” text building form or form,
the form is supposed to be something like this.
insert (only two variables)
each variable has capacity (basic keyboard text, and screen demonstrating input of basic keyboard text)
time limit of text interchange is forever and can be returned to whenever with brakes to switch to other reality conversion contexts
only requirement: is reading ability and the ability to type at a very basic proficiency level, something likely much below the adept keyboard stroker

                                                                    Exercise Title
Self-Depressed Board:  (art concept) I hate intentional errors of lie, but I don’t consider typos intentional errors of lie; this is my modality one of of art: forme!
the exercise as designed by me
a form, of self-discussion (an art concept using technologie) to cure “loneliness, isolation …” based on cited: voicethread lecture: “humanizing your online course”
me 1:
me 2:
are the two me’s me and me who I communicate with since the instructor of this course “humanizing your online course” describes incidents in his past, of being “mis-communicat(ed)” to/v-v
(v-v stands for vice-versa) through discussion boards uh;m whic he in, gage in to further his colloquially used, in context: “engagement …” in “online courses”
premise: a way to exponentially also treat your depression but also a premise a way to cure yourself of incoherence toward yourself if even you do not and will not suffer from posit-ings such as depression and all related combatants.
(buildin on the fvp’s hi exercise, of self-love practice; you can look up the posting)
me 1: hi
me 2: hi how’s it going for you today
me 1: alright, I’ve got lots of work, and it’s very hot.
me 2: by hot do you mean the temperature
me 1: well, yes sort of,  …

pointers of assistance: (basic generic counseling techniques) start with what you’d want to talk about with another; such as a friend, that is relevant to you now;  if you’ve never had an “actual” friend start with what you’d want to talk about if you could have an “imagined” friend; you are you’re your “imagined” friend; you have changed reality from a fictional-philosophical character outside of you to a non-fictional philosophical character: you:
based on the cited: instructor’s lesson:
how do you communicate “emotions” felt by you to yourself your now friend
how do you feel more engaged by a discussion board, for yourself
(exercise continued)
me 1: … sorry I dashed out for a moment to take some notes on my communication; I could always use the improvement
me 2: … o.k. so you were talking about the temperature
me 1: yeah, but I think that I don’t want to talk about it anymore; right now, anyway, I think I want to take a break from all of my work to meditate.
pointer demonstrated: where the new me 1 demonstrates my desire to use the full stop in technological text communication to make the point of break away complete to further ethicality in ending a communication, and no matter how hurried; in other words I don’t enjoy taking advantage of others, but this starts first with myself; I don’t take advantage of myself. with the full stop and sent  of the text from me 1, above, I have now the decency to end the conversation, and return to presumably what else; but meditation as demonstrated here in case example of self-on-self discussion board.
me 1: o.k. enjoy, I’ll catch you later!
me 2: later and have a wonderful day.

Transformation Opportunity: The Ethics of Choice Derivation.

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Transformation Opportunity: The Ethics of Choice Derivation.
                 second line: The Trauma of Enlightenment A Model of Very Basic Math.

by Goura Fotadar
for The FVP
date: 72416
tags: while threatened; brainstorming; the spirit work out; art transformation; transformation; intra-personal therapie.
theme: but the old me was perfect!

Question, 2:
what might constitute a:
force by me addition,  (in other words, please come up with definitions for: “force by me addition” )

as you can envision it  ( a force by me addition) to a possibility of real life.

Question, 1:
Define what “bit”  might mean
in not the traditional sense
from the application of this demonstration  (slide, modeling).

please: view; accompanying slide show, and more detailed: description: (cited: voicethread)

Art Form: TV Screens and Imaginations

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Art Form: TV Screens and Imaginations
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 72016–72216


Part One.
Cooking and Psychology: In Theory Emotion, Continued.
Review of ” … copycat GirlScout Cookies …”
tags: psychic? mediums response, the spirit work out, study notes, food notes, computer notes, mind channels
date, started; technically yes, easter–day,
but officially today: 71816, 71916, 72016
theme: while I wait, I doubt it.

Book Source:
9 Types of Girl Scout Cookies: Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Flavors (Prime Publishing LLC)
1. It’s like  secret cookbook; that implies freedom.
2. I agree about the “thin mint” cookies. Not a big chocolate-mint combination lover, I still love these cookies. In a grippingly put-down tone: usually when I eat mint and chocolate combinations, I can only tast e t he bint I mean mint and until the very end I only get the snap of chcolate. Perhaps that’s its purpose mint-choclate combination to save those that don’t like chocolate’s strongness and prefer instead mint’s overtness.
examples of mint-chocolate combinations outside of “Girl Scout” Community Cookie-dom,
is / are
cited: hail merry chocolate mint
cited: andes chocolate mints
then of course there are the other mint with “white” and such combinations but unless the “white” is white chocolate ; it doesn’t necessarily have relevance here since we, I am talking about mint/chocolate. So why’d I bring it up.

Notice: the “thin mint” cookie recipe is an egg-free recipe. in case you’re trying to save money for purpose? like being poor isn’t an active choice, perhaps in this choice you desire to say
ave. money on eggs by not purchasing them.
Does this make eggs, their “layers” and co-conspirators
your beneficiaries and how can a non-being: the egg … s
be a beneficiary. Do you believe in New Age doms, because it sounds like here you (and not me!) believe in them. If so are they effective.



Part Two. Spiritual Theory Applied from Computer Formatting  
The Intersection of Theology and Computer Science?
with a necessary prior study of psychology
( more study notes )

Note 1. (             )

Note 2.
mind channels,
cited: general radio as heard on 72016
“Layla … ” (Eric Clapton)
” … me on my” nays
just to make the whole song/ thing in your mind more hygienic
theme: Uh! childhood nightmares (of others) Uh!

Note 3. Perhaps this is obvious, but certain commonly used “curtain” programs are/ is like a meditation technique where the you often wonder about who is the creator leading you to create images with the quality, and I don’t mean necessarily the author of …
they become such based on your requests of what you want of what the creator is willing to give?
and at least within this module the creator of the program knows who you are by what you want within the creators domains of availability to you.
theme: I don’t get it why would that be offensive; it would be helpful for some-thing at the creator level to have an actual accurate and reliable record of what I am. Records like that certainly can’t be lost.

Note 4. A Child’s Mind Exercise of Exponential Sky.
Imagine a plane in the sky that you can see semi-clearly
Imagine yourself jumping into the plane from where you rest in land
and imagine yourself submerged into the space of the plane

Note 5. A Metaphysical Exercise of Mind Stability Testing.
Imagine a television set from perhaps the 60s or so with two antennae
implant this television into the mind of any other that you can think of, in your imagination
turn the screen of the television to various black colors: white, pink, green
for each color,
“feel” with your mind
the sense that the color gives you about the being you implanted with television, in your imagination

Note 6. Perhaps the best way for you to continue to exist, is to invent a meditation technique that works for you. It might be an application and-or applications of oher’s techniques combined to form a new technique. When you:  this, are you in fact transforming yourself. Because you have sustained a method if only used by you, or more; perhaps past your existence. It allows you to know further in the case of meditation or even another thing; what works for you, and thus what you are, and thus what you have become potentially “through it”; it thus is an art/arte of personal art transformation. You have been transformed by it.

To take a combination example of potentially transformation meditation, akin to the cited: mudita practice for one’s self; cited: modern-day theravada buddhism; perhaps best
this combination practiced by a childs’ age-group.
take the the past posted example on this blog of star meditation practice
and then the note 4. above
you jump into the star as you would the plane, that nobody is; that you have a picture of in your mind,
(so draw the picture!)
and then you grab the star and hug it,
and it is then pictured in you mind as becoming you.


The Colloquial Anthropological

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The Colloquial Anthropological

The next of Notes on “The Female Man” for the FVP &
(these notes, continued)
(tags: gender literature in fiction research, the clicking of mind channels)
date: 61616, 61716
by goura fotadar

Source Text A. The FeMale Man by Joanna Russ, as accessed through googlebooks on 61616

Screenshot (872)

Part I. Notes on Literature.
theme: uhm; yum! it’s bitter
1. Time Used Well; the colloquial anthropological
Notes; nice names;
reminds of being memorating and not commemorating of time used well.
reminds of terminology used in the State of Connecticut as I heard it; there; South Conn , North Conn; and perhaps who-knows since I’m not a native Conn; I think refers to the college system there in name, and less perhaps the geographical location; but without looking at a map,  I’d suppose on obviousity that the naming is obviously connected to the geographical contextual location of the college system.
Citing the book’s title: The Female Man by Joanna Russ; and these sentences; (obviously in common colloquial shall I call anthropology the mention of the family of one-belonger / introducer is mainstream; and uhm, if even the one-belonger/introducer as the being in colloquial power with-connection to its family as the speaker/communicator; is not “satisfied” with who is family. And that goes to say, further, perhaps the common-though especially as characterized in parts of the LGBTIQ community as I have witnessed it as an outsider to that community in work; perhaps the family you come with, and/or form with/against you are not happy with, and if you so yearn for the family, may not you have the “Freedom” to invent a new-one for yourself, and as an instead. In either; the connection of gender as clearly identified in perhaps characterized manifestation ” … Female Man” through the title, and surely the title of the book may have something to do with it; and in the case of the hypothetical though at it may not seem to have so, it must still have so something to do with it; for your: the colloquialanthropologist engaging in the experience of reading and/or purveying/scanning have seen surely the title some of the inside of the book, and so what it has to do in this secondary case with one another is you; and have you thus served; as a being now translated above or further by grammar as a connector of utilization (by the author of the book). Congratulations, by-the-way, if you’ve reached this stage of use in society, or anywhere; surely, you can now exist beyond the Death, and even Yours.
theme: A Provision of Book-Grammar Purvey, er
you can literally change the meaning of something; it’s not magic, it’s just work; it is spirituality, though. my textbooks usually say both meanings; the correct one, and the less correct one. so if you keep using it- the term/word/phrase/and other meaning     incorrectly (as known to you by standard definition/use) with correct intention; then it is interpreted in-meaning correct enough. If you use it incorrectly (”                 “) with incorrect intention; then somebody has to set the intention with work to correct-it in meaning comprehension. and it becomes through work and intention of grammar correct. Effectively, correct. (on being a word of a phase a being of)                       conception, lingo-meaning Versions

In either; the title connected to characteristics of gender manifestation with its term/phrase; seems relevant enough to predispose after this contextual litany on our inside formation senses of reading, the connection whether we noted it or not; and here it is announced noted;
between this characteristics of gender manifestation and the concept of your family to-you as an identifier of you, in colloquial anthropological inter-exchange (if even in speech, writing/speech, or elsewhere).
and here is some of the contextual litany of the character’s family , that in further use; would prove more synchronous.
(also thematic builder / diagram: syn chrono us seems so commonplace in terms of diagram divisions , created, of recent: on sound then, sin chrono Us
and it almost at first interpretation points to the division of Sin the gradients of Us as identified from chronology (time, or rather then, sequence of yours chronology) and how about also as a chronmatic/chronometric gradient division of Us, where each division is simple really a variable identified by the division number x1 x2 x3 x4 ; but then what’s the difference between the x’s other than of course the gradient identification and then also overall the fall of the x’s in uhm; say, perhaps chronology or about x-chronology with gradient in this case, basic number identification.)
thought-theme: the chronometric on your wrist, and I don’t like watches, but clocks are a whole different genre; can you have a clock on your wrist and not have your wrist clocked. Rest, Clocked. screenshot citation next as found through YAHOO! search query on 61716 for “chronomatic”  where I meant both apparently chronmatic and chronometric, humph. a mis-spelling? can be so uh-informing.

Screenshot (889)
from, page 1 of the google version, as accessed above on identified date;
” … but I declined and stayed with the resident family … ”
from, page 2,
” … I love my family  … I love my wife

Moving onto perhaps another character in this book, at this point; for how could we be sure, it surely has not been announced or yet identified that the perhaps knowingly-self competent Janet Evason is so different from the demonstrating self-confident gender presser i, they are both such, yes; Jeannine. (cited: Congrats! Readers The grade-ing scheme book 1 on amazon dot com available through the Kindle)
on a side-note: design an algorithm on how-to procure real knowledge albeit non-standard in the results of your knowledge-search/pursuit
in the fiction stance, so go to my fiction blog for the full “story”
you are {x}
… from the-is post: https://gourafotadar.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/the-locations-of-but-not-the-locator-of-x/
once you have read the fiction blog post for this day, and “applied” it to real-life, the realistic question of how I might have come across this book is basically and effectively though certainly not entirely answered. (yes). Which means, certainly, as a straight-person I might have never entered a local lgbtiq center and checked out books and returned them un-planned when left due to their internal personal drama and my perception of its poor use to myself, career and all that- Me extraordinaire; and more importantly as a straight-person with a highly developed though young volunteer career, then; I may never have entered the local lgbtiq community if for example I had not given up an income through certain work for a higher spiritual cause: mine; and thus crossed eyes with this book, as one of the book-related staff on-volunteer; having access to more thorough versions of the book,material. In addition, all the conceptions of … “well, you went here … blah” and so of course, you would have come across that material if you had the interest; but actually no, I also had other interests which took precedence in terms of knowledge,pursuit at college if that’s what you mean. For surely, a quick survey of books in bookstores or wherever may not have brought this one and so this research in it study, sooner to the front for examination. And perhaps should we assume that it has to do with the controversy that is ey, gender. And surely even the straight deep-thinker may wish: to know more about gender in the literary sense; and may not have been able to come across such a material. And having only read a few pages of it here, since no longer have the hard copy checked out; this is almost turning into a review of this book; and certainly if I must add review word: this book is ey, useful on examination; hence used such!
back to Jeannine,  and demonstrating self-confident gender presser i &
if so: the connection between the two; or of the two could be one, but seems it …
from page 2,
” … On the third Monday of March of 1969 she saw the first headlines about Janet Evason but paid no attention to them; she spent the day stamping Out books … and checking the lines around her eyes in her pocket mirror (I’m only twenty-nine!). ”
so perhaps not the cliche female gender manifestation with noticing of age and “the lines” (of self appearance … identification?) but certainly ” … her pocket mirror” is that cliche female custom of use, and is-it we wonder cross-cultural feminine, too. Or is it in this time, only a few traditions such; where this is characterized as a female performance in gender enactment.
So, theme Performance: carry a compact or “pocket mirror” citing this write-up/posting as using this, source text as a citation, knowledge provider (citation technique as learned in a course at St. Marys College of California)
to engage your demonstration of being a customary feminine in at least some traditions by not just having this “pocket mirror” on you; but having it on you.
theme: the basic and if even cliche; what do the objects on-you around-you as you so placed and chose them, say in this case about your choice of gender manifestation; and-so, based on cultural traditions.
… (and that’s it for today)

Part 2. Crime Theory, Creation. The Glanced Complete-Enough Thought (s).
Source Text B.  The Washington Post , article: Morning Mix
‘Unimaginable’: Toddler’s body recovered by divers after alligator attack at Disney resort
By Katie Mettler and Elahe Izadi June 16 at 6:44 AM (as accessed through gmail and amazon on 61616)

Screenshot (873)

at first glance: child male, and a famed animal species
at second thought: the standout sweater of the child in photograph now deceased a close-reminder of the cliche alligator purses and other alligator made-from (claims of) good of accessory.
at third thought: once your first couple thoughts/observations have formed
(at least a second is likely with the provision of more reliability and also thus-so when short on time and needs: further enough completion of information uptake);
become more informed quickly (when this is a preposed limitation)
theme break: obvious: a preposed limitation does not have to exist as an actual experienced limitation.
by the highly informative caption right underneath the pictured/video of the story with deceased boy: which by-the-way, here provides a seemingly complete informational-knowledge of the happenings of this article/criminal-incident; hence crime theory. & to quote it directly, complete enough it-is: “A toddler was dragged into a lake at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa by an alligator after dark on June 14. Orlando officials scoured the lagoon and recovered the boy’s body June 15. (The Washington Post)”
So basic, but perhaps necessary, to un-limit the limit.
Un-Limit the Limit: quick facts, memorize quickly if you had to,
–toddler (age and is it also species? for “alligator” is in article title)
–dragging (action note because “attack” is in article title)
–lake confirming the mention of “alligator”
–a corporation or some big thing, no joke intended: “Disney’s … ” something
–“by an alligator” implies the alligator does everything in this contextual scenario minus the officials (coming up)
–“after dark” (within the context of most species: where are the parents, if only the alligator is thus-far taking any action in the exchange of interaction stance)
–the next action enactors are “Orlando officials”
–now main points, obvious: the intentions: the intention of the actor alligator to kill the toddler? I’m not sure; I don’t know the inside thoughts of alligators or that alligator and also have no perceivable and reliable way/method to communicate with them.
the intention of the Orlando officials to find the body, as set-forth by their positions/jobs (at least); and the intention of the toddler deceased and the parents; and Disney, are …?
–now the next two main points based on this complete informational caption: two complete actions: the death / killing of the toddler & the “scouring” and discovering of the body
–the last most pertinent point: is the Source article: cited: “The Washington Post”

Know Indecent Puns from Decent ones for Educational Use.
Food for-thought, and no indecent pun intended; but in the case of this sort of “usual” or how about not uncommon animal causer of death incident; how can we equi-vocally rate the unusual animal with regard to domesticity just based on average rates of regular inter-animal (i.e. species) interactions; as a determined and intended criminal in this incident; for surely the alligator or is it later a group of gators; killed child.
theme: the real meaning of domesticity I-magine being in a-dome with elasticity. Is that enough of an explanation.


theme: knowledge
theme music: Big Bubba, ‘Big Bad Good’ &
nonkeen, ‘Diving Platform’
citation: npr dot org music as accessed on 61616

Part 3. Only Art Notes.
Marble is one of my favorites in terms of mainstay art, and use.
citation of recent-use in Space: Hartford Law Library where I worked on Soul Pieces while on pilgrimage/h-less officially and not-just: technically; perhaps I’ll describe the-that Library more in my use of-it; in more postings to-come

Part 4. Other Relevants-citation:
gmail as an email provider as accessed on 61616 ( a 2nd mention)
& art


Next publication up on Amazon … for The FVP

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Hope you get a chance to go-through the material; in my next publication, now up on AmazonKindle. Free starting tomorrow for five days; and free always on/through KindleUnlimited. Following is the link. I hope the publication is informative (for its readers).


The series is named: The grade-ing scheme,

and this book (#1) is called: Congrats! Readers; named after the note-book I made … from paperbags; and I hope is obvious: conveying sentiment.