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[Guise of Friendliness] D.J. homicide notes, continued on; & t.f. homicide notes [:]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura Fotadar

date typed up on 10618


tag[s]: creative thought, colloquial linguistics, comparative review, comparative homicide review, film studies, criminology thought, cultural conceptions of children versus “children” , combat counseling in actually




-a reminder more than one person with and using this name

-correlate deceased through unjust homicide [as in correlate here meaning combined index the unjust homicide deaths]

-identifies as gay [this D.J.]

-lives in the United States

but only speaks Russian

-has multiple obsessive [sp?] crushes or rather many obsessive [sp?] crushes

-frequently aggressively pursues his crushes

Accompanying music citation: Dave Matthews band, Crush



t.f. murder notes on 9.29.18

-partner has a *thing for disabled people [criminological linguistic analysis: slanted line]

-t.f. is disabled in some way

-partner usually refuses to be photographed with t.f.; but takes many pictures/photographs of t.f.

-t.f. is taken on many outings; and it is presumed that t.f. became disabled after meeting partner; t.f. spends a lot of time with partner + partner’s brother

-t.f. and partner have a sexually active relationship.

-t.f. doesn’t like partner’s brother but feels forced to be around him [forced to do so by partner]

-t.f. is cheating on partner

Accompanying music citation: The Hollies, He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother



t.f homicide notes more for esp. comparative review

-is lgbtiq identified prior to death has demeanor depicting this identification

side note: don’t forget comparative notes

-is female

-died in a large hate crime involving shouting and yelling from the crowd: such as the rumored cited: Rodney king [check news] incident-riot[s]

-was definitely disabled in some way [high trigger match of comparative set]

and treated as/like a child in regard of violations toward [examples include: don’t speak up, don’t speak out, etc. [;] yet it’s unclear about what t.f. feels prior to death/homicide unjust wrong-ed /perpetrated toward about]

Counseling from an actualized militia consented to perspective as review would be to communicate with t.f. about this prior to time cue of death/unjust homicide [theme: access to past]

-as in c.c. case, t.f. perpetrators involve a guise of friendliness but then run and-or walk into t.f. in a system (to t.f.’s body + mind) perpetration hoping … it seems; to reduce t.f.’s reaction at a final attempted perpetration resulting in unjust homicide/death

Existentialism target practice: hoping uh must be hoping so best qualified in this short time as hoping

Combat tag: use a guise of friendliness (within polar) who is using a guise of friendliness

-the location of the group unjust homicide toward t.f. seems as in cited: star wars; quite far away but local country as in something like New Hampshire

-there is an onslaught exceedingly of people with seemingly children nearby t.f. especially on outings of t.f.’s assisted in some through disability and in: near the time of t.f.’s homicide unjust, especially [the onslaught of children]

Example, applications hypothetical might be: when so-and-so is in unjust danger remove the “children” and children but don’t place the “children” with the children when you remove them

-this homicide unjust seems to be dated in a pre-disability movement era but within a disability region period [as in some knowledge of disabilities exists in/to general public].


t.b. murder notes / the at least unjustly dead revival: the new meaning of prom, … continued

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 92918

tag[s]: creative thought, lgbtiq hate crimes, gender and property, identity, time in astrophysics, uh; uh, hygiene, uh …, death ideas / brainstorming

[also in this form: fvppostingon92918]

on 92818, 92918

-one parent acts exasperatingly happy with matching expressions such as , as happened [s/ed] [to] toward C.C.

-primary father matches C.B./B.H. (the perpetrator’s) identity

-primary father believes himself to be very close to his romantic partner but practices public infidelity; and sees himself as a ladies man; that practices multiple sexuality versions of intercourse

-primary father is confused about his gender unlike t.b.; and isn’t sure if he is male or female; as a grown adult and usually rests before getting too female

-t.b. is the younger sibling; and is not close to her older sister; her older sister has come out as a lesbian; and at some point in time, t.b.’s parents decide that t.b. has to become a boy, and if even going through a gender change operation; because otherwise they won’t have enough [wealth]. At around this time, t.b. meets a person that she starts dating; so she starts going through the gender change process as she starts dating the person she’s met. She’s in a straight relationship but is going through the gender change process.

-t.b.’s name was changed to t.b. by her parents from a name that started with an A; (similar to other such murders of this type)

-t.b.’s parents hired a hitman, or hitmen; to kill t.b. as she moved through the gender change process … because they wanted her to move out; and she didn’t want to do it, because she owned the house they lived in; and it was the only form of wealth that she had. They filed a report that they believed it was their right to hire a hitman/hitmen since they had asked her to leave; and she wouldn’t leave; and since they had raised her they believed  the house was [now, instead] theirs …

-this poses the point and problem, that these “parents” may not actually have been t.b.’s parents and [this has, did, …] became(come) more noticeable at the time that she started dating and seriously dating her one romantic partner; …  that is they (her “parents) started posing problems when she started dating her one romantic partner; before that they didn’t cause too many problems, … based on her memory: there is also the possibility that she was grabbed from her actual family at some point, in some type of social situation (movie-like) and couldn’t recall because of her age at the point of time of grabbing; this hypo-jinx builds another perpetuating estimation of guess, which is the entry of elongated and public crime …




theme: do you know what a girl, woman is uh down there; the “librarian” stalker[s] is/[r] back again to kill more people with fake children; no I am you and they say this a-loud. Uh, I’m not dead; no offense to the deceased or something

theme accompanying music citation: life is a highway rascal flatts

(resulting dangerous and severely unjust homicide) directly correlated to the time sequence of dating her romantic partner this quarantined in time sphere with gender change enforcement – points us to guilt in the non-actualizing lgbtiq “community” and as opposed to the actualized and actualizing lgbtiq community


Questions to consider, investigate: what time period did the actual murder take place in [if even in stages], where is the sister; and how did the romantic dating partner of t.b. identify his sexuality. Also who got the house [after murder]; and as review: how is actual ownership verified [outside of titles, too].


Q/A. did someone specifically unjustly

Die, and-or experience life over a property, a house, wealth, their identity, other such issues; then/-an usually as just a basic review; they own it, and that too. . . &[and] is someone lying about having that unjust experience[s] without having it: then … what? [r you still stealing those such victimized [their] properties, identities, etc. [in as…physics: ] what happens next in term of existence/non-existence]

A continuation of certain art notes; not yet posted, huh? Meditation imagination (art) àhow to cope with loss

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A continuation of certain art notes; not yet posted, huh?

 Meditation imagination (art) àhow to cope with loss

The Death Project in the/ for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 9218

original date, approximately: 2.17.17

tag[s]: rape attempts, ordering lists, approximated date changes, art notes, the spirit work at the fictional volunTier project, The Death Project, counseling, publications

[also in this form: fvppostingon9218]



theme: sprinkled chocolate crumbs wipe off paper like chalk on a bored?

  • Fold the foil the two lifted folds down
  • Create a rotating jigsaw [of folds]
  • Open up the tissue
  • Drape over the foil
  • To catch/change greed: imagine that the foil inside is something actually valuable
  • Imagine the scent of the rag/tissue is even more accentuated something you can’t want to [leave] [of folds]
  • Trash the “secured” art piece.
  • [non-offensive] [stupid’s note: as in put in a trash-can]


Part Two. Accidentally left-off from some publication; so not in it, yep; I think so.


The House Shelves


back to this specific temporary art’s piece [the cymbal of d.] you might strengthen it with like nail polish but in this case I’m probably going to let it crumple dry in

for example: convenience of nail polish in the h-less life à in one of the pockets of my bag[s].

photo notes [which photo?]: in the model vase; the petal looks like a striped duck. cited: TAZO tea bottle

for The Death Project

Turn it again and you see a vase [at least] where cut and not fallen it all could have been [others like it!] stored; ‘scuse me held for a while. Art translation[basic]: you could envision slice-ly easily the vase sealed; the flower segments waxed with some substance even make-up and-or nail polish and that would be complete enough.


Temporary Death Art

aside: Cymbals of Death

It noises! A different more cymbal-istic

Noise-sound [in mean! –ing] upon the scrape of letters

The petal is an instruments from public fallen! Flower to torn for lettering

Art cymbal; an of course: symbol

theme: what happens basic re-nunciated inquiry to them when they [flowers in petals & stems & not so much seedings] die

theme lest: the flower[s] still; works as … [open-to-interpretation]

among the h-less knife.

Turn it and you sea a cliff dress cited: the witch goura series on cited: amazon kindle

Mismatching Triggers and History of Time in Economics.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 41718 … 41818 … 41918

tag[s]: discussions with self about another self; also known as removed counseling and criminology in high function or to high function

[also in this form: posting41918]

Primary source citation:

as accessed on 41518, 41618, 41718, 41818

Rough first minute notes

Mis-matching triggers : jail for severe mental illness

without put downs, what are the signs of severe mental illness [think native American approach outside’s interactional play with state experiencer.]  i.e. more expanded:  client mentions client’s specific symptoms … what are they as heard.



Start-over; after brief look-over,

Q: How old would you assume the client is.

A: paradigms, parameters: the reason this may be especially important; because unless the image is a severely duplicitous digital image, the person and-or main character client here; character of course referencing the video as a stage setting; and I don’t mean especially staging to put the client in any unjust danger … in any case; despite when it might be that m.i. could start; or has for a specified client and or this one, do you propose that I am stating in the civilization of our time; five years ago, despite still the youthful stage; is too late to be just yet diagnosed; and so it almost places at a time vortex in real life combined with the reality of the stage of this video as setting.

Five years ago or this approximate is too late, to the constant steady of our current period of civilization; so did this person live in actuality in a different time; where modern technology and diagnosis entered their time reflective of five years as compared to today’s roughly accurate here hemisphere date.

Stand-out point: the work of actualized m.i. diagnosis and possibly other such coinciding knowledges; may cause a change in time access to the past and or future? Like the non-fiction (sci-fic) or also known as criminology

Q: In our modern actualized culture, it has been mainstream knowledge in the m.i. field of work, that persecution of crime alongside an actualized experience, diagnosis [in both parameters individually] is non-cooperative and or illegal in a non-reformed variety for those doing the persecuting


A: At approx. 1:48 in the video: “run-ins with the law” after “feeling off” caused the experience of “off” to turn into the actual diagnosis time of entry; “feeling off” when this is accorded by a m.i. diagnosis should not require “run-ins with the law” when we are fortunate we have this through competent militia; but otherwise not so much are we fortunate … and it seems almost anything can become of a client when … has “run-ins with the law” and so it might be important to consider …

Spiritual tool preceptor: competent militia interactions are an actual useful religious interaction esp. for both parties; what defines [as in 5th grade] competent militia; and how so the latter; look above

how what of crime [for example, crime accusations, false crime accusations, or the such] came around at the moment of m.i. diagnosis [time of entry] for this client/character; based on client’s personal observation [of internal to external] experience would require to ask the client; but the hint is the following: “run-ins with the law” perhaps caused back-in-moment or time, “feeling off”

as stated above, depending on the type of “feeling off” including possible psychic premonitions informed by future changes with in this case for example “ … the law” and interactions with it; may be connected back-in-time even more-so with the actualization of the experience of m.i. In health

applications whenever one has “run-ins with the law” that aren’t caused: earned by one … are the motivations of any perpetrators to sick the such one; i.e. to cause the being: becoming, being: become,  interacting non-caused: earned by itself with “… the law” thus way, a variety …  & or debilitating illness[es]. I believe we have a charge of causing m.i. with whoever was interacting with the client during “run-ins with the law” and also whoever was in the moment of criminology [perhaps cues] additionally causing these such “run-ins”

[as a side note; it’s not coherently possible to have an actualized diagnosis meaning an actualized experience of m.i. and have perpetrated unjust crime upon another and or society at larger; so instead the arrest and-or time in prison better be componentized t o a pardon and or time away that the client felt they needed … otherwise there are additional criminal charges for the arresting-penalizing parties and those contributing to arresting-penalizing this client and other such people in such type of circumstance equivalents]

A diagnosis of m.i. at such a time of entry; even if an actualized diagnosis in experience; … at such a time of entry is surely the result of perpetration of non-earned variety by the experiencer of m.i. and toward the experiencer by the perpetrators; so the perpetrators shall, and should be charged for the extent that m.i. of such diagnosis takes from; and then what actualized experience of it also takes from … in the past, present, and future … predictions of such future inculcations ; the experience of the diagnosis changed by such perpetrations


theme: how does it feel like it’s supposed to feel

theme music citation: possession sarah mclachlan



Q: [basic counseling integration] In a coherent state of empathy how could the client’s embarrassment be turned into a larger useful disguise tool of the pill bottle; the client might be able to disguise to how much; at least to the extent of carrying. In addition; what about slipping into the bathroom with the pill disguise bottle; to take the pill; effective this translates to combat cited: self-care maneuver. Mentioned the client’s interest in fashion; might be a cohesive and coherent way to disguise such a pill bottle; in mainstream knowledge the same type of pill disguise might be used for anybody taking pills, and or such of the prescription level.  And would be a sort of trust for the client[…s], person[…s] initiating such a thing. Noticed theme: will society will ever be at the cryogenic theme function; that low-level antipsychotics and such accord might be offered in the over-the: counter section.

Other things to seriously consider; is how pressing it is that a client who experiences severe actualized m.i. may have to go through the process of embarrassment when taking that which medicine they need. It’s a sign of a severely low functioning society as an example for one; and provides low avenue

therefore for functional integration of m.i. actualized experiential development. [Separating out to an actual functional portion of society during work-hours or whenever possible; may be one way to at least attempt functional integration [in portion]].

A: ? [I think , portions of provided right above.][Minutes down the video there is a prescription change answer, …]


Bridges : an almost a small line summary.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 4818

tag[s]: metaphysical news, art, astrophysics theory from reading the news, reform prison is another militia group

[also in this form: Bridges ]



Source, primary citation: The Daily Journal, Weekend: April 7-8, 2018-XVIII, Edition 197, Bay Bridge construction retraced, …


How to create a bridge in the metaphysical sense or something; in editing non-alienation of art even low level entropy of the art creation or what might it instead be called; and this/these are any mights.

Is to “pair”, the images at least and isn’t the beginning of that a bridge;

Imagine as is sometimes showcased through at least cited: wordpress; a zin-sang repetition or non-repetition of segments of such art pieces except one together as opposite to usually a museum’s hanging or even virtual museum’s and then in congregating virtual museum the speed between the slideshow would or not create a bridge.

Of course this would and could also create temporary bridges; and would this be the answer to how to enter the future or past or some other sequence in the present.

Though I read the first chunk of this article as more stalkers congregated behind my back; pretending all was normal in my … of course abnormal can also come to mean paranormal.

Uh, cited: beam, [me].

I haven’t been able to read the rest; due to time limits meant for non-reforming prisoners but of course on evidence of patrol markers doesn’t always prove what they say, uh: are incorrectly applied to reform/reforming prisoners.



A rendition of sunglasses: what’s actual success : The Record of Nightmare,

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 33118

also in this form: [A rendition of sunglasses]

tag[s]: police research during operative and operative enmeshed deployments for the fbi,

and not just; a catch-all of cat-hing it; notes for the future of “purplement” and its progression; tell your pastors et al types to go to [n. reform] jail for starving and depriving us when there is no shortage of such; they are just unjustly cruel.


Date: 33018


Sea-hem notes are dui  s part of regular police interaction

or are they connected to a size-able cue; now actually to recognize a size-able cue


*shamanism: when they confess to giving children n-mares; when the[y] confess to giving children n-mares; n-mares that are non-useful: work on video/ psychic combat cognition training relating to n-mares: perhaps connected to fiction.

But: how do they actually know that the[y] “gave” them n-mares.


Part Two. The reports as cited: voice-over at sanctioned rest spots.

So this militia groups current rest spots are currently unbreakably sanctioned for as long as they are needed by; us; and not-year to year during deployment; and that is as compared to the general public and general “police” “forces”  “et al” ; i.e. they are not allowed here, there.

I had this man stalking me posing as a V.V. and finally he delivered a report to me; that he had raped one of my transferred to college group’s iq members; and that he felt he could do whatever he felt; and he was open to raping me next; as if I had given him permission. Also he felt that he could do whatever he felt like doing said the voice-over report; spoken over him during stalking to his fear; demonstrated through a = expression; he felt this way because the kid he supposed-ly raped who I believe is now in his 30s or something reflectively, smokes pot. I’m not sure what the law books say, but smoking pot; and or doing pot under most and in most circumstances is legal; and despite what those type of things have long said, it’s always been … legal.

Fine! Don’t believe me! What’s the consequence of not believing me?

[oh me, ]


As I suspected he the , that social group member had not been raped; and isn’t committing crime; and when that stalker person’s hallucination of others consent … the others he considers to consenting to raping them was temporarily stalled and or [the hallucination permanently stalled = ] killed; for he’s sure to have more such hallucinations,

He disappeared into the night, slowly and on substance. That wasn’t legal; and wasn’t being used in a recovering form.


Part Three. How to identify my generation on this planet Earth; no matter how young or old you think somebody, looks. Hint: identify all form of “looks”

Key identifiers:

[1] none of us have actually had children yet adopted or other ways wise; that’s just barely starting, … on this planet, anyhow … and I’m not referring to you raising your younger brother or something who is roughly your own age.

[2] only a small percentage or a minority percentage are not virgins; and most of us of the non-virgin group are convinced that sober we still had sex with somebody else like a real life possibly repeated body swap to a regular sexual partner; that we don’t know outside of sexual activity; like at all. So this is a very progressive avenue of actualized non-promiscuity no matter what it seems like;

theme: way to break the wrong seams.

theme music citation: pretty woman real wild child

[3] none of us has ever lost a job or position; quitting isn’t the same thing in that virtue version of quitting as the same thing as losing. Yes, that means [at least a] somebody in our generation primarily  controls hiring, firing, and such.

[4] None of us have experienced actual real actualized spiritual loss; despite a very few and sanctioned demonstrates of such.  Actualized spiritual loss; is not an example of I have dipped my hand like twice in a church bucket [in this case as a deployed homeless person]; and was witnessed; and I asked for more dessert; to the complaints and threats of the not actually hired church staff or “staff”; but I own the church; pay its revenue; all church-s; and I have a C-A mandate to take cash in some variety as often as I need it and to eat as much as I feel like eating and giving to others as my consent others; from that source; which just hasn’t been the case, since the church not actual staff  or “staff” won’t stop stalking me and will not leave me alone; to even eat a meal I pay for.  Q: how do you pay for something entirely and singularly first; even without cash?

theme: I really need to eat, and smoke and drink and use the rest-room and have work resources. I’m not exactly sorry.

theme music citation: go deep janet Jackson

Wait! I’m not actually? the Dalai Lama, and-or the Pope! I mean the real one. My God, what am I saying.

[5] None of us have been homeless except if deployed as such; so if you were homeless at 6 years old for four months; you were deployed in this generation; what are other forms of deployment and-or additional deployment forms to the regular military and or militia.


theme: I’m not sure how the physics of age works; or at least I’m too lazy to recall; but people in the sub-generation may not in general be that much older on paper [than us]; but like remember the ‘60s like they were there for 50 years; and also are not as a whole group as successful, in the ways described; and yes that means a much smaller percentage of them have had a-actualized successes; and my god, are they all [the non-successful majority] receiving housing, from uh, really their parents and-or ? Trust. How much do you think that entire collection is worth; and isn’t it time to start buying it out, completely.

theme music citation: mgmt kids



The Cream Paint

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The Cream Paint


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 2218

[also in this form: The Cream]


tag[s]: on computer digital art meditations, that’s a bit of a joke as a tag, uh then, regular counseling incorporating geo-physics and of course, uh, basic art; uh, computer science , titles


This guy; that’s not too soporific; has a re-occurring dream of something that used to have: had happened to him; where as in a location he was locked in the one side of this blue house; and then a bunch kids or several kids got him out; and he just doesn’t want to be locked into that house in that location until he’s gotten out [i.e. in the meantime]. He knows for sure that in this case he will still get out. How does he change his location; because it’s not like the people who locked him would let him.

Easy: right?

Draw a house; he want s the house to be more blue; or a different more blue shade of blue.

There actually is a white picket fence which he wants to be yellow now.

The rest of the details aren’t as important, to him.

Starting solution: He draws a stig[stick] figure with his face on it in the one location of the house; perhaps where he was; and then simply moves the stig figure where he [‘d] rather be.


A side note: on combat logistics: and reality interface with such and also so then in this case reality creation: you could test in all functional scenarios or not in the drawing digital or such; and then see within a short period for rough functional enough testing how reality proximates change around you that’s authentic enough; before deciding on the one set or such change; in such a small provision even in dangerous combat; it would hardly make a disastrous difference; but still a significant and perhaps eventually important difference.

theme: IX just don’t want to be locked up in that location; if even IX [is] eventually going to eventually get free; mostly but not completely unharmed. The first analysis of harm, unjust: is the dream not going the way IX want[a] in location of general set house; so re-set location within general set house; and test the, all the possible: potential re-sets; that are seemingly functional to potential [uh, ordering sets is that that].

theme music citation: johnny come home fine young cannibals


part two. to post to the fvp : lear-ning


such an obvious word diagram

while working on the next publication: citing the next publication

don’t forget to post:

as in cited: King Lear; and of course: what do most understand yes; quickly want:
is ning; [yes, perhaps making lear important; and then we have the classical –ism actually edifying lear to at least some important [–t, ce]; create-ing what is that safety from egotism inappropriate by just the name of the work; or part of its center name and then there is of course the non-contradiction of the pre-phase to the title certifying this point to is it phonetically valid]

and in its characteristic use; perhaps different from the first clench of meaning;

within Learning the ing is almost a sound of rhythm such as each learn incident is accompanied by a sound of rhythm but perhaps a support of rhythm; like a bell in a show game; everyTime one has won something based on actual knowledge and its prowess;

[t/b/c in some form at least; a hope to that read?]