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The Back speech,

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: the stream analysis in the connecting vortex of criminology, like literary theory, career/counseling reminders, clinical counseling: some regular forms of domestic violence and some irregular forms of domestic violence, identity; undiscovered parallel contradictions to seen reality esp. unjust homicides,

Date typed up/ Date continued: 72618

Source, citation: I, Tonya

Updated brief review: usually in the regular stage of competitions is there wealth attached; from the mom’s conversation, it seems not.

Re-start/Re-Watch at approximately: 24:26

The artwork in the mom’s b ackground couch is …

If the backdrop training times are roughly accurate; shouldn’t there already be a high school equivalency for this elongated schedule of practice, alone.

Career Mis-givings aren’t what you might expect; the area, genre of career counseling of factors: Uh, correct Support; Why can’t the [updated: this i.e. future change of coach] coach help pay for uh the “presentation” meaning the “costumes”

Now parallel theory with literary theory : a coordination;  or at least help her find a way that’s supportive enough to earn the cost of “costumes”  In literary theory the connection: “costume” hides not who she is; and this earns her not what she believes she earns; in this context: “costume” è authenticity which corroborates how with the theory/theories of actualized athleticism

Also the obvious connection to current; at least, current society’s issue: is the issue of housing placement, gets her, the main character severely abused [i.e. usually or …] .

The usual cliché of culture [uh, is it like this why it is that] takes place; success followed by more abuse, … and then the claims of changing persona which is a sign of on the behalf of the usual culture of perpetration toward especially but not just which gende-; then the surprise of any consequence for abuse; surprise experienced to the perpetrator[s]

What is the meaning of abuse among support [that used to be]

Then, starts to sound like an attempting at unjust homicide with at least one accomplice; however, consider the backdrop of joking music, …


theme: then, then, & then

theme music citation: loc – “Turn Down For What” DJ Snake, Lil Jon Remix (Kingmaker)


Then in a sequence recollection: of course, the what you would hope for not is that she gets back together with one abuser; but perhaps the claim of changed has happened; viewers can hope. In any case within criminology, you would want to look for the squeeze: perhaps the main character really didn’t feel comfortable with the pressure connected to her new skating room-mate that was enough to cause the switch back to the comfort? or at least the “like” of “marriage”


& it really should be described as less [felt] pressure.


And then performance changes, and the attempted homicide comes; outside of the movie scene and reports to the public; we will never? actually know if the real person died in such an incident; and with the incidence of identity theft; somebody else or more than one imposter filled in the blanks to the general public, …


The sequence of recollection, continued: then the claimed usual lack of performance by the “authorities” putting the main character at an increased risk.

In an intrusion from actualized militia response: after the collection and catching of all and as much relevant  [enough of] evidence [by, advanced militia; but not only advanced militia] what would be the response of rescue and re-integration of non-abuse circumstance [by especially regular actualized militia] of the actual victim unjustified past [in the past] point of sequence  stabilizing unjust harm of extenuation.

[left-off, at this place][current regular crime-caught stage of my uh career][2014-present]





Analysis of caveat such as; i.e. wine; & part one, …

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Br. Ja. further related to murders investigation


[also in this form: fvppostingon72218]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up, on: 72218

tag[s]: de-clinging murder related notes, murders connected to gender & sexuality & family systems, political criminology, cited: bible analysis a.k.a religious study, combat intelligence scholar integration


Date on: 072118

Part One.


-multiple logue using this name [these initials, Br. Ja.]

-this one has at least one sister that lives with him

-is male

-there is another older male around [in the environment] who wants Br. Ja. [this one] to call him “dad”.

-“Dad,” wants to go on lots of trips with Br. Ja.

-“Dad,” doesn’t invite Br. Ja.’s sister on any trips.

He selects another “sister” for Br. Ja. and gets him engaged to his original sister … in a public ceremony.

-Next “Dad” plans a pre-wedding honeymoon: and goes with Br. Ja. on the honeymoon instead of sister, original.

-Dad invites new [fake] sister to honeymoon and enforces dating between Br. Ja. & [fake] sister

-it wheels-feels like the world is just starting

-[fake] sister reveals that she is actually a man, and that he is also “Dad’s” wife; and so other, another “Dad” also to Br. Ja. & his original sister.

-Br. Ja. [for this one, in identity; implying more than one person using this name] is a name change from original name, initials K.P. [a repeat of another set of same names for different identities: peoples]

(the culture of: oh, it’s not this Br. Ja. … it’s this Br. Ja.)

cited: stonewall homicide connections


Part Two. Analysis of caveat such as; i.e. wine

tag[s]: artistic theology through channel; data: stream, analysis; literary theology; also for the cited: vhp


cited stanza 11 last sentence in “JUDGES 6:13 , 167” from “Holy B …” “warrior” [and why not with other she]


ir sounds like river=> water

so we have

war, water, or =>

change of order to sense

  • war or water => fasting in certain liquid habits [uses, et al]

wins your war



modern useful examples might, include: bathing with a napcloth instead of a regular shower stream or the-the napcloth’s equivalent in at least a few swaps of regular shower use; fasting in liquid consumption a few hours, … collecting rainwater even when there is no liquid of such use governmental shortage and using as … ?



The count

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The count


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[and also in this form, these are: cognizematching thexcount]

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 113017


Source, citation: Lotus Magazine, p.8, Issue No. 2, 2017, The Iguasu In My Mind, …


Date: 11.21.17

In the basic of analysis: the count of “iguasu” versus “she” “her” might verity in this context at least: the chance:

(or rather: gi. u as u)

For the i-term: there are about 3 incidence rough counts of.

compare to the gender-one type of gender-term:

1, 1, 1,1,1, 1, 1,1 , [8]

A rou[r]gh 8 versus a

rough 3 suggests

At basic analysis in

this context that the

[8] rough: lady-type

might make it to

track [g.i.].

On the other

Side: the description

Of the poetry almost

When swayed away from: romance;

Sounds like an actual g.i. track

[as in internally]

The g.i. track

Though makes no reference to being inside men; at least this one has seems to have a “woman” only perspective so; my gosh in this context: the / a g.i. track might be a teller of gender.


Consider the line:

“Ther[] is an iguasu in every woman.”


Part Two.

Uh, mumbo: cognize matching.


Dedicated to my bother, … d-f-m-c [that’s not a typo.]

By goura fotadar

Art response in preparation for community college and advanced academia at some point from that diving point.

Theme: oh no, I’m not in normal college, and everybody is going to think they are smarter than me. Oh no!

Theme music citation: aloe black I need a dollar

tag[s]: computer science theory nobody ever teaches you, which applies to psychology, which transitions to criminology; years of at community college what the heck was z doing, where.


The answer is in regular school and even advancing remedial school:

The pink lettering is supposed to direct the x to look for pink, and the red is supposed to direct the x to cognize a matching.

The center piece: in scrap art like theory is the center piece and sticks out against all of the hi, waves, uh; and so you select it; in this example context; and this is a really basic one; as the think-thing to especially cognize matching.

So the question is next to make more sense of all things; and all non-things; what’s the purpose of specifically the color purposes that are not red and pink; that’s their first purpose: they are not red and pink.

[and you might need more information to look for more purpose in the difference between or the similarity within them as against red and pink.] so in the set theory of the so basic level.

Red and pink are one set in comparison as different from blue and grey and clear [hi, waves]

And since in comparison we might first want to start in discrepancy difference of color these two are alike in belonging to one set; and so are the other three as belonging to another set, uh.

One last quick point; it’s also a lesson in actual semantics: how is semantics ordered in whatever this language is;

Well it’s pretty edified in this contextual diagram:

You start with the red part of the linear trajectory called letters.

Next you return to what you have perhaps already read, and notice in context cues: the pronunciation as a matching cue; to correlate this in cognition to patrol science, or uh whatever that’s called nowadays.

In any way, next you return to the pink letters.

So the proof is basic and perhaps not useful to those of regular education who just are not that advanced;

But for others, regular advanced, and remedial studio-s [u]:

Semantics: implies order which implies cues which implies control over things and non-things by working with cue recognition

Through semantics order we have the division to non-order which


Uh: perhaps best described in terms of very basic set theory or knowledge of sets like even at the elementary school non-advanced level;

Eventually at mind control basic levels we have the re-glance at the scrap art or scrap diagram, and have at least beginning art theory.

This uh, is called; actual education. I.e. you now understand things.

Then to turn things to fiction to the most rudimentary of this developed synopsis: perhaps it’s obvious now: i.e. the center thing is  door , a car , a something; and it’s outlined in pink; and the letters imply especially movement: how does the center thing based on the analysis of letters or literary comprehension, basic; get to the other thing most in this thing colored? Like itself. [or something]





How to see Long [Two Whens] [Modality of Belong]

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How to see Long [Two Whens] [Modality of Belong]

[and also in this form: How to see Long]

Date typed up: 11317

for The Fictional VolunTier Project




by Goura  Fotadar



Source, citation: Lotus Magazine, Issue No. 2, 2017, Pwu Jean Lee, Faces of Love, p.5



Consider, the

Cover of this

Edition from


So, it’s the flowers

That smell the fragrance;

And this fragrance is/isn’t ?


“biting the same sweet scent,”

Next; perhaps use this

Discovery to create

The instead “Long”

“(Long) faces … “

Happen when


The same scent”

Isn’t your


or actually?





Or is the cliché notion of when it is that they don’t happen when you, the “scent” ( r )






while waiting

to belong?

also a new perhaps

and definition of far


Modality of


or else will be long; the again

Perhaps “seen” is a form of “smelt”










and not






Of senses.

< ————–

with an

alignment to

sense depiction preference


and then


for the sense:



In reference

to “Loving”


… ?




Social Dynamics through Art

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[and also in this form: 103117]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By goura fotadar

Date typed up: 11217



Source, citation: Lotus Magazine, Issue No. 2, 2017, pgs.3-4

[2nd poem segment], E.A. Gordon, 6,971 Steps


Tags[]: analysis for The Death project, too



Of course about


Soon about

Life, also?

Since about the

Passage of movement.

In “hike”

About gender through

The comprehension of


Versus “one”

Type variations

Considers, tag[]s:

Social dynamics through art


And of course in gender what me might see, be described to;

May be pun to true

Meaning of.

within the first

Two commas

Are parts of gender

Exhibitive nuance:

“semen” “war” “truce”

Upon “ … sly betrayal”

We enter “hike”  “…”

Where we first have:

A proposition of

View from  s.d. perspective

And perhaps from

This perspective

We have the entry

Into the top: of this


Who comes

With is it

Like alliance

To “a grave”

cited accompanying music:

Grimes, (-human) kill v. maim

Human behavior, Bjork

Rag n’ bone human


and the opposition of

“human” to “woman”

i.e. suggesting

based on what we conceive

in culture of notion: “woman”

points “human” as being of to it; opposite.

It is perhaps noteworthy

Why this might be a primary

Method to measuring “woman” [cultural notions and perhaps in opposition to contextual, this analysis]

As another séance in this


“To hike is to be

Comfortable in nature, a one-to-one

Relationship.” And still:

“To hike alone without

Preparation is to be a

Woman wandering, either

Lost or batshit or both”

Lookup “batshit” and

How odd so; since

In case of “human”


Then; “is … comfortable”

Either as “woman” the “hike”

Is not “in nature” or “human”

Is really to it “woman”

a different species.

In the case of “batshit”

though often

Heard of

With reference to

Crazy when

Broken down to the obvious:

Bat shit; it almost sounds

Like or rather the response

Of fear at scared. Of course

Within the derivations of

Scared and fear; in any

Case; “to hike alone

Without preparation”



Of Look-up

Can also



In process


Is conceivable with reference

To the perhaps new frame

Of bat shit; which of

Course could mean

Batting poorly, also. In any

Case running to a trail for a “hike”

Might make belief if

In a severe or even varied

State of scare and-or fear.

And with reference to,  here “woman” may be

The species that experiences

Such; whereas either

“human” is socially dynamically

Protected against

It: in reverse:

“that is, the normal kind”

“To hike in a pair or a group is to be the pack kind of human,”

Or perhaps to reserve the moment

Of a “hike” for preferences

Of “comfort—“ ; in

Any case; such perspicacity  [sp?]

Is what differentiates these

Mythical versions of “woman”

And “human” if even

Based on the regular

Derivations of these

Perhaps at least contextual

Now cultural terms. In any

Case the sense of fear or

Scared as in bat shit

Might mean directs us to

The beginning of the poem:

And of course

Since it comes form

“woman” we finally have

The reason for the perhaps

Opposing woman nuances:

“semen” et al. In any case it is likely “a grave”

Of “woman” do you think

Due to that “woman” version

Of “hike” or do you think

The “batshit” of its any

Variant meaning is

What is caused

By the “grave”

Of “woman”




The Brown Bag, Snake for dinner? and that tool, also.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 103117


Source, citation:  E.A. Gordon Things I Didn’t Know Before I Started Sketching p.3, Lotus Magazine, Issue No. 2, 2017


[and also in this form: The Brown Bag]



To infidelity,

Especially as in “landscape”

On the other side.


If “sign”

must direct

One way

Or the other;

For the “permission”

To be optional;


An option.


As in, a candle

And so everything

That is not candle in the “space” :

now permeated by it;

Now lit by it; now so

Shaded by it; and even that

Portion stored by it: is

Apparently the

“ … negative space”

and so in opposition

The candled is ? positive

“space” ?


The Brown Bag related yes on check of “Simp”


As a related aside:

with the

Option of

An over



A nice



For even





“space” –



Then than

In this


The “hammock”

Is a type

Of “candle”


The derivation that the

“hammock” then is

Like the candle;

and of course

Everything  (that) is not



Is then derived as

“negative space”


In third stanza,

Sounds like

The scent

Of a candle

Product citation: illuminations (candles)


Connected to title of this segment/of work ,

so perhaps the candle is as

Cliché has perhaps told; the draw-by-side: tool;

to “sketching”

then presumably?

Prior to sketching is the

making of the candle, candles even;

and is then an allusion of, to order while such.


In fourth stanza,

Of course then, this

Is the uniting

of: the







In stanza (4)

The first sentence

Line: points to:

“the sun”

As a cooking

Oven that too gets

Drained; and when

We think drains; we

Imagine sinks and diameters, and within the

Line-sentence is the process of cooking:

Oven /-

“the net of branches”

The making /


of the stove? (/-)

“brown forest floor”

close enough

To its after-line


implies almost

Brown bag

And what is it

About  “… forest floor”

That implies that

Type of bag?

[something to think about]


The Salt Thing

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date, started: 5.15.17

Library & Literary Relevances

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar [obvs.]

brief scan of cited source,

text: LOVE STORY by



cited. p. 19

cited. p.13

Salt as

an index,





as the

word alone?

instead of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\————–

noticing what could be salt.


if we were going to

notice what could also

be salt; and-or

salt-similar :


on a continued, rough; and

semi-quick scan:


cited p.19 —> again

name of doctor;

is salt-like


cited p.20 “Novocain” is salt-like? how

cited p.20 “steak” is salt-like?


cited p.21 “It was beginning to hurt like hell.”


cited p.21


with the earlier

backdrop of

“salt” “nutritional”

advice; and

the silence + attack?

after this last

cited line; in

this text “salt”

and-or salt-like


might have a magical almost

addictive quality.


In other words:

from the interaction brief

on the top of

cited p.21;

“salt” – like when un-responded

to : can or perhaps does

escalate matters.

In an almost shamanic, shaman

response; “salt”

and-or the mention of

something like salt;

if un-responded to,

salt …



[excuse the change of order in numbers; as the book has is being flipped through:]


at the top of

cited. p.3 ; or near

the middle.    tag[s]: research reading

[editing notifications & considerations: period or not after cited? in this specific posting. and when not. and how long will you remember when not and when to.]


Is “coffee” like salt.

and on earlier cited.

p.2 at the start of the book:


“the cheese”

though qualified in

a (non-cited italics)

different way. Is this

still a “salt.”


on cited p.13

almost as if qualifying

salt to this

not surprisingly

shamanic – level

the main character /


almost such declares

indirectly the use

of “salt” …



Parodies can still prove

Satires    importante

indexing uses;

i.e. point ’em

out, too.


aside exercise:

How do you recognize yourself;

how would you map yourself


I really hate bad smell[s].

Define what “bad smell[s]” mean to me. [means to me.]

[i.e. & to you?]


cited p.13, continued …

” “Yer not eatin’ enough salt.”

Maybe if I humor him

he’ll go away.

“Okay, Jack, I’ll start

eating more salt.”

Jesus, was he pleased!

… ”


about the trash receptacle: re, mind [manners] = potpourri temporary

0theme0 trash collection as art

it reminds me to spit in a bottle upon others’ : cited brainstormers et al

suggestion ; and not [just] upon others

it includes the pieces of outsides [leaves in varying stages and twigs like my poetry]

to remind me how to compost;

and it of course is an additional trash collector in stage; as in stage phase

reminding me to grab and trash the notes I no longer use or need;

it also has decent scent since inside it’s filled with not just spit but leaves, and twigs; yeah; and the container of course reminds me to drink enough hydrating liquid and-or prepare still in the homeless life. cited: rum’s theory series on amazon