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Reading Notes, continued

for The FVP

tag[s]: mailing terms


date : 5.5.17, date typed up: 5.16.17

source, cited text: LOVE STORY by ERICH SEGAL

cited p. 4 : ” “Renaissance polyphony. ” ”

cited p. 5 ” ” What’s polyphony? ” ”

do you want to translate this

to Ingles? [well, more so;]

poly phony  pol-phon [y] (away from the standards for now : poly & phony)

pol-phon [p]

ol-hon [o]


l, no l – nh       live , no live -new hampshire




and the l, nl extraordinaire at least.


consumptive proposition: | [ Well, disclaimer: I’ve already

read this book years ago; and perhaps, read it again;

and obvs. recommend it; but the completed reading was

years ago.] Thus; from brackets inclusion; like some

of us learned in elementary school and past; and

at the public library: pieces of * the book teach

what it’s about in at least gist; and teach what it’s

meant to teach. Thereby; any even reading analysis

at a deep enough level in stasis; example: a popping form from

a storybook of one of its characters; or concepts; and-or

such combinations; can allure you to cited: allure (magazine)

the proxy knowledge of that manuscript; whatever its

level; and-or length. |

-|_ (not quite the matching star) the book as a thing, a conception …

tag[s]: mind channels, book theology, publishing basics, knowledge games where everybody wins.

back to analysis,  :

Live, no live – n.h.

e  a

w m


when looking at the

left-overs of [y][p][o]

and in application : to it

[y], [p][o]


almost seems to

imply think not of

no live – [n][h]

[y]          [p][o]

a p.o. box

address if


don’t live in

new hampshire;

i.e. another better,

arrangement may be/

is in store for you;

and perhaps having a p.o. box address

should be mandatory in new hampshire.


The Basics: Why might one need-benefit justly

extraordinarily in/by having a p.o. box mailing

address? [To Seriously Contemplate.]





The Knows

” “Renaissance … “”


\/ In Ingles? [again][more-so]


re- ? as in re-do?

n/a as in not applicable






to make more sense from an ? -> ec

adding periods: e.c. -> electrocute (periods counting the c. of order ; I mean punctuation as order)

re-do, not applicable, is

s, an / electrocute … d?


tag[s]: almost crimin ologie?

in crime we’d have something along

the lines of:

[re-do] 2nd or more attempts




[n/a] of somebody who had not

likely esp. committed such crime

[theme: when torture is legal …]

hence n.a. is still alive from[is]

is a She[s]; usually this means

in ostensibly gendered genitalia [She];

[an/e.c.] hasn’t told ‘what’ yet as an electrocute … d.

combined with its follower: has a p.o. box

and does not live in; is not from new hampshire?



On Par To:  Graduation Motif/Theme for The FVP

tag[s]; summary analysis, identity form

date for: 51617


Congratulations on finishing / achieving / … considered;

[that accomplishment]

cited: “Emilia (l.c.)Coccinea” !


cited p. 23 from cited Garden Gate

cited: Garden Gate
cited: p.23 from cited: Garden Gate
  1. You might incorporate me into still dramatic art.
  2. Obs. vious. ly from my common name I might-cane-seen an educational symbol.
  3. My usual color-form helps make variation in color comprehendible.

tag[s]: the basics of mind channels

4. I’m a backgrounder; even if you decide to place me in center stage.

cited movie: center stage

5. I am ultra petite; in my conventional form.


Art Concept Arising Meditator:

The Flower as a Seminal

Meaning Informationa,l

Form; how would

it work:

(a) structure of flower,

general perhap.

(b) information provided

as with above … i.e. (others)



of             common           use

Example art conception:

from the doctor’s office ;

doctor actual.


[!] how tall were

you this time

last year


compared to now.

[!] accurate guess

to when

you were planted,


[!] how tall is [r] your haircrosspetals

in the month of your

visit; and what

color difference

since then.


cited, further:

first name:


Last name:







In testimony of forth-comings; oh the graphic.

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In testimony of forth-comings; oh the graphic.

By goura Fotadar

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

Date: 41217



in support of art schematics; traffic cues; and the next cited: rum’s theory

|| narrow park spot l l a park and-or a regular park spot; and-or: park as in stop

so tags: traffic cues are also art; criminology art [more to come soon, on this in posting styles. cited: styles for less & its website and past shopping in those long-ago teen years:

1 ]



part three? Of: Investigation, Self-Conduct; and Venue-Hosting,

4.5.17 10th crime notes; One-when threatened by a false authority sub and to ensure higher security; please if possible: submit a complaint and-or keep a record of a complaint; if the complaint is even attacked by any false authorities and-or any other: especially when you have told the truth: assume that these attackers will go to some extent and-or completely attempt to break your civil rights; they will go to some form of punishment. The point is that despite false authorities and such attacks; the truth of what happened matters; and this is what complaint-report means.

[Proof truth to complaint]; in addition a record and-or better put: the effort of placing a complaint: of what actually happened; one that is truth; can direct criminology in the right way; and such change reality-living reality: defined as where you can access your own existence and this means be with it, too. [the tags: the philosophy of criminology; uhm, truth.]


9th crime notes: cited: vta; I’m so grate-ful for VTA transportation to public workspaces; i.e.  public libraries, so that all the work can be accomplished; but the stand-off for some of the bus-lines can be quite time-consumptive : if you call and speak to the cited: vta current response team;

You might be disappointed ; with their lack-of-assistance ; in-the-months former; the response team was quite wonderful: but if you and other vta: cited; riders can examine schedules and maps; and figure-out reliable-enough methods to navigate; to your necessary attended, locations. Once-in-awhile; a bus-driver is informed about his his-her route on cited; vta; but it’s rare. To be quite honest about-it; the rate lines; such as the 35 change and repeat in-direction against waiting passengers; seems almost terroristic; as does the line-up ; of non-against the back curb; but crammed in criss-cross against the loading curb: gob hopefully not; anything wrong, not immediately noticed take place. But the 35 once past on its way to the cited: mitchell park library [palo alto] does not respond in a sensible way at-all; it passes thrice in something 40 minutes on one-direction; and non-comparatively in the opposite-direction; if you switch sides it repeats this same pattern opposite to-you; it seems specifically persecutory; especially once you pass embarcadero. Who-ever if any regular bus-drivers are on-that-line, in-that-reign; do not want to see too many bus-riders promptly commute back-and-forth. Who knows why? The especially criminal concern is that while stranded; and waiting for the bus; the bus-driver in a fate-like power against schedule: knows-has seen your whereabouts; and if he/she is dangerous; and if even you move on-foot: this might incinerate his/her reg. demeanor. on-the: bus; worsening it at stand in-person-alone. Sounding like a gothic horror novel’s pre-empto; quite unfortunately I’ve both experienced-and seen such happen in-person.


Art Theory Modern Combat; Its Charge: Charge Them with; Crimes Against Freedom

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Art Theory Modern Combat; Its Charge: Charge Them with; Crimes Against Freedom
Tag Modality: CAF


By Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


date, roughly formalized on paper, digital: 4517 [but uh, it’s still going.]


I, comprehend; that calling others a racist term; unless it’s in repetition of what they said, just said, and-or ever said-called you of and-or the such; is a crime against freedom; I understand as an authority figure/prescribed staff/and-or posed dictated staff [even self-depicting self-dictated]; that not stepping into defense and-or offense [real, only] of those against with racist slurs, are-is a crime against Freedom. I, understand that mis-defining others race on purpose against real knowledge of their race; is a non-sanctioned crime against freedom; and that it wilts to qualify in traditional criminal systems; which are supported by progressive and-or reformed ideals and those their works. That these crimes against Freedom are heightened by defining such mis-names in any form of legal document and-or posing legal document. This precludes house-ownership, city-ownership, and city-property ownership.

House-ownership, city-ownership, and city-property ownership, I comprehend; when precluding those that are all such deserving and-or higher deserving by actual outstanding interpersonal and-or works;

of actuality; and not pre-emptive and assaulted plagiarism; in such scopes of housing and public spaces is a heightened crime[s] against freedom; treated by direct reproduced high-capacity assault; and it is from where we receive all “clears” of actual modern combat and its militia; By any such accurately governing leaders.  I understand than; that the “legal kill” is quite and such different in a free-society from an assaulted and criminal, traditional attempted kill; and-or kill; and I understand that it that is still different from a crime of freedom attempted and-or kill. I understand those these qualifications are magnified in consequence in a free governing society; where those living without housing and-or recently and-or relatively recently produced work; are in jurisdiction to provide themselves with heightened legal kills; as long as they are actually living without housing; and not [just] posing as such. Specialized and leading accurately under-covers of pose; are approved on a case-by-case basis and if qualifying do not meet the crime against freedom; and will not so be charged; it is hoped that only such can be earned by those who will never trespass upon charge; unless charged as such: undercover; and this only again meets with specific and highly attuned approval.


Non-Conceptual Non-Traditional Definitions of No Housing in a Qualified Free Society, are-is:


Imprisonment in reformed and-or progressive ideals [actual] prisons

Long-term institutionalization in a mental health facility

Sleeping outdoors; outside in non-prescribed given shelter

Being held hostage in any housing or not-situation against your own consenting will … and the others that may come up.


Other connecting basics:

Repeating hateful speech and-or movement toward especially but not just those that have directed such to you and such-identified by you; is legal non-criminal and civil rights; prohibiting such is crime against freedom

There is no choice despite your position in society to step-in and stop racism; but how you know its racism and not the right above is?

Locations are heightened factors; racist slurs and threats of assault while compiling work-knowledge in free and-or deemed free knowledge streams are depicted directly as high level low capacity uncaught criminals ; and are all their alliances either directly participating and-r indirectingly participating; these criminals do not qualify for progressive and-or reformed prison/prisoners’ rights.



I comprehend that repeated staring un-warranted at others is illegal in specific capacity and that I shall expect such staring back when so assaulted; I comprehend that turning your head away from others as they continue their own walk down a public space; and the other; is a crime against freedom and is qualified as heightened racism; I understand that not accepting somebody’s either sponsored and or work-compensation pass; is a crime against freedom; and that there is no choice but to accept an acceptable passable form of pass for example food, clothing and-or transportation in a free society; otherwise, I understand that I and the such never qualified for a job in such society; and will be penalized by a code of crime against freedom conduct review. I shall expect immediate imprisonment and circumstantial immediate and permanent any work-production loss. Essentially, I will have no work rights regardless of work or not compensation for divulging such racist heighted acts in codes of crime. I understand that in terms of combat these are considered higher assault than beheadings of violence for example; because they assault the high non-criminal populations, in particular; those that greatly and most contribute to our and all societies by their high-performance and their high-performing ideals.  Note then; non-crime is considered on exception high-performance; and especially with in the disclosure of crime un-stoppable if such existed then; or when; in society. What then is defined as un-stoppable then, when crime.

Further; I understand-comprehend that use of any virtual programs connecting to militia, academia, and the such; for any purpose is considered an assault and felony on freedom; when I myself am a low capacity criminal not earning prison of reform and progression; especially; I understand that this may qualify me for military intrenchment in supposed foxhouses; and held such by actual military if even former personnel. I understand my treatment in these such locations are expected to be mainstreamed in and publicized in a free society; and immediately. I understand-comprehend: that using any such virtual realities, and programs; and the such for falsifying my appearance with my consent against security, safety, and the identities of others; is considered a heightened crime against freedom; and spreads outdated acts of violence such as hate crimes; limiting the progress of the word as time goes on. I am then charged with a crime of freedom: world violation; and will be penalized even physically as such.


Un-Stoppable Crimes May Include; Then, When; Specific Incidences of Trauma:

You were a child under the age of 6 and couldn’t stop your … the other children from being grabbed

You were a child under the age of 18 and couldn’t correct the false use your identity with the knowledge of such false use.

You didn’t know as an adult or otherwise; the lies that others were spreading about you that were absolutely not true.

[and the so on.]


NOTE, the OBVI; so far this art project is not complete.

Other basic thinkers: what is your comprehension: I comprehend … that this is what means by term-phrase: free-society

connecting, first graders: charge them now!





How Children, Real; Function: It’s a gift. On gender derivatives.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project




by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 4217, date written: 4117

tags: criminological l’arte


on p. 501 [cited] see photograph

cited P. 501 as described above from cited: text, (again) Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator.
Do you think this work; does not; capture

a truth?

labelled as an : [“advertisement for …

Life Insurance

… “]

that children perhaps; real

children mean to some;

and not some un-lessonable bizarre

un-truthful virtual reality of

children: Low class;

so beings with children, actual are

not deserving of rites; rights. If for example:

“Life Insurance …” is a catcher of such:

rights. Then a child paradoxically such intelligible:

may try to fix the situation. A girl phasing a woman:

a boy a girl to woman; and such on : a girl

a boy to man; a boy a man —>


and such forth.

Of course we might look for that specific to -> phaser

or those specifics : to find out:

why them. In this sketch:

the child is already clearly by

the tilted guarded blanket stand

of a gazed welcome: worried;

perhaps about the entirety

of “Life” as seen in

the mirror: scene. the

shoes too big; make the

feet look too big; which

is a cliché lack of beauty

for girls; and perhaps the consumer [sp?] outfit

is too long; clearly for the child. The outfit hardly

seems as the sketch is dated: “1955” but rather

something like 1855; so we are pointed to:

a long-time of this conceptional-dramatic fix

[italics]. Why can’t the parentals fix it? It seams [no

typo.] a bit traumatic; and perhaps this is

the actual definition if truth would exist it: of low

class; albeit it is of no effort : the child and-or ones

like the child must show the effort ; and the low

intellects might tell us : no it is the child that has

surfaced you low-class! Trapping the child into an

untrue class-ism; until perhaps with gender’s phases

it might/will be fixed.

theme: gender is like the moon.

so surely it is art; duh, is that the sketch.


Part Two. But is the also art ? –> [photograph train inci.]


cited: incompetence 1
cited: incompetence 2
cited: incompetence 3
cited: incompetence 4
tags: incidences of public trauma within realm[s] intersection: crime & injustice

[anew almost summary of what it’s about]

complaint filed then; early this year [2017]

[Rendition Summaries: As perhaps described previously …] They didn’t want us to store any of our [us, our] stuff near any trees; and the other extraordinary; which they are now attempting; esp. since then to cut down? and so we had to toss in the trash all of the stuff we needed, day-nightly: extra clothes, food; and sleeping materials; and hygiene products. I’m not sure; but it isn’t it; indirect turned to direct theft. J-Geez, I’m homeless outdoors; and as I work for nothing [eh, what is that]; you provide me with no work compensation in terms of storage. As we shivered through [the rest of] winter in the outdoors; and they smiled in schaudenfraude at the deceit of their;




Main Source Citation:


Norman Rockwell

Artist and Illustrator.






An escalated criminology

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By Goura Fotadar

for The Fictional VolunTier Project


public welfare + legality + criminology + y, ethics. + the infiltration of intentional homicide.

[typos, help me!]




eating at in-appropriate

times in large portion

amounts; and I’m

not talking about

wait : Loss! techniques .

near actual

homeless populations;

at-the : end-of-the –

mouth’s month and-or

other populations :

who, might be working

for not-enough or-no

living wage; and

one-of their two

sources of food


a little too meager

might be running dry;

with the-other one

using (through

a non-helpful


intermediary) their

hands on others’


used as term:

manipulation to cause

the worked others, unjust



and eating

these large

amounts of

food in public

spaces; near.


of the

month is

an illegal


when starvation

still exists; and

while it still

exists for

working people.

One basic

reason itis illegal

is because of

the difference

in compensation

between you-and-them;

when perhaps they

have worked more

hours per period.

Heightening legal issues

will occur when the

working-starved have

worked overall more than

you will ever.



and if even;

you are retired.

Another basic

reason that

this is illegal

is the culture

of humanity;

requires that you

never behave


esp. in public

spaces; almost

as if you are

contributing to-the

starvation of

others; and

especially the




It is

admission of

guilt through




in this


public display.



So if others

are starving;

you have food

& don’t want

to sanitarily

share-donate it;

and esp. when in-truth:

they are-have worked

more than you; and

you desperately crave

cited thematic placement title, of pertaining (in this case): (at least, used-to-be):

crave (berkeley, ca)

to eat outside:

eat the equivalent

of a sandwich;

and not ten;

at the symbolic

end-of-the : month;


I’m not

sure what the physics

of eating a lot near

Starvers is; does it

make them less likely

to survive



I just didn’t want to 

grow up to be an 

idiot [sp? games];

so I want to community 


theme music citation: Apartment, Young the Giant, Young the Giant


and is


an emotion,

too. Also;


the starvation:

Of others

may be some

type of



crime; called

an escalated


(i,cited: U.N. informational

research last year or year before … ? as of 2017)

Greeting Spray Museum. Like the Mall, Sort-of.

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Greeting Spray Museum. Like the Mall, Sort-of.

H[heart i] I’m greeting Spray Museum

How-To: A Warrant for Arrest! in Art Aptitude

est . Time Process at this phase: 45-minutes to 2-hours, only.

[self-dedicated from old jjl to upgraded jjl]

tags: tor-ward; this is sort of a truth/satire brief review as a reminder toward something[s] else I’m working on;

tor, word?

tags: l’arte criminology

tags: Locators are …

tags: The non-ill sickness of incurable unclassy and uncomprehensively inaccurate diagnoses

tags: Art as Reality Builder[s]


A recollection barely visible of Quantico, VA.

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 31517


[The Stage Interview]

I Saw an advertisement for the relevant (cited) telev-sion series or something in title.

I Am aware that Quantico, VA is one of my favorite cities in this world; and that I’ve only been there to the recollection of myself; once in my adult life.

[As a child I travelled outside of my control due to a [X a lethality of upbringing environment esp. past the age of approximately 4 years old. no need to include; the obvious; can’t remember everywhere I was as a child due to severe then trauma connected to enforced travel.]


When at Quantico, VA as an adult; I was witness to certain aspects of the military culture; esp. in one branch of the US Armed Forces circa Modern Day.

Brainstormer/Brainstorming Theme: upgraded day will be circa?

I Am aware that my preference for Quantico, VA may seem un-modern considering its non-mainstream in pun terms culture; back then a few years earlier; but in terms of spiritual terms [theme: oh terms and terms, the terms!]: mainstream means something entirely so different.

theme I think: A Main-Stream is An Easily utilizable Entry Point to Higher Ways of Being for You [of you become]; but may not be an easy stream [only easy in-accessible; meaning here; someway that’s possible.]

[The Word Diagnosis]


War-rant in combination with preference-location is connected to War-rant itself but not necessarily and-or in a different way necessarily to warrant.


[The Logical Justification for Preference, this One.]

I have been to many parts of the world [that I can actually remember], and also to many parts of this country. I am thus exposed in living circumstance and visiting circumstance to interculturalisms from esp. my civilian stand-point. Things that I look for are / for a place I like: (are, again)

-weather conditions at time of visit as witnessed because not all visits and-or new sequences in living can be controlled in time-fall.

-manners and non-just versus just discrimination of the place.

-if there’s enough to eat.

-if enough of it is accessible.

-any but not necessary unique type qualities.

-societal forms of incurable deprivation or not.

[Perfect Whether] The hyphen diagnostic applied to Quantico, VA.

Manners excellent, art semblance powerful if you only have also the non-obvious eye; unique enough as compared to our modern day; no incurable deprivation spotted other than intentionally and purposefully enacted and these states are rather spiritual non-chaosers as witnessed. I was there in August I think; but who can really be sure; it was sweltering hot and rainy-hot: an experience in perfect weather for me and-or one experience in one option of perfect whether. Enough and accessible food, and basic to advanced necessities. Of curses; there is also that wonderful at least one? Museum or more nearby [enhancing accessibility non-remotely.]

[The Product and-or Site Associations.]

The Museum that I’ve already described somewhere on this blog: is a major keeper; and also is major. [You know the name.]

-The War Path; I mean The Notable Walkway Museum and-or whatever they call it in this country, nearby [enough]. [You know one of the names for it.]

-Enough Diners, then at-least.

-Good Air-Conditioning in the motel-hotels.

-Roads that are drive-able and the forest nearby.

-Hydrating drinks on-base; and a new phase of Southern Accents also on-base; and at least one viewable live canon-cannon.

– [for you more than for me.]  Haircuts; and a place[s] to wear it-them. The outfit; like art practice in effect, at least.

Theme: art can be “powerful” art means [basically [it hint: means in definition], as the qualifier] …?

The Product Art Piece; What A Center Art Piece and Almost Disguised; cited: bath and body works as accessed on 31517


The dress, haircut and museum connecting theme; connecting to weapons, too. Isn’t she [the product cited] pretty.

theme: She’s yours! The Necker. theme music citations: bootsy collins; I’d rather be with you and stevie wonder isn’t she lovely


tags: re-establish the worth of your own gender.

[More information Misc.]

-Small town online pics [as an art banner in double placement][if you can help it in-between no space.]

cited: as provided on google search for Q, VA> on 31517


-connected Music : Lessoning Gender Theme, Music Citation: Stevie Nicks Stand Back





Define quick non-conceptions of loitering as non-considered by non-thinkers

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 31317

theme: you don’t have to get strait … places; but do you think if even it hurts; if it hurts that bad; than not so much not then? not so much .

theme aider conception: the snip sash,

cited: label of TV series Harlots

(a) basic aside security :

if you find a piece of

‘definable’ trash when possi label (label X2 self editing reminder)

it to aid ; add to security :

when possi apply also this

elementary school model to other

homage public steer – sees.

(b) so a quick reminder if

you attended at least a few

years of elementary school

in at least this country ; you

likely learned a – lot about

security procedures. If only you

can remember them; and-or be

recalled to them.


and this scribble of my name on bag-s given away at the public library.


side banner: I still have to photograph

at least one sign of the potentially

highly inappropriate

sign; depending on the

the competence of its

interpretation ; and not

necessarily on-the

competence of its



side banner music citation [again] : Purple ‘DMT’ npr dot org all-songs-considered 31317


{The Now Ban on


next, almost fictional theme: there’s a tree

shaped like a skirt-


and around it

are friendship


I think loitering

is the sale

of something; and though it may not be defined this way in ultra dictionary;

[The Ultra of True Meaning; and-or Meaning As It Should Is.]

without permission

of competence;


such as

your body, or somebody else’s, food, etc., like a woman with a pusher cart not just of stuff she may want to hand you and-or her own stuff; but stuff that she wants to charge you for handing you. You then or somebody has to re-define and-or appropriate the term-interaction: ‘charge’.

and not at-all

begging, or even

sleeping, etc.


Next part. four lights jazz


cited: ptsd; and that technique that I learned about in supplementary graduate school: cited: Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

make the four lights; does it have to be four?

dance in your eye-sight by contorting your eyes [and that’s it.]

connecting depictor: cited: the killers human … (lyrics) “are we human or we dancer [s]?”

The Diagram How-To:


and just for fun; where I slept last night was actually safe for the night [photographed sky’s view below]; after like nearly two hours of intersection security work; theme: how punning fun! [More notes later of edification: there’s always hope.]