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Reading Notes, continued

for The FVP

tag[s]: mailing terms


date : 5.5.17, date typed up: 5.16.17

source, cited text: LOVE STORY by ERICH SEGAL

cited p. 4 : ” “Renaissance polyphony. ” ”

cited p. 5 ” ” What’s polyphony? ” ”

do you want to translate this

to Ingles? [well, more so;]

poly phony  pol-phon [y] (away from the standards for now : poly & phony)

pol-phon [p]

ol-hon [o]


l, no l – nh       live , no live -new hampshire




and the l, nl extraordinaire at least.


consumptive proposition: | [ Well, disclaimer: I’ve already

read this book years ago; and perhaps, read it again;

and obvs. recommend it; but the completed reading was

years ago.] Thus; from brackets inclusion; like some

of us learned in elementary school and past; and

at the public library: pieces of * the book teach

what it’s about in at least gist; and teach what it’s

meant to teach. Thereby; any even reading analysis

at a deep enough level in stasis; example: a popping form from

a storybook of one of its characters; or concepts; and-or

such combinations; can allure you to cited: allure (magazine)

the proxy knowledge of that manuscript; whatever its

level; and-or length. |

-|_ (not quite the matching star) the book as a thing, a conception …

tag[s]: mind channels, book theology, publishing basics, knowledge games where everybody wins.

back to analysis,  :

Live, no live – n.h.

e  a

w m


when looking at the

left-overs of [y][p][o]

and in application : to it

[y], [p][o]


almost seems to

imply think not of

no live – [n][h]

[y]          [p][o]

a p.o. box

address if


don’t live in

new hampshire;

i.e. another better,

arrangement may be/

is in store for you;

and perhaps having a p.o. box address

should be mandatory in new hampshire.


The Basics: Why might one need-benefit justly

extraordinarily in/by having a p.o. box mailing

address? [To Seriously Contemplate.]





The Knows

” “Renaissance … “”


\/ In Ingles? [again][more-so]


re- ? as in re-do?

n/a as in not applicable






to make more sense from an ? -> ec

adding periods: e.c. -> electrocute (periods counting the c. of order ; I mean punctuation as order)

re-do, not applicable, is

s, an / electrocute … d?


tag[s]: almost crimin ologie?

in crime we’d have something along

the lines of:

[re-do] 2nd or more attempts




[n/a] of somebody who had not

likely esp. committed such crime

[theme: when torture is legal …]

hence n.a. is still alive from[is]

is a She[s]; usually this means

in ostensibly gendered genitalia [She];

[an/e.c.] hasn’t told ‘what’ yet as an electrocute … d.

combined with its follower: has a p.o. box

and does not live in; is not from new hampshire?



On Par To:  Graduation Motif/Theme for The FVP

tag[s]; summary analysis, identity form

date for: 51617


Congratulations on finishing / achieving / … considered;

[that accomplishment]

cited: “Emilia (l.c.)Coccinea” !


cited p. 23 from cited Garden Gate

cited: Garden Gate
cited: p.23 from cited: Garden Gate
  1. You might incorporate me into still dramatic art.
  2. Obs. vious. ly from my common name I might-cane-seen an educational symbol.
  3. My usual color-form helps make variation in color comprehendible.

tag[s]: the basics of mind channels

4. I’m a backgrounder; even if you decide to place me in center stage.

cited movie: center stage

5. I am ultra petite; in my conventional form.


Art Concept Arising Meditator:

The Flower as a Seminal

Meaning Informationa,l

Form; how would

it work:

(a) structure of flower,

general perhap.

(b) information provided

as with above … i.e. (others)



of             common           use

Example art conception:

from the doctor’s office ;

doctor actual.


[!] how tall were

you this time

last year


compared to now.

[!] accurate guess

to when

you were planted,


[!] how tall is [r] your haircrosspetals

in the month of your

visit; and what

color difference

since then.


cited, further:

first name:


Last name:







2> Clues to cited: Barbie ; : The Mystery of Non-Misery [post continued; or last post in this set]

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“The Hair on Ripping” for The FVP and-or The Hair on Ripping for the …

and y not Cited: Ken;

for The FVP 41517; recently I have been meditating on the object-doll Barbie [cited]; in cognitions of gender: and like in a child’s past; recollections without nearby imagery of cited: Barbie remind me of how much cited: Barbie was viewed as a traditional male figure and depending on the clouds of version: cited; cloud technology

& [past] cloud fashion; version; even an American boy-to adult [male] figure-head. What is it about cited: barbie [without a research and or in-person version; knowingly, nearby].

from a rapid syntax view of cited: Queer Street by James McCourt

we have : p. 41 [“, but a royal flush is a royal flush”]

Under “All About Eve: … (an exacerbation of pubescent upsurge, …”

from the title  of:  cited: parallel lives by phyllis rose; we have

the conception of dolls and other such objects; completed but formed or not in the first former sense; i.e.; dolls [exist] among us whether in possession or. theme: culture cog-engines

theme music citations: nynsc pop & sarach mc. poss.

and in child’s s’ imaginary tales: cited: “… the cupboard” are they

also animated? [To me?] cited: Barbie even with cited: Ken; always seems un-sexed but not quite in generational : tradition; as holy as the cited: mary [virgin] as example; and certainly I don’t mean that as in competition to one another [them, as]; in spirited humility

[the theory of self-defense : this – these books came to view as I was being stocked [like of soup] and mocked? [like disguise] think of clothing. around the public library in exact: cue pattern.]


cited: girls & sex by peggy orenstein; when applied to cited: barbie; and spoken; given by others obs. regarding cited: barbie; barbie [cited] is not never has been a girl; if boy or woman or man; never went through the “girl” process. & this is despite the translated image as a woman, female teen; and the etc. From cited: fraud by anita brookner; we have that this is known about cited: barbie‘s gender; and because of a female esp. but not just dress translation: cited: barbie is viewed as such and why. [Cultural Tag: The Brother’s Proof] Question of regular culture : Why is and-for How Long will cited: Barbie stay a virgin; and is cited: Ken in in the truth of Barbie[cited:]’s gender; her and-or his brother; compared to cited: Barbie ; cited: Ken is a man; and does this mean if cited: Barbie is the tradi-male; that there is more to cited: Ken’s gender

time’s time : who is he?

and from cited IMG_20170415_144715

p.? from cited: The New York Times;

The Complete Front Pages 1851-2008: before time of completion but in time for cue

barb-ie : fence that harms; that is. Ken

[of] K?

arrow down to

in fictional purposing

not exact: Kite; Kilograms;

Kryptic but not

cryptic? Kudos

and even  cited: kudos


tags, : a pre-phase reading notes; art diagrams; cultural pop; criminology research on cues, …


Move-able Art; today’s art project with no picture

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sorry no photographs without camera

for The FVP


by Goura Fotadar




How to avoid the mash of paper when you are in the reign of rain {on streets, move to resting} {another way}{the quick path to comfort}

cited: brainstormers et al [punc.?]

take a piece rectangle preferred of rain/weather resistant blanket foil; it,ced: in its brand

and wrap it around your underpants, and then take a part of panty-hose and wet it with tapwater and some soap, stick it over the top of the foil, another layer of wrap;

momentarily stuff some napkins in a pocket or pocket-type near the load, to catch the bad scent of good droppings, character: female ; perhaps it will work for other wound, art projects also.

The afterward / maintenance hygiene should be obvious: just wash out with soap and water and dry out under a blow heater / dryer if possible; and use immediately if needed – as needed


The Stalking Situation, interpreted


Take a plastic tea bottle, empty.

A-most? fictional theme: Tea is so mystical hmm. 

theme music citation: fuel shimmer 

stuff in around the neck with wrappers of good-smelling {empty} food products: examples; include: gum and chocolate (wrappers)

in a marker write your name on the front, and “safety” next to it, under it

wrap it with tarness ; assuager, or string, stringer

fictional theme: {notice: who … ” }

theme music citation: candlebox far behind

toss in the r. bin, when you “feel” the carrying of it is complete. {obvious, perhaps, carry this one somewhere in comfort as a move-able art piece; in a bag, briefcase, or something.}

editing notes: transitions between bold and non-bold of near same species in hyper-glyph reflection(s)

more reading notes, oh sow.

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from, source text: ‘happy family’ (by) Tracy Barone

p. 232  and how a-scenery can adapt to your living needs; another




supplementary view

” … Tamar’s early-morning piano practice failed to rouse the crashed backpackers but drove Cheri to the great outdoors. . . .

Washington Square Park become Cherie’s de facto study hall/ crash pad.”

p. 235 as an aside : perhaps for connection – artistic conception :

“People are adamant …”

{arrow to}

band/singer (cited): adam ant

p. 236 and almost as-near confirmation “”Screw the snails. That would be a good name …””

p.236 (cont.) “” … for one of your punk bands.””

thematic builder: what do you think about : p. 239 ” … clove cigarettes, … ”

p. 254 Still life artism

p. 263 … so around an accident: “wildflowers.”

p.270 Plant-clothing?

“There was something comforting about her silk blouses with the bows at the top and her fernlike plants.”

p.270 meds, homelessness, and depression

” Why not show a homeless guy sitting in his own feces saying, “Homelessness is no problem since I’ve been on Relieva”?”

=> not sure about the

a) “homeless” and “Relieva”

but        b) “sitting in his own feces” how long corresponds to needing medication?

p.271 Death, thoughts research

           Death, view notes

(for the cited: The Death Project, too in The FVP)

P. 271 “” I can talk about death mythically, religiously, contextually. But when it comes down to dealing with it in a real person ——- my husband — I don’t know where to begin.” ”

(…) “” I identified the body, made the funeral arrangements, coordinated with the executor of his(/)will. “”

p. 281 “Cheri was well aware that in other centuries people had rituals and customs for dying, written guides to (italics) ars moriendi ” (…) ” All Cheri  had to rely on was (italics) A (The?) Caregiver’s (s’?) Guide to the Dying Process. …”

(italics) theme upcoming :  hot dogs – yum!

” … She relished the irony that you would never be able to recall the two largest events of your life : your own birth and death. ”

p. 281 contn. just a tad bit of literary analysis You almost see a levelling / leveling

Does this have something to do with d , b, e & house – lay -outs.

cited: (super) mario brothes rs

the pendulum (holes)

discs are at stasis

F = 1, F= – 2 1/2 … and so on



Thinkings hint: a letter’s purpose

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Ad Builder; for The Cloud


Theme notion: the cliché trumped

For outside volunteer work; cited: outside volunteer work

For The FVP

(By Goura Fotadar)

Date: 1.23.17


Thinkings hint

Thinking stint

Think cited: popular cultural intelligence from the ‘80s? , Think implies cloud: think (eye think)

Think (cloud: think) but there is an ing implies keep the cloud

Thin, then a king and stint (can you sub a t for an-a h or are/can they be same h-t) (a letter’s purpose)

And two many, too many indications of keep the cloud: so thin, King (a cloud) stint

Erratical query appears: being a king even on a cloud is not forever it’s a stint; how do you elongate the stint perhaps or is it as pronounced more regularly not meant to be elongated : i.e. the king’s stint and especially not until forever?



Ooh it’s the proof of magic.

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Ooh it’s the proof of magic.
in rough draft? or som’e-thing. (title, updated: 9116) (will I produce accompanying artwork.)

Word Diagrams for The FVP
“Illustrious”        : The State of “Well-Being”
what “might” it mean?
date: 6316, 61416, 61616
for The Fictional VolunTier Project or something
or something
theme: I think that’s good it’s like a riddle.
by Goura Fotadar
so think of the first word, you see
il negates the “lust”
right because in “common” language: what sounds like il is ill which means a negation in state of well-being
but in “common” language of slang lingo il which sounds like ill
also means “hip” as in “sick” as in “cool”

sophi the cliche way of wisdom
is a repetition

On Slides?
Other notes:
Do Dogs Speak?
How would you go about solving this basic, but highly useful problem.
And yes, it’s a problem and not just a question.
A side-diversion: To Think about. What’s the difference between the two: a question and a problem.
Is it a math problem. (back to this problem)
Number something … down the row, I would obviously define the term “speak”
I would know why I would define the term “speak” as the beginning of steps to try to solve ths problem, based on personal occupations.
Are you “seeing” how your mind or you or both goes toward: actual to solve this “problem” or further examine it. Is it based on how; as in in which modality, your time is occupied in. A lot of my current work, since at least; after college involves Language.

6716        The Sense of Arguments
cited: the general radio as available in San Jose CA on morning / afternoon of 6716
Notes of observation: Is the classical radio/ essentially spiritual-ethics encompassed. & what does that mean about the listener’s stance on ethical views of additional entertainment whilst attached to a classical radio/ and/or such musical station.
this morning, as the construction folks showed up,
and I heard ? yelling downstairs & outside at what I hoped wasn’t them
the usual radio that-was on: switched from whatever entertaining “pop” song
cite: NYSNC and POP
to on the-same station/s: discussion  on anatomy, explicit sex, and what seemed to also be or nearly border on pornography;
then, of course:
we as In I switched the station, and it fell into classical where I knew we’d I mean I’d be “safe” in-this-sense
I didn’t what the construction workers in their ear’s view to go into a systemic shock while working on a project/projects hearing potentially threatening yelling from ?,
all of the neighbors greeting them?,
and of course catching wisps of pornography on the-radio that I listen to; in addition, I’d rather not catch it , most of those myself.
So now it still sits on classical radio; what a nice program! and I’m not joking, as I continue to work in my sleep, ha! I’m still partially asleep,
and wait on the Internet starting up again, the connection seems to be not working. Maybe a more spiritual-ethical solution lies around to that also, that I just haven’t thought of. (yet.) Maybe it’s because there’s so much work to-do, without the internet at this point in my schedule, that I have some “time” to get-to: think of That.

But it is interesting, the spiritual-ethics as I’ve “called” it and not “labelled” it of the classical radio station. It’s almost a lesson at listening and comparison of how to-be: more on task, and less on so-and-so’s anatomy in the vulgar sense. For surely, if that were uhm your medical profession or something; than perhaps we’d I mean I’d have a differing argument.

syl la ble
sill , sound means la be el
sill means who chose to be el is female/girl/woman

cited: these webpages, as used for reference and accessed on the date, “snapped”

Screenshot (779)Screenshot (834)Screenshot (835)Screenshot (836)

Part. Next. A Careerism Manifesto. In some specialized level of Sociology at the Bachelor’s Degree Level.
Working the Ground for nearly or close-to Six Weeks; in the Hotel Business of Large Capacity.
Theme: Well, I like hotels; so it’s nice to do some work, in a hotel you like.
cited: The Marriott in Fremont, CA.

word of the day, as cited: through gmail email list
the study of : as a memorized framework of common knowledge context
ill ; the state of sickness; or the colloquialism: of “good” cool
vex: the exacerbate the state of … ( my working in-my-mind definition of vex)
vex the illness ‘o’ the study
is ‘o’ a connector or part of the logy: study of framework can’t remember and am not in this quickness willing to look-up
exacerbate the state of ill: oh! the study of
to reverse and perhaps create more “sense” to it:
the study of, Oh! vexing the state of ill
the study of, Oh! health since basic: vexing illness can be seen as the embodiment/enactment of health as opposed to waiting around for what it is seems to be an : achieved health
so to take the meaning contextually again:
the study of flags equals to the study of vexing the state of ill
the study of flags equals is equivalent to the enactment and/or an “attack” of health supposition / state of living in act of
so where “the study of” ” is equal to “the study of”
you change “the study of” to a constant
and then you work to equate flags to vexing ill or maybe rather vexing “good” cool
and since the “the study of” is now constant
with the reminder or perhaps not of the perhaps not superfluous ‘o’ included or not on limited research into logy or is ology?
find a connector that brings flags to be vexing “good” cool or vexing “ill” or both
flags must equal vex ill and/or vex “good” cool
what’s an example, with a connector that you might do so,
so one might be an action:
raising the flag is a connector
and is equated to either vexing ill or vexing good “cool” where by-the-way ill is used in its so-to: write traditional use of “sickness”
theme: this is so good
in other words:  the action of raise-ing a flag
may not be the study of the flag necessarily but that is a constant
it is however a connector to make-ing perhaps the raiser “healthy” or exacerbated in the state of “good” cool
in other words, to turn this colloquial it’s cool in a good way to raise “a” flag, and this makes you also “health” but perhaps as we glance at you raising the flag we see you turn red, vent in words or breath or both and whereas words maybe breath, and struggle in the action connector now transposed by the vexation
so essentially we have made flag equal to what we supposed, or I did where I is we (at least)
and should be thankful to the flag, the raiser, the concept of flag hereso defined, and surely more will come about,
but how about to the the
“study of” constant. Thank You! “study of” !
theme: that’s like one breakdown I could do more.

Brainstorming Conceptions,
The Economics Policy of the Work-Out Corner in your Office
(if even it’s a very small room)
what would you put in your corner and when do you have a framework for and /or context, if even cliche you aight you use in.

theme: outloud brainstorming to self

B. The Orthodontics Certificate/A Two-Year Program for a Dentist / Orthodontist Intermediary that is not a D.A. (dental assistant)

theme: call me crazy, there’s also the animal jaw to think of …