Identity Procreation

Identity Formation: & How to Advance Your Cause. Burgeon.

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Identity Formation: & How to Advance Your Cause. Burgeon.


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

cited: DMV

as produced in modern

cultour; identification[placard[s]]

such that of; the

conception such that

belonging to criminal, driving,



picture of; scarfed face

and even purchasing

records; but of what

accord if even in the

actualization of identity a

being such; correctly identified;

turns to works of hire, higher power[s];

and without the commonplace : according for

identity renewal; surely

we’ve an issue

of in-correct


in actual conceptions

of renewal.

theme product : that vehicles, cited: accords ;

theme motif. As assignment to. S.N.L.F. [?]

I. Begin the advancement

meaning : translation

of renewal

hint[s]: re, new, al

II. Its application to Identity Formation.

hint[s]: when if does formation

complete = end.

hint[s] here are gives.

Identity formation art:

in the self-name;

real name[s]

label oui, do

have the practice

of basic; non-consequential?

identity [of hour][our]


See art tools examples






and it looks from images

the center

as d. floss

is loud.

[how][just by location][?]

tag[s]: of basic criminological though


Dear Sir or Madam,

This here is

a petitional or request

for aid in-the fee of

identification renewal for

myself an all such

that are functionally homeless;

Who might be living without

salary; and the long-term

security of such necessary

repeated renewal.



Goura Fotadar

[for; no living wage

but compensation work.]


tag[s]; reversing “the power” of the false police and accords.

tag[s]: this is also informational


Part Two. The Art Piece

Death; in a sequins of thought.

the bird [s] then are as contrast the Life; in pre-sequence?











Where analyses enters the loose cannon of creativity

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Reading Notes, continued

for The FVP

tag[s]: mailing terms


date : 5.5.17, date typed up: 5.16.17

source, cited text: LOVE STORY by ERICH SEGAL

cited p. 4 : ” “Renaissance polyphony. ” ”

cited p. 5 ” ” What’s polyphony? ” ”

do you want to translate this

to Ingles? [well, more so;]

poly phony  pol-phon [y] (away from the standards for now : poly & phony)

pol-phon [p]

ol-hon [o]


l, no l – nh       live , no live -new hampshire




and the l, nl extraordinaire at least.


consumptive proposition: | [ Well, disclaimer: I’ve already

read this book years ago; and perhaps, read it again;

and obvs. recommend it; but the completed reading was

years ago.] Thus; from brackets inclusion; like some

of us learned in elementary school and past; and

at the public library: pieces of * the book teach

what it’s about in at least gist; and teach what it’s

meant to teach. Thereby; any even reading analysis

at a deep enough level in stasis; example: a popping form from

a storybook of one of its characters; or concepts; and-or

such combinations; can allure you to cited: allure (magazine)

the proxy knowledge of that manuscript; whatever its

level; and-or length. |

-|_ (not quite the matching star) the book as a thing, a conception …

tag[s]: mind channels, book theology, publishing basics, knowledge games where everybody wins.

back to analysis,  :

Live, no live – n.h.

e  a

w m


when looking at the

left-overs of [y][p][o]

and in application : to it

[y], [p][o]


almost seems to

imply think not of

no live – [n][h]

[y]          [p][o]

a p.o. box

address if


don’t live in

new hampshire;

i.e. another better,

arrangement may be/

is in store for you;

and perhaps having a p.o. box address

should be mandatory in new hampshire.


The Basics: Why might one need-benefit justly

extraordinarily in/by having a p.o. box mailing

address? [To Seriously Contemplate.]





The Knows

” “Renaissance … “”


\/ In Ingles? [again][more-so]


re- ? as in re-do?

n/a as in not applicable






to make more sense from an ? -> ec

adding periods: e.c. -> electrocute (periods counting the c. of order ; I mean punctuation as order)

re-do, not applicable, is

s, an / electrocute … d?


tag[s]: almost crimin ologie?

in crime we’d have something along

the lines of:

[re-do] 2nd or more attempts




[n/a] of somebody who had not

likely esp. committed such crime

[theme: when torture is legal …]

hence n.a. is still alive from[is]

is a She[s]; usually this means

in ostensibly gendered genitalia [She];

[an/e.c.] hasn’t told ‘what’ yet as an electrocute … d.

combined with its follower: has a p.o. box

and does not live in; is not from new hampshire?



On Par To:  Graduation Motif/Theme for The FVP

tag[s]; summary analysis, identity form

date for: 51617


Congratulations on finishing / achieving / … considered;

[that accomplishment]

cited: “Emilia (l.c.)Coccinea” !


cited p. 23 from cited Garden Gate

cited: Garden Gate
cited: p.23 from cited: Garden Gate
  1. You might incorporate me into still dramatic art.
  2. Obs. vious. ly from my common name I might-cane-seen an educational symbol.
  3. My usual color-form helps make variation in color comprehendible.

tag[s]: the basics of mind channels

4. I’m a backgrounder; even if you decide to place me in center stage.

cited movie: center stage

5. I am ultra petite; in my conventional form.


Art Concept Arising Meditator:

The Flower as a Seminal

Meaning Informationa,l

Form; how would

it work:

(a) structure of flower,

general perhap.

(b) information provided

as with above … i.e. (others)



of             common           use

Example art conception:

from the doctor’s office ;

doctor actual.


[!] how tall were

you this time

last year


compared to now.

[!] accurate guess

to when

you were planted,


[!] how tall is [r] your haircrosspetals

in the month of your

visit; and what

color difference

since then.


cited, further:

first name:


Last name:







Attempted Illegal Homicide: by false persecution …

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Attempted Illegal Homicide: by false persecution of theft. and-or false persecution


for The FVP

by Goura Fotadar

dates starting and outlined in this posting as continued : 5.4.17

source, cited: text; THE ALMOST MOON;

alice sebold

dedicated to fire-try.

from p. 5 (cited):

” ” She steals,” my mother said.

My back was to her. I was looking at a vine that had crawled into the huge fir tree in the corner of the yard …

“Who steals?”

“That bitch.” ”

Using a replacement model; solving first

the false accusation / persecution of theft.


” ” She steals” ”

[2] What; Jan stole your shirt … -> said: say:

expect …

[3] “” [You] bitch. “” & much worse.



The point is who is Jan; and

why does the accuser in this example pf

vortex-sight; whatever actually happened;

is predilected [what does this word mean?] for somebody in this case

using the text’s original language: “She”

has not and-or does not often enough

in pattern steal; and remember the case

in example indices that the falsely accused

in context; because the context stealing

must to sum: extent matter; has not ever;

and may also never steal; in such case

as the latter[s]; it does not matter who Jan

is; only that she by name or he by name

has identified the potential of no stealing;

and based on the actual reaction of the accuser

we have an actual test; a gauge of whether

who is accused stole in that context or not. I think,


tag[s]: knowledge of criminology through fiction, even.

date: 5.7.17

in the context of general false

persecution; the replacement model; in such

brief text is much harder to apply; but

instead of “steals” from p. 5 (cited): it would

of course be something else.

” ” She [isn’t American],” my mother said.

My back was to her. I was looking at

a vine that had crawled into the huge fir tree

in the corner of the yard . . .

” Who isn’t American / Who’s not American? ”

“That bitch.” —–> and a second

theme: nationality

theme music citation: She’s American – The 1975


replacement model 5.10.17?

adjusting it to the new false

persecution, from still cited: p. 5

[1] ” ” She lives in my country; no, our

country, and she doesn’t deserve

it. ” ”

said/ say: [2] What Janny isn’t from around here; but you communicate

with people who are foreign [to here]; all the time.

. . .

theme : a ‘|’ and an underscored  “_” and another “|” is obviously: a hang up =>

which is the same as : hu.

expect : something along the lines of what could variate into a mimic : of [tohere]

[3] ” ” Will [you] listen! or should I tell. “”

we now have to perform a something such as a math translation: to the

scenario based on perhaps this context: [especially in the 2nd case scenario]

next (1) or (a)

stealing has facets of contextual

meanings but stealing something

has-as a shirt which has the option of not

necessarily being expensive and-or costly

within the context of recent-past here’s

modern culture; but when applied to

something like nationality depending

on the most updated law involving

immigration the hypothetical Jan could

have an all-out soon-to-be

man and-or woman hunt after her.

(2) or (b) The 2nd case scenario doesn’t

necessarily state that hypothetical

Janny-Jan is wherever *P illegally

[aside: il : le: gally hahahaha!]

in terms of: nationality status;

rather it is more of that level set-up.

Thus it is false-persecution in something

of either more advanced; and-or

else than theft; involves set-up

and how we know this is because

of its possible consequence;

tag[s]: criminology cues advanced in basic analysis of pop. fiction

(3) or (c) In epoxy; what might seem like

minor and possible false assault;

yes; here assault is a synonym for persecution .

can be contribution to something much larger

in false standing away from : non-contribution

to your frying; crime. When perfected the justice system

can even catch you for crime by what

you say; what you meant ; and how much

you meant what you say; in case not

[aside: The Theory of contribution & non-contribution]

in the most latter; well then you’d still be

in non-contribution away

from your crime-ing. It would

likely also in the first former’s

latter determine if you qualified

for reform and-or progressive

“pen” and-or prison or not.


Just to state the obvious what is: a minor crime

in false accusation can turn into something

grander in meaning of size only when; and-or

when applied in pattern use to larger

potentials. I think but I’m not sure;

that’s almost like basic c. physics. Yes,

quite a different subject matter.

theme: we all started as rejects when there was no subject.

theme music citation: December , Collective Soul





How Children, Real; Function: It’s a gift. On gender derivatives.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project




by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 4217, date written: 4117

tags: criminological l’arte


on p. 501 [cited] see photograph

cited P. 501 as described above from cited: text, (again) Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator.
Do you think this work; does not; capture

a truth?

labelled as an : [“advertisement for …

Life Insurance

… “]

that children perhaps; real

children mean to some;

and not some un-lessonable bizarre

un-truthful virtual reality of

children: Low class;

so beings with children, actual are

not deserving of rites; rights. If for example:

“Life Insurance …” is a catcher of such:

rights. Then a child paradoxically such intelligible:

may try to fix the situation. A girl phasing a woman:

a boy a girl to woman; and such on : a girl

a boy to man; a boy a man —>


and such forth.

Of course we might look for that specific to -> phaser

or those specifics : to find out:

why them. In this sketch:

the child is already clearly by

the tilted guarded blanket stand

of a gazed welcome: worried;

perhaps about the entirety

of “Life” as seen in

the mirror: scene. the

shoes too big; make the

feet look too big; which

is a cliché lack of beauty

for girls; and perhaps the consumer [sp?] outfit

is too long; clearly for the child. The outfit hardly

seems as the sketch is dated: “1955” but rather

something like 1855; so we are pointed to:

a long-time of this conceptional-dramatic fix

[italics]. Why can’t the parentals fix it? It seams [no

typo.] a bit traumatic; and perhaps this is

the actual definition if truth would exist it: of low

class; albeit it is of no effort : the child and-or ones

like the child must show the effort ; and the low

intellects might tell us : no it is the child that has

surfaced you low-class! Trapping the child into an

untrue class-ism; until perhaps with gender’s phases

it might/will be fixed.

theme: gender is like the moon.

so surely it is art; duh, is that the sketch.


Part Two. But is the also art ? –> [photograph train inci.]


cited: incompetence 1
cited: incompetence 2
cited: incompetence 3
cited: incompetence 4
tags: incidences of public trauma within realm[s] intersection: crime & injustice

[anew almost summary of what it’s about]

complaint filed then; early this year [2017]

[Rendition Summaries: As perhaps described previously …] They didn’t want us to store any of our [us, our] stuff near any trees; and the other extraordinary; which they are now attempting; esp. since then to cut down? and so we had to toss in the trash all of the stuff we needed, day-nightly: extra clothes, food; and sleeping materials; and hygiene products. I’m not sure; but it isn’t it; indirect turned to direct theft. J-Geez, I’m homeless outdoors; and as I work for nothing [eh, what is that]; you provide me with no work compensation in terms of storage. As we shivered through [the rest of] winter in the outdoors; and they smiled in schaudenfraude at the deceit of their;




Main Source Citation:


Norman Rockwell

Artist and Illustrator.






The Beginning Phases of Identity Procreation.

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Creative Processes Connected to Real-Life and Imaginations of Un-Reality & to cited: The Death Project for The Fictional VolunTier Project



comprehension themes: the death project from the existential purpose of life and so on; and of security measures in our modern world; what a … situation. 

by Goura Fotadar

theme: it’s real progression

connected publication theme: the fashion of identity for the cited: The Witch Goura [next one]

theme music cited: stone temple pilots (flies in the) vasoline

No need to non-absurd the ascent into real spiritual life and-or real progressive cause for all that are interested;

[Make a monk, pastor, rabbi, nun, … etc. ascetic (and etc. signa of whatever else might actually be included and-so what I’ve left-out.) card:] (you might what to pick a numbered process of the above breakdown; for example my spiritual practice identity is broken-down and encompassed nearly entirely be (1)ascetic inter-faith discipline (2) lay version of monk non-robed theravada buddhist discipline (3) lay version of lasallian catholicisim (monk?) practice … and so on; )

with a description of your associated


to help bust

false-fake authorities; at least. [hence: a security note it is, too.]


arrow to: For others pick at least a training model if even it’s not your main and-or only occupation


Brief Back, Display: I remember this idea when I was running the cited: The Spirit Work Out non-fictionally; and needed a card briefly crammed in the back with some of my recent (at-that-time) relevant experience.


More Brief Notes: {I’m tired of searching for the old one at this point; so here’s brief, and rough notes of what mine would say today:}

I have a B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley [Go Bears!]; where I got mostly straight A’s in my major-subject. I worked in fashion, in editing-writing-proofing areas especially as a project-based contractor in my 20s; on the side-I participated in what might be a million volunteer projects; including leading many of them, and despite not receiving that much credit; I stayed in the non-profit world working at a violent and highly stressful job in suicide intervention and crisis control headquartered in the Bay Area. At the same time, roughly I ran my own new-age spirit revolutionary business, and continued to volunteer in various especially local to the Bay Area organizations. I’ve worked with everybody from Vietnam veterans to monks-and-pastors, to “damaged” boys in group homes to [so many tos is boring] to people in drug recovery to dementia patients and isolated elderly; and of course with the mentally ill, severely mentally ill; and those experiencing immediate suicidal needs that they are unable to overcome. I’ve also trained and organized many people in the Bay Area. I also have a nearly completed master’s degree; at St. Mary’s College of California in Counseling Psychology where I received nearly straight A’s again despite a severely demanding work-career schedule, and where I was selected as an outstanding student with regard to empathy remediation and that type of extraordinary [sort of a joke] quality. I started meditating through abusive force as a child; and more adventurous-ly in my 20s; I attained jhana as a very young child; before I even knew what it was, and very much became aware of the effects of jhana as a severe practitioner of meditation and connecting disciplines in my 20s. Activities I practiced-practice to enhance my own ascetic ascent into my own world: are to give up working for an income-live-able income; give up my own shelter; voyage in a produced part of the world on-my-own to cure the suffering of mankind as a beggar as an act of uniting with actual poverty, nearby; and to shirk programs that displayed too much unjust discrimination; this is why I chose not to complete my master’s degree; though so close to the-end. I started working at any job I could find when I was younger [a teenager] and before college; because I grew up very very poor. I had a highly incompetent family, and this met me with severe unjust harsh judgement in society; until I completed my undergraduate degree. I’ve also practiced-practice severe forms of physical meditations; such as: extreme forms of yoga-and-stretching [and severe lone minus my dog hikes in-the 8hour range multiple times a week.; and severe treks cross-country in avid temperatures.]. Not too long ago, I also mostly solely raised a special needs Samoyed; who fell into my life, and died a few years ago.  Now I sleep on the, street when I am not harassed by fake-false authorities, and stalked by unjustly discriminating housed people sometimes posing as the homeless. I work out of public spaces; and my current financial earning for the year is five cents.


[More notes to self: Trim Down to Maybe 10 points to include on card.]

[As a joke: it might say something like of truth though: engaged in modern-day ascetic and progressive practices: such-as homelessness for spiritual and-social cause; and not due to incompetence.]

Rough Notes , Less Rough, ? [The Basic Ten Points; Obviously these could sound better; but are good enough for now; and that’s not settling in the non-meditative sense. If you want to copy, as emulation go ahead; just obvs. fine-tune according to your own personal experiences. I think-thank: below is only nine points for now; and I have to find the original. Nevermind, there’s ten. I would include them on the back of the card, in briefer than below form. Editing Notes: Yes, a second cut-down.]

theme: the hyphen

theme music citation: florence + the machine you’ve got the love


-Went to College and Nearly Completed A Master’s Degree. Am not secretly a terrorist, part of some undercover militia force, the fire department, etc.; and-or a criminal on-the run; or reformed criminal who has earned reform [see below for more.]

-Have not been homeless for most of my adult life. Have been Homeless in America; and that does not mean that it is a country foreign to me, and-or that I’ve never lived or been to another part of the world.  [May not be the race, you suspect; and am not lying about my race or name or gender.][This is my real identity that you may be likely lying about; and attempting to steal; I actually am walking all those miles and producing all this work, and not some virtual program impersonating me.][That Doesn’t Mean I think you should never use virtual programs, just that I have no personal use for them.][well sort of; the computer station at the public library can be virtualist-ic; more-so than your rained on notebook.]

-Am homeless out of personal choice; based on social and spiritual fully-developed ethical views.

-Have actually worked for a living for money; and believe that creating work for a living does not limit itself within the barriers of earning money.

-Am not a drug addict, mentally ill (a sufferer of), and am not a criminal briefly out-of-prison; so I have not recovered from any of these things and the third also not recovered from and-or have any experience in: is prostitution

-Understand that Homelessness Is Encompassed Also in Spiritual Cause as is Mainstreamed by more than One Religious Path’s Discipline.

-Do not need your help understanding what good food is, how-to work out; how-to meditate, chant, and pray. and how-to dress and-or clean myself; and how-to communicate with others. Do not need your help comprehending avenues of basic intelligence; if I don’t understand it; it’s not clear enough.  This includes how to interact with all others; including animals, plants, and public restrooms.

-This, my current work; is not my first job ever [as briefly described]. And English and certain? foreign languages are not so foreign to me.

-Did not grow up wealthy; and am not shirking conservative? ideals about finance due to some youngish hippy crisis. And don’t have money stored with a house secretly in an account that I know about; so that when this passes; I have no way to cash out; this is a real cause, for me anyway. If I own the building you are using, unless you can psychically read my mind in the future; I don’t know I own it; and you keeping that information from me; might be a civil rights or higher infraction; depending on your intention.

-I’m not using cited: botox and-or your image; this is really what I look like.


cited: google vocab check “ascetic” just as you know a comprehension further aid; despite the basic-ful of this word. as accessed through google dot com on 3917


  1. 1.
    characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.
    “an ascetic life of prayer, fasting, and manual labor”
    synonyms: austere, self-denying, abstinent, abstemious, self-disciplined, self-abnegating; More

  1. 1.
    a person who practices severe self-discipline and abstention.
    synonyms: abstainer, puritan, recluse, hermit, anchorite, solitary; More