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Notices of: What were your future marriage partners perhaps excluded, from.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 41618

tag[s]: relational images and intertexts

from the cited: Barbie vlog,

as accessed on 41618

cited: Ken + Barbie,

[also in this form: postingforfvptoworkonasof41518]

At the first get-go: get the resemblances of an intergender brother-sister relationship,

How why?

The mention of “baking” is a trigger of when you were first exposed to baked goods in a noticed by [any] you method; this was likely around when you first started in being [at least in our cultural reference].

theme: oh how do you get your loved ones into your development moments; do you have a time warp. Would they feel left out of your earlier before you met them, experiences.

The next thing is- are of course the baking instructions. Perhaps in entropy; if you bake enough; you can get back to before you first started baking and-or experienced baking, and who with; did you eat Christmas chocolate cookies; has: as an added component of number experiencer.

In criminology: notice, when others refer to growing up together; how believable is it that they had such experiences together; even if you see regular evidence such as photographs …

Does it seem like they did something regular [as intrinsic in our culture] … such as baked and or ate baked goods together or the similar; no matter how barbaric or non-barbaric their up-bringing and or rising.

In regular culture: with reference more-so even to this video I think cited: Ken + Barbie are supposed to be a married couple; but when you look closely at this video, or not that closely, they look quite alike … like adopted and or non-adopted siblings;

Adopted might at least reference: time in asexual relational youth. What might this mean.  And how might this differ from a romantic partner inserted into the same asexual time frame.


As a basic addition: and reminder hint; what would the large percentage of their interaction in comparison [be of] a sibling and a non-sibling youth relationship when one might first experience normal life experiences such as: baking, and or consuming, baked goods.

Other parameters: non-sibling friend and-acquaintance youth relationship, and-or romantic relationships


In Brief Summary [in my opinion]: this given example; in the view of the baked goods segment; the female or cited: Barbie seems more focused on being the focus of the video of the two; and sometimes at the sake of almost completely overshadowing the male or cited: Ken; as opposed to not overshadowing Ken; and this is true to the rumor of culture I suppose where cited: Barbie is the more noticed of the two; but in an interesting coincidence of basic combat appearance; she is much smaller than him; and this using traditional gender appearance boundaries; in this specific case; this might be why she’s more attempt-full of being the focus; but what if the regular boundaries were transposed; and would the male in such a transposed interaction, do the same; or learn to do the same. Would it be necessary. Do you think that in such a case; a she behaving this way with the same physical traditional restrictions, would have created more safety for herself [and were this her motivation for her choice in action focus]; in the moments especially when she were alone with those external that threatened her safety and such in her perception. In this case, notice that she feels safe enough with cited: Ken here, and what might point you to this; and perhaps doesn’t seem to trust somebody watching, and also doesn’t think Ken will be able to uh, defend her in this case of non-trust. I would say it’s in her eye swatch.


A personal story on cues not quite; translated to the basic word re-imaging.

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[also in this form: A personal story on cues not quite]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 12618

tag[s]: economic research connected criminology, and cue patterns specified again, art abstractions on gender studies and vanities, call reports


theme: gender surgery and its e/a ffects

I was watching as each parks and or leaves exactly at a face-body match when I do. They had told me that I wasn’t hallucinating non-usefully, it’s quite illegal.

[Insert cited; even loosely who that “they” is ] [Check without a citation; based on collected evidence who that it’s not definitely: for example legal verification is never here  [through] the local “authorities”]

Collect evidence and-or data also for memory.

[I took a picture]

Assess threat connected to retrieving evidence for verification.

A woman who stalks me nearly everywhere I go and I’m not sure is even female; because she also stalks me in female only scenes; and this is also including: she’s not female and is also not gender inclusive or gender unified; [as in fiction but not]; moaning to herself and guttering objects in my presence, blocking off washing and use-entry segments. The Moaning Continues, uh.


[S/he] Is near. I assess threat, and it’s too dangerous to pull at evidence collector and look/examine picture again. Change assignment as in modify it to use what is. Perhaps retrieve from memory such as in a call report without materials nearby. A practice modifying on further modification call reports for utilize-ability.

Mr. Y II

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[also in this form: MrYII]



for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 121417

tag[s]: when to apply at least when to apply what i.e. approximations


Ih suppose then in

Quick application: in

Library studies from

The time this book

Was published: (in this version)

cited: 2011 to present

At least this would

Be a genre of library studies,

And its development,

Research, and practice.

On an almost aside:

I happened to glance

Up and see this word in

The book binder i.e. space of a library; seeing

It so many times: it’s

Significant to diagram

Perhaps again? [albeit if even brief so]




Mister Y?



Mr. Y=> a discussion of gender, obviously … &

theme: uh, why are you a mister if even you are missing Y, a first meaning Y, and then a second meaning Y implied  2nd by Mister [:  (1st y) and then] Y [(2nd y)]

theme music citation: chris brown et al ‘loyal’



2> Clues to cited: Barbie ; : The Mystery of Non-Misery [post continued; or last post in this set]

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“The Hair on Ripping” for The FVP and-or The Hair on Ripping for the …

and y not Cited: Ken;

for The FVP 41517; recently I have been meditating on the object-doll Barbie [cited]; in cognitions of gender: and like in a child’s past; recollections without nearby imagery of cited: Barbie remind me of how much cited: Barbie was viewed as a traditional male figure and depending on the clouds of version: cited; cloud technology

& [past] cloud fashion; version; even an American boy-to adult [male] figure-head. What is it about cited: barbie [without a research and or in-person version; knowingly, nearby].

from a rapid syntax view of cited: Queer Street by James McCourt

we have : p. 41 [“, but a royal flush is a royal flush”]

Under “All About Eve: … (an exacerbation of pubescent upsurge, …”

from the title  of:  cited: parallel lives by phyllis rose; we have

the conception of dolls and other such objects; completed but formed or not in the first former sense; i.e.; dolls [exist] among us whether in possession or. theme: culture cog-engines

theme music citations: nynsc pop & sarach mc. poss.

and in child’s s’ imaginary tales: cited: “… the cupboard” are they

also animated? [To me?] cited: Barbie even with cited: Ken; always seems un-sexed but not quite in generational : tradition; as holy as the cited: mary [virgin] as example; and certainly I don’t mean that as in competition to one another [them, as]; in spirited humility

[the theory of self-defense : this – these books came to view as I was being stocked [like of soup] and mocked? [like disguise] think of clothing. around the public library in exact: cue pattern.]


cited: girls & sex by peggy orenstein; when applied to cited: barbie; and spoken; given by others obs. regarding cited: barbie; barbie [cited] is not never has been a girl; if boy or woman or man; never went through the “girl” process. & this is despite the translated image as a woman, female teen; and the etc. From cited: fraud by anita brookner; we have that this is known about cited: barbie‘s gender; and because of a female esp. but not just dress translation: cited: barbie is viewed as such and why. [Cultural Tag: The Brother’s Proof] Question of regular culture : Why is and-for How Long will cited: Barbie stay a virgin; and is cited: Ken in in the truth of Barbie[cited:]’s gender; her and-or his brother; compared to cited: Barbie ; cited: Ken is a man; and does this mean if cited: Barbie is the tradi-male; that there is more to cited: Ken’s gender

time’s time : who is he?

and from cited IMG_20170415_144715

p.? from cited: The New York Times;

The Complete Front Pages 1851-2008: before time of completion but in time for cue

barb-ie : fence that harms; that is. Ken

[of] K?

arrow down to

in fictional purposing

not exact: Kite; Kilograms;

Kryptic but not

cryptic? Kudos

and even  cited: kudos


tags, : a pre-phase reading notes; art diagrams; cultural pop; criminology research on cues, …


wear: clutt-ter meets with culture and mental sickness: how to transcribe this to art [in gender esp. of social justice, equality, and above … ?] Stoning the Actual Spiritual-Religious-Progressive, i.e., normalcy? [why when “you” can lie about it.]

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[on the quick]

in support of the next cited: The Witch Goura on cited: Amazon Kindle

date: 4617


Part One.  In The Non-Fiction Query.

These dresses [site, soon provided] are quite alluring; and we often think of where the men belong in such entropic pieces; surely a woman, women can fit into the counterpart conductor pieces of fashion or something of its nature; for the men, only.

Part Two. The Match a Theme Construction or The Type that I’ve been working for on this next publication series piece. Oh the dire strait of working for nothing; uhm.

So they can’t be that bad. Well in buoyancy; there must be comfort; and so they are ecstatic in decor non-crap of serious colour. And buoyant in composition; good job designer[s]! From them; we can also consider inter-culturalisms of gender predomi. [;] the men’s swim suit translated into the women’s two piece even speed swimsuit; and not just a basic of bik-ini. If you’re not worried about the burn on your tummy; the water, sun, and its dire cures something or something in your stomach revealed if only in a tid-bit; and why should the women, and-or soon to be women be left-out! From such healing. Except of course the dress still hasn’t quite been translated enough in mainstream culture for the man; and even the swim-suite [suit] and I mean occupation of style by -e here; for the woman. Perhaps we are wrong about who is suited better; and the wrong women are tried for such; if even we discover the right; close enough, doesn’t mean, uh correct.

Part Three. Male This. Imagine the difficulties of a tom-boy disappeared by the beauty’s gown. Perhaps that’s the reverse translation: in wear translation: Man or boy, to tom-boy tom-Man in mind-channels: cited: Tom’s shoes and Tom’s [hygiene] products; and then to women, woman, girl or girls; or the vice opposite. and not actual vice. right.

But how would you male this, one of stand-out piece. And will I solve this problem of gender outfits; past the above title segment. Well it’s certainly above standard prom dress; which means it cross applies past that event: oh save me.[theme], theme music citation, to match it and there need-no be [cultural edr notes: there no-need be] cited: cowboy or what boots; not that there is anything incorrect with those; only that wearing those two together to: would certainly ad: vice; and if that’s what you really want, well; or well if it’s a capture [of vice] you want; then. 

theme m usic citation: paula cole where have all the cowboys gone

cited: [site] through facebook dot com on […] as accessed on; 4617 & here it is:


the leaves are too deep; to not consider nature; but I mean nature in terms: of seasons and the atmosphere; season then points us back to [s] cliché and perhaps use-able notions of fashion; in the atmosphere do you notice it enough as the voyager encompass-ment almost around the fashion piece, pieces.

Part Four. The Easy Part.

Take the same design and convert it to a pair of pants and such; or think of monks’ and the such(-es) robes. embellished with similar framework. We often don’t think about forming into a peace of being in the atmosphere from ; but this could almost be considered with its leafing work an atmosphere’s dress; funnily the cliché of proms; and whatever used to be the case-kit drawer ; the flower[s] accompanying is a reminder to the greater; and this form catches that of it; a later harder is to take this same dress; and de-form it away from curves and in a new version of buoyancy away from [and once again in and past] proms now though in this new form and toward the saintly priesthoods and their variations; for women; you must layer to create the sainthood in fashion: would you wear this on top;

cited: nordstromrack dot com as accessed on 4617



to rid oneself of the sin[italics] life – existence, behind the robes and or dress-like robes. what about for man; the second part same piece deformed in new bounce [cited: bounce] you would loosen this next piece and wear it upon top; in a new framework monks’ robes and the sort:

and that almost completes the look of tuxedo: prom without tuxedo for men; and not just for prom; even with male leggings underneath or more traditional pants; the problem of course is that you must be living the saintly life [italics] to acquire such dress in normalcy [fritter: if even outside of prom normalcy]; but surely more diagnosis of this gender quarry; among all the pointed stones is forth, stoning.

[Existence Notes: Note, then-tha clothing changes and-or advances of clothing et al [punc.] such-es fashion; can clearly advance what might be one.]



It’s a Girl Rocking Chair.

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Top Gun Trigger From Memory.
for The FVP


a fun? Exercise
date: 8416, 8516, 8616

1.  Tag-Line: It’s a Girl Rocking Chair.

Source: Top Gun the movie
The Trigger: The Group
there is the group that stayed.

Quick two lines of memory from the mythical classic movie: “Top Gun” that haven’r re-scene is long times. It reminds me of pajames that glide in your movement past your feet and onto a clean floor that isn’t just freshly cleaned but that wouldn’t make those pajames immediately dirty: you’d have a few days of nights /mournings and may be even afternoons in those, before you’d have to switch to another preparing for the wash. He’s not part of the group that made it because to make it you’d have to in that specific grade, walk and not “just” show-up. Surely contrary to what the focus seems to suggest he’s not even the best or better of those men; and no wondr he’s not in the stay group; or the good looking central character that likely if all evens were dead and the truth came unfolded is the only woman in that actuale movie. Who else would focus that hard with a furrow of the forehead, and greet in civicness who it does not agree with, in consolation of consoled; and who else would demonstrate the authentique heroism to aloud state so may not be a safe bet. Where gender is controlled surely “ice man” is gotta be a woman moreso than the chick in short skirt almost banging or banging lips with the long-term? drop-out. If the winner is a woman against the standard better than loser drop-out long-term? men group, then this movie is either controlling misogyny, my life? jokes aside; or playing an overt game on your mind against the standard ’80s music, which is why is there so much side focus on the character almost a puzzle of “Ice Man” is he really in the area of men, sex, and banging lips, short skirts, and wild adventures? a man.

By the way, what would you guess is the trigger, here.

Part Two. The Death Box 4
See New Images, and pictures of notes:
(slides 82 through 85)

I had to delete a recording connected to this art lesson as posted virtually on voicethread; cited: voicethread lesson: l’arte criminologie
More Art Notes 8.6.16
D.B. 4 or number?
(1) dried out
over days on
a styro (1-over)
near window
(2) then turned
on tile
(3) theme: wear will I wash my arte’hand
took collected art
materials (and placed in empty sink stopper closed)  :
dried out
wipe rags,
stained with
tea bags, drying
tea bags, aged
near fruit almost
molding tea bag caves, I mean covers
theme: molding tea bag caves
tea bag covers, and tea
bag covers with
jasmine  in them
(4) in the
waiting solution
more any
flower and
layer the bottom
s (bags) +
covers +
base florals,
stained (with tea) rags,
. . . napkins
if can spare
no pun later.
(5) Because
short on napkins
broke off some
this paper
in puzzle openings
where “secure”)
to add strength to under Layers
of bott om puzzle
as well as fragmented
paper bag
with more
wrung out
consider making “abuse”
basic to cement somewhere
in sentiment

sprayed bottom
with cited : (more) Lysol

(now drying upside down
on b-room tiles)

A Statement, of Library, Purpose.

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A Statement, of Library, Purpose.

Thiis is non-fiction but based on something I procured through fiction;
Cited: The Bottle Game
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 7316

I was thinking of the cited: the bottle game,
or whatever it used to be called;
thank god it was never played in mychil’hood;
but still it was procured in description through fiction that you get at the local public library if you were fortunate enough to be able to get over there and check out a book, and not so much in fiction that was represented at your elementary or something library. I only mention elementary school because I don’t remember a library again in my school system; outside of a board — ing school I was sent away to, where of course it was on rare occasion and with special permission that we could check out any books, long enough to read them; but if you were in the library, you could at least peruse them; but my barely senior year, as part of my on-campus job back in this country, at the rich kid’s school, once-in-while I was in the library (and this school had one); though I was directed to pick the other job option on-campus and did; but other than that, there were many years after no access or barely access to the school libraries (if they existed) past elementary school. (Until college.) Except of course at the public library; but then often there was a waiting period of the book you really wanted (to read); there was no wanted forever option for the most part unless you got really lucky (as in from the bookstore or as a present). By fifth grade though; you could request reading lists, and that was spectacular.
Theme: Spectacular
Theme Art: Imagine Spectacular (to uncliche useful cliche) (cited: from wherever that useful cliche term is used)

I felt because of the school system in my school (that I attended from the 3-6th) grade, combined with its library; that I had learned more intellectual aptitude than most advanced performing college graduates; at the time. The library was particularly with regard to this, because it taught me all things that I would never have to do. Class taught me all of the things that I would need to know to function as a fully competent adult. I was grateful. I was aware enough to know that I did not attend a normal elementary from the 3-6th grade (which is the only grades it ran then), and not normal here; did not mean not a good thing.
I always felt that that specific library from that time, and not necessarily now; should be re-purposed in terms of cultural academic literary advancement protocols it was that large in my life, and lasting large. The Gods had Blessed Me with Good Fortune. With a library like that, nothing else in life could really batter.


(cited: voicethread)

In my neighborhood there were child designed obstacles games, pool games, and discussions of fashion, food, and gender. Advice on how-to avoid people you didn’t like. It was the poor man’s game, and the men were all still young boys. But only the few of them, the exception had the capability to design such living. The rest of them were just unjust pricks. Perhaps not to the irregular snob, here irregular is dusted in double pun mean; meaning the opposite of good. For surely there can be good snobs; my god I exist.

I was convinced that rich kids just weren’t cool like us the few the exception cited; marine corps recruiting line? unless of course they did something of real worth.
and I was including myself in this hence us here; but of course I wasn’t a boy, and didn’t want to be; close enough though I never felt lost out in what might have been otherwise termed only boyhood innovation of my generation.

So a book was checked out for me; I wish I could remember the name; I was young, and it was through the public library city system; it was something along the lines of a teenage only-girl wrestler, and I’m not sure if the cited: bottle game was included but the knowledge proclivity was. In it I saw the phases of my future life, and I wasn’t surprised. It was like a psychic reading of all that wasn’t worth it for me, and all that would be; because I already knew what was.
Then I got older, and there was that “poppy” movie, cited: 13 Going on 30; and I think it includes that game; but can’t be sure.


Then last night prior to a meditate, brake; really?
I watched again the video for that song, recentish, I think circa approx. last year but who knows for sure;
cited song: Gooey by Glass Animals as accessed again on youtube dot com on 73116

Who I see as the main character in that video no does not remind me of a boy in my neighborhood but another that I once saw later, and what the connection between the two is gender; so I somehow connect the conceptions of literary and/or artistic manifestations of gender to literature and to my real boyhood as a girl. But of course, I was the very fortunate child: to also have a girlhood. I am a girl, or was … and The Gods had blessed me again, by sprinkling only a very few young girls in the complex of condominiums that was for many years my childhood (live-stay). Nobody, from the neighborhood, of the exceptionally, exception; grabbed, me in that way, but some of the girls tried.
You’d think I was the boy they always wished to have a crush on (the few girls). (notice the pun on few, it can be really edifying.) It’s true most of my childhood beauty is more magical most not all sometimes the beatings swelled up for months; and no we didn’t go to the doctor; more magical uh yeah, than the most glorious of movie/fictional characters (boys, girls, men, women, and even other species). Ask the real exceptions and they’ll tell you; and that’s why they never had a crush on me. Notice the context meaning of real, here. they were part of that group; but some of them had to fake it. (The Ethics Snippet: The false professor, says; which group? and you’re supposed to be smart enough to understand context. How else would-learn to be ethical. )

The character in the video that I feel like I know personally; I sound like I’m writing a synaptic and synoptic undergraduate review, as the visiting professor, wants; and will he make it to a mainstay; I don’t know it depends on my write-up, I bet.
I know that character as a man who used to be a boy, and in the video he’s represented as a see-able she. It’s odd to you and maybe that’s why. I’m not sure gender exists in the sense of convention. I find it to be more of a transformative quest; gender progression through age. What I do as most sane people know to be, in existence; is anatomy. I have no desire to change mine, unless you’re talking about braces to the teeth (former but late), or a chop to the: my hair. The more vain of non-us for why would you want the vain in us, might see a chop of the hair in any fall of flesh to be the same as a gender change surgere. I cannot but completely disagree. How lowly evolved is in fact vanity. Are you surprised.

So I thought more deeply for many many years of my young developing life; about the cited: bottle game; or whatever it’s actually called; like I give a frick to recap the colloquial ness of vast experiences elementary to high, school just before the ship off and of course there was no ship, just long drawn out like carriages and animals who are too tired to movie flights. back,
why were kids ever playing such a game, and it’s really not about the lips smacking one another; it’s about who are the adults, and what they unfortunately could want; and even the opposite way where wear in circumstance at any age can you ever be allowed or consented to date. As if it were their choice, either way. It’s like being a gay man, in a society that hates gay people, and that entire society is your parents, and then you realize; their hatred in the way that is manifested for surely hatred must manifest in another better more upgraded way; is just too unevolved to ever form: society or even;  a world. Cruelty like that is just bad energie it starves people by making them lose their appetite the food just disappears. Long enough, and die young; but that death can still form a society; of better hate. I hate you for hating them, and so I starve and die. And now we have translation of hate; an upgrade that can be sustained for those akin to you, and of course; especially for you; in your next on-coming birth.

So I thought of this obstacle course this kid in my neighborhood designed. Cited: him. I should’t include that I didn’t play all of their games, because instead I was studying; and I was a girl. But I was the only girl that participated in some of their games; I don’t know if they wanted me there some of the time; but like I cared about what they wanted when there was what I wanted to care about instead; and this game included an upgraded version of obstacle avoiding kissing. If you made a mistake you had to kiss somebody on their hand. In its virginity it almost seems church biblical, and I think I remember there were ties to the church biblical. And why would you want at that age, to have to kiss anything’s hand if even your own. But if you saw the cited: Virgin Mary; would you want to maybe kiss her hands? I don’t know. And if you did, want that; would you be sick?
I don’t know. You’d have to ask her her opinion.
So I’ve upgraded the game, more.  Because I know that I love myself more than he loves himself; and I just haven’t had the time: God! to think of how to upgrade his innovative cited: saving grace, innovation. So today, I have the time.
Now in an act of self-love and to erase the perverts that were many of our parents and/or the adults nearby; and to erase our imitation of them within boundaries that were clear to save ourselves from what was their “society” them ; cited: the “save” concept of christianity.
Everytime you make a mistake (and notice it or feel that you notice it) in the cliche: obstacle not, but cliche: obstacle that is life’s society,
kiss your own hand.
You Go! (who?) that was a very edifying game for me. The upgraded innovation. You’d be surprised how much kids can teach, and inform you. (if they are in fact kids.)

So thanks libraries.

Here’s the code diagram, play.
Cited: W.S. Library, Mission Springs in W. S. , a kid’s obstacle games, the players, and the innovation of the hand kiss

theme: On-the-Ball
theme music (citation): Lil’ Wayne Rich as … , as heard on the radio, general on 73116
IN:  cliche: obstacle  & in not: cliche obstacle
when x: mistake ==> when x: commits non-x
x kiss x(hand)
now, define kiss for you x (theme: oh my god, tis so hard.)
my definition that you’re welcome’d to use, is the intertext with yourself
my definition of kiss is:
cited: my f blog, (as posted on 72916)