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t.b. murder notes / the at least unjustly dead revival: the new meaning of prom, … continued

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 92918

tag[s]: creative thought, lgbtiq hate crimes, gender and property, identity, time in astrophysics, uh; uh, hygiene, uh …, death ideas / brainstorming

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on 92818, 92918

-one parent acts exasperatingly happy with matching expressions such as , as happened [s/ed] [to] toward C.C.

-primary father matches C.B./B.H. (the perpetrator’s) identity

-primary father believes himself to be very close to his romantic partner but practices public infidelity; and sees himself as a ladies man; that practices multiple sexuality versions of intercourse

-primary father is confused about his gender unlike t.b.; and isn’t sure if he is male or female; as a grown adult and usually rests before getting too female

-t.b. is the younger sibling; and is not close to her older sister; her older sister has come out as a lesbian; and at some point in time, t.b.’s parents decide that t.b. has to become a boy, and if even going through a gender change operation; because otherwise they won’t have enough [wealth]. At around this time, t.b. meets a person that she starts dating; so she starts going through the gender change process as she starts dating the person she’s met. She’s in a straight relationship but is going through the gender change process.

-t.b.’s name was changed to t.b. by her parents from a name that started with an A; (similar to other such murders of this type)

-t.b.’s parents hired a hitman, or hitmen; to kill t.b. as she moved through the gender change process … because they wanted her to move out; and she didn’t want to do it, because she owned the house they lived in; and it was the only form of wealth that she had. They filed a report that they believed it was their right to hire a hitman/hitmen since they had asked her to leave; and she wouldn’t leave; and since they had raised her they believed  the house was [now, instead] theirs …

-this poses the point and problem, that these “parents” may not actually have been t.b.’s parents and [this has, did, …] became(come) more noticeable at the time that she started dating and seriously dating her one romantic partner; …  that is they (her “parents) started posing problems when she started dating her one romantic partner; before that they didn’t cause too many problems, … based on her memory: there is also the possibility that she was grabbed from her actual family at some point, in some type of social situation (movie-like) and couldn’t recall because of her age at the point of time of grabbing; this hypo-jinx builds another perpetuating estimation of guess, which is the entry of elongated and public crime …




theme: do you know what a girl, woman is uh down there; the “librarian” stalker[s] is/[r] back again to kill more people with fake children; no I am you and they say this a-loud. Uh, I’m not dead; no offense to the deceased or something

theme accompanying music citation: life is a highway rascal flatts

(resulting dangerous and severely unjust homicide) directly correlated to the time sequence of dating her romantic partner this quarantined in time sphere with gender change enforcement – points us to guilt in the non-actualizing lgbtiq “community” and as opposed to the actualized and actualizing lgbtiq community


Questions to consider, investigate: what time period did the actual murder take place in [if even in stages], where is the sister; and how did the romantic dating partner of t.b. identify his sexuality. Also who got the house [after murder]; and as review: how is actual ownership verified [outside of titles, too].


Q/A. did someone specifically unjustly

Die, and-or experience life over a property, a house, wealth, their identity, other such issues; then/-an usually as just a basic review; they own it, and that too. . . &[and] is someone lying about having that unjust experience[s] without having it: then … what? [r you still stealing those such victimized [their] properties, identities, etc. [in as…physics: ] what happens next in term of existence/non-existence]


Illicit Weapons in Action

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dates typed up on: 82418, 82518, 82618

tag[s]: societal perspective norms and societal perspective norms intel as compared to actualized norms, patrol in stream analysis

combat review [from where]: “pay attention” and disregard those that don’t “pay attention” to you unless it’s demonstrated to you for a reason of comprehension such as in cues of who to disengage from: [as also demonstrated from recent real life cues]

and on such determinant cue: when to actually ” … pull- away …” as the title cue command suggests and directs

The “pull- away…” implies use of a weapon which also implies use of a weapon illicitly in what the actual meaning of illicit is [and perhaps not what might be defined in public or elsewhere as illicit; as a review, … how to actually qualify and validate what is illicit versus not so.]

There is also the reference to implication of deeper combat applications: such as, criminal fixations; and then how these are directed in the direction of reform; and those that can’t reform


The problem on-going that doesn’t match especially my generation: is the desperation presumed that women in this generation and not just women pretending to be in this generation through digital enhancement experience for romantic relationships; especially straight romantic relationships; … so this implies instead a different fragment: gay romantic relationships and-or asexual [i.e. non-sexual] same gender friendships and-or a double, and even triple and higher quantity fragment: a gay romantic relationship from a previous generation is perhaps more likely given the lack of connection to this actualized’s generation


The obvious review of the incorporated video as cited below:

the main emblem is the option of rape is now part at whichever actual time corresponding cue to these versions of romantic relationships [and this is not meant in homophobic meaning but and and also translates to the now straight or seemingly seen straight dynamic and also asexual (non-sexual) dynamic]; and this is cue to how to catch such attempted and-or sequentially attempted rapes which is translated to “text” exchanges that are used as cues of either completed rape caught; and-or initial and sequential attempts

theme: I’m highly offended by what you said, especially about Elsa.

[and this is where I left off]

Source, citation: Email list, E. Stone, He pulls away when he’s lost this…

as accessed on 82418 & also this video as accessed through the same citation: as also accessed on 82518



Murder Investigation, Notes

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

typed up on: 72118

tag[s]: cited: stonewall murders, crime catches, lines of detail crime, combat counseling specs,




Date: 072018

-known [has]; as N.M.

-has many impostors way past er; her death

-was known as a beauty queen in especially the area lived in

-was always unsure about her gender; and reported it.

-felt that she was in a different country than was reported to her; and felt there were clear signs of this around [in public]

-felt some of her body parts were missing; [had this as an intra-personal biological experience]

-relevant [ou] counseling suggestion from the future [as compared to the moment of the murder; and future doesn’t always work in sequence of numbers]: if n.m. could see an actualized doctor; and at least get her gender experience assessed and; treated if necessary; this would be an additional funnel to the / her [unjust] homicide and its coinciding rapes [prior-to].

scary theme: completed homicide entry to rape; so become immortal?

[stages of immortality]

-the name she was primarily known under: N.M. [initials]; was a name she was changed into using

[notice change, mild of write-up dialect] [coinciding with this investigation]

because her former name was difficult to pronounce for others. As her name was changed she was afraid that it was going to cause her to be violated in her body.  So the change was enforced, and not optional. The name changed to, was the name of somebody she had heard of; who had an identity she, N.M was uncomfortable with.



Digital Programs in Militia Roles

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


By Goura Fotadar


tag[s]: martial? reviews & discussions, the economics of intellectualism, & combat , reflections on who should be talking shit*

Date typed up: 7818


Date: 7718

     A review. I was horrified & disgusted when I believe a digital program that has been used & operated before showed up again; this time operated differently: This is where we enter considerations of reporting: perhaps the way it was recently publicly operated a demise from its former operation is the only way to send a report; that is not traditional report; but rather a report of this one operator’s inappropriate interactions during especially somebody else’s militia job hours; while the other is a P.O.W. The assessment: Perhaps it’s time to|actually reverse justice persecute; as in justly persecute P.O.W. holders; i.e. those that held P.O.W.s and [justly persecute them/] to do so in public; instead of in secret hide-outs that nobody, regular knows about.

Reality Interfaces: Reports of Age & Time.

tag[s]: working transgenderisms

Part Two. A supposed, my, I et al that isn’t the author of this; do you get that. Theme: During my work-shift; somebody chose to take me as a P.O.W.; wear my uniform; and move through time in all the crime cues that I would effect posing as me and-or posing as [in] my job; if this somebody couldn’t rape and continue to molest the 1,000 persons this somebody had captive. This is exchange terrorism; and though not un-predicted and not un-planned for; reports are appreciated maybe received and-are not mandatory though: depending on the circumstances. The Levity of Report: perhaps, the report whenever fallen even into unholy hands; has the ability to change the original circumstance of the 1,000 captives and so they can see it; such as, a magical formula. One moment they are captive; and before the next moment comes they are released in and are free; in the middle they are becoming/are they becoming free? Accompanying music citation: U2, stuck in moment;

Even if it the change is …  were a myth; outside of traditional religion: the practice of self-sacrifice should not seem so fictional in the tradition mind term; as it appears in the action of exchange terror-sims.

& perhaps for the general non-lethargic public; it answers the question of:

“Sir, how did it come to P.O.W.s” I’m hardly not a Sir, though of course I am whatever that means, female. It’s one to intellectual transgenderism; how do you study hard & stay female in intellectual statistics: I haven’t worked to answer; and if you don’t try that way: will your intellectualism in practice morph your body; I’m not sure; but the ovaries in my body did swell bizarrely engulfing my form; which is now replenishing itself after surgery; does the entropy say: that women [who study hard perhaps regardless of measure] don’t benefit from ovaries?

   So back to the point: no they weren’t / aren’t weak; incapable of balancing their fears, etc. wasting training wealth; with a bit obscurity: it’s the sacrifice of exchange terror-ism.

Notices of: What were your future marriage partners perhaps excluded, from.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 41618

tag[s]: relational images and intertexts

from the cited: Barbie vlog,

as accessed on 41618

cited: Ken + Barbie,

[also in this form: postingforfvptoworkonasof41518]

At the first get-go: get the resemblances of an intergender brother-sister relationship,

How why?

The mention of “baking” is a trigger of when you were first exposed to baked goods in a noticed by [any] you method; this was likely around when you first started in being [at least in our cultural reference].

theme: oh how do you get your loved ones into your development moments; do you have a time warp. Would they feel left out of your earlier before you met them, experiences.

The next thing is- are of course the baking instructions. Perhaps in entropy; if you bake enough; you can get back to before you first started baking and-or experienced baking, and who with; did you eat Christmas chocolate cookies; has: as an added component of number experiencer.

In criminology: notice, when others refer to growing up together; how believable is it that they had such experiences together; even if you see regular evidence such as photographs …

Does it seem like they did something regular [as intrinsic in our culture] … such as baked and or ate baked goods together or the similar; no matter how barbaric or non-barbaric their up-bringing and or rising.

In regular culture: with reference more-so even to this video I think cited: Ken + Barbie are supposed to be a married couple; but when you look closely at this video, or not that closely, they look quite alike … like adopted and or non-adopted siblings;

Adopted might at least reference: time in asexual relational youth. What might this mean.  And how might this differ from a romantic partner inserted into the same asexual time frame.


As a basic addition: and reminder hint; what would the large percentage of their interaction in comparison [be of] a sibling and a non-sibling youth relationship when one might first experience normal life experiences such as: baking, and or consuming, baked goods.

Other parameters: non-sibling friend and-acquaintance youth relationship, and-or romantic relationships


In Brief Summary [in my opinion]: this given example; in the view of the baked goods segment; the female or cited: Barbie seems more focused on being the focus of the video of the two; and sometimes at the sake of almost completely overshadowing the male or cited: Ken; as opposed to not overshadowing Ken; and this is true to the rumor of culture I suppose where cited: Barbie is the more noticed of the two; but in an interesting coincidence of basic combat appearance; she is much smaller than him; and this using traditional gender appearance boundaries; in this specific case; this might be why she’s more attempt-full of being the focus; but what if the regular boundaries were transposed; and would the male in such a transposed interaction, do the same; or learn to do the same. Would it be necessary. Do you think that in such a case; a she behaving this way with the same physical traditional restrictions, would have created more safety for herself [and were this her motivation for her choice in action focus]; in the moments especially when she were alone with those external that threatened her safety and such in her perception. In this case, notice that she feels safe enough with cited: Ken here, and what might point you to this; and perhaps doesn’t seem to trust somebody watching, and also doesn’t think Ken will be able to uh, defend her in this case of non-trust. I would say it’s in her eye swatch.

A personal story on cues not quite; translated to the basic word re-imaging.

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[also in this form: A personal story on cues not quite]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 12618

tag[s]: economic research connected criminology, and cue patterns specified again, art abstractions on gender studies and vanities, call reports


theme: gender surgery and its e/a ffects

I was watching as each parks and or leaves exactly at a face-body match when I do. They had told me that I wasn’t hallucinating non-usefully, it’s quite illegal.

[Insert cited; even loosely who that “they” is ] [Check without a citation; based on collected evidence who that it’s not definitely: for example legal verification is never here  [through] the local “authorities”]

Collect evidence and-or data also for memory.

[I took a picture]

Assess threat connected to retrieving evidence for verification.

A woman who stalks me nearly everywhere I go and I’m not sure is even female; because she also stalks me in female only scenes; and this is also including: she’s not female and is also not gender inclusive or gender unified; [as in fiction but not]; moaning to herself and guttering objects in my presence, blocking off washing and use-entry segments. The Moaning Continues, uh.


[S/he] Is near. I assess threat, and it’s too dangerous to pull at evidence collector and look/examine picture again. Change assignment as in modify it to use what is. Perhaps retrieve from memory such as in a call report without materials nearby. A practice modifying on further modification call reports for utilize-ability.

On the fly: kits

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

Source, citation: [in brief] from cited/or rather on cited: youtube as accessed on 122917,

The birth of catwoman | batman returns

[and also in this form: On the fly]


Course; the beginning is a transmutation; first it looks like one; and then almost another; such as birth from a pregnancy; and where is the pregnant first? [Perhaps signified in change, by a seen or heard, or is it felt: thump; the seen, heard, and felt] Becomes perhaps the first question; only after do you notice and while at the same time: the crawling of kitties and the birth; perhaps the second first : the crawling of kitties is like birth or so it’s supposed to signify; we spend the rest of the time, looking for the original: the pregnant; and is this a form of stalking or re-interpreted through the stream of art to ethics; a jewel that we look for, as seen almost in the next segments,

Of what cultural origin if so not emphasized would you connect the rose like color, color; with the emphasis of a jewel; and jewel; that is worn? Rather, than hung. Perhaps hung here as color is a chime to what color signifies in whatever era generation it is viewed in; in ours still racism, and in an ode to birth as we fall from our parents do we also fall from a God, now capsuled and defined by color; and so must be our parents.  Hung in color and not worn in jewel is it safer, and stays longer and perhaps even with a Chance at forever unstolen? Of course the kitties are not what might one fear doing the stealing; and then one or the center wounds to wonder perhaps what is that might be thought of to be stolen; this is like what a definition of holy or rather unholy coveting. Uh. Rather the experience of this definition from the outside; You now in your wonder know what coveting is; it’s like living Bible or something.

The invisible pull and drip from the kitties is like a forming jewel certainly in movement outline; do you see a string-ly necklace; or multiple such necklaces; you see a bracelet. Everything is pewter signifying the next element in jewel searched for.  I n my good luk, or something: it’s also one of my favorite colors and color combinations, so, uh … this is a capture of the metaphysical shred of cultural birth; what do you connect with in this uh hypoxy vid, that might such be captured; and now you know that at lest a bit of that a la experience mode: birth and its relational experience to the pregnant.

Now all the stalking converted to art and then facet ethics are signified by both the birth and the solicitor of birth almost if only it is a crime that happens from circumstance or something; the solicitor’s real definition of birth then, the pregnant, uh is a sacrifice. Why do they beg, and not you. What happens from their begging and perhaps can’t by your choice happen from yours; the difference in actual definition of solicitation is then begging, and its sacrifice: creation; the pewter cartoon-like has turned almost a religious discussion of courter-facet faith and non-faith formations, … and that’s all I have time to Sum up; since I’m short on public computer time in the 3-hour per day limit.