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Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP

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dates: 6.5.17 – 61317

tag[s]: fiction excerpts from novels of the future in excerpt here; the death project; the news, and civil rights; literary analysis, culture discussions

Part One. Short pages of “purplement” for The FVP


by goura fotadar

I was thinking about;

as in all of but not just;

my fiction; the bar of the

draw cardes, post; and

the arrangements ; the cost of;

minimal would idol go-to in

times of low-coste; think of so’s

brand pandles; eating even more

food; and how flowers don’t. I’d

been vaiting for it for grandiose bibes;

and treats of mides; and blows of

shadow. Once at least; I’d seen it;

at a stage-front that was non-hoax;

and the ox was at the stage with

green stellas. She was a different way

when; dimples on the tilt; the image

of the inside the fixing of precedence;

and the bakes of no! pale. We were

non-bites; and finally I knew it was

a he; about his wife that he didn’t

like; Boy! was she gone.

Part Two. Non-“purplement” or something


In a review of liquor and

flowers; I had started reading “Lotus


cited: L … magazine
I wanted to discuss at this


point; I’ve just now received the “Issue No. 1 -2016”

the poem on page “9”

cited: the poem on page 9 from cited: L … magazine


aside 0: personal notes of real crime analysis and reports received and albeit civilian status
starts and finishes without severe

reading glance; at that vocation.

“bitchin’ ” is not the main narrator, male, i.e., male-identified?

others that are


at some others

“have”  “kitchen … [s]”

not both? see the “yellow


as the “window” ‘s

entire being ; and you

have a baker , … , a pastry lover …

on “dizgotic” I hardly                           | date: 61117

know what dizgote means

w/out a dictionary and a summative

analysis of it, the word; but I wonder

if she were pregnant; and obvious, I don’t

mean the narrator; as described but I’ve

read-glanced ahead: and you have to wonder:

“Snappy” it’s only to say the reference the

obvious that you can as one likely knows

analyze in parses or in parsing as in code;

cited: coding courses in community college;

something you haven’t read entirely through, yet;

as an entry into reading it : sort of like

the fine printed way to understand the over-all

enough-needed function of a vortex.

tag[s]: non-function structures; on-them.

as an aside;

the death project, more source texts as identified

from “ch. 2 of funeral homes”

p. 11

of “My final Wishes” by Bradley H. Davis

is a title so much “Li Qing Zhao’s Kitchen” p. 9 of “Lotus Magazine”

prom: of p.11

“Upon death, the first thing that has to be done is to choose a funeral director. ”

under: “Funeral Homes” “2.”

theme: prejudice

is like unjust homicide


Miss Ms. Goura Fotadar

wishes to acknowledge the

receipt of your

request of a ban of

her from the Menlo Park Public Library (only) [sited, cited:]

on Alma Street from

today June 12, 2017 to two days after her 36th birthday June 14, 2017.

She appreciates the repeated blandishment

of her identity, gender, race, sanity, non-criminal, etc. statusi and work


by most patrons and volunteer-employees of this

and such practicing libraries. She considers

this extreme harassment

under her social cause

of safety through homelessness

and non-cash paid work; to further support this cause.

She requests that such

harassers not be

reciprocated for any

of her works and

identity; and she petitions

for the firing of all

pertaining library employees;

and volunteers.

She notes that out-spoken

un-defended prejudice

and gossip in this

country is illegal; and

that; likely despite

being at a knowledge

stream such person(s)

are unable to comprehend

the civic nobilite ;

that though you do

not like her; this

is certain; not her


dedicated to the service

      of J. J. L/F

citing p. 344

of  The

Amy Vanderbilt

Complete Book

of Etiquette

by Nancy


and Nancy




the exi condicion situation, uhm;

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as an aside to the proof: militaristic quadrants


and intersections

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date, typed: up 10.28.16

Notes on Social No! Public Welfare

assignments, contn. I was thinking out-Loud: that mixing non -reformed

criminals with non-criminals is almost always dangerous; Where a walk

down th’Street to work from a public space; and instead of outside in the Rain; cited product (citation): Rain Man (movie); do you dream of being

savant (theme); how would you how could you work in the rain; especially within/ certain professions; and-or other forms of severe weather; theme: what does o.w.s. stand for


-weather control

-on-your-own within

the outside work space; relative safety

-and within the o.w.s

actual w.s. (work space)

– tools of general use in the w.s.

… etc., or more to come.

         The Existential Problem of Danger : Hooking.

could mean; the walk down the Street; cited theme (music): Pretty Woman; to the non – reformed criminal that you are a hooker.  He/She maybe unwilling to comprehend that you simply are-not/never-have-been: a hooker. This might than-then heighten the danger some actuale (le actuale) hookers are in. One basique solucion to la probleme is to hang signs around/surrounding public libraries : stating, “free open public workspace , (…) hours: (…)” Same of course for other public-contextualized real w.s. s.

what due (non-typo) militaristic ops. have to do with h-less scenes,

domestically. First; it would qualife (with an accent, and remember to apply;) as a domestique deployment ; if you’ve ever been around or near the h-less population in many but perhaps not al-all places it is highly dangerous; where the la actuale cops maybe able (cited: maybelline (product) citation (spelling actuale confirmed via cited: google search as conducted on 102816); ) with new tag line: it’s meant to be for you ; cited again: maybe/line. (get in it) and application to prostitution?


part next moor: the exi condicion …

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by Goura Fotadar

for The FVP

date, typed up: 102716

theme: the short-stop is brilliant

to find that out {brake, break} … Imagine a projecting rocket moving through the

rotating cycle of h-less there’s a very short stop and the rotation

continues, from part (a) we speed through the short-stop ; to remove its experience

(arrow to) and not

because there’s

something wrong with it;

if we could

only transfer

this short-stop

perhaps in

our imagination

to brake the


it would

be easy

to define

in this contented


the short-stop;

would be


you’re not


(arrow to)

theme: the double arrows again

we would have to re-define h-less; basically,

to understand what qualifies at non – h- less.

theme: have to exert extreme discipline (the planes) not to

move the chairs back. The chairs! Oh! somebody else can

move the chairs back!

Basic Definitions of H-Less:

  • No mailing address at where you

“stay” and-or it’s not “reliable”


  • You can’t come and go; as you please from the residence / shelter
  • You can’t practice “hygiene” and all that encompasses at your convenience in a hygiene: {what might be included; in addition to the obvious}
  • – bathing, brushing, laundry
  • – exercise
  • – rest
  • – working
  • – Required medical tests
  • – Required eating and their (meal) “required times;”            (… more to come on another day!)



The Work Check Conception ( a rough draft) (an art conception, planned for use.)

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The Work Check Conception ( a rough draft) (an art conception, planned for use.)
date, continued: 82116
areas: Public Welfare, Freedom Action.

see slides 10 through fifteen as recently created, on this stream;
for art accompanying this application:
document disclaimer: you must not be over the age of 18 years old, i.e. that means it is not necessary for you to be over the age of 18 years old, to sign this agreement; you can be in fact of any age/time, time-phase/and even nationality; but, this agreement has been created in the United States of America by a U.S. native born citizen in the Modern Day, as identified in day, below (again) .
theme: protected wealth
theme 2: the swim lesson.
art concept: I see a van, old white with ladder wooden drive by. I think of former wooden limbs including legs and hand jaws. In a place, ladders of such nature with vans of such nature; would mean protection; in another place; they would mean danger. Why is always the importance of the question? How to do you get to why, one-way be might through observation (cues); another way be might to consumption of real observation (cues) of others; in other words no lies about the real observations.

tag, line: When is your work going to count (more); if already not “enough” or at-all.

Application title: The Completed Application for Work Check as Protected Wealth Personal/Societal Endeavor.
1.  I need basic rights, basic needs as protected wealth for my work; earned (these basic rights, needs) by me through samples here of my work. (With application, provide samples of your work.)
ii. a. basic rights.
I comprehend that these basic rights include safe shelter, access to transportation I can “afford”, safe movement inside and outside the shelter in my provision; furthering the conception of safe shelter; these basic rights include a legal defense team or group or entity/being that works “for me” and the same for hospitals/medicines, and a law enforcement system; that work “for me” & the defense of my “basic” needs, rights.

ii. b. basic needs.
Weather/elemental protection, this includes “enough” clothing, “enough” food/drinks so that I do not report feeling thirsty or hungry un- ordinarily.
Joke-ing Disclaimer: Of course, we here are not referring to any pang of hunger or thirst experienced for even a moment’s notice. We here is used in the formal sense of “I”. Another I the agree-r, and I the contriver of this conception.
“enough” supplies for any work-related projects, “enough” space for any work-related storage
“enough” cleaning goods/ cleaning resource access, the conditions in the live and/or work and/or other space that is live-able per one’s reported experience of live-able; and also of course work-able and also of course move-able per one’s reported experience of these, identified.
(and, likely more to come.)
2. Ethics.
I agree to participate in basic guidelines of ethics, examples:
no participating in any non-joking false accusations, non-joking falsifications,
no participating in aspects of falsification such as identity theft, and unjust persecutions, and the hiring of illegal unethical as per one’s honest knowledge, of defense forces, and all accompanying parties in all definitions of hiring to further such unethical ways of modality.

(and,  likely more to come.)

3. I sign this agreement as created by currently, named: Goura Fotadar, temporarily named: Goura Fotadar McCarty or Goura F. McCarty or Goura McCarty , and named: Goura Fotadar at birth. Also, published under Goura Saraf or Goura Fotadar Saraf or such.

————————————————-                                 ———————————————-
(your name and other names, you have legally used)           (your current legal name’s signature)

4. If I break this agreement past receiving the benefits deemed from it; I then will be sentenced to a lifetime in prison in the United States of American and all of its warranted districts,
without visitation, and travel rights.

5. I choose not to participate in this agreement; then I will not receive any of the benefits of it so prescribed, or soon to be prescribed.

6. or Other Notes:
This Version of Work Check Conception as hereby been created further by Goura Fotadar due to conflict witnessed by the creator of this document; Goura Fotadar (and other of her legal names as used by her only and legally), especially but not always in recent years as of today’s date: August 21, 2016.

theme: ethique
theme: criminologie
theme music (citation): christina aguilera beautiful and dirty (as heard some of again, on general radio 82116)

citations: all educational/work engagements I, Goura Fotadar, have/ do participate-d in. With temporary formerly married name, included in such. Please look through this; document; to signify all recalled legal or warranted names, such as; through publications.

The Art Concept: Commuter Artistic Frame

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The Art Concept: Commuter Artistic Frame


One reason mediums exist: a how-to procure (any) knowledge

tags: synopses , and “rough” brainstorming, and study, computer science advantage

             Part One. The Medium Transition to Knowledge Retention; medium at varying Levels of interface
Notes on “College Women’s Social Media Toolkit” (FDA)

Source, citation: (FDA U.S. Food & Drug Administration)  FDA Office of Women’s Health College Women’s Social Media Toolkit (as procured and consumed on 81716)

for the Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 81716

1) Instructions
so from the beginning imagery:
a reminder, to follow the instructions exactly as stated on the “bottle”

2) Independent yet Supported as a Translation to Health Modification
summary point: from beginning imagery and beginning text:
in college, it might be the start point of making comprehensive independent yet supported decisions about your own health; and particularly if you are woman/women.

3) Participate in the Knowledge available if even Time is Short.
(a) Study from (b) Research as in information already gone through, and available (to you)

4) Be aware of why? college may be the 1st heavier time to practice independent attention to personal health.
other points: The college student/consumer may make suggestions about what more specific information they’re looking for regarding a presentation on the marked provided topics; to save time.
theme: to save time.
5) Motivational Reminder Flyer in Kit
6) The Artistic Comprehension Approach: Is the imagery also representing common examples that come up in women’s college medical visits. It might help to visualize these, for what purpose?
Exemplified in Imagery:
Pill Instruction, Interpersonal contact with a Medical Authority, Provision of Independent medicinal dispensing, Health? frequencies of work-outs, and perhaps the Psychological Impacts of Socializing
7) As a developmental and potentially society influenced circumstance, why is college the first time the pigeon-hole of living independently flys in.

Part two. A thought on mediums
source, citation: voicethread lecture/class as attended on 81716

When you think of or hear the term “medium” do you Jump at the pretentious conception of it being a “highly” psychic “thing”  (by: the way, what does could “highly” … “thing” mean) Oh mean!
I was thinking that a podcast of use; your own voice alongside a use-able as “seen” by you image and recorded is the formation of a stance medium; readily available to its consumer as method to with, build knowledge.
Instead of an interpersonal conversation; the queries most of would be responded to with repeated medium as just described and so defined this medium perusal.

themes: per(s)
sonal, us-al

Next publication up on Amazon … for The FVP

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Hope you get a chance to go-through the material; in my next publication, now up on AmazonKindle. Free starting tomorrow for five days; and free always on/through KindleUnlimited. Following is the link. I hope the publication is informative (for its readers).


The series is named: The grade-ing scheme,

and this book (#1) is called: Congrats! Readers; named after the note-book I made … from paperbags; and I hope is obvious: conveying sentiment.