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Similarities, Continued.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar

date typed up [a-ha to finally?] 82917

dedicated to all undesired career and work interruptions being penalized penalization to the interrupter; at the highest consequence …  last part from of: to paraphrase one of the loitering signs in this city.


source text of course [Holding The Man]

aside: interruption from the librarian … the librarian informed me today [what date was it: 81917] about; my own policy regarding photographing people who weren’t threatening my life; and

[report to: where report librarians?] I confirmed If your life is being threatened and you are not lying [about this, who this, this who] you have a legal obligation to photograph the folks involved [anywhere] … when functionally perceivable and this does not include or is not restricted by other peoples preferences; and if there’s no time or accessible device to photograph with; that photograph of they who is-is threatening your [life, safety, etc.] can be turned in to at least yourself and of course perhaps others, of-worth, too. To turn in a report, then shall it not be that the other shall be of some: worth; and the worth shall be: ethical worth. And any case how: is ethical worth assessed. In either way; if the photograph of report and somehow a legal way to report to yourself is e. than well, if you can’t photograph for the reasons or something like the reasons provided, well then: a written or summation report will be less effective; but it is still a-workable; and this of course is not to put down writing.

On a side clause: in indirect perhaps the term is law: in indirect law: if a report finds it to yourself and there is a real measure not some hoax or referred hoax: measure of worth; such as ethical worth; well then if you have met that measure in some way; well, you have not been surprised or committed crime by how; receiving a that such report … and so correctly both expect and not be surprised by the performance of others of ethical: worth whatever may be deemed publicly or not their role. Here role means of course not necessarily being somebody’s mother but rather where that being mother role may also intersect with society or the functioning of society actualizing … also known as role actualized evaded to expansive or role reform. The cliché of spoiling your child only approved when it is actually a child cannot that be spoiled so as that your spoiled child and your role as this spoiled child’s [parent?] does not un-function society as it is or as it is actualizing.

My point is I want the local  … ?

Back to regulated measure …

Back to Source text: where of course it is a regulated measure in any case as it is previously in previous postings described the source text a knowledge stream et al

[Holding The Man Timothy Conigrave] [Foreword:} [David Marr]

cited p. 9 under “A … BOYS” “ ‘I wish you were a girl.’ I wasn’t sure what he meant but said I wished he was a girl too.”



sounds like transgenderism; but is this line though a spoken “wish” [“wish”] –es : actual?

or [an/a] unmeant dream.

for similarities between the two:

cited: 9 “carrot=red hair”

Source, text citation [2]:

Singing in the Shrouds.

Ngaio Marsh …

p. 9 (also)

“He would have liked to travel.”



a dream/wish;

a wishing


  • – – – – – —————————————————————————————


cited p. 9 [2nd text]

a coincidence of number

near start; or start:

“car with a smashing redhead at the …”


cited: p 10 [second source text]

all of a now; the explanation [theme: ex-pal? , nation]

of why this is a reported

and noticed incident

is provided; likely asexuality

has converted to a-one

symposium of also or rather

instead non-asexuality; where

of course as compared to the incident; it is in the opposite sexuality; is it qualified as opposite?

“The man in the kiosk was chatting up a girl while the rest of us stood -à

shivering in the wind at Brighton Beach …”


why weren’t the rest of them shivering; as

In here the compared rest is: now; “man” & “girl”.




see this posting as; handout: Source text of course



Sufficing Like Slice-ing Note on “The Prodigal Son” : the strength of the animal Spirit, perhaps a new age interpretation of the Kill

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Sufficing Like Slice-ing Note on “The Prodigal Son”
: the strength of the animal Spirit, perhaps a new age interpretation of the Kill
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
By Goura Fotadar
portions of this were written under conditions of extreme stress, not that that’s an excuse for certain failings and an italics over : certain
date: 4.1.16, 4.4.16
source text:

Screenshot (287)
(search under: The Prodigal Son)
(as accessed on 4.1.16 & 4.4.16)

Screenshot (286)
(as accessed on 4.1.16)

I wasn’t raised Christian,
and one-day in a Buddhist circle;
I heard the mention of this story.
Well, of course,
I didn’t hear quite as I’ve read here;
but I’d hate to say, I heard it in-accurately.
reading this story:
the most standout Note I have to mention absolutely,
is that the killed and prior-to the change state of Death; sounds to me like the in:actual prodigal son:
for one thing
it might not have given into Greed
to become “fattened”
for another thing; as it seems the “fattening” came from the outside: its self; and certainly over-feeding can be a sign of abuse
it was the one that experienced the kill
to celebrate the return of a “lost and found” son
and for the last thing,
it is the Death of this Being: As  a Kill,
which re-defines the term Prodigal
to go from the mundane and almost sinful former wastage:
to new conservation: and Abundance.
Hence, if even you do not believe in animals having souls;
surely, an animal may have a spirit that has in this story been slaughtered
(and in spirit can anything be slaughtered)
to welcome back the “lost and found”
and in any case,
since “the father” has now promised the non-prodigal in its prior-to death of “fattened calf” meaning son, “everything …” of his; instead just the portion of what was “divided” unto them; the translated prodigal transformer calf with potential to transform and transfer even more if even so longer after the Death of itself; has left the more discretionary son, everything. Hence the new meaning of Prodigal Only further cemented. In any case, this story alone proves the strength of the actual animal spirit of what might not have been so mundane of a calf. (Hence one method of selection for kill, at least then. In Politics & Security: Are We Re-Defining the Kill, now. To be, dare I say: More Just.)Perhaps after, if not before and during, its spirit rose to Heaven; and only if you believe in such a thing and/or this Story, Interpretation.

Theme: A cut from a rose thorn is good luck
Other Ideas Tha’ Come Up: On The Abundant Concept: Consider this spiritual fiction, an insert
The Life Model: The 100% breakdown

The Life Model; a die-a-gram

The Idea That “Abundance” Isn’t Superfluous or un-necessary,
and somehow: if you have earned ( forgive me for my Buddhist interpretation)
your abundance, that you need all of it; that you have earned; because you plan and will
use it; your earning of abundance, unlike a being who has not earned your or their own: abundance. For example: can a one that you care for be earned for by your earnings and by your own earned selection.
So two examples of
Life Breakdown: would be: (using this idea of abundance)
in the 100% range;
example one: 25% abundance, 25% starvation, and 50% heaven; which is a complete Life Model
example two: 30% abundance, 26% destitution, and 44% above average living; which is called an Earned Spiritual Training Model of Life Model