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for The Fictional VolunTier Project


[sorry no attached form today and too]

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 82318

tag[s]: analysis, stream analysis, fiction versus non-fiction, combat intelligence i.e. how to think uh that way, fiction building, trauma perspective, the area of counseling psychology

“Salad” is linked to “Outbreak” and the re-directed and on-going target is cited: McDonald’s

usual combat antagonism: review and-or be clear about re-directed from what [useful analogy] [= fifth grade basics]

[useful might imply this presumption:]

from what circumstance

[useful internal and discussion interrogation: family dinner, eating times, etc.]

[applications to habitation and habitation [on purpose, repetition] how to turn such situations into necessary function]

[Why? because if even rumored to be functional they cause disease or at least “outbreak”s]

[even if that’s just a hypothetical]

Based on stuff in [] especially sci-fi interpretation to the actual “outbreak” thing

… “parasite” can be seen as an enemy combatant who refuses to reform

but from a reverse application [from sci-fi] how to kill, or otherwise eradicate, a “microscopic parasite” away from general medicine? where symptoms may be “treat[ed]” [ad: when does “treat[ed]” mean to kill, or otherwise eradicate because at that point … ]

So as in article and a perhaps useful integration of the beginning step [again, review]

would be a “report”; and then to verify the validity of each “report” … , [and discover/find] the reason[s] for non-valid “report”s, …

then brainstorming based on the situation of parasitic entry and its compilation or comparative situation might help/ aid in prevention and treatment

If people are getting sick for consuming such-and-such at so-and-so sure (aside) from the food, what quarantines their habits as connected to this framework situation i.e. history of trauma, neglect, the opposite , etc., that could also result in such type of uh reaction

Source, citation: 

as accessed on 82318


(Re/seed) Notes for this,

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notes for The Fictional VolunTier Project


by goura fotadar and as typed up on 81918

[sorry no attached form today]

tag[s]: stream analysis, analysis, reading notes, … library science, fiction meditations like, work while begging for ?


theo-class in cited: r& r 72718

cited: recovery notes
what happens when “progress” = “perfection”
crazies “metamorphosis” [sp?]
theme: lust = food [I swear]
accompanying word diagram
lu … street
former me does not equal me now
former me does not equal you
comparatively “heaven’s glorified bodies”
part two. also known as a basic advancement of intellect & its practice through use of public libraries. 0
cited: yeah, like that cited; matt damon movie 
a quick beginning pages of “Hungry Ghosts” (by) Susan Dunlap
only on second read of up-to page 5; top-notch creation of stream esp. water as a qualified meditation “sophie[.]”
“buoy” also is? u-boy
or u, boy! or …
cited: p.7, the way a way water sees? [at the bottom] of pg.
 What if he the protagonist[?] couldn’t exactly remember “Natalie” and instead the waitress took his number; criminally impersonated “Natalie” and then
called him; and had sex with him after possibly killing the people in/near “Cafe Rimon[;]” with digital use of images; would this qualify as rape.
“The Lovely Bones” (by) Alice Sebold on 72818
Again: the first few pages: (again) this notice.
cues: nothing can save you/one/a from murder even if you go to heaven: father, mother, sister, favorite teacher and murder still takes place, …,
Additional citation[s] and information:
Reading List, Recent
Theme: Short on Storage
Ch.1 of “Hungry Ghosts” (by) Susan Dunlap
[analysis on librar- receed/reseed]
This reading diagram combined quickly in comprehension with
“Tikkun” [1st story] from “The Best Place on Earth” (by) Ayelet Tsabari; quickly combined comprehension

The calling list & Review for upcoming publication [when? When? Will it be [done]]; ideas of self-awareness

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[also in this form: fvppostingon81618]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 81618

tag[s]: homicide notes, creative thought , psychological mind-frames, fiction ideologies



-recalls being an adult female who was seriously involved in a religious community

-but people treated her like she was male

-she was very close to her mother but always got the feeling that her mother didn’t like her

-recalls that her first regular name started with G & her last name with C; so her initials were/r [at least one set] G.C.

-understands that being religious wasn’t [might not be] considered standard because her mother wasn’t religious in any context

-because people kept referring to her as a male; she finally went to a religious authority for more information of [regarding/about] her gender

So qualifiers in s.w. homicides so far matching are: religion locative space practice/socialization gender insecurity enforcement and was given no answer/response and by this; felt socially rejected

-this time-frames the life of this individual: before access – to medical advice was regularly available so approximately (before when?)

-then g.c. started to ask other people she knew what they thought of which gender she was.

Part Two.


Key’t frame: imagined instead of, i.e. connected to nothing; and who say you have to be interacting to be important [answers to important revealed]

cited p.42

reading randoms or something [correlating thoughts source, citation: The Memoir Club Laura Kalpakian]

The strangest thing is that the socks tear in the one region and through the slipper as if cited: Peter Pan is constantly dragging feet; and then men pretending to be women because they fear cited: Peter Pan come in smelling like the lotion cited: Peter Pan rubbed on feet two nights ago; weighing down the hair as if their karma earns them of comfort.

Perhaps it shall be imagined so in a photograph.


Movie Wish[e]: MAN OF STEEL (theme name citation)

Theme: she’s like I can hear you all the way over there; [two desks away] but I’m not speaking; and my speaker system is 90% internally muted; I think you’re reporting that I’m the b—–a and as a result you’ve been caught stealing; and we shall all charge W.S. “r.” also I own like every

                         Space & non-space [past forever]


Q: What? There are cited: C.I.A. operatives with your name and image?  The Demise of Society, Announced.

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

[also in this form: Q]

theme: [bad art? Is still art?]


theme music citation: lady gaga born this way

by Goura Fotadar

tag[s]: aptitude building for those interested in operations and operational structure performance; space ops. in non-fiction?; and is this fiction?; criminology complexities; filing reports; hiding tactics

While the publishing work goes on;

& that just means; that lots of people are trying to kill me while my next publication is working on getting done [why? So they can keep pretending they are its author as the usual pretense]; I have limited computer use hours; because the librarians would rather just pretend what they aren’t: librarians.


It’s interesting today I got a report that somebody had died named?

The report showed me that at the time of the person’s death; the person wasn’t sure if my name and work were really mine and then decided that; the person didn’t want to believe that my name and work were mine; or his dad: incidentally who helped kill him.

His dad started to follow me around threatening me with murder and I had to put a bunch of people under arrest in the severest form of arrest currently available from a real-life vantage point; while his dad kept threatening me assuming that none of the people under arrest including the person dead in the report before the point of time of his death: who is now under arrest; then, were him [the dad].


He then called me retarded and showed me printouts of somebody’s work with my name and image who has the highest iq I believe it’s reported to ever be and uh started/born this iq with; which he was convinced was him. He then rode around in my private transportation and continued to insult me; as somebody who looked like me called out uh cited: c.i.a. calls; while local “bus drivers” laughed; and old ladies told me no, don’t do that & fake cops hid out from their usual false patrols. The man then; or the deceased’s dad; then proceeded to call me the Cheesehead Budd-a; and I’m not sure but I think the first part of that refers to anti-Semitism and in his case is anti-Semitic [from him] toward … ; I’m not though Jewish other than culturally; but in any case the Jewish part is hardly relevant; believe it or not at this point; another man then started following me around and told me that I was a cited: Marine and I should go to jail [and as if the two are the same]; while I told both men that I had never spoken to them before [now]; and that I wasn’t exactly a cited: Marine. It’s possible I presume to complete cited: marine corps and other deployments from outside militia standpoints without most ever find-ing out that you are not actually a cited: marine. I think that sounds like that movie. But I’m not sure. Which one is it.


When I looked or rather glanced at the work he showed me; it was some of the work I produc-ed every=day;

He then shot at me repeatedly in case there was a match between me and this work of mine. I however didn’t die or need to go to the hospital for the shots.


He didn’t recognize like most of low aptitude and this is different from those attempting to [be] functional in mental retard-ism that if there is a cited: c.i.a. operative with your name, additional names, and virtual images; it’s not you.

& it’s a confession of this such operative’s identity and wealth you are living off of illegally [my gosh even using their name/names and other identity factors? Like photographs of them saying through the mail or email that’s you …]; while the operative is enmeshed in especially real-life deployments and enmeshed means temporarily constrained by the semblance as to be has real [or has been the case]; the same goes with or to all such deployed similarly even if they are not operatives.

What’s the point: if an operative is repeatedly threatened with arrest for their identity [you or a bunch of those people thinking it’s your and or their identity]; it’s confession of the above.

If an operative is repeatedly threatened with something else; a form of violence; it might be …

(a) The knowledge [belongs to … ] of the perpetrator completing an unjust crime


(b) The knowledge [belongs to … ] of the perpetrator completing a just crime


a) & b)



Who is Bill’d. A story by-product, in rough.

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Who is Bill’d. A story by-product, in rough.

[also in this form: News on the storage front]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 21418



theme: Journalism: what of this is fiction?

News on the storage front; while the local “cops” cars get washed a t the car wash across the street; on whose bill? And on whose billing consent.


tag[s]: social welfare, combat phenologies , virtual identities misused by others in struggles of who is actually final authority, the guessing game goes on … uh, ? , the results for / of patrol drills, and whilst I squeeze in more public computer hours, civil right[s], and freedom of speech, American nationality and progressive actualities of intercultures


As at the front of the cited: o.c. ; the ongoing social welfare worker for cited: food stamps and food issues; was in today; under my oath; concerned that; I was asking if he had any references for free storage for homeless working people

theme: why did it stink? Homeless style.  The message says: get raped and or arrested if you shower here; even though we offer uh, showers. In this operative’s assessment. What are the other functional non-rape and arrested [unjust, and false] bathing and cleaning options; well ask someone that is actually homeless and not those that shit their pants with the water running in the shower as the caseworkers and staff watch in their impersonation of real joy. And as you smell shit while washing your hands nearby with soap; huh, I didn’t think this soap smelled like this. Recently I found out through some type of informant again, and that’s it has likely been mentioned before: but I just forgot; that shitting your pants at any time for a non-medical emergency reason is a form of severe anti-semitism; like even for toward those who aren’t actualized and or jewish, and threatening to have the *Asians jumped by nigga-s before the assessment was curbed into soapy uh falling onto you water, my god and to think my brother

is black,

[which one] [why, not use technology accurately and do a (cited) dna, test. Uh, I don’t know.]

and he referred me to the same caseworker as the end all answer similar to likely [who this caseworker] Yahuweh in confirmed scriptures of how to qualify while still waiting for two years, for free storage for the working for no living wage, homeless and or those deployed in the exact equivalent such. While the non-equivalently homeless have all the storage they need both in homeless rest-spots and lockers for the homeless. Good Job, not; caseworkers. How long will such deployments a non-cake-ing hell, last: domestically. Perhaps Yahuweh knows The Answer. Just Find: Him/Her and Ask? It’s no difficult thing.

The social welfare worker also seemed blasted in confusion that he had once provided me with a reference for shoes, when the cited: o.c. refused,

To provide me with shoes, and or a backpack; because the non-reforming drug addicts; and I’ll just say it: all not actually Asian [and this includes cultural representation outside of just plain race, too] just don’t like me, it’s personal!

theme: ew! They’re giving out Asian food, again; I hate that stuff the non actual Asian people yell food from cited: Whole Foods; it’s so cheap and boring. How do you classify actual Asian-full in this country of Actual superiority in culture qualified finally as not black, white, chicano, tribal indian; but yes, we all know Asian-full; consider, this a final declaration of how and which culture has dominantly paved the way the next time you call my round I a nigga with the other ending while white staff and black staff pretend no, really that’s o.k. they’ve had a hard life; you mean compared to who, the Budda? (cited;) ; I dunno; ask a real cultural anthropologist? What’s that say the coked up caseworkers? You know, I could hire reforming drug addicts, instead; and not the guys gassing on purpose directly on my food.

theme: who has had a hard life compared to the cited: Buddha, who is it.


I guess he found out my real race; since the local authorities have been writing down my race and qualifications as is convenient for them.

You are male, white , no black, no Mexican, no Cherokee, you never went to college, you are a drug addict, you are a criminal,

And they are the leader of the cited: U.N., NATO …


I’m genocide-ed upon central Asian, and from the American hood, as in the ghetto where I was assigned to a terrorist family as an operative which I entered into as birth;

I then barely graduated  despite being a child prodigy because my terrorist family decided this meant I was actually  mentally retarded and deserved to be enslaved if they couldn’t rape everyone, everywhere [or couldn’t get through me to do it; let’s call this part real black ops; cited] while working as a slave yes an Asian slave in my own country [a-m-a]: American style ; and transferred to the most pres. University for free (mostly) where I graduated from; I then stopped being poor as an operative; but I wasn’t born poor; my trust fund which owns the cited: o.c. and not some white folks pretending to be uh, ? is non accessible except for my consent for uses of charity that I benefit from also as much as I need it: them; and so on; not as much as the cited: o.c. staff think they want to earn; and I have to consent to hire them; which I didn’t … my trust fund like a biblical myth owns everything:


I am the leader of NATO; which I invented when I was young; the leader of the UN; which I also invented; and much much more many things and titles that I uh saw in a cited: bipolar disorder and drug induced vision? Yeah, right. [which part,]

And I’m not physically male just because I went to a reputed male school.  Statistics mean only one thing. I’m smarter and better than you are; and when you say you are the …; you are cheating and committing a felony. I did actually work harder against unforeseeable disadvantage worldwide as the leader of what which qualifies me to be the actual what ? and no this is not the 1400s

Anyway, the caseworkers smiled happily that they could continue to complete federal violations under the non-consented to owner/sponsor’s

criminal immunity: oh, moi.


And they giggle never actually having produced any work. I’m sure they are just plagiarizing everything they claim; they can hardly even walk their own b odies without committing unjust crime; and they are not disabled or something.

Reminder: it’s been a year and moving toward two year waiting list for storage for my work related stuff; one locker, and I own the place. That bitch just doesn’t want me to have storage, in an act of racism against actual work.  Who and who all qualifies as that bitch. And when it’s not me she deprives of my own stuff stomping her feet as she shits her pants in public, it’s the rest of actualized and hard-working militia and all like them; this is called racism; severe racism; and it’s not always connected to the basic dumbasses version of racial comprehension.


A personal story on cues not quite; translated to the basic word re-imaging.

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[also in this form: A personal story on cues not quite]


for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date typed up: 12618

tag[s]: economic research connected criminology, and cue patterns specified again, art abstractions on gender studies and vanities, call reports


theme: gender surgery and its e/a ffects

I was watching as each parks and or leaves exactly at a face-body match when I do. They had told me that I wasn’t hallucinating non-usefully, it’s quite illegal.

[Insert cited; even loosely who that “they” is ] [Check without a citation; based on collected evidence who that it’s not definitely: for example legal verification is never here  [through] the local “authorities”]

Collect evidence and-or data also for memory.

[I took a picture]

Assess threat connected to retrieving evidence for verification.

A woman who stalks me nearly everywhere I go and I’m not sure is even female; because she also stalks me in female only scenes; and this is also including: she’s not female and is also not gender inclusive or gender unified; [as in fiction but not]; moaning to herself and guttering objects in my presence, blocking off washing and use-entry segments. The Moaning Continues, uh.


[S/he] Is near. I assess threat, and it’s too dangerous to pull at evidence collector and look/examine picture again. Change assignment as in modify it to use what is. Perhaps retrieve from memory such as in a call report without materials nearby. A practice modifying on further modification call reports for utilize-ability.

Tree also means outdoorsy. [spec one, … it’s raining and the homeless people who aren’t just posing have no safe roof outdoors to sleep under … arrest the perpetrators, now! & don’t ever let them out]

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[and also in this form: Tree also means outdoorsy]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project



By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 1818

tag[s]: public welfare advisories, fashion of arboretum editing, analysis of other think tanks at the advanced version, and symbolic actual religious theology




theme: crawling with bugs;

As an example: of how this magazine is such as an advanced think tank: next to the sentiment: of christmas tree; another overt reminder of housing ha[s]/ve been of course this decorating piece[s]: and in homelessness of homeless shelter; staying at a non-belonged home-space, and-or even outside homelessness: seeing such a tree is at least a reminder that housing as a culture once was. The tree of course goes on it can be translated and is to work spaces; outdoor sleeping environments; and relic[s] to study from … as in this text.Cited p.48 in this month’s issue;

[look for next in this series of citation of magazine already , citation included in former postings on this blog … uh you are now playing a quick match this to the already posted appropriate citation, which should be obvious in processing; but if it’s not the answer will show up again: the response is work]

theme: why don’t libraries here have Christmas trees; is it a sentiment to mourning the experience of those without homes/ housing? Tell that to those that ridicule the actually homeless … forms, such as citations, are certainly include-d in defamation and ridiculing. Oh and don’t forget night stalking of the homeless; and yelling to wake them wee early hours, uh before 10 am.

reporting theme: You know I work a-veg. 15 hours a day, and you stay indoors all day, using my property and resources against my consent. What will be the consequence.

Reporting theme …: if you are situationally hostage: l’ost:age, uh, uh, uh, and not just hostage; you are effectively homeless … I think you’d noticed if even you own the property and or the equivalent: other properties, uh uh uh how is that equivalent; they don’t! care who you are according to the local authorities and uh can we call them un-holy terrorists in somebodies’ uniform.

features presents that are the depiction of perhaps the best the homeless scene has to provide: [at current date] sleep/rest near an outdoorsy/tree; and as the tree-like image is shown flat against the brown covered box; it’s an outline of how-to rest in the outdoors [where have you seen such packaging, additionally] … [t.b.c.]