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Who is Bill’d. A story by-product, in rough.

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Who is Bill’d. A story by-product, in rough.

[also in this form: News on the storage front]

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date typed up: 21418



theme: Journalism: what of this is fiction?

News on the storage front; while the local “cops” cars get washed a t the car wash across the street; on whose bill? And on whose billing consent.


tag[s]: social welfare, combat phenologies , virtual identities misused by others in struggles of who is actually final authority, the guessing game goes on … uh, ? , the results for / of patrol drills, and whilst I squeeze in more public computer hours, civil right[s], and freedom of speech, American nationality and progressive actualities of intercultures


As at the front of the cited: o.c. ; the ongoing social welfare worker for cited: food stamps and food issues; was in today; under my oath; concerned that; I was asking if he had any references for free storage for homeless working people

theme: why did it stink? Homeless style.  The message says: get raped and or arrested if you shower here; even though we offer uh, showers. In this operative’s assessment. What are the other functional non-rape and arrested [unjust, and false] bathing and cleaning options; well ask someone that is actually homeless and not those that shit their pants with the water running in the shower as the caseworkers and staff watch in their impersonation of real joy. And as you smell shit while washing your hands nearby with soap; huh, I didn’t think this soap smelled like this. Recently I found out through some type of informant again, and that’s it has likely been mentioned before: but I just forgot; that shitting your pants at any time for a non-medical emergency reason is a form of severe anti-semitism; like even for toward those who aren’t actualized and or jewish, and threatening to have the *Asians jumped by nigga-s before the assessment was curbed into soapy uh falling onto you water, my god and to think my brother

is black,

[which one] [why, not use technology accurately and do a (cited) dna, test. Uh, I don’t know.]

and he referred me to the same caseworker as the end all answer similar to likely [who this caseworker] Yahuweh in confirmed scriptures of how to qualify while still waiting for two years, for free storage for the working for no living wage, homeless and or those deployed in the exact equivalent such. While the non-equivalently homeless have all the storage they need both in homeless rest-spots and lockers for the homeless. Good Job, not; caseworkers. How long will such deployments a non-cake-ing hell, last: domestically. Perhaps Yahuweh knows The Answer. Just Find: Him/Her and Ask? It’s no difficult thing.

The social welfare worker also seemed blasted in confusion that he had once provided me with a reference for shoes, when the cited: o.c. refused,

To provide me with shoes, and or a backpack; because the non-reforming drug addicts; and I’ll just say it: all not actually Asian [and this includes cultural representation outside of just plain race, too] just don’t like me, it’s personal!

theme: ew! They’re giving out Asian food, again; I hate that stuff the non actual Asian people yell food from cited: Whole Foods; it’s so cheap and boring. How do you classify actual Asian-full in this country of Actual superiority in culture qualified finally as not black, white, chicano, tribal indian; but yes, we all know Asian-full; consider, this a final declaration of how and which culture has dominantly paved the way the next time you call my round I a nigga with the other ending while white staff and black staff pretend no, really that’s o.k. they’ve had a hard life; you mean compared to who, the Budda? (cited;) ; I dunno; ask a real cultural anthropologist? What’s that say the coked up caseworkers? You know, I could hire reforming drug addicts, instead; and not the guys gassing on purpose directly on my food.

theme: who has had a hard life compared to the cited: Buddha, who is it.


I guess he found out my real race; since the local authorities have been writing down my race and qualifications as is convenient for them.

You are male, white , no black, no Mexican, no Cherokee, you never went to college, you are a drug addict, you are a criminal,

And they are the leader of the cited: U.N., NATO …


I’m genocide-ed upon central Asian, and from the American hood, as in the ghetto where I was assigned to a terrorist family as an operative which I entered into as birth;

I then barely graduated  despite being a child prodigy because my terrorist family decided this meant I was actually  mentally retarded and deserved to be enslaved if they couldn’t rape everyone, everywhere [or couldn’t get through me to do it; let’s call this part real black ops; cited] while working as a slave yes an Asian slave in my own country [a-m-a]: American style ; and transferred to the most pres. University for free (mostly) where I graduated from; I then stopped being poor as an operative; but I wasn’t born poor; my trust fund which owns the cited: o.c. and not some white folks pretending to be uh, ? is non accessible except for my consent for uses of charity that I benefit from also as much as I need it: them; and so on; not as much as the cited: o.c. staff think they want to earn; and I have to consent to hire them; which I didn’t … my trust fund like a biblical myth owns everything:


I am the leader of NATO; which I invented when I was young; the leader of the UN; which I also invented; and much much more many things and titles that I uh saw in a cited: bipolar disorder and drug induced vision? Yeah, right. [which part,]

And I’m not physically male just because I went to a reputed male school.  Statistics mean only one thing. I’m smarter and better than you are; and when you say you are the …; you are cheating and committing a felony. I did actually work harder against unforeseeable disadvantage worldwide as the leader of what which qualifies me to be the actual what ? and no this is not the 1400s

Anyway, the caseworkers smiled happily that they could continue to complete federal violations under the non-consented to owner/sponsor’s

criminal immunity: oh, moi.


And they giggle never actually having produced any work. I’m sure they are just plagiarizing everything they claim; they can hardly even walk their own b odies without committing unjust crime; and they are not disabled or something.

Reminder: it’s been a year and moving toward two year waiting list for storage for my work related stuff; one locker, and I own the place. That bitch just doesn’t want me to have storage, in an act of racism against actual work.  Who and who all qualifies as that bitch. And when it’s not me she deprives of my own stuff stomping her feet as she shits her pants in public, it’s the rest of actualized and hard-working militia and all like them; this is called racism; severe racism; and it’s not always connected to the basic dumbasses version of racial comprehension.



Well; why and why; and why.

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A Typo-graph of Homelessness, especially; outdoors
an exercise for 14-year olds, not clearly defined;
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
by Goura Fotadar
date: 62817

Well; why and why; and why.

cited: more clearly; upon my art posted to the f blog; getitfree and v.s. as cited through getitfree

the Derivation of Member in almost or something like all clauses which here are also cases.
You only want a member in your bed;

in case it’s not just you; and a member of what;

also note; why and why; and why.

member implies (=>) actualized in some thing; some facet; some application.

and not just a blase connotation.

E,the Economics Policy;
when there are only two choices;
and neither is quite the capture right; and note: these are instructions
on how to shoot a picture; usually the ad: ult would tell you to guess which one of two makes most
sense; and of course most sense when neither is capturing right; is both;
but that extra information isn’t quite provided.

And perhaps the best version here is a nuance: exit;  {Oh my gosh; then exit is still only a nuance.}
if you neither own nor rent; your residence:
for living there for free; in a residence almost implies a sense or an actual sense of ownership;
but if you don’t live in a residence; do you live anywhere;
you might stay somewhere: outside; in an economics social welfare nuance then;
neither question is applicable unless you provide a not quite accurate address; but one where you might receive to and from;
and if you provide one you can acutely receive from in such circumstance of non residence;
well then it might be a P.O. Box; and if you are outside without residence homeless;
well then that might be your only acutely accurate address; and if you are not 14; over to an adult; you may not be able to provide that as a mailing address in the cited: DMV register of identity, because it might not be approved for such purpose by cited: DMV; and every non-reformed crime perpetrator would-might demonstrate glee at the lack of “power” your either reformed and-or non criminal accord, has. And that just can’t be the case;
and so in one exit of the two choices you have the Out: of outdoors homeless with perhaps an exasperated and less than expired i.d. But don’t worry things might get better. It might translate better.

[Basic Starting Q. Are P.O. Boxes Non-members? to which and what group[s]]
So model:
what you see;
what you associate it with;
and the four or five things that come up legally with this association.

same as last captions citations; roughly without my art first included … and of course the scribble is mine in this case; so obvious.
What is Main Frame.
In translation work; what you see is something like a perfume piece;
for some reason: I’ve picked up since college that cited: Victoria’s Secret is correlated
with pornography; and I don’t see this piece this way at all;
I see it as one might see an art piece; even a jewelry; piece;
with brand variants of stucco inside it [jewelry piece original]; and of course in functional translation
if you could figure out how to recover this free piece; with internal free pieces;
to a-your accessible enough accurate locale; also known here as address;
the entire band jewelry would be destroyed as soon as you opened the piece;
or rather something like destroyed; and so
[the] l’importante most factor here; and this is only a slight, a joke;
is the translation of this art piece to a jewelry piece; that consists of a multiple
of at least stucco pieces; and an easier break in translation is to wear [where to]
a plain jewelry piece; while you process the thing; and an ubux or a ubux;
is where the jewelry piece original match perhaps has at least a toyingly flap
non-toyingly; i.e. not, stucco ornate addition or what might be called instead moving stucco; because you’d at least figure out all the derivations
of how to open the main free piece.
and notice now the main free piece as turned into a main frame; and in this quick Right Up;
of the importance of effort into address provisions; and less so the jerk’s patronizing and not patriotic smile at the cited: DMV.  And here jerk doesn’t just reference: male, only.
The Opponent’s Banter:
Sure you may have lavender in the outdoors;
but is [it] a replacement for bed[s].
The Response:
That’s kind of the point;
in addition to rest and perhaps even work;
what else is the bed a motif for
. . .
On the box, scent; or art; and-or both;
the thing is a think of beauty isn’t it;

in stripes.

Do you imagine the ties are lace and or velvet.

let’s match it in an almost contradictory pink.

The Bath Seen

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theme: how to storm and not stomp your feet; think a shuffle


tag[s]: rapid briefs of rapid copywriting , ad

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 61417

Part Two. cific, incomplete notes of storming 

Spe cific

Why today;

Con, nected to a publication that’s not yet done or is done but not done enough.

Is nectar done or not done enough.

How do you spe nectar

Ad: why is it nectar

And cific

Sounds like a wave of an ocean wave or something or sum, thing[s]

It’s also a near double repeat [cific]

S, p.e. [too]

Other notes; of not completed supposition to note here;

While I pertain in ‘agony’ over conflicting eye movements also known as meditating in the form: of proofreading; and how accurate does it have to be?

ago, ny pertaining to fiction for the day, when it’s posted or: ago: ny

Part One. U Tub

non fiction to consider posting:
u tub, cited: youtube

the mesmerizing moments of cited: johnson’s baby oil
u, tub.

they said about it; it’s not good for your hair; it does something wrong to it; that I can’t remember;

but whenever I use it

my hair is shone as in seen in a whole new … way? feel.


Relational Theology and a.t.

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relational theology  and art theory on gum wrapper[s] cited: juicy fruit

for the Fictional VolunTier Project

tag[s]: under advocacy, self-advocacy

tag[s]; satire

see photograph inside motif as p-graphed



| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

|  self-petitions:                                          _______________                 |

| help me ad-van-ce                                 on gum wrappers               |

| my sel  f        !                                                                                          |

|              |                                                                                                 |

|              for!                                                                                             |

| | | | |  | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

scissor cut wrapper[s] edge

and on printed wrapper[s]

face; (cited🙂



next placed in making

potpourri glass wait!






as an advanced thing ;

think of


the t-tank further un-pent.

it’s also pent at least now

a mosaic

tag[s]: public welfare.


On those things title: called nuptials.

Today I had this

bizarre women dump

her child on me

in the adult section

of the library;


I said no; and

she almost didn’t listen


It sort of in the coincidence

of bizarre ; answers

a question that I

and perhaps others

have had regarding



Take a look at a portion of

the back of this of course [photograph to be posted tomorrow?]

‘scuse me this source, text



discussing in something

like fiction copywriting and rather

copywriting for fiction ;

the preliminary

basics of the

love story ; and then

displaying the clichés

of love stories in general ;

it perhaps defines what

is “claim”

let’s look at the main

sub-phrase around this word:

[and also perhaps you might

want to examine the photograph]


“makes no claim to showing where it’s at.”



so        no,

“makes … claim … ” “… to showing where it’s at.”


[t.b.c. continued tomorrow?]

as an aside: scenes from the real life: [SLEEP SAFE]






Leaves and Carts in-the Homeless Experience: for Actual Social and-or Spiritual Cause. {The Real You-s]

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The Walking ThemeLeaves and Carts in-the Homeless Experience: for Actual Social and-or Spiritual Cause.


cited: Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss

theme: Names as A Vortex of Grammatical and-so much more Understanding.

theme: Oh I wish I were named Lexi? No Offen-sive all appropriate Lexis.

By Goura Fotadar for The Fictional VolunTier Project

Dedicated to k-t and Vernon, CT {it was supposed to end?}

Date: 3817

Fashion Copy for cited: The Witch Goura [the next one]

It aches and it’s so nice to sit in the sun; when it’s out; so blasé again again and again;

But walking that’s so easy;

To spot the leaves;

To spot the leaves; like weights; another transformation of waits;

Which like I’ve never experienced; {The weight[s] of wait[s]}

There’s always something else to do do

Like walk with leaves and carts;

As they pretend to or to basque [no mistake] in the Sun; it’s finally hear. The replacement of the night stalkers in bright lights. Like we don’t know the difference.

Oui Oui Oui Oui Oui : We Know The Difference!

Theme: Finally, it’s sunny.

Theme Citations:  [Literature] The Old Man and The Sea by E. Hemingway [the best book I read in my elementary school library.] [Literature] Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret by J. Blume  [Music]  By, The Killers: When You Were Young

[childhood theme: so you can still have real problems; even if you have a “normal” name?][Before it was educated exotic; and you got to stay educated exotic, too.]

[I haven’t forgotten about what “exotic” could mean; don’t worry.]


I went to cited: Berkeley!  [God.]

What could “you” tell me; that I haven’t already figured out. I’m still figuring the rest. Out.

Not you. But “you”.

Clothes from Heaven

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Clothes from Heaven

virtual realities translated to real , the processes of .
by Goura Fotadar
(Rough Draft)
for The Fictional VolunTier Project
and also for The Witch Goura 3 as will be available on Amazon Kindle
date: 72716

Study Source Text : VIRTUALIZATION Essentials (Sybex) by Matthew Portnoy

I felt like the term:
“server” was akin to “enlightened being”
citing this interesting study material:
(from page 7) ” (A lost server is a
server that is running, but no one actually knows which line of business owns
it or what it is doing.) ”

(2) Conceptions, you see (on your sight) and you control (your sight) to translate  what you see (on your sight) to an objective translated sight ;

(3) Then you pick a framework for demonstrating this you see (on your sight) to the objective translated sight,

An available option, might be:
perhaps at least in the virtual realities.

(4) Why might you work on / worry about / be hindered by
ubiquity to the objective translated sight?
(5)  Self —> Others
Self — Others
Self —> Selves

(6) Access based on priority:
first access: you,
second access: yours
third access: others at their sought self sight translation tools
fourth access: others at your bequest to aide their self sight translation tools

(7) first access you — self
your sight re-visited by you is manifested primarily, by: option:
you culture? or another response option: (what would you-self, look for?)

(8) Example: Aptitude: Self-Cultural Fashion
Ad Line: This is real Get : To Fab
Ad Copy: I was think ing of clothes and the comfort of clothes that are still fascist in the passed sense, and I was think ing what might appear from the effort captured: I was thinking you couldn’t
understand what Get: To Fab
fascist fashion was without understanding Get: To Fab
and I was thinking in the comfort of Get: To Fab y would you need to understand Get: To Fab
(fiction by line: it would provide you opportunity for what why, and how; and why’d you need opportunity)
now these are what heaven actuale looks like


(9) what is it about these, copy art
cited: tophatter dot com as accessed on 72716

Screenshot (1346)

cited: tophatter dot com as accessed on 72716

Screenshot (1347)

cited: tophatter dot com as accessed on 72716

Screenshot (1348)

cited: tophatter dot com as accessed on 72716
wear in the hi income bracket you:I might be confused about it
they are art pieces
designed for wich racket
the never it could make it to the place where you think you’d spot them they’d be gone
turned to lesser art pieces which had the cheapness of the inaccurate eye to catch the wrong thing
oh you: another think: that’s pretty
is it pretty or is art of a specific culture (wich one)

        The Hypothetical Purple Light, copy-art write for these
I thought of curtains
of things that gave my hair comfort
of the reason that I couldn’t wear gold often
of the reason that I couldn’t be let near diamonds
of how I was confident about myself
and of how I had “visions” of what I did want to wear or use,
based on things that were at stores, but just never seemed quite right in my art’s eye
of how they didn’t like me to touch water
to talk on the phone or know the time alone
unless it was connected to one another, but it didn’t have to be more explicitly connected to Them.