eviction, and so the art might have to go to the trash

Free cited: Jesus.

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further look-notes on the booklet: 82017

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar

date typed up: 83017

We have 2 main first level variations; we-one type [so no external variation] on the second level;

tag[s]: segmenting computer science; fabric art theory

then there’s a turn back to one of one and one of two; i.e., level [of] variation, or



Internal Stream Theory; full-fill, [meant] of; most needs …

“worship” why not think flowers: working motif; …

row-ship? most needs implies

tag[s]: recreational studies,

not just rowing for recreation

but-and such practice of recreation would

likely aid who:? need to get to for example the next

shore: think on accident also next store: in any case the

need to get there implies not all is completed in needs; nearly

all completed i.e. fulfilled; means someone will be able to row you; [torowyou]; or you will be able to row yourself ; in plain athleticism using the actual conception of rowing : if you don’t row but do something else ; or similar: will you be able to row as needed; will you be complete enough : ? and then wider: if you can sing [sign] well enough or the equivalent; well then in emergency can you lead any old church service and if even needed take over as that, a leader. In framework segmenting: perhaps why religions “worship” row-ship isn’t given much significance in reg. or cliché popular culture; is due to the non-comprehension of emergency: “need” for “worship” so think inside instead in the obvious derivative of emergency: “need” for row, ship. Answers, could include?

cited: a “worship” booklet that was meant to be returned but nobody told me until after I’d already finished this thing or approximate to it-that; Free cited: Jesus.


see it in a form-fit here: further look



The Housing / Shelter Problem

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Continues: The Location of the in-outside bare! combination has been a securite’ severing Issue. 


The Proof, Continues; 

[fiction-theme (to post) : snot-nose figger! (not:)  theme: nues: of the ocean ]


it see [ms.?] when examining traditional housing; the location if even freeing in-terms of convention; of shelter-housing-apartment-housing, etc. is always not wear: it might appearingly have been more free. & how is to: proof; there have been many incidentas of trauma in in-door shelter; but trauma has also surely occurred elsewhere, too? In any case; if one associates trauma with cover shelter; then sleeping out-

The Blase’ Portion of-the Shelter Proof

side may not be a lack of money; and-or because of; necessary giving up money-based work; but a necessary l’urgente personal healer. Such as cited: ptsd; like symptoms: while having the experience of the really bad shakes in an environment that you “feel” causes you to experience such ; you might want to leave when possible; and permanently if so, possible.

The next, re-visit : the geographic location of non-traditional housing – ‘scuse me (w)resting if even it’s the side-slab of pavement.

2.2.17 location/word diagnosis 

{analysis}  cited: Palo Alto (magazine)

P’alo|Alo it seems this is more of  a pronunciation diagnoses

at this point; and perhaps a basically edifying assertion is that pronunciation

has a connection to location :

such as the statistic : accent;

also; location/pronunciation diagnosis

a slight leap away from :

location / word diagnosis;

in any case: geo-alto

is almost what to call it; not reminding the differentiation : of alto succinct -exactly; other than height – vocalise. in any case :

P alo Alto => the repetition :

of the ‘alo’

and while so close, together,

it seams : theme: seams to build;


to negate

the one series: alo

you would in order to create a geo-alto or code name for location/ pronunciation D.

say it term: a-l-o once

hyphenating the 2 into a 1 and following

it with what’s left: t :

so P’ alo Alto

the apostrophe signifying

the up-coming hyphenating

to be imposed brake:

P’alo-t => where the ‘o’


is almost silent :

silent ‘o’ s mean


and would such  affixation

circumvent speed in location

identification of speech; how

might these be useful ; more-so

than at normal speed; and if

only applied to other knowledge


theme: the people behind me

stink! & I sleep outside 

next, the basic re|cognition of the

accent: is the 1st : the guess/know

of where it’s from;

where it (wear it)


2nd: of use; for what, ethique-morally

purpose ; but to be able

to switch: accents:


or mouth /

affinity or rather

developed skill.


when looking again at

the arrow angle up to almost new: P’alo – t

it sounds like: Pal (o) (t)

‘scuse me looks like :

Pal – to  & even

if you didn’t have any Pals that

you wanted to see : it seems from

this analysis of the name: “Palo Alto”

that you would pick a location for

a shelter time-construct or even

a tent outside; where a Pal could

get to ; and of course in this Modern Day:

a Pal could get to nearly any: Location;

but perhaps with regard to the “healing”

home-less  scene/seen : Pal – to

might mean where a supposed

“Pal” if even non-existant;

could sight your site; so, again:

a tent on the pavement: “catches”

the “danger” (perhaps) in inordinate

absurd proofs that could-is-does

reside in tradi-shelters; and tradi-

shelter locations. and of course that’s

only if-might-be in the location named

in letters Pal-to; and if the

name were changed {going

all the way back to cited:

Shakespeare that play: no!}


then too much work would have

been {in, entropy; work energy units, and whatever … ?}

done for the new name; perhaps again; new; for the new name …

to create an exerted change wreaking

havoc as a “bad smell” to your safely set-up Tent or



in that “Pal” – to location.

theme wear l’urgente is loathe 


Notes on Current Events, Adult Style:

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A Re-Development of 4th grade; unfinished … here {so far}


cited: San Francisco Chronicle, Section c, on Tues. 01.24.17

Title of Article: ” A ray of hope for mentally ill homeless” (author of article) heather knight

Main-line qualification un-specified: Location: S.F. 

action: argu ment

prodigy: “homeless problem”

genuis: “evaluat  i” on … “ideas actually worked.”

arrow to: qualifier : “Bay Area”

arrow  to l.u. what posits this area against the tide of other areas; therein so establishing

{italics here identify presumed non-quoted from l’artic text; but obviouse’ stressed pin-points; the pin-points are in italics then;}

conceptual area: and qualitative weight each area may have presiding over others. In the case of an un-qualified problem albeit identified “homeless” ; it might be likely that-a weightier area likely economically with a: “homeless problem” might consequentially a/effect even the rest of the world. And perhaps not in any, way that any smoking dope may fail into a belief . Not there? is anything against the least foreign of those present used meanings of dope. Such a basique’ question: (But so complex): How might in difficulty a strategically weighty part of the world with a # of its residents; i.e. homeless, residing onthe streets explain its contribution to work revenue; of-the-world?

The Hearsay: Sociological-Politico Thought; One likely blah-popular? expla(i)nation might-be : that the non-homeless in arrow to such areas esp. street people are saint-like in their enormous work-production-and-giving efforts holding the entire world’s revenue upon their shoulders; & when asked if such supposed saint-like producing workers/and having had produced saint-like now retired: need help through even a clutch courtesy call : the response might-be: You know it’s very difficult (forus) (the cited: h-less population) and we don’t talk about it.

The Progeny; But part of the courtesy call would be to evaluate that likely such work-sainthood were/was/has/is taking place; otherwise : the h-less problem is a larger problem than can be encapsulated in tradi geo-economy revenue; instead; it might signify almost existentia level such as- something as catacly/clas/mic as a pre-emptive dino/saur/sore wattage.

The Final; Qualifier 

If in-fact whether (you) believe it (or not); the work-producers are not seismically saintly is in work-production -and-giving in that esp. imperative such qualified area; it is those on the streets keeping most of the brinking world a-float, until …

The Predictor; what happens?

Page 2. Comments of Observation of the ; on-the : same l’article

date: 1.27.17

1st page. back-to of article : ” … banning sitting or lying on sidewalks and aggressive pan-handling?” {basic questions; what sensibly constitutes non-aggressive “pan-handling”}

quinter quest: theme: occupational space theory what would be the non-preferential purpose other than; the need to walk on, or run on sidewalks ; unless very specifically crowded ; sidewalks in more than specifically designated areas; might be avoided to make rest space for those resting/residing there; unless of course you wanted to join; or else walking around the resting bodies; and only when absolutely necessary, and avoiding bothering resting bodies, there.

The quest of habitual decorum may not longer be utilisable status quo; when there is a bludgeon of actual h-less people who don’t take to the proposed hypothetical comfort of shelter: in other more conunding works : Ew, there are h-less or other people residing on-the sidewalks; where residing might also include temporary a la’ rest-t; may not be effective afffecting synaptic referencing, here.sky

A continuing status terminology:  Ew! there are h-less people on these sidewalks , and they … ! … shouldn’t be here. 

Theme: The SideWalk’s Ownership.

1.28.17 today’s un-photographed l’arte’ project for The FVP  the usual “protect me  forever … ” (un-named this time)

theme 1: ooh, the theorie’!

theme 2: the wish-construction motif: blah! continued.

(1)Think of something you are currently struggling with; that you can’t “exactly” control; that you will look past your own prohibiting proclaim – ations if even internal to fix-construct. For me: (no prohibitions? as a joke) it is the current severity of the weather theme: oh whether conditions; while seat(ing)-sleeping outside.

theme: oh magic! 

(2) Think of something you will never struggle with; where control is not currently a factor; and capture it with with a cognate-memento : for me, a chocolate bar wrapper … (t.b.c)

theme: I bought their house for 10 cents.

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theme: I bought their house for 10 cents.

themer: the box in box, continued.
art notes: the death box, continued.
date: 9316
t, ‘heme: a model of non-mania:
Compartmentalizations of the Personality:
I. So I turned the thing over;
and the bottom fell out almost complete, but not … quite.
II. I made a video with more specific. art notes.
III. I am now working on the lavender hygiene trash box, attached.
take an empty box, yum! this one had chocolate in it,
and finale I must add, chocolate arrive again;

to see new pictures of this project near completion inthis set/phase of work: (cited voicethread)
see slides 154 through 158 or

and fill with collected dried lavender and stick somewhere on the box, larger I mean uh, the death box, this one, and continue working on.
theme: white lavender

like; such.

(stick I mean stuck l.  box under the base of the main box)
IV. because the main box, is / was falling apart, took the green plastic of the fiction new age theme nearby and wrapped near the middle / to base of the main box  with it.
then, created , am creating another strengthener with an old opened cited: ziploc back which had flour in it, and my moher’s husand trashed,
and anyway, attaching fallen strings from a jade piece onto the sides, as such, to strap onto the higher frequency space are of the larger box.

then strapped anothe cited: ziploc bag under the same circumstance, of flour and fallen string
underneath the base whch just would not stay,
and not thing actualle looks like a real piece of trash, and of course a complete art piece;
but I’m still not done.
also as can be seen the thing is back on its balance again,
and notes: baking powder perhaps contrare to “popular” belief helps things adhere!
this d.b. is now called: bride taffeta
(wear’s five.)

VI. then in the sink-que;
put water soap solution teabags loose tea leaves, more lavender pieces the cited:  bounce sheets and flour and two napkins creating a cloth like look to the sinque, and let sit for a little while, while you “rest” in some method:

and I almost forgot what else I must have left out here in note-taking: hegg shells and papr coveurs of te bags,
cited: brainstormers
but hair notes, too: add some egg shell pieces into the shampoo bottle, washed uhm; it smells even more good.
other bath notes: add a pain killer to your bathwater, and what happens?

then adhere the products to the box, front of I guess,
and stick what’s available as toilet paper here, one box of cited: tissues like cited: kleenex of cited: kirkland signature I guess
into the sinque solucion
and wait ain’ to adhere on more,
make sure to drape some of the paper soaked from the plastic sides/rim almost
to the center of the paper layering upon the front I guess
i guess refers to the description of the side or which side of the box,
photograph in stage

theme, stage contin. : playing the perv’ what a buxom bride!


Art Diagram I, where I is the scale.

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Art Diagram I,
where I is the scale.

citing: rum’s theory 2, and f. scott fitzgerald’s this side of paradise,
as being consumed through the kindle

Screenshot (436)
citing: this side of paradise by f.s.f. thru kindle

reading notes for the fictional voluntier project
date: 83116, 9216
by goura fotadar

(other) tags: threats; and you think, I’m nuts; because I’m not happy being threatened:

art diagrams,
to draw, ? (maybe) but to diagram, yes!

(remembere: to look at these, to hear an interesting? conversation of mine with the cited: f.b.i.

slides 150 through 152 in this voicethread, or:


first: the brief art study of the images, how fortunate!
1. they can’t but they still are.
2. a beautiful image of possession un-perturbing enough to deform real view entirely.

3. from the introductory quotes: shall we cut down folks’ “experiences” ? And does then, experience mean something about “folks’ ” meaning. It certainly implies location; existential location.
4.  How could one-a be “ineffectual, inarticulate” when doing so much of that actual work-type, esp. Of course instead it might not be actual. then, perhahs.
5. at the beginning it is a man, we see described; and at the end, it is a woman, or at least a girl.
the change of gender by: through one page.
6. How outdated, now: & what of, if they don’t have wealth. What will become of them; without wealth, of good effort. & How would you recognize good effort. Or is the conscience that good effort could existe in others: ouside of you, a con,ning: hall-un-cination.
7. And somewhere, near the middle, I saw a flush in the text; but I mean a flush of expression; but whence is the difference between expression in text, and change in text form.
8. to match the f.lush on the left. This image of what might be considered to be almost old, but; modern art, is interesting, and I don’t mean to analyze the fashion. I se e of course the flush; the price, the woman, presumed herself;
9. once I heard the beginning part of this first reading page, stated by somebody as its own storie; and found it peculiar while it was being pointed out that this was not the watching of a dramatic play, enacting the storie, and also of course not so obvious, that it was not its own storie; rather it is, from this book the first reading page. In writing past this author, that would be called influence; otherwise, there would a citation.
10. Living this dream: Broken? (exercise theme: this could be fiction, but;)
citing: Bar Harbor, Maine and “The Four Interviews,” I had dreamt? about Bar Harbor, Maine, and done some research on-the, place: from California, where I lived when at least once when I was living this dream. But when I finally arrived in Maine, I was homeless for the first time as an adult; well, officially, unless you count college years as now turned-to, official homelessness; so when some-one offered me local bus tickets, and suggested Bar Harbor; I found out that busses of course were closed to Bar Harbor at least that near one, local bus-available day, for me, anyway; I went to another city, though. But Bar Harbor, was entirely missed. That dream translated to a new adventure from me for me; and a stealing from my dream; by at least this bus line informer; or is it called bus lines conductor.

11. Here double quotes mean text, and single quotes mean not; but instead are as implied.
Does “inexpressible” also mean in the state of expressing, because then the chiaroscuro reading, I think it is; it looks as though it is not stated ahead of this line on ’tis page; but (eye / ey’) could be wrong; and may need to do a more thorough examination; where “you” can almost see,
“amory blaine” squinching his height in posture is a form of both meanings above and ‘actual?’
and the line is; nearly halfway down, the first reading page in this text:
” … In consequence, Stephen Blaine handed down to posterity his height of just under six feet and his tendency to waver at crucial moments, these two abstractions appearing in his son Amory … ”

theme: uhm, these cookies go with the book.
cited:  cookie of Honolulu cookie company

com pany
com pany = group (says my memory but y is it this)
com ‘ pan-y
com’  you (pan) something to gather it in a group or mass as in a certainty quantity, and that’s close enough for this exercise
come:  group (you,) gather, try something else:
like the cited: comet (cleaner) which apparently com was shortened from
comet: group (you,) gather : (dirt, at least, and presumably)
then; perhaps you might extract the ‘virtue’ of using a “pan” to gather something connected to the cited: comet
and is it that it implies also that you if you wear a pan on your head, and you know a comet in the cosmos or something is ‘nearby’
then you can gather the experience of ‘nearby’ comet in the ‘cosmos’ or something, better through the pan now un-y’ed
memory exercise: find a picture or create one of a comet if even imagined, and a pan on the head, and all imagined interpretations that there is time for
12. From number 11, “the death of … (older(s)) …” +
” … (the) waver(ing) …”
implies the ” … hover(ing) … ” next
& what’s the difference between ” … waver(ing) …” and “hover(ing)”
perhaps: Life. or Living.
then to re-iterate, or to emphasize:
The difference between, (no subtraction);  … ” … waver(ing) … ” and “hover(ing)”
is Life, or some(beings) not yet, perhaps, dying.
theory of relevance (formed) from cited: text. (in its first few pages)

Screenshot (438)

citing: this side of paradise by f.s.f. thru kindle

13. Isn’t it interesting that the name “Beatrice” means such, but it is considered at the stand-off of the novel to be belonger of a being unworthy. But we have not yet found out as such by who. For the fact that her spouse cannot ” … understand her … ;” does not mean that he is the one that has decided her is a lack of worth.

Screenshot (524)
citing: thefreedictionarydotcom as accessed on this date

it sounds so muh like a cliche: self-esteem, poster; but who decide your lack of worth.