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Reality Diagram[]s: How to wear the wrap-around

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Reality Diagrams: How to wear the wrap-around

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

By Goura Fotadar

Date: 52717

tag[s]: accompaniment, fashion, editing, reality, theology of self

O. How to Wrap You / Them / Her/ Him  {in} {Into}

theme: fitting in

theme next: notions of popularity

Almost seemingly casual; when it starts the wrap

In font you squeeze it in a tie snug and almost too snug

You forget your sense of smell;

And how is that relevant

cited: mind channels

Is a refreshing reminder of cited: snuggle washing detergent/laundry detergent

[Reference, cited: https://www.snuggle.com/]


Which has a particularly memorable smell-scent.

When your body or a pat of your body is tied [ w] rather rapped in

Such clothing;

Even framework; if you forgot for a moment what the clothing is or that you’re in; encompassed in it; that of significance meaning.

I.E. the clothing is hear; here framework; the so obvious for even a fifth grader;

The wrap is in clothing;

The perfected fit?

The following adhesive functional movement?

The stained metabolism?

Is clothing in a culture of […] part of the form of .. . Of you, of the wearer.


theme: wrap god

theme music citations: rap god Eminem and god tori amos


Public Notifications for The FVP; What is-r actual.

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Public Notifications for The FVP; What is-r actual.

by goura fotadar

\ate: 52217, date typed up: 52617

Definitions of Retardism; non-colloquial

theme: books, renewed



There has been an inane

issue of low-intellect

and mis-translation; and

this is not referring to-the;

the functional and even;

high capacity affected

retardisms; for what is [are]

effected retardisms; that

way, much too early

for school children to be

in the library without a

school accompaniment [watching guardian];

and also within the

wrong chender [no typo.]

without the same; too old

for that mistake and too

young to be at it alone; no

paren. type nearby [of it outside far enough away like a lost berry] and one

seated “authority” abysmal in

standard. The “child” ren

also left all the water

running [imagine running feet to capture the effort just in case you forgot that standard]; and refused

to stop stalking outhers.

In truth of definitions no

this is not by comparison

the blessing. of gender

dysphoria; but in fact the

definition despite the looks

the non-matching of

actual childhood,


The beauty of beauty

continues its |ob to


qualify what

Is actual.




The End: See it as an attachment for [you] if it uploads here: I guess it did   [missing period?]


The Salt Thing

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date, started: 5.15.17

Library & Literary Relevances

for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by goura fotadar [obvs.]

brief scan of cited source,

text: LOVE STORY by



cited. p. 19

cited. p.13

Salt as

an index,





as the

word alone?

instead of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\————–

noticing what could be salt.


if we were going to

notice what could also

be salt; and-or

salt-similar :


on a continued, rough; and

semi-quick scan:


cited p.19 —> again

name of doctor;

is salt-like


cited p.20 “Novocain” is salt-like? how

cited p.20 “steak” is salt-like?


cited p.21 “It was beginning to hurt like hell.”


cited p.21


with the earlier

backdrop of

“salt” “nutritional”

advice; and

the silence + attack?

after this last

cited line; in

this text “salt”

and-or salt-like


might have a magical almost

addictive quality.


In other words:

from the interaction brief

on the top of

cited p.21;

“salt” – like when un-responded

to : can or perhaps does

escalate matters.

In an almost shamanic, shaman

response; “salt”

and-or the mention of

something like salt;

if un-responded to,

salt …



[excuse the change of order in numbers; as the book has is being flipped through:]


at the top of

cited. p.3 ; or near

the middle.    tag[s]: research reading

[editing notifications & considerations: period or not after cited? in this specific posting. and when not. and how long will you remember when not and when to.]


Is “coffee” like salt.

and on earlier cited.

p.2 at the start of the book:


“the cheese”

though qualified in

a (non-cited italics)

different way. Is this

still a “salt.”


on cited p.13

almost as if qualifying

salt to this

not surprisingly

shamanic – level

the main character /


almost such declares

indirectly the use

of “salt” …



Parodies can still prove

Satires    importante

indexing uses;

i.e. point ’em

out, too.


aside exercise:

How do you recognize yourself;

how would you map yourself


I really hate bad smell[s].

Define what “bad smell[s]” mean to me. [means to me.]

[i.e. & to you?]


cited p.13, continued …

” “Yer not eatin’ enough salt.”

Maybe if I humor him

he’ll go away.

“Okay, Jack, I’ll start

eating more salt.”

Jesus, was he pleased!

… ”


about the trash receptacle: re, mind [manners] = potpourri temporary

0theme0 trash collection as art

it reminds me to spit in a bottle upon others’ : cited brainstormers et al

suggestion ; and not [just] upon others

it includes the pieces of outsides [leaves in varying stages and twigs like my poetry]

to remind me how to compost;

and it of course is an additional trash collector in stage; as in stage phase

reminding me to grab and trash the notes I no longer use or need;

it also has decent scent since inside it’s filled with not just spit but leaves, and twigs; yeah; and the container of course reminds me to drink enough hydrating liquid and-or prepare still in the homeless life. cited: rum’s theory series on amazon









The Earth to Food, (series)

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for The Fictional VolunTier Project

by Goura Fotadar

date: 5217


I. Notes for the … FVP

source, cited: Garden Gate (magazine)

from p. 24 cited:

“Painted tongue,”

“Salpiglossis sinuata”

  1. Is connected to “Petunia” the aunt you Love.
  2. Is originally or S. American; I need to look at a map. [updated: S.]
  3. Emigrated / Immigrated to G.B. either by force or not;
  4. As an immigrant ; it belongs to a more ancient immigrant story; than for example: a more [theme: move] new immigrant story.
  5. It has been supportive of diversity; and vice-minus; verse.
  6. It has a chosen and-or selected; confirmed growth pattern as a-[n] non-immigrant perhaps or not.


II. Fiction to post here; why and not on the fiction-art blog?


fiction: theme 5.1.17 [under art statement, but fictional art statement]

theme [non-fiction this line obvious] music citation: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps [again?]

She was

literally sitting


stain from her arse; and not

from food; and nothing had


from f-n juneback.

From “The Wave”


III. In photo editing errors; starts-end? a series; of Earth -> Food:







the next stage: night; and the next next stage: morning;




a taste of rum planes

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p.145-46, etc.  source, text (cited) : REAL SIMPLE meals made easy 

image 1 from cited: source text above 
image 2 from cited: source text above


real food’s

art notes


cited, theme: rum’s theory of course! (amazon kindle)


I was looking at the

Image of the salad on p.144 [see above for cited images]

and this may be obvious but

looking – examining it from the planar – view

the thing-eating item looks jungle ; a place

to sleep in the outdoors ; but you would

want more dry long-term plate upon

your back; and there’s the contrast of


the two perhaps once we moved into the

depths of perspectives ; in your mouth

the moisture on the jungle is bene’ ;

but at rest in the outdoors; excessively long

and upon your back isn’t so much. It’s then

the key ingredient external; not ignoring knowledge

that the greens hold their own : internal moisture.

At close look alse [editing note: no typo why the ‘e’] the salad looks almost sea;

the chicken also shrimp; and then turns Land: bacon.


the key whet;

looks oil; and not

soy; or vinegar (arrow down to) or even the ginger’s juice


would surely




That’s   the solution to

comfort in the outdoors;

rest, especially:

if it must be wet;

make it oil that falls from the sky.


Editor’s Note: The Spacial Catastrophe: You’re not imagining; he was special. Maybe now he’ll be more than special. What a chance; not that there’s anything un,perfect about special-being.

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Date, typed up: 31217

Date worked on: 31117 For the Blog: FVP



by Goura Fotadar

theme: art & cited: the witch goura 3





Pre-cluder: In art makings’ thoughts : Something, body

had irked me as I was looking specifically at make-up

for art; and this doesn’t mean only in its possible healing


theme: the danger is on the lurk.

I mean how could can make-up be used past body

application; and-or decorating piece; for example: carrying

an item around while homeless and propping it in your work-space,

temporary; could depending on the piece-item: scent, color, and frame

the space; even without current application; or recent application:

but here I’m talking about one-step layer [more, so]:

and that’s in art object creation. At first mind’s glance

the thought of using make-up unless it’s like mascara or

something like an ink liner that turns into the piece’s framework:

I would be concerned about the for example: make-up

powder from running down or flaking off from an art piece as

it’s forming. Of course then one has to construct a way for the

part powder to form into the piece likely with Some other, addition;

to it: perhaps as usual to save cost: lotion.

In the cited: source text; Norman Rockwell Artist and IllustratorIMG_20170311_152206[1]

we’re provided an interpretation

aside theme: to heal grief: touch bricks in a finger-brushing cited: the spirit work-out (non-fiction)

side notes: also builds, further hand

dexterity including sense-of-touch

as we’ve seen represented in art ; in this cited source, text:

around p. 45 (cited) IMG_20170311_163508[1]we see instructions on how to

build art captures through techniques

such as running of

the potential         make-up.

theme: gender edifiers {as make-up art inhibition-imbibe}

theme music citation [again]: kate bush running up that hill. 


The Radar Affect: The intersection of combat & intelligence

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for The FVP

date typed up, on 2.25.17

by Goura Fotadar

as worked on in December 2016

affordable visitations in the amalgamation of culture, 11.30.16

tags: safety thinking; editing protocols

theme: that’s really nice l’arte on-the cover.  Culturalisms

cited: brainstormers et al [punc.]

The Fault on Past Engagement in Modern Warfare

Instead of the Dart Affect or Effect i.e., the

inverse Radar Affect/Effect; try

priority – ily

other, related though abstractions :

every Being eventually functioning as

a genie, think , …


12.2.16 Safety Bush tested roughly in un


24 hours ; to have food stored

in place of emergency : I created

a rough pack of chips and

soda and see’d if it’d

stay put. Ready to consume

when hungry.

Theme: Bags hidden in-the bushes why is this not

an act of terrorism and as-compared bags un-intended

for an extended period of in places such as: train stations.

cited: brainstormers et al [punc]

& again :

my college’s


homeless population





Query: How would such bags be labelled. (cited: brainstormers et al [punc.])

You could have street assigned Safety Bush signs; but per medium – sized

you’d need something like 50 packs stored in Safety Bushes ; and perhaps four street assigned signs.

[to avoid on-lookers who are not allies; their theft of you–, etc.]


What is

a safety


Packs would include Backpacks, with (arrow to) blankets, too.

The Backpack : in a safety bush;

an old, new , cheap

or whatever backpack;

something that’ll last long – enough; a warm blanket,

clothes + whatever else isn’t too heavy ; that you’d find personally



{ a repetition headline, planner: 11.30.16 for The FVP : cited: brainstormers et al [punc] & my undergraduate college’s homeless population at-the-time

tag[s]: resources & safety while on-the-streets and-or homeless

A / The Safety Bush for public spaces

theme : a pun on prostitution esp. street prostitution